Wednesday, March 07, 2018


So yeah I been gone for a bit, doing my thing in the gym and I wanted to reach to my fans out there with a Quick Youtube and everything..

I will start to post more but I have been running around and traveling around.  Hopefully trying to make something happen in the Industry..

Who knows?

Quick post for you

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Studio Vs Onlyfans/Justfor.Fans, Billy Sanitation

Okay you people probably hate me....

I haven't updated this blog in about a month, and I have to say I was investing more time into Twitter then blessing my blog with some updates and stuff...

This is my little space to write my thoughts and really have this personal relationship with fans.

Now with that said..

Lets get into it...

Okay I think I left off at returning from Austria and then committing myself to the Lifestyle of working out. That was done and I made some big gains in the gym and I'm proud of myself because I found more strength in my work outs by switching up the pace and intensity in the gym.  Yawn right?? All that gym rat talk means nothing and people just want to see the goods(Muscles/Dick/Ass).  But Fuck that, I'm a little more well rounded then that, so I want people to know the hard work it takes to achieve that Porn body..

Moving on..

I created a JustFor.Fans account...

Look for that here

Here we are.....

After sitting down and really looking at the state of the Industry. I decided to finally step up my game and create a Justfor.Fans account to start making my own content. More about that later...

Lets get into the Huge Debate of Studio Porn VS Onlyfans/JustFor.Fans

Studios Vs OnlyFans/Justfor.Fans

The two sides are battling it out for revenue and its sparking some huge debates in and out of the Industry right now.  So what I wanted to do is share the Pros and Cons of Studio. Pros and Coins of Onlyfans/  And just some basic observations on the subject, of course with the Diesel twist to it..

Lets begin..


I can see why some Studios are feel threatened or annoyed at the existence of OnlyFans/  Studio porn helped create the Landscape for Gay porn. Before Twitter, before social media, Fans had to rely on the Studios for content, and that created a whole Industry of players.  Back in the day, the Studios had the power to create "Stars" and We had to wait months for Our faves to create scenes and since there was no social media, you had to rely on magazines or printed form to learn more about these Porn stars. Studio Gay porn, created the lifestyle, the glam, the showmanship that inspired the next generation of players who would go on and create their own content and Studios.  Studio Porn is the Old Guard of Porn and its built on Power and Control.  With Studios creating porn and Porn stars the Industry is fed based on a Food chain of sorts.  Studios make content, Blogs promote content, Web servers host content, Affiliates system that feeds others in the Industry(Agents/Promoters/Events/Charities/Novelty goods..etc)

So platforms like OnlyFans/Justfor.Fans threaten the livelihood of the people working in this food chain.  So I can see why Studios get quickly annoyed at this explosion of Model created content.  Added to the fact the content is cheaply made, badly edited, produced poorly, and some models use the resources that the Studio provided to create content with Co stars before scenes or after scenes at the dime of Studios that flew in and housed this model in the first place.  I see why Studios can get pissed because models are using Studio resources and endangering the scene these models were hired to perform in.  So in a way its FUCKED UP..


So a platform is created that models can make their own revenue by creating their own content.  Firstly as a Studio model, that now allows me to make money while on downtime or in-between castings, same principle as doing Cam shows/GoGo/Escort/Massages. Just another form of a Hustle to make money off the sex industry. To Non Studio models, this gives the opportunity of having a platform to create your own content and build your own brand from the ground up. 


With the creation of this platform, a new wave of Militant models who were rejected by Studios based on Race/Age/BodyType etc..
Have started this Movement against Studio porn, even so much going into Twitter Beefs and battles with Porn Studios/Directors/Producers. Its starting to get ugly out there and the sides are lining up against each other.

My Thoughts

At first, my loyalty was to Gay Studio porn. That is where I got my start, and that is the Industry I contributed to for the last 13yrs...

But my Industry has changed, with Bareback Studios outnumbering Condom Studios, the number of Crossover stars doing both condom/raw scenes, Producers/Directors hiring their friends or only people in their circle, or hiring guys they fucking or have a relationship with. Studios rejecting models based on Race (huge problem) Age, Body Type etc.  Studios are not looking for any new talent they are just recycling models from other sites. Corbin Fischer, Sean Cody, Active Duty, Next Door Studios, GayHoopla, Men, Bromo  have all interchangeable models that come and go from site to site.  How is any talent to come through the door with all these disadvantages in their way.

That is why OnlyFans/Justfor.Fans/Cam models have become more outspoken against Studio Porn.  How fair is that a newer model doesn't have a chance to break into the Industry because either they don't have an agent/Not willing to kiss ass or brown nose or Fuck his way into a Production. 

