Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Okay I touched down in Florida....

Fuck yes!!!!!

It's sunny and warm and I'm enjoying every minute of it, I love to come down here and absorb the sunlight. It has been so dark in NYC lately and I just needed the Sun. I'm sitting by the pool and getting ready for the scene today.

Day 1 Scott Alexander

I have a general idea of what the scene is about, but of course I have to put my Diesel touch on it. Alittle nervous, I went to bed earlier last night, I had a walk on the beach and then went to Hooters.

Yeah Hooters, it sounds strange but I love the wings over there and it gave me a chance to walk outside and enjoy the weather. So I gave plenty of rest last night and ready for some fucking today.

As soon as the crew gets here I will be ready and get some behind the scenes footage. I will also get an interview with Scott Alexander. That should be fun!!!!

Well a quick post to let people know I got here all in one piece!!!

Update later!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010


It sucks and it's still raining in NYC...

I have had it!! But as Luck would have it, it's raining in Florida as well...

At least it's hot rain!!LOL!! Anyway lets get to the nitty gritty!!!

I fly out Tomorrow and then I will be in Florida Yes!!! I feel great and looking great!! I'm excited to get to work on some projects, and of course I will get all the behind scene footage for everybody!!!

Now I see more and more of this trend! Porn Stars giving more of themselves. I see more and more personalized Vids by Stars(Love Competition)and they are getting more and more creative!! I love it!!!

With that said!!! I have to always be ahead of the game!! I gave away some secrets on How to Build a Name.

The Proof in the pudding is.......

How to Maintain Your Name!!

It's hard juggling between being a Porn Star(Body, Performance, Chemistry)and deal with the whole Narcissistic Alpha Male, "I'm So Hot" "Watch Me Play with Myself" "Suck My Dick" "I'm gonna Fuck your Ass" sort of mentality that I have onscreen. While this is part of my personality, its only a very very small piece of the puzzle. I do take pleasure in the attention that it gets me, but still sometimes I just want to be myself(whoever that is).

As a blogger, I try to poke fun at myself and vent, come up with ideas bah bah. You all know this!! Yet everybody has a fucking Blog!!!

You blogger whores!!! I stand divided between Hard Core bloggers vs Porn Star Bloggers, I stand divided between Bloggers who do Porn vs Porn Stars who blog. Bloggers, Bloggers, bloggers...........

Not to sound like an Asshole!!!! YOU GUYS CAN'T BEAT MY BLOG!!

My blog is almost five years old, five years old!!!

Thanks to all the fans that have supported this blog, for so so long!! I don't know what to do at the five year mark?????(In Dec)

Anyway, I'm not talking about "What everybody wants to know" 260 people voted in my poll!! WoW!!

And seeing the Votes!!! It seems that I'm going to put the power on Scott Alexander!!

You can bet on that!!!!

Well I have to do some packing!!! I just wanted to post something very quickly before I have to start on my mission. I'm excited and nervous at the same time, I just want to do the best job I can do. I will be busy, but on the downtime you can bet I will have more Vids!!! More Interviews and just being well.....

Just Being Diesel!!!

Can I get a reality TV show around here????? If you ask for it, It will come!!!


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Okay people.....

As I always do I have to change up the pace.....

You know Shake Things Up!!!

I'm starting to hear "Diesel fucking twinks!!bah bah bah" "Diesel is always fucking those little white boys bah bah bah" Gossip, Rumor bullshitt!!

I was at Titan fucking guys 6'3 260lbs and fucking them like ragdolls. I even took a poll on this blog. And everybody wanted me fucking twinks/jocks, I gave you that.

It's time to move to a New chapter, We are going for the Big Guns!!!!!

If I'm going to go big then so be it!!!

I have a One on One shoot with Scott Alexander!!!


I'm 6'6 and he's 6'3 so its a good match up!! What I want from the fans is this, How would you like the scene????

You want a Romantic Scene??? Or you want me Slamming it Home???? I'm taking a poll on this.

To be serious, I have heard nothing but good things about Scott and I'm excited to be working with him!! So that will be a Big Scene!!!

Now everybody remembers the drama between Me and Tiger Tyson.....

Sad I wanted to work with him, oh well...

As I said I wanted to Shake Things Up!!!

Another Big Scene coming.....

I will be tag teaming with Castro/aka Supreme, YES THAT IS RIGHT!!!


I'm going big people!!! I was waiting and waiting for the right time. "Getting Levi's Johnson" is out and doing very well. Check that out on Download to Own or DVD!!

I have other projects coming out, The DDDW Project!!!!


It's coming!!!

So I will be in Florida on Tuesday, so I thought I would share some news with people!!! I will be quite busy!!

I feel great and I have been hitting the gym, and I must say I really really got back into good shape. I'm Happy!!!


What else???

People are still getting excited about Grabbys, I'm ready to go!!!

It seems things are going well...

And my birthday is in April coming up!!!


Not to be a downer, whenever I have these big projects it gets intense for me. Which is a good thing, I work well that way..

And as I said before, "Whenever I have Success I'm at my most Lonely state"

I wanted to share this with you the fans:

Alittle Cheesy(Extra Cheese)

I hope the point gets across..

Friday, March 26, 2010


I like America's Best Dance Crew on MTV

My Crew is Poreotix, I remember when I was younger, Popping was my thing!! I can still dance some what.

I will leave that to people like Poreotix

Last night the steps were Hot, they don't get alot of love but I think their cool. Here you go:

I really like their Lady Gaga routine, check out it:

I'm an old school Popper!!! All I can say!! Popping to Lady Gaga Wow!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I thought it was about time........

As Porn Stars its seems that you have to share more and more of yourself, Since this blog is very personal to Me. I thought I would open my bedroom to the public, I'm alittle nervous sharing that with people. But......

I have a strong Fan base!!! Thanks to all the fans and supporters that Voted for Me to Win Best Blogger/Write for The Hookies. As a gift to those fans that have stayed by Me through thick and thin. I decided to open another chapter of my Life to the public.

My bedroom isn't crazy, or covered in leather or condoms. I like my bedroom because it's my hideaway from the World. Here goes:


Since alot of people liked the Instructional Vid on Fucking Like Diesel Washington. I thought I would do another Instructional Vid on Piss Play in the bedroom..


I have come up with a proper way to have watersports in your bed, instead of Shower or bath. Here goes:

Now I wrote this post because unlike everybody else I'm 6'6. With that said, getting into tubs or showers and trying to have some wet action is difficult. There usually is not enough room for two people or more.

I don't have enough room for a Water Troff(don't give me ideas)in my bedroom and I don't think it will go with my rugs(that was joke) Anyway, I came up with the idea to use shower curtains.

