Thursday, September 30, 2010


by Fariview Sue

Fan pic

by Vin Nolan

Fairview Sue

This Trip....

Was amazing!! That is all I can say....

Lets get into my mental, I tend to over think everything and I'm learning to take some time, collect my thoughts enough that I can write a good post. So let's hope this is a good post.

First off the bat, I had a chance to see my EX running around at Poppers. It was a shock to him(but I knew I would run into him)now I could be upset that He would throw Me under the bus so harshly..

But its cool, alot of people do not understand that I have a very forgiving heart. My bark is mean, aggressive and alot to handle at sometimes, but at the end of the day(week, year lol)I look at the situation for what it is, I like to put things on the table and get over with it. So I see him running around trying to avoid Me(I'm talking to Zach about it)So of course I have to pull my EX to the side and talk to him directly I said "You don't have to be scared, I want no drama, I'm extending an Olive branch to you in peace, so you don't have to be all scared, RELAX HAVE A GOOD TIME!!" Hugged and left him to having fun. End of story!!

Regardless of things said or whatever I do care about you, so this whole post of "High or Drunk or Both"????I knew that you drink, but your getting high now?? Your highly intelligent, and playing the drunk and high card, Hmm?? Umm Ok??And add the bitchiness to it...
High or Drunk

Good Luck with that!!LOL

Moving on...

My brain works funny, so depending on the situation I have a certain way of thinking, with that said next story:

So I was talking to @NaughtyLauraD at the Cocky Boy party(??)And there was a alot of flirting going on. I froze, I mean I was stuck on stupid!! I would back away cause mentally I shut down, I tried to explain the situation, and nothing came out of My mouth.

The situation, I have played with women before I am attracted to Men/Women..

In normal situations, if I see an attractive woman I would flirt and throw some convo.

But I was in San Fran, I was at a gay porn event, I was doing the whole Diesel persona, the direct answer. I was in Gay Mode, Gay Porn star at the bar mingling..

I mean if We were in a different location, around different circumstances, We could kick it, talk the shit..wink


Damien Crosse my boy!! God it was good seeing you!! We hung out for hours just talking and nothing has changed about you. We slipped into "Real Talk" and FUCK I missed that about you. This porno train can wreck some people, and turn them inside out. I miss the support I had with you, because We are both going through it together...Awww I'm getting teary eyed LOL. Dude you company rocks!! You and Francesco are doing your thing!! What up sexy Francesco?? Glad I had a chance to keep feeling you up!!LOL


To my Man "B" you funny....LOL That is all I can say!! Def need to chill with you more. You are so on point, when you see your victim you go head first no bullshit!! I like that!! No games when you see someone you want you make it known!! I would go bar hopping, club hopping with you anytime!! I don't know why people just hold up the wall and don't dance and shit..... Speaking of which.

Sorry people when I'm at events, sometimes its about business and sometimes its about letting loose. If you went to any of the events, most people would probably see Me on the other side of the room, on my phone texting. I was not trying to be Anti social, I escort and I have to make my money.. So if it seemed that I was annoyed or playing to the side because I didn't want to mingle, not the case.

I'm a big boy, so when I tour or go to events I'm playing double duty. I playing Porn Star, Personality, Escort. That is probably the biggest difference between Me and some other performers, I go to events to put in an appearance and network. Some of these boys are there to hookup, have sex in the bathrooms whatever...I'm not judging, Been there and done that!!

At this point of time, I'm about my money!!I play here and there but its cool that everybody else lives out their fantasy. All these hot guys around, I would be banging them too, if I didn't want Client money!! Which brings Me to another subject, I see all these hot guys and I want to sleep with them of course, but I want to do it on screen!! Why not hold that sexual tension you have, and display it onscreen?? Ummm you get a paycheck and get to fuck at the same time!! I guess I'm weird like that, I'm that guy that doesn't have sex four days before a scene, and if I'm attracted to you, and have seen you at events and We have flirted before. Yikes!!That shit on screen is going to be fire!!

