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So back on the scene I was away but enjoy movie We talk more later.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Look who is back on the scene.. Due to technical difflicities... I had a hard time logging in with my server, so I couldn't access anything, but I'm back sort of... So lets jump right into it. I have to write out a quick message for the fans and let them know my upcoming plans. I will be working with CockyBoys and I'm nervous as Hell!! But this is what I wanted... Not to kiss ass or anything but I like the direction they are going and I'm super excited to work with them. Now the scene and story is quite complex so I wont go into detail but its a role I never attempted before and I think its time for a change to the Diesel character... The name of the Scene is called "The Bully and the Healer" and guess what role I'm playing??? So I had to go into the Office for the First "Fitting", anytime the director has an idea that he wants to showcase I'm down... I have to try to not over think the scene but at the same time I have to stay true to the Diesel Brand and go from there. But other than that I like to be a Blank Canvas for a director to use so he can over the scene and tell me some pointers or a better director that the character needs to Be. So I'm doing the regular routine Hitting the gym hard and maintaining, I got a nice muscles mass going and I have about two weeks to get into Ripped shape. To think I will be the oldest model in this movie so I have to go into the scene RIGHT AS HELL!!! Now around the blogs I'm reading that after CockyBoys I might retire..... There is some truth to that statement, I have been working hard on a project for months and it kills Me that I have to play the guessing game with things... Enough said So taking the time to invest in this role is real important to Me, It may sound corny but I want to put on a Great performance.You never know when it will be my last role... Never know... Now within the last few months, Next Door Studios went bareback, GuysinSweatpants went bareback, M.L Entertainment went bareback, The playing field is about EVEN when it comes to the Condom Studios/sites and the ones that went bareback. I just dont know what to tell you??? The climate around the industry is alittle strange right now... Between Porn stars killing themselves, turning up HIV+, statements from models saying that mostly all the bare back models are HIV+....Shit is crazy right now.. I made the statement that Gay Porn was Dead.... I don't know what more to say???? I really want to share the opinions of the bloggers about the situation that is happening right now.. Speaking of which Zach is no longer at Now He is writing for ManHunt Daily and I think its great and its almost like he hasn't lost a beat and he is coming and coming after the bullshit he sees in the industry. Alot of people don't know... This business runs on Smoke and Mirrors.... Big Shoutout to the rest of the gang over there at Manhunt Daily... The Future of Diesel is known... But since 2005, I have BEEN RIDING THIS BITCH till the wheels fall off.. Peace people

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Havent posted in a while...

Im pleased to announce i will be working with Cockyboys...

More info soon

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Okay you know I had to do another Youtubes for the fans, Enjoy!!

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Anyway I have MIA on my blog and I think I need to go back to promoting and showing some personality again.  This blog is my baby and I have to say I'm guilty of neglect, so I'm a bad parent so this time around I have to go back to my roots as a Entertainer and really grow all around.

I spent years as a Model, starting a new career in directing and editing....

I haven't shopped myself around and I do stay limited to the Pornish stuff.  Part of being a good director is going out there and getting footage...The job of an editor is to connect the dots in a way the viewer can understand the story that is present in front of them

Putting all of these elements together and you might have something special.  I think its a little bit selfish of Me to force all of my energy into just Porn

There is a big world out there....

I just started at the Tip of a new journey..

Anyway not to be long winded, I uploaded some pictures for the fans..

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Not my YouTube but I wanted people to leave their own comment on the YouTube channel regarding this subject.

Opinions vary and the word Hypocrite is thrown around...

Yikes anyway I will post more this week, it has busy running around and taking care of business.  I have a lot of things going on and seeing where I fit in these days.  Trying to run a business, take care of myself and then see after porn is a trying time for Me.  I have performers heart and I always will, as long as I stay in the gym and keep looking fit and ready for action I have no problem..

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Start my first series with Sluts are Us.

This is part two
 just call the numberor text and a slut will connect with ya and bring the hot steamy stuff for ya.

1 609 903 9777

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Going right into it, a East coast porn producer has finally released their first bare back scene.  In my opinion this should not come as a surprise because M.L. hinted at something in this interview : Granted he wrote the article himself but I'm confused by some of his statements because earlier in this interview:

  "But this is my company and I have strong principles and beliefs and it is highly irresponsible to show unsafe sex to a community that suffered tremendously through the AIDS crisis."

I guess one of the side effects of taking Truvada is hypocrisy .....

 Moving on.....

Porn star couples.....

