Monday, February 28, 2011


Sometimes I just need a break!! Blogging Wars, Twitter rants! Fights with Secret Admirers...

Some people don't see the humor in it at all.....

Anyway a silly Youtube for the fans.

Thanks people

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I think too much......

That is my major flaw, and when I think my mind tends to race and then its all over the place. When that happens, I pull out my computer and start to write out my thoughts(Some make sense, Some do not)anyway....

This is one of those moments...... Am I ready to accept the fact that I'm a "DADDY"??

I think I am.

My impression of a Daddy:

Beefy, Older, Grey haired, Wrinkles, Experienced, Mature, Gentleman

My impression of a Leather Daddy:

Beefy, Older, Grey haired, Wrinkles, Experienced, Mature, Dominate, Calculated, Well Trained, a Teacher, Mentor,

I considered myself a Jock, that good looking guy that is worked out loves sports and lives an active lifestyle. But lets face it, gay porn is ran nowadays with the emphasis on youth. The newer models are 18-27yrs, jockish, and very cookie cutter. The one iconic look that is missing in today's porn is the Daddy look. Gone are the days that beefy top/bottom got on set that "MAN" older, rugged, burly, coach type.

Another reason why I wanted to do the Signature Moves

And Hardpounding

The Coaching scene gave me the opportunity to play a character that was older(in a sense)I wanted to see if I could play that older "Coach" type and according to reviews...It was a fit for Me!!

Hardpounding, that scene was strictly an ego boost, age was not an issue in that scene. That was a personal ego check seeing if I can wear out a 19yr old Porn Power bottom. What made the scene even hotter was that Tucker Vaughn talks back!!

The first scene in my career that my co star is talking dirty to Me. Not porn talk like "Yeah fuck my ass" "U like this ass?" But actual communication between partners having sex, describing how it feels and what needs improvement. AAAAh that was a very very fun scene,

Mind you I'm 20+ years older than Tucker Vaughn, so I'm bringing back the Daddy look.

I'm declaring myself the new breed of "Daddy"

New breed of Daddy:

No longer that beefy, stocky kind of body(which is hot too)but We are leaner, tighter and more jock type.

Little to no wrinkles nowadays(Botox free)

More hip with a touch of flair, but We always stay with the classics(Music, clothes, cars bah bah)

Still experienced, well trained, knowledgeable....

And the best part??

Mature....but current with Technology, Pop culture, and all that good stuff. Spontaneous and can still party hard and dance all night(Without the use of drugs) And lets face it....

With all the drugs on the market, you can be 70yrs and still pop a boner and wear out some ass...

In short, I will take that role of Daddy.

I'm the new breed of Daddy.....


Wednesday, February 23, 2011



I'm not going to say anything about the scene!! Go see it for yourself!!! People kept asking for something different and I gave you something different!(Damn!!I was suppose to say nothing)

Check it out!!! Remember my scene with Tucker Vaughn is also being released tomorrow on as well..

Compare the differences of both styles...


Get to it!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So finally my scene will be released with Tucker!!! I had a good time filming this scene, I was going to use Tucker as a rag doll and throw him around abit. During the shoot I had a hard time finding a position that would enable Me to fuck him in a crazy kind of fuck style.

I kept it simple and only use two positions, Doggystyle and him laying on his back. I'm an over thinker so my first thought would be that fans would say "There goes Diesel again picking up little boys and throwing them around" Same ole Diesel!!

I did the signature moves in my Coaching scene

I thought using two boys in a scene, would better showoff my skills in creating strange different. The response has been very positive but of course I have my detractors, and again people were saying "Typical Diesel Washington scene". Which is funny to Me:

I have Fisted, Footed, WaterSports, Bondage, Flogging, Paddling, Hardcore pounding, Signature moves, Cocksucking, Rimming, Punched/been gut punched, Shown off Acting skills, bah bah bah.. People just want more and more from Me..


I just wanted to do a simple scene of Me just plowing the living hell out a boy. Speaking of which.....

I'm starting to get dogged out by my use of words describing Me having sex with boys. I like to use the words RAPE, SLAM FUCK, PLOW, RIP APART, FUCK THE SHIT OUTTA....

Not sure why people do not understand why I use words like this. Its eye catching, bold and in your face its suppose to catch the attention of the reader. This is not rocket science people its merely porn....

Its my job to entertain and promote the hell outta of my scenes, thats what a good porn star does anyway...

Here is that Youtube to remind people...

He enjoyed it alright!!!

Look at that little cute face getting SLAM FUCKED HARD!!!

Anyway...the scene will be released Feb 24, 2011, check out the drilling I put on this boy.

This clip of the scene will be active on Feb 24.....

Be ready you Greedy fuckers!!

This scene is for the people that want to see a big muscle guy fucking a cute little boy.


Monday, February 21, 2011


Sometimes I get so sick and tired of people, Thinking they know me.......

It's almost like a slap in the face sometimes, I want to scream "You have no clue what my personality is, or what I'm about..." The simple fact that some people read words typed on a screen is not a indicator/insight into their personality. I will say this on record(Copy and Paste and saved it!):

I have an online personality(Diesel, Dexter, Editor mixture)he is in your face. Boldly honest and prefers to get to the point rather then have witty banter or play the teasing game online esp when its about Business, Sex, and the Truth.