Now I can stop bullshitting you, I have amazing Chemistry with a certain performer. And I spent an amazing two nights with this person, just talking(no really) Now I would love to do a scene with this person. I said I wouldn't name names on my blog, I won't name names. I want to explain that energy I have with this person first. We can lay in bed together and not have sex and its all good. We talked business, life, all at the same time that strong sexual tension is right there in our faces. It's not always about the sex People!! Duh if I'm a Porn Star I'm programmed to get hard and fuck. So its refreshing that you can have that sexual tension and not act upon it sometimes, that has been a major turn on for Me lately yummy. Besides this Performer already has someone they love. That is something I don't Cross!!

You want a Hint??

Moving on...

Wolf Hudson, My Bro its always good seeing you. Handle your business Pimp!! So people know He was rocking a hot jacket to the 2010 Gayvn awards(check it in Pics) I'm counting down the Days until I can see your scene with Pierre Fitch(Hottie)that shit is going to be banging!!

Moving on.

Fair View Sue, I love the pics you take!! And yes I need to smile more in my pics(Im trying)We were talking over at the Raging Stallions booth, I think about Feet. I was stoned at the time, but YOU DO HAVE NICE LEGS!! I was kinda in a fog at the time!! I had alittle bit of an "Attack" at the events. There were alot of people, and people were coming at Me all day pushing their "Agenda", some stalkish fans, and it was alot!! I mean alot to take in!! Whew!! In other words, if I stood there like a babbling fool, My Bad!! Oh and the girls were dieing to take off their boots, Oh well Fashion is fashion.

Moving on..

Howard from Fabscout and Gio, I only got to see you guys briefly. I wanted to spend more time with you guys but I could tell you were busy "Babysitting" And not to cause Drama, Howard some of your models who got on stage to win awards, everybody was Thanking Chi Chi(rightfully so)but they should have been Thanking You and Gio as well, YOUR the one that gets these boys work!!REAL DEAL! And when they are broke, who is the first person they come to?? Howard from Fabscout looking for work!! Who do they go to when they need the glossy pictures Gio!! Tsk Tsk silly models...

Moving on...

Ummm yeah I did find out that name of that model, Tyler Andrews and he's a Fabscout model WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT???LOL. Lets put it this way, you made it known that you were in my area. Here is your plug!!

Thanks Howard!! For sending that over to Me!!LOL

Moving on.....

Dylan Roberts and Landon Mycles, yummy!! I keep my distance around you guys!!I want to chill and blaze and kick the shit!! But in doing so, we would be homies!!I want to fuck you guys!!LOL So I like keeping that distance, because I could see Us laying back, blazing, acting goofy and that is where the friendship comes in. In my mind, I need that tension there, so when We fuck(On camera)that shit is going to be Banging. Then afterwards, We can be Homies!! Business bitches!! Business!! Two Hot power bottoms!! Damn!!

Moving on...

JuicyGoHoe, that Dick!!! I went to an event hoping to run into him. Nope!! I waited around for 40mins....Nobody!!I was not waiting around all day, so I left. Next time JuicyGohHoe you Barebacking Highlight Reel of Death. I hope that comes off as harshly as it sounds!! He is one of those Bareback models that uses that bullshit logic that people of trash use.

"I'm having real sex on film not that fake bullshit"

"I go with partners who Sero test(whatever that means)"

"The guys in Mainstream Porn bareback behind closed doors, so they are hypocrites"

What fucking kind of Logic is that?? Yeah And??? They play with their own lives off camera that is their business(I'm not going to judge) On camera, they display responsible models that protect themselves on screen to their fans and the porn audience. That is the Most important message, because footage lasts forever!! I rather send the right message for the future audience and upcoming models.

