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Back in June 2010

- By Friday, co-host of The Grabby Awards, Diesel Washington was already per usual angry and screaming about getting no props, no respect how there are so many users in the industry, blah blah blah… ad nauseum. This probably is in regards to our latest DV8 Casting performer @@@@@@@@ whom Diesel thought it a good idea to bring out to The Grabby Awards as his date. But when @@@@ decided to party it up with fellow twink performer @@@@@ @@@ and slept in his room for the night. Diesel felt he disrespected him so he kicked him out of his room with no place to stay. (Thankfully, @@@@ took him in.)

Jason knows nothing about Me, if he got the story right he would have said the truth. But since he is only a gossip blogger, I have to set the record str8.

First off the bat, I had two dates for the grabbys not one. I had Valentino and some "Gutterbunny". The "GutterBunny" wanted to play with the "Coke Head", I left the "Coke Head" hotel room to retire for the night with Valentino, "GutterBunny" wanted to stay. They know each other and did a few scenes together. Jason was right when he decided to "party it up" with "Coke Head". I am down with the Dazed and Confused party, I do not "SKI" "Gutterbunny" broke one of the clauses of the trip no "Skiing" he did and since he wanted to "Party It Up", "Coke Head" has his own room Stay There!!. And then Jason added all this preachy shit to the entry...*Vomit

I did not get along with "Coke Head"(for other reasons)

A twitter war broke out between "Coke Head" and Diesel which spilled into a Blog War. I attacked hard in battle, and here comes Jason to the rescue of the "Coke Head". He tweets a link back to "Coke Heads" blog defending his side of the story. Jason, you wasn't there but you want to jump in a battle that does not concern you. Okay...

That was strike 1

There was a Youtube out starring Jason where he was asked to give a two word description of certain porn stars out there. Diesel Washington was named and I was called "Incorrigible"

Definition of INCORRIGIBLE
: incapable of being corrected or amended: as a (1) : not reformable : depraved (2) : delinquent b : not manageable : unruly c : unalterable, inveterate

Okay so I called out Jason while I was in LA

Now when I called him out, I wanted him to expand on his definition of incorrigible. When U look at the footage its almost like doesn't give a fuck. Okay?? I can take a joke(Most don't know that)but it was almost like, he was repeating the word incorrigible giving Me the impression like I'm stupid or something.

Does that make sense? I felt he was smug or talking down to Me like I didn't know the definition of Incorrigible. In my nut job state, I hate people who talk down to Me like I'm a street thug or uneducated!! Who knows?? I brushed it off and moved on, but I did not forget about it.

Strike 2

You remember Cocktail with Stars?? The epic appearance

Well Jason was there when I was headlining, he came on stage and did this whole press bit. LA is not my town so instead of making a scene, I just let Jason pitch away. No big deal....but I did not forget about it!

Strike 3

At this point I just didn't care anymore, he is a gossip blogger and just wants to get the juicy story. He wants to promote, be an agent, sing, write screenplays whatever...

But then the Cybersockets come up, and out of all the bloggers nominated:
Bareback Porn, Benny Morecock, Boys For Breakfast, Chronicles of Pornia, Cockenstein
Diesel Washington XXX, Dewayne In SD, Fagalicious, Gay Fleshbot, Gay Porn Times
Jason Sechrest, Lucas Blog, Man Hunt Daily, My Bareback Blog, Nick Young XXX
Night Charm, NYC Guys, OMG Blog, Queer Click, Queer Me Now, Starr Fucker
The Sword, Tiger Tyson Blog, Vintage Bareback, XX Factor, You Love Gay Porn

Jason Wins?? Really?? Umm okay....

Finally the point of this long rant, after all these runs in. I was reading a story on

In the story, Zach(thesword) was pointing out what Rob was saying

In the settling dust of the economic shakedown which the gay adult industry had become one of its targets there is one person who in times of struggle and now becoming a free agent of his own hits the masses with a video talking about himself and more about himself. Its cute that Jason Sechrest with somewhat lacking of an original idea takes to his bed to purge for a rambling 6 minutes about himself, youtube and facebook ( i guess it beats three blogs worth of reading).

I have read Jason's blog before not really my taste but he has been blogging since 2001(HAHA)

But that line "becoming a free agent of his own" Not sure what that means? IS THE MIGHTY JASON not working for Channel 1 Releasing anymore?? Hmmm??

That can't be....

Back to sword for another comment from Rob's blog

With any “media” or self titled (insert name) blogger you need to reinvent yourself every once in a while so hopefully with now working on his own he knows a new game plan will be a welcome start

Hmm? "so hopefully with now working on his own"?? What does this all mean?? The Cybersocket winner of Best Porn Blog, is now working independently from Channel 1 releasing?? Inquiring minds want to know..

I want to play Gossip blogger now...

Look at Jason's youtube:

Coming from my bed!! LOL

Anyway I think this is a rumor, and I hate rumors!! I will just blame Zach and Rob for starting this rumor LOL

Even though I started this blog to show you all the ways "Why I wouldn't like someone" I want to bring new energy in my circle. I just hope this is a rumor!! And if its not a rumor!!

Big Shout Out to Jason and keep your head up!!

You have a modeling agency, popular award winning blog, your a promotion King!! You have alot of talent and much success in your future endeavors!!

I hate rumors!!!

But for the reasons described above, I will play Gossip Blogger in this case.


You the Fans......

You guys have supported Me for so many years, so I feel honored to make these "Youtubes" for you just to entertain. I'm kind of tired of sitting on my ass and seeing people filming bullshit!!

To go to the next level, I have to get more comfortable behind the camera. Play with the angles/lights/body positions and just work on that camera eye.

The biggest problem I see is learning how this lighting thing works!! I worked with Brian Mills(Titan Media)and no offense to other directors. Mr Mills just knows his lighting...

Not to kiss ass or anything, but Mr Mills knows these tricks with lighting that just adds that element of the unknown. Anybody can set up lights and blow out the models(unflattering), it takes that special lighting that shows off the contours of the body!

I have alot to learn..........

Anyway... I did a new Vid check it out!!!

This one in HD so enjoy.....

Learning things everyday.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Alot of stuff going on....

It's finally time to put my Master Plan into action......