I'm a Porn star, Escort, Personality and as soon as I click on the computer I have to wade through a sea of fan email(Fuck Me letters), showing support(good ones), family stories and the like. Then have to go through and delete all the Secret Admirer emails and comments on the blog. I then go to my book marks on the computer and read each update and story(leave a comment or two)I then of course go for the mass google search for my characters name Diesel Washington(just good business)YES I'M THAT SHALLOW!!LOL
At the end of the day I play a character on film and I play a character online.

Moving on....

People seem to ask Me the same questions over and over!! So again I will answer the SAME questions everybody asks Me over and over


Are you into Black guys?

How come your not doing more any movies and doing only web now?

Hot House rarely works with a black guy, I was already an exclusive with Titan, Falcon/Mustang..Eric Rhodes and Diesel do not get along, Raging Stallions they already have black exclusive. Colt I'm not sure they still film that much content anymore. Jet Set ummm not sure I wonder myself(stab at Chris/Rob LOL). Plus I'm an established star so scene rate is higher than newbie. I'm alot older then some of the models working(yet my body is better than most)the porn industry runs on fresh faces, and new talent..I'm blessed that I'm still going and my fan base keeps growing as well....(I smell website, LOL) But more importantly I was getting tired of putting my health at risk. The websites I work for all test now, so I feel alittle more comfortable working with models that are screened and tested for scenes. That is real reason...

Why do you go so "HARD" on the bloggers/porn stars who criticize you?

I find it all a game, in some ways I hate giving the opponent that extra shine or attention(that helps their popularity)but sometimes you have to weigh your options. Some of my battles were merely PR work to get people to see a scene or to help sell a DVD of mine(I have admitted to that)And sometimes I lose focus on handling my work and a Gutterbunny see post

will come along looking to make a name for themselves, they come out and blindly attack you. At first I tried to ignore the fleas, but I was seeing them gain popularity at my expense. So instead of ignoring the bastards my aim is to bury them!! What people fail to realize, I played the DL game, coming out to parents, having my Mother support me at events so the truth is out there. I have nothing to hide or feel ashamed about. I go at the secret admirers HARD because they have something to hide, they have to attack because they have insecurities, they have things to hide(feelings, emotions, their real life problems)I put my insecurities online(this blog)which in turn empowers Me. So when someone attacks I go "HARD" yes but I use only the truth!! When you shine the light on these secret admirers they get scared and run like bitches!! So I'm done ignoring...I'm burying these cockroaches..

Your biggest pet peevee??
I hate Liars, gamers, ass kissers, brown nosers and I'm not a fan of followers(those people who do not have an opinion)I have seen alot of stuff in this business. Porn stars giving sexual favors for people in the hopes of getting a role. Just giving away sexual favors in the hopes for advancement or that one big break in the industry. God...I rather stand tall and get work here and there then be on my knees sucking cock in the hopes of getting a role. I'm a grown man with an opinion and a very strong will. And I hate when you tell people the truth they think your saying something hurtful because the truth hurts sometimes.. I'm not a liar

You seem to attack all the younger performers out there when they cross you, why even bother with the younger crowd?? Your in your 40's?? Dammit man!!

I'm having a midlife crisis, HAHAHA so what I fuck younger.... No but seriously I go hard on the younger generation because they are the future of porn. Even before the recession I was warning models that screen rates were taking nose dives. I wanted to stress to the younger models hold out for more money. The companies are making a killing off your image so don't sell yourself short. I kind of used the twinks as scapegoats because when they get older and worked out they are the next breed of porn stars.

People flipped out when they saw the interview, but I was speaking the truth. On the flip side you had producers like M.L. who were saying this...

MM: Hello, Michael. How's the economy treating you? Between the plunging market and the amateur-porn explosion, aren't you all losing your shirts along with your pants? ML: Porn is not recession-proof. Whoever says it is lying. But because of the recession, everyone wants to be a porn star now. To balance things, I pay them less and I pay less for renting locations. Everybody's making a deal now.

Another reason why I do not like M.L. but at least he was being truthful. Alot of producers are thinking the same way. But the boys came in the business willing to work for spare change, and that threw off the whole scene rate thingy. Now it seems the average pay is about $800 to $1,200 for movie work.

Also I wanted to tell the models about the health risk they face coming into this business. Too many boys are turning up POZ and not protecting themselves. As an Elder in this business I think its my responsibility to make sure anybody who reads my blog for information get the whole truth behind the smoke and mirrors. Some thank Me for it, others think I'm just a jaded porn star who is washed up talking shit!! My skin is thicker than most so I deal with it everyday..

Every time I look at your blog your always chasing the white boys and hugged up with them in your pics...Why is that??

Hmmm kind of a racist question..but I will answer it. I'm 40+ and a porn star, I do not go out much(not into clubs or bar hopping in NYC, I don't shit where I live)most of the pictures posted is Diesel Washington at events. At most events I'm one of few black guys or men of color at these events. And when cameras are around I make sure to get my picture taken(good press)and when your a porn star top and all these bottoms are around, I snatch up one and use as a prop in a picture HAHAH. No seriously I try to be friendly at events and when people want to take pictures I try to include everybody in the pic. Lastly.. Why do I have to be the one chasing??? It might come as a shock to the Secret Admirers, but I'm a good looking guy with a hot body and big dick and know how to use if bottoms are around and they want a taste of Diesel Washington they are not allowed to flirt with Me?? Maybe in the hopes of riding the fat cock??? Come on people... I like people of all types, as long as they are nice to Me I will be nice to them.

