Thursday, January 28, 2010


Chris Matthews on MSNBC........

And more...

I grew up in a country that was driven apart by race right until the '60s. You couldn't have a black member of the U.S. Cabinet. There were no black cabinet members in the Kennedy administration. It has been such a big part of our life.... To see a president of the United States who is African American, I was thinking tonight, this isn't even an issue tonight. How far we've come in just a year.... President Obama has done something wonderful. I thing he's taken us beyond black and white in our politics...and I'm loving it." Chris Matthews

I understand what Chris Matthews was trying to say, at the same time I want to point out something. It's been a year and people within this country still believe that We have a Black President. The reality should be, We have a President that is Black. You might be asking yourself, What is the Difference??

Black President

The emphasis is on him being black, rather than judging his work in office. When Obama was sworn into office, I sighed a relief and said Finally "We have a Black President" Meaning, there was someone that looked like Me in office and it was inspiring to a whole generation of people. There is hope for change!!

The Day after......

Obama is The President of the United States, and he happens to be black. That is my thought process on Day 2.

1 year later.....

People are still not getting over the fact, Our President happens to be African American. People still see race(as a previous post)as the defining factor it goes before ability, skills, personality. We all know this.......

I think Chris was stuck in awe, at how a man can be so articulate, honest, down to earth and in touch with what the people need/what. The so called "Gimmick of a Black President" was over!!! He has been in office for over a year, and its time to see this Man as Our President!!!

I don't do the whole political thing, but I have seen Obama take shot after shot.

Supreme Court Justice Alito, shaking his head and mouthing the words "Not True" disrespect after disrespect at our president. Instead of showing support in these troubled times. Notice every other Judge didn't show signs of discord, they knew it was being televised and any negative reaction will reflect neg on the president. In my opinion, signs like that show there is no progress getting done.


Rep. Joe Wilson yelling out Liar, at Obama, I really see the lack of respect here. I'm not saying it has anything to do with a person's skin color. I'm just shocked at the number of verbal outbursts aimed at the President. He's been in office one fucking year!!???!!

Chris Matthews has always had a big mouth, his statements yet edgy and not well thought out. Didn't mean any disrespect(hate) and should be taken lightly.

Former President Bush ran this country into the toilet, and here came Obama trying his hardest to clean it up. I remember Jan/Feb 09, people were afraid to buy anything. Business was bad for everybody and the recession hit families hard. We were on the brink of a full on Depression(not recession). Obama has been in Office for 1 year....

He's suppose to wave his hands and everything gets better!! Yeah Right!!! What I took from that speech is that We have a long way to go, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I didn't get that from Black President Obama..

I got that from President Obama.....


It seems that progress is going slow with Tiger Tyson, remember that???

Things need to be worked out, before that scene can happen. I'm not sure what the hold up is???? But if Tiger is scared, there is nothing I can do to help that. I will say this though:

Tiger it seems alot of your fans are hitting Me up saying "Hey Diesel, I'm a huge fan of Tiger Tyson. But after seeing Tiger top Marc Williams, I know you could do a better job and fuck his muscle butt the way it should be fucked!!"

People are talking Tiger, some are starting to say your scared that I will outshine you......

Moving on

Battle of the Total Tops, it's a scene I have been thinking about for a long time. I have alot of respect for the people that paved the way for Me.

A dream scene that I have thought about:

Jeff Stryker, the King of the Dirty Talk, this man changed the Porn Industry. He did Gay/Str8/Bi films and the Man is a Legend!! I have often said this Man was an Idol of mine growing up, He did it all!!

Ken Ryker, the manly Man with Buff body and big dick!! "The Other Side Of Aspen III & IV and Ryker's Revenge spent many hours in my VHS. Another legend, I heard that he is available for "Private Meetings" in David Forest's Meet the Stars program. I spoke with him on the start of my career, and he gave Me alot of advice.

Bobby Blake, I met the Man several times and We always speak. When I first came into the game, He was the blueprint that I followed. He was Dark skinned, big, cocky and a monster fucker. When I first came into the game, I wanted to fill the void he left. My first year in the Industry it was all about being the New and Improved Bobby Blake. In my second year in the Industry, I didn't want to follow a blueprint. I made my own path and evolved to what the Diesel character is now!! But, if it wasn't for Bobby Blake, I wouldn't have had any model that I could look at and inspire to be.

Thanks to Jeff Stryker, Ken Ryker, Bobby Blake for what you brought to this Industry!!!

The scene inside my head would be getting all these stars together for one last round.

One bottom and four tops, each top taking turns on the bottom showing what made them a International Super Star!!

These super stars would go first, each showing off for the camera. I don't want to give the whole scene away.

The bottom line, I would go last as the New Jack of the circle. Basically these Super Stars would pass Me the torch as being one of the leading Tops in this Industry!! It's paying respect to my Idols, and at the same time just bringing back the people that I admired!!

Sort of like this commercial by Shaq(Basketball player), The legends of Basketball are around him and he is the rookie:

I want to be the best, and the only way to get that respect(Being the Best) is by working with the best!!!

I will never compare to these Men.............

But the battle is on!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Checking your status and keeping yourself clean, that is most important.

But now its gym time, I have remained focused and the body is coming back. I'm working hard and it's showing.

Here is a Vid showing off abit:

I still have two more weeks before L.A. and it's all coming together!! So there is more hardwork planned and more running.

Quick post to show off the progress...

And the Hate starts now..


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I like to balance the power of being a Porn Star and reality....

I perform live sex acts for web, film, and DVD, the important word in that sentence is Sex. I have sex!!!

Every time I jump on that set, I put my body on the line(get it LOL but seriously)so I'm at risk every single time. I expose myself to the possibility of contracting an STD every time I do a scene. I don't know the routine that other porn stars use to protect themselves and others. I damn sure know the routine I use. I use condoms and I get checked out every single month. I get my blood drawn and I piss into a cup. That's not being PC its just being smart and trying to take care of yourself. I go to the clinic so often, I know my doctors by name. I read all the material, watch the PSA's and take the free condoms and lube. It has become a monthly thing for me, I'm a porn star and escort and this is my responsibility!!! I want to remain healthy, play safe and keep things together.

You hear alot about porn stars going the gym, tanning, dentist, getting a Tat! I haven't read many posts about porn star bloggers that write about going to the STD clinic. It's a tricky subject, why would a porn star talk about that???? If he is blogging about a STD clinic he must have something???Right???

WRONG!!!!I'm STD FREE!!!AND HIV NEG I get checked out to make sure I know my status!!

I don't know why I haven't done a post sooner....... This is the most important part of my routine(as a Porn performer). Other Porn star bloggers will give you just the Glitz and Glam part of it. I have been doing this biz since 2006, I have shared the parties, clubs, performances, and the porn star interviews its time for the reality part.

