Monday, May 29, 2006


It sucks I wrote another blog instead of this one got deleted and I write these things fast and what im thinking about at the moment. Watching Tv and writing this now at same time, so if it sucks so what at least I wrote something. Well today was boring as hell and I think I slept alittle long today cause I had a long weekend.Hmm What business to take care of u may be asking?? NO BUSINESS THAT IS THE PROBLEM!! I have been bored out of my mind. U think the life of a porn star would be fun. Boring!!(Okay True I did a scene a month ago, signed exclusive and have more projects in the works) But Im waiting for this ride to start, I feel like Im at Great Adventure and waiting in line to get on the roller coaster.
Its funny, since I have more free time, i have been going out and having fun. On that note, Im getting approached more and more on the street.. I understand that I put myself out there by sharing myself. But people come up to ya at anytime??? It freaks me out. How to explain it??? When I was escorting my old name was Giant. I formally introduced my new name of Diesel Washington on sites and on this forum. When someone approaches me(or in this case come running from across the street) Yelling Hey Giant!! Its pushing it. Im somewhat nice in public, but I was alittle pissed. He used my old name, told me he loves my pics on rentboy(Rentboy?? I havent been on that site in two months and when I had pics, it was under the name Diesel Washington) I did small talk, he was partied up and said goodbye. I go home, sleep and do my thing of checking my email and recieved this email:
Hi Giant,I approached you early this morning outside the Rawhide on 8th ave/21st. Street. I apologize if it was uncomfortable for you having me walk up to you like that on the street out of no where, but I figured I had to if I was to have a chance at getting you to come to Queens. I would like to hire you sometime soon - I will get your # from rentboy. I live 2 blocks from the E and F trains, so my place is easy and quick to get to. I included a link with my pix below as well as some ass pix. I am leaving for vacation soon to Alaska, but will try to connect with you when I get back and hopefully we can set something up. Enjoy your memorial day, Rich .

I dont usually put up my business end of stuff, but in this case I wanted u as the fans to realize what I go through constantly. Flattered yes, freaked out yes. I take it as a nice thing though. U feel the need to reach out and its cool. least if u like my blog or the work I done before or even my pics, remember my name at least. Which gets me to think, without any listings currently out for my services, and solely posting new pics on this site, people still remember me. I still get calls from new clients who remember my cell phone number, and I get emails from people who see me in the club, walking, or out and about. What the hell is going to happen when my movies come out and this porno thing takes off???? Madness!!
Question of the month goes to Steven (PinkMafiaradio):
I am loving all the new posts, and photos. I gotta tell you usually when a guy goes on and on about how much of an alpha male TOP he is; he is really compensating for something he lacks. I think it was Shakespeare who said, "methinks the lady doth protest too much" I have full faith in your toping abilities but what made you decide to blog about it as if you had been challenged?

Thanks Steven for ur question and ur support. To answer this, firstly I have to say Im not a Lady(Ur still cool with me Steven) But U have answered ur own question with ur own email. Im challenged everyday on the street and in my everyday life. I brag about my skills cause I have skills!!! I could play that strong silent type but that is not my personality. In the gay lifestyle, its common to reference other guys as bitches, girls, queens etc.etc. I call guys bitches and pussy boys cause that is what they are there for, hungry holes for fucking. On the other hand, Im quick to point out to u as fans or those who like my style, IM A MAN so that means refer to me as a man, not a woman, miss thang, girl friend, etc etc. I BRAG ABOUT MY TOPPING SKILLS SO MUCH cause I have no films out, and i recieve alot of email from haters who dont think I can fuck for shit. And I think its fair for me to brag about being a alpha male cause im proud of it. And there is something Im lacking or compensating for in my life....... I get carried away with sex,sex,sex and havent found my match emotionally. So Until I find the one that can look past Diesel or Giant and touch me emotionally and mentally, I will be that fucking machine. And whats the difference??? If I fucked the shit outta some guy onscreen and then blog about fucking the shit outta some guy, After seeing my movie u would say" Damn Diesel U fucked the shit outta that guy". Im a big talker, but i back up everything. Im currently not in love, or have plans to fall in love so i will fuck my way to the top and take no names!! thats it for tonight SUCK ON THAT BITCHES!