Wednesday, November 05, 2014


I was thinking today, Asylum...

Asylum was my first time working Falcon studios, and I was very nervous. They had some big names over there in this production. You had Eric Rhodes, Ty Colt, TJ Hawke, Leo G, and they were all Falcon exclusives. Myself and Rod Daily, Ryan Raz, and Dominic Pacifico rounded out the cast.

My experiences on set and behind the scenes are in this post 

Anyway I remember the Director summing up my performance as follows:

So after we wrapped that scene we started shooting a sex scene with Diesel Washington and Ryan Raz - I have never worked with either performer so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Diesel plays a nasty hospital security guard that taunts and fucks the hell out of Ryan who plays a crazy sex toy obsessed patient. Diesel delivered some of the best dialogue I have ever heard – he’s an amazing actor. However – during the shoot he fucked Ryan so hard that I truly got worried for him – but Ryan is a piggy bottom and handled all that power fucking like a pro.
Director John Bruno

 A funny Review 

So in the long run this performance, won me my first ever Grabby for Best Supporting Actor.

This was my first and only time working with Falcon Studios(Sadly).

Now that I gave you all the history, here is the funny thing.

You know how they have Urban Legends? Spooky and weird circumstances surrounding a movie?

Like the Urban Legend about Poltergeist?

There is starting to be a Gay Porn Legend about the movie Asylum

Here are the facts:

John Bruno(RIP) the Director commits suicide

Eric Rhodes(RIP) dies from "Bad" circumstances

Rod Daily becomes Hiv positive and retires

Ty Colt retires

TJ Hawke retires

Ryan Raz retires

Leo Giamani retires

The only models currently working from the cast Diesel Washington and Dominic Pacifico 

Just a thought... 

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