Been and done that...all I can say whatever floats your boat, but lets go through the history of porn star boy friends:

Benjamin Bradley and Roman Heart

The Jarics

Spencer Reed Phillip Aubrey

Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder

Steven Daigle and Trent Locke

Trey Turner and Jessie Colter

Diesel (insert name here)

But again whatever floats your boat, not only did everybody get to see you fuck your bf but they got to see you fuck him raw...Nice for you..

Again read above, not only will you be attached to him in porn the minute you break up. Every blogger runs for the story, but the bigger story is who is the first porn star to bareback with another partner..? Just to throw some shade into the equation...

Again I wish them well...(Read above)

Moving on....I had to pull out this Vid that was shot about three years ago....."Shut Your Hole"

Put it this way, I had to agree with some of the 'CUM DUMPSTERS' out there....a lot of hypocrites in this Vid saying Shut your Hole in one voice...

Later to star in "Cum Whore"'s true I tell no lies...

And now there is all this talk about more models testing HIV+, yeah not a lot of good things are happening in the world of porn...

One of my blogger faves Zach from over at was released from his services due to outside influences....MONEY POWER HUNGRY DOGS.

He was replaced by the writer of the him Jack.

So many changes to the field of porn and the market is getting smaller and smaller.

Some progress has been made to the Hard Wire project but hurdles come in all sizes and shapes...Stay tuned!!

I really haven't blogged in a long time because I didn't have anything interesting to write about.  I find it exhausting to read about all the changes and crap happening in the industry...

I need to stand back and plan a new attack because the scope of business has changed and the market dictates how business will be done.

My blogging duties will increase this week, I have failed as a blogger by not saying up to date with things and reaching out to my fans and friends.

But the Battle blogger is back!!!

Monday, September 09, 2013


I have some good news....

Creative differences are aside and I'm ready to assume my duties as one of the Directors and executive producers of the project "Hard Wire".  There was a lot of back and forth dealing with this issues and a lot of stuff that happened behind the scenes.

This is an important project and I had to make sure that my voice was heard so that the project could move forward.

Thanks for everybody understanding the process that I have to go through to make sure I have creative control over a project that I started.

We are back on board with the project and should have some important news shortly for the fans..

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Due to Creative differences....

HARDWIRE has been parked!! I feel I let down the fans and all the people that were waiting patiently for this project to come out.  I came up with the characters and storyline and I tried HARD to make this idea come to life only to come hit a WALL recently.....

I'm only one person, and I tried to make this happen as best as I could.  But problem after problem plagued this production..

No production should take 16months

I had my name on this project and my reputation was put on the line.

I can't keep jumping over hurdles trying to release this project.


Until the Creative differences resolve itself

HARD WIRE WILL NOT SEE THE LIGHT OF least not with my name on it.

I will keep people updated on the status of Hard Wire but for now.....


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I never like writing these posts...

RIP to "Junior"

Junior was the PA that worked on the Dawgpoundusa/PapiThugz set.  Sometimes the biggest stars BIGGER then the porn stars are some of the guys that help put it together:

The guy that picks up the used condoms from the set

Carries the lights and adjusts them

Gets the lube and paper towels

Hands out the paperwork that needs to be signed

Steams the outfits that some of models wear

Wipes down the equipment/furniture, before/during/after the scene.

We all LOVE our porn stars, We even love our directors, We even make comments over the editing(Look for your Editors *wink) but the Grips and Pa's need love to.

Besides the History lesson "Junior" was my friend...

We worked many nights shooting and filming ..

FUCK!! I miss him..

RIP "Junior"

Thursday, August 08, 2013


There were so many things I could have added, but that is why there is a part two the subject.  I never do these talking to the camera type Vids....

Sometimes when you see a trend happening in porn you can stand back and let it happen, or you can take the bull by the horns and fight to get your opinion across

It had to be done, so far :

Models with Racist Tats, as they started putting out his picture, I don't understand how you can showcase a model that has his personal agenda inked to his body.  He fully understands what his Tattoos mean and this was a ploy to put out his message or agenda on a Wide scale.

Moving on..

Not sure how I ended up on the calendar as a Cover Man for a series I was never in?? That is the cover for Blackballed.. I posed for that shot in the movie Taken: to the Lowest Level,
I never did the series, I wasn't interested in that particular type of Fetish play involving Black models gangbanging a white model.
This scene in Drenched in Piss was from Taken as well...

Yeah so I was in TAKEN....but TAKEN to two more levels down from THAT previous lowest..

* sigh

Since We are speaking about the same company you got this:

HotRod even talked about it here:  And got this response from Chi Chi herself..

