Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Okay I wanted to clear up some misconceptions....

Model development is an ongoing process when it comes body type.

I didn't emphasis the importance of the body. God!! It's seriously the most mental mind fuck of the whole process of being a Porn star. It's a lifestyle change, that never stops and you have to be prepared for that.

There are so many people out there that are Exhibitionists!! Having the body to show off is a major plus. Duh that is not easy to understand..

Before I decided to get into Model Development I was receiving emails from potential models that wanted to get into the Industry and no offense...

Some of the people that forwarded their pictures, I'm sure you have the desire and the passion for becoming a Porn Star. The road will be long for some and shorter for others.

It's personal training, people have to have the desire to make a change I can't force you to run or exercises, but I can give you that motivation!!

There is a Bear Market out there, Big Shout out to the Bear performers!! I got to give love to the Bears!!Matter of fact, Big Shout out to the Muscle bears, bears, cubs, otters...there are many parts of this community. Holla!!

Back to the body, lets nail down on the overall general version of the porn body(not including Twink, Bear, Tranny LOL). Body type for the porn star changed, its the more Muscle/Jock shaped body that seems to popular right now.

Good broad shoulders(front/side delts)

A good chest stands out, one that shows development of the upper/outer pecs(mostly).

The classic V torso(development of upper, mid, lower lats)..having a good back.

Definition in the triceps(Lateral, Medial, Long heads of the muscle)

Nicely shaped biceps(you don't need baseballs, I want to lick LOL)

The hardest part, that is a pain in the ass!! Stomach!!

Abs, is the most important trademark of the Porn Star body. I fucking hate doing Abs!! I really do!! Don't get it twisted, I do not like going to the gym 5times a week to work out and train!!. Half my life is spent in the gym, but its worth the pay off!! I'm always asked the same question how to work on getting those Abs.

Honest answer: Exercise, Cardio, Diet.....you have to pay to find out the rest. LOL

Back to body:

Having tight legs, If your a bodybuilder the whole tear drop quadriceps is like highly advanced(More power to them that is Pro shit)I'm fine with strong tight runner legs.

The Ass!!! Yes the Ass!!!A round firm Ass!!Making those Glutes nice and tight! A bubble ass that is something that ur blessed with. Sorry!! Although with proper training you can work any butt into a gold mine.

That is the overall picture and that changes because everybody has a certain body type(ectomorph mesomorph endomorph)and u have to gear the work outs toward the body type. This is not easy stuff to teach through a blog post!!


I know it sounds like I'm using Model Development just to get Laid!! That is not the case....

I went from watching Porn movies and jerking off to them. To starring in them!!!! I'm not only a model but I'm a fan!

I didn't have an open door to get into this Industry!! Matter of fact I was turned down when I first applied to Titan. True story!! I was turned down by alot of studios. But that was my first attempt!!

I came back stronger and more focused, the body was tighter and I was ready! Titan gave Me a shot and I ran away with it......

I personal train, that is my other job! So taking that knowledge and applying it to Model Development, the porn star body will be achieved.

And what is the worst case scenario??

You don't achieve that Porn Star body??

Your still wind up losing weight, getting in better shape and just living healthier!!

Model Development sounds like fun and games, but I know its basically personal training and that is a job.

Distance is no problem, I have How to Vids showing the exercises that are needed for each body part. I will write out the work out schedules, diet plans and cardio. Then take progress reports charting your progress. I don't like scales(so its not about the weight loss) its about the Visual picture of your body. Looking at your progress pictures almost like a Porn still picture. U can see the changes that the body makes, the muscles are fuller or more defined. Waist is becoming slimmer, you can see that in pictures and fine tune workouts to hit target areas.

Anyway I have been holding this news for a long time and finally I want to experiment with this project. It's nothing formal yet...

Its just passing on some Promoting tips, Work out tips, performer tips on to some people they may have no clue how to start.

Nobody helped Me!! But I want to give back and help people who may have no clue how to start or where to start.

And this blog is living proof that I started from the ground up. I was writing this blog before I even jumped on a Porn Set, before I signed a contract.

It started Dec 12, 2005 http://www.dieselwashingtonxxx.com/2005/12/it-has-just-started.html

That was my very first post....... Dec 2005??? Wow!

Alot has changed!!

Monday, May 24, 2010


I have been sitting around and watching people evolve into other things in this Industry....

Directors, Casting, Crew behind the scenes on shoots, Photography, bah bah

I feel like I'm being left out alot of things because of my distance(NYC), or maybe because people don't like Me much. Whatever...

In any case, I feel as though my Career has somewhat stalled!! I can't model forever, and I rather bow out with some grace rather than beat the horse in the head to death.

I will continue to model, but I'm turning my attention to "Model Development"

Now your probably saying to yourself, Model Development??? How can you make that a job???

Well here goes....This goes for Future/Existing/Soon to Unretire models

I'm a personal trainer, so I can come up with the Workout routines and diet plan customized for each model. So every model that I work with has a built in personal trainer to help achieve that Porn Star body.

I have enough experience in front of camera, to give helpful tips. Body position, Angles, bah bah. So you gain knowledge in how to approach the camera(if new model) My experience as a Performer, has taught Me how to add Intensity to my roles, and that is something that can be taught if the model is lacking that skill.

I also have vast knowledge in the BDSM lifestyle, there seems to be alot of models coming into the Industry that are interested in BDSM, but don't have the proper outlets to explore. It seems most models, come into the game very vanilla and they want to explore other options out there such as Fetish. I'm a player(Meaning I'm an Active member in BDSM community), I see there is alot of inexperienced players that come into the Lifestyle through porn and want to go to that next level. I like to have the opportunity, to train these models(using all my resources)to have safe play on and off camera(Water sports, Fisting, Footing, Bondage, Role playing and list goes on) What skills they learned or obtained can then be put to use in DVD/WEB work. I think getting the perspective from the Performer side and Player side is a valuable tool to Future/Existing/Soon to Unretire models.

Promotion, I'm one of the best self promoters in the game. Anybody can start a blog, facebook, Twitter account and say they are helping to promote you. I bring something else to the table. Personality!!! I will bring out the personality in the model, there are alot of people that write Glam blogs. They only put up, Glam shots, talk about traveling schedule, Appearances, and write short notes to the fans. The key to be a successful model is showing personality. Back in days, all it took was a Hot picture or magazine layout and fans had to wait for each DVD to come out to see their favorite star. Technology has changed not only the world but it has also changed the Porn world. Now more than ever, fans want more bang for their buck. Fans want more interaction from their Porn Stars today, the fans are reading the blogs and watching the interviews and they are eating up the behind the scenes footage. It makes sense that fans want not only to see their favorite Porn stars fuck!! But they want to see the Porn Stars at home, with friends just showing another side of themselves. I will work with the model one on one to develop that "Online" personality.

While helping to develop your "Online personality" I will also be promoting you on my own site!! That added coverage will expose you to a wider audience, at the same time it keeps Me busy!! I will not only promote the model, but upcoming projects, photo shoots, bah bah So not only does this promotion help the model, the promotion also helps the Studio, Company, Site that the model worked for.

It might sound Cocky, but I'm willing to work with anybody Top/Vers/Bottom. I like to think that I could teach these Tops, HOW TO TOP RIGHT!!! Learn to use their hips more, instead of all this stiff fucking. Train them to be more into the action rather then go through the motion. For bottoms, its simple!! If you can take Diesel Washington's dick and the pounding..........

Any other top you come across after Me, will be a walk in the park for you!! And that is just real talk!!

Now maybe this is the worst idea ever!!! Maybe this will take off the ground!! Who knows??? I'm tired of waiting for something to happen!! I want to take control of my own destiny for a change. I have the Ideas, Passion and drive and those are good qualities to have!!

I get emails all the time from people looking to get into the Industry. Well I think its time to help out those people!! I get approached by Newbies to the Industry that always ask for my advice. I get porn stars who are working right now, asking for advice or help with Promotion. So why not set up a Promotion company(of sorts)that molds Future Porn Stars, Helps Existing ones and Comebacks for those returning?? The process can be filmed and the Fans get to see future/present/unretired porn stars in the making.. This is my Idea!!!