I wrote a post about it, and here it goes:

I head to the Department of Health and Mental to get checked out:

The clinic opens at 8:30am so there is usually a line of people when you get to the clinic. It's always interesting going to the clinic, people tend to be quiet and soft spoken. It's one of those asexual experiences that you will go through during your life. Its like going to the dentist, getting a flu shot, checking for a sportsman hernia(no boner popping)its just that awkward feeling u have sitting in the clinic. I look at the people around you, and they could be attractive but what are you thinking about???? Either they are there to take an HIV test, HIV test and STD check, Looking for treatment, or Pregnancy check bah bah. It's not like your there to make friends or find a true love. Your sitting in Dept of Health and Mental there is no flirting allowed!! But why????? I'm clean and healthy, and getting my routine check. If a hot person is there, would you flirt??? That is a good poll question:


When U get there you have to register, your asked to take a number and fill out the paperwork. On the form, it asks if your there for an HIV test and STD checking, Looking for treatment(and they have a list of symptoms to check off) Pregnancy check and all that good stuff.

When your number is called, the clerk brings you into the office and speaks to you in private. If your like Me, you have a file already there. They bring up your information, and print up labels(for blood work, Piss sample)and then they send you to get your blood work done. The Area:

From registering your sent to another area where you have to wait to be seen by a doctor. In this area, there are posters all around for Safe sex and there is a TV monitor playing PSA's for our enjoyment!!Here:

You sit in this area while waiting for the Doctor to call you, this is the same area you wait while getting your blood drawn. Here I'm sitting in front of the Door(The Vampire is on the other end)waiting for my blood to be drawn:

After getting my blood drawn, sorry no pictures of that. I'm a pussy when it comes to having my blood drawn(so there will no pictures of me being a baby)afterwards it's back to the waiting room.

In this situation, you have to remember that you are a number. When a number is called that means you have a chance to see the doctor. But you have to wait until it's called. I have seen people jump up and grab their things running to see the doctor when their number is called. I don't want to make assumptions, but every time I see that happen. I think either this guy is burning hardcore, or the woman is dieing for the results to see if she is pregnant.

I know my Doctor by name, it's basically it's the same routine every time I go. He knows my file so it's pretty much straight forward. A Doctor has to do his duty about telling you about the hazards of sex bah bah bah. I like my Doctor because he doesn't go through bullshit with me. Personal opinions are kept out of our discussions about my work and I have open communication with him. He doesn't approve of my decision to do Porn work, but it's not said in a judging manner. He just wants Me to know the risks every time I jump on set. I tell him when I throw in the Cum Rag and retire, He will be the first person to know(After the fans of this blog)

After our talk, its now time for the Piss test. I have to provide a urine sample for the doctor and here that goes:

After you hand in the sample, its back to the waiting room. The urine sample is tested(15min wait)and then you see the doctor again for your results. The results of the blood work are made available in about two weeks via online. Each patient is assigned a unique number and password, you will be able to see your results online by signing into the site(so you don't have to come to the clinic looking for results).

This process takes about 2-3 hours so be prepared to sit around and play the waiting game.

I try to make the experience fun, I text my slut friends saying "Sitting in a STD clinic, wishing you were here" I check my email, or read a mag. I try to bring friends that are scared of getting tested, It's Ur status shouldn't you know???

I'm not a role model, nor do I want to be one. I know when I jump on a porn set that I'm clean and STD free for my Co Star. I make sure I'm clean for my clients in my escort work as well.

I guess I'm weird, I don't go to get checked because of my work. I go get tested for my own knowledge and security!!! I don't deserve a medal and I'm not saying that I'm better than people!! But I want to be clean, and work with clean people!!

I Hope my Co stars and Clients are doing the same for Me!!

Wishful thinking....


Sunday, January 24, 2010


I always looked at as the bad guy......

Causing Drama and coming up with shit, I have to explain this situation as best as I can. I'm not the best writer, so I have to make sure I give all the information so you know my thought process.

I thought this model was cute, I saw a picture online and was attracted to him. I met the guy in passing at Here Club(whatever).

We talked on Facebook and I told him I thought he was cute(Exact words were probably squeeze your ass or something)Then the war of words came out.... But lets talk about some of the issues in some of the emails I have received:

I'm used to rejection, I been rejected for being too big, too tall, dick too big, because I was a porn star, an escort, too aggressive, Color, Culture.......the list goes on and on!.Used to it!!Sadly!!

Nor do I WALK AROUND LIKE ENTITLED!! I have to stress this, some people seem to think I walk around "Thinking I'm the Shit!!" I'm prejudged to have some sort of Attitude!! I'm only confident about my skills people!! I go to Comic book events(in character) I make goofy Youtubes!! I'm something of a Dork, but I happen to do porn. I don't have to lie to people, my mother supports and promotes Me! I try to be open and honest on my blog and I speak to people directly. So I can handle when someone is direct with me back. But....

If someone says "I'm not into Blacks Guys, they do nothing for Me sexually...." Wheter this was said by Black/White/Latino/Asian, I would ask "Why not?" It's a chat and its only a question..I'm not looking to challenge them, but I am curious to know why. Being a Black male and all LOL!!!

In this situation. It was "Your not my type" and the whole emphasis on "I'm not going to flirt with you, because I only flirt with people whom I'm sexually attracted to" and then revealing statements "It's no secret I'm into black men" "I'm just not sorry for not being into black guys" which got me to thinking Huh??? Using Tact was never going to happen here, He wanted Me to know directly(and harshly), that he had no Visual Attraction to Black guys..I get it!!!

Then he has to add the vintage line:

"I have alot of black friends so I'm not racist, I just don't sleep with them"

"Them" Umm okay...???

But it was the attitude that was nasty, in some of chat(that I didn't post)it was like he was talking down to Me. You rejected Me because of my skin color??? Check! Now your going to talk like your better than Me because Ur in college?? Really?? His story is he does porn for money, and he is not interested in the lifestyle or the people in it kinda of attitude.

This model is not racist, he's is just ignorant, and close minded!! That's it!!

The kinda of guy that, if he was asked the question "What kinda of guys turn you on??"in an interview He would give the PC answer!!! "I'm into all types as long as they work out and have confidence in themselves, Confidence is a huge turn on!!" That is the safe answer he will give, He made the comment "Its no secret that I'm not into black men" though.....

Does that mean in an Interview if asked "What types of guys are you into?" He's going to say "I'm only into white guys" Bullshit!! cause that will make him look bad, and he is not about to do that. We chatted twice online. In that time, he only spoke about himself, school bah bah(Never once asked anything about me). Quickly, he went from a picture of a hot guy, to a guy that turned out to be alittle ignorant and rude and alittle condescending. And I was still cool with him until...

Knowing he will be the type, at an event that will smile in my face when the cameras are around. Doing the fake porn star hype, playing PC.... He showed his close mindedness to me..

A Black Gay Porn Star who writes a popular blog??

I don't know???.... Turn down Diesel Washington(Who is Black)and say the cause of the rejection is that he is not visually attracted to black guys. Who would say that to a supposed Big mouth blogger, and not look for a reaction??? Think about it, everybody would naturally assume I'm the bad guy and that he is entitled to his preference(Umm K...)!!! His name is out there, and he turned down the mighty Diesel Washington and got himself some press!! He didn't care if I put it on my blog(He stated that more than twice), maybe he wanted the attention!??!

I thought about exposing the fake nature(That is why its fake to me), but what would that accomplish??? He is just alittle ignorant, rude and coarse to black guys that hit on him!!! Which is his right!!!Naming the model, will only give him the attention that he craves!! Was it a clever ploy by him wanting to get his name on my blog??? Ignorance?? Or not into black guys???