Shower curtains, bucket and some towels.

Now that is all you need, Have Fun!!!!


Here is Joe is working on our TShirts before the photoshoot, the man is hardworking!!!!

We are heading outside for the photoshoot:

You have seen these Vids, but I'm putting together the post so people can see the Results of the Photo Shoots!!!

Here you go:

Rickys Picture

Diesel Picture

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


When I was at Black Party Expo....

I ran into Joe Oppedisano at his booth, I have always been a Fan of his work...Well fuck it!!!

Joe is old school and a Str8up guy, I hung out with Joe many times and each time We party like RockStars!! With that said, Joe was dying to take Pics and I always like helping out a friend(I like taking pictures Duh!!)

So here is Joe in the middle of Midtown(8ave)in his underwear!! I kid you not!!Taking pictures of Diesel Washington and Ricky Sinz it was crazy!! And you know what???? I was digging every min of it!! You might have seen other pictures of Porn Stars in Midtown rocking it!!

But have you ever seen the behind the scenes of those type of Photo shoots??? Now you will:


Monday, March 22, 2010



I think I'm almost fully recovered from The Black Party!!!

After the Expo, I had some downtime with Ricky Sinz. I really like Ricky and as I said before, Ricky has this calming effect on Me. He has good energy and a good heart. No beating around the bush, just straight talk. I like to compare notes with Vets and have a "Power Talk".

After hanging out with Ricky, I got dazed and confused, had one client. Then I had "Recreational" sex(for edging)and headed to Black Party!!

The line to get in was huge!!I feel like a Rock star when I walk right inside and escorted in. I have been doing The Black Party for five years, and I'm probably Jaded with the whole Sex, Drugs, Fuck/Suck Session type thing.

I was a Performer/Porn Star and I was "ON" that night, if you never been to The Black Party. You will probably be shocked at some of the things that occurred.

By Far This was the Sickest and Down right Filthy of all shows that I have performed in.

This is going to be VERY VERY HARD to understand but here goes:

I walked down to the Performers area and I had to get dressed. This is the only footage I have from the Black Party.

I know Fans probably wanted the whole experience(Vids and pics)sometimes I just want to be a Performer and "Let it Out" When you see the footage you will understand that I went into total "Sex God" Mode:

So then it was time to get it started!!!

Sex was in the air, and I was ready to stomp through the Filth and Damaged Zombies!! SEX SEX SEX AND MORE SEX!!

Feel the Energy!!:

Train Wrecks!! Nightmares!!! Horror Shows!!

In the Den of Sex!! I make no judgements, I just share MY experience through my eyes. Seas of hot guys in dark corners(too dense to see through the crowd)I watched many many many many scenes.

Hot Blonde Boy(early twenties)got fucked about 13 times or lets say by whom ever was the closest dick!!!I just watched guy after guy just fuck that Boy!!I think more than 13 guys fucked him, but I got bored by number 10.

Black Muscle Daddy(Older Hot bodied Brother)fucked two guys and had them worship his body. Then proceeded to get into Sling, and get fisted by Two Hairy Muscle Bears!! WTF??

Tranny after Tranny after Tranny, tits out(Huge Rack), dick out and rock hard!! Not only fucking the muscle boys, but filling their holes!!! Sorry but I was very curious to see the Scene play out. The muscle boy begged for the Trannys load and she gave it to him. Fingered some cum out of his hole and fed it to him!! WTF??

Fletching, Cum Swapping, Cum swallowing, bah bah bah bah...

I saw it all....


I get on stage, stand perfectly still and the crowd gathers. I pull out my cock and stroke it drawing the crowd closer. I show off the cock, trying to draw the crowds attention on Me. I stand at the tip of stage, I want that crowd to get the impression that I want them to touch my dick. I close my eyes and stroke my cock.

Then the Show starts!!

It was all a ploy, I wanted the crowd close to the stage because......


I let out a heavy stream of Piss right into the crowd!!!

I had like 8 bottles(big ones) of water about an hour before the show. I was loaded up and I pissed for about a good 3mins on stage. When I let out the first stream, the reaction(looking in the faces of the crowd)was priceless. I then started to piss into my mouth, sucking it up and spitting it at the crowd!! I let out 5 good streams that had to catch about 15 guys. I loved it!!!

Now that might sound wrong....

I have performed at some of the Biggest events, and if you don't know by now!! Now you know!!! I love WaterSports!!! Sure you can sit on stage and have sex(or simulate it)and it's WoW!! Look at that!! Two hot guys playing with each other(Yawn). Or you can go big, pull out all the stops and just get freaky and nasty. I watched some of the previous shows(Bondage, Impact, Fisting, Wrestling, bah bah)not one Water Sport show!! So the crowd was due.

After the my performance, I went to relax a bit and then headed back into the crowd. More Sex, More Sex!!

More Scenes to watch.

Hot Couple(I guess)they start flip flopping(sounds tame)and then it gets nasty!! Tall muscle guy is fucking this shorter compact muscle guy, fucks him and loads his hole. He then gets on his knees, sucks his load out of short guy Ass, spits it into his mouth, turns around and bends over and the short muscle guy spits the load into the Tall muscle guy Ass, and then the short muscle guy starts fucking the Tall muscle guy. The short muscle guy loads the tall muscle ass, gets on knees and starts sucking the load out of Tall muscle Ass, stands up and spits it into Tall muscles mouth, bends over and the tall muscle spits into short ass muscle. WoW!!

I know this doesn't sound P.C. at all but I'm telling you what I see. I'm not trying to "Turn On" the readers or any of that. I'm sharing the experience of what I saw at Black Party. Why is this important?????

I'm there as the Performer/Porn Star I'm there to put on shows and get the crowd hype. In doing so, the area around the stage is packed with people, fucking and sucking and carrying on. I see all the Risky behavior happening around the stage, it's like watching a Train Wreck about to happen. I feel guilty because I can't do anything about the unsafe play. Do I want to grab all the naive people just taking loads from strangers in the crowd, and say "What are you thinking???"

I can't.....

I feel somewhat sorry, because I am "The Porn Star" getting the crowd hype during the performances. Maybe I'm over thinking the situation, these are grown men responsible for their own lives!! But its still a strange feeling....

Moving on....

I got head a few times(nothing to write about)and had to get ready for the Big Show!!!

I really have no clue what was the theme of Black Party maybe you can understand it?
Here goes:

It was time for the Stage Show, I always get nervous before a show(no matter the size)but I was ready for anything.

Now this part of the post is Disturbing

In a nutshell, I was to drag a tranny on stage hold her down while another model stuck a Toilet plunger up her ass!!!


I don't know the performers name(Big Tranny, with Big Tits and Cock)but I was truly left speechless at her show!!!