Chi Chi LaRue says:
The Thug is exactly what it is intended to be. The product is neither molded to Hot Rod’s likeness, nor represents his actual length or girth. It certainly does NOT reference his stage name. We use model pictures on many of our products. The Expeller has a picture of Brent Everett, that doesn’t mean the Expeller is Brent Everett. The Initiator features Rod Daily. We didn’t use any of Rod’s likeness to make the product. They are called promotional photographs. That is what Hot Rod posed for, and was paid for. This is a practice that is utilized industry wide for longer than I can remember, and that is a long time! The Thug is actually a very cool product that allows the user to change out a suction cup for a handle on the fly.
BTW a big Thank You to Hot Rod for all the extra press and exposure!

My two cents, Chi Chi calls it a product, which it is but I do have to point out:

It's shaped to look like an actual penis

The actual penis has veins and looks like a real life penis

The color of the sex toy that looks like an actual penis is flesh colored

The color of the sex toy that looks like an actual penis is flesh colored and that color is Brownish

The color of the sex toy that looks like an actual penis is flesh colored and the color is Brownish.

It resembles the penis of an African American

Further more

This is the Expeller for Brent Everett
It doesn't look like a penis resembling an African American

This is the Initiator, look at the shape of the Toy!! While it resembles a penis, its not flesh colored and its oddly shaped.

It doesn't look like an African American penis.

 I'm not going into this whole rant. Just stating the facts and giving the information.

Then you have this

Cybersocket didn't include one performer of color on its list.

They did the same thing back in 2010 on this list. Not one performer of color

It just keeps going and going....

Then you have this gem:

His name is David Mulatto..


The cream on top TheSword called him out a long time ago with this post :

Now We have Marc Dylan:

And then he did another Vid explaining his views yet again...

I mean...

When is it all going to end? I already see the lack of Diversity in Mainstream. The ignorance level of Gay porn seems to be increasing to the point where models/Directors can at free will state their personal agenda?

Wheter it be for the almighty dollar

Or getting to bone all the hot white guys you want without needing an explanation as to why you won't work with other "Types" "Looks". Code for RACE

I will say it like I said it before....

People with personal agendas should not bring that PERSONAL agenda into the business of porn.

Racism exists in Society

Racism exists in the Gay community

Racism exists in Gay porn.

It's like you can't even have a fantasy anymore without people pushing their personal agenda anymore.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013



Some background

and here

and more

And the Major BOMB..

It's such a heated topic but its 2013 now, and instead of making progress, We seem to be moving backward in a way.  It is just confusing to Me that gay porn is in fact mirroring gay culture today with some of the extreme views being stated by porn stars. You have Marc Dylan

I really want to be tactful when I say this, as a porn star you have the right to sleep with whom ever you want to. That is your god given rights..

As an Escort, you have the right to sleep with whom ever you want..

A few highlights from his YouTube channel:

Wrong , its about finding a type that im MOST attracted too and monetizing it. I make a very very good income from it and do it ON MY TERMS .. that's why i do it .  You should focus less on who does not want to sleep with you and more on who does... that is a far more productive use of time. Let me repeat porn , escorting , or life in general no one owes you a roll in the hay just so that you can feel validated. SORRY!

I dont need to do "damage control" because quite frankly I don't care about anyone's opinion good or bad. I'll continue to say whatever i want when i want . Take it how you want :) Have a nice day

And then he just does some copying and pasting, the same comments over and over. I mean its his YouTube channel so I know he is just going through the comments just erasing the ones that he deems unfit for posting. Cleaning up the house I call it..LOL

I would like to point out his comments on which is at 147 comments upon this subject..

marc dylan
06 Aug 13
4:55 am
@Tony I can totally appreciate your point of view. You are correct in many ways racism is prevalent but that does not mean that every issue involving people of different races has to be judged thru that prism I think that can be equally as harmful as people who deny the existence of racism. I don’t think gay porn is exactly reflective of the true racial inequities in the world. Again just my opinion :)

marc dylan
06 Aug 13
5:29 am
@AJL I will also respectfully disagree with part of your argument , and agree that there are many nuances that come into play to determine a persons attraction. I don’t believe that people are born a blank slate in terms of attraction. Again, removing race from the issue why is it that some people find certain things atheistically pleasing while others may not . Even a young child will have a preference to certain toys, colors, textures , they have not been conditioned to appreciate certain atheistic characteristics .. they are inherent. Now , Im not saying a person is born a total blank slate either , people don’t exist in a vacuum where external societal pressures have no impact.
Personally I don’t think anything bad comes out of a reasonable discussion which is why I did not avoid the question on my video blog to start with :)

Lets go to (no particular order) the major news broke about this performer here:

It seems this post open the doors big time, a simply funny post about Marc Dylan and Diesel Washington sharing a Flesh Jack..