It sucks that I have projects coming up and I can not talk about anything. Argh!! I have to make a progress report, if I don't people think I'm just laying around waiting to fade into obscurity...

Seriously there are projects coming out by the big studios, that I look forward to seeing. At the same time, since these Studios have their own vision(one without Diesel)I have to fend for myself in an ever changing porn market. Do I have my regrets? Sure!! I miss the days of sitting on set about to "Create" something, that nervous energy when the lights hit you and then the director says "Action"..

But reality kicked in and so did the year 2011, if I'm not getting hired by the Studios. Start your own!!

You don't like the footage, create your own!!

Start your own!!!


And that is the road that I'm on, alot of bumps on that road but I am a survivor!! I really have to get off this perfection bullshit!! I want to control every aspect of this process but I know that is impossible and that pisses Me off!! I have my own vision and direction that I want to go in but there are always drawbacks to everything. I will be honest with the fans, the biggest issue I have about this "Starting your Own" thing:


I don't know? I have been an escort for many years, then turned porn star(which is same thing, my opinion)so I have been paid for sex my whole Escort/Porn career. So how ironic is it to start my own porn business but then having to PAY someone else for sex. I still have to get used to the concept:

You mean when I'm done pounding out some bottom, I then have to write a check to that bottom. Really??

Contrary to what people think, I understand porn is a business. Models work for a living..DUH I'm a model!! I don't have my head up my ass thinking models will work with Me for free. Although...

I see alot of porn stars running over to Xtube/Cam sites and working with other models just to show off for promotional reasons. Maybe I'm behind the times or something, I do not get the idea of doing a solo or duo scene on Xtube or on some free Cam site?

Basic notion

I get and understand the need of creating a fan base on a Tube site, and then using that promotion to move forward(Many successful leaps). But aren't you giving away the milk for free!! No offense to fans out there, I love to entertain you guys but I have to run a business some day right? You get the personality for free, you get the blog for free, the pics, and Youtube Vids all for FREE!!

X tube, Sex on Cam or doing Live sex shows that is just something I have to get paid for!! I know I know Xtube has a donation thingy....

Come on People!! THAT JUST AIN'T MY STYLE!!

I just tested the waters of Xtube just to see the reaction it would have. Positive...but nevertheless I want to bring something new to the porn industry. Respect to those sites because THEY DO have a purpose, its for Pros/Amateurs that want to produce their own content.

With that said, I do have to point out I'm not a fan of Tube sites that use pirated content or footage!! THAT CONTENT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM!! *now let me get off that soapbox..

Moving on...

I have Panic attacks thinking about everything I want to do. ALL BIG!! I'm not running away from the idea of it all, just laying down the ground work for a smooth transition is all.

The big studios are scared!! Popular websites are beating them to the punch every time. Look at it, more and more companies are banding together to cut costs. Studios are folding left and right(Studio 2000) Fighting from being Bankrupt. Times are tough out there.

I'm going to let the Cat out of the Bag.

Studios are releasing content filmed 6months ago(nothing new to that story)but the amount of releases have decreased! Unless your apart of that Falcon/Raging Stallion merger, other studios are cutting costs(scene rates, production, locations, promotion)to keep above water! More power to Titan, Channel 1, Hot House(Despite things)Colt and others for still being able to compete in such tough times.

I don't feel too bad though,

Business is business!! If studios are not using Me then its my job to compete with them. I have alot of high hopes and a heart full of passion!

I mean I have to start some where right?

And by judging from that Xtube, you people have such high hopes for Me. Most comments were about:

Lack of cock
Bad lighting
Not showing more
Too short

I think I can handle that for the next round.....

Well I told you about a project!! FML I plan on doing another Xtube for fans out there as a freebie for being so great to Me.

I really like the film style of this BLACK SPARK!!

The use of music is always tricky, but I like his angles, unfocused shots, rough editing, use of closeups and much more. It has a feel to it and really captures the viewers attention.

I want to bite their Style!! I'm just being honest! Call it bootlegging if you want. So in a sense a Black Spark/Gonzo style of Xtube flick, this is one of the projects that I'm working on. No money involved at all!! Just to show MY SKILLS!!

Come on people, you came this far with Me. From escort to porn star to blogger to personality....

To Director(anyway you will be the judge)

I got some showing and proving to do!!



Miss you "Petey" all I do is think about you and say MMMMM CHEESE!!

You think I was going to write a post and not brag about "Petey".......HAHA WRONG!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I have to keep the promotion train running, so just another update about the current scenes out featuring Diesel Washington. A good model has to keep promoting and promoting...

I have some opportunities coming up that I need to take care of and I'm excited about it because it will be a "Change" for Me. I have to start getting groomed and cleaned up for the role.

Take in the pictures first and then We can move on...

It's reinvention time!!!

As far as grooming goes the most I do is cut my hair and shave. I never been that high maintenance kind of guy, I think its a waste of money doing all that upkeep. But there is a time when u need to reinvent yourself and change direction.

I take pride in my bushy pubes, Diesel Funk, and my comic book T shirts. It's a part of the Diesel character and shows my personal taste and style with some nerdy/geek thrown in for good measure. Currently that is my look, its comfortable and easy and I feel that I'm not dressing up to play some "Porn Star". Some models go through that daily ritual of getting porn star ready:

Go Tan

Do MakeUp

Hair(styling, adding product)

Gym maintenance


Shaving and grooming..
I'm kind of limited when it comes to changing my looks, its either clean shave, moustache, goatee, or beard. I shave my head or keep a close cut because my hair is thinning out on the top so not much change happening there. But who knows down the road?? It's all about evolving....

One of my trademarks is my "Bush" nappy pubes, it's not trimmed or maintained I just let it run wild!! Alot of people like it like that, but I have some opportunities coming up that require Me to trim it and make it look neater. Don't worry I'm not shaving it off or trimming it into some bullshit landing strip, YUCK!! Basic trim job people!!

Ever wonder why I don't smile in many pictures?? First I think that toothy smile look is just overdone and fake, if I saw a pic of a guy and he had that big wide smile on his face I would be like "Who is this Douche bag" "And what the fuck is he smiling about?" It's almost like he is trying to hard to impress!! Right?? Or is it just Me??