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I have to tell u people about my "Top Personality" Those who know me know Im cocky and speak my mind. So lets start it: Im tired of bullshit bottom talk. What is that u mean? I have a friend who is also a Porno Star but hes a bottom. We get into the same fight over and over. He says" In order to be a Great Top, u have to bottom, to feel what it feels like to the bottom in order to be anygood". Bullshit!!!!! Im a great Top and I dont have to bottom to know that Im good. When i fuck the cum outta of a bottom, then I must be a good top. Fuck all this aggressive bottom shit, means nothing to me. Being a Dominate Top I control the sex, and the postions, and duration. Some may think the bottom has all the power. Well those people, can eat my shit!!! Bottoms have their use, to be fucked, and for them to service. Its simple, but porn has been twisted in the past years with all these young blonde bubble bottoms or hairy muscle bottoms, vers boys, horse hung tops who are passive and not aggressive, or ugly aggressive guys who have monster cocks. I cant wait until the shit starts flying when I break that mold. Ur going to see me fuck hard and without mercy, none of this power bottom bullshit is working on me. U power bottoms, can take the dick which I like but can u take the pounding that comes with it. When a guy who is 5' 10 and 180lbs with 11inch cock fucks ya its going to hurt. But when this 6'6 245lbs with 10incut pounds ur hole ur going to die. Sure his dick is bigger but who is pounding ya harder???? With him ur assshole is going to be sore and stretched out. With me ur hole is going to be sore and stretched out and ur legs are going to be left numb and shaking until u cant walk. Im not that top, thats going to let some bossy bottom run the show. I have alot of Top Tricks up my sleeve u will see them for ourself when my movies come out. Im like a old throw back, to the times when the Tops fucked hard, talked shit and backed everything they claimed. Im a Top, on screen and off I dont bottom. So Im not one of these guys on screen who is a Larger than Life Top on screen and a nelly bitch boy off screen getting gang fucked and drilled. Think about it, the models are working on a film and the bottom of the film knows that the top who is fucking him in the scene is not what he claims, kinda of makes the scene less hot because the truth is known. Off camera, hes a Big Queen, on camera hes this Alpha Male. The Models I work with will know off the bat Im a Man, Aggressive, and loves to fuck. So if u think, we are going to fake this scene and go through the motions ur dead wrong!!! We are doing Porn here!! Get fucked hard and deep and act like the sluttiest bottom u can be because I wil bring my A game when fucking and using a hungry bottom on screen thats what im there for. Arent ya there to showoff just how great of a bottom u are???? cause I will be showing off on how great of a top I am so come correct. No matter how big or small Im going to put a hurt on these guys. I guess thats why they get paided to be the best bottoms that they can be. Cause Im getting paided to be the best top that I can be. Its simple: Me fuck u hard, and u take it. Well i will write more later this week


Well kids im back for another session with ya, and whats new today or this week?? Working out has gotten even better now and im really feeling it these days waiting for the weather to get warmer and then let loose. I still havent gotten around to putting out my listing for my parttime job yet. Im having alot of fun, just being me and going out alot more than I used to and people are watching. Thanks to all the guys that saw me at Roxy this past weekend. I guess I stand out like a sore thumb on the dance Floor but whatever, I have recieved alot of emails from people who see me out and about. Not to sound, all that but its alittle creepy that people send me emails saying "I saw u here and there", but never leave a return email address or even give their name in the email. I figured, most people who see me out never come up to me or introduce themselves(I LIKE THAT!!!) In public, I like to get to where I need to go with little or no questions asked or any converstaion in between. I dont have an attitude or think im a god(well maybe I do!!) but im reserved at bars or clubs and I just like to dance or have a beer and talk to people who have something interested to say. I get weary of the drunk bottoms who want to get fucked or used and come at me aggressively in the clubs. I got enough sex in my lifetime to last me for 50years, so Im very picky on who I talk to. On that note: I will explain why I dont talk to people in clubs. When I go to a club(one time a month)Im there to dance and let out steam. Im not there to pick anybody up, look for a date, or look for a relationship none of that. I Just dance, so all u drunk bitches who got some liquid courage in ya, and