Saturday, August 30, 2008


Okay Double Standard is Out!!!!


I try to push myself harder and harder...... And this was another character for me.... Be Warned!!! This is a romantic scene..... there is no Animal Plowing, smacking, choking, punching etc etc....

We know We know....I'm a hard fucker and work over my bottoms... This will show a side of me that is totally different from any Work I have done. I'm alittle nervous...I don't know How the Public will receive it.....????

It was Shot by the always Incredible Brian Mills, its Great!!! and its My First Shower Scene.. First Time In Bed, and my Co Star was a perfect choice for the role. I want to talk more about the Role, but I will save it for some time until more Details come in(I know the Details but want to write a better post about it)

I wrote this Scene as well(Folsom Prison)and worked side by side Brian Mills as usual, and the ideas were flowing and It felt right....

One note.....Oh shit.. I will save it for the Next Blog..

Thursday, August 28, 2008



Bobby Blake..

Matthew Rush, Tiger Tyson...

Markus Ram, Adam Dexter, Eddie Diaz,Ian Rock, Aarin Driver, Scott, Aron Ridge,

Brieon Diamond, Derrick Long, Brian Bodine, Jason Tiya, Wolf Hudson, Supreme, so many more!!!

Well the Reason why I wanted to write this Blog was because I was swamped by emails asking about Black Balled 6: Under the Hood.......

I recently stated that I was waiting to do a movie for Chi Chi Larue........ And that Still stands true.. Im Dieing to Work with Chi Chi Larue..I Love Her Work, I highly Respect What She Does and has Done for Porn!! It would be My Honor to Work for Her. I LOVE YA CHI CHI!!!

As a Fan of Porn, Im current with everything I just like watching good porn(nowadays I get most of the trailers, unless copies are given to me from other models)and the Buzz is about Black Balled 6.... It really looks like the Making of a Great Film...

I have first Hand Knowledge from working with Markus Ram on Folsom Prison(and Reading his blog and YouTube posts)that this is a Hot Movie.... The Models in the Movie Look Hot and Buff as all Hell.. And with Chi Chi directing I have no doubt that this movie will be Smoking..... The bottom is fucking Sweet!!!! and no doubt busted his ass doing this shoot.

Black Balled 6: Under the Hood and NO Diesel Washington????? Why???

I have been in the Business for 2 1/2 years now....

My Movies:

HITCH: Threesome
Folsom Filth: Foursome
Crossing the Line Cop Shack 2: Threesome
Boiler: One on One
FEAR: Threesome, Fivesome
BREAKERS: Threesome
TELESCOPE: One on One, Threesome

I have shared Bottoms with other Tops for 2 1/2 years.... its Time for me to be alittle Selfish right now... And have a Bottom all to Myself!!!LOL.... Of Course I will still do group scenes.... But there are so many New Models in the Business.....Why not share the Wealth????? I accomplished alot of Goals that I set for myself this year.. And I love the Fact that there are New Models breaking into the Business!!

U have Retired Legend Bobby Blake on tour right now, plugging away his Book.. U have Iconic Performers still in the Business Today, Tiger Tyson, Matthew Rush. And SuperStars right now such as Adam Dexter, Markus Ram, Eddie Diaz, Marc Willams,Wolf Hudson, and Aaron Ridge that are turning out some great work. And New Guys to the Scene Breion Diamonds(working hard) Supreme(keep thugging)Kamrun, Derrick Long etc etc etc

All of This is a Good thing...THERE IS NO HATE IN MY BLOOD AT ALL!!!

More and More Studios are recogzing that Men of Color can be profitable. Its a Long process but.... We.. Men of Color are breaking through the Door(slowly but gaining speed)and I love it!!!!

Bring It On!!!! I love the Competition!!!!! The More the Merrier!!!!! Im ready!!!
Now People will Understand why Im so Hard Myself!!!! I see the Pattern changing and its exciting...




Holding Grabby 2008 and Rentboy Award 2008

Put Ur Diamonds UP!!!

Thug Love

Thug Love 2

Leather Killer

Trying to be Sexy

Me being Goofy with One of my Fave Shows Family Guy

Titan Man Jersey I wore for the Basketball themed story I wrote for Titan

Well its seems that Patrick contacted me and told me "Ur Blog looks like Shit!!" I was like Oh really?? I wanted to come up with this Story the Gloom of NYC but I was alittle absent minded and didn't really get the Pics that I wanted....

I have to realize these outdoor Pic taking was just a Goof... I didn't really take the whole post serious. And Patrick let me have it..... All the hard work that He put into the Blog and having me Shit it Away... Okay Fine!!!

I went back to the Basics... Just taking Pics of me and in my Place just trying something New!!! U guys who read my blog has had my Back and been on this Ride for a Long Time!!!