I give the "Smirk" it's cocky/arrogant and gives the viewer the impression of "Yeah look at Me, its all there!!" It's called my sneaky look, that look of "Oh yeah I going to fuck the shit out of you" And then the "Snarl"

The "Snarl" is the facial expression I give when I'm fucking!! It makes Me look mean or I'm mad at something. When I snarl I'm not being mean but merely focused, when I'm fucking an ass. I grip the hips(when fucking doggy style)and drive my body full steam into my Co Star, I flare the nostrils and lower my eye brow(I breathe through nose and lower my brow to get rid of worry lines on forehead) I look over old footage and IT DOES seem like I'm angry or mad in my scenes. So I want to clear the air for once, I fuck with PASSION!!

I rather look mean and intense in a scene, where I'm fucking the bottom well. Over a scene where I'm looking around the room or staring off in the distance. You ever see that top that has his eyes closed when fucking?? Why the fuck is his eyes closed?? I would be staring down and looking at my cock going into this hot ass that is right in front of Me. If he is laying on his back I would be staring right into his eyes with every down stroke, just so I can see his "Fuck face". Yeah I'm that kind of top, I like to have some eye contact with my Co star. That eye contact lets me know if I'm hurting co star or I need to switch up my rhyme and Flat out I love to see the pleasure on their face when I'm working out their ass right!!

Anyway I'm off track, another reason why I don't smile is that I want my teeth whiter. I take care of my teeth but since most porn is shot in HD, the camera picks up every small detail so its upgrade time. So I decided to set up an appointment to get my teeth whitened!! So expect Me to smile alittle more in pics, I have a "Cute" smile so I think its time to be "Friendly" with the lens. My god, in alot of my earlier pictures it looked like I wanted to grab the cameraman and kick his ass.

So in Diesel fashion, I will record every step of the way on becoming a "Pretty Boy" it's a Win/Win for Me!! It's time for an upgrade and I think I clean up nicely.

Moving on....

Spent another weekend with "Petey" and things are going great! Its strange to write a post now because "Petey" reads my blog, he is becoming more important in my life so I have to find a way to include him in my posts. There is a positive change in my life and I have to write about him because.....

He is throwing off my blogging and my Tweets on Twitter. Its the curse!!

The curse of the blogger is that your writing goes into the "Crapper" when your dating. It happens all the time, when your a single blogger your view of the world is harsh and cynical. You make observations about life from the single perspective, it's black/white or its right/wrong. How to describe it?? Some of the most powerful posts on this blog was when I was single and lonely, its almost like my best writing is done when I'm miserable. Bloggers are crazy bunch, aside from other bloggers( Glam/Promotion/Studio) We are kind of selfish in a way:

A blog is a tool for self expression

The posts are written from Our perspective

Posts can be self absorbed, shallow and somewhat Narcissistic(some downright)

A blog or Twitter page is something that invites the viewers into the Users world.

When a single blogger starts to date someone or gets into a relationship, that world is now changed. The thinking goes from ME ME ME to We and the writing starts to tank, there is no need to spit the venom anymore. No more rants about the little things in life because our attention is on something else now. Nobody wants to read about a porn star that has a Bf or is dating someone. The public likes its porn stars single and out and about, slutting it up and just showing off. Nobody wants to hear about the stories of Bf's or where you went on a date. They want to see the sex between you guys, see if you do threesomes or orgies. And then complain that you are not in a "Real" relationship because you have an open relationship and sleep with other people.

My experience with "Petey" is that We have separate lives, he works and goes to school. I work and do the "Porn Star" thing, its way too earlier to talk about anything further. I just want to spend "Quality" time with someone I enjoy being around. Truth be told, I spoil "Petey" like a motherfucker, and it makes Me happy to see him happy. In the past, I think I came off too needy and didn't have an independence of my own, I was looking for someone to mold into what I wanted. This time around I'm taking my time and just enjoying the company. No expectations no pressure just enjoy the time I get to spend with him.

Okay I have to do the one mushy paragraph....

I enjoy the time We spend together "Petey" and I look forward to this weekend coming up to spend even more time. Yeah I'm putting myself on blast, I will be cooking/baking for "Petey" this weekend. Yeah I have to show off the cooking skills, little things like cooking for a person brings Me alot of joy. When you cook a good meal, and then sit back get Dazed and Confused with good company, Whew!! THAT IS A GOOD NIGHT!!

The little things excite Me, a simple text saying "I miss you" goes a long way for Me. Knowing that "Petey" is handling business and furthering his career is so super sexy. Seeing that drive in a person to succeed in life instead of just laying around wasting time and making excuses, is so Seductive. It makes Me want to work harder and go further with my own career.

Let's put the shallow things on table, he is cute, hot ass, love his skin discoloration(Vitiligo), his low hanging ear lobes and the simple fact that he can STAND being around Me, even after We have sex.

How cool is that?? I can be annoying sometimes I can admit it!! But He just lays in my arms and falls asleep every time and it just feels right. Enough of the mushy stuff!!

This is was a funny post, I start off with refreshing the Fans on my latest scenes to date, and then go into talking about someone I'm dating...

Still nut job Diesel...I guess!!

Miss you "Petey"!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I'm good at the interviewing(I guess)thing, you keep it quick, funny and entertaining. Tell the truth in 2011..

Stop lying out there people.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 HOOKIES/BLK PARTY: From Mike Dreyden

I made a quick stop in this Vid from Mike Dreyden.

More Vids on his site

I show love to the other bloggers out there, Mikes a great guy and always on the scene!!

Good coverage Mike!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have to show love for my fans..

It's going to be a good party!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


So I checked out a alittle of the Black Party Expo/Hookies(held at same venue)so I had the chance to see some old friends and get a couple of drinks in Me. As you all know I go Dazed and Confused to these events(in more ways than one)so sit back and relax as I take you through the event...

So first I meet up with my date "Petey"(not real name)I call him Petey because of he reminds Me of Petey from Our Gang(Little Rascals)

"Petey" has Vitiligo so he is missing some pigmentation on certain areas of his body. He has missing pigmentation around his eye similar to Petey the dog from Little Rascals(O around his eye see above)and I think its TOTALLY SEXY!! He has it around his eye and on his hands...

And yes.......Balls and Dick!!

