Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I have to tell u people about my "Top Personality" Those who know me know Im cocky and speak my mind. So lets start it: Im tired of bullshit bottom talk. What is that u mean? I have a friend who is also a Porno Star but hes a bottom. We get into the same fight over and over. He says" In order to be a Great Top, u have to bottom, to feel what it feels like to the bottom in order to be anygood". Bullshit!!!!! Im a great Top and I dont have to bottom to know that Im good. When i fuck the cum outta of a bottom, then I must be a good top. Fuck all this aggressive bottom shit, means nothing to me. Being a Dominate Top I control the sex, and the postions, and duration. Some may think the bottom has all the power. Well those people, can eat my shit!!! Bottoms have their use, to be fucked, and for them to service. Its simple, but porn has been twisted in the past years with all these young blonde bubble bottoms or hairy muscle bottoms, vers boys, horse hung tops who are passive and not aggressive, or ugly aggressive guys who have monster cocks. I cant wait until the shit starts flying when I break that mold. Ur going to see me fuck hard and without mercy, none of this power bottom bullshit is working on me. U power bottoms, can take the dick which I like but can u take the pounding that comes with it. When a guy who is 5' 10 and 180lbs with 11inch cock fucks ya its going to hurt. But when this 6'6 245lbs with 10incut pounds ur hole ur going to die. Sure his dick is bigger but who is pounding ya harder???? With him ur assshole is going to be sore and stretched out. With me ur hole is going to be sore and stretched out and ur legs are going to be left numb and shaking until u cant walk. Im not that top, thats going to let some bossy bottom run the show. I have alot of Top Tricks up my sleeve u will see them for ourself when my movies come out. Im like a old throw back, to the times when the Tops fucked hard, talked shit and backed everything they claimed. Im a Top, on screen and off I dont bottom. So Im not one of these guys on screen who is a Larger than Life Top on screen and a nelly bitch boy off screen getting gang fucked and drilled. Think about it, the models are working on a film and the bottom of the film knows that the top who is fucking him in the scene is not what he claims, kinda of makes the scene less hot because the truth is known. Off camera, hes a Big Queen, on camera hes this Alpha Male. The Models I work with will know off the bat Im a Man, Aggressive, and loves to fuck. So if u think, we are going to fake this scene and go through the motions ur dead wrong!!! We are doing Porn here!! Get fucked hard and deep and act like the sluttiest bottom u can be because I wil bring my A game when fucking and using a hungry bottom on screen thats what im there for. Arent ya there to showoff just how great of a bottom u are???? cause I will be showing off on how great of a top I am so come correct. No matter how big or small Im going to put a hurt on these guys. I guess thats why they get paided to be the best bottoms that they can be. Cause Im getting paided to be the best top that I can be. Its simple: Me fuck u hard, and u take it. Well i will write more later this week


Steven said...

I am loving all the new posts, and photos. I gotta tell you usually when a guy goes on and on about how much of an alpha male TOP he is; he is really compensating for something he lacks. I think it was Shakespeare who said, "methinks the lady doth protest too much" I have full faith in your toping abilities but what made you decide to blog about it as if you had been challenged?

SubMusclebud said...

I read what you've been thinking. And all I can say, is FINALLY, a REAL Dom Top guy who owns it.
And you aren't just another guy into acting out some script.
I'd love to send you some email. If you are in the mood,
drop me some mail.
Keep posting Big Guy!

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