Not big news right? WRONG!!

I had to leave a comment *cough

Then all of sudden this came and then the Flood gates opened!! It's currently at 147 comments..

I claimed to Marc Dylan via Twitter that he is going into damage control with this YouTube:


So the debate goes to twitter with the Man himself

Marc dylan@Marc_Dylan 5 Aug
i don't appreciate you saying damage control b/c I'm very public about saying I do what I want when I want. I don't kiss ass.
Marc dylan@Marc_Dylan 5 Aug
perhaps your missing the point of what I said. That's ok. Insinuate what you will lol.
And then the nail in the coffin was this Tweet
Marc dylan@Marc_Dylan 5 Aug
I can answer the question in regards to you ... No.
That was the nail in the coffin really..
I expected something of a comeback for the comment I left on thesword, I knew something was coming. In some form or fashion. I appreciate a witty comeback when I'm chewing on somebodies ass, but to be used as his example in a preference choice was down right insulting. I was never into this guy, is he attractive Yes. But is he somebody that would want as a first choice based on physical appearance No.
I won't talk badly about the guy but I will share my opinions:
1. If Marc Dylan was asked why he never had a Black model as a scene partner in his 100+ scenes within the Industry, and he Tap Dances the subject? Avoiding answering the question Directly,  Means your acting Shady for some reason...
2. I would have more respect him, if he just came out and said I don't do Blacks or Asians. At least I know where he stands instead of the bullshit YouTube.
3. When you become defiant and say things like "I say what I want, when I want" in a response to a YouTube video you put out, talking about Racial preference in Gay porn. You better have facts and figures to back your claims, even if its your opinion. YouTube is about social networking so expect FEEDBACK!!
4. It's bad enough, that in reality people have profiles that say No Fats, No Blacks, No Asians. I view those people ignorant and I always wonder how they were Conditioned/Trained into that type of thinking?
5. According to Marc Dylan:
 Wrong , its about finding a type that im MOST attracted too and monetizing it. I make a very very good income from it and do it ON MY TERMS .. that's why i do it . You should focus less on who does not want to sleep with you and more on who does... that is a far more productive use of time. Let me repeat porn , escorting , or life in general no one owes you a roll in the hay just so that you can feel validated. SORRY!
So your a porn star/escort:
 Your job as a porn star is to come to the set, get fucked, leave and cash the check.  Porn is a job, so in reading your response you will only work on your terms, and you don't use porn like Your a hypocrite right there, you already stated that you will only work with guys that Turn you on, Whoops I think the correct statement was "I don't work with guys that I'm turned off by". You never did a scene with a dark skinned Man of color(100+ scenes) You have worked with Older White guys/Muscle White guys/White Twinks/White Bareback porn stars/White Twinks wearing rubber suits with a mask over their face.  All this says to Me is your a Smug asshole who only works with guys(He thinks is hot)and get paid for it.  Since he did 100+ scenes, Studios/sites played his game and only matched him with scene partners he would do in his Personal life. Porn is business and Studios/sites let this guy use them for HIS personal agenda.  If the studios offered him a huge scene rate to get fucked by a Black guy, he would turn down the scene based on, he does what he wants, and won't be moved!!  When someone is this DEFIANT in their stance when it comes to scene partners, there is something Deeply rooted in a past experience or trauma or they were conditioned in some way by environment/schooling/upbringing. It's troubling!! Even as a escort, if paying clients are Black/Asians whatever he does not want your money. With everything said above, it boils down to this:
Marc Dylan getting fucked by a Black guy, whoops I mean a White guy in a Black rubber suit. I guess its the next best thing huh?
You couldn't pay Marc Dylan enough, to get fucked by a Black guy. No matter How much!!
Which is funny,  that is YOUR JOB as a Porn star and Escort. SMH
6. Why would a Porn star/Escort get on a Social networking media to state his racial preferences!! That is either Career suicide/or the model feels the need to proudly defend his right to have whatever ignorant view point and share it with the world and fans. Which is his right! But as a Business person why would you alienate some fans and supporters by making such a statement.  In one sentence you say you care about your fans, but if I followed your example that means you only care about your White fans.
7.  You ruined the image of a Greedy Muscle Bottom. As a porn star your suppose to provide the fantasy of the Greedy Muscle Bottom that wants dick.  You ruined the fantasy of what you were projecting, cause that Greedy Muscle Bottom will only take White dick. That's not a Greedy Muscle Bottom...
That is a Smug talking, Picky bitch that thinks he is better than certain Races cause he was raised that way in the Toilet bowl of the South.  Down South they kill you with kindness and smile right in your face and call you a Nigger....ending the sentence with "Have a Nice Day"(My opinion) Don't let the Southern Charm fool you.
Lastly Connor Kline, not sure who this kid is?? Never heard of him before but someone did point Me to this Tweet of his..