So this is my baby project simply named "Model Development" and I already have some models that I'm working on...

This is Hayden Chandler www.haydenchandler.com, and before you say it..... Yes He is that All American Blonde haired, blue eyed boy. He is new to the Industry and is looking to make a Splash. He has a few scenes out on www.BoyCrush.com I was contacted by Hayden Chandler about month ago. This kid is down to earth, honest, and str8up!! I decided to work with Hayden because He was eager to evolve out of the All American Sweet boy type!! He wants to become a bit more Edgy!! And who better to learn from than Diesel Washington. He is coming to Chi town to meet up with Me, and is eager to see what the International Mister Leather is all about. He is young, inexperienced and is looking to explore his Dark side. This will be learning process for him and I'm eager to help out. He just signed with DV8 casting www.DV8casting.com so I'm sure you will be seeing more of him in the future. I'm going to help him through that transition from Skinny Twink to Twunk(yes its a real word)

And this is Valentino(came up with the name myself)I'm saving his Information for another post(make you wait LOL). He first appeared on the Porn scene as Damian a couple of years ago(he did one scene)He took time off, I have been helping him work on his body for the past couple of months and he is showing off the results(looking good)he is still a work in progress. But like I said I'm working with the Future Porn Stars and he has alot of potential!! Valentino will also be coming to Chi Town with Me, so see him for yourself if your in Chi town during the Grabbys.

So these two models will be appearing with Me at the Grabbys. So I guess that means that Diesel Washington has two dates for the Grabbys. Wow!!!

Besides grooming for porn...

Also interested in working with people looking to Escort. Lets face it, some people don't want to get in front of the camera but still want to make money. Escorting is not for everybody, and it takes a strong person to survive in the escorting game.

This is a separate project from "Model Development", in my travels I get guys all the time looking to get into escorting. So I guess you could say that I took up "Pimping".

Well this post is getting long.......

Any New/Existing/Out of retirement models looking for my help can email Me at Dieselwash@hotmail.com I'm looking for models of all types!!! ALL TYPES!!! I want Diversity!!! If you think you have what it takes to be the next Super Star of Porn, send Me your Pics and Stats. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours!!

Those looking to get into Escorting can also email Me at Dieselwash@hotmail.com

The End Result of "Model Development":

After working with a New model, and grooming them for Porn work. I will hand deliver them to the Best Agent(and my friend)in the business today Howard from www.Fabscout.com.

To existing models already in the Industry, the added exposure can lead to more work because your name is out there more and you have built up a new fan base. Models with a huge fan base, sell DVD's and scenes, its just that simple!

Returning Models, what better way to jump start your return to the Industry but a media storm. You get people eager to see your return, and looking better than ever!! Love helping the comeback stories.....

This seems like alot of work, but I just don't want to sit around waiting for things to happen. While I'm waiting for the right opportunity to start my own Studio and Website I can be working at the same time.

And who knows??? All the models that I help groom or helped to promote. Can do a scene on my new website down the road.....

It's good Karma!! I helped them out and down the road when they are big names. I will have all these big names doing work on my site for peanuts!!

Its not only the smart thing to do, but the good thing to do.....

Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's so close I can taste it....

The Buzz is swarming over Grabbys, its like it grabbed every porn star by the balls and said "You coming, and your going to party your Ass off!!" I can't hate on that at all!!!! Last year was a long long year for Porn and this is a celebration of all that bullshit!!! I'm ready!!

Of course I'm going into the situation over thinking as usual. I tend to find myself trying to control what happens around Me. But then I realize I will just go with the flow and just enjoy things. I'm going to cruise on that stage and shock alot of people.

Writing this blog is one thing, to some people, I seem to have a "Tone" to my writing. It's like I grab the keyboard and start dissing people for no reason...

If people are good to Me, I will be good in return. I had my fill of posers, losers, users, abusers, and it seems the more popular I become, the more of them are around. I get seduced into the game, I'm not going to lie. If your spitting out a good game(doing all the right things, saying all the right things)I follow the game, play a couple of innings, see things through. In other words, you have caught my attention and eye.

But I would like to say, I hate Cock Teasers!!! I'm not going to lie or try to be all nice and clean and not talk about it. Let's get dirty!!!

Okay Lets Have It:

Guy/Girl when you sit on my lap, my dick is going to get hard. Now when you feel it hard, you have some decisions to make.
1. You can quickly stand up and walk away(my dick will be hard but Who Cares?)

2. You can sit there and slowly grind against it, but not longer than a minute.

3. You can shove Ur hands down my pants and jerk it for a bit.

Now!!I have no problem with this at all!! I wouldn't call it Cock Teasing at all!! BUT!!!! Lets go back..

1. If they quickly get up, that is a fucking bitch!! They know your dick is hard and they are like EWW! They brought attention to you and now you have to sit there with a hard on. And know people can see it, well I don't know about you but my dick stands out!! LOL

2. I like the slow grinding, its cool with Me but not for longer than a minute. Prolonged grinding leads to precum drip. What's precum drip?? Well if your not a guy, its when your dick is hard and precum comes dripping out. When someone hot is on my lap grinding, that precum comes leaking out into your drawers. If your wearing dark jeans your fine. If you have on gray sweat pants prepare for a wet stain LOL. Either way you have that wet "Thing" happening in your pants. Now I don't mind if I was getting the Ass!!! But to go through the Pre Drip and not getting any Ass? That sucks!!!

3. Shoving your hands down my pants and jerking it. I have to admit this is pure Cock Tease!!! If your shoving your hands down my pants(of course I'm letting them do this)We are fucking!! None of this, I just want to see it crap!!! None of this I just want to taste it real fast. Now If I was the guy going around and grabbing Ass, Wow!!! I would be the bad guy!!! I would be that old pervert squeezing bootys on the street. You can jerk it for a bit, but that is it. There is no jerking off my dick(I do it)its either hitting the back of that throat until I'm finished. Or tagging that Ass until one of Us is finished(Take that the way you want it)

I know I know I'm coming off mean and insensitive. I do have my moments when I can be a sweetheart. Yes those moments are inside of Me, but due to the "Game" I save those moments for rare people. Some dare say "Your a charmer".....

Who Me???

Moving on.....

Early feedback on www.ExtraBigdicks.com on my scene with Ridge Michaels. Yes I took it easy on Ridge. First off the bat, the boys Ass was tight!!! And to put all that meat inside of him. It was starting to tear him open!!I'm not there to hurt anybody!! The kid was going through alot of pain, if you watch the scene closely his body was shaking each time I started to push into him deep. But He took it!! To help the situation instead of him feeling the pain of Me slamming into him. I slid my dick inside and worked it with Deep and long strokes!! If I couldn't pound him hard!! I would go slow and deep!!Pulling it out until it reaches the tip and then slide it in deep and slow. Until it hits ball level!!

This whole post has been about fucking and cock teasing, Fun stuff!!! Lets talk more:

Fucking!, Pounding that Hole!!, Slam Fuck!! Bang that Booty!! when I think about it.. those are some harsh terms!! I really do forget that I'm 6'6 235lbs with a Big Ole Dick!! Some people don't want a huge man on them ripping up their Ass!!Or tearing up the Pussy!! It sounds like www.Itsgonnahurt.com and although alot of bottoms want that!! Some don't!!!

That is why I want to personally Kill that Myth!! That Diesel Washington only Power Fucks!! That is so not true!! I can't power fuck a bottom who can't take it!! I always come to the set with the notion that I'm going to try to be the best Top that I can be. As should the bottom performers, those performers that I have worked with gave their all to the scene. So I can't really manhandle these bottoms in scenes if there is no Chemistry, Connection or Trust.

It may seems like I don't care about the bottoms in my scenes. But when the camera is off, there is alot of stuff happening that the audience doesn't see. There was alot of cuddling bah bah bah..

I won't give all the info away...

As far as my personal life, its not as Glam as the Porn world. I'm not putting partners in the Bully or the Motorcycle. And I probably get sex about once a week(and that is healthy) If people haven't noticed I took some time off www.rentboy.com I just needed a break. I took a break from escorting, but I will be returning starting Monday!! So you Freaks finally get to be thrown around again by Me.