In alot of your scenes you seem to only film with white partners, Why is that?

Contrary to what people think earlier in my career, I did not have that much choice when it came to scene my partners. I had to work with people who were willing to work with Me. I was an unknown porn model, Black 6'6 240lbs of muscle with a 10in cut cock....ummm at that time not many people wanted to work with Me. I was alittle intimidating to people. Matters got worse when my scenes started to come out, I was an aggressive fucker, most models wanted simple roles(quick Suck and Fuck easy work) So finding models who could get past the race issue, size issue(being 6'6)and fucking style was kind of hard. To this day, some models are still afraid of me and still afraid to work with Me because they can not see past the Porn persona. The simple answer?? Not many black models in mainstream porn to work with. It wasn't until 2010 when I started having control over scene partners. I was able to work with Scott Alexander, Jayce Jones and I even started a contest looking for Americas Next Black Bottom. ANBB was a nightmare I was trying to help other models into the business and I was getting red tape from producers who didn't like some of models looks(Too thug, too many Tatts, bah bah)and I was getting diva attitude from the inspiring models(wanting to work with only big names, only wanting to work with black models, bah bah)I was in the middle trying to keep the models updated on situation of contest and run my own career at the same time. Final straw came when a model pulled out of the contest at the last moment, citing that they wanted to start a modeling career instead. And I shut the door completely when a model tried to use fake HIV results and when was tested came up POZ and the scene had to be turned into a Solo instead. I was hurt, let down, and I decided to ONLY give advice to people coming into the industry.

What happened to the ANBB contest?

Read above^

You seem to know all the answers when it comes to porn. Why don't you start your own Site/Studio and stop talking about it and do it!!

Hmm why so hostile??LOL If I was a rich man, I would have started a studio already. I work hard for my money(Job, Porn, Escort)do I want to invest my money into an industry that is failing right now??? Mega studios like Titan and Channel 1 are now working together. Raging Stallions took over Falcon!! Hot House barely keeping above water. Times are tough, and its a struggle just surviving and paying rent and bills and trying take care of my mother at the same time. I do want to have my own nest egg, but right now taking care of my family is more important than becoming a Porn mogul.. Real Talk

You seem to play this Black Mandingo character in your films, Why is that?

I play the character of a Dominate male, not sure where race becomes involved with this?? I'm not referring to my co stars as White bitches or using the race card in sexual play. My in my career I played the part of a Leather man three times(Folsom Filth, Bound Gods, Taken to the lowest level)all my other roles I played the part of an aggressive top that comes in and fucks the boys hard. The role of aggressive top is my natural role off camera so there is little acting to be done in my roles. I promise you, if I was a bottom or versatile I would be getting fucked onscreen and making money. But I'm a top in real life, so sorry to burst your bubble. I will admit to adding more intensity to my roles, because I want the viewers to see that hot bottom getting fucked hard and deep. I never want to be that top that is going through the motions and turning out boring scenes. I am so sorry if I give too much energy in my roles, that is something that will not change I'm afraid. Get over it!!

In your film history, how come you never do more passionate scenes??

I play characters as I see fit, and truthfully I can not have a passionate scene with someone I barely know. When you do a porn scene, your working with someone you just met that day on set, there is no emotional connection its all physical. In order for Me to do a passionate scene I have to know/like the person. I can not fake passion in my scenes, it looks forced and unnatural. In the movie Double Standard by Titan, I faked passion and worked my ass off in that scene. But I had two months to prepare for that role and get my head in that mind space to work. Since then I worked with Dylan Roberts on a shoot from and I had the chance to be around Dylan and see him at events and build a friendship with him before We worked together. I felt comfortable working with him, so I let down my guard working with him..... so when the scene comes out, let me know what you think...

There is always Drama with you Diesel, why is that??

Drama Me?? Nooooo Put this way Gay boys love reading about drama. Every gay boy loves a juicy scandal or some dirt slinging. As a fighter I like to use my blog as a sword. Lets face it, I'm 6'6 240lbs of muscle if I was to go at these people in person talking shit about Me, I would be kicking these peoples ass and going to jail for it. I know these little bitches would call the cops on Me, when they were the ones to incite Me and piss Me off. So instead of fighting with fists I fight with words. I write these blogs that kick the crap out of people, because I do not want to use my hands. So I go hard at these people, using every shred of truth at my command. I'm here to hurt your feelings if you fuck with Me!! The damage my fist would have done is nasty so I make sure to have a war of words that is just as nasty!!

Your body is amazing how do you keep it in shape?

Im 40+ so I kill myself in the gym, I do cardio three times a week(45mins high intensity,treadmill, StairMaster, cross trainer)I do a two body part split(3days on, 1day off, 1 day full body)and I stick to a high protein low carb diet(Bulking stage High protein, high carb)I usually stick to the game plan of staying porn fit. I went through a difficult time in 2009 when I gained bad weigh after retiring. By 2010 I got back into porn shape and that is where I want to stay. It gets harder each year but so far I seem to be winning the battle..


So those are some FAQ, and people will still think they know Me, They will still judge my Twitter, Blog, Faceboook thinking they know...