*Update Connor Kline changed his Tweet recently as 30mins ago, I guess he got the pressure on him to do damage control..


Marc Dylan released another YouTube today

For someone who doesn't care about what people think about him, he changes his tune quickly and back pedals for his life.  He fumbles words, you can see how he feels uncomfortable talking about Race and clearly...

Even though he says hes not doing damage control if you stand by what you say you wouldn't respond to what people have to say about you.

Bottom line: The only reason why I'm so heavy on the guy is because he has to know there are consequences for a porn star.  To display such ignorant behavior and say you stand behind your words of Ignorance. Is not a good look...

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So We had Jay Black on the Dawgpoundusa set, he is a great model to work with and You will see a lot more of Jay Black on Dawgpoundusa in the coming few months, a true professional.

Sarge and Jay Black only on  CHECK IT OUT!!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wednesday, July 03, 2013


As a blogger...You can get "Bloggers Block"

"Bloggers Block" is when you think you have exhausted all your resources and writing blog posts becomes difficult.  Well I can always put up a Fluffer post just to post something but after nine years(almost)of writing this blog, Fluffer posts kind of sucks. Sure I can pull from the Radio and list some tunes that I'm listening to now:

But that would be to easy.....

I could post some Glossy Pics of myself from a photo shoot:

Yeah but anybody can post Glossy pics of themselves...Photo shop is a Motherfucker nowadays!!! So every time I see glossy pics of a model, I always look for pics of them in a natural state or camera phone pictures. Wouldn't you if you thought a guy was hot?? Yeah you would:

Yeah but putting up what songs you listen to and pictures of yourself is so.....

2009 You know?

I always thought I was one of those bloggers that opened up his life for his readers and gave you some insight into my life.  When I look back at some posts on this blog I see a whole bunch of relationships that crashed and burned and although I feel embarrassed reading some of the posts.  It was my life at the time,  Very Raw blogging without Filter, exposing so much of myself but at the same time it shows that the So called Sex God(hahah)can get Emotional...

I think a lot of the porn stars only want to show the Ups and Ups of the porn industry, which is fine.  I happen to like to show the extreme highs but at the same time I like to expose the extreme lows of this business.  Sometimes people think the "Grass is greener, on the other side".

Let Me be real with some of the readers of this blog, as with all jobs there is Occupational Hazards. Occupational Hazards in Condom porn:

Lip sores
Common cold

Granted the transmission of the HIV virus is harder to get in condom porn. Hmmm? I don't know if I could say that will a straight face on anymore. We have some porn stars claiming they contracted the the HIV virus while working on set.

 As a porn star you don't talk about these hazards it comes with the Territory. I mark it down like a War wound, but sometimes you expect these things to happen cause your sleeping with Sluts.  I know that sounds harsh, but the majority of the porn stars today consider themselves Sluts/Whores/Pig.  So if you know your working with another slut, expect the unexpected.....

Back to Bloggers block.....