I haven't went into many stories of my escorting and there was a reason for that. I wanted to keep things separate. Most of my fans know Me by just being a blogger. Others will know Me from Porn/Youtubes. I was an escort before I entered this business, and I will continue to escort. I had to take a break, enjoy my free time and just live for a few moments without being on the Market!!

I was making a good sum of money escorting, and then one day I stopped. At the time, my schedule revolved around other peoples schedule. I would get calls at 2am, 3am and if I was hungry for the money I would head out. I had alot of clients into Water sports, I would have to load up with water to be ready. Sneaking into back doors and taking cabs to hotels in the middle of night. It wears you out!! That is why I did the Burnt Out Vid

Yeah it was for other things, but for the most part I was burnt out. I wanted to get in as much training as I could. The Grabbys is more important to Me then anything, yeah some people are missing Me!! Daddy will be back home soon!!!

Diesel is back on the Whore Train headed to Chi town!! I have some tour dates coming up and then I'm back Fucking that Ass for some Cash!!

Oh to those porn stars who do not escort, well that is your choice!! Don't look down at Me because instead of shaking my Ass in a crowded room for dollars, I prefer to have one on one interactions with my fans, resulting in I leave situation with hundreds, not folded dollar bills that is in my underwear!! But I'm not hating!!! I know the excuse, I'm not a whore!! Porn is an Art and you can't have sex with a complete stranger for money(which is most of our scene partners??LOL)But to be fair, I can't be sexy standing in a room in underwear when everybody is dressed!! I like showing off my body and everything.... but I can do that wearing jeans and sweats not superman underwear and thongs!!

I will get in trouble for that one....moving on

Big shout out to the Fat kids that lost the weight and became Porn stars!!!Wow!! Those guys really tear up shit!!! Once the Fat kid that people teased in school. They got in shape and hot!! And now they are fucking everything in sight!! More power to you!! Fuck them and dump them!!! Big shout out to the Geeks and withdrawn people that came into porn to break out of their shell!! These guys come into the game with a mission!! It's like night and day, they are all shy and shit but when the camera comes on, they are just like Pigs!!! I love it!!!

Big shout out to those people without hang ups!! Geez!!Tired of people with racial hangups!!!

Back to sex, I love bubble butts(LOL)

Bubble butts are like a thing of beauty!! The way they are perky and full of bounce!! When its attached to a thin waist its like a Masterpiece!!! I repeat it has to be attached to a thin waist because it tricks the eye!! Now there are more important things than a bubble ass of course. I just notice a bubble ass on a thin frame the most because it looks odd!! I have fucked some dimple asses, fat asses, flat asses(which I hate)Hairy asses, stubble asses, Muscle asses.

But I come back to the Bubble Ass!!! Oh how I love you!!

I think my next post will be only about bubble butts!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Okay sometimes I forget that I'm a writer(of sorts)..

I started using that Twitter bullshit and then my thoughts get lost I'm too busy trying to fit in so many words a thought that I'm having. Anyway rambling.....

Lets talk about the Grabbys, I'm nervous....

I keep reaching these peaks of my Career and I have no clue... What am I doing here??. It's always been a dream to reach this so called "Level" I will be Center Stage standing in front of my peers in this Industry....It still hasn't hit Me yet!!

Alittle Overwhelming at the moment....

I try to have a really intense workout, it helps Me get my mind focused!! What will I wear?? How will I be on Stage? Just random thoughts keep circling in my head.


Everybody is bringing their camera, its going to be interview City and everybody is going to do a youtube bah bah bah. I will ONLY use my camera during the Show itself!! Hotel romps are cool....but I want to get that footage only someone Co Hosting can get!! That back stage shit, and everybody will be all dressed up looking nice and that is more flattering for the camera. Well..... and that I don't want to be that guy with the camera(not on this trip)thinking I HAVE to get footage of something. Besides I will be filming, my own story!!!

I think I will also check out the Leather Market as well. I like to see how many booths will be set up, like to gauge if the recession is still hitting hard or not. Check out the Venders this year, maybe shop for something new? Who knows?

There is alot of stuff going on, Tons of porn stars will be packed into one hotel with fans and the general public. Crazy Times!! That is an idea for somebody, Tape going to Grabbys!!

Somebody is going to turn this into one of those lame "Pieces" Grabbys 2010, where they go from room to room and catch people drinking and acting out!! Or some corny Guys Gone Wild bullshit!! Yawn!! I hope I didn't burst some one's bubble!! I'm sure you will see a youtube entitled "My Trip to Grabbys 2010" or "Grabbys 2010" or "On the Road to Grabbys 2010" somewhere out there by the time the event is over.

I'm telling the public right now!! I will be hanging out with the Dazed and Confused crew!!

More on that later...

Weekend is here and I have some last minute shopping to do. I will handle that!! I had to touch base with my fans and readers.

This was kinda of a boring post so far, I know...

So let's talk...

I'm tired!!! I think I'm over training, but the body is holding up well against the strain. The key is to get rid of body fat and not muscle!! Its a trade off sometimes!! I think I have it locked down and I'm seeing the results. I just have alittle more fine tuning and I will be happy(probably not). For Me its not about the clothes, hair, and all that shallow stuff.

It's the most shallow element of the Narcissistic bullshit!!! The Body!!! I want my body flawless!! I'm not in my 20's or 30's anymore, I want to come into this event so fucking tight!!! Ripped and Jacked!! I want to look better than guys 20yrs 15yrs 10years younger than Me. Just to prove a point..

I'm not getting into shape just for this event, I used to be at a high level of fitness. I relaxed and gained some fat, I had to work twice as hard just to get rid of it. I just feel better now and look better. I could feel the added pounds when I walked or ran. It was the combination of retiring and gaining weight!! Then spider bite(Remember that??)when I got back on track, I sprained my knee and right ankle so that further fucked up my schedule. I could do certain workouts but I couldn't do any cardio.

Things have changed, my cardio is up and I have my stomach back!!

I will write more....

This post was lame, but I did want to write something...

The porn world is boring right now, everybody is getting ready for the trip to Chi Town!!

It's all about Grabbys rite now!!


I have some events that I need to attend, and then I will be back at hotel. This trip is all about meeting people, relaxing, hanging out and just fun. Sometimes I like to think about it like its a war. Basically going into the battle with the unknown...

I was nervous about everything, but I'm confident in my skills!! So I'm just waiting for the countdown to Thursday morning. I just want to land, unpack relax, hit up the gym and then just party!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



Raining in NYC, so I was bored and did a Vid for Fans. I still got some moves for an old man.

More later....

Monday, May 17, 2010


I still have alot of work to do....

9 more days and have alittle bit more work to do, but I'm tearing up the gym!! I got my two mile run down to 14:40mins(I'm proud of that)and the stomach is coming along... I have more work to do but at least I know that I worked off my ass....

I'm proud of my progress so far, I lose the edge for a bit was living off the name rather then maintaining the best body shape. I heard all the talk, I talk about other people and look at you?? I heard it all....

I looked fat when I interviewed the Peters Twins(I was I will admit it)

I looked fat on stage at the Rentboy Event(Chubby)

I get it, I talk so much shit about stuff, and look what happened to your body!!! Yeah I got big headed, and I just lived off the name but I was still performing my heart out, but I wasn't hitting the gym as hard as I could.

I'm hungry now, I want to keep working and the body is looking good right now. I told you the fans how old I was, and I holding down the body as best as I can right now!!

Haterz please starting hating now.....

Fans I did it for you, I looked at my pics from the past and I'm like "Damn I got a bit thick." If I'm going to be that guy that talks shit, I better have my body tight no matter what my age is. Yeah I'm old, bah bah bah bah

I'm old and I worked my ass off, without needles and steroids....

I'm proud...

That's it I just wanted to show off...

And Now!! Whew 9 more days and I'm so so close!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well I have another scene out on www.Extrabigdicks.com

And you will always hear Me saying this, It was a fucking hot scene!!!

But of course, We have to back track the story and then go into the hot pics. Here is the Vid of Diesel Washington and Ridge Michaels after the scene and just hanging out!!

