Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Okay since I handled old business its back to the Event at Hand... Magnitude and then Folsom Fair 2008...... these Events are Huge to Me this is my element and I tried to be so many places but I couldnt move!!! I worked at two booths trying to sign everything I could.... to People who were there Im sorry!!! But I had to take breaks.... Sometimes I wouldn't look at the crowd... I would grab Sagat and Cuddle in the Corner for at least 5mins.... And yet there would be at least 100 more people waiting for Pics or Autographs, Hugs.. It was Nuts but anyway back to the Stories!!!
The Top Stories cause everybody is waiting on Me to Talk I Know that already!!! Not to disappoint, but I was signing and posing, signing etc etc I got as many as I could!!

Lets Start at Magnitude..... I had made plans for A truly interesting show!!!I wanted to Tell a Story this Time and I had my gear ready and the show went like this:

Okay I had to get my Gear in order!! And I was heading on stage with Paint Ball Mask, Black Army Camo, gun harness and side Hip Piece(also holds a gun) I also used a Laser Pointer so I could Hit the crowd for that effect. The Laser Pointer was mounted to the Mask so it gave it that Super Spy look. A water gun that was filled 50%Piss and 50% Water so when I Laser pointed a person I would hose them down with my Water Gun(NO real water gun)LOL.

Now the other Model was wearing School Boy clothes complete with Tie And Chino Shorts and A cut up Long sleeve shirt(thanks for the Use of the Knife Tony Buff).

Now we had a walk through beforehand, to look at the stage and feel out the set up. I had the Gear and the Act together. The Act Domination and Submission, Water Sports, Body Worship, even Put the other Model in the Bully and Motorcycle(My New Position U Guys need to start asking about that Next Year It will be displayed in a Hot Basketball movie I wrote be sure to check it out) So I had everything in my head played out. We were even give a Screen where U could see Our shadows, So I had it set up that I came up behind the Other Model grabbed him and knocked him out behind the Screen! Tied Him and Bagged him!!!!

So Action: I came up behind my Prey, grabbed him by the Neck and Broke Him down to the Floor. He tied his own hands and I put a Trash bag over and then carried Him over my shoulders. I went from behind the screen to main stage, placed him down on ground and then went to the Front edge of the Stage.

I laser Pointed the crowd hit some people with 50/50 water and piss and then went back to boy. revealed him in the Bag and he had ball gag(forgot about that) tied wrists that I cut off him with Knife, I ripped his clothes off removed his ball gag. Hit him A Few time across chest and then made out with him..... Some Body Worship, turned him around and Put him in the Bully, and then swtich to Motorcycle. Dismount and then forced him On Knees and Pissed in the Air, into my mouth, into his, We both spit it into the Crowd, I then did my Classic Piss into the Crowd(this year was different) I was alittle Shocked this time around!!!! A Year Before the crowd went insane and ran from stage!!! This Year the crowd didnt move at all and actually pushed closer to the stage????????? U thirsty Bitches!!!(Many came to Booth signing, complaining that they only got hit on the shoulder or hand Wow!!) So funny!!!

From this my time was up... I saw the Stage manager on the side waving at me my time was done.... Wow time flew by.... It was Hot!!!

End of Act I take out a Collar and Chain, Collar the boy and walk off with him on the end of my chain..... Good Ending.....

That was the Show, I had a great time...and the model did perform very well......

Now to pull off this show that I had in my head... I flew out this model(At my Expense)he stayed in my Hotel Room(twin beds)Titan Took Us out to Out to Dinner(All the Exclusives Present). Given VIP access to Magnitude Event, Performed on Stage, He was rewarded for his Performance, He got plowed down stairs(Dark Sex Area's Near Slings by some guy/guys(Im watching) I then Leave to Hotel cause I'm tired, so I leave him there(He was paying me no attention at all just sucking dick and getting fucked)... Comes back to my Hotel room 30mins later, showers and jumps on his bed, I come over and say "Well I let ya have Ur Fun, Lets fuck!!!). And he says No and then ignores me..... I said Whats wrong with ya? He said Ur comment of "I let ya Have Ur Fun" "I'm not Ur Property!!"