Sorry folks I will get over it soon

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I really don't know what to say......I mean I do
As I said on Twitter, if you made a black colored dildo and called it "Thug". I wouldn't be as Upset. But now this is where it changes:
This dildo is brown flesh colored..
The model on the box is an African American with Tatts.
So I have to ask the question, a brown flesh toned dildo that resembles an African American penis is called "The Thug"...
What message does this send out to people? All black guys have that "Thug" dick?  Business is business but I'm just confused...
The biggest thing that troubles me about this, I have worked for this company before on a movie called
I was hired for my skills as an Experienced BDSM model(Player)and I shot a domination scene. Sometimes you think you know people in this business and some people just run a business.  The slogan is It's Business...Nothing personal.
This was like the Third Strike for Me.
The second Strike was this...
Even though its a hot pic, not sure Why was I on the cover of a series that I was not apart of. These pics were from the set of "Taken" not sure How they wind up on the cover of a Calendar for a Series that showcases Black Models gang banging a White boy. I don't do scenes like that EVER!! No offense to other models, but I built a Brand on being Diesel Washington. Diesel Washington doesn't do Black gang bangs/Thug roles etc....
People didn't understand the pressure I had filming Folsom Prison, another Black guy playing a prisoner in a porn movie. How Cliché right?  The idea was pitched that Diesel Washington and Markus Ram was locked in prison and the new inmate Bjoern Giger would be placed in a cell with us and We rape him. Now that is a hot idea..
I was not going to play into the Stereotype of the Black Thugs in jail that grab up White boy and rape him.
I rewrote the whole script.
The scene that the Fans got to see was that of Markus Ram and Bjoern Giger playing Prison Guards and Me being a Prisoner who gets abused by corrupt guards. It ends with a graphic Revenge fuck scene on both guards.  Epic movie and Epic scene. 
Titan even gave Me Writers credit for coming up with the scene.
I took something that could of turned into a bad Stereotype in porn, to a fresh scene with a twist in it. I'm always thinking of the image that I want Diesel to display.
The First Strike was a poster that was made for Black Friday,  there was a poster I found Insulting to my eyes.  In the poster there were some Black models from back in the days on the ad, and it was suggested that all the Black Gay porn was on sale special....because it was BLACK Friday!!!
Get it Black Friday??
Not sure why Studios don't recognize that it is 2013 and Diversity is in.  Gay guys out there are fucking like they are in a Melting pot. When the lights go off most guys are concerned with finding a big HARD dick and getting off..
Anyway enough ranting...
But a Dildoe made to look like a Black penis is sold and its called "The Thug" that insults my intelligence..
Sorry I had to post this....
I know something about Toys I am the model that sells the FATBOY

It's another Black Dildo and I had fun playing with it. And its called Fat Boy...
A Big Black Dildo called Fat Boy!!!....
Anyway I get the message that "The Thug" is's ashame!! I know I will get the text/email/comment from the POWERS THAT BE on this...
It's nothing personal against you Diesel, it's just Business!!
So of course, you know I would say something about the "Message"... Come on!!

Monday, June 24, 2013


It took alittle time to come out..(HaHa)

Finally you the fans get to see what really happened at the Blatino Oasis..

Dawgpoundusa Gymboys presents


We had a good time and I think I played MC very well...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I have to work hard to maintain this shape, I'm not young anymore so its a fight every time I go in that gym..

The goal is slow the aging process or even reverse the effects, I'm eating cleaner, getting more rest, more Recoup time after working out and its showing(I guess)

As an older porn star I'm not going to fade into the darkness and get all fat and shit.  I'm going to represent those porn stars so are still in the game and they may be older, but I'm like fine wine and keep getting better as long as I have the passion to keep going I will...

Anyway the title of this post is Making Guys half my age feel bad.  I know guys way younger and I'm not saying that everybody has to have a gym body.  But when I see a waste of youth on a person who has the energy but is just too lazy to move and do it, gives Me the drive to get up and make them FEEL REAL BAD!!

Sorry readers I had to pull out the Shallow card and post the body pics....

But I'm sure you don't mind LOL

Monday, June 17, 2013


My blog has been a mess of Break ups and Relationships that went into the Toilet...

One of those Back stories was Joey Boston..

Regardless of what happened!!Drama of course!! Our relationship was ended on a sour note and left a bad taste in my mouth and I really never got over the horror story that was our relationship.  We had good times and bad times and maybe now the Bad times are the only thing I can think of at the moment..

Let me breath for a sec...

We did have good times, but alas our relationship was/is over.  I lost contact with Joey Boston and I really didn't know what happened to him?  The last I heard he was over partying and getting drunk and high and doing pills again.  Then he started to get his act together, the last time I talked to him, He went back to work again and was making an honest living.

Fast forward 6months, I haven't heard from him and I was getting kinda of scared of what happened to him? I called him several times to find out that his phone was off. Looked for him on Facebook and he hasn't updated his status. So for several months I was scared that something had happened to him.

So today was my Day Off, and I got on Facebook. I'm not really a Facebook user in fact I try to stay off Facebook as much as I can.  I'm an entertainer so as soon as I sign onto Facebook I get swamped with messages and requests so sometimes I run off the page as soon as I post something.  Feeling alittle lonely and depressed I went to Facebook and typed in Joey Bostons name and Bam he came up and I found out he was in another relationship. There was my Ex declaring his love for someone else and I froze looking at the screen.

I don't know what to think, so of course I had to reach out and just give my opinion.  No heated discussions or name calling...

I just wished him well...

Inside I think I died a little(but big boy)cause this was finally evidence that he was okay and moving on with his life.  I have to be honest after my relationship with him I swear off guys, No Really! I came to the conclusion that being in a relationship while remaining in porn is a Nono.  No matter how hard I tried, there is always that resentment of your partner having to see you having sex with someone else. I tried all equations to make it work, even having a partner who also does porn.  That crashed and burned because of jealously on both parts.  I have dated people outside of porn but the simple Fact remains...