I had a good time with Ridge Michaels, and the scene.......

Well look at the pics.......

Whoa!!! So here is the count on scenes that I have out that are the most recent:

"Getting Levis Johnson" by Jet Set www.Jetsetmen.com

"Its Gonna Hurt" scene with Castro www.Itsgonnahurt.com

"I'm a Married Man" Suite703 with Scott Alexander www.Suite703.com

In the Can:


Untitled Project with Raging Stallions with Raging Stallion Exclusive Angelo Marconi


It was a busy month, I was eagerly waiting for the responses to the scenes. The current projects out, are being highly rated and I'm glad..

That was alot of hard work, and trying to keep my focus and work hard on the scenes was alittle draining. Sometimes I really need to take the intensity level down!! I'm just an intense person and very driven. I have alot alot alot of passion for my work, and sometimes that gets Me into trouble.

This is the part of the post where I will reveal alot about Me.....

I love competition, not like the normal person who could be called competitive. I mean I'm always trying to be the best at everything!! To the point of Anal retentive sometimes...

When it comes to Competition, I'm always gunning to be number one. This was started at age of eight. I played elementary school basketball, junior high, high school, Army, College, Semi Pro. On the off season, I ran track(long distance, high jumper)at the same Kickboxing for three years. Due to injuries I had to leave the sports world and I turned my attention to Bodybuilding. Then fast forward to Porn:

The porn industry is one of the most competitive fields that I have ever encountered!! Not only is it about Body Image, Face, Ass, Dick, Personality, Ideas, it deals with people who have the most privileged information, exclusive rights, and of course my favorite.... It depends on Who you know(Sad but True)

It's a cut throat lifestyle of the Industry that mentality just wears you out!! Models come into the industry to make it big or make alot of money. All bets are off and models(not all) will use any leverage that they can get to attain whatever goal. Sometimes it comes at the expense of others, I will accept blame. But then I decided to use my own resources to further my own career. I reached that peak of my career, I established a Name and a Brand.

In doing so, this left Me empty, I reached the level of success that I wanted(Not really)and I had no place to channel that creative energy. I started doing Youtubes, Skits, Interviewing, BTS work!! That still wasnt enough for Me, I wanted to use my talents differently.......

Lets be real, the recession is a motherfucker and I rather survive and take care of my family then big this Website owner or Studio head. I do not want to invest money in these crazy times.

I came up with the idea where I could focus my energy, by taking a lesser known model(new to game)and help promote them, or "Groom" them for the Porn World. I became excited again, I was starting to get jaded and I didn't want that energy!!! To start over again through the eyes of another model, Yes!!! The idea turned me on so much!! I wanted to run with it.

That is my project, to take a New Model into the game and guide them. I have the experience, knowledge and passion for this business. Now fast forward to Crazy Diesel.

With my Issues, I become too controlling and too intense. I want to control every aspect of the porn process when it comes to my model. And that is not the way to go about it. Sometimes I get so intense I scare myself and that comes from years of Sports and fighting.

Back to issues, I guess that would be my major flaw and asset at same time. I have this Go getter menality, that wants to change the world. I play attention to every detail and overthink everything it gives Me the edge when it comes to promotion.

When does it become a flaw?? It makes Me overbearing, intense, stressed out. People view me as nut job because I'm deep in thought, but I do have the blueprint to success but its in my head. Trying to get out that information in a way another person understands is becoming the challenge. I view the Porn Industry like a game of chess, you have to think outside of the Box and plan moves ahead even before you move ur Pawn.

Relating that information to someone who is not inside of your head causes problems. If I work with a model and they make the wrong move(sticking to chess). I get upset and stressed out, because I see impact down the road. They do not!! Hard for the model to relate to Me because they only see Me freaking out at their bad decision. And its hard for Me to explain that the reason I'm upset is because of the effects of that decision in the long run. I'm not mad at them personally, I'm upset at the effect of that decision on MY model. Yeah its the classic sign that I'm nuts and take things too serious!! I just want the best for Me and my model!!!

On the plus side, the model knows that I will have their back through thick and thin and they will Def know that I'm looking out for their best interest because their decisions affect Me(in crazy way) Anyway I still working on this project but the Model that I want to pick has to have that "IT" quality and I know it when I see it.

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So far.....

Some of the early results are in....

And the scene with Diesel Washington and Scott Alexander is a success!!! For the most part people enjoyed the scene. I still got my share of hate email regarding the scene. I don't understand some of the email though, some don't like the storyline(storyline??? its a porn)alot of people wanted a Flip flop(Sorry I'm a Top)alot of people wanted Me to make Scott Alexander my sub in the scene. Huh????It wasn't a leather scene it was simply a scene with two hot Black guys in it. I can't please everybody but the most part people enjoyed it.

More news to share:

I have an interview with Malachi Marx‏(Randy Blue model)on Friday, the hot young star is flying into NYC and wants to do an interview with Me. I never met the Man before and We have been exchanging emails back and forth for some time now. I look forward to giving this model a chance to explain himself, his book in the works, and whats in store for this popular model. I feel blessed that models are now asking to be interviewed by Me and they are trusting Me to do a good job. As I said I'm not being paid for any interviews but it gives Me a chance to be behind the camera and that is the kind of experience that is priceless to Me.

I also plan to take some updated pictures of myself. Its kinda of strange that I haven't post pictures of myself in a long time. I am a Porn Star and I need to keep remembering that people want to see pictures of the guy that writes this blog sometimes. I look back at some of my posts and all I have done is some Vids and shared what pictures that were taken on set. So I will break out the old camera and start taking some Stills for the Fans!!! I have been working out Hard lately and the body is looking Hot Ripped, and Massive(dare I say that??) So look forward to that!!

I have a project that I'm currently working on, I have alot of models that ask for advice or support or tips on how to become Big in the industry. So I decided to take on a model from the ground floor, work with this model and then make the Industry take notice of this model and make his name larger than life. I will reveal the model in the next coming days. This is a different project for Me, I came from the ground floor up and had models help Me. To this day these models probably have no clue how they helped my career to reach the level it is now. But I want to say thank you to these Models.

Francois Sagat, when I was first signed to Titan I was scheduled to do a scene with Francois Sagat and he turned down the scene. I was hurt by this and approached Francois as to why he turned down the scene. And he was real with Me, he turned down the scene simply because He didn't know Me. I had this edgy look, and at the time he was coming from Raging Stallions and wanted his career to go in another direction. When We talked We became very good friends, there was a photo shoot that a photographer wanted to take of Francois and to make things up to Me Francois invited Me to take part of that photo shoot and here is the result:

This photo jump started my career, this pic made it to the Naked Ambition tour and book and circulated throughout the Industry. And then Francois then agreed to do a scene with Me in Folsom FEAR(Ground breaking movie)that one single role(among others)took Me to a whole other level. Thank you Mister Sagat I can never repay for that opportunity.

And the other Model, Chad Hunt!! He was the first ever Porn Star that I ever had sex with(off camera) His dick is huge, when I met him online and he invited Me over to fuck him. I was like but Ur Chad Hunt??? He said once in a blue he gets fucked, and he saw my pictures online(before porn)and he was attracted to Me. Not only did I blast his Ass but He came three times back to back without stopping the fucking and He came without touching his dick!! We talked after We fucked and I told him I was interested in getting into the business and I still remember what He told Me that day. "Dude you have a Huge Dick not many come close to Me in length and thickness, and your one hell of a Fuck" At the time I didn't have confidence and thought my dick would be average for a Porn star. From that moment on I was like okay I have the tools to do porn so lets do it!!!.

Thank you Chad for giving Me that much needed push to help Me see that I did have the tools after all... I have a feeling I will get in trouble for sharing that Info but He did bottom in End Game! So no big deal right??? LOL

Also its official!!! and I don't understand it at all!!! My mother Momma Washington and my blog Crimes Against Nature are more popular than the performer himself!! I have received email after email by Industry people and non industry asking questions about my Mother. Is she coming to Grabbys again??? Is Momma Washington starting her own blog?? bah bah bah... and then comes my blog.