try to pick me up or start that convo about wanting to suck me, take my fist, or get ur ass used. Im gonna cut off ur head before u even get started with the bullshit. I like that people find me hot or sexy but when it comes to following me around, staring, and finger pointing it gets old. But I have an "attitude" or think"Im all that" because I dont want to talk to ya. Sorry Little guys, look at the pics, buy the videos(when they come out), or even hire me. But i wont stand there and entertain ya, if im not working, or getting paided for it. Now U might say, U suck and should give ur fans the time they ask for. How much more do I have to give the fans??? They see me naked, watch me fuck, I will sign the autographs and take the pics like anybody in this business. But I dont sleep with fans just cause they think im hot. I loved to be worshipped but I set the time and place, and its with who I want when I want it. Suck and Get Fucked on that people!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well from my last post I was kinda pissed off and feeling alittle off center. I knew when i started this business its going to be on the road all the time, from hotel to hotel and making friends here and there but losing some friends as well. Yeah I know the saying"Real Friends are Forever", but if ur touring around from city to city, people change and just move on to better things. I dreaded having to go back to being alone and doing my thing, but this time around Im actually enjoying the time to myself. I was always a Hermit, I didnt like to go out much cause I standout like a sore thumb. But I decided to change that, I like to dance so I went out this weekend and enjoyed myself. To those who read this blog know about my parttime hustle, but I have taken my ads down and pulled the plug on the parttime(for now, I have plenty of regs to keep me busy)so been focusing more time on me. So going to the club was a refreshing change, yeah same meat market, but when ur biggest piece of meat there it helps. I had a good time, I didnt worry about stress or about picking up some guy to fuck him. People!!! I get sex anytime i want anywhere anytime its not hard, but I wasnt thinking about sex right there and then I just wanted room to move and let this energy out. Now u must be thinking?Diesel ur 6'6 and 245lbs u get on the dancefloor and dance? DAMN RIGHT and i can move Im not one of these big muscle guys that move back and forth. I know how to work that shit out right!!!
Hmmm what else is new, on the Porn front the company that signed me as an exclusive, is working on putting together another hot performance piece. I have been dieing to work for the past month since last filming, I only had one scene in the movie with two other guys. So I will be leaving for that in June. Post time between Movies I hit the gym, with even more heart than before. Im taking this business very serious now, recently I had some online interviews with some of the industry heads. So Im just chilling cause, I want everythign to happen fast but since I know I will be big I rather have it take its time to reach that level of stardom(in my head LOL). But to those fans who read this and send me much love, I thank u guys. To the haters, who send me hate mail. FUCK YA Ur hate mail just makes me stronger and be even better. To the Pigs, bitch boys, pussy boys, sluts and whores that love me, Daddy is coming and he is larger than Life!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006


Well its Monday, I have had the hardest week I ever had!!!! Emotionals are running very intense this week. In the matter of a Month, I have distanced myself from everybody I care about. How to put it??? I had a friend of 6yrs who was a cool motherfucker. Lets call him Red Bone, he had his issues like everybody but... I draw the line at letting ur vices fuck up our friendship. Case in point: I hang out with all types and everybody has their vice wheter it be, drugs, sex, booze, pills, women,etcc... And I dont judge, u can put a straw, pipe, cock, pussy or whatever in ur mouth. U could be drunk, stoned, etc and have ur fun... but I draw the line at letting those drugs(vices) RUN(RUIN) our time that we hangout together. If some substance u took is causing ya to act like an asshole, and cause a dent into our friendship. Then Sorry Buddy, u was a cool dude to chill with but now the vices are running ur life and that I cant be around. Sucks!!!FUCKING SUCKS!!! I knew this guy for years and hes always a partying machine. But now the party is over and he still doesnt know when to sleep, rest, get ur act together. Ashame, I really dont have many Gay friends and the ones that I do have, fall into that: Either I fucked them, Or they want me to fuck them. Period. So lately it sucks, I feel like a Cave Man, I usually stay online for hours checking email and writing emails and chatting online with online friends(most of them I have never met in real time)rather then going out and enjoying life. I dont know what