Friday, November 17, 2017

Light Day in the Gym

Okay so here is a very campy Youtube by Me.

So its a light day in the gym, and I'm feeling good, so I break out the camera and capture a quick session at the gym.  So here I am trying to grow these "Old" guns and get back into shape.  Now I know what your thinking..

"You in Good shape now"

But with that said, its almost that extra that is added to that "You in Good Shape now"  Its "You in Good shape for a Man your Age"  Its "You still look good all these years"  ...

Its all Ego, Bodybuilding is a total selfish sport/Hobby/passion. There is no team effort involved, there is no Team pride, its about going to gym and creating something in the mirror you like..

I don't want to stand on some soapbox and preach the advantages of going to the gym and working out and eating healthy cause that would bore MOST of you.  But again, I enjoy working out cause its an Totally selfish endeavor, its has nothing to do with anybody else. Its your focus at the gym, its you under that weight pushing. Your gains are due to You.

 Nobody else...

Some will get this, and some won't...

It's not for you to get, its something you Live!!

Anyway I have to post a workout Video, for the last couple of weeks all I was posting was Cooking Youtubes.  So most of you thought I was just eating and not hitting the gym as usual.  So I had to switch up speeds and show that...

Even though I throw down in the Kitchen and can Cook a mean MacNCheese.  I get off my ass and make it to the gym so I can burn off those calories and fat.

Don't get it twisted, I workout hard so I can eat what I like without having too much Guilt.

Anyway another post coming at you...

So Back on the Scene.....

As Everybody knows I'm a Porn model AND escort...

I took a few months off from escorting just to get my head back into the swing of things called Reality.  But now I see WAY too many trolls and low lifes fucking up the escort scene. And it seems fitting that I make a return to the scene.  I know this sounds corny and over the top, but I'm just trying to express the emotion it takes to again come back to escorting..

Escorting is good money, and for those people that can understand the business and use it to their advantage, Props to you.  Then there are people like Me, even though I built for escorting and have the skills and experience for it. Over time it does wear you out and sometimes you want some alone time without having to be on the market and EVER ready for a client.

I'm going to be honest with people, it takes a special headspace for me to return to escorting. It's a Job!! I want to do Jobs Well, and If I'm not 100% into it..

I don't want to do it..

So after some mental grooming, and seeing what my goal is and providing for the future down the road.  I'm making my Return, I feel confident, comfortable and most importantly Focused.  So that is a good thing....

I'm still coming up with Content for the blog, I been alittle busy lately getting ready for things and making that leap into this...

So the "D" is coming out of retirement and making waves and about to put Bitches in their place. You Skanks working the industry are doing a disservice to Escorting.  So in order to put that to an End, Big Daddy is taking ALL your business, cause you dropped the ball.  Being a Professional I have to show the "Kids" how its done.

Big Daddy Diesel Dick swinging...

Thursday, November 09, 2017

It's Been a Busy Year for Diversity


2017 started with my Ground Breaking scene, "Lies and Affairs" that featured its first Blk on Blk scene for

This is nothing new for me, I'm used to breaking Color barriers at this point:

First Black model to win Performer of the Year/Hottest Cock/Best Supporting Actor/Best Porn Star Blog (Grabbys)

First Black model on (Bound Gods)

First Black model on CockyBoys

First Black on Black scene on Suite703

I know I sound like a dick for listing my accomplishments...

But I don't care...

I pushed so hard for Diversity over the Years I'm tired of talking about it. This year alone I did an Interview for Instinct Magazine

Then my Appearance at the Str8upGayporn awards

Again asking for more Diversity....

So I beat this subject to the GROUND...

So it gives me pleasure seeing the explosion of Diversity in Gay porn for 2017..

Following after my Breakout scene for, I started the momentum of Diversity. Hot House puts out its first Black on Black scene, and the movement gains even more speed.

Colby Knox introduces to the audience River Wilson..

Next Door Studios, finally stops this putting Black models ONLY on Next Door Ebony crap.  Seriously I didn't understand why regulate your Models of color to only one site? I never understood why a Black model couldn't work with the regular line, and be paired with models like Markie More.  And finally Phoenix Fellington was able to make that connection and cross that Divide.  The last time they tried this was with Derek Maxum..

The first Black model I saw that was able to experiment with going over to the Flagship website was Derek Maxum back in 2015(History lesson)
But I'm glad that I see more Black models over at Next Door studios...
Moving on...
CockyBoys debuted their First Black exclusive model named Jacen Zhu, who been putting out good scenes. And then CockyBoys debuts its first ever Black on Black scene with Zacen Zhu and River Wilson..

