Sunday, November 23, 2014


Love this ccommercialfrom Geico, as a marketing tool it's outstanding, and loving how they are bringing back the 80's Love.

I remember the Ickey Woods SuperBowl Shuffle..

A remember of my time as teenager ..

Anyway I have been impressed by the Geico ccommercialsas of lately some are Hit or Miss. These are my faves:

Now these are some commercials that I have seen that I must talk about:

Thanks Mom OMG this is from the Build a Bear people...

Something is alittle off about the little kid at the end, he is wearing glasses and his mother is wearing glasses, and he does this head twirl thing saying "Thanks Mom!!

"I wish We could do this every year"  HA

This is the entire commercial:

Lets put it this way, who ever is the director for this commercial, Can We make the commercial less creepy for next time.? Not sure why anyone would give children those kind of lines.

Next up!!

Big Lots commercial, these girls are doing it.. The lead girl is giving you a whole character with her facial expressions. Good one


The look is priceless on the older Asian women, when she looks at those hairy legs I wanted to die laughing...



Another favorite commercial, the transformation of Dad and his SUV to the  Douche dancing at the end of the Video. I have seen the commercial, thousands of times and I still smile watching the Classic "Douchebag Dance" at the end of it.

Now let us get to the new music

Called it Fuck Music

This is like my Anthem now GETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE enough with the bullshit.....

And now this one...

Notice the trend yet?

If you haven't noticed yet....I love the use of the word FUCK in each Video....

FUCK is such a powerful word

Fuck is an English-language word, a profane word which refers to the ACT of sexual intercourse and is also commonly used to denote disdain or as an intensifier. Its origin is obscure; it is usually considered to be first attested to around 1475, but may be considerably older. In modern usage, the term fuck and its derivatives (such as fucker and fucking) can be used in the position of a noun, a verb, an adjective or an adverb. There are many common phrases that EMPLOY the word, as well as compoundsincorporating it, such as motherfucker.

So there is no guess there....Fuck is probably my favorite curse word.

So you have seen my favorite commercials(so far)and the music that I'm listening to right now. Bored yet?  Don't worry, you can expect Me to write more as the days go by.

I went silent on writing a blog lately, I was dealing with an issue I had with another model. I did not write to come on my blog and start writing about the situation.  Of course another blog is talking about it, so it didn't seem necessary for Me to open the door to that situation again

Anyway, I will try to post some positive things on my blog that I have done lately...

More coming soon

Saturday, November 15, 2014



I'm always trying to push the boundaries on whats its like to be a Porn Personality.  I have shared many stories and pictures and I want to do that all over again.

Here is a young Diesel...I think I was three here...

Here with the suit with shoulder pads(it was a look) I think i was 20yr here

Me with Dreads and I was 25yr here

Feeling the 90's here I was about 21yr in this picture
And young of the young I was 13yr in this picture looking like I was 8

Well like the post said I joined Vine and I had the change to do a quick Vine with Leo Sweetwood.  A new personality that I find funny and refreshing, a stand out of all the newer models..

It's just a start, still figuring my way around the Vine world and stuff....

I have more things planned to do...

And I have a few scenes coming that I'm in training for right now.

Thursday, November 06, 2014



First off, I know the blog is bright as hell.... I know I know.

I wanted a change, so get used to it and I have other things planned as well.  It was time the blog needed an overhaul.  I went back to the first name I used on the blog.  I thought it was time to get back to basics again.

From the start, the original Crimes Against Nature(CAN) was insane. The blog was edgy and fresh and I was trying to do interesting things, because this is my little hole in the wall.  Over time I changed the name of the Blog to D.O.E.S. So after a period of time, it's time to go back to the original.  I already did it(Get it?) So there is no need for the verb DOES because I already DID!!

So I thought it was fitting to go back to C.A.N once again(pardon if above makes no sense HA)

Anyway moving on....

I thought it was about time to connect all my social media together in one space that way people don't have to go searching for this or that when its all on one page.  I know  my blog is primitive in a way, I haven't gotten around to connecting EVERYTHING.

Over the years, I have changed passwords and codes and I think I locked myself out of couple of accounts. Who knows?? But I get it ! In this new age of social media you have to use everything at your disposal. I'm almost the God Father of Porn star blogging, since day one I wanted to chart my progress over the years on becoming a Superstar of gay porn.  I made that mark(In my head) and its always good to read over past posts and see how hungry I was to make a splash in the gay porn industry.

I was not a THIRST BITCH...


I miss that period of time, when I was at my most creative and trying to push the button on topics, and show as much personality as I can.  I miss those Glory days, and I want them back.  I feel that hunger again.....

I see the New Personalities emerging...

And it's alot of Narcissistic/Self-Important/Self Absorbed dribble...

Where is the Entertainment value? Where are the laughs? It's very dry humor at best and I don't get it?

I'm ready and I'm back so YOU BITCHES HAD YOUR TIME!!!

Times Up!!! I'm an old school and people forget..

Blogs have no rules!! I can do anything I want...

Did I mention? I started dong Vines as well??  Now that all the porn is off Vine it makes it more creative for people who are trying to do things other than post Dicks shooting cum...

Dicks shooting cum a bad thing?

Lets be real, people were posting min sex scenes complete with a jizz load.  Why would anyone buy porn when they can watch a loop of a cock shooting out semen? Loop after Loop watching cum come out of a cock. People will find some way to be able to jerk off to that.  So in a sense it was a good thing that Vine started deleting porn off their servers. It was fun for a time I know, but in the long run it was helping to speed the demise of gay porn when you look at it.

Sit back enjoy the change

Daddy Diesel has more to come....

Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2014


I was thinking today, Asylum...

Asylum was my first time working Falcon studios, and I was very nervous. They had some big names over there in this production. You had Eric Rhodes, Ty Colt, TJ Hawke, Leo G, and they were all Falcon exclusives. Myself and Rod Daily, Ryan Raz, and Dominic Pacifico rounded out the cast.

My experiences on set and behind the scenes are in this post 

Anyway I remember the Director summing up my performance as follows:

So after we wrapped that scene we started shooting a sex scene with Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz - I have never worked with either performer so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Diesel plays a nasty hospital security guard that taunts and fucks the hell out of Ryan who plays a crazy sex toy obsessed patient. Diesel delivered some of the best dialogue I have ever heard – he’s an amazing actor. However – during the shoot he fucked Ryan so hard that I truly got worried for him – but Ryan is a piggy bottom and handled all that power fucking like a pro.
Director John Bruno

 A funny Review 

So in the long run this performance, won me my first ever Grabby for Best Supporting Actor.

This was my first and only time working with Falcon Studios(Sadly).

Now that I gave you all the history, here is the funny thing.

You know how they have Urban Legends? Spooky and weird circumstances surrounding a movie?

Like the Urban Legend about Poltergeist?

There is starting to be a Gay Porn Legend about the movie Asylum

Here are the facts:

John Bruno(RIP) the Director commits suicide

Eric Rhodes(RIP) dies from "Bad" circumstances

Rod Daily becomes Hiv positive and retires

Ty Colt retires

TJ Hawke retires

Ryan Raz retires

Leo Giamani retires

The only models currently working from the cast Diesel Washington and Dominic Pacifico 

Just a thought...