I noticed the performer down stairs in the dressing room, getting ready for performance. It was the typical, get dressed and put on the wig and stuff. The Tranny then starts to insert a large female condom(that is full of something)inside of her ass(its not uncommon to see that)and it was time for the Show!!

Diesel Washington and Ricky Sinz had to go out on dance floor and grab the Tranny, drag her with force to the stage. Ricky held her arms and another model shoved a Toilet Plunger up her Ass!!

Yes that is Correct, At Black Party A Tranny had a Toilet Plunger shoved up her ass!!

Now what makes this performance over the top, you remember the Female condom(Read Above)????

It seems the Female condom that was up the Trannys Ass, was fulled with actual Shit!! Each time the plunger came out of the Trannys Ass it was covered in Shit!!! After the plunger was shoved up her ass, the plunger was then shoved into the Trannys mouth. And this was happening over and over until the Trannys face was covered in Shit!! The model (shoving the Plunger) then pulled out the plunger and start wiping the shit all over the Trannys face and back!!

I was stuck for words, Scat play live on stage!! Since the female condom was packed with actual Shit. To be graphic, the Trannys face was covered in Shit(from force feeding)Back covered and after her performance she was then dragged by force again off stage. It was one of the Dirtiest Performances I have ever done!!!

I can't make this shit up!!!

I was in shock afterwards, I never seen something so graphic!! So Dirty!!

I still think about that performance, Scat play on stage at Black Party!!

I cruised around for the rest of the duration of Black Party. Then in the Rentboy Motel I meet this boy:

He was very familiar with my work(Porn), and I loved his Vibe and upon hearing his English accent, it was a Wrap!!! This boy was getting fucked!!!

Now I know what your going to say "Oh Diesel Stop kissing and telling" First off, he wanted to be on my blog!! Secondly I told him "If I fuck you, I will put it on blog" His response "To get fucked by you AND have you put me on your blog. Is what I wanted for a long time" So whatever.....

Hot Hot Ass and Huge Dick!!! He is an Escort as well. So I Def have to plug him, here goes his link

He was nominated for Mr International Escort representing London. one hot hot fucker!!! He came to town, because he was nominated for an award and wanted to come for Black Party. Now I had the chance to talk to Mr London in the Rentboy Motel(Private area, far away from crowds)and We had a long chat. I found him interesting, and he seemed to know alot about Me(in a sexy way not creepy)and I wanted to fuck him right there and then.

Guess what???

I did!!!

I still have more footage related to Black Party coming up!!


The trailer is out and its wicked hot!!!

I'm really happy with the Movie and it's funny and all the pieces fell together for this project!!

Check out all the behind the scenes Vids here:

I had a chance to check out my scene online and it's hot!!! I have to keep promoting and promoting.

Go to and order your download and copy for yourself!!!



I walked into the Black Party Expo and it was packed!!! So many people came out for the event and everybody was ready to play and have some fun. I got the view of Black Party Expo from the top here you go:

Running around the Expo and bumping into Porn Star after Porn Star:

New Couple Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey going shopping:

Samuel Colt(Mustang Exclusive), clearing rumors about, Demonic Sex and just being hot!! Here it goes:

Brandon Baker(VP of Special Events/Marketing for Fabscout, Rentboy Top Dog)We talk about what is in his CD collection:

Getting Style from Joe Oppedisano:

Rafael Alencar and Mr Pam at the Black Party Expo this is THE TEAM!! I have always liked Mr Pam's work behind the camera and I just love Her!!! She is funny, full of energy and does some of the best Videographer!! Congrats on Grabby nominations Rafael Alencar, the man is hot!!! I keep trying to get him to bottom for Me!! Tease Tease Tease!! LOL Anyway he has some hot scenes this year and Congrats to him for all his nominations. Here you go:

Ricky Sinz at Black Party Expo, Diesel and Ricky hung out for the rest of the day. We even had a lunch together to talk about business. I love having the opportunity to talk business with people who work just as hard as Me on scenes!! I had alot of ideas that I wanted to bounce off Ricky. Ricky is hot!! I had a hard time keeping my hands off Ricky!! Ricky is a good friend of mine, but if it got down to doing a scene together!!! I probably would nut before putting my dick inside of him. His body is smoking and he just has this calming effect on Me when he is around. I can't wait to see Ricky in Chi Town, We are going to tear up that city. Here you go:

After hanging out at the booth, all the Black Party performers had to have a meeting. We needed to go over ideas for the show!! And we are going to have a good time at Black Party. After the meeting I had to get some more footage, put seven guys in a room and of course there is going to be some Sexual tension. Here you go:

And of course I'm getting interviewed again for the Black Party Expo and I had to get some footge of it:

To anybody that saw Me at the Expo, I was tired!! I had two clients after the Hookies and then ran off to the gym the next morning. And then had to be at the Expo by 1130am to find out Info about Black Party and just hang around the porn stars and just meet the Fans. Spotted in the crowd were Zach Alexander, Dominic Rider, Rusty, Colby Keller some many people I couldn't catch all the names!! I was run down at this point, and wanted to take a nap before performing at Black Party!!


Here are the Winners of the Hookies, pictures, Vids will be posted on so make sure you check that out!!

Heath Jordan



Allan Carter

Jayden Grey



Christian Wilde

Rafael Alencar WINNER / TIE (Working on his Interview)

Junior Stellano WINNER / TIE (See his Interview)

Avi Dar

Derrick Hanson

Harry Louis


Kyle King

PR Miguel




Arpad Miklos WINNER


Beaux Banner

Tory Mason WINNER


Jason Michaels

Jason Tyler

Alex Baresi WINNER



Marshall Law

Nick Moretti

Leather Jock Boy

Brad McGuire WINNER

James Roscoe


Tattoed Muscle Jock




Gustavo Frotta

David Taylor



Tom Nordic Hunk WINNER


Kyle Jock




Sean John

Alex Bond

Mars Sajbor

Jay Holt

BangBang Tommy

Barrett Long WINNER (See his interview)


Alex & Rob

Chip & Rocco

Mangiatti Twins WINNER

Hung Guys

Mike & Allan

Chad & Clay


Gio WNNIER (See his Interview)

Australian Bloke Nick

Fabrizzio Pauloni



AJ Irons


Rusty McMann

Jake Mitchell

Chase Hunter WINNER (See Vid)

Jeff Grove


British Marine


Ryan Raz Blog

Jason Pitt Blog

Diesel Washington Blog WINNER

William Rockwell (Editor Spread Magazine)

Nick Capra Blog

Mike Dreyden Blog


Premier Escorts

Chelsea Guys

Meet The Stars

Maximum Escorts WINNER

Gay Tailored Tours


MR. LONDON Geordieboy




MR. NEW YORK Gio WINNER (See his interview)

MR. CHICAGO Tommy Defendi


Sunday, March 21, 2010


So I get to the Awards..

