Friday, April 30, 2010


If you don't know I love Mel Brooks

I love love love Madeline Kahn, she passed in 1999(I miss her)

Anyway I love the movie Blazing Saddles!!!I can watch it over and over. Anyway this song explains my mood to the Tee:

Every single line from Blazing Saddles is so so so good!!!

Too many lines to put up, but I will grab the best parts in my opinion:

Anyway was watching Blazing Saddles last night and I had to write a post about it!!


Thursday, April 29, 2010


Happy Birthday to Zach(blogger)from May you go out and get drunk drunk drunk. One day you have to take Me to Del Taco for dinner!!!

Anyway Happy Birthday you Date Stealer!!!


Okay I had enough of this shit.....

Nick and I were FB's and only that!!!We never went out on dates or to hangout!! He comes over to play or I go to his place to play. That's it!!! We never been best friends or buddies(just people who fuck)!!

So all this talk, that I stabbed a friend in the back is bullshit!! All We have ever done is fuck!! An incident happened at dinner(Our first dinner), and I was the one that had to fix/cover up the problem. I eat at this place all the time and the people know Me there so I was embarrassed by someone elses actions. I was drunk and got online and tweeted what happened. I don't drink White Wine, and to go through five bottles of the stuff. I was plastered like a motherfucker!!!

I made a Truthful tweet about the Incident(I was pissed), but then I got to thinking, the kid needs to get back on his feet. So I said it was a Publicity stunt to save him from further drama. Fuck that now!!! Just because the outside looks pretty, doesn't mean the inside is as pretty.

But I will take the blame, I should have stuck to my guns in the first place I hate lying.

So say whatever you want to say people. We were never friends to begin with, all We ever did was just have sex period.

Now that is the real truth!!!

I wrote that whole post called I need to stop pissing people and it was a bullshit post. I wanted to protect Nick from any further embarrassment, and I felt that I owed him a favor because of my previous tasteless post(Which he laughs about now)But I see that people are pointing fingers at Me like I'm the bad guy!! I will wear the bad boy label, but not without explaining myself first.

So I Kiss and Tell so what??? It wasn't a client(Escorting wise)it was a just a Pretty boy that thinks He can get away with anything because He's so pretty and Innocent!!

I would never fuck over a friend, but in this case Nick was just a Fuck Buddy that I saw from time to time.

Now you know the whole truth!!!

I don't need to live off another semi famous person for Press!!! I can get press all by myself!!! Anyway, Nick still got Press because of Me, and his return to modeling should go well. I see that Unzipped and TheSword are now writing stories about him, and he is even linking their stories to his Tweets. So it must not be a total nightmare to be associated with a Porn Star??

More importantly, it seems that everybody I have either dated or had a situation with gets their name in the Press, and benefits from the added exposure in some manner. More hits to their blog, job opportunities, bah bah bah. Am I getting any kickbacks(money)for getting them greater exposure?? Nope!! Just something to think about...

Look for him in June at Fashion Week in Milan. Gave him another Plug!!

So people can understand, Nick didn't know I was a Porn Star when We first met. I didn't know Nick was a famous model when We first met. So when the story broke about Nick, I was like "Whoa that is Nick, I fuck him" and yes I wrote a tasteless blog about banging him. Sex is just sex to Me I wasn't trying to pile more drama onto him. But I didn't know there would be drama because Nick had Sex with Me a couple of times???? Two hot guys had sex together where is the drama in that???

I just think people are jealous that I was fucking him and they wasn't!!!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I Tweeted about the difference between Best Friends, Good Friends, Friends/Associates....

Best Friends are those people, that you can Trust with anything!!!They only look out for your best intentions, always have your back just there to support you through anything. You have broken bread at their house, met their family and you are considered "Family"

Good Friends have the same qualities as above, but you can only trust them with so much. You have good friends(not as close as Best friends)and you can put alot of trust into them. They have your back and you got their back. But you don't tell them everything.....LOL

Friends/Associates, these are people that you are friendly with. They are not necessarily "Friends" but you have hung out with them and have gotten to know them alot better than most. The line between Friend/Associate is very thin.....

I have major trust issues(comes with the Bi polar)so who I let into that circle of friends is important to Me/

Now this is only my opinion....

When it comes to my world(Porn wise), the lines tend to get blurred between each of them. I get alot of people that want to be my friend because I do porn. I get alot of people that are curious to hangout with Me because of the porn. I get alot of people that say they want to be friends but its a cover up just to have sex with Me because they have seen my porn. So the process of making friends becomes difficult for Me.

I have friends that I have known for years, they have since went on to become wealthy or famous. Being as close as we are nothing has changed between us, but because I do porn, our friendship has to remain private and behind closed doors. No!! its not because I will get on my blog and start using their celebrity for publicly. I have alot of famous friends(if people don't know, now you do)so if I was that asshole, your jaw would hit the floor on how many well known friends pictures would be plastered on this blog. And that is not to say "Look at Me I have so many famous friends, I'm so cool" Its saying I know how to keep things quiet. But it's not all fun and games, let Me explain:

When my "Well Known" friends want to hangout its like a 007 mission. There is a car service that comes to pick Me up. I'm taken through back doors at hotels or escorted into gated communities. Everything is hush hush!!! I have even signed Confidentiality Clauses(Under the disguise of Consultant)or when I go over a friends home they have cameras(security) or I have been asked to sign Waivers(I think its funny). I can understand the need to protect yourself from Gold Diggers and people looking to be shady. I totally understand, but at the same time I feel like such an outsider. I agree to it... because We are friends and that is what friends do. Right? Its not like I'm being singled out, this is done to everbody in the crew(The things you people don't know about Me)But sometimes I am "Singled out" because of my Porn Star status.