I'm the puppet master, I tell you what I want you to know. I let you see what I want you to see...

That is what makes this all fun for Me...

Sunday, February 20, 2011


When I was tipped off to this I was like "Bullshit no...."

A fucking countdown until Justin turns 18 whoah...

All these gay bloggers are full of shit!!! As soon as Justin turns 18 all the camera shots will go from his face right to his midsection.

These same bloggers that dog out Justin will be posting midsection pics the day he turns 18!!! Hypocrites I tell you!!

Mark my words!! The same people that dogged him out will soon became Twink loving whores!!

At least the pedophiles will stop lusting over him!!

When he turns 18 he will be too old for them!! Yikes!! I'm going to hell for this one!!!

It's only humor!!

P.S. UPDATE************************************

Some little girl read my post and threw a rock through my window, said the Army was coming for Me...



Every day I learn something more.....

I was one these models that dreaded the whole GAY4PAY thing, and it was for a couple of reasons:

I'm a working model and I thought that too many Str8/Bisexual/Open guys were taking jobs from OPEN&OUT gay men.

I hated the disdain certain models had when talking about doing homosexual acts on camera

It sucked that certain Str8 guys would only do solos or not even kiss or touch another man in their scenes and were given the Cover on certain DVD's..

Bah Bah Bah

So needless to say my opinion on the whole Gay4pay was not a good one. But.....

Strictly in a business sense I see why so many Studios/Sites are willing to work with Str8 models....not only willing...but prefer to work with only str8 models!!
I see the plan when it comes to these type of models:

Free from the gay drama, no Bfs, Racial preferences, Diva shit, no sleeping with scenes partners before scenes.

How many times have you heard that a porn star is retiring because of a Bf? Many!!

Strange, but I talked to many gay models that have preferences(Race, Age, Body type) when it comes to scene partners. Yeah I know people are entitled to have their preferences(Wack!!)when it comes to sex, BUT We are talking about porn. Most of the str8 models that I have interacted with do not play the preference card when it comes to work. A check is a check!!

Diva shit!! Some quick examples:

Str8 dude not coming to set with a Pancake of make up on!!

Str8 dude not getting on Twitter or Facebook calling other models BITCHES OR CUNTS OR READS THEM!!(Hmmm...I should rethink that one..Diva Diesel.. but I'm not Str8 HA)

Moving on...

Sleeping with co stars before scenes, how many times have porn stars hooked up with each other the night before a scene(scene tends to lose energy) You go to these events and models are hooking up left and right with each other...Str8 dudes(the ones I know)will only have sex with a guy "ONSCREEN" and that is for pay or off screen if its an escort bottom line the only reason they are having sex with a guy is for pay.

Its so easy...

So you fly in a Str8 boy to do some scenes because they are easy to control:

You do not have to worry putting a bunch of Str8 models together in a house, they are waiting to do their scenes and get paid and then they go home. You put a bunch of gay boys together in a house to do scenes, somebody is hooking up off camera(not always the case but come on..)

Whats even better?? You take that str8 model and put him in a hotel in West Hollywood. If you surround your model with nothing but gay guys, you have nothing to worry about. That str8 model is not sleeping with any gay boys unless its for money. The feelings of isolation will cripple that str8 guy, he will walk down the street and see nothing but gay bars and gay clubs, he has nothing in common with these places, he will just walk back to hotel and wait for the scene tomorrow. Remember these are broke str8 guys they are not spending money on going to a gay bar!! Yeah right!! They are on this trip to make money not spend money!!

To keep your str8 boy from getting bored on his trip, you take him out to the gay restaurant and feed him(Tab on you)and then you bring him to the gay club and give him some drink tickets tell him "Run around look at the place" but the control is kept, because the str8 boy brain equates doing homosexual acts for pay not pleasure. So he is not leaving that club to go sleep with someone unless there is a fag hag or tranny, or drag queen at that bar!! Another added bonus to that story, even if he does secure that Fag hag/Tranny/Drag Queen, could you imagine the conversation?? If he is honest it will go like this:

Srt8 model: Hey how are ya??

Girl: "I'm good!! Are you interested in my friend?? He thinks your cute"

Str8 model: Well I was interested in you!!!

Girl: Me?? Aren't you gay??

Str8 model: No I'm Str8

Girl: Your Str8?? So what are you doing in a gay club???


At this point, her gay friend will come over and perform his Str8 test on you. But its over at this point anyway. Her gay friend will act as cock blocker the rest of the night because "His" girl is not leaving with "Some" guy she met randomly at the gay bar.

Control kept!!

Do not feel bad for the Str8 guy, he will still get his attention at the bar from his gay admirers. Besides he was able to go out, you fed him, and he gets alittle attention, that is all a str8 guy needs. Take him back to hotel, tell him to be ready for tomorrow!! You pick him up in the morning, bring to studio so he can fuck or get fucked!! Afterwards bring him back to hotel, tell him he has the rest of the day off and enjoy himself.

You got what u wanted, you got a hot scene out of him with no gay drama..

He got what he wanted the CHECK, he goes back home resumes his str8 life.

I compare it to the drug game!! You have the Supplier, Drug dealer, and the Addict let me explain:

Suppliers(Studios/Sites)have the resources/money/cameras which makes the DVDs/web scenes....aka Drugs!!

The Drug Dealers(models)they have to sell their drugs(body, dick, ass, face)and they are backed by the Suppliers.