This blog has taken a life of his own, email after email from Fans stating "I have never watched any of Ur scenes but I read Ur blog everyday" "I really love Ur blog and the way you write" "I feel and understand your writing and I'm addicted to reading your blog its like my morning coffee" and then the strange comments... "I'm not a fan of your work, I just like reading your blog for entertainment" Ummm??? I'm confused as what to think????

If your not a fan of my work, never watched any of my porns then why do people read this crap?????

And then it dawned on Me, its because I share myself, talk without fear, I'm so far from PC its disgusting and maybe just maybe I write something that is entertaining and people just enjoy it. People feel connected to the stories because they are real!! It's real emotions, real problems and I can just let go and write and write.

Five years and still writing this blog, coming up with stories and sharing myself with the Fans.

Now let's talk about the word Fan, I get emails all the time from Non fans(they make sure to point out that they are not Fans)saying they are not Fans of my work but.....

They enjoy reading my blog and had to leave comments or email just to tell Me that a post I wrote touched them in some way. Good or Bad. Okay Non Fans, I will play Ur game and say that you guys are not Fans but avid readers of my blog that admire my Frankness and openness!! Anyway I am thankful that I can hold your attention for a couple of mins of Ur day and If I put a smile on Ur face, raised Ur awareness, or just pissed you off in some way then the effort I put into this blog paid off.

You notice when you go to other peoples blog, they haven't updated lately, the post are short letters, or its a bunch of glam shots or dick pics(nothing wrong with that) But to Me my blog is important to Me, I take breaks here and there from writing. It was just to clear my head, and come up with better material that keeps my blog from looking like everybody elses. Coming up with fresh ideas or content is not the easy job like when I first started. I was going through all these new experiences, and I wanted to take note of everything just to have a journal of my life in porn.

Thanks for reading this thing, I will continue as long as I still have Fans....I mean readers..


UPDATE*********Another reader telling Me how to write***********

I AM SURE YOU WON'T POST THIS, BUT HERE GOES... You just did it again. What is the point of telling people that you hooked up with Chad Hunt? You could have told the same story, with the same impact, without the private details.

I have met Chad on a few occasions and he's a class act. I just don't believe that he would give up the details of private hook-ups. Once again you have used a "big name" to try to advance your career. You even acknowledge that you might "get in trouble" for sharing this info, but you do it anyway. If stabbing someone in the back advances your career or gets you noticed then good manner be damned.

Then you wonder why you have no friends. OK, bring on the bipolar excuses and the apologies.

First off the bat, if you don't like my stories STOP READING MY BLOG its that simple. I explain the story in my own terms, I don't need to water down anything. Chad has since retired, and whats the big deal about Me saying I fucked this porn star or that porn star on camera or Off camera???. Its just sex, I think your the one with the hangups. This was years ago before I even came into the Industry. Please stop telling Me how to write, I don't come to your job and tell you how to change the grease in the French Fry cooker!! So leave Me the fuck alone!!!

Lastly I have friends, I wrote about the differences between Best Friends, Good Friends, Friends/Associates. God I'm so tired of repeating myself for the Haterz!!! Haterz go home I don't need Ur support or comments. Thank you

Monday, May 10, 2010


I have self hatred for my own kind...

I'm a Uncle Tom, and I hate the color of my skin!!! I'm looking for the White God, where are you???

Here you go:

That is from BoonDocks and I find this clip so fucking funny!!!

I'm a Proud Black Man!! And I'm going to keep playing with Stereotypes, because it pisses people off. Its 2010 and people still have hangups, I will keep pushing the limit as much as I can.

Anyway I wanted to post something quick



I got this Comment.....

I get alot of these....

diesel, it is so obvious you got yourself some fucking issues. you hang and promote white performs and your white costars, your white dates and your white boyfriends constantly in SF...I even saw you parading around SF with a white boy maybe 2 weekends ago in sf...I especially remember seeing you walking with wolf Hudson into the diesel store n Castro and you pulling down your pants and you had on some undies that said diesel on the back. I recently wrote a letter to lance holman, mr.sf leather about black gay men glorifying white men and not really seeing black/black couple around...young black gay men are affected when they see a visible gay porn star like yourself only working with white boys and that makes us believe that's what we should do and that's whats desirable and that were not "in" or attractive. and by you constantly starting drama with other people and alienating yourself from the rest of men you are only hurting us all. It sucks, but when a black man is a certain way or does something bad, white people will usually assume a lot or all black people are like that. Whether you post this or not ( you have a tendency to not post the REAL shit that exposes your ass) I want you to respond to this


Step 1.

diesel, it is so obvious you got yourself some fucking issues. you hang and promote white performs and your white costars, your white dates and your white boyfriends constantly in SF...

I know I got issues. DUH??? Did you just start reading my blog??? I promote Myself!!and my Site! I do stories on everybody!! I live in NYC so how can I constantly promote in SF, oh I guess I'm good at my job LOL

Step 2.

I even saw you parading around SF with a white boy maybe 2 weekends ago in sf...I especially remember seeing you walking with wolf Hudson into the diesel store n Castro and you pulling down your pants and you had on some undies that said diesel on the back

Can you say Stalker??? This is one of reasons why I'm alittle paranoid walking around. I'm not scared of anyone...but to have that annoying feeling that someone is watching you. It's eerie!! First off the boy was Latin, We went out to dinner and had wine at a really nice place(Not sure why explaining it??)That was day 1 that you were watching Me. Day Two in Castro I was walking with Wolf Hudson and Angelo Marconi and Yes We went into the Diesel store, Ummm in the Diesel store buying Diesel belt that is why my pants are down..???? Now I hope this gives insight to Fans on what I go through. I get approached daily by people "Who think they know Me" because they read my blog. While its flattering that you have this connection to Me like you know Me, But sorry to say you only know a small piece of Me that I put up on the Internet. Fans forget when they approach Me, I'm viewing you as a complete Stranger so of course my guard will be up. Esp if you don't introduce yourself as a fan. There has been times, when I'm followed and stared at from a distance. To Me, I see a nervous person, watching Me and tailing Me. Creepy!! I have had photographers come to my hotel room and track Me down for photos or interviews. Clients showing up at my old apartment, knocking on my door late at night. I had to move several times due to privacy issues!!


black gay men glorifying white men and not really seeing black/black couple around...young black gay men are affected when they see a visible gay porn star like yourself only working with white boys and that makes us believe that's what we should do and that's whats desirable and that were not "in" or attractive. and by you constantly starting drama with other people and alienating yourself from the rest of men you are only hurting us all. It sucks, but when a black man is a certain way or does something bad, white people will usually assume a lot or all black people are like that. Whether you post this or not ( you have a tendency to not post the REAL shit that exposes your ass) I want you to respond to this

I don't want this to sound rude to Fans, I write this blog(Revealing yet entertaining) But it is only a small piece of the entire puzzle. Alot of the blog is rants and raves and crazy thoughts that I'm having at the moment. I write from the perspective of the Diesel Washington(character) I write from the perspective of the Editor, I write hard hitting stories!! I write posts to be funny!! Expose myself!!Interviews. bah bah bah. I see how some people get so connected to it, but at the same time. I'm a human being and I go through things. I feel alittle overwhelmed when someone comes up aggressive "like they have known Me all my life". Usual its "I know Who you are!! But its that weird vibe.. Now if they refer to posts, I can relate to them. But its like emotional/sexual/stalkerish/obsession type thing going on...

In my head, I feel that I am giving us a face in mainstream porn. I do scenes with all types,(Twinks, Muscles, Jocks, Black, White, Latin, Asian) And I feel the pressure every single day to stand out. I have a personality, I'm not going to walk on egg shells just to please people. I make mistakes and probably will make more.

But lets open the door to discussion, People want Me to work with more brothas?? Okay I'm doing that, but when it's the right role. And what's the right role?? Something that doesn't play on the stereotypes, having a great director to work with, and the right studio or website etc etc. The Suite703 scene was the perfect example of that. Gio from www.Giophotography.com was directing this piece and I trust him completely. And Scott Alexander was amazing to work with.