I get to the Hookies and the party is on!!! So many people came out!! And it was like Party like a Rockstar!! I managed to get some interviews, I had to do Red carpet first so let me get that over with first, So check it out:

Jason Pitt, looking sexy as usual please take a look at his blog

Sami Dammo sexy sexy accent:

Hot Body Junior Stellano showing off the goods:

Fucking love this guy!!! Tommy is always the life of the party. I wish I had his energy!! Everytime I hangout with Tommy I laugh my Ass off!

And Here is Bubble Butt Gio, this man stays busy!! Nominated for Best International Escort, and BoyFriend fanasty. This is one hard working escort!!

Jay Black:

And one of my really really good friends Barrett Long(Sporting a beard, looks good!!). I finally got an update on the movie "What Happens in Vegas". It will be released shortly and I can't wait for the response that movie is going to get. More on that later, here is Barrett!:

The place is packed and I'm walking my way through the crowd. It was a great party and I can't really remember all the Winners at this point. I know I won Best Blogger/Writer and I was in the moment!! Oh and Chase Hunter the legend!! Here it goes:

After I got my award, I was gone I had to be at Black Party Expo the next day. I was alittle drunk, alittle tired so it was a long weekend people!!

I have more posts coming up later..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm really tired of this Bromance shit....

1. A non-sexual relationship between two men that are unusually close.

I have way too many situations of this occurring time after time. To boil it down, I have tons of totally Str8(I had to put the emphasis on that)friends that I spend quality time with...

No sexual tension, pressure or the feelings of passing that point that in the relationship(having sex) The energy is amazing and that strong connection is there. Yet..

You never go past that point, well.....

That's a hard subject to talk about, training at the gym causes you to be more open minded. It's not uncommon for Trainers to massage each other(sports wise)and when you train with a person for 2hours a day, 5 days a week. You develop that physical closeness with a person. Bah Bah.

All my friends know I do porn(Hello you Broke Asses!!Who are reading this)Yet anytime I lay on the couch, bed, futon(whatever) You fucking guys keep touching Me, Stop leaning on Me!! Stop brushing you arm against mine!! I really mean that in a good way, and my bark is worse than my bite, but still that touchy feely stuff is bugging Me...

All my friends are Hot, Cute, Funny, Down to earth and honest as all hell. Fuck!!! I love you Fuckers!!(Bromance)

How to explain it?? Example Hmmm? This is my most recent Bromance:

You go to a party that mutual friends are throwing, You spot your "Vision of Beauty" He's Hot Hot Hot Hot!!!! You have heavy eye contact in passing, but that is all!! You ask your friend who is hosting the party "Who is that?" Your friend says "Oh that's -----, He's cool as fuck!!But he's str8" Now I know your reading this, and your thinking the same thing I am "Yeah Right" but I'm very close with my friends. They Def wouldn't steer Me wrong, so I took that for face value.

Vincent(lets call him that)comes up to Me and starts talking about the characters on my Tshirt(Was wearing my Marvel tee)and that lead to Movies, Comic Books, Toys anyway....

Dazed and Confused moments later, We are walking around and hanging out like We had been friends forever!! What was strange about the situation, no sexual talk(Gay/Str8)which was kinda of weird?? There is always some talk of a sexual nature when males are conversing, wheter it's "Did you see Debbie? She looks hot!!" or "Did you see Dave?, He looks hot!!" Your at a party and everybody is relaxing, vibing and there are alot of Hot Men and Women around. But that type of talk wasn't there..

Here comes the Reality check. We have been hanging out together tight, all of the sudden some girl comes running up to Vincent questioning his whereabouts. Ding Ding!! It was his girlfriend Dawn(lets call her that)he makes sure everything is cool with her. He then introduces his girlfriend to Me, I have to be honest I was alittle annoyed at her but at the same time, Dawn is a beautiful person!! She immediately warmed up to Me and I instantly became a Third Wheel(In a good way)It's weird I wanted to feel jealous, but at the same time I enjoyed Dawn's company(Still do)but...

I enjoy Vincents company alittle more(no offense to Dawn)and she knows that because She gives Us "Alot of alone time" that night. We exchanged numbers at the party, and built a strong friendship.

Fast Forward 2years

Vincent knows everything about Me(Family, Friends, Porn)and We are very comfortable together. Now!!! Vincent is hot!! I mean that is what attracted Me in the first place. We get along like close friends and We can talk about anything. I tell him when he's looking hot and when he's not. I train him in the gym, so of course I'm making his body hotter and hotter(which is killing me) I give him massages(Which suck cause his trust is in Me)and I never go pass that point where it would feel uncomfortable. We have slept in the same bed together(Shit I have slept with Vincent and Dawn together)We are very very open with each other. Dawn has watched a few of my porns(So has Vincent)and they gave Me pointers. I have seen them both naked(Vincent looks amazing)so I saw it all!!

The problem in all of this???

I started to get sexually attracted to Vincent recently, and it's really bothering Me!! I expressed my concerns to Vincent and it doesn't seem to bother him. When I'm giving Vincent massages, my dick is hard as a rock. To drive the point home, I point my dick in his direction and say "Dude I'm Rock hard!!" and his response??????

"Dude you have given Me massages before, and My dick was hard!!. But the fact of the matter is, that you have your own sexuality and I have mine!! I trust you to respect the fact that even though We are very very close that is the way it is. I love Dawn!!But I also care for you very deeply, So its Cool"

Ummm okay?????

At this point I feel guilty as hell, I talk to Dawn and tell her about the situation. Her response "Vincent told Me your popping boners while giving him a massage". I have no shame so I'm like "Yup"and she asks me "Are you in Love with Him??" I said "Hell No!!(which is the truth)Her response "So everything is cool then, if Vincent doesn't mind then its like, Whatever!! We are all friends here"

Of course I put everything on the table and told Dawn "I wasn't the only one hard Dawn"

Again I was shocked at her response "Hes always hard, he loves Me and he's str8. He likes you alot because he looks up to you. You guys have so many things in common and sometimes I get jealous of that closeness. Your my friend, but he is MY boyfriend so respect that and I will respect that special friendship you have with him"

Ummm okay????

Now I don't know what to do?? Vincent is hot as fuck, and doesn't mind that I developed a sexual attraction for him. I mean what do you do when a str8 guy doesn't mind you having a sexual thing for them??? What do you do when they look up to you??? What do you do when they trust you??? I'm not trying to convert anybody esp when they are friends. I started to keep my distance from Vincent, but now I'm making him feel uncomfortable because He thinks that I don't want to be his friend anymore!! * Sigh

I have been practicing self control, but the urges are getting stronger and stronger. We get along so well as friends, and I always enjoy hanging out with Vincent. But I'm starting to get mentally tired of this Bromance shit.