I never met him before so it was a kind of a "Blind Date". Petey is unfamiliar with the Diesel Washington porn persona, the porn world, totally voided from the whole blogging thing and that Internet hate game that Secret Admirers play. Petey is that Average Joe that watches a couple of clips online, jerks off and that is the end of it. So I thought a good date would be Me bringing him as my date for the Black Party Expo/Hookies. Your probably asking yourself, "Why would you bring him to the Black Party Expo/Hookies??

Why not??

I try to be normal and fit in like everybody else, but that is not going to happen anytime soon because I'm not normal. So why not embrace it?? I threw Petey right in the middle of the action and everything, I told him what the event was for, who would be there, and the "Action" that might happen. So he had a good idea of what to expect, so its not like I was exposing him to something new and strange. When I first met Petey we clicked right away, he was part of the Dazed and Confused family, so it was like I was meeting a second cousin or something. We were on the same Red eye flight(if u know what I mean)so everything was OKAY!!

Anyway I couldn't have asked for a better date, he was so interesting and easy to talk to. There was a strong connection from the start, I met him on Friday and we stayed with each other until Sunday. I think that would be called a good date to some people(HAHA). The time we spent together was amazing, we cuddled, talked, ate, cuddled more and ate more!! And the sex was good!! REAL GOOD!! What I liked most was that he fell asleep in my arms and started snoring like a bastard, but it was not annoying or overbearing...I thought it was cute!

So I'm getting off track here, back to the Black Party Expo/Hookies....

I met friends at the Expo:

And then the Hookies start with a bang:

Best Porn Star Escort: Samuel Colt

Best Boyfriend Fantasy: Jayden Grey

Best Newcomer: Logan Stevens (Yes!)

Best International Escort: Rafael Alencar
Wanted to do Vid but Mister Hunky got so dirty on stage!!

Best Tattoos: Alessio Romero

Biggest Cock: Ben Andrews]

Of course I had to get some camera time with Leslie(Quick anyway)at this point of the evening I was alittle tipsy and I was ready to leave...

So I didn't win Best Live Performer or Best Daddy.......

But I'm not upset about it at all, I was happy to be nominated. As soon as the awards were over, I grabbed up Petey and We went back to my place. We played a couple of games of Marvel vs Capcom, got alittle more dazed and confused and then passed out in bed. We cuddled until We fell asleep.....

It was a good weekend.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Listen TO THE INTRO...

More...This is real Hip Hop!!

Sorry but Raekwon has a good album out!!


YelaWolf get to know him, he will blow BIG!!



Classic Vid this was in my day!!


Hello my Secret Admirers....

I just wanted to share this with the Secret Admirers, I mean they called Me a "Has Been" "Washed Up":

Its only March and I have done three scenes(Way popular)2 for

1 for

I was nominated Best Personality, Best Porn Blogger at the Cybersockets...

Nominated for Best Daddy and Best Live Performer at the Hookies
Nominated for Best and Biggest Badass at TLA awards...

GRABBYS nominations:

Best Three Way
Best Supporting Actor
Hottest Ass Eating

Now add being honored for Outstanding Achievement by the 2011 Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards.

2011 Blatino Oasis Erotica Award
Outstanding Achievement
Diesel Washington

The Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards is proud to recognize
Diesel Washington with our first ever award for "Outstanding Achievement" in the adult entertainement industry.
Hot! This is the best word to describe Diesel Washington. This mainstream adult film star is best known as a dominant top. Initially signed as a Titan Men exclusive model in 2006. Diesel has gone on to win several Grabby Awards, most recently—in 2009—as performer of the year and as author of his blog,, which combines news from the gay adult industry with personal reflections and photos, many featuring the performer himself. In 2008, the International Escort Awards or "Hookies" recognized him as the year's best fetish escort, while in 2010 he won a Hookies award for his blog. Congratulations!

This award means alot to me, since Day 1 of writing this blog I said way back in 12/12/2005 :

Firstly name change I was Giant then, Now I'm Diesel Washington same person but more focused to attain goals i have set for myself. I want to Come out full force and show their are plenty of Hot guys out there(Black, White , Latin, Asian Etc etc). Don't judge me by the color of my skin rather on ....How Hard I fuck Ya!!!!! Good Sex is good sex Topline!!!.

I have often been misunderstood, I have been called a Sell out, having Self Hatred for my own race, and some people even said I turned my back on my own community. Alot of that kind of talk pissed Me off, I brushed it off my shoulders and kept doing my thing and not listening to Secret Admirers. I don't have to explain my situation or what I'm trying to accomplish, I set goals for myself and nothing was going to stop Me from achieving them.

In the back of my mind however, I was sad and upset that people did not get or understand what I was trying to do:

I saw the lack of diversity in mainstream porn, instead of just complaining about it, I took action and became a model to change it.

I worked out hard and created my Brand from the bottom up

The key was to be signed by Big named Studio, so I could get my foot in the door.

Once there I had to put my plan into action, it was to come out of the gate Hardcore and in your face so the viewing audience could not ignore Me(Black/White/Latin/Asian)

Once I got the attention I had to make sure I did scene after scene that were ground breaking at the time. Build up a following..

From there I had to gain respect from my peers in the business, I had to show them that I was not a one hit wonder and I was a performer that could compete with the "Big" stars.

I had to walk a fine line between being outspoken, while not appearing too militant for fear of being labeled the "Angry Black Man". Most people took this as a sign that I sold out or became the "White Mans Bitch"(Sigh). Most of my Co stars were white males, alot of people did not understand that I had no control or power when it came to casting decisions(Co stars had to have the Titan look)I was lucky just to be working at the time, alot of models did not want to work with Me at first(Color preference, Height wise, Body wise, and some could not handle the dick or pounding)I was a new model finding his own path.

By 2008, Titan released "Telescope" and long story short that movie was promised to Me as my starring vehicle. Needless to say when I saw the cover of the movie I was not happy and at that moment I had enough and started speaking my mind. I finally was paired with another black model in the movie "Folsom Prison". "Double Standard" was released and finally "Playbook". By this time I had some say over scene partners but my contract ended with Titan and was not renewed.

I went Free agent by this time, and I had the option of retiring or trying to move on. I was in uncharted waters at this time, not knowing if I would work again. I had to start over again and show that I could do good work without Titan having my back so I had to adjust quickly. I got some big breaks and was able to shine on my own abilities.