I put it on my blog for a number of reasons:

1. To show people I am human, and I get turned down alot for some stupid reasons. So I'm not a God.

2. I think the sexual preference thing is a bullshit cover(my opinion)for other issues.

3. I get to see how people are divided on the post, In the comment section and emails.

4. To show there are some ignorant newcummers with alot of balls in this business!!!

This is my PC moment, I have dated/had sex with all types of people, bears, cubs, twinks, Black/White/Latino/Asian, different status, different religions, different cultures bah bah. I'm not shallow and base everything on mere looks, esp when personality plays a part to sex.

I also have a sexual preference, its called I'm attracted to hot people!!!!

Personality is a major draw for me, the physical shell gets cummed on and then the experience is over!! Personality makes the experience!! After the cum is dry, you can still enjoy their company which makes it even more memorable and fun. I have slept with people just because I found them interesting, easy going and a pleasure to be around.

So to answer a question,"Have you ever had a model(s) that wouldn't work with you because your black??" The answer is yes!!!

Does that make them Racist???? NO!!!

The only reason I wrote that post, was to share some insights with the fans. I never had an example of it until now! So I posted this exchange, I'm not calling out the model. Issue closed!! Mind you, this came from a 8min chat with the guy. No big time was wasted, just 8mins of my life!!

Everybody is entitled to their preference granted, just don't be a dick about it!!!You Ignorant Fuck!!!
(I mean close minded person, that needs to realize beauty comes in all types.)

Friday, January 22, 2010


I made a promise to myself......

That promise was, I was going to be honest with myself and the people around me. There will be no PC talk coming from me at all, I will tell it like it is.

I have had my share of problems in this Industry, and I tackle each problem head on. If I don't like someone, I'm not going to smile and act like I enjoy their company when cameras are around(Fake bullshit). I said I wasn't going to attack people on my blog anymore, and I will hold to that promise. But.......

Recently had an interesting chat with another porn performer, I will name the performer later. In this chat, he made it perfectly clear that I wasn't his type. I accepted the rejection and tried to move on.... But there was an attitude and smug behavior to his responses.

To be honest, I was like "Your so cute I could just squeeze your ass all day" and his response was "Thanks for compliment, but Ur not my type" I was like okay??? So I said "Thats cool man, I was just flirting with you anyway" and his response "Yeah, but Ur not my type and I don't flirt with people who are not my type" Hmmmm??? kinda of harsh. I said "Well everybody flirts man, doesn't mean that I want to sleep with ya" and his response "Well you said I was cute so I wanted to make sure that U understand that your not my type, so your feelings don't get hurt. And why flirt???That would just be leading you" Ummm yeah, I took the rejection hard but there was something deeper going on and I couldn't let it go.

I talked to this performer last night and confirmed what I was already thinking.

Here is the actual Convo off Facebook(I copied and pasted):

good to see you take a fucking white cock up ur ass douche

its what I like...

its no secret that I'm not into black men

its fine man u just made my hit list

gasp oh no

and i love the smug attitude towards me as well
god this is going to be good

I'm just not sorry for not being into black guys

who cares
now i will run withthis
thanks bro
no doubt
and ur disdain will be on front page

dude its not a secret

10:28 Terrance
so smile in my face when u meet me and the camera are rolling cause

don't worry I will

cause i dont play PC bro
u can play it and i will expose it

my exact words were, I'm not sorry that I'm not into black men

the way u said it
no brother
stop cleaning it up
u made it perfectly clear what u meant
i have it copied and pasted
so what about jews?

not it wasnt

I don't distinguish people by their beliefs

just by the color of their skin
What sense does that make??

sorry black guys don't turn me on
visual attraction

u never been with a black guy
and stop cleaning it up man

I can't tell what someone believes by the way they look

no u just base it on simple color of skin
and this was ur statement

"I'm just not sorry for not being into black guys"
that was ur statement

10:38pm read above that's what just what I said it was

no it wasn't
I'm not sorry that I'm not into black men
ur missing the word "just"


it was that added "just" ur missing

don't see how that changes what I said

it changes it dramatically
ur putting extra emphasis
Im just not sorry for not being into black guys

now ur just reading into things what u want to


go ahead write away

i dont have to read into anything
ur just making urself look bad is all


i would have respected u more if u were str8up
but ur one of those guys that smiles in front of the camera and plays along but it won't be at my expense......

That is fake and phony, I will not stand for that bullshit. Don't act like my friend if Ur not!!!! Don't try to play PC around Me because I will expose you time after time!!! And if asked that question "Have you ever encountered a model that wouldn't work with you because you were African American???" I will name names, and go up and down the list(There are many).

From there the chat just gets ugly, sexual preference is what it is. What really pissed me off??? If I saw this person at an event they were going to put on the fake smile and try to act like my friend when cameras are around.

Sorry buddy I don't play those games!!!

Say what you want, "I'm over acting" "Playing the Victim again" "Preference is preference" "Ur just mad because he rejected you" I'm sure the opinions will vary, but I don't associate with people who have those views. And just knowing that your going to throw on the fake face because "People are around" and you want to be PC. That just puts me over the top, and I just can't let that happen.

Is my ego bruised??? Of course it is. Knowing that someone won't work with you even when they are getting paid to, because of the color of Ur skin??. That situation will fuck with your ego badly. At this stage of my career, I made a name for myself and still encounter bullshit like this???

People can use that sexual preference all the way to the grave. But this is the Porn Industry, its a job!!!! And should be treated just like any other job out there. The fucking is staged and framed for filming, tops are taking boner pills to get hard. There are bright lights in Ur face(between your legs, overhead)its just a higher level of acting. The top has the hardest job, We have to remain hard through out the scene. I have done many scenes where I wasn't sexual attracted to my Co star, but this is a job and I treat it as such.

If straight guys can do scenes with gay guys, and take a dick up the ass for money. Why can't a gay boy who is a bottom, take a black dick up his ass for money??? I would think it would be harder for the straight guy???Right????

So the whole preference argument doesn't work when your a porn star bottom. All U have to do is lay there and take a dick up your ass. Black/White/Latino/Asian, dick is dick as long as its hitting that prostate right, your really not going to care about the color of the dick that is going in.

If it feels good, that's all that should matter..........

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Finally I have a topic I wanted to talk about...........

I'm talking to my friend Andy, We get into this heated fight online. I start to realize that I just lost my soul........

Maybe I'm an old dog, but people don't have conversations anymore. Communication has been broken down to emails, texts, Iming and chats even worse Twittering bullshit.

What has the world come to???

I came from the generation where people used to talk to get to know each other. Nowadays people have connections and relationships through emails, texts, Facebook and chats. Human interaction is almost gone, soon you will have a bunch of people standing in a room, texting each other instead of talking(Shit it's happening now).

What happened to looking at someone in eyes and finding out if they were beening sincere or not??? I gave in to the texting thing, and had to buy another phone just to be able to text quickly without having to pluck away at keys!! The time it takes to text a message to someone, is about the same time it would take you to call the person directly. People say "I don't want to be bothered with a long conversation" "I don't want to talk right now" and it's like Wow!!!! Your family or friends are not worth a 2 minute talk on the phone????

I really don't like where we are headed, couples break up through Facebook(relationship status changes)emails, texts. What happened to talking to someone face to face when breaking up??? I can understand if the person lived in another state, or if the other partner was traveling around and U wasn't expecting to see them any time soon. But people are taking the cowards way out, too scared to face the person directly. Sad!!!!