Folks If U thought, I just brought this model over for the show!! And didnt expect to fuck him Ur wrong.... Shit that was Discussed before I booked the ticket... Thats a No brainer!!!!DUH!!!! DUH!!!! In every text I sent him about the show and details. and the opportunities for a Up and Coming... each one was ended with U know If I bring ya out here Im fucking ya!!! Its Folsom Fair... shit my Hotel was four blocks away from Magnitude the Party.... DUH!!! DUH!!!

So here U have it.... Okay... U dont want to get fucked.. Shit Suck my Dick do something... Fuck It!! I will lay in bed next to ya and jerk it(I did). Like Dead Fish nothing...

So Fuck that bullshit I dont get used... Told him not to come to booth tomorrow... Dont Use my Name my backing nothing..... I went to sleep, got up in morning, went to breakfast. he was gone when I got back... I packed his shit and left it at the front desk...changed my Room lock(who knows who this guy will bring back to room??) and headed to Fair..

Who is Walking around the booth??? Thats right the model.... Looking like a Puppy Dog.. wanting to join in.... He quickly disappeared as I arrived!!! The little guy is a Starrfucker!!! Just hanging out and getting Star Struck!!!

Well anyway Ur not my Guest anymore and lost the Opportunity to hangout with me... U broke the deal so Kick Rocks!!!! He slide his way to the Rentboy.com booth anyway(and hung out with the Rest of the Twinks!! Big Shout Out to Brandon Baker thanks for Babysitting..... I explained it to Dean Flynn and this was his response:

Dude if ur reading this.... U think I needed Ur drama in my hotel room... esp when I gave ya this huge opportunity!!! U knew the Deal...

People I dont need someone's negative energy esp when "I" gave them this opportunity(and many others)!!
I Dont feel bad for him... He was flying out that same day at 1230am..He had a pocket full of money and he is At Folsom Fair... he got want he wanted... Now on to Important things.

FOLSOM FAIR: Amazing I didnt see much at all.... too many people too packed!!! And since I banned the model from coming to booth I didnt perform or make some Big Show(Miss Ya Damien!!! That Kid couldnt Hold ur Jock Strap, I Kid LOL).

So its the Signing and Signing and Posing for Pics.... Over and Over.... It was nuts out there.....

I was asked to Help Out a Show..... So Diesel Washington and Dean Flynn went to Help out this Show!!!

Okay the Show was BERLIN featuring Terry Nunn........... Are ya fucking Kidding me?????

Terry Nunn(if u dont know she is part of Berlin, the group that sang "Take My Breathe Away" From Top Gun the Movie) She is a Rock Legend.....

What is more strange, she wanted to include me in Her Act???? UMMMMMMM Excuse me!!! U want me to perform with Terry Nunn..... Im Honored!!!

Terry wanted me to Carry Her on my shoulders and walk through the Crowd of Folsom Fair(like 10-15 feet during her Performance).. Ummm Okay? So she Prep me and I carried her on my shoulders so she could get comfortable at first...

She is in great shape she is like 105lbs.... and I was honored that she Picked me and Trusted me to Carry her into the Crowd with Fans pulling at Her, but she did and it was Insane!!!!

She sang the song Shiny...... I walked her back to stage put her back on stage she kneeled down and kissed me on the Lips.... Hugged me and then went into "Take My Breathe Away" and I left the stage...... What an Honor!!!! Dont believe me here u go:

It doesnt get any better than this....... Or does it?????

Its like 8pm, Im in my Hotel(not in my room), and I get a call from the Model saying that hes locked out of room.... I told him his stuff is at front Desk and call me later I was busy hanging out with Max Schutler in his room(Oh yeah I had a Long Time Crush On him!!!)

Half tired and drained(long day!! U guys get ur head out of gutter, I just caught that myself "Drained" LOL) I came down to Lobby like an 1 hour later... Helped him get his stuff they checked it in Luggage storage. Left him in the Lobby and went to my room and took a Nap I was tired and "drained" I dont feel bad at all... he had friends out there, he was hanging with People when I saw him so no biggie....