I'm sleeping with other people, filming sex between people, and sort of have this Dlist famous porn star stigma that will follow Me everywhere.  No matter how you look at the situation until I leave porn(even directing) I will not find a stable relationship that can endure the pressure that doing Porn places on a relationship.

So I have to do the BIG SIGH...

Anyway long story short, I reached out to Joey Boston and he messaged me back with some kind words.  Now does the slut in Me want to ruin a Household and try to get him back...

Damn right!!

The mature side of Me wishes him luck in his new relationship and I do not want to send any negative energy his way. I mean it....

 I wish him the Best of Luck.

 I look at the pictures of his new man, he is soft.  I know you see anger in that statement, but he IS Soft.  He went and got a pretty boy and from the looks of it, He went back into Topping these bottom boys(Good for Him). Anyway the more I think about it, the more it kind of pisses Me off. I have to be and honest...

It reminds Me of how lonely I am, but at the same time I'm trying to start a business and make it grow.  No distractions(unless feeling freaky)and I can dedicate myself to this "Hard Wire" project and keep the business running and the business is Porn.

At the end of the day, this finally gave Me the Closure I needed.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Ideas are never easy....

I put a lot of thought into things, and sometimes I over think a solution, instead of pushing forward.  It's an annoying trait to have, because you keep rethinking things that need to be finished and pushed out...

So finally it comes....What about Hard Wire?? What about Hard Wire???

Okay after a lot of back and forth the decision was made, Hard Wire will be sold as a DVD as well as streaming online.  So that raised the stakes even higher, so the reality of the situation didn't become apparent until now...

I had to see it in Black and White myself...

Now scenes that I have already edited, I'm thinking about going back to those scenes and tighten up the scenes even more. Perfectionist yeah I guess that is what they call it, so you can be Pissed/Mad/Upset. God knows this project is taking longer than expected, but I have learned if its going to have my name on it. It has to be good!!

The main footage has been shot already, but I like to add a scene here and there.

The biggest creation is making something that tells a story, with mini stories within each scene.  I guess it's hard to explain.....

I want the viewer to watch every scene for What's its Worth. Does it add to the bigger scheme of things(Movie as whole)Sure but the strength of each scene has to have a certain flow...

You see Over Thinking things...

Anyway, I want to create a project that will Tell the Story, Hot sex, Different Situations, Locations, Diverse Cast, Muscle guys, Big dicks, Bubble asses...

Is that the update you wanted?? Probably not!! Hey but I came online to put in writing We are doing big things but things need to be put in order first. Moving on...

Beefy guy back in the house again, I have went back to power lifting again and putting back on the Mass. Fuck having a eight pac stomach, I'm old!! I am more than happy to keep a nice six pac, and have a big beefy back and thick guns.  Even making the legs meatier for the folks.  I was really leaning out and doing the whole eight pac thing. As seen below.

This was about 3weeks ago..

Yeah I will post another picture of What the gym has done to Me.

What has the gym done to Me?? OOhhh you will see. 

It's the Summer Time Bitches!!

Moving along again...

Alter Egos..

Say Hello to Pimp Daddy Diesel.

When it comes to selling Sex? Who does it better than a Pimp? I have always thought I was something of a pimp myself. And who doesn't Love a Pimp?? Come on!! It's a new generation, new social media, but same old rules..

Sex sells...

Coming soon!!

We all play characters in Life, I just happen to play a lot of characters! I will enjoy this one!!  And you might see the return of Dexter DeLarge..

Just in another form...

Sorry to the Fans that come to read my blog and I haven't been updating it as usual.  I have been using Twitter for sometime but I always have my Baby, This is my baby!! This is my hole in the wall, some people come for the pics, some come for the stories, interviews, Wacky Youtubes, Mister Personality(bad or good?) I will still be Rocking it and Rocking it for ya!!

Oh here is some bullshit(Jumping from subject to subject) It's the Summer:

OMG!! This is the weather when the guys do the retarded.."Wearing Sock with Sandals". I can't handle it!!

Is it Me? Or the gay boys are wearing short shorts? Hood rules to me was that the pair of shorts that you were wearing had to go past your knees or you had Daisy Dukes on?? I am I right?? Well that is Hood rules. Out in the Hamptons...Those boys only wear shorts that are above their knees. The whole preppy look has been done to death(But it's Classic)but I notice the shorts are even shorter and tighter..I'm not complaining at all!! Merely sharing an observation..

A good one.