I have been told "Your my close friend but I can't be seen with you, the Tabloids would have a Field Day with Me" or "If the press knew that I were friends with a Porn Star, I would lose my Career" it's Paranoid thinking sure....

But Str8 guys have this whole Gulit by Association menalty, they think they are presumed to be Gay because they are hanging out with a Gay guy. So I guess to be seen with a Gay Porn Star, must be over the top in their minds. No I'm kidding, they are cool as shit, totally comfortable with their sexuality. But the press would have a Field day when you think about it. I'm a Porn Star/Escort, so that is alittle much to have your friend overlook because this is something "I want to do" and I have passion the for it. They have the passion for their line of work so I don't want to cause waves so I'm cool with it. Who cares what people think??? Unless it fucks with your money, when that happens you have to work around it.

These are problems that I'm having with "Friends"(again not those I have sex with)

"Fuck Buddies" is another case, I have "Fuck Buddies" that I am friends with. I only have a few "Fuck Buddies" that are well known people. They all know I write a public blog and all they have to do is say "Please don't put Me on your Blog" and I don't put them on it. If I'm taking pictures of them(and they are posing for camera), all they have to say is "Please don't put that on your blog" and I don't. I even say I want to write about this experience on my blog, again all they have to say is "Please don't put that on Ur blog" and I don't.

Now if I'm interviewing someone or taking their pictures and posing them for the shot and I say "I'm going to write a blog about you, and put Ur picture on my blog" and their response is "Go ahead I don't care Press is press" then they go on my blog. It's very simple!!! Do you see any pictures of people covering their face with their hands trying to block the camera?? Do you see pictures of people trying to hide from the camera???? Or surprised pictures of people that didn't know the camera was there??? So the rumors that I'm using people for their name... Utter Bullshit!!!

Now lets talk about this Kiss and Tell rule.....

When it comes to escorting, you don't Kiss and Tell that is the unwritten rule of the game. You don't give away your tricks or clients that is just apart of business. I never broke that rule ever!!! Now I can understand clients not wanting to ruin their careers over hookers!! So all that backdoor to hotels and playing the 007 shit makes sense to Me. When friends treat you the same way because you do porn, makes you feel guilty about your line of work. But they are my friends so to keep their friendship I keep things quiet.

When it comes to Associates or random people, that Kiss and Tell rule is out the fucking window. How many people do you think that Associate or random person told they had sex with a porn star??? Almost bragging at the fact that they had a certain Porn Star. There are porn star groupies that do nothing but come to events hoping to snag their favorite porn star. They even come to these events with a game plan(Scary)

I'm getting off track now, but the point is:

I have a total of two best friends in the world, I have several good friends and the rest I consider Associates(that I'm friends with)then come the Random people.

In the porn world, I have alot of good friends. Basically if you know my real name and I know your real name then We are good friends. None of this model name to model name shit!!If you want to be that "Private" person and just live by your Performer name, fine by Me. Dont expect Me to be real with you unless you be real with Me.

It's like your in a club and someone introduces himself as "Money G". Can you see yourself being a friend to someone that calls himself "Money G"??? But if that same person says "Whats up I'm Money G, but my real name is John". You look at the situation different, Okay in the club they call you "Money G" But outside the club your name is John its like they are trusting you with privileged info. Does Lois Lane call Clark Kent, Superman at home?? Maybe in the bedroom, "Awww !!Superman use your super tongue and clean out my ass superclean" probably not.... But she does refer to him as Superman outside of the household.... Confusing??

Do you call that person John in the club???Nope he's Money G. Would you call him Money G outside of the club??? Depends...I prefer to use real names outside the realm of porn, when people are being real and not "ON". There is nothing more refreshing than a performer that prefers to use his real name when the cameras/fans are not around.

I can't see how performers can stand hearing their Performer name over and over!! It's not your real name(to the models out there)there is a place and time for everything!! No my mother doesn't call Me Diesel!!! My best friends don't call Me Diesel(unless they are teasing Me)and my good friends don't call Me Diesel(unless they tease as well)Even associates outside the realm of porn don't call me Diesel. Diesel is a character that I play in Porn movies.

So again Best Friends are ones that you can trust with anything. Good friends are people you can trust with somethings. And then Friends/Associates people who you know better than random people, but not as close as good friends or best friends.

To end this right...

Your not suppose to trust anybody but yourself in the first place anyway.....

But again making friends is not easy, at least for Me that is.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have been on a roll lately.....

I'm just pissing people off left and right!!! And you know it doesn't feel good at all!!

I wrote a post about Nick Snider(the model)called ModelFucker! in that post I joked about hearing the news about Nick.

When I wrote that post, I was laughing at the situation because I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Since that post, Nick and I have been in contact with each other. And I wanted to say it here first:

"It was a fucked up post to write my friend, and I do want to say Sorry for writing such a Mean post"

What people didn't understand was that Nick was alittle upset about the post. But We were friends so he just brushed off the post as something that was funny. Well I guess the model world is slightly different from the Porn world. Sex talk in the Porn world is common and basically everybody knows Whom is sleeping with Whom. I guess it doesn't work the same way in the model world. So again I want to say sorry!!!

Diesel Washington and Nick Snider recently went shopping together.