Could Vincent be Str8 and curious??? Maybe...

He did say he got hard once or twice while I gave him a massage. But that means nothing, I got hard when I was given a massage before(from someone I wasn't attracted to at all)and I saw no big deal in that. I

I kissed Vincent a few times(on the lips)but I kissed Dawn(on the lips)as well. All three of us made out a few times, but it was always being playful.

I guess I will continue to suffer because I don't want to lose Vincent as a friend. Even though the situation doesn't bother him, it bothers Me.

I just wanted to Vent this.....

I fucking hate Bromances!!!!


Technolgy is King and I better get on board....

I have been fighting hard to stay alive in this business, things are ever changing and as a Performer I have to advance. I made the hardest choice last night, it was either keep fighting change and let the world pass me by. Or take this new technolgy, and use it for my own needs.

Seeing the Grabby nominations, I was given the biggest reality check ever!!! Web based companies are putting out DVD's(that is old news). Seeing Web based companies putting out DVD's that are competing with Major Studio work, was eye opening!!! Web based companies are branching out to DVD's, they are not only making a profit but giving the Studios a run for their money. So Studios are going to have to go the Web route, to balance the playing field.

Some say its the recession and times are changing......


I HATE TO DO THIS BUT...........

Diesel Washington is now on Twitter!!!!

I don't think people are ready for this, but it's true!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Alot of rumors flying.....

I'm not speaking on the subject until, UnZipped makes their press release.

As a blogger, I do get touched when I read other peoples websites/blog. The stories, sharp, witty postings, it always wakes me up in the morning(like coffee). I know it hurts, when something is ripped away from you. Taking the pain, and then trying to move on.......

Let's talk about a deep subject!!!!!

Technology is becoming a religion, there I said it and now I will probably be monitored for saying it. I use technology(Duh!!)but I want to talk directly to people.

Open your minds one second, technology is moving at such an advanced speed. It controls our every day functions right now. People are "Worshipping Technolgy"....

This brings up the war of Real Religion verse Technology, this is the real battle!! I will say it the clear way, that way everybody can understand it!! This is first time ever!!! Ever!!! I will talk about religion.

In simple terms(without offending anybody)

The Bible is the Best Book ever written!!! Our Way of Life is based off the Bible!! Stay with Me readers, this is where it makes sense. The Bible is everywhere!! A printed book that has a gotten the most readers ever!!!!!! Ever!! Its impact is untold..... its the Bible!! Religion is powerful!!(That was a safe rant)

Technology is ever changing, and the more We advance, the more importance is placed on Technology. Whoever has the "Most Advanced" form of Technology, has alot of power!!

Without getting too deep into the subject.......

Here is an interesting story:

I was in the park today, I saw this Yuppie/Prep/HipHop/Hipster bah bah bah sitting in the grass by some trees, and I walked by him and He was on his Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-505 - Silver, He looked up at Me and said "How Tall are You??" I said "6'6", I asked him "What your reading?? He said "The Bible".............

Monday, March 15, 2010



The Grabbys nominations are out, and I'm happy!!

It looks like Diesel Washington was nominated again in some Big categories:


Awesome Fuckers/Red Eagle Films, Dick Flix Party/D/G Mutual Media, Blackballed 7/Channel 1 Releasing, Gridiron Gang Bang/Channel 1 Releasing, Hard Friction/Raging Stallion Studios, Inside Israel/Lucas Entertainment, Masterpiece/Hot House Entertainment, Men of Israel/Lucas Entertainment, Nailed&Screwed/Raging Stallion Studios, Skuff 4/Hot House Entertainment, Reckless/Hot House Entertainment
Taken to the lowest level/Channel 1 Releasing,

of course they talk about my scene, duh!!Asylum/Falcon
Bad Conduct/Titan Men
Big Dick Society 2 Dicktimized/Jet Set Men
Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios
Men Of Israel/Lucas Entertainment
Skuff 4/Hot House Entertainment
Taken to the lowest level/Channel 1 Releasing

The Visitor/Raging Stallion Studios
Whorrey Potter/Dominic Ford Features
I was glad that I was apart of these two Huge movies, and also glad that Channel 1releasing and Falcon Studios gave me the opportunity to be apart of these huge projects


Folsom Flesh/Titan Men, Limits/Mustang, Man Hole 2/Mustang, Menace/ Raging Stallion Studios, Reckless/Hot House Entertainment, Skuff 4/Hot House Entertainment
Taken to the lowest level/Channel 1 Releasing, Tread Heavy/Channel 1 Releasing


Adam Killian,Leo Giamani and Ty Colt
The Trainer/Falcon
Benjamin Bradley&Jeremy Bilding
Tread Heavy/Channel 1 Releasing
Colton Steele&Trystian Sweet
Boy Country/BUCKSHOT
Diesel Washington,Phillip Aubury,Zack Jamison&Lucas Knowles
Taken to the lowest level/Channel 1 Releasing
Ethan Wolfe&Ty LeBeouf
Masterpiece/Hot House Entertainment
Erik Rhodes&Leo Giamani
Jesse Santana&Wolf Hudson
First Time Fucked/Cocky Boys
Matan Shalev&Rafael Alencar
Revenge/Lucas Entertainment
Tony Buff&Adam Knox
Folsom Manuvers/Titan Men
Trevor Knight,Cort Donovan&Jude Colton
Big Dick Society 2 Dicktimized/Jet Set Men
RJ Danvers&David Taylor
Nailed&Screwed/Raging Stallion Studios



Aden&Jordan Jaric
The Trainer/Falcon
Benjamin Bradley&Lucky Daniels
Seize Your Bottom/Channel 1 Releasing
Benjamin Bradley&Nelson Troy
Tread Heavy/Channel 1 Releasing
Blake Riley&David Taylor
Taken to the lowest level/Channel 1 Releasing
Bobby Clark&David West
Boy Country/BUCKSHOT
Diesel Washington & Kamron Scott
Playbook/Titan Men
Jonathan Agassi&Matan Shalev
Men of Israel /Lucas Entertainment
Kyle King&Tony Mecelli
Reckless/Hot House Entertainment
Marcus Steele&Josh Griffin
Car Jackers/Jet Set Men
Matthew Rush&Francois Saget
Full Access/Titan Men
Nash Lawler&Ty Colt
Roughin It/Falcon
Rafael Alencar&Matan Shalev
Revenge/Lucas Entertainment
Tony Buff&Will Parker
Folsum Filth/Titan Men

