Monday, April 30, 2007

Hmmmm The Days are getting Better

Well Im writing today cause I have some time to write and I finished working out at the gym. So here goes: It seems that alot of People are in Aggreement about the "Guy who didnt want to finish the job" Blog. Well Again it did happen, and I was just pissed off that some little fucker cant finish what he started!!!
Moving on..... the days are getting better and the sun is out and People are outside and I love it. I really enjoy walking outside in the city and just watching the people walk past and stuff so I can just vibe and absorb the sun. I have been more relaxed as of lately cause Im meeting some really good people that interest me. Things dont always have to be about Sex!!!(Its hard not to think about I know LOL) and I have turned my attention to other things, Music, Writing, and Enjoying Life.
I still get alittle cranky at times, but the Highs are beating the Lows of Life lately(Does that make sense???) Hmm Highs Great Sex!!!!! Yes!!!! Im having great sex and loving it!!! What to say about a Porn Star's personal sex life??? Many People dont understand in doing Porn, People create a certain impression of ya. They often think that u only like Sex a certain kind of way Fetish, Leather, Hardcore..... When U can be the total oppostie of the character u created on screen. Now the Diesel character is about 90 percent real!!! The other 10 percent welll........ u fuck heads dont get to see, unless UR the hole Im Plowing(Dating Ya). When I date Im picky, when Im around someone I like I tend to be "Nicer" only alittle bit(FUCK U Guys!!). But Unless Im dating ya U will never know, But in any case I love the sex Im getting lately!!! It has been great.!!!
People always ask, "What are my Dreams of the Perfect partner" I dont have a clue what makes a perfect partner. My partner would have to understand everything about me, and be able to put up with Me!! Sexually???? Hmmm thats a good question.... I only had a few partners that could really wear me down(but not out)and to describe the sex is like saying " We fucked for so long it was the next day!!!" Save all the Hot Mouth Talk, or having the Best Ass or the Tightest Ass bullshit. Every Fucking Bottom swears they have the Best Ass or the Tightest Ass and its all crap. Ass is Ass just like Cock is Cock(People will Argue) I will admit to that but.... Its the person using the Ass which turns me on, the Fuck faces, and the Eyes(Color eyes +) the way they move their body, the smells, the sweat, etc etc etc...... All of that shit plays an important part to Just having a Hot Ass or the Hot Mouth theme. I have seen plenty of asses that were Bubbles(So fucking Hot!!)and the person it belonged to was a total shit for brains!!! Yes its Physically Hot !!!(The Ass) To me, what makes the bubble even hotter is that the person it belongs to, knows how to use it, has other talents besides mouth and ass, confidence, and has a dirty mind.
Now not to be so long winded, but I look for "These Other things" when dealing with a relationship or partnership. When Im single, Im happy with a fat bubble ass and a great mouth on a cute boy or girl. But to be honest, after having great sex with that person, for ur next encounter they have to bring something new to the table rather then the same ole shit u had before(cause Im bringing new things to the table everyday, Im learning and testing right now LOL). Boredom happens quick(at least in my eyes)and everyday U should be thinking of new ways to seduce ur partner.
Dating Is a horror show, we all know the bullshit. People tend to bring baggage(emotional, physical) in everything they do and dating is no different. Fuck U meet Hot people who have so many problems that ur like Damn!!!! Why are all the Hot People total Head cases????(Me included) I might be only talking from my point of View, but every hot guy or girl is a wall of problems and drama!!! Thats why I dont go for the Hot girls or guys anymore. Give me Cute anyday!!! Cute always beats Sexy In my book. Cute I believe is underrated, now when I say cute, there are different forms of cute, Geeky/nerdy, Shy/Innocent, Affectionate/Confident etc etc etc. Now some people think Cute is only for the Young, U can be 50 and still be cute. People have cute ways about them. Well this blog is getting too mushy for now!!! U guys want dirt and Filth stories. I know I know. But I dont have a note pad with me when I fuck, so faces and names are hard to come by for now. But I will blog about a Partner that I have been seening recently. Still training the person, so who knows if I will blog about them or not time will tell!!! Now get lost my fingers hurt(and its not from fisting)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Well Sorry to use old pics but this is the Best Pic I have at the moment, well really its the Pic from Boiler(out now!!!!) Well the big Question Lately is "What Projects U have Coming Out????" And I tell people the same thing Over and Over, Crossing the Line Cop Shack 2 is out on the market, And my newest relase Boiler is out now on stands. As far as other work, forecoming ummmmm....... Shooting starts somewhere In June(maybe) and the details I was given its a Fetish Movie(OH Goodie!!).