Diesel Washington has no fashion sense at all!! So I needed Nick's help in picking out some outfits for Grabby awards. We had a good time, Pics below:

After shopping We went out to eat. We had a good dinner and just laughed about all the things that has happened in the last couple of months. We came up with the idea that Nick was going to come to Grabbys with Me this year. It was Press for the both of Us and was a good idea. I was game and he was game for it.

After dinner, I wanted to get the ball started rolling in the Press department. I Tweeted:

"Just had dinner with peeps @nicksnider and I don't about this drunk fool

"Ummmm no Nicksnider you will not be coming to grabbys with Me u drunk Mess!!! Supermodel alert!!! Drunk supermodel throwing things"

Bad Idea!!! I really didn't think things through!!! I forget I'm somewhat of a celebrity(Really??)and that my comments might be hurtful to others. It was just a made up story that I came up with. To start some Buzz about Nick coming to Grabbys with Me. Well it back fired big time!!!! And it caused more problems instead of getting press as it was intended.

Everybody remembers Naomi Campbell when she got drunk on plane and threw her cell phone at assistant. That was the Press angle that I was going for......

Apparently I shouldn't use any more Drunk stories when it comes to Nick. Bad Choice!!


I had to clear the air with this story, because I wind up hurting Nick again!! Damn!! There is no How to Guide when it comes to Press!! And I still don't see Myself as this Celebrity type, when people follow my Tweets and Blog but I'm realizing that people do read everything.

With that being said, the surprise I had in store for Fans!! Nick Snider coming with Diesel Washington to Grabbys is not happening..... All due to my Stupid ploy for Press!! There I said it!!!

I guess I need to stop running my mouth sometimes!!! Yes I said it, DIESEL NEEDS TO KEEP HIS MOUTH CLOSED SOMETIMES!!!

I have been on this Ego train lately, and I'm not sure where it is coming from??? Everybody needs their Ego stroked from time to time. But its like I'm jerking it everyday. But why???

I just had a birthday, so I guess I'm not dealing with getting older. Yikes it's called Midlife Crisis/Bi polar a deadly combination!!! So I thought it was about time that I pulled on my own card!!

I'M A MESS!!! And I have alot of things to fix.....

Sorry to Nick, Paul(thesword), Derrek Diamond and anybody else that I said some cruel stuff to.

Just going through a confusing time right now, I'm blocking people on Facebook, blocking people on Twitter. Blowing up on friends and just being this Ego driven Press whore.

Yikes!! not liking what I became!!!

Friends stick together and don't dump on each other!!!

I guess that is why I don't have many friends *Sigh

Sorry People!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Okay its time for story telling.....

Everybody knows how the Live show went....

Now its off to filming the scene, at first I thought I was casted for a movie called Muscle Ink. Muscle Ink was scrapped for a Bathhouse movie that Raging Stallions is filming.

I was to be partnered up with Kennedy Carter(Hot Red head from England)but as everybody knows there were Flight problems for anybody coming into United States from Europe so so Kennedy was replaced by Angelo Marconi(Raging Stallion Exclusive)

So there you have it Folks!!!!!

FINALLY!!!!! The curse has been broken!!

I thought ever since going free agent that I would never be partnered with an Exclusive model ever again. I mean REALLY??? I have worked with Raging Stallions(no exclusive) Falcon(No exclusives) Mustang(no exclusives) JetSet(a Former exclusive but not current exclusive)Channel 1 (No exclusive) I'm glad this time making my rounds that I was able to work with an Exclusive model.

Filming Diesel Washington and Angelo Marconi was Tony DiMarco and Steven Cruz, I have worked with both before so it was very easy. On set were Bruno Bond, and DJ Porn Star(who I filmed Rear Deliveries with)So many Porn Stars around Yummy!!

So here is some Behind the Scene footage of the shoot:

My Scene Partner Angelo Marconi(such a fucking Hottie) with Scott Tanner(blonde boy):

After I got the scene done, I hung out with Angelo and We went to Golds gym and got a workout. Angelo ditched me for a Dumbbell(Inside joke)and I stayed at the hotel for the Rest of the Night.

I wanted to go out and hangout but it seems that the people I knew in town just wanted to watch TV(Shit I could do that home, I will remember that when they come to NYC)I just can't force myself to watch Dancing with the Stars, or Ru Paul Drag Race or even worse!!! Some show called Glee.... I'm just not that Gay enough to watch those shows!!!

So I stayed in Monday night, I had to be up early on Tuesday and have Stills taken. So I arrived back at SteamWorks for my Photo shoot, I was asked also to do a Solo. A solo????

In the four years of doing porn, I never filmed a solo for a Studio. Frankly I was scared to death to do one, I usually need someone to play off of. I threw caution to the wind and dived into doing my first Solo. It's always good working with friends Steven Cruz was the one that was filming my Solo and I have worked with Steven in the past(RedLight for Mustang)so I was comfortable with the situation. I explained to Steven that I have never done a Solo before, and He gave Me the best advice to help push Me through it. When I found my Head space it was kinda of easy to do and I got it done.

So early Tuesday it was a Photo shoot and my first ever Solo!!

Headed back to Hotel washed up and changed clothes and headed into Castro with Angelo Marconi for Lunch. I called up Wolf Hudson(who was also in town)and We all made plans to have Lunch in Castro. See the footage here:

After lunch We Walked around and did alittle shopping on Market St at the big mall. I bought several items that I will be wearing to Grabbys(I saw alot of nice things there)So yeah I'm getting ready for that!!!