Mark my words, there will be a whole new generation of people who don't know how to behave in social settings, and talking face to face will become awkward and uncomfortable to them. Where is that going to leave us as a society???? A whole generation of people that don't know how to express their emotions and feelings, directly.

I'm an emotional person, the rigid and plastic feeling of texting each other is not communication to me. It's words on a screen, there is no feelings behind the words(and its hard to tell if there is feelings behind the words) Some people can express themselves through writing and others prefer talking. I'm just scared in the long run, people will lose the ability to articulate their emotions without the use of a media device. Scary but true!!!

What happened to the time, when U used to stay on the phone for hours talking to friends or people that you were interested in???. U would end the conversation by saying "Good Night", waiting for the other person to hang up. When the other person didn't hang up u would say "You there???" they would say "Still here, I was waiting for you to hang up" and then you guys had to hang up together at the same time. It was a cute game that nobody plays anymore......

There is one piece of media that I will endorse, and that is Skype. For those who don't know what Skype is, its like an updated verison of the Video Phone. This I can get behind, U have the ability to see the other people your talking to and you have the ability to converse. It's a two in one package deal, I used Skype alot when I was in the relationship with the Cub(sigh).

So instead of texting/chatting/tweeting, every now and then pick up the phone and give Ur loved ones a call. I think they will be glad to hear ur voice for a change, instead of bells, whistles, and alerts of incoming messages.

Anyway there was another daily rant for you guys.

THAT RANT WAS FOR YOU ANDY!!!! learn to use a phone is called a compromise!!! LOL Dickhead!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well it's offical I will be in L.A. for the Cybersockett Awards and X Biz awards.....

I decided to go to network with people, and I have some special people to see while out there. I guess I can go and get some footage of both award shows, interviews, and just hangout.

I have alot of things coming up, and it sucks because I can't talk about any of it. I want to let people know, but I'm going to keep my Big mouth shut(For once)I really really want to talk about it though....

The fucking haters are rolling up their sleeves, I have been called a has been, washed up loser, bah bah bah.

I can't wait until the project comes out!!! And no it's not the "Getting Levi's Johnson" project, but that is coming out as well. So haters get ready!!!

More coming later!!!


There is a picture of Lucas Bishop aka Diesel Washington in the Dec issue of Uncanny Xmen #518 and this picture is also featured on the Marvel site seen here:

Wow!!!! I remember going to the MARVELFEST NYC 2009 see here:

And here is some Vid of Marvelfest Nyc 2009:

The photo was pointed out to me by a fan named Jeff(how could I have missed it)I went from a little geeky boy that read comic books because I did'nt have too many friends. To a grown adult, who will always have a love for comics. To having a picture of Me in an actual Marvel comic book and on their site...

That is huge for Me!!!!

I don't care if I was in a line up or not, the simply fact that I got into Marvel Comic Book being a Gay porn star. Huge!!!

The picture is on page 23 of the Uncanny Xmen #518 now in stores!!!

So bottomline.....Gay Porn Star Diesel Washington gets his picture in a Marvel Comic Book!!!

Geeks eat Ur Hearts Out!!!!!

That is Huge to Me!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yeah I gave excuses in my last post.....

I hate excuses and SOB stories, so I will point the finger at myself. Bad Diesel!!! Bad Diesel.

Working out is like blood, sweat, and tears to Me. It gets harder and harder, but this is something that I want........ I want to be the Top Dog Porn star!! So to remain strong, I picture there is a target on my back(literally)and I have to hold onto that spot at all costs!!

That seems so cocky and arrogant, I will admit to having an ego and it shines all over the blog(Yikes!!). All porn stars have an ego, it's that thing that keeps us in the gym, doing the movies, and showing off in front of the camera. Some of us take this ego thing and let it run wild, and then they become divas(Cunts). But We all want the lights, camera time and the red carpet treatment. We want to walk in a room and have all the eyes on us!! We will use our "sexual awareness" to engage the crowd, and try to seduce everybody in that room. Its having that IT factor, some have it and some don't.

Diesel has the IT factor, he can walk into a room, stare down the crowd and pick out the victims.

The "Editor" aka Terrance, does not!!! I was a tall, skinny, acne ridden teenager once, who had to grow into this new awkward frame of his. I hated standing out when walking into a room, I was poor I had no fashion sense at all. All I wanted to do was blend in, I hated the curious stares and eye balling. Being 6'6 I naturally stood out, even when I wanted to crawl into some corner and be alone. I have a gap in my teeth, and I was a dark skinned teenager growing up in the 80's(remember the Jets, Al B. Sure, DeBarge days) I was often teased and called an "African Booty scratch er", Shaka Zulu, Creature from the Black Lagoon and these were the jokes I was getting from other black people. The biggest nightmare(In porn star terms) was that, I'm a Grower, not a Shower. I'm slightly bigger than average when soft, when erect its like a baseball bat though(Watch out!!). So I came from very very humble beginnings to become this Big Porn star thing called Diesel Washington.

I wish I was as confident as Diesel, onscreen he is large and charge. When Diesel says "Jump" the only question is "How High??" but that is only onscreen. In reality, I have issues with my body and my looks. Porn only enhances those fears because my face, body, and dick are on display for the world to see. This Industry can be hard on the ego sometimes.....

I do envy some other performers, I look at their bodies and go Damn!!! I have to keep working harder to compete against these younger performers. Yes experience goes a long way, but in a industry that is built on youth, hot bodies, and big cocks the pressure is on.

I like the pressure!!!

When I first started the porn game, the focus was on the body!! I was working out in the gym for two hours, five days a week!! I changed the focus from my body to the blog and career, it's not easy coming up with ideas for a post. It's not easy to come up with ideas for youtubes. Instead of flexing muscles, I was flexing the brain power.

I see its back to the drawing board, I still want to keep the blog smart and edgy. I have to keep reminding myself, people want to see the hot body and big dick. Gay boys are visual creatures, their immediate attention goes to the body and face and eyes(Not all but most)secondary features the dick(Unless size queens) and ass, and lastly comes the personality and being smart and witty. I know there will be debates about this, so I talking from the Porn stand point. What usually drives people is a hot picture of a hot guy showing off the goods. He doesn't even have to speak(for fear of ruining the fantasy)it's all pictures and non speaking roles for the average porn stars.

On the otherhand, I like to show a well rounded version of the porn star of the future. The future porn star has to blog, network and promote himself. Maintain his body, edge and constantly changes his image to hit a wide range of audiences nowadays. It has become a 24hr/7 days a week gig, not only do you do the DVDs(which has on average a 4month turnaround time) Web scenes(2 month turn around time)Live Webcasts(its Live no turn around time)Blogging(Personal posts)and then you have quickest real time, Twitter(pictures are sent from camera phones)so the game has stepped up big time.

The popularity of Gossip blogs has gained momentum in the last couple of years. Press is press and now more than ever, Companies and Studios are tapping into this media. I have learned to use this blog very wisely, I still make mistakes here and there. I will no longer underestimate the power of the blog, it has alot of pull..

I get most of my gigs because of the blog, people read my posts and I guess relate to some of the things I go through. I call it being human, I'm more than a picture of a hot black guy with a big dick.