it is, its not like Im famous from doing Porn(NOT YET ANYWAY)and I have the need to stay indoors. Sucks having no friends. Im an only child, I have no brothers or sisters. And was raised in a Single Parent household(mom worked 7-3, 3-11) so basically when i woke up in the morning I didnt see my mother and went to bed before she came back home. I basically raised myself. Funny when I look back at my life growing up, even as a child I didnt have very many friends. And felt more comfortable alone, so I did my own thing. Things changed in my late teens. And at this stage of my life, I can finally let Love and Emotions enter into my life. How to explain it? Life didnt revolve around me anymore and I started to let people into my life. Old friends became my tight circle of friends, and distance everybody else got. A couple of years of that and I knew it was going happen, Ur close friends change, and become dark and drama filled. I had to clean shop, clean house and let go of all the negative energy. But alas I didnt expect this: My Best Friend in the World, The guy that knew everything about me, The guy who could finish my sentences, The guy that bailed me out of jail(driving offense). I dont know what else to say?????.
Lets call him Jay, Jay is a funny, smart, well orgainzed guy. How to put it??? We was two totally different people. I tend to be more aggressive, live wire, I wear my emotions on my sleeve and speak my mind all the time. I like to shock people, cause some waves, get a reaction outta them. I step into a room, Im loud, confident, alittle cocky but u can feel me as soon as i come in. Jay is basically the same way, on a funny level though. When we are not together, I hear stories from his camp about his antics and his craziness. And he brings some of that to the table when we hangout but... he tends to be more quiet and let me rock the house or club that we are in.. We talked alot about life and wants and needs things of that nature. But lately he has been busy(Full time student). I wish him only the best things in life I really do. But when i want to hangout and u tell me ur busy all the time with finals, papers, teaching, quizzes, school school school. Im going to get sick and tired of hearing about it. I went to college already, I did the test thing final cramming at the last moment, and frankly im glad its over(for now at least but not future). To make matters worse, when he did have free time to hangout, I was overlooked for other friends. Now keep in mind, I dont have very many friends so the ones I do have I try to stay very close with. I really dont add new people into my circle, cause things happen and some people dont get along with other people so u have to choose wisely. And to be honest, I dont like his friends they are fake, pretentious, and spoiled bastards. I didnt come from money nor did i have alot of it to spend. It doesnt impress me that u have on 200 dollar jeans it really doesnt!! I rather see what u look like outta those jeans really!!! But in any case, we was tight buddies. Im leaving alot out of the story I know but.... geez we was tight friends, it hurts really does. But everything has its course, its own path, and our friendship is over. Do I want to call him and say Yo whats up man!! U want to hangout??? Fuck yes!!! Am i going to??? Nope the biggest problem we had: Sure ur in school and working ur ass off!!! But i repeat, I will not be talked down to like im crawling from under some rock somewhere. I have dreamed of doing Porn all my life and its something that I wanted to try and I did(and found out that IM GREAT AT!!) As he went further into into his schooling, he started to get more and more busy. Maybe im asking for too much???? He is trying to get his Two Masters Degrees,(I know I know). Thats schooling up the ass for ya. But... we were friends and when u put me down cause i didnt achieve that level of schooling, kinda of sucks!! No he didnt say "Hey im better than U" in those words. More like "Im Sorry I dont have have time to hangout like i used to but I have more important things to do" that smug uppity version of it. More importantly, he started to hangout with more people from his classes, so even hanging out with him and his friends was boring to me. Talk of school and classes even when ur in the bar or out to eat is bullshit. His friends are bunch of judging assholes, who spend mommy and daddies money. They have no real life experiences, and they are all a bunch of nerds who dont get laided. Bottomline. U know those guys, so book smart, well versed and preppy but dont know shit!!!. But being super smart has it drawbacks, what u gain in intelligence make u lack in other areas. Put them on the street and they are lost. Put a hot guy or girl in thier face they cant perform. Cant a make decision on the spot, without thinking about every possible outcome(so being spontaneous out the door) basically that means they are doomed to live a boring life. Now dont me wrong, I love nerds!!! I really do. Being the Life of the Party all the time is cool. But im jealous, the super smart have one thing that I long to have, Organizational Skills. Thats about it!!! Im really bad when it comes to schedules, and beng on time(but im getting better). Im yapping too much now, basically its sad that I had to let go of my Best Friend. Oh well, what can i say???? Stay around until we come to blows????