Now in the middle of that I got a chance to spend April 20th in San Fran which was Huge for Me!!! So of course I had to take some pics and do that Dazed and Confused thing that I seem to do alot(Don't Hate)

So it was Dinner time, I invited Angelo Marconi to dinner with Me at this Thai Place

Food was good and so was dinner convo, after that I headed back to Hotel because I wanted to get alittle more Dazed and Confused for Cypress Hill YEAH!!!

Somehow I made it back to the hotel where I passed out cold!!!

More to post later.....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

IM CRAZY!!!????!!!!


Battle Mode:

I was deemed CRAZY by Paul of

Long story short, I was horny in SF saw Paul online On a "Hookup Site", We "Talked" things got ugly. Whatever!!

But I guess Paul got pissed off because I didn't want to talk him anymore and He post our chat from the HookUp site. Ummmm Okay??? As I have said on Twitter, and I will say it here. I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE!!!

To address Paul:

Paul I never thought you would post what I told you in Private(From a HookUp site) on I have nothing to hide but I just thought, Wow!!! You did all of that because I didn't want to Post ur Vids??? I mean I don't get paid for the Editing work and posting these types of Vids, I repeat I DON'T GET PAID FOR THIS!!!

So of course, If I ask to fuck your ass and you say "I'm not much a Bottom" "You need a bottom that can take you" "And there are plenty of those in this City" It's basically saying "Your not getting anyway near this Ass my Friend" So why would I work on editing Vids of you??? I mean come on......

I came to the NakedSword office and sat and talked to you for two hours. Why would I hangout that long talking to you only??? Come on???? I guess you were tired that day like you said. But come on look at the heavy flirting in this Vid:

I'm grabbing your dick..........

Anyway, I don't hate you Paul. I just think things are awkward now. Time heals all wounds, and I bet in a couple of weeks from now, We will be laughing about all of this.

So I just wanted to clear this subject up, everything is okay....

And look I even posted another Vid of you, Like I said I would.

Now I have Crazy Crazy stories and Vid footage of the trip that I need to start posting like Now!!!

More later.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I know this is coming alittle late.

But its Paul's birthday from TheSword and want to say Happy Birthday!!!

And here goes a birthday Vid from Paul(



I'm out here in San Fran and haven't posted much.....

Here is a quick post:

As you know already the Live show didnt go as planned but I still had fun doing it. I filmed with Raging Stallions and finally finally.

Was partnered with an Exclusive model in being that I had a scene with Angelo Marconi(hot hot hot)

I also did my first solo for a movie!!! That is correct, I have never done a solo for a movie before and Raging Stallions gave Me a shot Thank God!!!

Also I invaded the offices of Naked Sword(have footage of that)

So Im enjoying my time out here in San Fran!!

Happy 420 day!!!

I'm spending 420 day in San Fran??? You know what I'm up to!!!

Sorry about the quick post but I have some 420 farming to do.

More later I just have to get myself together

DAZED AND CONFUSED TODAY(could you blame Me?)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


My Live show tonight......

My scene partner Derrek Diamond....

Canceled at last moment.....

I'm not sure what happened??? And I really want to be mean to him right now!!! But.....

Things happens!!! I just hope everything is alright with Derrek Diamond. From what I have been told, Derrek is a true professional. So whatever happened I don't blame him for standing Me up!! Well I don't blame him too much....

What Can I say??? I'm disappointed and I'm just venting is all!!!

No to be serious I hope things are well....

Well Alessio Romero filled in at the last minute....

What can I say??? I was so nervous about the Live Show

I kinda of Froze Up!!!

It took me forever to get hard, but I managed to get something out of the show. Alessio Romero is a hot fucker!!! I mean that man is sexy!!!! He was spitting in my mouth and I was still having a difficult time getting hard!! But Alessio managed to carry the show and just be that hot guy that people wanted to see.

Diesel however was not in top form, and I will admit that. Doing something Live freaked me the fuck out. At least with Web/DVD work you can take a break and relax and change the action. I had to do an hour long show, and it was alot harder than I thought.

Lesson learned!!

Here is the Vid:


More to post later!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Since the How to series is popular with the Fans....

How to build that Chemistry on Set when it isn't there:

I read the comment section on other blogs, and it seems the biggest thing that Fans hate the most is............

Models that work together and have no onscreen chemistry at all!

What Fans don't understand is that some of the models have never met each other before the shoot. Often models are flown in from different parts of the country, and meet their scene partners on the day of the shoot. Your given the name/pics of the model, but that is pretty much it. If your an exclusive model, your asked by your company "Are you willing to work with this model??" because they want to get the best scene possible.

As a free agent, depending on how popular you are, sometimes you are given the choice as well. But for the most part, models that look good together are paired together based on pictures rather than a models personal taste. Which I think is fair, porn is a fantasy and often Studios/Sites cater to their customers(or at least they should). Again if the customers want to see more diverse models, email your favorite Studios/Sites and demand it!!! You are the customer and have all the power!!

I personally I like diverse scenes, Bears with Twinks, Thugs with Falcon looking types bah bah. I think seeing two totally different looking models(size, race, age, body type bah bah)is the spice that porn needs. Most think muscle guys need to be paired with other muscle guys, the same for twinks and jocks. How many times have you seen models paired with each other that sort of look like each other?? After awhile that shit gets boring!!!

Casting is very important when putting scenes together. But in reality it's a hit or miss!! You can't make models fall for each other to give you that hot scene. It's the responsibility of the models to create that chemistry themselves.

Whoa, that was long..