I have some humor, depth and more than just a porn performer(in my head). I'm learning to balance the Hot guy and Blogger routine. It's a full time job to be a porn star.

The performers are getting younger and hotter with better bodies, and the bloggers are getting smarter and putting together some clever posts.


Monday, January 18, 2010


Reminder I have a scene with that will be ground breaking. Did I find a new niche market for Diesel??? A Big Black Muscle Daddy abusing little twink boys??? Hmmm????

Its a high quality inter-generational/interracial porn scene with Krist Cummings, Lucas Sky and Diesel Washington. Are they any of these on the market???? Nope!!!
Thats way different from the roles your used to seeing from Diesel, I guess?? Well I'm taking a chance by going into a different market. I just want to do different things now!! Different markets, a different style of performance bah bah bah

Speaking of which, I gave you people only one romantic scene to date "Double Standard" This scene went on to be nominated for Best Duo Sex scene for the 2009 Grabbys Awards. The scene also won the Hard Choice Award for Most Passionate Sex Scene, I'm honored that this scene was recogized for the passion I tried to convey in the scene. But I get it, I get it.....

One scene out of a dozen or so, the rest of the scenes are bodyslamming guys, picking them up in the air fucking, Power fucking, fisting, footing bah bah bah.

It's like a double sword to do this business, I came out hardcore(To shock/amaze) from the gate. I write this blog, grab interviews, do the Vids I'm constantly trying to push that bar higher and higher.

Everybody knows I throw a mean fuck, We all know this. The haters are saying that the Shock value of it, has somewhat dimished. Things like "Everybody knows if Diesel Washington is in the scene he is either going to powerfuck the guy, put him in some crazy position" "He's going to fuck the shit out of some bottom. Period and that's it. We all know what he is about." ......

I say to them "Ummmm Okay???"

There are some harsh critics out there, and it's kinda of confusing. Noone will ever say that I wasn't into every single scene that I have done, or I acted like I didn't want to be there, or had no interest in the action. I kiss the guys, suck their dicks, and rim their asses and fuck their holes!!!! So why the hate??

Those who have the negative feedback, just want to see one thing. Diesel Washington bottoming.......and its not happening. I said I was open to some rimming(For Now)........but that's about it.

I will admit, the Diesel character hasn't changed much since his start. I think I need to update the character.

The Diesel Character updated:

Expect more Kissing from Diesel(I like kissing in my porn as well)Some hot kissing between the guys is a good thing.

More Passionate scenes, I heard the fans loud and clear with this one.

Doing more scenes with all different body types(Twinks, Jocks, Bodybuliders)

Doing more scenes with Men of Color(Black, Latino, Asian)This is important Tired of that bullshit rumor that I won't work with other black performers!!! I'm so tired of that shit!!!! This is the last time I'm going to talk about this(Probably not):

I wish there were more Men of Color in Mainstream porn., If there were more performers, there would be more opportunities to work together. **Hint Hint***

As far as Diesel working for Black themed companies, I'm willing to work for anybody. But when it comes to my performance fee, I get replies like "Well Diesel, We are a small company so we can only afford a certain amount", "At the moment, we can only afford a certain amount, but We can give you extra scenes" "The recession is hitting Us hard at the moment, will you be willing to work for this amount???" And the best one:

"We know that you are worth more, but We can only afford this amount"....

Honestly I never really worked for the check, but at the same time should I settle for less than I think I'm worth????? Just to prove a point???

More Character changes:

The body will be in the best of shape, I will admit I got thicker!!! After last years spider bite:

I was fucked up, that spider bite put Me down for 3 months. The truth of the matter, that spider bite almost crippled Me. The bite got infected and started to eat my muscle tissue in my right shoulder. It got to the point, that I couldn't raise my arms. I couldn't lay in bed because of the pain. After the spider bite was treated and cleaned, it left about a quarter size round hole in my shoulder. It had an inch of depth to it as well. I didn't talk about it on the blog, but I was scared. I would walk to the mirror and stare at this giant hole that was in my back. It took a month for the wound to close, and another 3 months to allow the muscle tissue to rebulid itself. I was given the green light in September to go hardcore in the gym. And I have been fighting the good fight ever since..

More Ink coming.

Just pick more roles with different characters.

So these are the things that I can do to update the character. Hmmm??Maybe I'm reaching my shelf life??? Maybe there is no more room left for Diesel???

I can't do amateur anymore, I'm too well known. I can't do a Bait Bus sort of thing and be tricked into gay sex, who would believe it??? All I can do is keep striving to do better, and pick each project that I do carefully.

So I will leave it to the Fans, I don't ask much from you people. If you want me to continue to work, then email the companies saying U want more Diesel!!!


I'm not asking for your money(like some people)but if you guys/girls are fans of my work, to see me work more.....Ask the companies for more Diesel.

It's simple!!


Friday, January 15, 2010


Teddy Pendergrass, another legend is gone from the music world. If U don't know who Teddy Pendergrass is let me give you a sample:

Teddy made what we older people call "Baby making music", U will be missed Teddy!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


One of the biggest Gay4pay stars around, is helping me to trademark a new term that I started called "PLAY4PAY"

I'm checking around the blogging universe and people are not taking the Gay4pay lightly........

Finally, gay guys are standing up and saying they are not going to take it anymore!!! I warned years ago that the whole Gay4pay thing was stupid, there are too many gay boys out there that are hot and ready to jump into the porn industry. Consumers were tired of spending money on Web scenes and DVDs, and were getting porn
stars that were not into the role or the action and were turning out boring scenes.

Even though the backlash is a good thing, I see alot of hypocrites out there. I damn well know, people will keep buying Johnny Castle/Cody Cummings/Mark Dalton scenes, because the guys are hot. And you know why????? Fans will keep hoping that these stars will one day take the dive into a Hardcore scene with a male. Sadly, all you guys are doing is enabling them to get away with it. I don't blame them.......

You know what the star is about, if you keep hiring him then the only one to blame is the people that hire these people over and over. It's the basic principle, I will keep doing it, because you keep letting Me get away with it.

My opinion about Malachi Marx???? I have watched his scenes on Randy Blue and I think he is a solid performer. I reached out to Malachi Marx because I wanted to give him his own spotlight on the subject of Gay4pay. I also had some questions about his book and his experiences within the porn industry.

Not to sound harsh or mean, Malachi advertises his services for $500 an hour!!! I'm not sure a Internet performer who hasn't done any DVDs, could charge such a high rate(But more power to him)the bigger question was "U have been in the porn business for one year and have been escorting for one year, does having one year experience in the business give him enough material to write a book????" Usually people write books that have had years and years in the business, it makes for a more compelling read.

Even though fans are back lashing against this model, his rentboy profile is floating around in Internet space. Without people knowing it, he is getting the best advertisement around the country. I'm sure his stay in NYC is becoming more and more productive.

My take on the subject, I don't care if gay or straight, if you came on the set and gave it your all and worked hard in the scene. I cant complain, The minute you act bored, not interested in the action. Or worst, keep throwing your Straightness in my face, saying that you rather be fucking some pussy instead of being here(shit like that) I will call you out "Then don't be here" "Go fuck some pussy then". If I were totally straight, I wouldnt be doing Gay porn. I would rather sell drugs, rob or steal then get a dick slamming in my ass for the world to see

Does that make sense?????


