Friday, January 08, 2010


Since I have alot of free time to think......

This is a random post about anything....Let's start at the New Year Resolution people.

New people who go to the gym.... Please wipe down the bar, seats, benches, work mats bah bah bah when you are done with them, if you see some of your sweat on the equipment simply wipe it up!. Coming from a personal trainer's stand point, when the benches are dirty and sweaty(Infection prevention) just a take towel and wipe it down. Since this is the season, for everybody to start coming back to the gym, I will start knocking people out with colds, who use the equipment(That's a warning to anybody in my gym)that don't wip down the stuff(some gym goers do not wear gloves)

To anybody in the gym that likes to pose(I mean way too much!!there's a limit) in front of the mirror... STOP IT!! Now if you finished a full set... then Rock the Guns! You know feel yourself..

But if you do like three reps and then run to the mirror and pop the bicep(like you did something LOL) You need to be shot in the head!!!

New people at the gym, and that goes for anybody that comes to the gym for the first time. Stop standing around like you don't know what to do!! Ask a trainer, ask someone who is in better shape than you some advice(I did when I first started).. It's a gym there are people around to help. I can't tell you the amount of people that just stand around staring at people(that creepy stare)or sitting on equipment going thru an I pod with a brand new jogging suit on, new sneakers bah bah just holding up equipment!!!


Sorry to say but damn the gym is getting annoying!!! I like that people are coming out and getting into shape(I personal train, pays the bills Duh!) At the same time, I work out myself and know the equipment in the gym, I need that equipment for a serious set. First timers are doing 25 reps with 30lbs, for ten sets(Are you Serious??)on a Lat pull down(for those who don't go to the gym that would be this:.....

Come On!!

That might sound harsh, but picture having worked out in this gym for 6 years and this is first time you ever saw this person, and they are sitting there, playing with an Ipod, staring into mirror, posing in the mirror and worse..... pulling out the cell phone..

Fuck that!!! I'm taking you off the bench, bar, whatever......I train at the gym and I know people that need the benches and equipment.... because they are there to really train. That's the way it goes!! Sorry!!!

At the same time, being the trainer that I am, I will take some time to show you another excerise just to free up this equipment:

Bench Press(Everybody uses this)
Lat Pull Down(Main equipment)
Squat Rack
Leg Press
Smith Machine
Tricep Rope pull down

This equipment tends to get used the most!!

I will direct the New Person to the fixed machines for safety reasons(Not needing a Spot, locks you in the correct body position)


Now I know everybody is reading this saying "That's the reason I go to the gym in the first hand" LOL

I must be Crazy...cause when I go to the gym, I'm there to work out, train, and design my body.

Now if it's a gay gym, then handle your business, do all the creeping you want to do! But at a serious gym with women and people that came to work out seriously!!Not cool.... The staring in the locker rooms, dirty looks in the showers, tongues hanging out.......

I'm way different from the common person when it comes to the gym:

I don't use the Hot Tubs at the gym its scary sitting in a Hot Tub with "Larger people" the sweating and sharing the same water thing... Freaks Me out!!!:

I can do the hotel/resort/motel hot tub thing, but I can't force myself to touch that thing at a gym. It doesn't matter how clean the gym is, I will not use the Hot tub at the gym. Shit I don't even use the shower at my gym(But I do shower, everybody is thinking about the Hero club thing now LOL)I get freaked out at the whole showering with strangers thing.......

And I do porn????This is solely in the gym though....

Since I do personal training, I don't Fuck where I work at!! I have no sexual desire when I'm at the gym, it's kinda of strange.

But to be fair....

That goes for you straight guys as well...

I see these guys hitting on these women hardcore!! Sometimes the woman just tunes them out with her music, or ignores them. I mean if the guy had game/looks/body then go for it, other than that your trying to talk to the woman and your starting to look like an asshole stalker. She don't want you, move on....

These are the same guys that sit on the nearby equipment, staring at the hottie just holding up equipment again yet again.... God its annoying!!!

What I find more annoying???

Couples(Gay or Straight)that come to the gym and hold hands while walking around. I don't know???? Guys have a certain workout for their body, and Women have a certain workout... I just think its "going over the top" to show affection like the whole holding hands in a fucking gym!!!

Its like "Baby give Me a kiss I'm doing another set" "Love you baby" "I love you too" makes Me want to throw up!!! Take that shit home!!!! Makes Me want to throw a dumbbell at them!!LOL

What else about the gym????

Gym clothing.....