What they do behind closed doors is their business. That is one of the reasons Why I'm so vocal about testing models. I get tested once a month, and if someone is playing Risky at least I have knowledge that they were tested. Its not 100% but at least I know if someone is carrying an STD(besides HIV)they are ruled out of doing a scene. There is no Porn Health Insurance!! I don't want to leave the set, coughing, or having something growing on my lip(Again)cause I picked up something from another model.

Again JuicyGoHoe you are a Dirty Highlite Reel of Death!!

Moving on...

Okay the Vid, FUCK LIKE DIESEL "Celebrity Edition" it was filmed by Adam Killian(have to give film credits)

And the Vid FUCK LIKE DIESEL "Bodybuilder Edition" that was filmed by Wolf Hudson(film credit)

Hmm What else???

I'm looking at my DVD collection and I star in 19...

I don't like that number at all, I know I said I wouldn't open my legs anymore!! This deep dicker wants one more...

I'm at 19!! I have done 19DVD's in five years..Drop in the bucket, 20 is a good number!! It's just an even number(its a thing), Energy needs to happen for number 20 If I'm going out, I want number 20 to BE HUGE!! Simple Math..

Popular Star + Fanbase(Spending Power) + Strong Performance + Promotion = SALES!!

Moving On..

Tre Xavier Bah Bah bah youtube, no humor, dry, and just kinda of boring!! Really!!He tries to call Me out And say I play this role, Of Big(Cause I go to gym and eat healthy)Dark skinned(born that way, Yah!)Shaved head Brute!

Now this is where it gets interesting, he says I'm shaving off the indicators of my "Blackness")texture of hair? really I don't know what he was talking about. It was retarded!! I shave my head, because its getting thin on top!! Truth be told. Geez that was such a weak attack!! Bah Bah Bah your Vid gets 5 on the scale(of 10)while you do have strong points, that I agree with. You often went into Ranting about this and that, and talking about your Career of no Hits!! Geez lame!

Moving on...

Enough yapping...

Guess another post soon...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I kept stalling and stalling...

But now I think its time for Me to move on....

This Top Dog will be working on his own projects for now!! The Fans and Industry insiders kept pushing Me to do my own thing. And due to recent events I think the timing couldn't be any better.

I went to Gayvns/Folsom in the best shape possible to network and be seen in order to jump start my career again. I have no doubt in my mind, that I'm being LOCKED OUT!!

Brown nosers and Ass kissers seem to be winning the battle to get hired!! I refuse to play ball like this...

So like Jenna, I refuse to open my legs for this business anymore...

Unless I'm the one that has the creative control, so I'm playing by my rules now!!


Have supported Me for years, and even the Fans are sending me emails saying Do our own thing!! Well you got your wish, I hope you will continue to support Me as you have done in the past.

I know what the Fans want, I know what the Industry needs!! And I will do my best to make that happen!!

This is not a retirement post...

This is just a post to say THAT I WILL PLAY BY MY OWN RULES NOW!!!

So how many Black models we have left doing mainstream??? Maybe one? Maybe two?? So now you guys can go Hate on Race Cooper now!!!Send him all the questions:

How come there are not more Men of Color in the business???

All inspiring Black models go and ask Race Cooper for advice about the business. He is the Man to go and ask now!!! Matter of fact he is the Man behind the casting for Raging Stallions so Who better to ask???

MOC blog now you can focus on Race Cooper instead of Me

Tre Xavier you can go hate on Race Cooper now!!

JuicyGohoe you can go hate on Race Cooper now!!

I took alot of the hits because I was the Most popular Black model so I was the target of all the Hate. Well I'm stepping down.......

I did what I wanted to do for other people, its time that I do my own thing now!!

Look out World!! Diesel Washington is doing his own thing now!!


Some of these pictures were sent to Me by Alex F, and Fans thanks people.

Now for some of the Vids, some people seem to think I can only pick up little white boys and put them into my signature moves. Ummm think again:

I'm an over thinker, and that gets Me into trouble sometimes. At the 2010 Gayvn awards I didn't win Best Top, but that is okay..