Then you have the Addicts(Consumers)they are the ones that buy the drugs aka DVDs/Web scenes.

If your a Supplier of Crack(the drug)are you going to use drug dealers who are addicts to sell your product?? Of course not!! You don't want someone getting high off their own supply!! The supplier is running a business and its all about profits.

When you are a drug dealer, your going to tell all your customers that you have the best drugs. Drug dealers will cater to their clients(addicts)to keep them happy and to keep them buying....

Addicts buy the drugs from dealers they trust, they rather buy from a Dealer who does the drugs they sell. But they will still buy the drugs if its some good stuff!!

Well I guess the bottom line is:

I do not have a problem working with Gay4payers as long as they do their job, look good while doing it, make Me look good because I'm trying to make them look good as well...

Hmmm... this post probably makes no sense.....

I guess this is a BWS post (Blogging While Stoned)


Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm on ManhuntDaily(No really I am, LOL)..Rimshot!! Moving on...

The guys over at ManHunt, put together a contest(thanks for including me,BTW)

Poll: Choose UP TO TWO men who should move on to next week's edition of The Ten.

Okay it seems that I'm in a popularity contest for some fellow porn stars/models....


I'm looking at the pics on Manhunt and the guys that I'm going up against are all super hot!! All I see in the picture is Me standing there....

In the pic it looks like I'm standing there looking at the pics above Me and below Me saying....


I'm looking at pictures and they have all these glossy SUPERMODEL shots!!

Look at Me:

I got that "In Your face" style!! With my dick Out!!(Easy look for Me)

Anyway do Papa proud and vote for Me alittle bit....

I know I'm going to get smashed against all these hotties but hopefully I won't look too bad!!




Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Wow exclusive model for a website and two box covers from two major studios. Good job bro.....NO HATE!!

But seriously models can be exclusive for a web company and score box covers for Studios (two different studios)

And Men of color can not even score one job in this Biz...

So confused at the state of porn right now....

I shouldn't say its funny.....

It's just downright sad!!


Hmmm now that is a scene I will be watching....


Monday, February 14, 2011


Okay People.....

I have been known as this Dominant Top who just fucks these boys and shows no signs of caring or emotion.

Which is all Bullshit!!

It took the right model to bring out the Nice side to me........

WHO IS THAT MODEL??? Take a trip with me:

I introduced this model in my post about the Cybersockets, and I spent alot of time with Kieron Ryan Sometimes when your a porn star you become jaded with Sex. I have done porn for five years and I have escorted a number of years as well, in that time its Sex Sex Sex...

But what about Affection/Intimacy?????

I'm starved for that!!! Sex is easy its just two people(or more)going through the act to completion or orgasm!! When the load is out of the dick its time to get up and wash off and go your separate ways.

Porn/Escort sex is NSA(No Strings Attached)no emotions, no feelings just sterile from any connection. I'm not dating or going out with anyone at the moment so when I met a person that is Affectionate.....

It's On!!! Thank you Kieron Ryan!!For being there for Me. Dare I say my Valentines Day Present??CUDDLE BUDDY

Okay I guess I have to knock down some walls sometimes....

Yes I can be a Cuddle Bear.....

Just takes the right person to get it out of Me....

Anyway enjoy some Music:

Love this song!!

Well I guess I lose all my BadAss points now!! I do have emotions people, I do not always have to be that Mean/Angry person I pretend to be.

I used to tell my Costars not to talk about my Cuddling or Me being a nice guy, cause it would ruin my image(No really it would)so I decided to come out of the Closet myself and let people know.....

I'm addicted to Cuddling....

P.S. Kieron Ryan started his own blog now catch him at

A new star in the making, you heard it Here first!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I was at Cybersockets and I lifted Marcus Mojo on stage. I wanted that picture so bad that I made a youtube asking a fan to send me the pic....

The fan did not want his identity made known, but I wanted to thank Them in a post.


Pic is alittle blurry but its the best I got!!

I love a good ending to a story...

Friday, February 11, 2011


I have some scenes coming out......

Reactions differ on my newest scene out


Manhunt Daily



It's called STACKING!!

I give you the readers a heads up before anything, you know my style of doing things....

When I was filming the scenes I told you I wanted to do HARDPOUNDING, SIGNATURE MOVES, PASSION.

It seems that Signature moves is being featured first:

I'm reading the comments the viewing audience is leaving on these posts(THANKS FOR THE LOVE FELLOW BLOGGERS)and for the most part, people like the scene.

I really need my readers/fans/supporters to show Me love on this scene. This scene is bigger than just a Signature move..

Its Black/White/Latin guys together one in scene, DIVERSITY!!!

Suite703 has opened the door to having more diverse models on their site. I was the first black model on Suite703 with my scene with Scott Alexander. It was the first BlackonBlack scene on Suite703 AND YOU THE FANS made that scene hot!!!

The scene was so popular, they put me on tap to do two more scenes on their site. One scene with Jayce Jones(Who is alive)and another scene that wind up being a solo. YOU THE FANS SUPPORTED YET AGAIN..

That show of Support opened the door to the first Interracial/Intergenerational scene which is my scene with Tucker Vaugh(HARDPOUNDING)

It's a scene of Huge Black Man fucking a tiny White boy........But Scary HARD!!