Then the appearance of Jason Vario/Kiern Duecan over at Titan and Raging Stallion this year.

The appearance of Men of Color was VERY visible this year..


We have Helix Studios, who just debuted their first EVER Black on Black Twink scene for their site.  And I think its great..

Last month it was the debut of Marcel Tykes and his first interracial scene with Josh Brady. I'm delighted that Helix debuts Marcel Tykes BF(real) Adrian Kelley

Its great to see Young Love of a different shade, and these boys are cute adorable and very sexy.  I like how Helix captures the affection between the lovers and its showcased here Nicely..

My only drawbacks:

Man Bun
The Fade haircut not blended in

Not to throw shade, but their haircuts are Absolutely TRAGIC!!! OMG

Luckily these are Twinks, and we all know Twinks are always changing their hair color and style. And Hopefully with some tweaking these boys will find a haircut/hairstyle more fitting for their face that can showcase better their features..

I think Marcel Tykes has a great look and a hot ass..

Adrian Kelley is new to me, he has a cute face, love the shape of his eyes.  And he has nipples that are made to be sucked on.

All in all, Helix did a great job highlighting these boys and the passion between them.  I look forward to seeing more from Marcel Tykes. And waiting to see to see if Adrian Kelley puts his ass to good use..

Time will tell..

So 2017 was a good year for Diversity, I never seen as many Blk performers currently working.  Maybe things are changing...

We headed in a good direction, lets keep it up!!

Sunday, November 05, 2017

A Present from Blake

So if you didn't know...

For a couple of months I been flirting with Blake Mitchell from Helix Studios. We DM each other and talk Industry and other things.  I asked him a few months back to take a picture for me.
Say what you want...

I'm a Perv, I don't give a fuck. I wanted a petsonalized picture from him. A specific pose, specific underwear leaning against the hood of the car with his hard dick falling out his jeans.

I'm a Lucky guy..

I don't know...

I like him, besides being attractive. He has those qualities like:

Keeping his word
Contributing to the Industry beyond just looking for a check

And the most important quality..

He is just a good person, in a industry of fakes and phonies and thirsty Bitches. It's refreshing to have a young man who is respectful of his peers and a nice guy with a good heart.

I promote my friends and good people and he is someone i would call a friend AND good person.

I'm happy for all his success and I wish him continued success in the Industry.

So if you never heard of him, take the time to look up his work and catch him in action yourself.

Friday, November 03, 2017

The Nudes Post

Posted without much description needed The Nudes post... Enough said

Monday, October 30, 2017

Past Youtubes..

So I'm adding new stuff...

But I want to recycle some Old stuff

I do content for Youtube as well, so I want to connect my Viewers of this blog with my Youtube channel..

I mean incase you didn't want to hit the links on the side of my blog and go directly to my channel. I will do the work and feature them in a blog post.

When anybody asks about me smoking weed, they never get the whole story about going to the store and getting the blunts and what a journey that is for me.

So above is my Youtube going to the store..

Work Out Time.. I get asked a lot, about my workouts so I decided to film a few of my favorite exercises for Youtube.. Here is my Back workout My Shoulder Work Out.. Then we have some fun with an Old School joint...

I do some LongBoarding stuff...

My Vacation real quick to Spain

Then Finally the Video at the Str8upGaypornAwards about Diversity...

Then of course you have seen the Cooking Youtubes in earlier posts......

So where am I going with this?

I'm doing a lot, and I really took the time to study the direction I'm heading. And its taking ALL of these elements in blending them into one Youtube/blog post for the Viewers and fans. I want that one shop deal...

You can come to my blog for Cooking Tips..Workout Tips...Longboarding questions. And just have that personality that is rare these days.  And its all for Free, my blog is not being stamped by an ONLYFANS stamp that most models have on their social media these days..

With the declining of the studios producing content...

OnlyFans has taken a BIG chunk of the revenue now..

And I'm on the fence with OnlyFans so far, I understand it gives Us models a chance to produce our content and should be used wisely.  I'm still figuring out the bugs of the system and how I want to display things..

Like I said on Twitter I'm about 80% on board for doing this OnlyFans thing.  So we will see where the future lies from now...

Enjoy the Youtubes I'm making more content as we speak...

SteamPunk PhotoShoot...

Hello Kids...