I had the chance to shine on stage with Alec Mapa and show my skills, I lost Best Top to Trevor Knight, and I can't get upset that Trevor Knight won. He has been in this business lot longer than Me so I can't really be a hater. I even give Trevor congrats for his win. See here:

While at Folsom I had the chance to stop by the Titan booth, and it was a strange feeling. I was once apart of this family, I used to be the one behind the desk signing autographs for the fans. I went over to the booth to say Hi and then I got alittle teary eyed!! I said Hello to Bruce Cam and Keith Webb and got alittle footage of Spencer Reed and Junior signing autographs at the booth. I wanted to say Hello to some of the guys that I worked with in the past but I just felt so strange. I started to have an "Attack" so I quickly left to regain my composure. I want to say sorry to some people at the booth, I know some of you guys have supported Me and rooted for Me in the past(Editors, shipping department, back office)I was kinda of a Dick for not saying Hello, I don't know I just felt kinda awkward....

Anyway here is that Vid:

In the next post, I will talk about my feelings about Gayvn/Folsom cause that is what I do...

Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So I went to the Folsom Fair....

Here you go:

The Booths

Samuel O'toole

Vince Ferelli

Landon Mycles

Tom Wolfe and Aden Jaric

Shane Frost

Phenix Saint

Mitch Branson

Jason Adonis

Bobby Clark talking about his retirement!!

At the M.L. booth in Folsom


From the Raging Stallion party its on to Poppers!!

I didn't want to go to Magnatude(I performed there 3 years in a row)and I just wanted to have some fun and chill with the rest of the Porn peeps.

So I'm at Poppers hanging with the people, just getting footage as usual.

So I'm hanging out at Poppers with Bryan(Boycrush)and just enjoying the night!! I should say that I have been hanging out with Bryan for the last three days. He is a cool dude!!



I headed over to the Raging Stallions Man of the Year party, and it was a sweat fest over there!! I had a good time at the party and I enjoyed myself. Some drama went down but I don't care, I will talk about that later....

Enjoy the footage

The party is starting and all the RSS models get ready for the Big reveal of Man of the Year!!

Austin Wilde on passing the torch:

Chris Ward reveals Man of the Year!!

Up Close the Personal with the Winners D.O., Adam Champ and Congrats to Tommy Defendi, Rusty Stevens

Adam Champ


Tommy Defendi

Rusty Stevens

The party was cool, and I had a great time!!!

Now lets talk Drama!! I wanted to interview another RSS model I wont say names, But We need to stop this Black on Black crime!!

I wanted to interview this model(which would have taken 30secs)and I was given the excuse "I have to Run, I don't have time, I need a drink, Sorry...."

Now if I said something to this model to offend him, Oh well!!! Everybody is drinking and having fun so if I said something wrong...

Oh well...

The way you were like "I don't have time" was a cop out to Me.

I interview the Models for the Fans not for myself.....


I could be a selfish motherfucker and do Vids of just myself. I don't have to show love to anybody!!! I could play the Ego card and just be like its all about Me and nobody else...

When models don't bring their cameras. I'm always there to help out with pictures and provide footage for their Twitters, Blogs, Facebook. Sometimes I get a Thank you, sometimes I don't..

But its whatever!! I'm just having fun with the whole Porn thing now!! Haters will be Haters that is all they know...

Another model added to my list of people I do not like.

Monday, September 27, 2010



Some people only think about themselves, I saw people getting their cameras ready for "Their" moments on stage. Me being not selfish(as always)I shot as much footage as I can of the Award show.

I like to say sorry to the people who I couldn't catch on camera, my battery only had three hours of charge, so I had to get as much footage as I could before the battery died.

Since this is my Blog of course I'm going to start with my moment, which stole the Show.

Here is FUCK LIKE DIESEL "Celebrity Edition":

Start of show:

First award Best Newcummer:

Best Solo:

Best Duo

Best Alternative

Best Group Sex scene

Best Fetish

Best Cum Shot

Best Supporting Actor

Best Actor

Hall of Fame inductee Matthew Rush

Trailblazer Award

There were alot of touching moments during the show, I really tried to capture as much as I can.