I want to say THIS IS PORN!! Porn is suppose to be fun and exciting and something different. I refuse to be locked into doing the same thing over and over!!

Some of you are probably saying "Diesel you play that Dominant character over and over...."

WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND??? IM A TOP offscreen/onscreen AND THE INDUSTRY DOES NOT PAY ENOUGH FOR ME TO BOTTOM($10,000 for me bottoming? WACK!) I do admit that I'm overaggressive in my scenes, but I rather be INTENSE!!Then a DEAD FUCK ON CAMERA....

So its strange hearing people complain about the Dominant character onscreen. He is active, into the scene, into his costar, into the action, and tries to be creative. I see other models doing 100+ scenes and it same thing over and over, low energy, no connection, stiff fucks, no facial expressions JUST DEAD PAN!!

Yet they work over and over and over!! I guess people get Picky when it comes Diesel Washington because he is Cocky/Arrogant so I have to keep stepping up my game because I'M A BIG MOUTH!!

I guess that is the price I pay when I blog about creating Signature moves/Claiming to be the Best Top bah bah bah. But that is fine......

I have very thick skin, so I can deal with it...


People complain about the Diesel character everyday....

Think about it:

I'm getting press for STACKING!! Something I came up with just to be different and interesting. So call it Crazy! Strange, Outlandish even!!

As long as my name is correctly in the posts, and I keep doing something different for the same ole positions, I'm good!!

Keep Watching!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello people...

First up is Cybersockets:

I get to LA on Saturday around 6pm and the timing could not be any better, I was able to catch a ride with the World Famous Gio( the Ramada. I check in my stuff at hotel and then have dinner with Gio. Gio retired for the evening and headed back to hotel.

I dread being in LA, because I do not know anybody. Most of the models that live in LA I'm not connected with, I do not run with a Click or circle and this is only my opinion mind you...

I find alot of the porn models in LA are alittle stuck up, diva acting, self absorbed, and petty. In my opinion the only reason why any of models would want to hangout with Me is if I could help out their career, get them drugs, or spend money on them.

I'm no TRICK!! I like helping out models but Fuck that!! None of these models deserve my help because they are only USERS!! moving on....

I run into SuperFabrice and Donny Aldo, who were so super cool and I asked if I could hangout with them. Then it was PARTY TIME!!! I had a great time with the boys that Saturday night. I got back over to the hotel and crashed on top of the bed and I was out like a light.

Sunday comes around I make it over to the 24hour Fitness and I work out for 2hours and head back to hotel. I make plans with SuperFabrice and Donny again and I headed over to the dreaded HERE bar(something like that)

To the readers of the CAN(Crimes Against Nature)blog you will remember I got kicked out of the HERE bar for manscent. Not sure why I decided to go back there(Cause I was drunk)but I went back, no problems this time(I dressed for the evening, even non scented deodorant)We then make our way to MICKEYS(Cocktail of the Stars fame)We had some drinks and then Donny orders Me a Blond Bubble butt to go...

Long story short, Bubble and I hit up IHOP for breakfast and then go back to my hotel for some fun. It was mostly cuddle time but I did manage to throw some dick into the boy in the morning.

I even Tweeted "Im a classy whore, when done with a boy u just dont throw them out(well if bad lay u do)a good fuck u put in cab to make sure they get home.

So I put the boy in cab and sent him home...

Now its Monday, I had a couple of meetings during the day(random meetings)to talk over business and the sort. I go over to the Starbucks(WestHollywood) with Howard from Fabscout and run into a Groupie Sub.

One of the perks of being in the business, is that you have Groupies. Normally I do not sleep with Fans or Groupies(but rules are made to be broken)but I was interested in this Sub.

I made plans to meet up with the Sub, and long story short I fucked the living hell out of the boy. I probably pounded the boy for a good three hours(breaks of course)and even put in a couple of tweets on Twitter explaining the situation.

"Sitting in room and looking at this kids mongoose bmx bike SWEET!! and so is that kids ass......SWEET!! Booty breaking break rest time!!"

"Finally done fucking this was nothing but fucking him until he passed out slap him awake with dick then fuck to sleep again..LOL"

During the course of the day, I had the chance to run into some people that I wanted to run into badly.

Suite703Justin- Never met the guy before, and was surprised when I had the chance to meet him. PEOPLE you know I do not kiss ass/brown nose, the boy is cute!! I was surprised!! Big Shout Out!!

Marko Lebeau- New rising porn star with an amazing bubble butt

And a certain little blonde guy that sparked me up to some good 420 in his hotel room. There is a rumor going around that I fucked the guy, NO WE DID NOT FUCK!! I smoke some of his weed(not his cock or smoked his ass) so people kill that rumor!!

I sat in the hotel room until the start of the Cybersockets, I was tired after fucking the Groupie and wanted to have plenty of energy.

I head over to the Cybersockets awards(At the Factory)and I walk over!! Funny I see a Hummer Limo outside the Ramada with the Randy Blue models getting ready to head over to the event. It must be good to have money enough to rent a Hummer Limo to bring models to an event that is three blocks away(short walk)....

I'm not hating at all!! That is what you do as a big boy!!!

I get over to the Factory, and the line is crazy out the door!! It was kinda of strange seeing the line, the VIP line was half way down the block!! General admission was $10 and the general admission line was alot shorter than the VIP line. It was a cluster fuck trying to get into the Club, alot of people did not get in or had to wait on a huge line to get in. Work on that next time Cybersocket people.