Guys I don't think spandex is cool anymore....leave the spandex for the women!! It's 2010, I think spandex should be out lawed for males to wear. It doesn't look cool at the gym anymore, I think that should be left for girls, it just looks better on them.

Gayboys stop wearing Daisy Dukes at the gym, its not cute or hot it just looks girly!!

I have seen gay boys wearing these in some form or another, at the gym!!! Boys you can wear whatever you want on the street. Stop coming to the gym with Daisy Dukes on, nobody wants to see your balls when ur bench pressing. Its funny cause I see these Old school bodybuilders who wear these shorts to the gym. I'm very direct with them I starting rapping to them, like the 69boys(remember them?)

I'm like "Look at that Boy with the Daisy Dukes on!!! Everybody, Look at that boy with the Daisy Dukes"just to make fun of them, shame them into wearing Man shorts or sweats. If you dont remember the song here it goes:

Juice Heads!!! Stop walking around the gym like you look better than everybody!! Those muscles came from Juice(Steriods)stop frontin like "ONLY HARD WORK got those muscles. Be real, I will respect you a whole lot more when your honest with yourself, We all know what your doing!! So fronting like its Diet, Workout, Supplements that got you that body is bullshit!!. Nobody gains 20lbs of muscle in a month... Fuckers!!!

Gym goers, stop using the shower without flip flops(shower shoes)that is some nasty shit!!! I see these guys walking barefoot using the shower and I shake my head!! Wow when they wake up in the morning, they are going to have some nasty funky Toe Jam!! Ewww!! I remember when I went to this sex party I saw some guy walking around barefoot and was like "That is some nasty shit!!" You don't know what your stepping in/on??? I know I give the best mental pictures LOL

Hmmmm??? maybe I'm a hypocrite??? I drink piss and do all that nasty shit myself!! But I get bugged out when I see that shit at the gym??? Maybe I'm nuts??

Oh I know what I want to talk about......

Dudes who work out with the same weight that women work out with. I know there are some strong women out there, but I'm talking about the really light weights(U know the 2.5lbs/5lbs dumbells)guys doing curls with this weight, just man up and grab the 15lbs dumbells start there. I have no respect for guys that use the little plastic 2.5lb dumbells and make it look like they are really working out. If your that weak that u can't curl at least a 10lb dumbell, put ur hands down ur pants and grab ur balls and squeeze real hard!! That is crazy!!These:

People, when there is heavy traffic at the gym, its not cool to hold more than 2 sets of dumbells. I saw one guy holding onto the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's because he wanted to work out a set. I'm like "Hey Bro there are other people at the gym that would like to use those dumbells as well" I know everybody has their own way of working out but when its those months(Jan-March) those are some hard months when everybody comes to the gym, dumbells are in high demand. So you got to give up a pair, You Selfish Prick!!

People stop wearing tons of jewerly to the gym, I don't get it???? I see these guys wearing big chains, pinkie rings, bracelets and that all shit to the gym. I hope you guys are safe, cause if that chain/ring/bracelets gets caught on anything when Ur using heavy weight that is an accident ready to happen!!

Guys/Girls stop wearing makeup to the gym, its a fucking gym!!! U came to the gym to work out, your going to sweat, its not going to look cute when your makeup starts running when you finish a set!! Who puts on makeup for the gym??? Your working out??!! Esp a dude!!

Dummies, stop trying to lift wieght you know u cant lift, without a spotter!! I don't how many times I see a guy at the gym get under some weight that he can't lift. Either the weight falls on their chest, and I have to run over and lift the wieght off of them before it kills them.

Or they try to bench a weight that is too heavy without clamps and the plate weights slides off one side and the barbell goes flying in the air. Nuts nuts!!! Some stupid people out there!!!

There are other things at the gym that bug Me but I wanted to post this up because its the New Year, all the freaks are at the gym now



Jeremy Feist said...

With you on the "Wipe your fucking sweat off the machines" thing. There was this 60 year old lesbian at the gym who not only hogged all the good machines for fucking ever, but refused to wipe them down afterward. Usually, shit like this just irks me, but this bitch sweat like a goddamn wildebeest, so every machine she was on looked like it had seen the business end of a fire hose and smelled like fish.


Not only that, but she wore head-to-toe spandex to boot. Girl didn't have a camel toe; She was packing the whole fucking foot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Diesel,

Are you going to Washington,DC for the Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend ( weekend?

Anonymous said...

why u gotta use "larger people" as the butt of a joke? if they're at the gym, at least they're trying. you think you have no "larger" fans who might not wanna be insulted when reading?