StudioHeads/Producers/Directors this is what YOU CREATED!!

When someone wants to do porn but doesn't play ball with what I said above, they are not given a chance.  When a Model of color is told time after time, he doesn't have the right look for this particular studio.  Its easy to see why models of color would be more outspoken about Studio Porn because it lacks diversity and has lack it for decades.  Or guys not fitting that cookie cutter standards of a Porn Studio, they are anger.  After being told not good enough, or not having the right look.  It makes people annoyed and angry. 

And no offense, seeing the favoritism displayed in the Industry is disheartening its like..
"How are you ever to thrive if not given the chance.?"

 Added to that, scene rates are not what they use to be, and Gay Porn studios are cutting corners themselves. Its a Dog eat Dog world now..

 And an important factor, The content being produced is not the same quality it once was.  A lot of these Major Studios used to put out better quality of porn. As of lately the production value/quality of content is slowly going down. So those Studios that once bragged about having the best quality of content..

Not so much anymore...

So studios can no longer stand on that High horse of saying
"We make the best quality films"

That has not been the case lately by a lot of studios out there.  To for instance the once mighty Randy Blue.

Randy Blue has turned into a Cam site now..

Sean Cody? The quality of their content has suffered dramatically, the once Highest paid Studio out there. Suffering from camera issues, sloppy editing, White balance mistakes.

So Studios can't make that claim that OnlyFans/Justfor.Fans is shitty content that is filmed by cell phones and shitty lights and weird angles..  These Producers really need to look at their own content before ripping apart a person who just signed up to OnlyFans/Justfor.Fans and posted a dark cell phone Video.  The quality of porn you create is only slightly better so its best that you say nothing and step up your game.

With that said, I do think Onlyfans/Justfor.Fans who are militant against Studio Porn need to Shut the fuck up!! Just create content and let your success talk for you.  No need for the bashing of Studios/Producers/Directors out there, did they deserve the shade? Probably..

But as Creators of Content, let your work speak for itself..

Moving on,,,


Billy Sanitation

The motherfucker who I constantly DRAG by his fucking skull...

Has a Blog..


I'm not linking to that Smoking Trash Bin fire of a Blog.  Being nosey, I had to navigate through his bullshit that he calls a blog.  First off the bat I wanted to Vomit cause he posts these pictures of himself. Like the Proud CumDumpster that he is..

His Blog smells of desperation and his writing style is empty and shallow without any integrity or resources its a gossip blog without any Gossip.  The person writing the blog has no integrity so there is no integrity in his writing, its just a bunch of sentences written together that have no meaning.  There is no dirt or acquired receipts of shady business.  Its all hearsay and shit packed together and threw in something called a blog if you want to call it that.

HEY BILLY...part two

Why hasn't Billy Sanitation came after me yet??

We can go Blog for Blog now...

I already DRAGGED THE FUCK out of you on a blog so why not focus on Me? Its been a long time since I trashed a blog...

I'm itching to destroy another Blog.

I'm aiming for your Blog, you joined my world BITCH..

That Morning Coffee Bit ??  Fucking Trash
Writing Style?  Garbage

You write about yourself in the third person?? What kind of lazy writing is that, are you that stuck on yourself?  The only thing nice I can say about your blog.  You don't use misspelled words, but that is not from your doing..
Its from Spell check
So I guess I cant say anything Nice about your blog..

What was this Cumdumpster thinking when he created a blog?  Yeah I will create this blog to go against Zach from Str8upgayporn, this will show Zach..
I can make a Blog too..

Bitch in order to write anything, you need skill which you don't have.  You need to do research, not these rumors/gossip bullshit you put out.  Seeing as how you have no integrity yourself, your writing suffers because if the writer has no integrity, why read his garbage script of Lies and gossip when the writer is not a honorable man.  Honorable? he at least has to be likeable..

Billy Sanitation you have proven yourself to have no backbone, BF abuser, Cruel to animals and list goes on and on.  What made you think to create a blog I have no clue, because you open the door to your own history of Sordid tales of disgusting behavior and abuse.  Why don't you write about Hitting your Ex husband?  Why do you keep posting scenes of your Ex husband on your Trashbox site.??  I almost throw up reading that you did a model highlight on your Ex husband.  The Ex husband you beat and abused and threatened his animals Ex Husband. Your Trifling ass has the nerve to make your Ex husband a Model highlight??

The only Highlight here is when your husband left your sorry ass cause he couldn't deal with the abuse and your Drunk Bitch ass. Model Highlight... Funny..