By 2009 I won Performer of the Year, Best Porn Star Blog. That was the opportunity I wanted, I had a chance to break that Glass ceiling of never having a Man of Color winning Performer of the Year!! I thought my job was done, I had something to prove to myself that I could do it, AND I DID!

I retired from porn and tried to move on, I would look at the porn news from time to time and still saw the lack of Men of Color. I unretired and came back to porn to create opportunities for other Men of Color.

Step by step I worked from the inside of porn to make a change, gave me the opportunity to add diversity to their site of mostly white males and they took a big risk at first. Truth be told it was a hit or miss for the site, when I filmed my scene with Scott Alexander I asked YOU the fans to support it. AND THE FANS did not let me down(THANK YOU SO MUCH) then end result of that scene was that it out sold all the other scenes on the site. Suite 703 ordered more Black on Black scenes, so I went back to Suite703 and filmed a scene with Jace Jones and the second scene was No go(Bad situation happened). I gained more ground when Suite703 started doing interracial scenes. Since then more and more Men of Color were appearing on Suite703 and other sites, progress is being made(Slowly but still being made)

I'm not saying that change was a direct result of my pushing for Diversity, I had alot of help from people like Suite703, Fabscout entertainment, Giophotography, and alot of other people BTS(THANK YOU GUYS) During that time I stepped up my efforts on Twitter to bring awareness to adding more Diversity, HIV testing and other numerous subjects.

For my outspokenness, I was labeled a trouble maker, causing too many waves in the industry and that stands true to now.

So to receive this award from the Blatino Oasis Erotica Awards for Outstanding Achievement means alot to me!!!

Enduring all the rumors and gossip that I turned my back on my own community was hard for Me. Its not my job to stand on a Soapbox pointing fingers at people and call them Racist. My goal from the start was to prove to the mainstream industry that Men of Color can sell scenes, become Top performers and can have an impact on the industry. I didn't have to become a Thug, wear Do rags(nothing wrong with that)and talk street slang to do it.

A smart man that wants to make a change to an industry that he loves does not attack from the outside of the wall. He plays the Trojan Horse, and attacks within the walls because that always causes the most damage to an enemy.

Now maybe people will understand my methods of attack......

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I love the Gregory Brothers and they have another hit to add to their library

From the makers of Bedroom Intruder song...

That is Charlie Sheen!!


Hello my Secret Admirers....

I just wanted to share this with the Secret Admirers, I mean they called Me a "Has Been" "Washed Up":

Its only March and I have done three scenes(Way popular)2 for

1 for

I was nominated Best Personality, Best Porn Blogger at the Cybersockets...

Nominated for Best Daddy and Best Live Performer at the Hookies
Nominated for Best and Biggest Badass at TLA awards...

Now add GRABBYS:

Best Three Way
Getting Levi's Johnson
Jesse Santana, Diesel Washington and Casey Monroe
Jet Set Men

Best Supporting Actor
Diesel Washington/Getting Levi's Johnson-Jet Set Men

Hottest Ass Eating
Getting Levi's Johnson
Jesse Santana, Casey Monroe and Diesel Washington
Jet Set Men

Proud of this Movie in alot of ways, I promoted the Hell out of this Movie with so much energy seen here:

I also met Marcus Mojo for the first time, and I want to work with him so badly!!I even wrote a post declaring my interest in working with Marcus/Landon see here:

I then wrote a blog about the GayVns, where I declared that Dylan Roberts/McLovin and Landon/Marcus Mojo were the two hottest power bottoms working today.

I wrote: Dylan Roberts and Landon Mycles, yummy!! I keep my distance around you guys!!I want to chill and blaze and kick the shit!! But in doing so, we would be homies!!I want to fuck you guys!!LOL So I like keeping that distance, because I could see Us laying back, blazing, acting goofy and that is where the friendship comes in. In my mind, I need that tension there, so when We fuck(On camera)that shit is going to be Banging. Then afterwards, We can be Homies!! Business bitches!! Business!! Two Hot power bottoms!! Damn!!

Since then, I had the chance to work with Dylan Roberts seen here:

So that leaves Marcus Mojo, and just recently I watched an interview with Marcus Mojo saying that he wants to work with Me. And I'm high on his list of people to work with. Seen here:

I tell you people its the power of the blog, if you dream it and write it will happen down the road......I waited a long time to be partnered up in scenes that I wanted to see happen. So who knows if this will happen or not??? We put it out there so lets see...

Movies up for awards that I was in, Getting Levis Johnson(Jet Set), SteamWorks(Raging Stallions)

Best Movie
Getting Levi's Johnson/Jet Set Men

Best Ethnic
SteamWorks/Raging Stallion Studios

Best Comedy
Getting Levi's Johnson/Jet Set Men

Best Box Cover
Getting Levi's Johnson/Jet Set Men

Now alittle about the movie SteamWorks by Raging Stallions:

I'm glad the Grabby people, push for change in this business. Men of color models are showing that We can sell DVDs by getting this nomination for best Ethnic film. So We are pushing the limits in this business and We are making change(slow but moving)for that I'm extremely proud and just having this film nominated is an honor!!

So to the Secret Admirers out there, you bitch and moan and call Me a Has Been and Washed Up!! Yet!!!

I keep on moving up and the movies that I'm apart of still have an impact on the business. I see the role that I have in this business and I will continue to push the limits on adding more diversity into the business.

Alot of good news happening!!!

But be ready Secret Admirers I have a Round 5 coming soon as well...

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Awww such a mushy title....

I know I said I wouldn't talk about my love life so I won't, although I do want to talk about the hurdles in front of Me. I have talked before about this, but I think I need to go more in detail because many do not see the real problem. The problems that exist are mainly due to my own craziness but nevertheless they are problems that I do not know how to overcome:

I'm somewhat popular(and that is down playing it)so meeting people that have no clue about my porn history is alittle tricky. I would prefer to date someone that is not a fan of a the Diesel character(I'm picky)or at least not that familiar with the character. Just for the simple fact that I'm already prejudged before a person actually knows Me, I'm the porn guy that they saw naked and fucking someone. More often than not dating of that type just winds up some kind of Booty call. Which boils down to just a sexual relationship rather than an emotional one.

From experience, I'm always walking into a situation when the other person has a head start in the information game. They have a basic understanding of what my Likes/Dislikes are in advance, so takes alot of the mystery out of the equation. On my end it seems like I have to play the catch up game because I have no clue about their past. While six years of my past is written on a blog, for everybody to read and breakdown.