My acting at 48sec markBruno Bond
Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios
Cameron Adams
Whorrey Potter/Dominic Ford Features
David Taylor
Focus /Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios
Diesel Washington

Johnny Hazzard
Playing with Fire 4 Alarn/Channel 1 Releasing
Matthew Rush
Whorrey Potter/Dominic Ford Features
Rafael Alencar
Revenge/Lucas Entertainment
Ryan Raz
Entrapment/Lucas Entertainment
Steve Cruz
Focus/Refocus-Raging Stallion Studios
Tony Buff
Battle Creek Breakdown/Titan Men
Trevor Knight
Big Dick Society 2:Dicktimized/Jet Set Men
Vince Ferelli
Head Hunters Two/Hot House Entertainment


Adam Killian, Benjamin Bradley, Diesel Washington, Erik Rhodes, Kyle King,Jeremy Bilding, Johnny Hazzard, Logan McCree, Matan Shalev, Matthew Rush, Rafael Alencar, Steve Cruz, Tony Buff

I won Performer of Year for 2009, I'm not expecting anything I'm happy to be nominated with other great superstars in this field. Now I wonder....Will I get more work???? Maybe I will????? Maybe I will get props for constantly putting out good work time after time.

For 2009 I put out five movies, Rear Deliveries by Raging Stallions Studios(I won a HardChoice Award for my Cum scene in that one,) Redlight by Mustang Studios(I won HardChoice award for Savage Humor, cum used as wallpaper paste) Playbook by TitanMedia(Grabby nomination for Best Duo)Asylum by Falcon Studios(Grabby nominated for Best Supporting Actor) Taken to the Lowest Level by Channel 1releasing(Grabby nomination for Best Rim Scene)

I know I know it sounds cocky, but I wanted People to know that I'm committed to this business. Sure the Blog is wild, and it always seems like I'm going through Drama. But......

I'm a decent performer, I know my share of the Industry, and I make sure every role that I'm in I work hard!! At this point of my Career, I'm happy with what I contributed(hopefully I can add more)Sure I don't get as much work as other performers. But the work I do get, I make sure I put everything in that role.

I shouldn't base everything on nominations and awards, but at the same time I like the fact that my work is being recognized by my peers. I went from a Titan exclusive to a Free agent, and that was the scariest period for Me. I kept questioning "Would other Studios hire Me?? And some of the Studios actually gave Me a chance to add that Diesel touch to roles.

Sure there was that whole "Mess" with Diesel Washington and Eric Rhodes on the "Asylum" set, thinking back......
The Movie got huge Press, Great reviews, Great coverage!!! I took the Neg energy I had and translated that into my scene with Ryan Raz(Love him now!!)and pulled out a Hot scene!!! Since the movie, that Beef was squashed during the filming I apologized to Eric(I even wrote a blog about it)and it went on to great success!! Hopefully I didn't give Falcon a headache, and maybe I can work with them again(Wink). I still want that scene with Ty Colt!!!(I can dream, Can't I??LOL)

Taken to the Lowest Level, I loved working on this scene. Truth be told, I wasn't "properly prepared" for my scene. I was alittle nervous working on that set, and Esp working with Chi Chi. It took some time for Me to get ready, but I do Owe a Huge Favor to Adam Killian. Adam helped Me out big time!! And for that I owe him Big!! I ate alot of ass in that scene, and I went down the line and right back up the line cleaning out each ass as I went by LOL. BTW Big Shout to Adam Killian, one the hardest working Men in the business On/Off the camera. His deserves to Win Huge!!!! There is no hate in my blood for Adam, I'm jealous jealous jealous of him. His work is being recognized in front of camera and behind it!! He's a fucking Rock Star!!!

Playbook by TitanMedia, I'm fucking proud of myself!!! I hand picked Kameron Scott for the role, wrote the script, came up with Ideas(The Motorcycle)got a chance to direct(Alittle)and even show off my Basketball skills on the court. All I can say is "Your Welcome Kameron Scott" You know I worked my Ass off on that scene, from Top to Bottom. Maybe one of these days, you will give Me Props for that scene. Yes you worked hard on that scene as well, at the time you hated that I pushed you hard. But look, all that hard work paid off!!! Congrats on your nomination

Do I want to win a Grabby(Hell Yeah)but at the same time. I won Performer of Year last year, I won Best Porn Star blogger, Hottest Cock(Cut)for 2008, and I'm hosting this year. Hosting is my reward for busting my Ass all these years, and that is an Honor all itself. I do want to win either Best Supporting Actor or Best Rimming scene. Hell I would love to win Best Rimming, everybody else in the running had to eat one or two asses in their scenes, I had to Rim and Suck three guys lined up in a line(Well I wasn't complaining at all, Yummy!!)and I serviced each hole, making sure that tongue went in deep and cleaned out each poop chute.

Odd that I wasn't nominated for Best Porn Star blogger, but yet again I won last year!!LOL so I would love to see who wins this year. Def need to get an interview with the winner!!!

Best Porn Star Website, I have no chance in Hell!!! But I'm glad that I was nominated.

Well take a look at pics from Asylum and Taken to the Lowest Level, I even threw in Playbook for you.

Asylum is available at
Taken to the Lowest Level is available at
Playbook is available at

Falcon's Asylum

Falcon's Asylum


Playbook by TitanMedia

Taken to the Lowest Level by Channel 1releasing

Taken to the Lowest Level by Channel 1releasing

I'm really excited this year for the Awards, since I'm hosting this year I will make sure this year's award show will be insane!!!


Sunday, March 14, 2010



Alot of people are not liking Me right, Alot of high drama on my blog. There is nothing I can do about it, I write my thoughts out. To Me I think its nothing but a blog page full of Rants and Raves about my experiences. If I'm pissed in the middle of writing a post its going to show(And you guys have read them).

In the end, the Press train keeps rolling and rolling. Twinkscape got major plugs, and Krist Cummings got his plugs(wheter good or bad)the added attention got his scenes more views, his blog got more views and in the end everybody moves on!!!

I will take the Neg energy, and channel it into something else.

I will start calling out these boring performers, and lets get it started with Sexy Talk!!


