Thursday, September 09, 2010


White Angel and Black RockStar!!!

Its low budget and cheesy!!! Even QueerClick called my style "The Poor Man's FSagat" Ouch!!!

I call it a quick Vid that I wanted to post for the fans...

Oddly enough ever since I dumped David Forest, the offers have been coming in for work. Who knew???

So quick schedule for you:

I will be attending the GayVns tailgate parties so look out for Me there. I still no have plans to attend the GayVns awards, but I will Def hit up the Afterparty!!

I said I would not attend the Folsom Fair in the past, I'm going this year as a Fan and I can't wait!!

Comic Con is in NYC in Oct, and Def going to that!!

And then there is Hustlaball I will be performing(Hosting??)the event again, so look out for that!!! I also have some other projects coming up as well...

Funny how you get rid of the Neg energy, everything seems to fit in place afterwards.


Anonymous said...

Nothing poor man about this. Excellent work!

Anonymous said...

Diesel you deserve better as you are a class act and a true Star. But on David Forest is now twisting the knife by lying and trying to discredit you

Anonymous said...

Excellent and hot