Howard from just sent this over to me, it's a publication in Florida.

Wow!!! This is my third Magazine cover in my Porn career, Men In Uniforn (1st), UnZipped(2nd Cover that was huge) HotSpots (3rd cover). I have had featured stories in JustUsBoys magazine, Men magazine bah bah bah.

It just keeps me pushing to do more and more in this Industry.

I wanted to make people aware that I will be in the LA area again for the X biz awards and convention. THAT'S RIGHT DIESEL WASHINGTON WILL BE IN L.A. again!!!!

The dates for my trip will be Feb 9-12, I will be doing lots of interviewers, behind the scene footage of the Awards. And just being myself, so this goes out to all the Porn stars!! I will be in town.....

Looking to interview established stars, Up and Cummers and inspiring porn stars looking to get into the business. I show love to everybody, so if you see Me out and about, don't be shy if you think you have what it takes. I will promote you and anybody who thinks they have that special something.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I haven't shown my Geek side in a long time, so here goes:

Book of Eli on Friday, I have been talking about it for a long time and its finally out. I thought I was going to see it alone, but it seems I have a date for the movie. Yeah Me!! LOL

It's not a romantic date, more of a friendly date to get to know each other. It's a safe date for me, there are no expectations(They live in London anyway)nothing more than food, movies, maybe a club and then fucking Simple!! My head is not into the whole finding the person to settle down with anymore...... I know sad.

Geek alerts:

Clash of Titans

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus:

Tron Legacy:

Most know about Iron Man2, Alice in Wonderland so I won't go into it, but 2010 will be the year of the Geek(I love it). I know I havent kept in touch with my geek side for a long time, sorry fellow geeks.

I'm going to pre order my Comic Con 2010 tickets, and make sure I schedule time for the Comic Con 2010 here in NYC. I have my outfits ready, so my fellow geeks this year you will see Diesel Washington armed and ready for war!!!!

Any older geeks remember when getting up in the morning, on a Saturday was the event when you were a kid????. I used to get up at 8am(when a kid)to watch Saturday morning cartoons. It sucks that the kids nowadays have no Saturday day cartoons, well there is Cartoon Network/Boomerang but you have to have Premium cable to get those channels. I was a poor kid growing up in New York, so Saturday was the day that everything good happened. Cartoons at 8am to noon, then Lunch and then U went outside to play. But U ran back to the TV around 3pm to watch Drive In theather on the Fox channel(Kung Fu flicks)and that was crowning moment of a 12yr.But back to my love my cartoons....

I'm a grown man, and I still watch cartoons to this day.

WTF??? Can someone tell me why cartoons today suck ass!??!!

Loney Tunes.....were my cartoons and then they ruined it by taking out all the racist shit they used to say. Nobody remembers Speedy Gonzales and other Racist shit Looney tunes used to do???? Here you go:

These cartoons were so long ago..........I still love the old Bugs Bunny cartoons it was just a different time...I hold no grudges, these cartoons are part of American history...if we dont know where We came from, we will be doomed to go back there.....

The newer Bugs Bunny cartoons, are terrible!!

Tom and Jerry, now have talking roles???? The worst!!

What happened to He Man???? The ThunderCats??? Silver Hawks??? GI Joe???

Only the old timers will remember these cartoons.....What happened to G Force???? Voltron???

And the list goes on:

Birdman and the Galaxy Trio......... Biiirrrddd Maaannnn!!! love that show!!

Captain Caveman....Captain CAAAVVVVEEMMMAAANNN!!!!

Cow and Chicken........stoner cartoon

Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines....this goes way way back!!

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder......goofy and funny!!

The Flintstones.......who didn't like this show???

The Herculoids.......What the fuck was Gloop and Gleep??? Were they related???

Hong Kong Phooey........number one superguy!!! I remember that show, wasn't the voice of Hong Kong the same black guy that played the Night watchmen in the movie The Shining???

The Huckleberry Hound Show....... alittle corny but I liked it

Jabberjaw....another corny show but I liked it

The Jetsons.....who didn't like this show???

Jonny of my favorite cartoons, this was almost an Adult cartoon with heavy storylines.

Josie and the Pussycats............I only liked the show when it was Josie and Pussycats in outerspace really.

Magilla was the show to watch, Magilla always got into trouble!!

The Powerpuff Girls........this show was gay!!! I guess that is why I liked it so much LOL

The Quick Draw McGraw Show.......old old old school, this was before my time but I watch this on Boomerang

Scooby-Doo..........who can forget the theme song.....Scooby Scooby-Doo Where are you???....

The Smurfs................this show was so smurfy, I smurf off to it all the time!!

Snorks...........not my favorite seemed like a underwater verison of the smurfs, but I found myself watching it

Space Ghost and Dino Boy............Space Ghost was my cult favorite, total Stoner cartoon....Dino Boy I still didn't understand how did all these powers come out a Wooden club, esp the power to fly?????

Basically Hanna-Barbera cartoons, were "my thing" and still is "my thing". Hanna-Barbera to me, is like Ben&Jerrys to a hungry fat man. Yummy Yummy!!

Other Favorites, Spidey and his Amazing Friends, X men cartoons, Old School Fanastic Four....

More recent Cartoons I like, Dexters Lab, The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy. Teen Titans, Justice League

And the List wouldn't be complete, without the Cartoons I'm addicted to:



The Simpsons


There are a ton of other cartoons, I can't remember them all!!! But to add to the list:

Woody woodpecker

Chilly Willy

Thundarr the Barbarian

Japanese anime is big with Me...... too many cartoons to mention but I will name a few:

Ghost in the Shell

DragonBall Z


City Hunter

Final Fantasy

Inu Yasha

Way too many............

Did I mention I was a Comicbook reading, Cartoon watching Man child????????

This post was written, for all the geeks with Box sets of all these cartoons.

Call Me a Geek and I will punch your face in......LOL


Heading to do the scene for EXTRABIGDICKS

Interviewing Steven

Pictures of the scene:

And its a wrap!!

The post interview, the cum hasn't even been washed off yet.

Check the entire scene on


Okay Fuck the Nice Guy routine......

It's time to be nasty, I'm tired of the Bullshit!!!!

I have said before that people have their own personal preferences when it comes to scenes. I have stated before that one of the reasons why I decided to do porn was to give Men of Color, a face/name of star that can stand with the big names in this Industry.

So far I have been paired with one A list performer(No offense to the Up and Cummers)and to this day I still have a bad taste in my mouth because of it.

I made a name for myself in this Industry, yet I'm still not paired with other A listers. If its because of the Race issue, then people need to be honest about it. I'm tired of the bullshit excuses, I have proved that I have a strong fan base. Every project that I have worked on has gotten good reviews, and each of my scenes stands out in every movie that I'm in.

First I want to talk to the bottoms, everybody has personal preferences(granted). It's fucking 2010 already, that taboo of doing interracial(hate that word)scenes has been dead for years!! Gay guys dick is dick!!! If your a bottom and enjoy getting fucked, enjoy getting a check for something U like doing, then I don't get it??? It's not my loss, that Ur getting fucked by average tops who don't put any passion into the fucking. It's not my loss, that Ur bottoming skills is not being put to the test. It's not my fault that u wanted to do a hot scene, and U wind up getting a top, that doesn't want to be there, just another lack luster performer.