I will repeat this again so people will understand, all these So called Thug sites and Studios are owned by white guys. Surprised??? It goes further, when I was approached by these companies, the scene rates they were offering were well......put it this way I would have to work for a discounted rate. So I'm the bad guy because I don't work for discounted scene rates with Thug companies that are white owned?? All this just to prove a point or to prove my BLACKNESS to people. That is retarded I don't go to your job saying "Hey you should take a pay cut because you will look better working in FootLocker than at the Sport Authority.

Anyway quick post for today, but I had to answer this comment. And of course I will only post the comments that are supporting Me. This is my Fucking site, and I will approve which comments I like and don't like. If I approved all the comments then this will be the most depressing blog ever!!

My job is suppose to spark some kind of emotion, wheter good or bad!! And when it does my job is done.

Anyway this is corny Free your Mind People:


Groundbreaking!!! Strong!! Confident!! Broke all the glass ceilings!!


Saturday, May 08, 2010


Sometimes when I'm walking around I see the crazy signs...

Now this was in front of a bike shop, but I got to thinking....

You have to pay for lights, heat, food, and of course water but now AIR????

New York is really crazy these days and alot of people are nervous..

Another bomb threat!!! Ferries crashing into Piers Damn!!

They closed down Times Square!!

Anyway that was a quick rant

Thursday, May 06, 2010


First off...

I want to say, Papi Chulo(www.Papichuloblog.com) "We Cool" and I had to steal an interview you did with Justin Long(Google Him)Str8 Porn Star.


I read his open letter to the Industry, and I had to agree with him. Wheter it is Gay or Str8 porn, the Interracial problem exists. I wouldn't know how to explain through blogging, the same feelings and same pressure I face on the Gay side of the issue. But I will use some of his examples.

I want to copy and paste parts of his letter that I wholeheartedly agree with and have faced several times.

This is Why I have the Issue with the Term Interracial

These are parts of his letter that just hit the nail on the ball.

This whole situation saddens me to no end. I am pissed off that I served in the military, to protect the freedoms of the same people that would discriminate. I am pissed off that I served in the military, and this is what my country does for me, i.e.: nothing - continues to allow discrimination in my work place. So, the normal way this goes down is a girls' statement: "I don't do IR. I'm sorry, it's nothing personal". How the fuck could it NOT be personal when a girl tells you that she will NOT work with you because of the color of your skin? Even worse it's not the color of your skin obviously, because these same girls work with European and Latin darker skinned male stars that are not labeled Black. The same contract and non-contract stars that say they don't do IR are still working with non-white performers. To make it worse a percentage of them are trying or are getting fucked off screen by Black males, either talent or civilian. So, is IR just a term 'cause it sure in the hell doesn't mean anyone not of that girls' nationality. For example, if an Asian girl doesn't do IR, it should mean she only works with Asian male stars right? Well, that's not the case. It means she will work with anyone that is not labeled Black by the adult industry. Some girls say "I don't like the movies that they put me in when I do IR. So I don't do it." Guess what? We Black people don't like the movies that makes us look like we just degrade white girls either.

If you changed the gender throughout that rant, that is one of the problems I face. And it gets better....Go On Mr Long

The fact is every girl that refuses to do IR is saying (regardless if they speak the words) "I'm doing whats best for me and I don't care what happens to you (Mr. Black male talent)." Every girl that refuses or dips in and out of doing IR affects every Black male stars' annual income. If contract stars did IR, your damn right I and others would have more scenes, because we have directors that would kill for those scenes. It is the same with all non-IR shooting females. Black males have no problem if the girls are selective in their choosings of who they shoot with and who the won't shoot with. That's fine, but to just say "sorry your Black"... Hello wake the fuck up! It's offensive, and then to follow it up with "it's nothing personal", that just makes us even more angry because there is no way to take it but personal. The girl will take 10 cocks in a day, ass, pussy, and mouth and multiple cocks at a time as long as none of them are Black? Come on, we are Black, not stupid.

He goes on to Rant about some issues that I do not agree with...but alot of the points he made are valid... a few more.

They like our music, and love our food, and women, but despise us, and will never look at us as equals, and this is the same conclusion drawn from some Blacks in the industry when told "I'm sorry I don't do IR, nothing personal though...

Hmmm??? on the gay side of it, I see these little white boys walking around. Clothed in Sean John, Roca wear, G unit walking with Swagger and pants off their ass. Mind you these are Gay white boys!!! They are listening to Hip Hop(Love Little Kim, Trina, Beyoncé) They listen to Little Wayne, Snoop Dogg, TI, Soulja Boy on all their Ipods. Can even freestyle abit(impressed). They talk about all their "Homies" back home, this and that. Will even confess to have taken a black dick or two or three. But when this person enters the porn world his decisions are based on whats best for his career. Some models have the notion that doing an Interracial scene is not a wise move, Career wise. But that is funny.......

In my case, that seems to be the opposite reaction. Every single model that I have worked with not only gained new found press and attention. Each model has went on to have their own successful Careers. And on top of that, every single model that I worked with last year was nominated for an award in some form or fashion.

"Having a Blast" Cum Shot Hard Choice Award.
It was my scene with Dominic Pacifico Big Shout Hot man

Best Duo nominated for Grabby (PlayBook)
Diesel Washington and Kameron Scott

Best Supporting Actor nominated Grabby (Asylum)
Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz

Savage Humor Award Hard Choice Award (RedLight)
Diesel Washington and Tristan Matthews

Best Rimming Award nominated Grabbys
Diesel Washington,Phillip Aubury,Zack Jamison&Lucas Knowles

I don't know about you, but that is a damn good track record to have. I know I don't say it much, but its the bottom Co stars that I owe alot of my success to. They trusted Me to put them in all these crazy positions and such... Alot of people say that I dominate and humiliate these models. But these models understand its a Movie, its Fanasty!! I wanted to bring something new to the performance and so did they. And it worked out well...

Here is the Truth..

I'm kinda of boring to watch alone, sure nice body, big dick, and the money shot. To this day, I still feel awkward about being Sexy in front of the camera alone. I make a living from being the Guy that might not be your type, but the boys I fuck are your type and even though your not attracted to Me, you love the way I plow those boys. You might hate the character that I play, but you love the performance. You might think I'm disgusting looking(LOL)but when you see the reaction of your favorite model getting plugged by Me, you bust your load and complain "How did Diesel get the pleasure of fucking him and I don't?" I'm joking...that is something that the Haterz say. LOL

Anyway back to Justin Long's letter:

Starting to get the picture? Black people are starving and getting real jobs and leaving the industry 'cause they can't pay their bills, but their counterparts are like nothin' major has happened because half are under contract with guaranteed money and the other half are working because the economy put mostly smaller companies out of biz not the big ones. So, who do you think shot the majority of IR? Smaller companies.

In my case, I already have a real job(Thankful for that). But to be honest, I don't work as much as other models. Of course they are Younger Fresher, willing to work for much less....can't blame anyone for trying to save a buck here and there.

I'm given one scene in a movie, that's it!!! One scene!! So of course I bust my Ass in that one scene!! I make sure that one scene stands out in the entire Movie!! I do all the Crazy stuff just to make sure of that!!

In this final part of the letter, he lets it all out.....

Guess it goes to show we all have an issue being told your money is gonna get fucked up because of the color of your skin, huh? I'm tired, I don't want to yell, I don't want to have a target on my back, and I don't want to lose work or have to cause waves, but I also don't want to feel like some fuckin' leper at work either. I would rather be judged as an individual when it comes to talent selection. Does color have to come in sometimes? Yes of course, you can't have a Black man play George Washington anymore than you could have a white woman play Whoopi Goldberg. Do you have any idea what it feels like to go to work and have 60% of your co-workers say, "Sorry won't work with you, you're Black"? Trust me, it's a shitty feeling, and then to have your advancement opportunities capped because you can't work with some of that 60%. Shit now you'll just get mad.

I worked this Industry using "Hot by Association" I know I'm not everybody Cup of Tea. Some people seem to think the Best selling model has to be White All American type, muscles, dick and ass. So to exploit this Myth, I created Diesel Washington!! You take the All American type add with Diesel and that equals a Hot scene with a contrast in skin tones, style, intensity, bah bah.

