Saturday, June 28, 2008


For one thing, these dudes aren't just hot as hell, they can act. Take for example Tony Buff, who looks amazing in every scene he's in and also makes us believe he's as corrupt and sadistic as it comes as the prison's corrections officer. Following Tony's lead, in the opening scene two more ultra-bad guys, Markus Ram and Bjoern Giger abuse and use prisoner Diesel Washington. After beating him up and then using leather straps to hang him from the ceiling, Markus and Bjoern suck their way to the first huge cum-shot. But then, Diesel manages to get free, and what ensues is one of the most intense scenes of revenge-fucking ever. First, though, Diesel gets drenched with piss, and force to submit to a hot suck from Markus. But then, Diesel takes over, and the rest of the scene is all power-fucking at the hands of one of the best tops in gay porn. Diesel slam-fucks his two former captors until they whimper with submission. After Diesel pounds Bjoern, he sticks it to Markus while Bjoern sits in the corner and pisses himself.

A DVD Review by Martin Cox ( )

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

Reading over my blogs I never went into detail about my scene..... I like to keep things under wraps until the big moment!! Well now is that big moment!!!!, I am very proud of this scene.... I pushed myself far above, what I thought was possible. Now before we go into Politics and this and that.... I know what Ur saying(or thinking) Another SLAMMER!!! And that I was going to be the prisoner who gangs bangs some guy...


2. How Typical?? They Put Yet another Black Guy in Jail and do a Porn Movie!!!


All u do is Slam Fuck Guys and never show anything else!!!bah bah

Okay guys I heard enough of this bullshit!!

Back to Folsom Prison:
Now I remember that Brian Mills and Diesel came up with the Vision of Telescope(Now in stores!!)And it was from a very good movie from back in the days......

So when Brian told me about the Folsom Prison Scene, basically a Three Way(two tops one bottom) I had doubts about the scene... More because I have seen it done so many times before and I wanted something interesting this time around.

Yeah Yeah I had the thoughts another Black Guy in Jail bah bah but at the same time I wanted to make something different...

The Truth be Told it was suppose to be Diesel and Markus Ram double team Bjoern, we are the prisoners breaking in a new guy.......Which would be Hot!!!! But.... I wanted more......

Markus Ram came out of retirement to do a scene with me... And the Man delivered!!!!I wanted him to bottom for me and he was ready(Big Shout out to ya!!) So that was an added twist!!!

So I'm sitting around thinking thinking......what to do?? What to Do???.....

And it came to me.....

I wanted Bjoern and Markus Ram to play Prison Guards, rough me up, beat me, piss on me, spit in my face, punch me, kick me and try to make me submit!!! While hanging from the ceiling from leather straps around my wrists.

I was innocent and convicted of a crime I didn't do..But these guys were going to be assholes, and Markus Ram played his character to the Tee!!!! I couldn't have asked for more..
Bjoern is one the best bottoms that I worked with (besides Titanman Alex,Sagat,Sant, Banda)who took everything that I could throw at him and then hundred times more!!!

As far as storyline I borrowed from Lethal Weapon, the scene where Mel Gibson is tied up and hanging from ceiling(water running on him) and some guy is electrocuting him with a car battery but he manages to escape.... Go get the Movie Lethal Weapon(the first one) to see what I'm talking about...

Anyway I knew most people were tired of seeing me Beat Guys up and Rape Them or Fist them or Foot them..... all this Alpha Male Shit!!!

So there is a set up for all the Power Fucking and Plowing..... Hope u like it!!

What I'm most happy about is getting Writers Credit for my scene, Yes U heard it, I wrote my own scene, Right down to the Mice on Set, Being Tied Up, Beat Down, Pissed On, Slapped, Gut Punched, Spit on, Fuck positions. I had so much control of this shoot I was hyper on Set cause It was playing out exactly as I wanted!!!

I'm very happy with my scene!!!! I tried yet again to Step up the bar again!!!

The Whole scene is Hot!! and the rest of movie Aint Bad Either(LOL)No I'm playing the whole movie is Hot and worth the bucks!!!

So there u have it, Buy it, Rent it, VOD it just watch cause I think u will be surprised this time around. See ya Bitches


Okay I will be at both events one supporting Damien and the other is DVD Release Party for Folsom Prison(I got a hot scene in that one)so come check it out and have some fun(sounds corny but im writing this fast) Peace out Bitches!!!