Every single bottom that I have worked with in the past, not only continues to work but seem to get a boost to their career by doing a scene with Me(Its true). It's not rocket science, if U claim to be some kind of high powered bottom, then step up to the plate and leave your baggage home. Take Mason Wyler(so called King of the bottoms)he can do scene after scene, he hasn't proved his bottoming skills with Me. There is only one Diesel Washington, until I put the stamp of approval on you all your doing is running your mouth!!

Open your eyes bottoms, I throw one of the meanest and hardest fuck in this business. If you want to lay there, and not earn your money so be it. I don't respect that at all, I come to the set to work. I want to make movies that I can be proud of, not just work for a check and then move to the next project. Porn consumers are very smart nowadays, you turn in a bullshit performance they will call you out in a heartbeat.

U will never see a bad review of one of my movies, people know I come to the set to work period.

Now this one goes to the Companies, Studios and the websites. Your getting these hot guys to bottom and are placing them with "Starter Kits". I understand that you want to break in your performers(some can't handle a big dick)so U want to start them slow. But if U want the ratings, and heavy traffic on your sites(websites)then bring in a Pro....

Think about it, having Diesel Washington on:

Corbin Fisher, not only will I shake up that site and fuck those boys to their limits but I would add some much needed Color to that site, sorry but being honest.

Sean Cody, I like the site, and again a shake up is in order.

Next Door Male, home of Mason Wyler(who needs to get fucked seriously), Tommy D(another performer that has to be pushed hard), and Cody Cummings he's taking blowpops up his ass, but if he was to take Diesel's blowpop, the effect would shake up the Industry.

Chaos Men, they have strong fetish content on their site, adding Diesel to equation is a smart move.

Randy Blue, they have awesome content seeing that they had Guest performers(Eddie Diaz, Eric Rhodes, Benjamin Bradley) adding Diesel can add that Kinky flavor plus I think its about time that Reese Rideout get pounded like an animal.

Hot House Backroom, I haven't worked with Hot House yet.......

CockSure Men, its a new site and what better way to get viewers then bringing in Diesel Washington????

Naked Combat, this is a no brainer I have beaten bottom after bottom in previous movies. Putting Diesel one on one with another performer to battle it out........... I don't see why that scene hasn't been done yet??????

As far as Studios goes:

Colt, I'm not sure why I haven't worked with you yet. U have the big boys in your stable, not many performers can match up with your boys. Diesel Washington can handle each one of your muscle boys and put the hurt on them.

Hot House, calling you out again

Raging Stallions, I have one movie under my belt with you guys. U guys have all the money and all the models, seems that I have to get in that circle and start kicking some ass.LOL

Now I know I talk big, and that probably pisses some people off. But I know I made Titan alot of money with my performances, I know I made Falcon alot of money because of some of my performances(Asylum, Redlight)that is just real talk!!

So lets do an experiment, I have a scene on Twinkscape coming out soon. If Diesel shakes up that site in a positive way, then I know I can bring the fire to any site. As far as Studios goes, I have a scene in the soon to be released movie "Getting Levi's Johnson" by JetSet, if that scene goes over well with Fans and the Industry then I have proved I have some Star power in this Industry.

I'm talking the language that most Companies and Sites understand, the power of the dollar. I can sell scenes on websites or DVDs, people open your eyes and start casting Me more.

Promote promote.....


Being an Escort and Porn Star, I have to speak about this Markus guy. The whole story is here

He is deemed the first legal male prostitute and I have no problem with that. There is one statement I find to be just ignorant and stupid coming from this Markus guy. He compares himself to Rosa Parks, are you fucking kidding Me??????

Rosa Park was apart of a Civil rights movement that sparked an entire generation to take action and changed the course of American History.

Markus(I hope ur reading this)your just a 25 yr old hooker at a Dude ranch in Nevada. You are not changing any Social norms out there......

First off the bat, I don't think many women would hire you because you have average looks(unless ur packing like 10inch dick or above) Maybe you have personality and can be charming and witty, but women are not driving to the middle of the Desert for good conversation.

Although he says he doesn't do male clients(have sex with them)he does provide companiship(does that mean sex?) Well if he is having sex with Men, I would caution the clients to have a look that this guys teeth. I wouldn't stick my dick in that mouth for fear of damage to my dick LOL.

Yeah that was a dirty shot, but anybody that compares themselves to Rosa Parks as changing Social norms because they are the first legal Male hooker deserves to be shot in the head for letting something that stupid come out of their mouth.

Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr would be turning in their graves right now!!!!!


Okay I never get political, but I wanted to use this blog to help people for change. I donated money to for the relief effect that is ongoing for the people in Haiti.

Haiti was struck by a huge earthquake Jan 12, and they need help. I thought this was important.......

For the first time, I will open up and express my feelings. While I'm not Haitian, I feel connected to these people and I wanted to show my support. There are people without lights, food and security and they need our help.

So please contact and please show ur support. It's women and children without food, lights and just trying to pick up the pieces after this disaster.

I hope people don't see color regarding this issue, the issue is about Human beings who were struck by a earthquake and need recovery. In my opinion, relief always comes slow for People of Color surviving disasters(Africa, China, India)

It's a double standard sometimes, if Ireland, Italy, England suffered from the same type of disaster, there would be overwhelming support shown to the people. This shouldn't be any different from that.

We are humans that need show compassion to everybody regardless of color, race........

I pray that the Haitian people will recover from this horrible thing.......

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My scene is up on, when the pictures are released I will do an indepth post like I always do. Moving on.......

Here comes another post of rants, bullshit, Big mouth talking....

To you baby bloggers, those who have been blogging under 2years!!! I guess you know by now, that blogging aint easy....

For me, its just a venting tool to get out my thoughts, it kinda charts my Ups and downs.

I never claimed to be some English major, so I know my spelling might be off(Damn spell checker)and the misuse of grammar, sentence structure(Bascially the Written language)is ruined by me on this blog.

But yet, I managed to get by using humor, personal experiences, porn knowledge, bah bah bah bah. And yes..........

I fuck bottoms in my scenes, like I'M THE MAN!!!Nobody fucks like me, period!!!

Now even though that is a bold statement,some of the readers of this blog, have only seen pieces of my work(Free clips, pics, the youtubes, whatever illegal downloads ur using LOL)and there is a number of fans who haven't seen a single scene. You guys are just a fan/reader of the blog, and I must say Thank You for the support. And then you have the loyal fans, they have all the movies, pictures, Mags(even clothing, boots, underwear etc etc)and remain loyal followers, you guys have been with me from the start......

Without you guys, I probably would have been dead by now!!!(Of Course having my Mother's support as well helped alot LOL)

I'm rambling now.....

The point is, I was the first porn star ever to win an award for blogging(We all know this)and I continue to work on this blog, to make it beter and better. I do see this new age of bloggers coming up in the game, and some have that fire!! I'm reading some interesting blogs, and people are really letting it hangout, they are speaking honest and open(heartfelt meaning)and I'm impressed. At first, there was alot of crappy blogs out there(I said that in previous post)some of those crappy blogs evolved into real blogs finally. There are alot of interesting new takes on the blogging thing.