I get to the Cybersockets and the place is packed!! My timing was bad because I had a huge Panic/Anxiety attack as soon as I got to the venue. When I have an attack I almost shut down, so if anybody was in attendance and saw Me when I first arrived I was suffering bad!. Usually before an event I get Dazed and Confused and it helps me cope with the pending Panic attacks of being in crowded rooms. It's hard to describe the feeling when you have an Panic Attack.

A Diesel panic attack:

The room tends to get smaller and smaller...
I start to feel the heat of the room and begin to sweat.
I get slightly lightheaded
Hard to focus
I feel like I'm in a dream state watching myself move around the room.
Nervous feeling like I'm about to throw up!!

It takes alittle time for Me to adjust to the new settings, I usually need a drink or two to loosen up. My panic/anxiety attacks do not last long, I just have to relax and ride through it. So there you have it folks, if you ever see me acting strange at events now you know why.

Moving on.....

I go to get interviewed by Sister Roma and Tim V(Naked Sword) and then get interviewed by the Cybersocket people.

Quick interview by Zach Sire here:

You see the drink in my hand?? Thorn(cool peeps)ran to get me a drink and that shit was nice and strong, which def helped me get over my "Little Attack"

I check the time and I have to go backstage to present, here is some quick Vid of Backstage at the Cybersockets:

I go on stage and present:

When I got off stage someone alerted that some guy named Robert was talking shit about Me on Twitter. Some dude from Realguyssomething said "Diesel is about present, I hope he doesn't smell"....

You know what?? Tired of these bitches talking shit about Me so FUCK YOU ROBERT!!!

Moving on.....

I get a couple of drinks in Me, and at this point I'm feeling good. A good friend of mine Kyler Coy introduces Me to Kieron Ryan such a cutie and from that moment on We were glued at the hip.

Pictures by Mike Dreyden, Tommywee(something like that, that is another story) And I stole pics from that asshole Robert!

About the Awards??

What can you say?? I think the judges were on Crack! Not sure who paid for their awards but they must have paid out of their ass.

Put it this way....

JasonCurious won Best Porn blog.

That speaks volumes about the awards show, that crappy blog won Best Porn Blog over so many other blogs that were more deserving. I didn't want to win, in fact I told people do not vote for Me because there was other bloggers that report porn news way way better than I can.

Anyway moving on....

Somethings that I wanted to point out:

Surfer’s Choice: Best Asian Theme Site

This Asian model was so hot!!! When he took off his shirt some people in the crowd dropped their jaw!! So glad to see a hot asian guy representing, that is what its all about Diversity!! Speaking of which..

Surfer’s Choice: Best Black Theme Site

I was kinda of confused by this one, so many other deserving Men of Color sites and won??? The porn industry is getting more and more crazy!!! It was kinda of sad to see this site win. So many things need to change in this business, but I'm only one person...


I had a good time at the awards and I got a chance to meet alot of models who showed me love.

John Magnum - he was so sexy at the awards, growing out his chest hair and everything!! He was looking great!!

Dayton O'Connor- this guy is so real and hot!!! Whew!! I had a long time fantasy about Dayton.....I always wanted to suck on his ears. I love guys with large ears(as you all know)so I asked Dayton for a small favor..."Could I suck on your ears?" To which he said "Sure Diesel whatever you want" Oh man!! I think I popped a boner on the spot. If your reading this Dayton....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Mike Dreyden- sorry I did not make it to your farewell party in NYC, but I still love you bro, thanks for letting me go with you to the Cybersockets awards

Thorn- my Brother in Arms We need to connect and show these porn stars and players how to do things.

Krys Perez- such a sexy boy, I wanted to bang him right there on the spot!! Thanks for the love

Brice Carson- I met him in FTL and then run into him again at Cybersockets. Another cute boy who showed me love.

Damien Rios- Wow he looked great at the Cybersockets!! Bubble ass and super sexy!!

Marcus Mojo- What more could I say??? You all know I like this kid alot, speaking of which we need your help:

Dylan Roberts- my partner from coming soon)such a sweetheart

Trevor Knight- what up player?? Thanks for showing love

Samuel O'Toole- what up homie?? Thanks for the love

Rod Daly- you crazy Mofo!! thanks for the love

Scotty B- glad your not apart of the Weho mafia or I would have to kick your ass

Travis James- I'm so glad you introduced yourself to Me. I knew who you were but I do not like to invade peoples space, I guess you saw Me checking you out. Fucking hot guy!!

Resse Rideout- good to run into you again, love your Youtubes. I should have gotten Vid of you saying FUCK YOU to Eric Rhodes for his comments about our Youtubes oh well next time...

Wolf Hudson- you know your my Homie bro, wish I was in town longer(not really)I will see you next time and We have alot to discuss.....

Lex Sabre- bro your looking good, I love the fact that your working out and putting on size!! Next time I'm on my knees blowing you with that big dick of yours.

Big Shout out to everybody else who I missed......

At the end of the awards, I take Kieron Ryan to the pizza place and get some food. Was looking for the Afterparty....

Word around town was that the Afterparty was at WEHO MAFIA COMPOUND.

Fuck that!!! I do not do Coke!! So why bother going.....

