Sunday, March 21, 2010


So I get to the Awards..

I get to the Hookies and the party is on!!! So many people came out!! And it was like Party like a Rockstar!! I managed to get some interviews, I had to do Red carpet first so let me get that over with first, So check it out:

Jason Pitt, looking sexy as usual please take a look at his blog

Sami Dammo sexy sexy accent:

Hot Body Junior Stellano showing off the goods:

Fucking love this guy!!! Tommy is always the life of the party. I wish I had his energy!! Everytime I hangout with Tommy I laugh my Ass off!

And Here is Bubble Butt Gio, this man stays busy!! Nominated for Best International Escort, and BoyFriend fanasty. This is one hard working escort!!

Jay Black:

And one of my really really good friends Barrett Long(Sporting a beard, looks good!!). I finally got an update on the movie "What Happens in Vegas". It will be released shortly and I can't wait for the response that movie is going to get. More on that later, here is Barrett!:

The place is packed and I'm walking my way through the crowd. It was a great party and I can't really remember all the Winners at this point. I know I won Best Blogger/Writer and I was in the moment!! Oh and Chase Hunter the legend!! Here it goes:

After I got my award, I was gone I had to be at Black Party Expo the next day. I was alittle drunk, alittle tired so it was a long weekend people!!

I have more posts coming up later..

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James said...

You welcome for the shout out!