By nature, most porn star bloggers talk only about themselves(the movies out, projects, pictures, non porn work, their lives) I'm alittle different, I report the news, and I make the news at the same time. I tend to talk about other people, promote other people, and I even leave comments on blogs I like. I show support to other bloggers, it takes a strong person to put their lives in public. Doing porn is one thing, and We all have some sort of image that We try to sell.

The Diesel image is large and in charge, aggressive ass fucker type, I was a mean fuck. In 2008, I took the risk to go against my onscreen persona I created. At this point, I became this "Thing" and people only knew Diesel as this "Dom". There was more to this Mean fucker than just rough sex, there was a real person behind the character.

Hopefully along the way, I gave some insight into the whole Diesel character, at the same time, show glimpses of the "Editor" who is the guy pulling the strings. He's damaged, alittle off centered, and not as confident as his onscreen character. Geez??? That sounds bad coming out of my mouth, but its the truth. At the same time, hopefully people can tell that I'm caring, warm and a hopeless romantic.

In my first two years blogging, I was the porn star blogger. Now that I'm at the four year mark, I'm just a blogger who happens to do porn. I like the fact that people are digging the performances onscreen, but I love the fact that they dig the blog.

I hope to take this blog, to places where the blogger has never gone before. I will continue to give porn news and insight, the youtubes, pictures and the usual stuff. But I want to take the blog to the public, do my geeky thing and just bring a few new characters to light. There will be some characters I created, and I will bring people who I think are entertaining and give them a showcase on my blog. Promotion promotion!!!

I will be traveling more this year, and will bring the camera with Me. I will try to experiment with the Road blogging thing, more interviews with porn stars but with a twist!! I think people will enjoy the big changes coming....

I just wanted to take the time, to explain the new things that will happen on the blog.

So I intend on getting more Haters!! Back stabbers, and Liars this year!!!

God help Me remain strong!!! LOL


Camera phone picture(maybe I can get on Fleshbot now in the Holdthephone section)or

Maybe a hot shower???? Maybe that will get more people to read my blog???

I'm a PR whore, so I'm always looking for new ways to promote myself......

I use my brain to think up new ways to put myself out there, maybe I'm trying too hard??? Why dont I show off my body and keep my mouth shut for once!!!

So there you have a Camera phone picture and a hot shower, Enjoy!!

Monday, January 11, 2010


(Pictures taken by Diesel cameraphone)

People your in for a treat.....

After the fall out of a break up you have.......

A slutty mess that was out on the town and I was hungry!!! Will the cold weather stop this horny boy???? FUCK NO!!

Let's jump into it:

It's Saturday night, I'm hungry!! No!! I'm not looking for food!!! I'm looking for ass, butt, bottoms, apple bottoms, the like. It was a very different mood for me, I went out that night long ago, The crazy weekend in past post

And yes that wasn't Me!!! I thought, "Let Me get all blasted, stoned, boozed up and let it all hangout!!" I was hiding behind the supplements to create that character that everybody wanted to be around. I know now that was forced, it wasn't natural at all. People honestly, I haven't embraced the whole porn star thing, I don't like the clubs all that much and bars are boring. I could do the house party thing because they are always cool.

But what I like even more......... a Piss party. by the producers of GBU I have to give these boys a huge plug for throwing the hottest parties around!!

I hit up Midtown first, and go to all my former hangout spots back in the days:

Times square used to be the place to be, my routine for Saturdays nights was this:

Start at 50th and 8ave(By the 1 train) and walk down to 42nd, First Stop was a bar called Kats(seedy bar that had Gogo dancers, hustlers, street trash)it's been gone for a long time, they closed the doors on that place(I'm glad that place was a dump) Around the corner from Kats on 48th was a bar called Stella's(Gogo dancers, Live shows, Lap dancing, bah bah) I liked this spot, the management was cool and kept a close eye on the Hustlers(street trash was thrown out)I had a "Working" relationship with the management. After checking out Stella's, I would pop my face into the Gaiety(all-male burlesque house)on 46th st, *Sigh...... The Gaiety has since closed their doors Funny thing about this place, U would walk by it not knowing that this place once had some of the hottest dancers in the world perform there(jerking off on stage, shooting loads all that)long gone.

Since NYC cleaned up 42nd and made it Disneyland, alot of the old places are gone, that seedy element that 42nd st WAS is now gone. Say what you want, 42nd st was the spot to be when I was younger. The lights are the same, but that dangerous/seedy element is gone. That element that gave 42nd its name is now gone.

I walk to 42nd Port Authority(another old spot I used to hangout at)

I was walking around hoping that I will run into people whom I met before(old friends)I only saw ghosts of people whom I met before, I know time sits still for no one, even though the area changed I saw old timers doing the same hustle they were doing years ago, only this time they were showing their age and the street was starting to wear them down.

Apparently I was the one that made it, I used to be that Hustler way back when, and now supposedly I'm this international porn star to them. It still doesn't register to Me, I just get in front of the camera and fuck guys is all(Yes I perform my ass off)but I haven't changed. But I did come to terms with this "Porn star thing"

It's 2010, so I decided to accept that role of being a "Porn star" but also trying to remain humble as well. There is a certain power you have as a porn star, you can become this sexual animal that is feared and respected.

After all the hanging out I make my way to the GBU piss party, and I was ready to throw down at the party. Do I get recognized at these parties???? all the time!! Guys usually come up to me asking "Are you that guy???" or "You know who you are Man???" I usually duck out the question, unless they know my character's name. But I remain friendly and just keep it moving. I get some people that like to stare at me and follow me around. I just say "Yo dude this is a sex party go find yourself some fun" What I have noticed is that people refuse to take my cock!! Granted its in a public space and most are chicken shit to get fucked in public, but damn!!! People were commenting like "Dude Ur fucking Hot!!, but I can't take you" "I have seen you fuck before and there is no way I can handle that" So here is Diesel walking around a Sex party and still can't get laid.

I have my moments, people are scared of taking the dick up their ass, but they all want it down their throats. I tend to be tired of getting my dick sucked, it seems that every gay guy(Most)think they have these super cock sucking skills(Lackluster)but they don't, so I get bored kinda of quickly.

Although I do remember at the party I had the "Rainbow" of Cock sucking done. I was getting serviced by a Latino, Asian, Black, White all at the same time. How you might be asking???? I had one sucking the left ball, another sucking the right ball, one sucking the cock and the other guy sucking my nipples(I have no feeling there but it was fun just to add it) and then have them all switching positions. That was kinda hot to me, did I bust my load??? Fuck No!! It was just play time!!

I serviced some "selective people" while most people watched, I'm used to being watched so I just had my fun. It's alittle bit of a turn off to hear each guy that I serviced say "It was a fantasy for them to be able to play with a Porn star" So I'm thinking to myself, its not the fact that u have a decent looking guy sucking on Ur dick. I became something that they can check off their "To Do" list, not so hot to hear, but those are demons that I battle with all the time inside of my head. When your that porn star guy, people don't put value to Ur personality, but this is a sex party so I stopped the whole "Inside my head thing"

Saturday and Sunday I was all about sex, I did the hookup thing online. Even online people couldn't believe that Diesel Washington uses hookup sites from time to time. It's like a test, they would ask questions about my blog or about some movie that I was in for verification(Really??)

Anyway I want to keep this post short......

I got a new camera phone last week so I'm adding the pictures I take out and about to the blog(a new thing for the readers)so get ready for that!!

Peace out gym time!!