Well I always sit around and start pondering ideas for the blog.  Sometimes I will throw ideas out on Twitter and just gauge the response and go from there.  So I was on Twitter a few days ago, I think it was a Thursday cause I was doing a #ThrowThursday thing.  I posted some Pictures of Grabbys past when I was sporting that SteamPunk look. Which BTW was Best Dressed for Grabbys 2015 by Str8upGayporn

If you haven't noticed, I use a lot of Zach's pictures for stories lately.  I respect him as a blogger and I think between friends he doesn't have a problem with me using some of his pictures. I have to give credit cause he did the hard work, its only fair and right.  Please check out
  I mean it's on the blog roll already, but I just wanted to make sure that people KNOW a lot of the research is done by him. I just put my "Diesel" touch on the whole thing...


Lets go back to Grabbys 2015 when I debuted the STEAMPUNK

After seeing how many likes I was getting on the pictures. I realized I never did a formal Photoshoot wearing the Steampunk outfit..

You see it here on the Red carpet.

So yeah...
I was really feeling myself this year, I came with a calculated plan of attack and I rolled out the punches at Bitches. I was not playing this year, and I wanted to make a statement.  Fuck Yes!!
Moving on....
So I said to myself, why not do a PhotoShoot with my Grabby Outfit this year. Not sure why I didn't do this sooner than later(2yrs later) but its here!!
 So I took the time to set up everything and I think these pictures came out good.

I was going to do a whole Youtube for this post, but then I remember I do have an Old Youtube. 
Walking it out in the Steampunk..

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Well that was Fast

The people at Helix Studios are not playing around and they are releasing Marcell sex scene days after releasing his solo..

They wasted no time at all.

They want to capitalize on the excitement of debuting their newest model.  I think the timing is perfect, Give the fans alittle tease. Then throw him right into the action and mix up things a bit.

So for his Duo he is paired with the jock Josh Brady, I think its a hot scene and the contrasting skin tones and size of the models makes this a very interesting scene.  Marcell looks good servicing some cock and that ass was built for fucking.  I like the debut of this model, he comes right out the gate as a bottom for a big dick.  These are the match ups that I like to watch.  Its a reflection of society, and I'm glad that this model embraces the "Bottom" role.  That role of the Black Twink Bottom didn't exist in porn, so this model is breaking new ground..
Exciting times...
My only drawback of the scene, was that it was Bareback.  I have my own stance against Bareback porn. So I was on the fence whether or not I wanted to promote the scene.  So I did a simple change and just didn't include the Hardcore sex stills showing the bareback sex. I'm not going to shame the model for his choice in performing Bareback scenes, that is his choice. 
I'm still promoting the scene because its an important scene for diversity. 
Black Twinks do exist...
Now all Helix has to do is find an Asian Twink to add to its stable and everything in the world is good.  But like I said before these are exciting times for Diversity in Gay porn.
Speaking of Diversity...
I wanted to bring up another model I see in the Industry making his waves and I want to give him some promotion as well...
Jacen Zhu

He made his debut for another Studio in the past, so he wasn't on my radar at first.  Upon hearing he was signed to Cockyboys I watched from afar.  And quietly watched his progression at Cockyboys, a stand out scene that opened my eyes about this performer was his pairing with River Wilson.

Its a real pleasure, seeing Blk beauty at its best, and CockyBoys really capture the energy and passion of these models. Besides that, CockyBoys really know how to light their models and seeing as how they can make Dark skin this beautiful.....

I mean I really can't complain this year, its like 2017 is the Year of Diversity.  Currently this is largest number of Models of color working in the Industry right now.  I wanted to share these changes on my blog and highlight Models of color I see in the Industry making waves..

There are plenty of models working right now, so for the first time EVER!! I have to do research and put posts together of Models of Color who I see are doing it and bringing Talent to the Industry.  This was what it was ALL about...

I'm always Bitching and Moaning and taking the fight to the Studios, asking them to do better.  And they are listening...

My Rants about the lack the Diversity wasn't Self serving or had anything to do about Me.  I made my legacy, I left my classics for this Industry.  It was NOW thinking about the future of Gay porn and its models of color.  I'm not here to make it ALL ABOUT ME, its about making sure We have representation in Mainstream porn.

So I will use this blog as a Tool for Models of color who might get overlooked by some Mainstream blogs out there.  Again I'm trying to spread diversity and Showcase the models of color..

You Bitches don't know the POWER of my Blog

You going to learn....

And Quick