I stayed In, I had enough.... I performed, signed autographs and had a blast everything was perfect.....

This Folsom was Insane the Best Yet........... Alas People Im announcing that I will not be attending Folsom Fair anymore for no Price..... Im done, I want to go out on Top!!!! And I proved that I can be HARDCORE FETISH but done safely!!!! Mission Done!!! Hopefully I left some People with good memories.... I worked hard for the Fans this time around...

So I have to go now!!! I will give ya Recap as soon as the Rest of the Info is all Out.


Whew I'm back from Folsom and I had a good time out there despite some bullshit that I had to handle. I have really been in a Fucked up mood lately and Assholes are pushing and pushing me to the point where I need to start taking action.....

Anyway I will have the whole run down, with photos and Vids that I took out there and U will be surprised at some of the things that went down over there in San Fran.

I see the www.TheSword.com picked up Dexter's post about Love sucking... and it really does, Thanks Dexter for holding down the Fort, I had to get my head on str8..

I will be real with Ya People, I'm no saint and have done alot of stuff I'm not proud of.. At least I'm honest to myself and those around me cause I hate living a Lie. I hate being lied to, and I hate the feeling of being used by People.......

I'M A HUMAN BEING AND HAVE ISSUES AND FAULTS LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE!!! I wont sugar coat shit anymore..... and try not to cause waves, FUCK IT!!!!! PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO LEARN TO SURF!!!!

So where to start??? Lets start at Love sucking!!!! Dexter had a slip of the tongue and told ya about My issues!!! Okay??? I will be honest..... I hooked up with Jacob Powell about three years ago. Yes hes the one!!! in Summit. I met Jacob before I was into Porn, we hooked up, spent long hours together and had a good time with each other. We stayed in contact, he had some "issues" that made him move from NYC to Chi Town, we talked online a few times and lost contact. Fast Forward to this year's Grabbys three years later. who do I run into at the Grabbys??? that's right Jacob!!! I saw him in passing, asked him what he was doing out here and he was helping a friend promote a movie and I was like okay cool would love to hangout with ya again. Yet Again things came up and we lost contact.... About month ago I get in contact with Jacob online, and we start talking again. We both have love for comics, Vid games, shared the same experiences in life, and had long talks on the phone for hours on end. Then he disappeared and I never heard from him again, He doesn't return calls or texts, so I guess that is over!!!!

I will say this though!!! Jacob can get fucked for hours......Too bad he doesn't bottom on camera!! I can tell he doesn't bottom much.... because he doesn't know how to clean out properly like a bottom should. Its like taking a Reese's Peanut Butter cup smashing it and smearing all over Ur dick. Thank God I had plenty of condoms and he had plenty of clean sheets at his place.

Well there u have it, Real talk from Diesel.......Now u know!!!

I guess I took it hard because some People don't understand that doing Porn is hard. It comes with alot of problems in dating and finding someone that is understanding enough to deal with it. Its not easy, Throw in Escorting..... Traveling...Personal Appearances and it makes it impossible to find someone that can put up with Ur schedule and issues. Oh well I guess I got burned again!!!

Dating sucks!!!
*Update yes I did delete some things from Post!!! I don't want to show How much of a Loser I was in Heavy Like for Jacob.. And Yes Eggz Ur right!! this Post doesn't make me like good, That's the point!!! I have feelings and reached out to someone being honest and vulnerable... I can take a blow to my ego every then and then!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I Have been so busy handling "Other Things" I have been distracted..... I will be going to San Fran and hanging out with the Titan Guys(Always Fun!!) I will be performing!!!

Titan Media is also a presenting sponsor of “Magnitude” leather/fetish dance party Sept. 27 at the Regency Center.

Tony Buff, Eduardo, Derek da Silva, Dean Flynn and Diesel Washington will perform live between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m.

On Sunday, Sept. 28, the entire cast of “Folsom Undercover” will appear at the TitanMen booth during the Festival throughout the day to sign autographs and greet fans.

