Thursday, March 25, 2010


I thought it was about time........

As Porn Stars its seems that you have to share more and more of yourself, Since this blog is very personal to Me. I thought I would open my bedroom to the public, I'm alittle nervous sharing that with people. But......

I have a strong Fan base!!! Thanks to all the fans and supporters that Voted for Me to Win Best Blogger/Write for The Hookies. As a gift to those fans that have stayed by Me through thick and thin. I decided to open another chapter of my Life to the public.

My bedroom isn't crazy, or covered in leather or condoms. I like my bedroom because it's my hideaway from the World. Here goes:


Since alot of people liked the Instructional Vid on Fucking Like Diesel Washington. I thought I would do another Instructional Vid on Piss Play in the bedroom..


I have come up with a proper way to have watersports in your bed, instead of Shower or bath. Here goes:

Now I wrote this post because unlike everybody else I'm 6'6. With that said, getting into tubs or showers and trying to have some wet action is difficult. There usually is not enough room for two people or more.

I don't have enough room for a Water Troff(don't give me ideas)in my bedroom and I don't think it will go with my rugs(that was joke) Anyway, I came up with the idea to use shower curtains.

Shower curtains, bucket and some towels.

Now that is all you need, Have Fun!!!!


XXXposed said...

Really like your blog. Like your plain way to talk about stuff and how you pick up complex subjects in the sex world and make a practical approach about the psycology behind it. I'm waiting to get some inspiration to write something about you in my own blog, you deserve something well written, you're a master!
PS: why the fuck people don't write comments here?!

puddinhed said...

Wow, Diesel, that's really cool of you to give us a tour of your bedroom. The best part, of course, was the shower curtain demonstration. Very sexy and practical. Thanks!

Would you say that for you w/s is an integral part of sex, not just something hot to do every now and then?

Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi things are going well with yourself...Yes!! on the fan in the bedroom..used to have a ceiling one myself but now just a stand helps me sleep!... couldn't see the books you have...yes nosy but was interested in what you have read etc...WS in the bedrom idea was good..I think the bathrooms that have the open plan type showers work better bath/shower cabinets etc..the floor slopes into plug hole..u must have seen these over there..Thanks for letting us check out your bedroom...Regards...Laurie

Laurie (WJ) said...

T..BTW also thought it was a cosy room liked the colours and easy chair. Interesting pattern on the cushions too..Rgds...Laurie