U know I had to support my Homie Mister Crosse with his events as usual(he would do it for me!!) And I stopped by Woof Big Shout out to Max Scott thanks for having me.... Big Shout Out to Steven Cruz(sexy little elf) and Mister Horse Hung Antonio Biaggi. Tricky Tranny I saw ya U were having Fun like a Motherfucker!!! Parties Parties!!! Next Blog...


In such a rush to change things I didn't blog about the change in design and the overall new look of the blog........ It was about time!!! I have always wanted to change the format but never got around to it... But I think I will make a few more changes here and there but for the most part it will look the same maybe with some added bonuses. Now where to begin..? Big Shout to Jerome at Chapter photography he sent some more pics from IML(a while back) and I decided to post some of the photos now!!!

Above are photos of Diesel, Rick Van Sant(also on Cover of Telescope)and Brian Mills(world famous and mentor). Yeah Yeah I know fucking Flowers!!!! So What..It was taken at House Of Blues in one of their bathrooms and it was done quick and I like How they came out. And this should end all the Rumors that I'm mad cause Rick Van Sant made the cover, I never had anything against the Man at all, shit I fucked him and Footed him(and Our sex scene was hot I really really enjoyed working with Rick, with a Bubble Butt like he has, Why would I complain??

So there U have it Bitches more in another Post.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


This is a quick post, seeing that I travel alot in my down time I like to go to the movies(ALOT) I have seen Iron Man(6times and even the ending which alot of people missed)Hulk(3 times kinda of the blog theme)Kung Fu Panda,Strangers(sucked)Indiana Jones, Zoltan,Chronicles of Naria, Run Fat Boy Run, The Happening(sucked) Get Smart, I cant remember the Rest some Indie Movies bah bah bah......

Oddly enough, and it might sound funny but there was a Quote from Kung Fu Panda that I still think about Over and Over, Its the scene with the Turtle(Master) He says "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but Today is a Gift, that is Why its called The Present"......

I like it I like it..... till next time, cause right now I'm living for the Day. I'm a Free agent and alot of Offers are coming in, I'm trying to be Picky for my next Role, at this point I want to continue to do Good Work(at least in my Head)so I'm planning the next attack........... The Porn Industry will never be the same after I put my Hands on it!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well since I havent wrote a blog in a little while, I have to come out of hiding cause I have been running around the States and going from Show to Show. I have always been a traveler and I like it(sometimes LOL)So far the count is in the last two months, San Fran, Palm Springs, Chi Town, Washington, Houston(1day), and now Pittsburgh.........

Whats to Say??? The Rentboy Crew showed me another great time.... It was a Great Hotel, meeting new People, plenty of drinking and playing around..... Ur usual nonsense of Escorts and Pornstars put together in a Soup, so U sit back and watch the madness in front of ya(NO NO NO I did not engage in the Mess Myself but it was interesting to Watch) I clocked the first naked guy (Nick Capra)at 830pm........ Now this party was attended by Rich Old guys, Pornstars, Escorts, Muscle Jocks, Press and Camera People.....OPEN BAR YES OPEN BAR!!! At one point, Not to be judgemental there was a Old Guy and Twink Soup in the Hot Tub... It was funny just seeing the Mess..... that was at the Pool Party(kinda of sucked it was raining that day at times)
Then it was to the Chocolate Man.... It was this very accomplished Chef who had a Special Dinner over at his House. Selected Guests about 60 People, I have to Say the Food was Great.... Hands down some of the Best Food I have had in Recent Months, it was a great meal, It sucks I dont remember the guys name, I was upstairs being entertained by the Guests that were sampling an assorted collection of Fourtwenty stock(LOL LOL)
The Next Day was spent at Andy Warhol Museum, very interesting.......I am a Fan his style and Attitude about Life, Press, Work.... Reminds me of alot things about my own life..... But Moivng On.....

The Next Day was spent celebrating Pride in the Streets, they cut off about a City Block in Pittsburgh and they have Performers, and Singers on the Stage and I was excited to meet Kimberly Locke. Now I dont Watch American Idol(Sorry to Say)but I did watch Celebrity Fit Club when she was on the show with Screech(Very Funny Stuff) and seeing her in Person, Shes Tiny and so Cute. I was in the VIP section with her and she was so nice and I was cuddling up with her at one point(Not that way!!!LOL) so I made sure I was able to take a few photos with her. So Many People were out in Pittsburgh to have fun it was Cool(sounds phoney I know) But it was....

I was performing out there with Damien Crosse and we turned out another performance at Club Pittsburgh in which We left the Crowd All Wet and even Used Spray Guns to Hose down the People at the Bathhouse.

So there is another City that was Handled Now I have other blogs to write to Stay tuned above for more....