Here is a list of things that models can do to "Create" that chemistry onscreen. These are some of the methods that I use:

1. Google your scene partner(s) name and look up their past work(if they have any). Having knowledge of the work of your scene partner is like a sign of respect. It shows that you went out of way to get to know Ur partner alittle more. I would found it flattering that a model would go to such lengths. It makes Me more interested in them

2. Take Ur scene partner to the side, and ask them "What are your limits and turnons?" Example: When I worked with Jon Estevez(Its gonna Hurt partner) His turnons were cuddling and heavy kissing. Even though there is none of it in the scene, between takes and before the action even started I was making out with Jon and making that connection. That connection allowed Me to go harder on Jon because We made a connection beforehand.

3. Having eye contact with your partner(s)during filming. This is so easy, I'm not sure why I see some models with their eyes closed during scenes. Even worse you catch some models looking into space or the ceiling instead of looking into their partner(s)eyes. It's kinda of easy to do, just look into Ur partner(s) eyes and smile at them. Duh!!!

4. Before topping my scene partner, I ask what sex position is comfortable for them to start with. Even though it looks like I have total control of my bottom, I always ask a start position that they like, allowing them to have control at first. Then during the course of filming I expand on the positions, and take the control back.

5. I try to find common ground with the models I work with. Everybody has a Facebook, or Twitter or myspace nowadays. I do my research on models and to have that added edge, I find out the Music/Movies/books/Tv shows that the model likes. It gives you an Icebreaker allowing you guys to talk, helping to build to chemistry

6. Wheter people believe it or not, I'm always laughing on set. I can't work on sets that are overly serious and nobody is having fun. I use laughter on sets, which in turn comforts my scene partner(s). Nobody wants to work with someone who is so serious on set. We are there to perform, and when I perform I try to have as much fun as possible while getting work done!! So that means don't bring your personal drama to set! I learned this the hard way, and ever since I left that baggage off set!

7. I like to talk to my bottoms during sex(Dirty Talk)the bottom can respond verbally, through their eyes and of course through body language. This back and forth, gives you knowledge firsthand on what the bottom likes/whats hurting them bah bah. Provides for a better connection and that will show onscreen.

8. Sometimes I'm not physically attracted to my scene partner, so I push to find things that attract Me. I'm far from shallow, so having a good personality and having good energy on set makes up for alot. I can focus on bedroom eyes, a sexy voice or just the body. It's very simple!!

9. Giving a good massage(sounds like a porn)I have worked with some models that I gave massages to before the scene. Which helps to relax nervous models, but its giving you the opportunity also to make a connection at same time.

10. If you have the chance to meet your partner the day before, go out have some drinks/fun and try to make that connection. It's off the set, and doesn't have that pressured feeling to it that is always a good thing.

There are more ways to build the chemistry, but I'm giving away too much for Free!!! I know alot of models are following my lead, and that is not trying to be cocky. It's the truth!!!

I was doing a blog before it became popular to do, I was making Youtubes before it became popular to do. I was sharing private moments of my life on this blog, long before most models even started their blogs. I was doing BTS footage way before Studios/sites were giving away the footage for free!! I was doing How To Vids before other porn stars started doing them. I was self promoting myself as a model before it became popular(Big Shout out to Wolf Hudson as well).

But I won't get any props for that...........

Oh yeah!! I did I win the first ever Best PornStar blogger award given out by Grabbys!! So I was recognized!!!

Sometimes I feel like the Grandfather of bloggers(porn wise)I have been doing this for years.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010



I just filmed it not even a week ago and the scene is already up on It's Gonna Hurt!!! Here is the link:

THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE IT'S GONNA HURT starring Diesel Washington, Castro, Jon is already up and running!!!


I want to work with the site again, and it's a perfect fit for Me!!! If enough people support my scene!!! They would probably have Me back again to perform for them!!! Even though I had to share Jon with Castro the chemistry between Me and Jon shines throughout the scene.

I think this turn around was quicker than when I filmed with them!!!


A Match made in Heaven(Hell)for all bottoms

Here is that link again:


Everybody knows I love Bubble butts...

I have a treat for Fans of Bubble butts!!!

Diesel Washington tackles one of the roundest bubble butts in the Industry today!!!!

Derrek Diamond, the Star of Diamond Auto:

I have been dieing to work with this model, I mean come on!!! Look at that Ass!!!

Derrek is not new to the Industry!!I have followed his work from Randy Blue to Hot House and now to Raging Stallion and it seems that Ass just gets better and better. Call it Ass kissing if you want(Rim Shot insert)I just can't wait to dig my face into that Ass. I want to suck on those Ass lips all fucking day. I'm really looking forward to this scene!!!!

Last couple of days all I have done is stare at this Ass:

You know I have get footage of that Ass so people can really see this Monster!!! God I love Ass and what better way to show that to people by doing a Live show with Derrek Diamond.

So catch our Live Show on on Raging Stallion. I have to say again, Look at that Ass:

Okay this is the last picture:

Being an experienced Top(a true Pro)I know how to handle bubble butts. This is how you handle Bubble Butts:

Bubble butts are tricky, you have to go into it with a game plan. Since there is alot more muscle tissue surrounding the hole(more cushion for the pushing)Off the bat you need a decent size penis. Small to average cocks simply cant reach the hole of a bubble butt, they get friction sex(rather then beating up the hole)so instead of getting inside, the owner of the bubble butt simply has to squeeze their buttocks together and can get off the little to average guys. Secondly, sex positions are also important, doggystyle, fucking from the side, and missionary positions work the best!! But of course Diesel Washington has his own special movements for bubble butts. I have some new stuff for this Bubble butt, be sure to check out the Show!! Lastly, before the dick going in, before the crazy fuck positions. You have to eat that hole. I rim the fuck out of holes, and since I have been wanting this hole for a loooooooooong time not only will I rim it. I will tongue fuck it, lick around the hole making sure I clean out that Ass well. Maybe before the scene, Derrek will be kind enough to work out(at the gym) beforehand getting it nice and sweaty for me. This is going to be good!!

