Sunday, April 04, 2010


Okay people.

I'm still in FTL, all the filming went well. I have alot of stories to tell and I'm still recovering from all the fucking!!

I will have up Vids and Stories by the end of today!!

Seen: Cody Kyler, Ryan Raz, Ridge Michaels, Scott Alexander, Castro, and many many more.

So I wanted to let people know that I'm okay and everything is great!!!

Don't worry I will give you all the diry later


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter

Gummi Bare

Anonymous said...

Be a crime and shame if you didn't top Castro especially after Tiger Tyson has previously fucked the shit out Castro.

T said...

Glad that you are okay!

Anonymous said...

Post those vids, boo! You know your fans wanna see em, especially the ones with you, Scott Alexander, Castro, and any other black and brown hotties out there.

Spare the twinks, spoil your fans and fam!