(physical fight) or just agree that we have matured and we are taking two different paths now. Yeah right, the fucking guy pisses me off and if i dont stay away from him, im going to kick his ass. So there u have it. IM ALL ALONE AGAIN!!!!! LET THE STRONG SURVIVE!!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Okay update time, I havent wrote shit forever and I know I know. U will give ya updates more pics more news whats been going on for the last month. I dont know where to start and what to say so far but damn since the last talk I had a chance to write on here I was Preparing a Major Trip. I have come back from that trip and then some i have so much to write so I dont know where to start first but lets start here:
Yes i had my first chance to do my first porn and i had a good time. What to say about the experience it was as i expect and more. When i got off the plane in San Fran I was like its time to start working the best way I know how. I went right to Hotel and checked in and got comfortable in my room and I then i headed to the gym to work out as i got settled in. Why U think im crazy???? For wanting to look my best I had another day before the shoot anyway so it was just my proven to work stomach excersies that i was doing. The first day of shoot was strange I was thinking over and over is this something that i wanted to do Is It? Those thoughts kept runnign through my head over and over. This was the time, I can turn back and run back home and just give it up and quit. Was I cut out to do this kinda of work???. Not to sound funny or just crazy, but i was so nervous my first time "coming out of the gate". I was like a soft noodle I cant shake the feeling that was doing something wrong. My Sexuality, is my own and even though i have a very active sex life now it will be on display for the whole world to see. I kinda of was sitting on the side, Just feeling like shit and nothing was working. As i sat there and thought what I was doing. The cast was very supportive and so was the crew. I felt that all this time i was shit talking like i was going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread, and I cant even get a hardon. Whoa, lets put it this way i sat there for a long time thinking. And then it clicked, just like a light switch, U did all this talking and jiving. Be the funny, serious, aggressive guy u always are and get through this. Then the body kick started itself, I was ready in gear and working the scenes which I think came out way cool. Shooting was different, for me u get into the action and forget the cameras are there most of the time. Even though the angles that our bodies is turned and held for camera shots can be a pain in the ass sometimes. The overall look on film is very different and the angles are necessary so the camera is like having a third person in sex that wants to see the action. I worked with two other models and both were really great guys. I had a great time with them and wish them success in this business as well. Back to the shot now. That was only first day shooting, and we was picking up the pace and then its the end of the day. I went back to Hotel and got some food and just watched Tv and fell out.
Day 2 We filmed at the Studio this time which was cool. The first day they had us on a farm and it was outside and the wind was blowing allittle cold but hey u have to get through it cause I wanted the shoot to go well and came into this eager to work. But the studio, was different(in a good way) laided back and i had a great time there. Today I was ready to work, and i pulled all the stops and came out swinging(Literally!!!). In a nutshell, all i can say about the shot was that I worked both those guys and I think that will show up well on film I cant wait to see it!! I dont go through details cause I want u Guys to see me in Action when the flim comes out.
Okay its Show and Tell time: What Company am i working for???(I cant give that info right now, read below for details why)Were the Guys Hot??(White Guy, Latin Guy) if the company hired these guys then they must be hot right??Duh. How Much did i Get Paided(I never talk about Money sorry)When is the Film coming out( I heard Sept but who knows)Will I be filming more Movies( OH YES I WILL!!). What other Questions can i answer now that u might be thinking about. Yes Im a top in all my scenes(cause im a top in real life and on film) Hmm What do I expect to get out of doing Porn(I love to show off, and I think this is a Great platform for me and I like the direction that this company is going. And the money aint bad either) Any other news??
