Monday, September 20, 2010


Thank you to the Fans that made this youtube break 100,000 views....

That's right!! 100,000, no funny tag lines, nothing added to give it that hype! Just Diesel doing what He does best, Being Creative!!!

Fuck like Diesel ptII is at a good pace of almost 40,000 views!! I'm very proud of both Vids...

Porn News it is reported that David Forest was arrested again See that HERE

This update sent in by David Forest

Sometimes, one finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Last week’s incident falls under that heading. The matter has been dropped. No charges have been filed.


Sure buddy!! Karma is a Bitch!!! You thought that whole story about "There is No Demand for You!!" wouldn't come back haunt you!! KARMA!!

Hmm JRL awards I was nominated for something, but I can't remember for what?? Anyway gossip has it that the show was Nuts. And there were Meltdowns and fights going on...Oh really????

And I wasn't there???LOL Lets face facts!!We all have Meltdowns(I had my share)its a normal thing of wondering "If someone set you up for failure" call it paranoid thinking, but the Haters plot everyday to disgrace you, make you look bad!! Its how you react to knowing that someone is trying to bullshit you, that sets people apart!! For the record, I call that shit out right on the spot!! "What?? You trying to Fuck Me over??" "OH HELL NO!!" I'm judged harshly because I don't put on the front like that shit doesn't bother Me(Oh but it does!!)I call that being real with real emotions and real feelings!! I love seeing someone let go.....You Rock Chi Chi!!

Its like a ball of energy ready to burst.. BOOM!!!

The bar hopping will be CRAZY this year!! I'm going to every single party out there. FOLSOM here I come. I have my Flight booked!, Hotel booked and I have the plan of attack!!

For the Record, I have my own Hotel room(alone)!! Anybody that is staying with Me... You will be getting fucked!! You will be getting FUCKED well!!Just have to put that out there!! Since I saved money by taking the Bus to Cocktail with the Stars LOL!! My trip is taken care of!! I do feel bad for the people traveling into town without a place to stay!!

Ummmm I'm staying alone in a big hotel room, I will give an open invite to anybody in town. But be warned!!

I said this to another model that I brought to Folsom(Yes I'm going there)if your staying in my Room, YOUR GETTING FUCKED!! Last model that tried to play Me out...

Well you guys know....KARMA is a Bitch!!

There are so many people coming that I want to meet, this is going to be great. I even get to meet JuicyGoHoe(remember him?)There will some Ex's running around as well(Wink)Good times!! Good times....

The things I like about Face to Face meetings:

The bitch comes out of people

Why someone who doesn't like Me, talks about Me daily on his twitter??

People seem to act different online, behind Twitter, Chatting, Facebook

All that mouth, and I have to see for myself, I think I have to reintroduce myself to people!! No drama No words!! I just want to meet face to face. And settle whatever problem there is!! Face to Face meeting(I'm being serious) only cowards talk that big talk online.

Moving on....

Body is looking good(probably the best I have looked in a long time)and I'm ready to show off all the hard work!! Get ready people!!

More to post later

Oh and I will post some new Pictures of the Body!! Yes it has gotten better since you last saw it!! Oh yeah I'm trying out the beard thing!!

Stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

I see that David Forest is continuing with his Felonious ways. Diesel you made a very lucky escape breaking away from DF's clutches when you did. He would have totally cheated you and then ruined you.

Its pathetic that DF being old, ugly and irrelevant, and a multiple felon, thinks he can play any part in Gay porn.

Anonymous said...

That mess of JRL Awards show is further proof that the "industry" does not truly know itself or it's fans! Rank amateurs who claim to know it all! You are right and justified to continue your criticism of the industry.

James said...

:-) You're funny. One day you are saying how old and mature you are. The next, you sound like a tween.