To be Honest, Im dieing to work I have been hitting the gym and have some great ideas to put into play. The Diesel character has been working on some nasty nasty nasty ideas of how to interact in a scene. GET ME IN THERE TITAN!!!! WE GOT SOME FILMS TO SHOOT!!!! Other than that I have been promoting myself and getting my face out there alittle more. Now more than ever Im getting more requests to do nude modeling. Alas I cant, Im under contract with Titan which doesnt include nude modeling for other companies(Sorry Boys) So I hope that will stop all the emails. Seems that I get at least 10 requests daily to do either nude modeling or Porn. Im not a Free agent so stop asking Geez. Im a TitanMan and in Full Effect( Sounds Ghetto LOL). I will tell ya this though, its hard turning down PlayGirl, Black Inches, and other Photographers who want to do either coffee table books, or displays with ur nude image. But.......... I do because I want to focus more on Titan when filming starts. I really believe I have my best work ahead of me, and Im always learning and trying to be more creative. Bah Bah Bah
I know all u guys are more considered with the sexy stories more than anything. So lets go with some stories recently: I was online and ran into a "Jock Type" Simple enough, he had a hot ass and great mouth(what is what he told me!!!) So I made arrangements to meet him at his place, I get to his place and he was a goodlooking boy. So I came into the living room and he started to suck my dick while I was fingering his hole. Now this went on for about 5mins, I then rolled him onto his stomach and started smacking his ass with my bare hand(Just for Effect) I grinded my cock against his butt cheeks, Bang!! Thats it!!!! Thats It??? I mean thats it!!! He came on the bed without touching his dick. He tried to fake it, by covering up the mess on the bed. But when I rolled him over to throw his legs in the air, there it was, a big cum stain on the bed. I was like"Damn U Came already???" He was like"Yeah Sorry" I started laughing cause it was only like 5mins of playing and he came already. But he went in bathroom and washed up, I stayed on the bed butt naked waiting for him to come back and finish the Job. On his arrival he was in bath robe and slippers walking into the room, yawning like he was tired. I look at him and said"U aint getting tired motherfucker U better finish what u started, I dont give a shit that u came already U better finish me off!!! He looked at me all surprised and said" Dude Im alittle tired and I have to ask ya to leave cause I have work in the morning" "Okay" I said got my clothes ready and shit and walked to the door. He walked me to the door and I turned around and Bitch slapped him against the face and then headed home.
Now ur reading this and saying U Smacked him??? Cause he didnt want to get ya off???? And Yes!!!! I smacked him for not getting me off!!! Why u may ask??? I will tell ya why. Our online convos were about him, being used hard, choked, spit on and treated like a pussy boy. He wanted to be fucked hard over and over. His exact words were "U can use anyway U want to, even if I cum, keep fucking me until I cant take it anymore!!!" And after walking into his place for 5mins !!!I rub my cock on his ass cheek and he cums!!!! Then pulls the "I have to wake up early in the morning crap" I also paid 10 bucks on cab up there, and then turned down another hungry bitch boy cause this one had fewer "Limits". If that still doesnt make sense to ya!!!! Then ur a dumb motherfucker, I hate teasers and time wasters and I would have left nicely if he didnt use the "Have to get up early in the morning crap" A good Bitch boy would have cleaned themselves up and kept getting fucked regardless, or at the very least, swallow ur whole dick until U bust a load in his face. Maybe Im too demanding Oh well fuck it.!!! More to come Soon.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

4/20/2007 420 420

Okay recovering is a bitch, and basically I had a long long long 4/20. Now for the people who may not know what 4/20 is. Its a special day of the year, when u can relax and just chill out. Heres what I did my 4/20:

9:00am I "Wake and Bake" some biscuits and eggs with a side order of some Wheat toast. Took me alittle time to get up in the morning after breakfast, to be "Blunt" I over slept cause I was answering some email last night.