Additional performers set to appear include Alex Baresi, Marco Blaze, Dirk Jager, Chad Manning, Frank Philipp, Markus Ram, Fran├žois Sagat and Dominic Sol.

Yeah I glued that....I'm getting lazy these days.. Not Really!! I have been hitting the gym like a mad man and also I have been working on my show at Magnitude..

Now Folks U have seen my work(or not LOL) but I'm a Performer that is what I do I put on The Wildest Shows that People have seen... This will be my Last Show with Titan(Sadly) so Im going out with a Bang.. This Show will be the Greatest Piece I will do for a Loooong while. I will to make sure and take pics of the gear and my Partner during the Show.. In all my setbacks I had alot to do in the last few weeks. I'm rambling now... My Partner is Kameron Scott(yes from the BasketBall Movie).
Hes about 6'2 Mid Western Kid and I have prepared him for a great show!!! So Many Details but for those Who wont be there!!1 All I can Say Its going to be Wet!!! Wild!!and still tell a story with in a Story(What ever that means). For those not there Of course I will take Pics that will give ya an Idea of what happened.. Titan has been very Nice in Asking me to do this Event.. And Big Shout Out to Titan!!

Not to Sound all Deep and Emotionally, but I have come to enjoy these events.. And I really Will Interact with the Fans... I have gotten alot of emails over the years and the Fans have really stuck by and Shit..... And I'm really Thankful that People enjoy what I do.. Some Days are harder than Most, but when I look back that the times and People I have met over time.... it was Fun!! So have Ur Cameras ready and cards to sign and I promise I will sign every one until my hands hurt!!

To the Haters!! I don't know what to say??? U have hated on me so long U guys were like my friends always giving my pointers!!BYEBYE HATER!
To all the Sites, Blogs, News and Press guys... Thanks!!


A smile does go a all way..... I know that!! that reminds me... DOUBLE STANDARD NOW IN STORES!!!(kinda of Tacky yes!! but I have to get out Press LOL) MY Romantic scene I watched it... I was On point!!
I haven't really opened up(cause I haven't seen the finished project myself yet)and talked about the scenes...

It was good, really something that will stand out as some of my Best work...Given its not Fetish(Fisting, Footing, Rape, Piss, Spit)its Very Vanilla VERY...... Yet there is Passion to it, and I love the Shower Scene.. Finally I get the Sexy Water running over Ur body shot... I piss in the Shower as well...(who doesn't piss in the shower even u girls I know U do it too!)its Back lit and its hot.. The Fuck Scene was tricky. How to Fuck?? that comes across as Passion rather then that Animal side of things... I Played it very well(I'm talking about Myself how funny) As U will see in the Movie I play the Seducer(That is what I was going for) It came out Hot!!!

Now the Ending was Very Very Hard!!! Watching it, I came off Upset, But I wanted alittle more sadness..... I came across on the Screen like I was Hurt that I was being Used by Eric. And then Eric had to Dash out!!! Which is fine... Me being Dead to role wanted that Look of My Heart getting Crushed!! Well to think about it Now!! I played it right.... I gave U the Fans what U Wanted!!! A softer side of Diesel, U guys got a Bed, Hot guy(killer stomach), Shower, Foreplay, Kissing, Making Out, 9 1/2 Weeks Style!!! No Fetish Play, No fighting, spitting none of that and still put in a good fuck!!

Let me Know!! the feedback has been Good so Far!!

Pardon for fucked up Post sitting in Airport and wanted to get this out!! So It does read well fuck it!!! I tried to give ya something


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


HELLO Kids!!!! It seems that Diesel has nothing to say these days!!! Oh but I do!!! I have some nasty gossip and rumors to spread around...... Diesel been acting like a Little Girl lately(I know he will kick my ass for saying that) I don't know what it is.... The older He gets the more he whines about things and its this time he is whining about his Love life....... Which sucks lately!!

Rumor has it, that Diesel has been linked to another Porn Star(hint hint: He was one of the Models in the Porn Movie Summit!!!) They have been talking on the phone almost daily and things were going good until........ ????? Just Cut off no more contact...... So Diesel's brain has been on fire lately, and alas I had to come out yet again to save his Ass...