I rather go back to the hotel and cuddle with Kieron Ryan, and that is what I did!!

Another post coming...



Monday, February 07, 2011


Diesel Washington and Jayden Grey and I had to do this Youtube!! Firestarters!! Twisted Firestarter!!

Well still out here in LA and having a good time, the weather is great and the energy is good(so far).

I'm here to Wednesday so I have some days to relax before going back to Cold Cold NYC...

Okay this was a short note, I have a party to go to..


Friday, February 04, 2011


God my blog looks so crappy now....

I mean I posted a couple of times, but I think I'm letting down my fans...

Sorry People!!! But I'm working hard to make work/news happen and plan out my travels. Work has been crazy lately, and I had some Bi polar issues to deal with that is one of the reasons why I have not posted lately...

It has been a long time since I had an episode....

Luckily my "Issue" was a slight case, and I was able to move on and resume my work schedule. I wanted to stay far away from this computer as possible. When I have a bad mood coming on, I have learned to stay away from the computer before I start slaying people I do not like...

I had to change my focus lately.....

I really have to learn not to give press to people who do not deserve it. I know they bait me into some blog war or war with words with them just to get noticed. Some of the models try to "Rub" on you, hoping to get a good story/press/attention for themselves...


I see the models trying to come up with different positions, new blog designs, borrow my Interview style. It's cool!! Someone had to make the Blueprint!! I was blogging before it was cool to blog. I was picking up boys in the air back in 07, I was doing the Porn star interviews and getting BTS footage(as a model)for a long time. Add doing the funny Youtubes.....Come on!! I was doing all of these things and still escorting on the side(winning awards in that as well) I have done it all..

Probably one of the reasons why I'm so cocky and arrogant...

I was doing many things....... it's called Self Promotion!!!

All these porn stars complaining about the lack of coverage or press, not sure why they are complaining....... Get up and do something!!!

Twitter is fun!! But I hate to be bound with only using 140 characters at a time!! It's interesting to play with.....

Moving on....

So I'm going to LA on Saturday, and I will of course film the entire trip(Like I always do)and I have somethings planned in LA. I will make sure people know what is going on with things..

Cybersockets is on Monday Feb 7, I will be going to that. Dateless!!! Awwww!! But I think I will still have fun just mingling with people and networking of course!!

Fans I will make sure I keep you posted on my movements when in LA!!!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011



Back to blogging....

Diesel Washington is a character that was created by a guy who wanted to get into the porn business. It's a persona that is take charge, aggressive, arrogant, cocky and in your face. This alter ego performs in gay porn movies and comes into play in blog writing. The blogging style is a combination of thoughts, rants, ideas, updates from the mind of Diesel Washington and "Editor"/Terrance.

I think I should copy and paste that on every post, I get new blog readers all the time and some of them do not know the whole story behind Diesel. I entertain people by showing off my body, making crazy interviews/youtubes, personal appearances in which I dance for the fans. I'm blessed to have a job like this, I always stay hungry and keep pushing for press because that is what an entertainer does.

I'm sure people get tired of hearing about Diesel Washington, tired of the rants, mudslinging, and the Blog Wars.....

Oh the Blog Wars!!

I ripped apart many bloggers in my day, it is simply a game to Me. If your going to sit home on your computer, and study my career, guess my personality, listen to gossip and rumors, and make conclusions about Me without ever having never met Me. Then you deserve to get torn apart...

I'm not your average "Cookie Cutter" porn star, I have an opinion and I'm not afraid to express my feelings. I openly talk about HIV/STD testing in porn, more diversity, and I try to help out other models in the business by pointing out how ironic the industry can be sometimes.

But there is another side to Diesel....

Most models do not get to see the real person behind the character, unless I'm working with you. If I work with you, then I let down the walls and allow you to see the real personality. It is not my job to get my blog and say I'm a nice guy, Who does that???

If you have to tell someone that your a nice guy, chances are you are NOT a nice guy and you have to make yourself look good because your insecure. I let people figure that out for themselves and let the cards fall as they may. You never truly know a person unless you talk to them, met them in person, and that process takes a long time.

I meet porn stars all the time, some play that Str8/Bi role and keep their private life separate from porn industry. I have worked with porn stars who are in a relationships but do porn on the side, married porn stars with kids, the drug addicts, and simply the college/broke guys who do porn for the money. Everybody has their own reason for doing porn....

I'm a paranoid nut job, I do not trust people(esp in this industry)so building friendships/relationships are hard. In my experience, most models look out for themselves, they do anything to further their career or to secure that job/gig while crushing the next guy. Alot of self absorbed models who would stab a friend in the back, just to get ahead of the rest of the pack. It tends to be alittle cut throat in this business, so I keep my distance from people because sometimes you do not know their angle.

I trust people too much.....

I wear my emotions on my sleeve and live my life like an open book, people like to take advantage of that sometimes. when that happens I shut down all emotions/feelings and I can be an evil motherfucker!!

You get tired of being hurt all the time, you become jaded and bitter. I do not want to live like that anymore...

I'm trying harder to let down my guard, and let my personality shine. 2011 I decided to work without safeguards and just be that relaxed goofy guy that I am.

Well this was a strange post.....

I guess I'm trying to say "You will see Diesel being goofy this year" I want to do porn and have fun with it for a change..

You have been warned!!! Geeky Goofy Diesel has arrived!!