In the past, dating was horrible because it seems like people customized themselves to my liking. Meaning if you know what a person likes before meeting them, you have the upper hand. I was getting people(via hookup sites)that I went on dates with that were saying they were into comic books and geeky stuff. So to Me it was almost like an instant connection, but then I find out that they never read a comic book in their life, they don't even own a gaming system and have no knowledge about anything Geeky or Nerdy at all, so it was all a lie just to get an IN(rather so I get in).

At first I thought the problem was that everybody thinks I'm just a sexual person not looking for a relationship or something more than just sex. So I tried going on dates without the sexual tension, and try to get to know the person instead. That method doesn't seem to work for the porn star, by shutting down the sexual part your date doesn't think you find them attractive. They see the Sex god onscreen that is aggressive and take charge, but in front of them is the passionate guy that wants to "Get to know you" and from experience alot of people do not like that guy. One of the reasons for going on the date in the first place was to get wild and crazy(I guess), they can always find the guy that wants to take it slow and build something but they are on a date with a PORN STAR.

Another problem I'm starting to see is that people only want to date when its convenient for them. I'm old school, I'm the movies, dinner and dancing kind of guy. The dating scene nowadays is going out for some drinks maybe some food and if your into each other then you fuck! Not exactly what I call a date....

Since We are in a recession, movies and dinner are almost like a luxury nowadays that some people can not afford. NYC is expensive and a night on the town can cost a pretty penny, so you have to pick your activities wisely, another burden.

I guess dating is hard in general......

Just tired of the bullshit and games, people are at least becoming more honest with Me(Cause I demand it)I have had guys openly admit that they just wanted to get to know Me better just for sex only. I can respect that because at least they were honest, they didn't play the whole getting to know each other game because I said I was looking for dating and a relationship. While they just wanted to go through the motions to get fucked. I can not make this shit up, people were going through the dating process just to bed a porn star like it was something on their Bucket List(Love that movie BTW)some people are just Users.

Well this post is starting to sound depressing.....

A better post tomorrow

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Sucking ass instead of writing????

You know I have been letting down my blog fans......

I have been spending so much time on Twitter, instead of sticking to what I do best. I read over some of my last posts and its all VOTE 4 Me, projects coming out, and Quick rants...

My blog is my "Bread and Butter", at the same time I have to establish a presence on Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and Twitter. Guess what social networking tool I'm still working the bugs out of?? Ding Ding Twitter!!

I don't want Foursquare or Tumblr or any of that crap but Twitter, yeah I had to step up my game on that. My main goal was to break 1,000 followers, now I'm not one of those guys that believes just cause he has... lets say 15,000 followers that I'm super powerful and there is an Army of people that will do my bidding. Come on!! I don't believe in that shit!!

As an Entertainer however, I have to use all available networking tools to promote myself. My Blog was established 2005(good following)then from there I joined MySpace in 2006(good following)and then Youtube in 2007(Decent). Facebook in 2010? I created two pages(Good following)and finally Twitter!!

I suck at Twitter, and had to learn that shit!! Most people I guess tweet from their phone, I use my computer, so its like my computer is on at work(I throw out some tweets here and there)when I catch my lunch break it allows Me time to type away. A couple of tweets when I come home, I pack and head to the gym, when I come home from gym I jump back on. Now that sounds crazy, at the same time I scroll through Youtube(obsessed with it)reading blogs, checking out the news around the world. Then from there I check all my email accounts, answer email, so in a nutshell I have no life at all.

Twitter is fucking crazy!! Being locked into that 140 character setting is nuts, I have to condense and condense my thoughts into a nice neat little package. As far as Twitter etiquette I have none, I think its retarded to have any. Why?:

I have noticed some people on Twitter take that shit too seriously!!!

Again, yes you have followers but that doesn't mean you have a fucking Kingdom!!

People unfollow you with such attitude like "OMG this guy is blowing up my timeline, I don't want to read his ranting crap!!" You think I want to read what u ate for the day, or what club your going to?? You think I give a shit about how bad your family is treating you?? Or issues with your family?? What your watching on TV or listening to on the radio??? I COULD GIVE A SHIT!! But I'm not going to unfollow you cause you had a Twitter meltdown or Twitter War!!! ITS FUCKING WORDS ON A SCREEN!!!

On it's basic level its a promotion tool, I get it!! So of course I get the promotion tweets, its almost like Spam to Me check out my Live show or check out my scene bah bah bah(I'm guilty of the same thing)I get it!

I just wanted to break 1,000 followers just to see if I could do it!! Some of these Twitter folk watch their follower count like its the most important thing ever!! To lose a number of followers is almost like losing white blood cells or something!! Its not that serious to Me.....

I guess since they give awards for Tweeting, all the porn stars on Twitter take that shit super serious!!

Twitter is way too clicky for Me

Since I restarted my Twitter page, alot of my thoughts are being played out on Twitter instead of my blog. For example, I will think of a topic that I want to talk about on my blog and as soon as I get on Twitter I notice I'm posting my thoughts that I would use for my blog and condensing them down to 140 character bursts on Twitter. So I'm robbing my readers of rants and observations that I would use here because they are being wasted on Twitter. For that....

I'm sorry! I should stick to WHAT I KNOW!!I'm a blogger and I think since I wanted to get my feet wet with Twitter I have basically watered down my blog into just a press machine.

I'm back!! So I will keep my focus on blogging rather than drifting off in Twitterland. Besides I don't have that 140 character thing locking Me into tiny sentences that hardly express myself. You have to understand people I wrote 948 posts on this blog..I EXPRESSED THE SHIT OUTTA ME!!LOL

That is alot of writing, alot of subjects, alot of rants and raves so bear with Me. I'm back to blogging full steam, YEEAAAAH!!

Look forward to interesting posts and those crazy observations about a business I love..

I'm typing Bitches!!

Monday, March 07, 2011



At the same site Vote for Me for Best Daddy, Best Performer. I really want the Best Performer award, I have been performing shows for Rentboy for almost 6years the Rentboy people really know how to take care of you. The Best Performer award is something I can take home after everything is all said and done(When I retire).