I have Alot Alot Alot in store.....Don't Worry .......... Things take time...And sometimes I can get restless and want to work, want to work.... I'm just highly competitive and I see the Superstars really stepping up their Game. I want to be in the Race myself(At least in My Mind) and I just like doing good work..

So Update on everything that is going on..... I'm stepping In New Ground...... I have alot of surprises in store!!! Don't Worry!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yeah I said it........... I'm tired of hearing about Michael Phelps. Is that Hate coming out of Diesel's mouth????? Sure is!!!!! I am jealous??? Sure!!! Do I envy him??? Fuck Ya!!!

I'm just tired of hearing about him..... Enough Talk..I just want to Fuck him!!!!

Medals Medals bah bah bah bah How about that Ass of His?? The motherfucker is in shape.. and tall Yeah I would blast his hole!!!

American Hero yeah yeah. But can he deep throat a cock??????? Ride a Dick as well as he swims???? That's more Important to me, anybody that can touch the floor, without bending knees, spreading those cheeks....real wide. That's fucking hot to me!!!

To be Real... the Olympics were Great!!!

China showed its Ass, I have to admit the shows, the People, that shit was Amazing!!!
I usually don't write about such things... But it was a crazy two weeks and that shit was Entertaining!!!.


Moving On...... I'm bored and was hanging out with my Russian Friend Vlad(Real Model!!) So there we are walking around and we said "Fuck It!!" He does all this Skinny, starving modeling....where they look like they eat two Twix bars a Day shit. I'm joking.... They Eat three Twix bars LOL!!!

But me being never the shy one.. We did the classic Walking Around the City and taking Pics..I forget sometimes that New York is always interesting to see and travel through(even though I live here I don't go out much)its New York!!! So...

I had the Envision of a Dark NYC, with a splash of Sun shine here and there. I don't know??????... I'm the one coming up with the Ideas now!! So I thought I would get some good shots, So enjoy....Maybe they will make sense to ya... Maybe they wont Hey I gave it a Try!!

Enjoy Bitches!!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


So People know I'm giving ya a heads up notice, I will not be at the LA Rentboy Pool Party tomorrow. There were some complications at the last min that will prevent me from going.... Shame I have been at all the Rentboy Pool Parties this year....and sad that I will be missing this one DAMN!!!

In any case there are some happenings going on Next month that I can announce today. I will continue My promoting of Titan at this years Folsom Fair..... that's right still promoting Titan.... I have a strong relationship with Titan even though I'm Free agent....

People the Decision to go Free Agent was to work with everybody and continue on with good work!!!! Just because I promote Titan doesn't mean that I cant work with anybody else!!! I have to put that out there.... Titan is a Beast yes!!!! I get the sense that some Studios are scared to work with me because of Titan's Blood hounds(Lawyers)and that truly is not the case. Titan respects my decisions and even gave me better insight into continuing to do good work and helpful advice. I don't know the workings of the Business Side of things.......but I HAVE THE GREEN LIGHT TO WORK FOR OTHER PEOPLE!!!.

Readers of my blog, know that I speak my mind and not controlled by anybody!!! I know how to market myself and other people. What I don't know is how the Power Brokers move....... that's the next stop for me(in the future) I like this business and its cut throat, yes but oh brother the money is good and so is the Sex!!!

I'm a Veteran already, I see new faces and even more people who think they are Porn Stars, from doing a website here and there. Its not the same anymore...... This New breed is alot different from previous years, it doesn't seem like People want to earn their pay check anymore!!! They don't want to bust their ass on shoots anymore.... Expect the highest returns from self limited work, whats alittle more funny is that most of these people don't even watch Porn, or even know alittle history behind it. I rant and rant about this all the time, It just pisses me off sometimes. TO THE MODELS OUT THERE!!!! Ur work will be around forever!!! over and over it will be viewed by the next generation of gays etc etc. So make it the best thing u have ever done....

What more to write? I still have no assistant as of now....But I am getting help from an Unnamed source(I might reveal them soon)so expect the unexpected!!! Peace Bitches!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well maybe not Limbo..... I have two projects still left to be released and its One of my Most Important Movies I have done ever!!!! My romantic scene is way way over due at this point... THE ANGRY BLACK MAN HAS LEFT THE BLDG... And I busted my Ass for this role... I was told that it was shot beautiful, and that my shower scene is smoking hot... My First Shower scene. Wow out of the Woods, not in a Closet, or Dungeon.. I get a Shower and Bed...Yes!!! a Bed!!.

Now Im just itching for Work... Its the projects that really get the Fire in my Blood. Just knowing that I'm creating something to watch that is entertaining but Hot at the Same Time. There are so many stories to write, so many ideas to throw together and so many Studios to work with so many....