Love Sucks I guess....... I was never in Love with Anybody but myself.... Yes it sounds shallow but What can I do??? I have been living my Life for myself and I only take care of myself, and only look out for myself. Call it looking out for number 1 and looking out for myself is the name of the game.

Let me give ya some back drop for all the bullshit that is going on....... Diesel hooked up with this person about 3 years ago and then they lost contact. Recently going to Chi Town, Diesel met this person again and they tried to reconnect again, which failed again miserably.... this was for the Grabby Awards a few months back!!

Fast forward to Sept, they reconnect again(over phone) and then began to talk and talk and talk....things were going great until a few weekends later. Diesel talked to this Model on Friday and everything about the conversation was great there were no problems..... then it happened there wasn't a Call on Saturday(and he wasn't returning calls)No call on Sunday(no return calls)One text from the person stating that there were problems at work and they needed two days to get their head right. Saturday passes Sunday passes, Monday passes, Tuesday passes, Wednesday passes and still no calls or return calls.

Diesel has been sent into a tail spin and then Bang Bang Bang here I come to save the day once again!!!!


Anyway since I'm not the Loving type....I'm here to Cast a Dark Cloud on the Subject...


Love is what makes ya climb into the apartment of Ur Ex and torch their stuff and watch it go into flames!!!!

Love is what makes ya Dent Ur Ex's car door and put scratch marks all over their shit!!

Love is when u Stalk Ur Lover and find their new Love interest and Kick their Ass!!!!

Love is when U cant sleep cause U keep thinking who Ur Ex is sleeping with at night!!!

Love is putting up with all the annoying habits of Ur Lover, instead of taking a Fork and stabbing them in the head with it!!

Love is checking Ur Lovers emails, text messages, and received calls on their phone, Blackberry, Sidekick, Iphone etc etc etc and then cracking them for Info!!

Love is having to share everything, even if they are broke and jobless, and supporting them... unless u put their name on insurance policy and then have them killed for the money(did I say that out loud???)

Love is Falling for someone who used to be a slut and having to hear how many people they slept with... hear stories about all the wild parties and wild sex, and finding out that Ur Lover was a Whore, Slut, Freak and Sex Pig!!! From another Slut, Whore, Sex Pig!!

Love is like a train that ran over somebody, they are still alive when the train hits, and is still alive when the train is crushing their body. They only Die when the train moves and then all Ur organs fall out in a bloody mess!!

Love is like Cutting Ur Wrists and slowly watching the Life drip out of ya!!!

Love is like Pulling out Ur finger nails, with a pair of dirty screw drivers dipped in Shit!!!

Now all this talk is Depressing me!!! I need to go out and Kill some Puppies or Babies to recover!!

Diesel Diesel Diesel when are ya going to learn???? Love is like A Serial Killer, U don't know why he does it???, But he does and always leaves a trail of blood to follow his path.

Ur Path is Blood, Sweat and Tears and its time to Kill again but do ya have the heart to go through it again????? Love will find ya again!!!! but hopefully this time it will Finish the Job and Really Kill ya!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Okay It was time for a Recap.. the emails have been very supportive of some of the Ideas that I'm working on and Thanks.. Shout Out to Giophotography again for the amazing pics.. Well since I put up new pic.. People have been talking, and thats good(for ego I need that sometimes)and Im happy that People are enjoying it...

Now I received an email from Vlad(The Russian Boy who took some great shots of Me)he was alittle upset that People started ripping Diesel a new one, cause the lack of Lust in the Pics that he took!!! Now I hung out with Vlad for about week while he enjoyed NYC and I was just enjoying the weather, and Hot ***(Use Ur Imagination). Vlad is a smart one, he didn't want to appear in my blog even though he was a Fan of my blog and Helped me out with some pics. I had to capture his image displayed above.. I thought it was kinda of cool not to show his face clearly(what he wanted) but I still got him. But anyway... he wanted to represent his skills.. I think the kid takes great pics. He used my camera to take some of shots(I need a better camera) He def took to heart some of the comments about the blog starting to suck and felt it was his fault...so hes back in Russia and sends me an email with some of the photos he took while we were hanging out in NYC I think these shots are hot.