10:00am I turned on the Tv and started some movie called "Cheech and Chong: Up in Smoke" old 70's movies with some goofy characters just running around and bugging out(Great Movie)
11:45am I had to run to the bathroom, when I got into the bathroom it hit me like "Bong!!" I had to clean out my "Bowl". Doesnt work if it all clogged up. So I had to "Screen" it to make sure its working proper.
12:00pm I had the "Munchies" and its Lunch time, So I made a big lunch, couple of sandwiches and I downed a Protein Shake.
1:00om I had to "Roll" I had to make it into the city and hangout with some friends. I had to meet up with"Dutch Master" and"Philly" suppose to meet me on 34th by Penn Station.
3:00pm Met up with the fellas and we had to "Zig Zag" through traffic to reach Washington Square Park. We hung out in park and was just People watching. I had this"Fatty"icecream I was eating(damn I have to hit the gym to get rid of all that sugar)but since it was a nice warm that day, the icecream tasted good.
5:00pm We leave Park and do some shopping on the Lower East side. I saw this Fly ass hat that was made out of "Hemp" tried it on, and it fit like a dream. We walk around just enjoying the day. We went into a Music store where my Eye caught Jimi Hendrix's Cd, I love that song"Purple Haze" I love old school rock
8:00 "Dutch Master" and "Philly" was" Burnt out" by all the walking and stuff and decided to go home to eat. I called my Homey "Choclate TY" who lives uptown and he was like "Yo whats up??? U want to Hangout with me Im just playing video games and watching Tv" So I headed up to Ty.
900pm I go to Ty's apartment and as soon as he opened the door, his place smelled like shit!!! It was like he was "Buring" some "Skunk" in the oven or something. He told me that he didnt have a chance to throw out the garbage yet so if the place was smelling kinda of"Stinky" it was cause of that. I like Ty but he smokes cigarettes, and that is a nasty little habit he has, He smokes so much that he started getting this "Chronic" cough. I tell him to quit, but whatever its his own Life.
11:00pm I get ready to go cause Ty has work in the morning and it was getting late. So I left his crib and hopped on train heading downtown. Some Kid was starting at me on the train, and I sat there "Dazed and Confused" cause he looked familar. He was like "Hey .......... U dont remember me???" He knew my name but I didnt recognize him, then it hit me!!! It was my friend Jason from the "Joint"(Bar uptown). It has been awhile since I last saw him and he was a Bouncer at the Club. We talked for a few, and exchanged numbers and he got to his stop, gave me a Hug and jumped off the Train.
100am I finally head home, alittle tired from all the walking. Jump in a cab and get ready for the 15min ride. So Im sitting in the Cab, and the I start to itch feels like there is a bug on me or something. We pull up to a Stoplight which is red, then I rub my sleeve and see this Big Fat"Roach" on me and I wipe it off. I yell at the driver and say"Damn man u got fucking Bugs in this cab!!" Thank God I get home I couldnt sit in that cab all day scratching and shit. I walk in my House and my roomate is watching "Grandmom's House" Funny funny movie. I watch like 15mins of movie and then start getting tired. My roomate comes over to me smoking some weed and offers me some. I tell him "No thanks I dont smoke Weed" The nerve of him offering me drugs, Im a good Guy not some "Pot Head"
So that is how I spent my 4/20 just another relaxing day hanging out with friends. I will write more later, until then stay tuned!!!LOL

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well its My Birthday Whoa......... Another year To Reach my goal, the pressure is on now I have to take this game to another level. I have been through the storm and made it to this spot. And Im relaxed, quiet and just getting myself together. Typical Party night would be me going out and really just having some drinks, Chill with my friends on 420 Street(LOL) and play video games.

