Monday, June 02, 2008


I love the hate emails I really do, Ur watching me, watching my vids, looking at my pics, getting the DVDs just to hate on me. Its so refreshing to know that the haters are the ones that pay my bills. Haters are the people, that follow my path and every step of it, they bite their lips(not tongues) when I put up pics from all the states I go to. Hate on me for all the boys I fuck, the awards I win. I love it.

Just so u haters know, My assistant Patrick goes through the comments and moderates them so I don't even get to see the hate comments he just ignores them and deletes them. So all the time and effort u put to write on my blog is just wasted key strokes.

But by all means, keep sending the hate, Patrick laughs at it and the more hate that comes, the more I know I'm being loved. People only Love ya for so long, But people can hate ya till the day u die!!!

But back to the FANS........ we did it!!! All I ever wanted was to stand out in this business.... Mission accomplished

FOR THE FANS!!!!!! THIS IS OUR TIME IN THE SUN!!! I took the whole week off just to breathe and relax and enjoy alone time for once. This week its back on the grind hitting up the gym and pressing forward again.

Hello???? its Touring time!!! I finally got some of the dates for ya. It will be in next blog,

I'm ready for the modeling gigs now, from everything to swim wear to Fetish clothing........

Summer is here and I want to touch everything I can I have nothing to hold me back now, and I'm ready!!!

So much has happen in last couple weeks, but I'm grounded and humble I'm just ready to work and make some good movies....

Speaking of which:


FOLSOM PRISON a monster of a movie, my first role ever, tied up, mouth duck taped, at the mercy of some sadist prison guards. I wrote that scene for myself and Titan even gives me credit for Writing my own scene in the movie. That's a first for Titan in its history that a model gets writing credits for his scene.
I don't know what more to say about the movie its explosive, well done, best possible editing, great director, great crew and the movie is very well made. I put my best efforts in to that scene from head to toe. Every detail was thought about, down to the white mice, I didn't want brown rats, I wanted little white mice, which gave contrast to the scene. My first water sports scene where I get pissed on and beat and smacked around and kicked and punched(I was sore for a week after that scene) I saw the scene myself and it was FUCKING HOT!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT MORE TO SAY!!! FOLSOM PRISON IS A HOT FUCKING MOVIE( to be selfish my scene is.......)

When I get pics from the set and stills I will post them I'm telling ya people the movie is fucking great. It feels like Oz and American Me check it out!!!

Well that's all for today more in next blog but for now, enjoy the Pics


Anonymous said...

Congratulations man. Love your blog. You are real and that's what I enjoy about you. Can't wait to get Folsom Prison. Telescope was off da chain and I saw the preview for Prison and you and Markus together looks hot as hell. I see many more awards for you my man. Keep up the great work!!!

Markus Ram said...

Damn you're fuckin' hot!!! I'm sure glad you got a chance to lay it to me in Folsom Prison. Took my hole a few days to stop hurting, but it was worth it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

How can you love the "hate" mail(i.e "mail form black folks") if you don't see it?...And if this is truly the case then do you even write the blogs?...Honestly, I don't think you get any actual "hate" mail...What you get is mail that poses questions that you're too scared to confront or acknowledge...It all boils down to this, Brothers are finally calling your bluff while the white dudes are eating you up...They've been know to do that!

yan1980 said...

Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you can develop ability to laugh at yourself, you will be much more relaxed when given or giving criticism… Blessed is he who can enjoy his blunders.
- John C. Maxwell

Larry said...

I think you're one of the best performers working in this buisness. I can't wait to get my hands on Telescope...It's a remake of a Hollywood move with a gay twist. It's going to be hot!!!Have you ever thought about doing a sort of remake D. W. Griffith's "Birth Of A Nation"?. You'd bring class & style to that one. BTW, Congratulations on winning the award...You've have earned it.

Anonymous said...

Diesal, your swimsuit pics are hot, hot, hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Gary, Houston

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen a bad picture of you but the BEST of all is you in blue swim trunks...seriously...HOT !!!
Keep up the good work. Ignore the haters. They will always be haters and you are better than that.

Kudo's also to Patrick. Whatever he does, he's doing it well !!



The Reverb said...

Just know you aint doing somthing right if you dont have haters.

Hell you need to work on getting more.