I'm just happy that people see my vision and want to help me out and achieve my goals. Also Patrick the Assistant sent me the First two photos he was looking through his files and noticed he had some Pics that I never posted and sent them via email for me to use(Thanks Bro I know U still support Me)

Well there u have it.. No bright lights, no back drops, just Diesel in the Raw form!! Don't hate!!! I put up the Gloss shots.... U have to deal with the real pics as well, anybody can look great with some Photo shop, and good lighting bah bah. But I also think its important to strip away the layers. and show the Real Form!!

Yeah I know sounds like I'm being a hypocrite when I say strip away the layers, but Damn!!! U people see me naked!!! Read my blog! Watch the Movies! I need to have some privacy time to time. So I will let ya see the Raw physical Form.....

But only My friends and People that know me will get to see the Overall Picture!!


The Editor is boring..........Ur not missing much.

Friday, September 12, 2008



This is My blog. the Editor gave it to me.. but yet I have to share it!!! I do all the hard work.. I'm the One with the Dirty Hands!!! Yet all these New Characters??? U Guys will never do the things I have!! Never!!! I live and Breathe Sex!!! Manly Hot, Wet, Dirty Sex!!! Dexter U may be Funny at times...But U Cant Fuck, like I fuck!!! The "Editor" is too stuck inside of His Own Head to fuck.. and The Big Boss.. well I don't want to say anything cause U might have me Killed!!! But this Blog is my Baby!!! U guys better bring some Fire..if I'm going to share this with ya!!!


Editor Why are ya Doing This???? I'm Diesel..... Ur Favorite!!!!

I Guess U only Use me for Sex!!! I'm just Ur Sex Toy!!! Ur Human Dildoe!!!

Well I will take that!!! At least I'm the Hottest One out of the Four!!

Nice to Meet ya Dexter!! Nice to Meet ya Big Boss.......Sir!!


Gio Ur eye for detail and the way U use a Camera is Amazing!!!



Im Tired of This Shit!!! Finally the Big Boss makes his First Appearance!!! Dexter gets a post.. I want my Post Now!!!

Tired of the BitchAssness..... Tired of the Gutter Bunnies.. All that is nonsense Drama!! Where are the Hustlers??!! People U need to get Ur Paper Up!!! Its all about the Bread..In Knots..Im a RubberBand Man..

U Dont Know Me??? U will!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008




Once again I'm Dexter DeLarge, at Your Service!!!!

Well I have been reading Diesel's blog, and it sucks!!!!....... So the Editor Called Me in to Shake it up a bit!!! Hmmm I have been gone for a while....I think I was hiding deep inside of the Editor's brain?? Or something?.... I don't know??.. Some People didn't even notice that I came and went..... Was I being Ignored???!!!! I cant have that!!!!

Since I was interrupted during my Tea Time by the Editor, Diesel's blog probably sucks Major Ass Juice from a Dirty Whore who didn't shower for 2 weeks and had 20 clients in that two weeks of time(U DIRTY BITCH!!)So here I am!!!

I get a whole Post to Myself, Delightful!!!Whew! Where to Start?? AAAh... yes...

Who is Dexter DeLarge? U might be asking yourself right now...

Dexter is a Performer..No I don't Fuck on Stage Or get naked or do any of those things that Diesel does. I host Parties, I have a Larger than Life presence on Stage..Known to tell a Witty Joke every Now and Then..I set the Mood for Any Show!!! Hype Man some might say...


Okay, Since U Now Know I'm Great, no need to go any further..........

But I must!!!

The "Editor" created this... "Diesel" handles all the Dirty Work... Dexter is the One with Wit and the Most Colorful.. Oh and then U have The Big Boss!!(Hes another story and a half!!LOL)anyway back to me.....

Did We finish talking about Me???.......... Hell NO!!!

As u can tell I'm the Biggest Attention Whore!!!! Me Me Me and More me!!! But alas I must do this blog a Service Now!!!