So whats unboring at the moment???, Im hitting the gym like crazy and I think I will post some new Pics of me(I havent dont that in awhile, thanks to the emails that keep reminding me to)but its kinda of strange to sit at the gym and having pics taken and stuff, makes me want to be a Ham in front of the camera(with a 504lb dead lift in my hands)so I have to plan a day when less people are at the gym, and I can get use of all the work out Equipment. While Im writing this, Im saying to myself "Its ur Birthday why are ya sitting in front of a computer?"
The reason why I have time to write is because its still early and Im posting this Great Blog for the Fans On my SPECIAL DAY.
There it goes fuckers!!! Mark it, Diesel Washington's Birthday is April 11 Eat It U fucks!!! Now!!!! We move on to business, whats next on the platter?? Well If I havent told ya before, I was nominated for Best Newcomer for the Grabbys(Like People Choice Awards). So Im going to Grabbys. And at the Same time I will be going to the IML Representing Titan. Now I know I have Said that I didnt want to get typcasted for a Certain Type of Role. But I have to respect the fact, that Diesel Washington is a larger than life presence. I love the Leather Lifestyle and thats my Family!!! As far as Porn goes I want to Explore Different Mindsets, and be more creative. So let it be known, IM NOT UR TYPICAL LEATHERMAN!!! Understand this I have Pissed in a bottle at the 2006 Gay Erotic Expo, Hustlaball 2007 drenced the Stage and Crowd. And then at BlackParty pissed on Jack Deckard(battle of the Piss Wars above!!) Right now I have been the Nastiest Fuck In the Biggest Circuits Partys to date!! Its all Performing to me, I get cocky and Aggressive and then start pissing into the crowd Fuck It Who is Stupid Enough to stand around the Stage when Someone is Pissing.???? So I told ya the Story Of Black Party and didnt have the pics, Now I have the Pics If u didnt know the one with his Back turned to the camera in the Motorcycle pants Is Jake Deckark, Notice the Flow of Piss over his head, I gave him a nice shower. Like In his Scene in Hitch (also my debut movie starring Damien Crosse lol) just letting the water flow. Why Piss??? Hmmm I dont know??? Nothing sounds better than saying I came to the stage Pissed on It and Marked my Area!!!! Well now!!! Even though I was going through Things I love to Perform and that will never change!!!! I might sound mushy at times but believe me the Blogs get better!!! I have some New Found Energy And BIG BIG BIG THINGS COMING!!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Well well I have left u guys for a long time and I know u missed me. So How are things with me????? I really dont understand things sometimes and usually I have to step back and look at what happened. Looking back I had the hardest two months but have remained some what sane. But alot has happened since I last blogged, so I should just get into it and start where I left off at. OOOOh before I start I want to clear the record. Ur probably saying what the fuck Am I talking about?????
Yesterday I had dinner with Damien Crosse, Angelo and Max the midget(hes not really a midget lol) Dinner was great, and we hung out afterwards and talked and chilled. Damien and Angelo are Bf's(love mushy type) and I always tease them about being so affectionate with each other. Gets me sick!!!!(Im really joking HAHA) They are that "Couple" who are so in love with each other that it makes ya want to vomit!!!(Its really sweet though!!) Well I have been alittle harsh on U Guys!!!(They read the Blog as well), Im Green with Envy!!!THERE I SAID IT!! So In Internet Space(And In Person!!), I will say "Its Great that U guys met and are in so much Love!!!!.
Its funny sometimes, when I hangout with Damien and Angelo we can always talk about anything and everything without the flash or bling, real str8up convos, speaking our minds. Im real close with both of them, and love their company. Damien called me "Dark Wing"(private joke) and recently I called him "Chubby." Damien and Angelo have been hitting the gym really hard these past couple of weeks and it Shows. But I called him Chubby to get under his skin abit(First time I said anything bad about him) Angelo being the loving husband stood right up for his man."My husband is not Chubby". I wanted to laugh so hard, but its so cute to see him stand up for his man. AAAAH REAL LOVE!!!