Enough of Billy Sanitation he makes my stomach hurt, and I shouldn't have blogged about him before I ate.  I think I'm going to be sick now because his face makes me want to puke.

Okay I just wanted to give you a quick Heads up!!

I have more to write but later...

Bye Bitches

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Working Out in Austria

Okay I didn't have a chance to post this on the blog so I'm doing this alittle late here.  But this was a Youtube I put together showing the gyms I was working out at while in Austria.

One of the bigger gyms was Das Gym or Intelligent Strength gym.  Now this is a Bodybuilder gym or the gym for the Strong man. I have been to a lot of fitness centers around the world but this was a gym...

Das Gym

It was a throw back to the old gyms in Venice with all the old pictures and bodybuilding history.  The place has everything for GROWING big.

The other gym I had the chance to work out in was McFit its like a chain of gyms in Germany and Austria similar to like a Ballys or TapOut fitness.  Its a solid gym where you can get a good workout at. 

Working out is my thing, its a selfish Hobby that I enjoy.  Its not a team sport or there are other players involved, its ALL about you.  How hard you Train, what you eat, everything revolves around you.  Its my Guilty pleasure..

Anyway this was a quick post and I have more to update you guys with...

See you again

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Monday, December 04, 2017

Sharing some News...

Hello people...

Okay diving right into it...

I have done Gay porn for almost 13yrs now, and I said I was retiring last year.  And not trying to be a dick or one of those guys that works and then retires again, works and then retires again..

Anyway I'm getting the itch to perform again, I don't know I think I have something left in the tank for some more Hits. Who knows at this point? At 13yrs..

I'm not the Freshest face, I got some experience on me and I remember when scene rates were something you can bank on.  Productions have scaled back some, due to all the performers having OnlyFans so productions are scaled backed even more now.

Anyway, I will call in some favors and see what can happen try to do some new scenes and put my best foot forward...

With that said, I wanted to share the news of a new journey that I want to try. 

And that is making the Crossover to the Fitness Industry, its time for it.  I'm getting older and older and one of the things that I still enjoy over the years is fitness. And switching speeds and joining the Fitness world seems like a natural crossover, and some people become successful in this Industry if they use their talents and personality to help them achieve their goals.  Fitness is about being the Best you can be at any age.  And speaking of Age...

2018 will be spent on preparing for a competition...

I really want to compete in a physique competition...

I want to get on stage and show all the hard work I did ALL year long on stage with some other Big boys. It's something that I have wanted to do for years...

Now this is Physique Competition.....

Not to be confused with Bodybuilding which is this...
An easy way to remember, Bodybuilding Speedos..
Physique Competitions are Board shorts..
Any Questions??
Not like I would be embarrassed getting on stage in a Speedo(I have done worst)
Where was I??
Oh yeah, I want to compete in a Physique Competition in 2019 and using this platform to chart my progress to competition in 2019. So there you have it....
I will still be here, providing entertainment and doing the usual crazy stuff, and I will still have my ear to the Industry and everything don't worry. 
More coming soon!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Happy Thanksgiving....

Now I stated on this blog and on Twitter whenever I think about Thanksgiving Gay porn wise, it takes me back to this photo of Jayden Gray shoving his cock into a Raw Turkey.  For years I think about his photo in the back of my head.  Its no shade to Jayden Gray or anything.

It's just a Funny photo I remembered all these years here it  goes:

Now recently on Twitter, I tweeting about this fact of thinking of photo and Str8upgayporn tweeted me a close up of that Classic photo..

Which is here

So now added into my brain is now the Porn-ish looking close-up of the penis, sliding into the raw turkey thereby giving it another dimension to my brain.  Now I have these photos floating around in my head and all I can think of when Thanksgiving is mentioned is a mental image of a gay porn star shoving his cock into a raw Turkey and then having a new insertion shot added to that Library now.

So in order to get this image of my head I decided to create my own version of his Classic Gay porn photo from the past and here it is..

I was NOT getting a whole Turkey to recreate this photo..

So I went with a Turkey wing and put my Bling Bling on it...

So in MY photo its a Turkey wing, with Thor's Hammer and the Helmet of Loki..
BTW I liked the Thor ALOT...

Good storyline and I like the way the movie ended on a sad note, taken from the comics and it came full circle about the story of Thor and the crossover story with the Hulk...

Back of Topic,

I was not recreating the Whole body shot of him shoving his cock into the raw Turkey. I couldn't do call me a pussy or whatever I was NOT going down THAT road.


Happy Thanksgiving..