Thursday, January 14, 2010


One of the biggest Gay4pay stars around, is helping me to trademark a new term that I started called "PLAY4PAY"

I'm checking around the blogging universe and people are not taking the Gay4pay lightly........

Finally, gay guys are standing up and saying they are not going to take it anymore!!! I warned years ago that the whole Gay4pay thing was stupid, there are too many gay boys out there that are hot and ready to jump into the porn industry. Consumers were tired of spending money on Web scenes and DVDs, and were getting porn
stars that were not into the role or the action and were turning out boring scenes.

Even though the backlash is a good thing, I see alot of hypocrites out there. I damn well know, people will keep buying Johnny Castle/Cody Cummings/Mark Dalton scenes, because the guys are hot. And you know why????? Fans will keep hoping that these stars will one day take the dive into a Hardcore scene with a male. Sadly, all you guys are doing is enabling them to get away with it. I don't blame them.......

You know what the star is about, if you keep hiring him then the only one to blame is the people that hire these people over and over. It's the basic principle, I will keep doing it, because you keep letting Me get away with it.

My opinion about Malachi Marx???? I have watched his scenes on Randy Blue and I think he is a solid performer. I reached out to Malachi Marx because I wanted to give him his own spotlight on the subject of Gay4pay. I also had some questions about his book and his experiences within the porn industry.

Not to sound harsh or mean, Malachi advertises his services for $500 an hour!!! I'm not sure a Internet performer who hasn't done any DVDs, could charge such a high rate(But more power to him)the bigger question was "U have been in the porn business for one year and have been escorting for one year, does having one year experience in the business give him enough material to write a book????" Usually people write books that have had years and years in the business, it makes for a more compelling read.

Even though fans are back lashing against this model, his rentboy profile is floating around in Internet space. Without people knowing it, he is getting the best advertisement around the country. I'm sure his stay in NYC is becoming more and more productive.

My take on the subject, I don't care if gay or straight, if you came on the set and gave it your all and worked hard in the scene. I cant complain, The minute you act bored, not interested in the action. Or worst, keep throwing your Straightness in my face, saying that you rather be fucking some pussy instead of being here(shit like that) I will call you out "Then don't be here" "Go fuck some pussy then". If I were totally straight, I wouldnt be doing Gay porn. I would rather sell drugs, rob or steal then get a dick slamming in my ass for the world to see

Does that make sense?????


Anonymous said...


Have you contacted Marc Williams yet ? Be so good to see that happen.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear Terence....pleased to see that being said...Rgds..Laurie

pjwalsh25 said...

Mark Dalton use to dance the clubs in Dallas before he starting his photo career that now has rolled into Gay4Pay.

Honestly, I was never attracted to him, just not my type. And he was in the Dallas Voice (gay paper) about his issues with wife/ex-wife, drugs, and family issues. And when he was in jail/prison and he was cocky in the interviews when he talked.

More power to him, & Zeb for how they make their money. It just won't be mine.

The others if the scene works fine, fool me once I'm a sucker but will not make that mistake a 2nd time.

Saw Kurt on Tyra and he stated he never got turned on while doing the scene. If I am not mistaken he would cum more than once or twice while getting fucked. And must be a hell of an actor.

Best to you Sir. So hope this finds you and yours well


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm not getting your point about what an escort charges in relationship to what their porn experience is. Don't escorts charge what clients are willing to pay? Moreover, it's not a prerequisite that hookers do porn before they escort. Not all escorts are porn performers.

Also, it can be argued that Randy Blue (and some other internet based companies) is/are significantly more successful than most "studios." With the internet, who needs DVDs?

Lastly, why do you care how much porn experience Marx has before he took to writing his book? There are no rules for experience in publishing. If a publisher thinks there is a market for the book; they'll buy it. Or maybe it will be on of those self-published efforts. Wouldn't you have to read the book before you critcize it?

I appreciate your gay for pay stance, but your comments about Marx stike me as envy.