Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Its finally came to light FEAR is ready to roll and I'm very Proud of my work on this movie. I think the outdoor settings will be vision that will grab people.

Description: The Exclusive Leather/Fetish Film of the 2007 Folsom Street Fair, FEAR brings the world of Fetish play into the light of day. Shot entirely outdoors this hardcore fetish masterpiece takes the genre of BDMS and fetish play to a whole new level. Featuring TitanMen exclusives Francois Sagat, Dean Flynn, Alex Baresi, Dirk Jager, Diesel Washington, Rick Van Sant, Tober Brandt and introducing Tony Buff. A veteran of Operation Desert Storm Tony Buff brings the term water boarding to a whole new level in his groundbreaking scene. Featuring his real-life partner and Derek Da Silva performing an inverted water suspension hanging bondage scene never before seen on film!

Now that its out in the opening there is alot more in the movie that I don't want to give away but I worked very hard on this movie and it will show. Last year the movie was Folsom Filth and that was a breakout role for me. I'm glad to say that FEAR tops that also I was impressed by the work of Tony Buff and Derek DeSilva. Great bondage scene for those who are into that, but I'm glad that we all had a chance to work together again.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I have been busy with work and things have changed nowadays. I would write and write and take pics for the fans and put together a really good blog. I read other peoples blogs as well, but I was spending so much time getting pics and info for the people. And all I get in return is people hating on me and talking trash. I figured I wouldn't post for awhile cause I have somethings in the works, Like another website.

I also thought by not writing anything for some time would get people to understand, I write this blog for the fans not myself anymore. The idea to create this blog was mine, so I can chart my own progress but its taken on a life of its own. If U don't like me or my writing stop viewing it. I don't have to write this blog anymore I reached the purpose of this blog.
The purpose of the blog was to chart the rise of a person who wanted to do porn, and to achieve some level of success at it. MISSION COMPLETED!!! Anything else was icing on the cake, but as I thought, I'm not liked by some people, and some adore me but as far as the personal attacks, the Lies and how people react to my writings, I don't have to do this anymore.
The Haters didn't get me down, that's why I'm writing now!!! But why write about my personal experiences when I don't have to. At this moment in my Life I need to Live rather than be a slave to this blog. Now I see why people who start blogs, then stop doing them cause its tiring and writing this blog isn't paying my rent or my bills. I rather write on a website that is a pay site. At least if u haters have something to say wheter it be mean or evil, I still will get Ur money that u paid to join the site so U can say anything that u want.
Back to Pics they speak for themselves. Piss play with Damien and Sagat read more at www.Damiencrosse.blogspot.com
So there u have it the Silence has ended!!!!!!