The Daddy nomination is new for Me, I have accepted being a Daddy so let the cards fall as they may...

Okay after having no shame asking people to vote for Me, I think there are some things that I need to speak about...

I'm feeling alittle better and needed the weekend off to relax and get life back in focus again. It's not easy maintaining the lifestyle of Personality/Escort/Porn Star/Blogger/Human being each one of these factors seem to leak into the other one and makes life so fucked up sometimes.

Diesel Washington was a character that I created, but it has become something different to people:

Sexually the character is take charge and fucks the shit out of Co stars. People love the energy and the take no prisoners attitude.

The blogger gives you insight into the character and what makes up Diesel. It's made of rants/raves that are brutally honest and sometimes downright crazy!!

The Escort has the direct approach of providing a service for those needing a Big Muscle Top that forces the client into submission

The Personality, is direct and honest and no frills. Some people talk a good game and wind up bullshitting you or lieing to your face. The Diesel personality cuts out the middle man and goes directly to the important stuff. He is firm with his decisions/ideals/ethnics and will not be swayed or bought out and he will never sell out...

And the Human part.....

Diesel is many things to different people, but What about his Human side?? I never said I was perfect or a role model for people to look up to. I have my fair share of problems, made my mistakes, and I said alot of things that gave people the impression that I was Cocky, Aggroant, and an Asshole at times. But I am Human!!!

I traded my privacy, insanity, and a personal life to become this Diesel character. Some days are rougher than most, but I'm still here and surviving!!

One of the things that I'm proud of is never having to portray some kind of Thug character.....

I look at websites like this:

All I can say is I'm not a Thug!! I refuse to play that part and that whole stereotype of "Thug":

I'm not wearing Do rags
Gold chains
The baggy pants
Gold Teeth
Smoking Blunts(on camera that is)
I do not use racial epithets in my scenes

I'm not dumping on the sites that use that Stereotype or image, I'm just saying that is not the image I want to portray in my movies. We have enough Thugs or Homeboys in entertainment as it is. I understand its a Fetish for certain people, that whole image of the Homo Thug or Ruff neck that beats and belittles the white boys. The constant use of the word Nigger or Nigga in scenes. In my opinion that is so tired and used to death in gay porn.

At the same time, I stay far away from the Black Balled themed series as well. I'm tired of that same scene of the little white boy being gang banged by a bunch of black males in a scene. Its 2011, and porn seems to move 10years behind...

In society today, there is more and more interracial dating happening. Couples are mixed now, and alot of the hangups of yesterday are gone. People are exploring more and refuse to be locked into liking one thing(age/race/size/religion)

Only problem....

Porn is not moving fast enough to reflect that change, alot of hardcore consumers that buy porn are from the Midwest(alittle behind the times over there)so they are still alittle close minded.

Another factor for declining sales in porn is that the public is not getting feed what it wants to see. They are being force fed Gay4pay stars, lackluster performers, and cookie cutter porn stars that all look alike. But whatever it is what it is.

Moving on...

On that Mandingo character again....

People dog Me out saying that I play the Mandingo stereotype, not sure what stereotype I play, when On/Off screen I'm an aggressive top. I could understand if I were a bottom or versatile and all scenes I was getting hired for was Top work. I could understand if I were versatile and wanted to do a Flip Flop scene, but the Studio/site only wanted Me for a top role and actually discouraged Me from bottoming. But the honest truth is that I'm a Top, not more I can say to convince people but that is the truth.

I have no interest to bottom, and I do not work for a check so the offers(huge amounts)for Me to bottom are kind of pointless at this moment. Like I said before, the minute I find someone to fall in love with and share myself with them FIRST(De virgin). Then maybe down the road I might decide to bottom for the viewing audience, as I see it now the only thing I have left untainted and untouched is my ass. I have done it all on film and/or escort work, so the only thing that keeps my sanity is that I never had to sell my ass in this business. No offense to other people that do, but that is not the right choice for myself.

Moving on.....

I received some good news on Friday, but I can not share the news until the press release comes out. So get ready for that!!

I will say this........

This is great news!! I'm proud and look forward to sharing the news with Fans and Supporters out there.

More later....

Friday, March 04, 2011


I haven't had an attack in a long time......

Not the type of attack that your thinking, but I'm having a bad episode. It started this week and its turning into a nightmare.

My last episode was last year in Dec and it was a very slight case of depression. I have learned to stay away from triggers and I was making great progress. By Feb 2011I was running high and handling business and I didn't notice that I was having too much fun(Mania)

I was not looking for warning signs, I was fearless and full of energy and was the life of the party. I know my highs and lows and I was going through my HIGH stage full force.

Only problem with that is when you go through your Highs, you have to prepare yourself for the extreme Low that lays ahead. That extreme low is what I'm facing right now...

There will be no posts for the weekend........

I just lashed out on Twitter and went through a very nasty Twitter meltdown rant. As soon as I started reading some of my tweets I noticed the anger in them. So I'm staying far away from the blogging/Twitter/Facebook thing for now until I ride through this Low.

I pray that this "Low" will only last for a few days and I can recover before working next week. I like to share what a "Low" is to Me:

I have the strange combination of crying and being angry at the same time.

Confused and scattered brained

Being sleepy and tired but when I lay on the bed the worst case of insomnia occurs.

Lashing out at people that I care about

Low sex drive

Distant and withdrawn

I'm blessed to be surrounded by people who understand what I go through and never take things I say to them personally because I'm going through my "Low" stage. Little things bother Me so I tend to stay locked up in house after work and gym so I'm not around people.

Nobody likes a Diesel Downer so for that reason I stay away from everybody until its over!! Not sure why I'm posting this?? If anybody else suffers from this disorder I want you to know your not alone.

Even Mister Sexy guy has his own set of problems out there!! I function in life and as long as I see the signs of an upcoming attack, I can prepare for it and make sure that I do not cause problems for others.


Crazy people are the best, We don't give a shit what people think about us. Just don't get in my way and I won't get in your way!! Never fuck with a crazy person cause they will COME HARD there is no off switch!!

We are never boring or dull and We let it all hang out people!!