Keep wearing those Short Shorts if you can get them smaller PLEASE DO!!
The summer time is not forgiving at all!! If you want that beach body or gym body you had to work all winter long to get it.  The Summer time is for all the guys that killed themselves in the gym to show off. And if you live in New York City that is the total of two months of Hot weather in the city that you get to Show it all off! Get to it...No hate at all I love to see the legs and knees of hot guys.

Love Bow Ties!! I do just not during the summer!! At night ROCK IT!! During the day, to have something wrapped around my neck and its 98 degrees outside...Not a good look for Me, I sweat!! I look at other people wearing bow ties in this summer heat and I sweat for them..

Ladies!! If your doing open toe shoes, please have your nails done(Hand/Feet)cause having some torn up toenails on the train or walking through the park is not a good look.

The best thing about living in NYC is that during the summer as soon as you enter the park. Your shirt comes off..

I don't care if its Morning/Afternoon/Evening the shirt comes off and you start using Cruise Control. Call it being Shallow, Pretentious, or whatever. Fuck that!! Was in gym all Winter working hard...Don't hate cause you were eating!!

Sorry to say, but I'm kind of over the whole ankle this point they look better on women. Sorry I'm old school, I like the old fashion tube socks(Calves/Above Calves) Now this is only my opinion...Ankle/Booties socks or whatever. They look better on Women! I'm sorry!!

It weirds Me out to see guys with too many bracelets on... I don't know maybe its Me, I think having too many gold bracelets looks tacky. I think having like 10to 20 colored bracelets on your wrist is overkill!! Now don't get me wrong...Some Bracelets have a deeper meaning.. I get that..

I'm talking about the twenty something's that have like 10-15 bracelets on each arm. More of a Poser then someone trying to be deep...

God the Holy Rants are back in fashion....

My Bloggers Block is over!!

Stay tuned for more exciting posts

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Had to post a quick Vid just something I did real fast, look decent in the Vid but I want to show off more you know??

Anyway I had to post something on the blog since I haven't reached out in a long time.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Ryan Rose WORKING IT!!

There is a lot of talk on this Porn Star "Ryan Rose"...

I make no judgments...

I had a chance to talk with him, hangout, get inside of his head a bit..

I like him, everybody makes mistakes.

He has the "It" factor, I haven't seen many Newcummers that have that "It"...

He does...

Giving you Props!!

Still a Douchbag(Private joke)..

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Watched it like 10times already and it gets funnier and funnier....

You can't fuck Sheep....

Well you can but Ewwwwwww.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Finally caught up with Tommy Defendi, and I had to sit down with the Grabbys 2013 Award winner for the Hottest Cock.

Welcome to the club of the Hottest Cocks Tommy Defendi...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


This was my first time meeting Tommy Defendi, new on the scene and working hard! We have kept in touch through the years and I have to say Congrats to Tommy for winning Hottest Cock at Grabbys 2013.  This is an old Vid of Tommy attending his first Hustlaball NYC..

A younger Tommy tearing up the stage!!

Tommy growing out the hair..FabScout Family! At the Hookies, I can't remember what year...Yeah at the Hookies

This was from a Raging Stallion Party in San Fran...

Anyway I don't give props(Much)but I thought I would write something nice for a FRIEND. I have known Tommy for a number of years and I'm really really proud that FINALLY he got his shine on..

Congrats on your Grabby!!

Hmm...Welcome to the club of the Hottest Cocks Mister!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Just posted some more pics from the Dallas Photo Shoot and wanted to touch with the people out there. 

A lot of things are happening in a few short days:

I will be attending Gay Days in Orlando this year and expect to have a good time representing  while I'm down there..

I have to make sure that I balance between the two worlds(Mainstream/Urban) I started out a Mainstream Porn Star turned Urban Market Director...Last time I will say this..
Black or White or Latin in any case I shoot GAY porn...But I do say there is a difference between the Urban market and the Mainstream market. But the difference is so small...

So in the last month, I was busy filming for "Hard Wire" and filming for Dawgpoundusa updates and then editing Dawgpoundusa footage and footage.  So I have been busy and even more busy.

Another direction that Dawgpoundusa is heading is creating a new line called Dawgpoundusa GymBoys..

Dawgpoundusa Gym Boys is a new movement of Fitness, Health, Beauty for ALL Men of color and We will be expanding the idea of what it means to be a Gym Boy(Stay tuned)

I felt bad that I missed Grabbys this year..

But I was busy as Hell coming up with a new plan of attack..

Oh before I forget, I just did a new update for it has all the scenes for Hard Wire and some juicy gossip about the series and the direction that it is heading in.

Another post coming soon...