Girls who wear Mini T shirts and Low Riders...but have a Beer Gut!!! FUCK YA!!!

Girls who wear skinny jeans or tight jeans.. but have no Ass or Body!! FUCK YA!!

Boys who wear skinny jeans and have Mini T shirts..... and have a Beer Gut!! FUCK YA!!

Boys who wear skinny jeans..... and have No Ass or Bulge FUCK YA!!!

Parents who bring their Kids to R rated Movies on a Friday night at 1245 and their kids talk and cry the whole movie!!! FUCK YA!!!

FUCK YA KIDS TOO!! little bastards didn't need to run up and down the aisles(three times!!)

Cig smokers who jump into a cab filled with four other people(who don't smoke)and lights up!!! FUCK YA!!!! U asshole U know we don't smoke but U had to be the Asshole to light up cause u had some drinks...FUCK YA!! put it out before I smack it into Ur eye!!!

Dudes who get fucked by Drag Queens(In full drag!!)and Trannies!!! FUCK YA!!! Okay U can be attracted to anybody... I hold that true..at the same time U take Dick in Ur Ass and Like it..but don't like Gays and consider yourself Straight!!! FUCK YA!!!

Girls who don't suck dick.....Come on its 2008(soon 2009)and some girls still don't suck dick???? FUCK YA!!!! At the same time, U wont suck my dick, but U love to get eaten out for hours.... but cant return the Favor??? BIG FUCK YA!!!!

We all know what a Slut is(Sex for Fun)We all know what a Whore is(Sex for Money)What the Fuck is a Freak???? Some Whores are Freaks, and some Freaks are Whores...At the Same time, Sluts can do some Freaky things but are they a Freak as well???Cause I don't hear about Freaks who are sluts.... Confusing!!! so FUCK YA!!!!!

Couples that look like each other.... Guys and Girls who have the same hairstyle, same body type and are the same height and share jeans(Disgusting)...Gay guys who are both bottoms and the same race, same eye color same hair color, same height, same weight, who wear the same clothes, and has the same style...and say "Its like Fucking Yourself"(Vomit worthy)BIG OLE FUCK YA TOO!!


To PUBS..... that make The Most Godawful Bangers and Mash FUCK YA MATE!!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

To Ya Cheeky Bastards who are online in Chat Rooms and Don't Hook Up.......that is fine... But why do ya ask for Cock pics??? and to Cam??? and do jerk off shows??? and go to Sex clubs and Peep shows .. but real time is totally out of the question???,all because U don't meet people that u met online!!! FUCK YA FUCK YA!!! That is some Teasing Horse Shit!!!

The Bloody Nerve of some People!!! Dexter is not full of Hate... I merely point out the Fuckers that make Living Hard!!! If I could take a shot gun and blow a hole in these people's chest I would, but that is illegal and wrong!!! I'm a kinder and softer person than that!!!

Would I stab the Guy in Line ahead of me for buying a bottle of water and candy bar and using a Credit Card to pay for it????? No that is illegal and wrong!!!

If I punch a Guy in the Face, who got on the train and asked me for change... by yelling at the top of his Lungs while I was sleeping??????I cant do that its Assault and illegal and its wrong!!!

I'm glad I could entertain ya... but I must go now!!! I have alot to do else where:

I'm serving Baby Bald Eagle for dinner with a side order of Panda pancakes....and need to get out my Baby Seal skinned chairs. My American Flag table cloth(which recently got alittle burnt). I'm bringing out my Bible place holders and Robe napkins cause I'm having the Kids over from Kiddieporn.com and U know How Kids leave a Mess!!! Last time the KKK crashed my affair and I had to call the Mafia to handle some business!!! So this time I will be ready I just have to make sure I invite the Niggers, Crackers, White Trash, Spics, Jews, Polaks, Greasers, Cannucks, Frogs, Queers, Fudge packers, Dykes, and Trannies to the Party!!!

Its a glorious affair, an Evening of Wining and Dining and Entertainment for the Whole Family!!!!

For a Family of Sickos and Pervs!!!