P.S. I had to share this comment some sent me

Dear Diesel,
I read whet you wrote in your blog about struggling with mania and depression and all I thank you for talking about the struggle. I deal with similar feelings and know it is not easy for people to understand or have any sense of compassion. That being said, those of us who live with the reality of our lives and do well, work to find ways to cope and to celebrate our individuality have good, if unconventional, lives and we are not alone. For what it is worth, your frank willingness to speak out made me feel better and less isolated. Your unique sexuality maybe be your obvious gift, after reading your words it is now your courage that I find more compelling. This part of you will only get better with age and more wise.


Some people are locked into thinking they have to be something they are not to fit in. I never said I was perfect people, I have problems like everybody else out there. So this post was for the people that are alittle off, get anxiety attacks, panic attacks, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Personality disorders, Dissociative Disorders whatever.....

We can still work and live productive lives people.....

Just give us a chance..


I used to took Meds like ten years ago and they did more damage then the disorder. The meds just made Me numb and killed any personality that I had, and the worst part of taking Meds I was finding the lack of a sex drive, and I was losing erections. Being that I'm a very sexual person, knowing that I wasn't getting turned on, or achieving erections just made Me more depressed at the situtaion.

I rather be alittle crazy and slightly off and be able to fuck someone's brain out. Then a brain dead zombie, that is slow to react and can't get hard!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011


Everybody knows I love my Geeks/Nerds....

Here is a Geek that I like

But there is a story to this.....

Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Hello my Secret Admirers....

I was nominated "Best and Biggest Badass" at the TLA awards

My cocky persona Diesel would say "2nd year in a row nominated" but I will stay humble..

I just wanted to share this with the Secret Admirers, I mean they called Me a "Has Been" "Washed Up":

Its only March and I have done three scenes(Way popular)2 for

1 for

I was nominated Best Personality, Best Porn Blogger at the Cybersockets...

Nominated for Best Daddy and Best Live Performer at the Hookies

And now.....

Nominated for Best and Biggest Badass...

Not sure how much I can beat it into people, I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!

I love this industry and the reason why I talk trash about this business is because I invested 6yrs of my life trying to add to this business, protect it, give my input on things that need changing(Harsh Reality sometimes)

I challenge the Industry to embrace Diversity

I challenge the Industry on its health practices

I could give a shit about the Blog battles along the way, personal beefs, battling dick riders and those bloggers/models/sites that use my name for blog hits. It happens everyday and like Charlie Sheen I have Tigers blood dripping from my fangs.

I will have to admit I have a hard on for Charlie Sheen...

I relate to his battle against the Network, Ex Wife, and all the media....

We immediately go after Charlie and say he is on drugs and hanging with the hookers. We judge him on his past and its easy to make judgements without knowing the entire story.

As of Press time, Charlie Sheen has his kids taken from him based on false threats he made to his Ex wife. She put out a restraining order on Charlie based on false threats so Law enforcement had to take the kids away.

Charlie is pressed against a wall by the network, ex wife, and the media. I see the look of a man that has had enough of the bullshit!! He took the drug tests to show people he is not on drugs because everybody was saying Charlie is drugged out. When he passed the drug tests then people started calling him CRAZY!!

How can I not relate to Charlie and what he is going through!!

Diesel Washington is only one person that promotes himself, brands himself, and controls his own image. Yet:

Some white consumers think "I'm too black"

Some black consumers think "I'm not black enough"

Models are scared to work with Me for the most stupid reasons(Diesel Funk, dick size, fuck style, race, height)

Some Studios/Sites scared of my outspokenness

Some Studios/Sites practice that ageism

Always having to protect myself against, Users, Posers, Gamers

Constant Neg emails and comments about my personality(which people have no clue)

I'm always prejudged, analyzed and broken down before I'm even introduced.

And like Charlie, I had enough!!

Instead of running from drama, I thrive on it!! Why?:

I spent my entire life always been told what to do, at first its your mother(of course)and then when I lived with my father(it was his way) I was also raised by my grandparents who were also strict(it was their way) In school it was the teachers(of course)and then my basketball/track coaches(bossy guys)When I graduated from high school I left to join the Army(again more discipline and control)it took forever to accept my sexuality because I had to fight against everything I was taught(Movies, Hip Hop urban culture). I was 6'6 240lbs and solid, at first people couldn't accept my sexuality because I didn't act or look gay(is that possible?)

Finally when I accept my sexuality and come out, What do you think happens?? Now because of my sexuality, Str8 guys think I'm weak or some kind of push over(Until a BIG REALITY CHECK!)because I'm open with my sexuality. I lived in rough neighborhoods that thought being "Different" meant you were so how timid or weak. I had to earn my respect plenty of times(I fought back HARD)and each time I walked away with respect and my self respect.

Then I get into porn and I face the same things that I fought against for years, only this time I created Diesel Washington he is my brain child. I could not control my destiny in the past, it was out of my control. But my future I can control...

At first I didn't want to cause waves, I wanted to make a name for myself. At the three year mark I decided to put my foot down!! I was getting emails from fans that said "I shouldn't suck cock in my films because that is not a total top" "I shouldn't do fetish because a REAL black man wouldn't do that" So now people want to tell me what to do sexually or what not to do?? Are you kidding me?? Then jealous models want to tell Me what my personality is like?? Tell Me what type of image I'm portraying?? Fuck that!!

I thought I had friends in the business but when times got hard they kept their distance from Me. I was having producers lie directly to my face when I asked them an honest question. In 2008 I spoke on a panel of my peers about the industry when it came to diversity, and to this day those same producers that spoke of change are still slow to the diversity game barely making any progress.

I extended a helping hand to alot of models in this business that stabbed me in the back, talked behind my back, totally used Me just for advancement. And when I called them out....I was instantly the bad guy because I should have known better...

Fuck that!!!

I have lived under control and discipline for long enough, I promised myself to be outspoken as much as I can, use the truth to battle against the fake and phony. Stand for my own ideals and thoughts if I think something is wrong.

So bottom line I thrive on the drama, when people talk about Me acting like they know my personality or my story..

I thrive on that drama when someone fucks Me over or wastes my time.

I thrive on that drama when people try to hide the truth or try to fool Me.

People try so hard to bury the truth or mislead you nowadays, I have learned to look past the bullshit and get to the point. I'm over the guessing games, teasing games I'm getting older so I really do not have the time to play the kiddie games anymore..

That does not make Me angry, it just makes me tired and worn out having to deal with deal with the crap.

I'm still here fighting though....