So lets check our list shall We??:

I have a Extra large dick, so I can reach that hole with plenty to spare (check that one off the list)

Sex positions, I create my own(check that off the list)

Rimming that hole (funny I was nominated for Best rimming scene at Grabbys Def check)

Seems that everything is in order and this is One Live Show that you don't want to miss.


Derrek Diamond and Diesel Washington

Now you know the deal.....


P.S. the classic Baby got back!!! and Derrek Diamond got some serious Back!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Okay I'm alive.......

I stayed away from posting because it was my birthday weekend!!!!

First off!! Thanks to everybody that gave Me a birthday shout out on facebook!! It means alot that people took some of their time and wrote Me wishing Me a Happy Birthday!!

It means alot to Me, even though I don't write Fans back!! I use this blog to state my feelings toward them. And the feeling is:

I have some of best Fans and supporters around!! U guys have had my back through thick and thin!! I really really want to say THANKS!!!!

What happened on the my birthday????

I will keep that hush hush!!!

No I will tell you....

What does a porn star do when they are going through a Mid Life crisis???? You fuck people twenty years younger than you, and You fuck them well!!! So Diesel got lost in Sexual conquests all weekend!!

I started with a Menu, I wanted to go through Twinks, Jocks, Muscle Jocks, Daddies, Slaves and Subs. I even threw in a Bear and Cub just to keep up with the times. Now this was during the course of the weekend, Doing all of this in one night is kinda slutty!!! And I'm a Whore not a slut!! I do tend to have slutty ways though....


I hit everything on my lists, Black, White, Asian, Latino, all except...

Middle Eastern:
Western Europeans
Han Chinese

I'm very open minded, I have no hangups when it comes to race, size, religion any of that narrow minded bullshit!!! Just sucks that I didn't have the chance to experience a taste of the Middle East yet(Still haven't had the chance in personal life)I was talking to this hottie from Yemen, but I couldn't seal the deal yet. Still working on that!!

So what was the count for the weekend? I came three times(Yeah Me!!) and got off a number of people(long stroking them to death)nothing better than watching someone pop when you Gut them!!! I got dazed and confused and drunk(what else is new?)Sad to say I left the camera home!! I was not getting footage of Me being a Sluttish Whore on my birthday, but you could imagine the Hot Mess I was!!!

Yeah I know this sounds hot!! But at the same time I did alot of thinking of "Where I am at this period of My Life"

To be honest, I didn't think I would have made it to this age. I thought I would be dead, drugged out, in jail or becoming infected. Sounds fucked up but I'm being honest with the readers. Now that I made it to this age, Im surprised to keep living on and on!!

I went through alot of self destructive behavior in the past. There were periods of time where I just wanted to end it all!! Maybe it was the Bipolar thing kicking my Ass!! Who knows I'm here and still alive!!. Good times Good times!!

Well I wanted to keep Fans and Readers posted....

More to talk about later...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I'm really nervous about this, IML, Grabbys, Shoots all alot of stuff is happening. But let's look into the future:

I'm Co Hosting the Grabbys, How Nuts is that???

I will talk more about the Grabbys later......

Just wanted to show off the poster, for the Fans, Supporters and the Haters!!!

Thank you to everbody that reads this Train Wreck called "Crimes Against Nature"....

more later


So I'm ready for the next round.....

Ding Ding its time!!!

You know the drill, I'm paired up with Ridge Michaels for this round of fun. Lets not bullshit!! Going right into it:

After shoot, it was back to the Coconut Cove FTL, call it kissing Ass or whatever I always have the best stay at Coconut Cove!! It's not even one block away from the beach and the staff is the best in town.

So after all this fucking, it was time to Eat, Dazed and Confused and to Bed. I was worn out!!! Put it this Way:

I slept very well......

The rest of the trip, I fucked some people here and there!!! Now! that is not to downplay all the fun I had, I just wanted to skip over to the most important event of the whole trip.

This event was having Dinner at Fabscout, now it might sound mushy or fake, whatever you want to call it. It feels like family, when there is home cooking from Gio(Who slaved all day cooking)Gio, the food was great and I'm paying for it now(hitting up the gym, cardio time)but it was well worth the extra 15mins on the treadmill, LOL!! What stood out the most for Me was meeting Howards Parents(once again)and breaking bread with Howards family. That right there, is what restores my faith in this Industry. I have known Howard for almost 7years, and he is my friend. He has met my Mother as well and I wanted to say to Howard, Love you Poppa!!

How does it restore my faith??? These kids come into this business, sometimes Lost. They have no direction and wind up making the wrong decisions(Bareback, Drugs,bah bah) It's nice to know that there is someone that actually cares about the models, this is no disrespect to any other Agents out there. But I have known Howard for 7 years and We both have seen how the Industry has evolved. Anyway buddy I had to say your Best Agent in the business....

Now after that Ass kissing(LOL)the attention is back on Me.

I had plenty of downtime to relax and plan out my next attack. The goal was to put a couple of things in can for the beginning part of the year Web based. And then move onto to some DVD work(I will talk about that Later)I have alot of big projects coming up. I see have that Top Secret still in the wings.

So to end this whole rant, I'm back in NYC and hitting up the gym for the next battle coming next week.