There is no more sexy talk in today's porn, it's a bunch of groans and moans and some heavy breathing. Or worse, its old recycled dialogue I have heard from 80/90's porn. Its "Yeah suck my cock!!" "You like sucking my big fat cock" "Suck my Dick" bah bah bah

I guess you have to hear it to understand, here you go:

What's sexy talk have to do with porn??? Well I will tell you this much, it has alot to do with it. The basic tools, great face, hot body, big dick, and a fuckable ass. These are the "Very" basic tools, and every porn star should have this. To add to this equation is Star quality, personality, body language. Having these "Added" qualities bring more fuel to your performance. We have all seen the Hot bodied guy, with great face and big dick, stunning to look at. But when it comes to the sex scenes, they are a complete bore. A scene with stiff fucking with no facial expressions and no energy. Star quality is something you have or you don't, it's something you can't teach. Personality, again that is something you can't teach. Body language is something you can teach, knowing your body and how to move it in front of camera is something totally learnable. It just takes alot of practice in front of the mirror and knowing your angles. But this is about Sexy talk!!!

Sexy talk, the lost art of using your Voice to be sensual. A sexy voice can make or break a scene, it can convey confidence and aggressiveness. In the past, Tops had to talk to their bottoms to get them hot or prepared, it was a form of foreplay. You would turn on your bottom, by stating the things you would do to them while slowly undressing them. It was communication between sexual partners, stating their preferences on what felt good or bad. It's the verbal feedback between partners before, during and after sex. Here is Jeff Stryker one of the best in the business when it came to sexy talk. Here he is selling his penis pump:

Another Vid of Jeff Stryker advertising a phone chat line:

There are only a few models in present day porn that still use this type of Sexy Talk. Most of the models, are grunting, groaning and moaning with a mix of verbal outbursts. Such as "Yeah Fuck yeah" "Fuck Me!!!" (some moaning and grunting) "Fuck Me harder" type of acting. There are variations of sounds, whimpering, heavy breathing, gasps for air, humming bah bah.

Sexy talk is not for everybody, some people just want to see two hots guys fucking. When I watch porn I like to see the connection between the models. If the top is leading the bottom in the scene, I like to see how the Dom Top verbally controls his bottom. If there is an aggressive bottom in the scene, I like to hear how the bottom leads the top in the scene. Maybe this is just me???? If I'm paying for porn I want the complete picture. I will get bored very quickly if I see two models going at it, and there is no noise or moaning.

Examples of good noise making, when Mason Wyler gets fucked he makes alot of noise verbally. Kurt Wild whimpers when he gets fucked hard!! Trevor Knight talks to his bottoms during scenes, showing that connection. I talk during my scenes, usually shouting orders and commands so the models in the scene that I'm working with know exactly what feels good or bad when servicing Me.

But sexy talk is hit or miss sometimes, there is a time and place for everything. Some people just want to fuck quietly, some want the Verbal intercourse back and forth! In porn, I think there needs to be a healthy balance. If there is too much talking it can come off Cheesy and unrealistic. If there is no talk at all, the scene can come off boring with no energy.

This is my opinion, here is an example of my sexy talk in action:

Well another post later......

Friday, March 12, 2010


Let's get right into it.......

My personal life is my personal life, if you don't want to read about it then don't come to my blog!!!

I write this blog as my journal, I never intended it to be popular or ground breaking. I wanted to chart my progress from the ground up in becoming a Porn Star, that was it. Along the way it got popular and it became a "Gulity Pleasure" for some people. Then the industry started to read it, and then it took a life of its own.

There are some good posts and then there are some posts I wish I never wrote. I can be a Hot Mess sometimes.......

I can admit that!!!

People only get a glimspe of my life, sometimes when I speak about an issue that effects Me. You only get half the story, and 9 times out of ten I will be the bad guy in the story(because I write from my perspective)I make mistakes(alot of them)but one thing in my defense. I can admit to making mistakes rather then blame someone else or use some scapegoat.

I'm a hopeless romantic, emotional, pig headed and I can be a pain in the ass(literally)I'm not easy to get along with(relationship wise)and I have my own issues!!! I can speak openly about myself because I have nothing to hide!!

Speaking about someone's recovery was wrong!!! I see that now, and I'm not proud of myself at the moment. Seeing the bigger picture, those who do have addictions are different people when they are using as opposed to not using. I have alot of friends in recovery and I heard an ear full after writing that post.

So again I can be the bigger Man and apologize for talking about someone's recovery

To be honest, I flipped when I went to the Twinkscape site. It brought back all those memories of a bad time in Fort Lauderdale for Me. I became pissed, I should have taken some time to myself, collected my thoughts and then write a post. I was in the middle of writing a post when I saw images, and I just went at it. Seeing that the first post was entitled "Dirty Whore", I went at it with vemon!!

I'm better now, and I do have to admit that post was mean!! and down right nasty!!

Bear with Me folks, I'm a work in progress and reading over that post myself made me alittle sick!!!

I can only be myself, and explain myself!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010


Krist Cummings is a "Dirty Whore".

I know what Ur thinking, Wow Diesel that is harsh!!! "Dirty Whore" is the name of his scene on Twinkscape. Which starts off the series called "Twink Confessions" go to I think Ethan Storm is cute as hell!!!! I felt bad that he was paired with "Dirty Whore" star Krist Cummings. I would fuck the hell out of Ethan making him beg Me to stop. But in this scene he is topping "Dirty Whore" Krist Cummings.

Now as you can see, I'm throwing around that term "Dirty Whore" for Krist Cummings. I didn't name the scene, so I'm just simply promoting the Series that I filmed with Twinkscape. I'm excited because there is alot of buzz circling my scene with Twinkscape. See pics here:

Back to "Dirty Whore" star Krist Cummings, people know I have my issues with this performer. See here:

So I won't go into it again, but I was looked at as being the bad guy. And that old excuse "He's young and entitled to make mistakes" Fuck that bullshit!!! When you make the same mistake more than three times its not being young and stupid anymore!! It's a problem!!

Seeing how people thought I was being the Bad guy, here is someone else that shares the same idea that I have about "Dirty Whores" I call them "GutterBunnies" in my version

I will copy and paste some of the post that I went through,

I get bits and pieces of what is going on and I don't understand?? I flew 2hours and thirty mins to talk to him and he won't talk??? Finally We talk and I'm made out to be some evil guy that wants something from him. Are you serious?????? I fucked you in a Bathhouse, I fucked you in a movie. And U think I'm trying to use you sexually??? Are you serious????

Krist I know Ur reading this, Dude I came down to help you!!! And U make Me out to be some kind of enemy???

That was from an entry I wrote, people hated the fact that I was airing dirty laundry(even though it was mine)and finally I have some backing!!! It's always hard to express your feelings in writing, when you feel you have been used. Recently Borderboys had some bad luck, this is how he expressed his anger:

Now this paragraph came from Borderboys: It seems

If you use a hard luck story to manipulate good people into feeling sorry for you, so they can spend their money on your sorry ass...until they start running out of cash and then you come up with lines of bullshit with your fellow trashy whore to either smear their name or make an excuse for dumping their kindness back in their are a dirty whore.

