Monday, September 27, 2010



I landed on Thursday in San Fran and it was time to party!! I went to so many bars, and had so many drinks I cant remember all the places I went to but here are some pictures!!

The Models:

Wolf Hudson
Bobby Clark
Angelo Marconi
Tommy Defendi
Dylan Roberts
Wilfred Knight
Tucker Scott
Lex Sabre
Kyle King
Jake Steel
Steven Cruz
Austin Wilde
Bruno Bond
Damien Crosse
Francisco D'Macho
Cameron Adams
Ryan Raz

Not sure who is this Model is??? But I saw him around all the events and I wanted to FUCK him badly....

If anybody knows this model, send Me his name so I can give him the proper promotion... Yes little model I had my eye on you!! But kept it all business...

I learned my lesson basically, and that is to not talk to the newer models anymore. They make it hard not to talk to them, they stare into your eyes like a lost puppy dog just looking for acknowledgement(you know that look of Talk to Me) So I do not approach any models at events(when I'm horny)trying to get my freak on.

I keep my distance from the newer models now(you can teach an Old dog New tricks), and I don't mean any disrespect. But I'm not playing that game anymore(being used game). I started hitting up some of the events. I tend to be quiet when I first enter a room(feel it out you know?) But soon I would get surrounded by the newer models, all looking either to pick my brain, talk business, or ask for my advice regarding Career choices, or help with their "Look"

While I'm flattered that they think of Me so highly.....

I really didn't want to talk business.....


So instead of going through all the talking and showboating, I just avoided the situation all together.

Sorry little guys!!

If anybody saw Me out at any of the events, it could look like I'm alittle Anti social..I'm not Anti social...

I'm Socially Awkward!!

Sometimes I do not know what to say, or it comes out wrong, or points to i'm alittle goofy around the edges. I also tend to be on my phone alot with the non stop texting

Yes Texting!! I got rid of my Twitter because I became an Avid Texter and texting is enough for Me! I gave my number to a few models and it seems that everybody is texting asking Me where the party is. So it was like back to back texting, giving people my location(for the bar crawl)

After all the bar hopping I went back to the hotel and slept(bymyself)

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Anonymous said...

sorry to say but the whole pornstar party thing looks boring...not much substance here