What to do? What to do? I'm a model but I have alot in store for ya. Just cause Patrick has School doesn't mean that we didn't work on many other projects for the Fans to See... I have been traveling so much I forgot to Post alot of things and I have some time this week to give the best I got(for now)


Diesel Washington is one of the most recognizable men in the porn industry today. Known mostly as the intimidating powerhouse behind Titan's mega-star line-up of exclusives, Diesel is a force to be reckoned with. He makes us want to duck and hide as well as suck and fuck.
He's also the creator of a position called "The Bully", where he takes the bottom around his waste, backwards, and then fucks them in a headlock. This stallion keeps us a little scared, but always salivating. Cheers, Diesel, with you on our Dream Team there is no way anyone could frighten us!


Diesel Washington is a dominant, forceful, aggressive top who gives his best to every scene he’s in. As a dedicated performer he believes in doing only what he’s into and not faking any part of his performance. He loves to get verbal with his conquests and loves to tell them how to suck it and how hard and deep they’re about to get it. Diesel has appeared in some of Titan Men’s hottest features including Breakers, Fear, Boiler and Telescope. He is best known for his wild positions and ability to power fuck from any angle, which isn’t easy considering he packs a massive 10-inch cock. Still this black stud never shows any mercy as he pounds apart the tightest holes, leaving all his co-stars begging for mercy. Aside from working in the adult industry Diesel also has a degree in Telecommunications and enjoys traveling all over the world. Diesel was also part of Michael Grecco’s book Naked Ambition, a book that featured some of the industry’s biggest stars. Diesel posed alongside fellow Titan Men exclusive Francois Sagat.



FOLSOM FILTH:Winner of Gayvn 2007 Best Extreme 2007 Grabby Best Fetish

reviews by Sex

It isn’t difficult to narrow down the most unforgettable grouping in the movie. The award goes to forceful African-American top Diesel Washington, silent but stern muscle daddy top Brendan Davies, Asian bottom Lee Heyford, and the beautiful bearish muscle bottom Alex Baresi. This man will rock your world as he chokes on cocks, gets his gorgeous hairy ass feasted on by Washington, gets powerfully fucked by both Washington and Davies on all fours and lying on his back; both he and Heyford aim to please their tops. The sexual chemistry between these four men is phenomenal.


Back to the fantastic four: Diesel, Lee, Brendan and Alex. Alex is choking down Brendan's fat cock as Diesel noisily sucks his asshole. And what a furry sensation that asshole is, Diesel smacking and burying his face in deep. Brendan and Diesel take turns fucking Alex, and I mean FUCK. Diesel slams into Alex as harshly as possible, and Brendan is no less brutal (Lee is tied up across the room watching). Lee then gets the same treatment: a rimjob from Diesel, then a royal fucking from both tough tops. There's also a sexy chemistry between the two tops, Diesel and Brendan kissing and pec-punching as they fuck Alex and Lee. Alex gets fucked a second time by Diesel, then doused with cum from both.


Enormously tall and muscled Diesel has to be measured, and Trey wants to watch because he has a fitting coming up. Bespectacled adorable Patrick is awfully thorough with his tape measure, particularly the in-seam. Why are his pants so snug? Oh, it must be that gigantic cock poking around. What is Patrick to do when almost poked in the face with its full size? Suck it! After much thought (too much, if you ask me), he goes in for a galloping swallow. Watching this wonderful blowjob, Trey flips his cock out and watches patiently. With the foaming lather Patrick is working up on just Diesel's dick, he definitely has the spunk to handle another. He's greedy in the best way possible, keeping his hand on one while he sucks the other to the fullest. Trey soon joins Patrick on the floor, the two sharing towering Diesel. It's then super-hunky brunet Trey's chance to shine, easily sucking both dicks. The smaller hairy Patrick is no doubt destined for some heavy fucking, so Diesel and Trey prep his ass with full-tilt rimjobs. After all three guys cum (with Trey hitting his face with errant flies of his shot), Patrick indeed bottoms. He starts by riding on Diesel, slamming down all the way on Diesel's majestic cock and bouncing up to the top. With his own hard dick flapping around, he makes getting skewered by Diesel look not only absolutely pleasurable, but a breeze as well! Diesel beckons to Trey, who takes a ride next. Just as perfectly, Trey is able to bound the length of it, and with tons of power. Diesel and Trey take turns fucking Patrick, an accommodating bottom to these beefcake supremes. In the end, it's Trey getting fucked by Diesel and sucking Patrick who cums again first. Patrick needs another round with Diesel to finish himself off, especially after Diesel's big second load. As an added bonus to Patrick for all of his devoted

Boiler by
"Boiler" begins with rock-hard Diesel Washington trying to cool things off with some watersports. Diesel's stream of piss only serves to inflame his playmate, buff and handsome C.J. Knight, who gets a mouthful of Diesel's dick not long after he's squeezed the last few drops away. Diesel and C.J. deliver a dynamite oral sequence, with mutual cocksucking that ends with C.J. blowing a huge load, followed by Diesel licking his own cum from C.J.'s work boots after he drenches them with jism. Diesel gives one hell of a hot rimjob, driving his pointy tongue deep into C.J.'s hairless pucker. And speaking of pointy, C.J.'s nipples turn into hard peaks when he's sitting on Diesel's cock and riding it, with such energetic bounces that the big dude only has to recline and groan in ecstasy. C.J. spews while he's still bouncing, and then Diesel stands and blows yet another heavy load, aimed at C.J.'s still-erect nipples.