Congrats to Sister Roma, my camera died right before I could get footage of her moment(I wanted to kick myself). Also congrats to Wilfred Knight for winning Performer of the Year

Trevor Knight for Best Top(I have other footage of him which is funny)

Bah bah bah

So for the most part that was the show, and then We all went to the Afterparty and then everything went black after that...

More posts to come...

Raging Stallion's Man of the Year

More interviews....Folsom Fair and much much more soon to come!!


Hanging out....its GayVn time!!!

Guess with who???

Damien Crosse, Francisco D Macho, D.O., Wolf Hudson.

On the Cable Car:

So I was hanging with the Boys all day, God have I missed Damien and I love what He is doing with the site. We went to the gym and then We did some shopping as well. I missed you little brother...

It was good to see Damien!!

Then it was time to get ready for the show, of course I showed up late!! The show was late to start so I got there in perfect time!! Here is some footage outside the theater waiting for the show to start:

Of course Landon Mycles:

Dylan Roberts aka Dylan McLoving:

More posts to come Highlights from the Gayvn

Yes I was recording it all!!



I landed on Thursday in San Fran and it was time to party!! I went to so many bars, and had so many drinks I cant remember all the places I went to but here are some pictures!!

The Models:

Wolf Hudson
Bobby Clark
Angelo Marconi
Tommy Defendi
Dylan Roberts
Wilfred Knight
Tucker Scott
Lex Sabre
Kyle King
Jake Steel
Steven Cruz
Austin Wilde
Bruno Bond
Damien Crosse
Francisco D'Macho
Cameron Adams
Ryan Raz

Not sure who is this Model is??? But I saw him around all the events and I wanted to FUCK him badly....

If anybody knows this model, send Me his name so I can give him the proper promotion... Yes little model I had my eye on you!! But kept it all business...

I learned my lesson basically, and that is to not talk to the newer models anymore. They make it hard not to talk to them, they stare into your eyes like a lost puppy dog just looking for acknowledgement(you know that look of Talk to Me) So I do not approach any models at events(when I'm horny)trying to get my freak on.

I keep my distance from the newer models now(you can teach an Old dog New tricks), and I don't mean any disrespect. But I'm not playing that game anymore(being used game). I started hitting up some of the events. I tend to be quiet when I first enter a room(feel it out you know?) But soon I would get surrounded by the newer models, all looking either to pick my brain, talk business, or ask for my advice regarding Career choices, or help with their "Look"

While I'm flattered that they think of Me so highly.....

I really didn't want to talk business.....


So instead of going through all the talking and showboating, I just avoided the situation all together.

Sorry little guys!!

If anybody saw Me out at any of the events, it could look like I'm alittle Anti social..I'm not Anti social...

I'm Socially Awkward!!

Sometimes I do not know what to say, or it comes out wrong, or points to i'm alittle goofy around the edges. I also tend to be on my phone alot with the non stop texting

Yes Texting!! I got rid of my Twitter because I became an Avid Texter and texting is enough for Me! I gave my number to a few models and it seems that everybody is texting asking Me where the party is. So it was like back to back texting, giving people my location(for the bar crawl)

After all the bar hopping I went back to the hotel and slept(bymyself)

Sunday, September 26, 2010



Mission accompllished!!! DRAMA FREE visit!!

I got interviews with so many porn stars(friends, new friends) I have TONS OF FOOTAGE!!

I have the complete footage of the Gayvn(with everything in it)Highlites of the night and it was great!!

Literally I have so much footage it will take me a few hours to edit it all!!



Cause I get the good stuff!!

So give me a min!! And I will start putting it up!!

I'm at the airport with some time of my hands!!

Lastly to that one person who didn't want Me to interview Him(You know who you are) I don't feel you brother!! I'm Diesel Washington and you will never never!!

