Monday, September 30, 2013


Anyway I have MIA on my blog and I think I need to go back to promoting and showing some personality again.  This blog is my baby and I have to say I'm guilty of neglect, so I'm a bad parent so this time around I have to go back to my roots as a Entertainer and really grow all around.

I spent years as a Model, starting a new career in directing and editing....

I haven't shopped myself around and I do stay limited to the Pornish stuff.  Part of being a good director is going out there and getting footage...The job of an editor is to connect the dots in a way the viewer can understand the story that is present in front of them

Putting all of these elements together and you might have something special.  I think its a little bit selfish of Me to force all of my energy into just Porn

There is a big world out there....

I just started at the Tip of a new journey..

Anyway not to be long winded, I uploaded some pictures for the fans..

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Not my YouTube but I wanted people to leave their own comment on the YouTube channel regarding this subject.

Opinions vary and the word Hypocrite is thrown around...

Yikes anyway I will post more this week, it has busy running around and taking care of business.  I have a lot of things going on and seeing where I fit in these days.  Trying to run a business, take care of myself and then see after porn is a trying time for Me.  I have performers heart and I always will, as long as I stay in the gym and keep looking fit and ready for action I have no problem..

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Start my first series with Sluts are Us.

This is part two
 just call the numberor text and a slut will connect with ya and bring the hot steamy stuff for ya.

1 609 903 9777

Tuesday, September 17, 2013



Going right into it, a East coast porn producer has finally released their first bare back scene.  In my opinion this should not come as a surprise because M.L. hinted at something in this interview : Granted he wrote the article himself but I'm confused by some of his statements because earlier in this interview:

  "But this is my company and I have strong principles and beliefs and it is highly irresponsible to show unsafe sex to a community that suffered tremendously through the AIDS crisis."

I guess one of the side effects of taking Truvada is hypocrisy .....

 Moving on.....

Porn star couples.....

Been and done that...all I can say whatever floats your boat, but lets go through the history of porn star boy friends:

Benjamin Bradley and Roman Heart

The Jarics

Spencer Reed Phillip Aubrey

Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder

Steven Daigle and Trent Locke

Trey Turner and Jessie Colter

Diesel (insert name here)

But again whatever floats your boat, not only did everybody get to see you fuck your bf but they got to see you fuck him raw...Nice for you..

Again read above, not only will you be attached to him in porn the minute you break up. Every blogger runs for the story, but the bigger story is who is the first porn star to bareback with another partner..? Just to throw some shade into the equation...

Again I wish them well...(Read above)

Moving on....I had to pull out this Vid that was shot about three years ago....."Shut Your Hole"

Put it this way, I had to agree with some of the 'CUM DUMPSTERS' out there....a lot of hypocrites in this Vid saying Shut your Hole in one voice...

Later to star in "Cum Whore"'s true I tell no lies...

And now there is all this talk about more models testing HIV+, yeah not a lot of good things are happening in the world of porn...

One of my blogger faves Zach from over at was released from his services due to outside influences....MONEY POWER HUNGRY DOGS.

He was replaced by the writer of the him Jack.

So many changes to the field of porn and the market is getting smaller and smaller.

Some progress has been made to the Hard Wire project but hurdles come in all sizes and shapes...Stay tuned!!

I really haven't blogged in a long time because I didn't have anything interesting to write about.  I find it exhausting to read about all the changes and crap happening in the industry...

I need to stand back and plan a new attack because the scope of business has changed and the market dictates how business will be done.

My blogging duties will increase this week, I have failed as a blogger by not saying up to date with things and reaching out to my fans and friends.

But the Battle blogger is back!!!

Monday, September 09, 2013


I have some good news....

Creative differences are aside and I'm ready to assume my duties as one of the Directors and executive producers of the project "Hard Wire".  There was a lot of back and forth dealing with this issues and a lot of stuff that happened behind the scenes.

This is an important project and I had to make sure that my voice was heard so that the project could move forward.

Thanks for everybody understanding the process that I have to go through to make sure I have creative control over a project that I started.

We are back on board with the project and should have some important news shortly for the fans..