When I went Free agent I wanted to be paired with Exclusive models(I wanted to work with all the Exclusive models from all the Studios)I thought I was going to have the opportunity to work with the "Big Names". It didn't work out that way but the models that I did work with, came to the Set ready to perform and We put out scenes that were like Liquid Crack!!! So now I would rather work with someone lesser known because they will come on set with something to prove and something to show the world!!

I got tired of the excuses, every time I was approached to work with a company I went straight for the exclusives and got the same responses each time.

"That model has filmed all the scenes on his contract"

"That model is already partnered with another model"

"That model had to back out because of a prior commitment"

"That model is not scheduled to work on this movie"

I went Free agent in 2008 and I just worked with my First exclusive model in 2010??? Anyway.......

In a nutshell, the term Interracial I have a problem with it. If some models are not into Interracial, that cuts down the number of models to work with. If studios don't like Interracial(thinking they don't sell) that cuts down the number of Studios to work with.

The term Interracial is only applied when its Black and White. It doesn't apply to Latins, European, Asian, bah bah bah

So it's like being singled out, because every other ethnic group can perform with a white Co Star and not have their scene slapped with an "Interracial" stamp.

Because of that "Interracial" stamp your placed in a Niche market...

Some people say that they use the Interracial stamp so Fans can find their particular taste in Movies without it getting lost in a sea of other film work. My answer to this??? If you need to use the Interracial stamp just to sell movies then I don't think you have faith in the models that you chose for the roles. Hot guys are Hot guys.....

I think having Hot Guys in a scene IS the selling point right there. Adding the term Interracial because its starring a Black and White model just takes away the hotness of the scene. And believe Me I have been to Porn stores, all the Interracial work is grouped usually in the back of store. When you go through the DVD sections, Falcon, Raging Stallions, JetSet, Colt, Channel 1 releasing, Titan and other studios all of their work is located to the front of the store. In the back of the store, is all Fetish DVD's, Twink, ThugPorn, Leather, and of course your Interracial. So yeah the fans can find your work, its just in the back of store.

Anyway I'm ranting too much you get my point, and thanks to Justin Long!! You spoke your mind and anybody that has the courage to speak their mind without fear!! Gets my respect!!

So can the descriptions of the porn scenes be changed from an Interracial cast, to a Racially Diverse cast????

"Interracial"(1990's) to the updated "Racially Diverse"(2010)

Its a thought right???


The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Alpha Dog of the Week - George Rekers
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Wow!!! What a shoutout!! to Rentboy!!! Not only do they show the Opening page on Rentboy.com

But Who is that on the Title page............

You guessed it!!

Diesel Washington check it the 1:35 mark in the Vid.

Thanks to Marc from Chi town for pointing that out for Me!!!

Now you know what the scandal is, but what about the Rentboy?? He will be used a pawn in a story that is bigger than Him. From one Rentboy to another, Let Me give you some Tips!!

Jo-Vanni Roman

Okay I see that this Kid is going to get eaten alive, JO-VANNI if you reading this. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!!!

1. Hire a Lawyer,
At this point, the Press is asking for answers to some fucked questions. Were Drugs involved?? Sex? Is He a Top or Bottom? Safe Sex? bah bah. His camp is going into damage control, so He will play victim and the Press will spin the story into that your some Hooker who took advantage of him for a payday(Ummm...) You knew someone was going to take a picture you already admitted that. So your going to have to give up your sources on Who set up the sting??

2. Don't answer your phone for the next couple of days, Go through Ur voice mails, pick out actual clients, not the tabloids and press wanting stories. Any Press should go through Ur lawyer. To get the most attention, hold a Press conference that way you hit all the News outlets.

3. Triple your Rate!! Change your Ad profile, and only offer massage services(for now *wink). They already have your old profile(saved and copied)so adjust your profile to reflect that "Offer Services" rather than the plain ole Hooking..

4. Change your Look, cut the hair get a suitable color LOL and go for the Classic GQ look instead of the party boy look. Start hitting up the gym in your downtime, if the Press is going to be in your face. You might as well look the best you can.

5. No Sex with Clients(Unless Regulars)but you can offer Massage(with release)this is only for the time being. Eyes are on you, and you have to stay within the realm of the Law. The powers that be, will make things on you difficult. There will be pressure from both sides of the fence, Negative and Positive. Alot of people would say quit escorting period. I wouldn't stop you have to keep providing for yourself because the window of 15mins of fame is shrinking as We speak. You have bills that need to be paid now and Yes there is a whole lot of Buzz going around. But keep stacking those Chips. That is just being real.

6. Do a private photo shoot, if pics of you are going on the Internet at least you can have control over the pics out there. All glam shots showing the best of you, My friend Gio Giophotography.com is in Fort Lauderdale I would give him a call. Go to www.Giophotography.com and get all the head shots and Glam body shots. If they are going to use Ur Pics at least have the best ones up. ASAP job that way you can Update your Ad, Facebook, or any other media outlet that people connect to looking for pics.

These things should be happening right now!! ASAP!! You only have a window of about a month before the story gets old. You can stretch this story for about a month, Holding a Press conference can afford you about 1 to 2 weeks. The Gays will have your back, your Young, Attractive and at this stage of your life your entitled to make mistakes. Your lawyer will advise on What to say? and What not to say. The ball is in your Court. Right now the Spotlight is on you!! In order to get the most out of the situation, this is What you need to do:

1. Right now!! Clients are afraid of you because there is attention on you. You broke that unwritten rule of not giving up your Clients. Hopefully George Rekers was a new client of yours and there wasn't any attachment. So that step 5 of having no sex with clients unless regulars comes into play. That "Trust" was broken so don't expect any New High profiled clients. That is where Step 3 comes into play, triple your rate because ur Ad is all over the place and there will be people "Curious" of your skills. Going back to step 5, this is where you only provide "Massages" there is nothing wrong with giving "Massages" less work more money. People will pay the rate of the massage your "Big Time" now!!.

2.Time moves on and you need to keep getting that paycheck. This where Step 4 comes into play, change your looks and start hitting the gym. This new found attention has to be worked in Ur favor. I would start doing Go Go gigs, you will get booked at clubs, maybe some showcases and ur making money around the country just for dancing. Do that Twink thing, and dance around the bar and get that Tip money. Hit up the Talk show circuit, Tabloid News programs everything!! Here is where Step 6 comes into play, use all those pictures for publicity. Send out to agents, there is a good friend of mine named Howard www.Fabscout.com that can represent you on dancing Gigs and can give you good advice if thinking about going on the Porn path(Playgirl, Solos, Hardcore)

3. Be proud of the fact that you are a Gay Male, apparently George Rekers is going around saying that He was trying to "Convert" you into something you are not!! Take the advice from your lawyer regarding anything sexual between you and George. At the same time you need to come forward, representing yourself as a Proud Gay Man!! Let the truth be known!! If you go the Gay4pay route you will get killed in the Press by the Gays/Str8s. If you go Gay4pay your paying into the hands of George Rekers supporters, they will spin the story to protect their own Ass!! Also the Gays won't have any respect for you, you are clearly Gay by your Rentboy profile and to cope out to Gay4Pay is a Let down to yourself and your Community. Your Name is out there now, be proud of who you are.

This is the only advise I can give you now!!! You choose your own path and outcome. I just wanted to give my two cents....

Press is Press use that Shit!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


And the Vid works!!!

And Thanks to Men Of Porn, http://menofporn.typepad.com/menofporn/2010/05/spot-the-difference-from-suite-703.html for passing on some important info!!

I commented on the importance of the scene, but most thought my claims were grossly exaggerated. Its 2010 and I heard the excuses....

You won't support something that doesn't show a more diverse cast...

Here you go!!! Also I wanted to plug and bring attention to another scene coming soon:

Affirmative Blacktion

I have my own issues with the term "Interracial" but moving on.....