In short, I love u guys, Be in Love, I will just carry a barf bag with me when we hangout just incase I need to throw up some cookies when the loving starts(HAHA).
Well back to me!!!.
I took time off to get my head right, and it was needed badly. I did the best thing that I could do, T0 that was to hangout with Family(Mothers side of Family) I drove all the way down to South Carolina with my Mom and her Bf, my Aunt and her two kids(Some Bad Kids!!), my other Uncle and his father. We went down to surprise my Grandmother(9 hour drive), it was her 80th birthday, and we wanted to surprise her, she had no idea that we were coming down and we surprised her at her apartment. South Carolina!!!! The weather was great, the air was so clean, and it was nice to be in the country.
Country!!! Damn!!!! I was so far in the Country!!!There were no more Sidewalks, Traffic Lights, Streetlites, Pavement, Basically Dirt Roads was all I saw. When I wanted to think and be alone, I would just walk down the road at night, just thinking "Where Life has taken me so far????".(Getting inside my own head) IM SINGLE AGAIN!!! BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD AFTER 4YEARS, WOW!!!
In a nutshell, I grew up as a only child so Im used to beening alone. Then to get in a relationship and then have to learn how to be Open and Share. Then break up and then have to learn to break certain habits that resulted from being in a relationship. Sleeping habits, the phone calls, traveling, having to tell mutual friends that we are no longer together. But I had time to think about things and I dont Hate them!!! It was a good run while it lasted, so who knows what the future will bring???
So with breakups comes the period of Fucking Around!!! Yes Fucking around!!! The bloggings have been alittle depressing at the moment cause of things. But Now Im free to write about my Hookups and People that I have met. So I have some Juicy details, I have been a busy Fucker lately(Yes I mean fucker!!!)
Im getting some really Nice Ass lately!!! I mean I was getting good ass/pussy before.... but the stakes have risen ten fold lately!!! I dont know how many readers of this blog are gay, bi or whatever. But I will talk about it all!!! For my Gay readers!!! SKIP THIS SECTION!!!! I will keep this short and sweet. I fucked some Stripper last week(yes female), bottomline I was having some drinks at this Go Go place(I went with some buddies)and one of the strippers was hitting on me all night. She wanted to give me a Lapdance in the back( VIP area), First thing that came out of my mouth"Im a Broke mother fucker, Just being real with ya!!" She was like"How much u got???" I was like "8 Bucks"(shit I had like $500)she was like "Ur cute I just want to have some fun with ya" We went to back and she gave me a 2hour lapdance(we were having drinks and talking at same time, again I wasnt paying!! they were on her tab !!!) It was nice in the back, rugs and a nice set up of couchs and plenty of mirrors around. Long story short, after the lapdance I waited for her to get off work, and we took a cab to her place(I Told my Peeps that I was staying with her). I got to say Its been awhile since I had some real "Pussy" but "I fucked the shit outta her" Crashed at her place until morning(woke up to a blowjob and breakfast )and she dropped me off at Train Station. Overall I had a good time, and it was a relief that I could still work a real "Pussy".
Okay Now all the Gay guys can stop throwing up now!!!!!
Now U can read this story for my gays!! Nothing better than fucking Bf's. Fucking Bf's saves alot of time for me. For one thing, I dont have to keep changing condoms all the time. The same condom I used to fuck this guy, Is the same condom Im going to use to fuck his Bf. Saves the trouble of changing and changing. In a regular threesome, I would have to keep changing condoms cause I guess one guy doesnt want somebody else's shit that was left on condom shoved up his ass( I guess it makes sense????)
The Bf's I had were a Muscle Type Jock and a Twink type. I want to give more details but I will be here all night writing and writing. I fucked them both(rather well) and then stood over both of them, while they were laying on the bed on thier backs. I jerked off onto both boys, while they were making out and came in both of their faces. They licked the cum, off each other and then started deep kissing sharing my manjuice between the both of them. One fucking hot Scene. Maybe I will LIKE beening single for now!!!! Who knows?????? DONT WORRY PEOPLE THE STORIES GET BETTER KEEP YA POSTED!!!!