Never Be Me!! No matter how hard you try!!

To the people, who I didn't talk to......

You saw Me, I saw you so lets keep it that way!!For now on!! I have finally learned to just walk away cause...

Lets be real...

I see alot of these "Porn Guys" in person, and I'm not impressed at all!! So get your spotlight.....while you can!!LOL

This Giant has been laying back letting the next generation do their thing!! I see alot of promise in some of the guys. And then you have those....


Back to being positive..

I had a really great time...

The footage will come give Me some time!!

I can't be Pornstar, Blogger, Interviewer, Personality, Editor(get it?LOL okay that was lame)but its coming...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


And you know I have to leave you with a Music vid, enjoy people!!

! I'm headed to San Fran!!! I going to have a good time...

See you there!!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Thank you to the Fans that made this youtube break 100,000 views....

That's right!! 100,000, no funny tag lines, nothing added to give it that hype! Just Diesel doing what He does best, Being Creative!!!

Fuck like Diesel ptII is at a good pace of almost 40,000 views!! I'm very proud of both Vids...

Porn News it is reported that David Forest was arrested again See that HERE

This update sent in by David Forest

Sometimes, one finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Last week’s incident falls under that heading. The matter has been dropped. No charges have been filed.


Sure buddy!! Karma is a Bitch!!! You thought that whole story about "There is No Demand for You!!" wouldn't come back haunt you!! KARMA!!

Hmm JRL awards I was nominated for something, but I can't remember for what?? Anyway gossip has it that the show was Nuts. And there were Meltdowns and fights going on...Oh really????

And I wasn't there???LOL Lets face facts!!We all have Meltdowns(I had my share)its a normal thing of wondering "If someone set you up for failure" call it paranoid thinking, but the Haters plot everyday to disgrace you, make you look bad!! Its how you react to knowing that someone is trying to bullshit you, that sets people apart!! For the record, I call that shit out right on the spot!! "What?? You trying to Fuck Me over??" "OH HELL NO!!" I'm judged harshly because I don't put on the front like that shit doesn't bother Me(Oh but it does!!)I call that being real with real emotions and real feelings!! I love seeing someone let go.....You Rock Chi Chi!!

Its like a ball of energy ready to burst.. BOOM!!!

The bar hopping will be CRAZY this year!! I'm going to every single party out there. FOLSOM here I come. I have my Flight booked!, Hotel booked and I have the plan of attack!!

For the Record, I have my own Hotel room(alone)!! Anybody that is staying with Me... You will be getting fucked!! You will be getting FUCKED well!!Just have to put that out there!! Since I saved money by taking the Bus to Cocktail with the Stars LOL!! My trip is taken care of!! I do feel bad for the people traveling into town without a place to stay!!

Ummmm I'm staying alone in a big hotel room, I will give an open invite to anybody in town. But be warned!!

I said this to another model that I brought to Folsom(Yes I'm going there)if your staying in my Room, YOUR GETTING FUCKED!! Last model that tried to play Me out...

Well you guys know....KARMA is a Bitch!!

There are so many people coming that I want to meet, this is going to be great. I even get to meet JuicyGoHoe(remember him?)There will some Ex's running around as well(Wink)Good times!! Good times....

The things I like about Face to Face meetings:

The bitch comes out of people

Why someone who doesn't like Me, talks about Me daily on his twitter??

People seem to act different online, behind Twitter, Chatting, Facebook

All that mouth, and I have to see for myself, I think I have to reintroduce myself to people!! No drama No words!! I just want to meet face to face. And settle whatever problem there is!! Face to Face meeting(I'm being serious) only cowards talk that big talk online.

Moving on....

Body is looking good(probably the best I have looked in a long time)and I'm ready to show off all the hard work!! Get ready people!!

More to post later

Oh and I will post some new Pictures of the Body!! Yes it has gotten better since you last saw it!! Oh yeah I'm trying out the beard thing!!

Stay tuned!!