Well Kids all I can say is, I love what I do. I guess Im good at this busines because the company I worked for offered me an Exclusive Contract to work with them. Now this blew my mind, granted im not ugly and I think im in good shape. But to work on one film, one scene, and only two days of work, being offered the opportuntiy to work with them again is one thing. But not only to work with them and offered a Exclusive contract is big for me. I was surprised to say in the least. Now i know u kids are like who??? What company??? I gave exclusive rights to use my image to only one company. Now i have to Tease ya. When i started this journey i was parttime escorting and looking to get contacts when i went to Las Vegas for Hustlaball. I went out with a passion to be seen and heard. As with all entertainment, there is a waiting period. U have to be seen, have a sit down talk about working with each company. They put a package together for ya and then u go on tour to get ur name out there. To make it in this business, u have to take the pictures, do the filming, and then editing, package it up, and then advertise. So if u think u have overnight fame in this businss or any is a complete lie. In this business, in my opinion, u have to make decisions that make ur entire career or kill it in one step. Choices and choices, that is always the hard part. Did i want to work with other companies coming right out of the gate??. Being a model in this industry is funny work, If u have a look or type that a company wants to use they will hire ya and use ya just as that, A model that is all u are(We All know this). Working with other companies , does offer the great range of making money in the industry. U work on one film that is a couple of thousands and another and another and another u ring up quite a bit of cash cause u have done 6 or 7 movies in a couple of months time so in one way that is a good thing. U make a good lump of cash in the shortest time. In some ways thats a good thing ur out there and people see ya and u can go on tour as either a Escort or Stripper, or webmodel and make good cash. But in my opinion, that is short sighted and ur not looking at the overall picutre. The point of it, is yes ur hot and people want to see ya with this person or that person or situation..etc.. Nevertheless ur in the public eye, S0 WHAT u made alot of money working with this company and that compay, but ur image is ur selling point U have done so many projects that people are tired of seeing ya. Yes we have seen ya naked we know u have the Big Dick, Hot Body, Cute face but u have overexposed urself and by next year ur old news. As i see it, u have about 2years of good work before ur over exposed. I might be wrong or right who knows. Face it, it takes about a yr for all ur projects to come out and then u can go out and tour for the next year solid cause u still have projects coming out at the same time ur on tour. Believe me there are webshows, photo shoots, interviews, signing autographs sessions, the dancing, promotion tours. All this will keep ya busy for the next year. Have I been going off track???? Im in this business, cause I like to show off, make money and I like to travel. But this is a business, working with one company alone, all the attention is on urself. U have input to make the best product u can, and if u enjoy working with the people and the crew, makes the job even better. As an Exclusive, in my first time coming out i can make 4 quality products to get ur attention that are memorable rather then making 10 products that was soso just because i wanted to make more money on the spot rather than make a great movie that can stand the test of time. I take this serious, im not going to have this body all of my life, or the looks but the time i still have it im going to make it work as long as the public still wants to see me. And believe me I have alot to offer this business then just a big dick and hot body. To give a hint to those who are dieing to know what company Im working for. I selected 4 companies that i wanted to work with cause they were big studios that i wanted to start my career with either. Falcon, Titan, Colt, Lucas Entertainment/Dark Alley(these companies were nyc based). When put out my package i heard a response from all the companies,I was suprised at how fast i heard a response. Every company i sent my package to responded to me in less than a week. I interviewed with each of the nyc based companies. I even had a auditon for Lucas entertainment that is on his site but that audition was last year time(and I wasnt in top physical form). So i helped ya out so far, so u can stratch off Lucas entertaiment as signing me to an exclusive deal even though i had fun working on that set. Well Im not giving any more hints until the News is formally put out there. So there u have it, thats what i have been doing for the last month and i cant wait to tell ya who i signed with and get this ball moving. But thanks to all u guys who write me and also to those ones that are dieing for more info here u have it i will write more this week, and i took more pics of me outside and inside of my house for all those wanting to see more updated pics of me there u have it enjoy!!!