If you talk shit about people that help you out and genuinely care- especially if they bail you out with their money- after they either catch on to the game you play or you dump them because they are no longer useful to your ulterior are a dirty whore.

Borderboys-San Diego

Now it seems that other bloggers were burned as well by "Dirty Whores".or as I call them "GutterBunnies"

Now since everybody thinks I'm the Bad Guy let's hear what Krist has to say about Me on his blog:

dude i dont give a fuck about you, i quit talking to you so your little post on my blog is pathetic. telling me my shit of the past it looks like you need to let go. i have apologized many times to you but you don't get it you cant see past your hurt, so fuck you. i don't care to have you in my life, because you can only see through your one way mirror. are you able to look at what you did, or the mistakes you made. i want you out of my life and yet like some peasant with fleas you keep coming back. i don't give a fuck about you any more, nor do i wish you any harm. i'm healing myself in my life, i quit smoking weed which is probably what you need to do to get past your bi polar empty excuses you use on yourself... before helping others you got to help yourself is what i learned.Krist

To the above post, Krist u never apologized to Me. Infact you put tension between Me and a close friend. I posted a comment on your blog, because your not in recovery.(See update)
Anybody in recovery, knows firsthand that one of the biggest steps to full recovery is fixing the wrongs that you did to people in your past when you were using. You never apologized to Me, infact when I was in Fort Lauderdale(to help you)for a week, We talked for an hour(Day 1) the rest of the time I was down there you disappeared, as soon as you finished your scenes and got your money.

And that statement,"...before helping others you got to help yourself is what I learned" Is that what you learned???? Don't they say that on Airplanes???? And I bet when there is an incident on the plane requiring oxygen masks, mothers and fathers still put the mask on their children first before putting the mask on themselves. Is that wrong???? Some people have more compassion for their loved ones then they have for themselves. I don't see anything wrong in that...

I guess what best can sum this up is a tweet from Krist's own Twitter account


M O E thats my attitude! money over everything!
about 14 hours ago via txt

Now!!!!! I have to admit Krist is a good performer, and We do have a scene coming to Twinkscape very soon. This post was not written to promote my scene, it was just to clear the air about some things. This situation was a sore spot for Me, because I wasted my time and strained relationships that I had with friends. There is alot I'm not speaking about...

I respect Karma!!! And finally it came around and bit someone else for a change!!!

Finally this chapter is almost over!!! When the scene drops on Twinkscape that will be the end of this chapter!!! Yet it starts another one!!(See below)

And don't feel sorry for Krist.

Lucky Daniels(who is a sweetheart)had a nasty title for one of his scene as well:

Well......maybe Dirty Whore is worse LOL


Borderboys-San Diego contacted Me, and I thought it was important to share both sides of the story.

Anybody in Recovery, has a long hard road infront of them. It is not my place to judge if someone is truly in Recovery. That is a hard demon to fight, and I wish Krist(anybody really)to fight the good fight and stay at it. I had/have my own demons to fight!!

Secondly, I shouldn't speak on behalf of Borderboys-San Diego, I used his "Dirty Whore" examples in MY situation dealing with Krist, HIS examples of a "Dirty Whore" was referring to a model that Krist is friends with, although "Birds of a feather, Flock together!!"

These are Borderboys-San Diego examples of a "Dirty Whore" this is the full text:

I want to say that this is pretty much how I define a dirty whore.

Let's just say that if you agree to participate in a scheme with a scumbag- to cheat people out of getting paid for scenes they shoot and then have no guilt or shame for what you do you are dirty whore.

If you sell your ass on RentBoy for $250 an hour and can, in good conscious, make someone pay that amount of money you are a dirty whore.

If you use a hard luck story to manipulate good people into feeling sorry for you, so they can spend their money on your sorry ass...until they start running out of cash and then you come up with lines of bullshit with your fellow trashy whore to either smear their name or make an excuse for dumping their kindness back in their are a dirty whore.

If you talk shit about people that help you out and genuinely care- especially if they bail you out with their money- after they either catch on to the game you play or you dump them because they are no longer useful to your ulterior are a dirty whore.

I used the last two examples for my situation, because it was similar to my story.

So far most of the emails I have received say "Let it go", "Brush it off your shoulder" It's just not that easy and I will tell you why.

The scene on Twinkscape will be around for the rest of my life. Every time I see the footage or pics of that scene, I will be reminded of the situation that I had to deal with over and over.

If the scene becomes popular, of course that web scene will be made into a scene on a DVD. It then hits a wider audience and the process starts all over again.

So all this "Let that Shit Go" is said by people who don't walk in my shoes. Think about it!!

I still get emails from Fans asking about scenes that I did in 2006(Folsom Filth)and the cycle repeats itself when a new audience reviews my work for the first time.

I'm extremely proud of the work I did on Twink Confessions, but the fall out from one of the models I worked with in the scene was nothing but a headache. So there you have it.

I don't remove posts, I will remove pictures from the post, update the post but I will never remove a post.

These are my opinions and my opinions only!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I saw this on Towleroad, I had to use it in a post...

People are not born with hate in their blood, it's something taught by ignorant people. We all start from this stage, being open minded and untouched by society. When I see kids playing, they are not separated by Class, Race, Religion.....

On a leveled playing field such as Central Park, Wealthy people take their children to the park, Middle Class(if that class still exists)and lower income people. All the kids go to play on the swings and in the sand pit. When kids first meet and want to play games they ask very simple and direct questions "You want to play??" "Want to be my friend?" or very direct statements "Come let's ride the swing" "I want to play with you" It's simple as that!!!

The only groups I see divided in the sand pit are between the boys and girls.

This was a quick post...

I had to post this Vid on my blog because seeing how this little boy put Husband and Wife together and made the Love connection. The little boy sees that same connection with Husband and Husband....

Great Vid

I never came into this business, trying to claim that I was Gay4Pay/Play4Pay. I have supported Gay rights for years, and oddly enough I became a Poster Child for Gay men. When I say Poster Child, most heterosexuals have no idea what gay men do in the bedroom. And alot of younger guys(gay/bi/str8) figuring out their sexuality turn to gay porn to explore. This is where I come in, I get alot of emails from Gay men saying I gave them the strength to come out.

Alot of people seem to forget that I brought my mother to the Grabbys awards. I'm not ashamed of the fact I do porn, I have the support from my mother, and I'm not in the closet when it comes to my sexuality!! I'm not saying I'm a role model, HARDLY THAT!!!

My mother is a free spirit, and she never taught Me to have social hangups when it comes to Race, Religion, Class bah bah

I was so happy to see this Vid, because at least I know there is another family out there teaching their children to be open minded....

Okay that was my rant for now!!!