FEAR 2008 Gayvn Best Speciality Release Extreme and 2008 Grabby Best Fetish Extreme
review by

Sagat cries out a muffled "Help!" with pain and fear on his face while Newport and Madison humiliate, taunt and drench him with piss. Sagat gets so frightened, he pisses in his jockstrap. Mills does an impossibly excellent job of making viewers squeamish, but at the same time making it incredibly erotic. As if things couldn't get worse (or better depending on your standpoint), the guys drag Sagat to a round table. It would be easy to fuck him mercilessly, but they punch, bitch slap, rim, face and ass fuck, piss and spit on Sagat while Flynn watches helplessly. The fucking is intense, but Sagat takes it like a champ, and then scene gets hotter when Washington shoots his load on Sagat's head, then licks it off.

BREAKERS review by

Water sports also figure into the next scene, after Fran├žois cavorts naked in the surf and makes us all ache with how sexy he looks doing it. In a remote forest clearing, towering hunk Diesel Washington awaits a session with cute Victor Banda and hugely hung Dillon Buck. Diesel demonstrates an interesting ability to spray his urine in his own mouth, and it is also quite entertaining to watch the more diminutive Victor take turns sucking Diesel and Dillon. Victor gets doused by cum in the finale of the first part of this three-way. Next, Victor's tight, gorgeous little ass takes the spotlight, as he is both rimmed and fucked by his two heavy-hung co-stars. Diesel literally pumps the load out of Victor at the end of this hot fuck sequence.

TELESCOPE review by

Finally, Diesel gets into the act, taking off his business suit to wreak havoc on the much-smaller stud Steven Ponce. Steven plays Diesel's valet, and he has apparently taken liberties with the dude's car. So, he owes Diesel, and Diesel takes it out on his creamy, taut little ass. But first, Diesel does a beautiful, uninhibited job of sucking Steven's dick, leaving gobs of spit in his own goatee as he does so, and making Steven blow all over Diesel's taut pecs and stomach. That, however, is nothing compared to the fuck sequence that follows. There are almost no words to describe just how intensely Diesel goes after Steven's ass, from a blistering rimjob to the actual penetration that follows. To be fair, though, Steven is just as impressive, riding Diesel's huge meat like it's nothing, and matching acrobatically and athletically throughout the scene.
The most impressive position of all is a standing fuck that is so original Diesel ought to patent it, holding Steven aloft with his arms while fucking him from behind. Steven can't do much more than take it and watch his own hard cock flail around as Diesel works his magic back there. The finale is just as perfectly performed: Steven strokes out a self-facial while Diesel slams into him missionary, and then Diesel stands over Steven and releases a rain shower of cream that lands on Steven's pale body.


in the opening scene two more ultra-bad guys, Markus Ram and Bjoern Giger abuse and use prisoner Diesel Washington. After beating him up and then using leather straps to hang him from the ceiling, Markus and Bjoern suck their way to the first huge cum-shot. But then, Diesel manages to get free, and what ensues is one of the most intense scenes of revenge-fucking ever. First, though, Diesel gets drenched with piss, and force to submit to a hot suck from Markus. But then, Diesel takes over, and the rest of the scene is all power-fucking at the hands of one of the best tops in gay porn. Diesel slam-fucks his two former captors until they whimper with submission. After Diesel pounds Bjoern, he sticks it to Markus while Bjoern sits in the corner and pisses himself.

I know know this is a long fucking blog... but since I don't have all the Porn Studios together in one room. I will put it here in my blog(maybe someone will read it maybe not!!)I have to promote myself all the time and here's one more time. I think this blog is being honest. Its a Resume for U the Fans and the Industry.... I really believe that I have some Star Power and Def a money maker, having me in any movie will add to it and make the Company that produced it Money.. I also write my own scenes I wrote Folsom Prison, My romantic Scene, and then my BasketBall Story... I can do the Porn thing, I write Scripts, Won the Awards I want to work now!!!

Money is always the name of the game, and if anything I will make a Company some money U can bank on that..

NOW ENOUGH OF TALKING ABOUT MYSELF....I had to write this blog because I need to start promoting hardcore...I see guys working and working and I'm highly competitive and always want to set the bar high for someone else to set up their game.

I have more blogs to write so stay tuned Bitchs!!!