The Cast is Hot!! and it's a smoking hot return for Brandon Lee!! Its been a long time coming, hopefully We can get more Asian performers into the Industry!! Matthew Rush always great!! Eddie Diaz and Mitchell Rock, burning Hot!! And I'm jealous!!That muscle ass is great to pound!!Rod Daly always hot!! Exclusive Jimmy Durano OMG yummy!! Rob Romoni getting that butt worked over by Hot Hung Aaron Ridge powerfucking, look at the Head Mush LOL!!

Of course directed by Doug Jeffries, who has a passion for these types of Movies!! Black Meat White Heat was an awarding example(Best ScreenPlay, Best Box Cover) Big shout out to Doug Jeffries..

In my opinion Diverse casts such as this will be the Norm, as it reflects Modern Society!! Movies and scenes showing a more diverse cast will be gradually accepted as Hot sex scenes rather than a Fetish type of thing that has to be billed as "Interracial". When its labeled Interracial it then becomes a Genre of Porn such as Fetish porn( Interracial, Leather, Twinks, Bears, Fisting, Bareback)which only targets a Niche market. Being that its 2010, I think people would love the movie because it features a Diverse cast of Hot Men!! Interracial or not!! Each model is stunning to look at and each model is an accomplished performer in his own right!! And it was directed by a brilliant director in Doug Jeffries!!

I know opinions vary.....

When its an older guy with a twink its called Intergenerational, Men of Color with White guy its Interracial, why not go a step further??? A Jewish guy fucking a Catholic guy Interreligious??? A brown eyed guy fucking a blue eyed guy its Intereyecolorious??? A guy that is a Democrat fucking a guy that is a Republican, its Interpolitical??? A Handicapped guy fucking a regular guy, its call Interhandicapped????

Might as well have an Older Jewish Guy with blue eyes who is a Democrat fucking a Black twink who is Catholic and Handicapped..that way it will be the first ever!!!

The Best Intergenerational, Interracial, Interreligious, Intereyecolorious,Interpolitical and Interhandipcapped Scene ever!!!!



I'm too Old!!!I"m getting fat!! My dick don't get hard(New one)!! I'm a Bully!! I'm Washed Up!! I'm a Wannabee Thug!! Bah Bah!!!

I was prepared for the Hate this time!!

I simply gave up on trying to Please people!! I still read the comment sections in every blog, I might even leave a comment defending myself. But for the most part I really don't care anymore!!

I raised the bar enough, I was trying to outdo myself in every single Movie. To try to push the Limit further and further. It's been years and I still haven't seen another performer pull off Footing Two guys at the same time, while peeing into your mouth. And the most important part, doing this Feat safely!!

I was bringing a level of Watersports play into this Industry that wasn't seen before!! Live Shows (Black Party, Folsom, Hustlaball), and DVD work(Peeing over Trucks,Breakers Titanmedia)

All the crazy Fuck positions!! (Bully, Shotglass, Motorcycle, Cannonball, Camel Clutch)

All the Interviews, Funny Vids Rants and Raves....

I did it all!! I spoiled fans with everything and that is my fault!! I notice Fans turn on you, when you haven't done the Crazy stuff lately in your movies that they come to expect.

I'm going for another goal, I can always go back to all the Crazy stuff that made popular. But I want to either create or being aligned with a project that I can use all of my creative energy on!

Let Me give you this example:

When Michael Jordan first came into the NBA he had something to prove!! He wanted the world to see his talent!! He was a high flying Dunk machine!! He came in wanting the awards... Rookie of the Year, MVP, Slam Dunk Champ, to show off his skills as a Player!!

When Michael Jordan matured, he wasn't trying to be the Top player!! He wasn't coming down the lane to Dunk on everybody anymore. He was working his short range jumper!! His three point shot, and learning to move the ball better(His assists were sky high)He was still Michael Jordan but instead of being just a Super Star player. He went on to become a Team Player!! And He brought multi NBA Championships titles to Chi Town.

I did the Big Movies(and I still have some more to put under belt)and I set a standard of the Diesel performance already. I'm looking for a project that showcases my skills, my style and allows Me to have that Input. There are some projects that I'm working on, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Truth be known, most models can not handle the Fuck that I bring to my scenes(either that or most don't want to get fucked that hard) Most models are like "I have seen some of your Movies, you can't Fuck Me like that though.." I always respect my bottom Co stars, I push their limits in scenes of course, but for the record I can't put a model in all these crazy positions if they are not comfortable with it. It's the policy for most studios that the Bottom has the last word. If the bottom is uncomfortable with a position or Fucking style he either has safe word or can pause the action. Which I agree with...

At the same time if you have a Whiny bottom that advertised as a Power bottom!! And he stated that He can take any dick. But comes on set and has to stop every 2mins because they can't handle the plowing!! Well you stop and go and stop and go until you get enough footage. You have to keep a hard dick even when Whiny bottom complains about the pain, totally taking you out of your head space. Add seven people on set, either an ice cold studio or burning hot(can't have AC on because of background noise)On a time schedule, no chemistry with scene partner, and having filmed scenes Days before. Plus that same Whiny bottom doesn't like to get fucked in this position or that position. Sometimes your on location(where you never been before)and have to fuck outside or in a rented place that still has patrons(Gay Resort, Bathhouse, Home)alot to overcome!! Sometimes models are late to the set, so your sitting around waiting, that doesn't turn Me on or give Me desire. Yet I make it look like I'm into every piece of Action!! I'm known as the model that directs the action and keeps the pace of the scene going!!

So to the Haterz unless your on set experiencing the setbacks!! You have no idea what is happening on some of these shoots. But keep running your mouth!!

Fans keep supporting!!! Loyal readers keep reading...

Because the Haterz are always going to hate!!!

I know most gay boys didn't understand the whole Michael Jordan reference so I will finish with this example that the gay boys should understand:

When Madonna first came out It was to be shocking!!! Sex Sex Sex!!She had a strong sexual identity!!It was Sex vs Church, Sex vs Goverment bah bah bah when Madonna matured(And acquired Kids) it went from the Pure form of Sex to...... a Sensuality that came with her music. Breaking sexual taboos to dance music, she had to recreate herself over and over.

Who knows?? I'm not that big of a Fan of Madonna I just wanted to give an example.

Everybody knows I have a big dick, everybody knows I fuck hard!! I won the awards!! I did all of that...

What I'm missing is a HOME TO SHOWCASE MORE OF MY SKILLS!!! I just scratched the surface of the things I can do!!!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


The bomb threat really shook this city up, and it should!! NYC is the city that has been bombed over and over and people are just scared and numb. I don't know what to think, 911 really tore up this city!!! Now people are leaving bombs in Times Square!! Geez things are getting crazy in this city.

NYC is the most aggressive City in the World, everbody is either busy or constantly moving to provide for their family. There are signs posted everywhere saying "Seating Limit is 10-15mins" and this is in Starbucks...

It's a different way of living that most people don't understand. I could go to another state with a different way of living and basically go insane. City living has caused Me not being able to sleep without some sort of city noise outside. Its like I need background noise in order to help Me sleep. So I will leave the TV on(falling asleep to some Cop show)and that will give Me the reminder of the city when I'm out of state.

I have a mini tour planned before going to the Grabbys. I will post the cities that Im going to(still working on it)

The Grabbys are coming up, and I'm going to have some fun!! I haven't talked about the Working out schedule which is going great I'm adding Size for the event and keeping lean at the same time.

I'm getting great feedback from my scene on Its Gonna Hurt!!! Thanks to the Fans and Everybody supporting Me!! I need my Fans to keep emailing It's Gonna Hurt to let Me do more scenes with them!! I think this site is the Perfect Fit for the Diesel Washington character!! The gritty style of filming and getting footage, and the performance element in the updates is like Butter to Me. *Sigh

The Grabbys...

This Event is going to be Huge!!Everybody is coming out for this thing!!! I'm truely honored to be hosting this Year!! I'm getting nervous just thinking about....At the same time, I'm really happy to be nominated for so many awards as well:

Performer of the Year
Best Duo Scene
Best Supporting Actor
Best Rimming
Best Porn Star Website

I'm hitting up some events out there!!!

Hydrate opening party

Meet and Greet at LuckyHorseshoe with Jason Curious(just poking my face in)

Busy Schedule!!! But I have to Network!!