Most to post later

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


So its Day 2

It's time to film with "It's Gonna Hurt" with Castro and Hot Newcummer Jon Estevez(props to him)"It's Gonna Hurt" I saw all the Ads for it all over the Internet. I love the pics, and it's a simple Equation Big Dicks meet Tight Asses!!

Now that is a site I want to get behind, and it features Castro!! We all know the falling out with Tiger Tyson..

So through cafeful planning(Fabscout)the deal was made!!! Thanks to Fabscout, Best agent in the Business

So to set the tone of the day here is this Vid:

Now filming threesomes is a hard job, now add two very different styles of fucking by two very different Tops!! The bottom had the hardest job of servicing two dicks and taking two huge dicks up his Ass. My Boy Jon Estevez had a hard hard job!! Props to this little guy that came to the set with something to prove!! I really like this kid, We spent alot of time together. Another Newcummer to look out for his name is Jon Estevez.

It was a long shooot, We worked out the rough edges and got the scene done though. Its kinda of a cool story and set up(I will let you see the Scene for yourself) I will say that it was cool to go Head to Head with Castro, I Def brought another A game performance with Me. I fuck like nobody else, the look on Castro when I was hammering Jon was so hot!! I look for the compettion instead of running away from it. I have worked with other Big Dick Tops before, Dillon Buck, Barrett Long, etc etc. Its a showcase of skills, Long strokes, Hard pounding and controlling your bottom. I love the competition!! Director Joey was running the ship and brought out the best in Me.

After the scene its time to head back to Fabscout Headquarters!!! I wanted the fans to see the face of the little boy that got rammed by Castro and Diesel Washington. Still has that sweet innocent face:

We grab a bite to eat and then its off to film another scene, this time for GayCreeps. Don't worry we had dinner and a break to recharge.

It's a new Website that I really really like. It's def for the POV person!! Ever remember hanging out with your hot Str8 friend and you guys have alittle too much to drink and he passes out. He's laying on your bed passed out cold!! What do you do?? The GayCreeps have the answer, you molest them when they sleep!!

Ever have a sleep over with a Hot friend, and you watch them sleep??? Don't you ever want to touch here and there?? Well the GayCreeps have the answer, you molest them when they are sleeping.

Creepy Creepy stuff!!! I'm a freak(hate that saying)so I totally got into character. Hot breath, touching and feeling all the above!!! Having the chance to work with Jon was a good thing. I think I like this kid alot!! Moving on....

I worked over Jon yet again, and this time I took my time and made it hot and steamy with a Molesting feel to it. I like playing with new characters, and I got into character of a creep. Hahaha Here is some behind the scenes of GayCreeps:

Follow them on Twitter and the site is

I like trying new projects, and I was into the character and the style of the site. It's a new site and it's use of Gonzo footage is going to be a refreshing change of pace. I had a good time with the guys and they get every detail when they film or shoot Stills its very creepy like. It has a natural feel to it, and I wish great success to the site.

I was exhausted this day!!! I know Jon was worn out and sore for days. But We feel asleep together and I had to get rest for another shoot the next day. Yes another one!!!



Right into action!!!

Scott Alexander, I never met him before and I went into the shoot with good energy. My first step, was to create some chemistry between Us(which was easy)I saw Scott the night before the shoot. We introduced ourselves and then went to bed(separate rooms)I was tired!

It's the next day, we are on set and it took Me awhile to build that chemistry with Scott. It wasn't his fault(He's hot, Big dick, bubble ass, hot kisser)it was my fault and I will tell you why:

When I went Free agent, I went through a hard period of time looking for work. Then Scott Alexander started doing scenes for Titan. Thinking back, I was like "Who is this Guy??" and of course I was hating on Scott Alexander(and I never met him)the feeling I had at first was "Who is this Guy?? He can't replace Me!!" That is the honest truth!!! It's childish thinking, and I can laugh at it now because having worked with Scott Alexander made Me feel like the biggest hypocrite. I want people to stop judging Me before they meet Me and here I did the same exact thing to Scott. Anyway....

We started taking stills pictures and I was still alittle stiff at approaching Scott. It clicked when my bipolar brain told Me to "Let it Go" as I soon kissed Scott. My sexual side came out like a wild fire, and it was nothing but Ass eating, Dicksucking, Making out and Heavy fucking for the rest of the day of the shoot. So that chemistry is strong throughout the entire scene. You know I always bring my A game and Scott was aiming to please. Big Shout Out to Scott Alexander, even before working with you, you only had good things to say about Me. It was a pleasure to work with you. Your Funny, Sexy and have a crazy sense of humor!!

Reactions about the scene??? You have to see for yourself. Hey Scott Alexander introduce yourself:

Cool....So Scott???? Did I slam it home for you??:

After the scene, we headed over to Boardwalk. I had a chance to talk to Scott and it was like I was hearing the same experiences that I have been through. We instantly connected even stronger than On Set(if that is possible)!!! We get a bad wrap sometimes, people have these "Judgements" over our work. And it confuses Me time after time. So many people want to point fingers rather then help the problem. I have gone on record before and said I wanted to see more Diverse models in the industry. I have shared my experiences good and bad. But it seems that most people only want to hear the horror stories, while I fight the problem head on. I'm the performer that is working his way through the system, while being outspoken at the same time. It's not my fault if you guys are not reading my blog, but I speak in depth about the Industry needing to evolve.

But no.... I get Mutts on the MOC blog that want to point fingers at Me like Tre Xaver. Why do I even talk about you on my site??? We had our words yet.......

You still talk about Me!!! Such a hater!!! Geez its annoying..If people don't understand why I keep saying Bye Bye to these kinds of haters here is the reason why:

I write my own blog and you can read all the stories and fights I had with racism in the industry. You guys over MOC don't want an interview about my career, you want the horror stories, and all the bad things. I'm a model in this Industry who is trying to change things from the models point of view. Tre is a mutt and not a model(or ever was)and everybody else is a blogger and not a performer so they are not walking in the same shoes I am. You guys get an interview, I still have to work in this Industry and keep putting out good work and an image that other Men of Color can be seen in a big budget movie without being a Thug or Homeboy. That is the Point!!! I'm fighting the battle every time I jump on set. I fight the battle, by trying to be on so many different types of websites just to add the image of a hot sexy Black Man. I'm not going into it anymore but here is Diesel Washington and Scott Alexander talking about the subject:

Moving On I like Scott and here we are just playing around and having fun:

For the record, I'm 6'6 and 240lbs but you know that now!! Maybe you knew that before?? Who knows I have more posts to write!!

BTW The shoot was for Suite 703 and its site I'm a Married Man!!! I will Promote the hell out this scene!!

I had alot of thinking to do about the scene. I wanted to work with Scott Alexander because He is hot and he is a change of pace of models that I have worked with. Having the opportunity to work with another African American doing a Non thug scene, where it's all about chemistry and hot sex was priceless. This was a major scene to shoot for Me. I was familiar with set, Big Shout Out to Coconut Cove FTL for providing the space. The director was Gio(From Bait Buddies/ So I was working with a close friend, so I could trust his vision and his artistic eye. And having the perfect partner to work with in Scott Alexander.

Alot of good things came out of this shooting this scene. Having the opportunity to work with another African American on top of his game, to work with close friends. And just giving the industry images of Hot African Americans working together.

To the Fans that want to see more Men of Color, this is your opportunity to get your Voice heard!!! When the scene comes out on Suite 703 support it!!! Support it hard!!! Giving Us your support will force this website(and others) to start employing more Men of Color because customers are renting and downloading the performances, makes sense right???? So the power is in your hands!!!

One Battle at a time....

It was to get into the Industry....... check.

It was to become a popular model......check.

It was to show that Men Of Color can have hot scenes .....check

It was to show that Men of Color can sell DVD and scenes ..... check

It was to win awards and break that glass ceiling for Men of Color winning performer awards...... check

It was to show people that not only can I do porn, but I have a personality........ check

To become an accomplish blogger/writer........check

Getting more Men of Color into the business.......... still working it!!

What have you done Tre Xavier???Nothing but sit on a soap box pointing fingers at my Porn Career cause your washed up!! I'm working to change the problem, all your doing is running your mouth!!!


I'm still editing the Vid, but I wanted to share these pictures with the Fans. I interviewed Scott Alexander and We talk about alot of things!!! More to Come!!!

Geez I still have some Vid of Castro and more stories to tell that will knock your socks off!!

Monday, April 05, 2010


Okay People...

I know you have been waiting for the Vids and the stories(I know your waiting LOL) So let's jump right into it:

Okay first off the bat, Introducing a New Model to the Industry "Jake Austin"(New Fabscout Model) I was the first one to interview this model remember that!!!! Here he goes(you will see more of him later!!winkwink):

Okay and lets talk about Steven Daigle:

He is a funny guy, working hard and making that money!!Moving On!!!

Cody little fucker that you just want to pound and pound(fucking wise). I was at BoardWalk celebrating their 25th(I was very happy that night)And look Who drops by??? Cody Kyler, after some grabbing on his Ass time after time, I was like "I need to get and Interview, before I get too drunk" and We ran outside to do this quick interview. Here goes:

Now this was an interesting story, I was at Johnnys and I see the performer named Jake Lyons(I'm a blogger and read everything online)it seems that this model is getting a hard time. Let Me use the words from Fleshbot/Gay about the story:

Well, he will if a new lawsuit from Corbin Fisher is successful. The twinky porn site has sued Jake Lyons $1 million for using their pictures in his escort profile. Where is he going to come up with that much? Liberty Media, the company that runs Corbin Fisher, sued in Florida after Lyons used seven photos of himself in his profile on the site. The pictures were of Lyons performing as "Greg" (his name on the site) and had the distinctive yellow cursive scrawl of Corbin Fisher on them.

Recently Corbin Fisher has been aggressively protecting their copyrights, and in the piracy-plagued porn industry we don't blame them, but isn't this going a step too far? After all, where do they think this escort is going to come up with that kind of money? Well, he can still operate his profile with new pictures. We suggest these from his upcoming movie "Pizza Boy Gangbang." Maybe if he delivers some pizzas on the side, he can come up with that cool million! By Brian O'Brien

It's an old story, but I never heard anything from the actual model. So of course Diesel Washington had to hear the "Real Story" from the model himself, Here he goes but first his crazy fuck face:

Okay I know I know everybody is asking about the scene with Scott Alexander and Castro, it's coming.....

I have to give you people some tease footage first, it's not easy sitting here going through footage and putting it together and stuff. I like to help out and get more exposure for models. So this is the first batch for ya!!!

The footage is good and I have more and more coming!!!

More Later!!!

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Okay people.

I'm still in FTL, all the filming went well. I have alot of stories to tell and I'm still recovering from all the fucking!!

I will have up Vids and Stories by the end of today!!

Seen: Cody Kyler, Ryan Raz, Ridge Michaels, Scott Alexander, Castro, and many many more.

So I wanted to let people know that I'm okay and everything is great!!!

Don't worry I will give you all the diry later