Thursday, January 31, 2008

Washington is Marching to Washington

Okay Okay Dont say I didnt give u guys a heads up, Im heading to Washington for Business and some Fun. So I will be doing a "Few Private Shows" limited number of shows, so set up ur appointments now or in the next few days(hint). I will be in Washington Friday, Sat and leavin early Sunday............
I thought I would add another vid for ur viewin pleasure, its simple and kinda of funny let me know what u think? I was actually washing my clothes that day, In past I use a houseboy for that task, But fuck it!!!!.......
I usually dont break character but..................Thanks to all the Fans for Ur Support and all the supportive emails that I have recieved in the last couple of weeks. It really does help to know that I have a very loyal Fan base(Or people just curious to kn ow what is going on with me) I always talk about the negative in my previous posts, this time around I wanted to send the Readers of this Blog a Special Shout Out!!!!
Its funny reading over my own posts to see all the things I have done over the course of the Year(2007). Believe it or Not only 6 movies under my belt(released) 1 in can I just feel like I have so much to do. Before I finish this thought, Big Shout Out to all the Models, Industry Insiders, Bloggers around the Net for ur Support. Sounds Kiss Ass I know!!!! But it was mostly people saying U should have been nominated!!!! Moving On............
Most think U have been in the business for two years, U must have experience out the Ass by Now. As far as performing(Film and Stage), Understand It very well. Each movie I do, I try to set the Bar higher and higher for myself. At the same time, I feel I make other people want to work harder as a Performer. I work very hard and hopefully it shows in the Movies. Seeing as I am in Limited Movies per Year, I see other Tops(Free Agents) in the Business stepping up their game(Performance Wise). Think about it this way, I watched Icons in this business when I was younger, and told myself I could out fuck him!!! Seeing the next generation of Porn coming up, I think to myself " Where the Next Power Top Is!!!" "And how many people watched my Work saying I could fuck harder than him or be more Aggressive than him???" There is always someone gunning for Ur Spot!!!! Its funny, I still feel like a rookie in this business cause of the amount of movies I have done(6) compared to other models in the business(15-20). Lets see what this year will bring.............

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well another day at the job and I was repping Titan hard and helping Will Clark at bingo. Now I have appeared at Porno Bingo before but I must say I had the best time last night. Damien and Angelo always supporting me as usual so it was a good time had by all.
Funny every time I go to these events I like to talk on the microphone, Most only hear me when I'm being verbal in a scene and its mostly alot of Name calling and humiliation while I'm fucking my partners. But tonite I put on a good show, and gave the Fans what they wanted. One thing that was funny....
NO lie, some guy came off the street while I was In in the window(no Shirt on) and wanted to battle me to see who had the Best Body!!!!(Pic to prove it) Just another day as Diesel.........

Friday, January 18, 2008


Special Thanks to Gio Photography for Pics.

As promised pics of the afterparty for hustlaball. Now remember I walked into the After Party alittle upset and nervous. But fuck it, I went to the party with the Amazing Dean Flynn(LOL)to be completely honestt I was horny as shit.........Run down:

Early on I was at the Expo signing autographs for hours. Now I was havin fun seeing the fans, and was getting so much attention from the female performers I was very nice to everybody and to prove it I recieved an email from a Fan and as follows:

Hi Diesel You have always been a very interesting man to me, long before you got into porn. This past week I got a chance to watch you at the AEE show when you were working the Naked Sword booth. We were located across from you- remember the girls that were signing across the was names Shane and Alex?LOL Ive got to say from across the way, you seemed very different form your websites writings! you came across very warm and appeared very approachable. I say these things because my read was you were selling youself short. You seem like a pretty great guy - from a distance! Just an observation. Good luck with your career! I know those of us will be following it!

Thanks Bob....... I'm stepping up my game this year and I really enjoy the feedback. Anyway ......Back to story, during all the Fan fare I see Zack Randall coming toward direction of the booth. Back drop:

I told ya I'm a fan of porn, wheter dvd or online, I search through the various websites, Fan sites, blogs and keep updated on Industry News....... and look at naked pics like everybody else(come on lets be real)I stumbled upon a site in total "Chaos". I saw Zack bein featured on the site and I thought he was cute nothing more...well..really cute and I noticed in pics that he wears a hearing aid. So a Deaf Porn model??? interesting.........instant attraction!!!

Oddly enough I attended the AVN EXPO the previous year and met him at his company booth (at that time) spoke to him briefly and that was that. It was Jan 2007,since then he was called up to the Big Leagues working for Colt, East Coast producer ML and various other companies. U can see him in The Intern(I just watched his scene) and Gigolo watched his two scenes in that!! 2007 Freshmen of the Year. Nominated for best Sex Duo(gayvn) Long story short hes cute and when found out he is into Watersports ding ding!!!!

Back to story.....Zack comes to booth and we traded autographs, took some pics and that was end of story(at least thats what I thought). We parted ways, I was strolling through the Expo(taking pics) I run into him again(we stare at each other)We speak briefly and two female performers approach Us and one of them asks "Can u two guys make out for us??" I Shit U Not!!!! I looked at him puzzled, he winked and I went for it, and the kid can kiss(I was surprised)needless to say Rock hard!!!! We laughed about it and parted ways(it sounds funny but the Expo was packed!!) I was very attracted to Zack and I guess he could tell I was alittle aggressive in my approach by the constant rubbing of my cock against his stomach while we were hugging goodbye.
Later that evening I went to dinner with Bruce Cam, Keith Webb, Dean Flynn, Damien Crosse, Angelo, VIP from Channel 1, and a Major Distributor, filled my belly with good food. It was such a great dinner, from there went back to hotel and changed and got ready for the Afterparty.

I was horny as shit when I got to Afterparty and I was looking to get Laided Big time!!!! Im hanging out with Dean Flynn and he was looking way Sexy... We walked around a bit had some drinks, every now and then I would pull out Deans cock play wit it a bit just for kicks. I mean come on U wouldnt??? We walked around the party and everybody wanted Us to take off Our clothes, so I put on a show for them. I dont think Dean had a problem with me pulling out his cock when I wanted to..... It was for Show and Tell. Who happens to be attending the Party as well.......

U guessed it Zack, and I was not passing on opportunity this time!!!!! We talked for 5 seconds and then started making out. In a brief pause to talk(a crowd started to gather), he has a BF I found out. I was cool with that, and went back to making out LOL. Zack took cig break(I thought wanted to explore more of party cause I was coming on Way strong)Not to be a downer But I hate cigs so I was like "Do what U got to do" I then turned my attention to Noah Driver(such a tease LOL) now I know what ur thinking he looks like little kid!!!!!! But this little kid is a power bottom who is currently starring in Falcon's DARE movie!!!!
I know I have to go into detail about things cause ur reading this, probably askin a number of questions. 1. Diesel are these little twinks ur talking about?. 2. Does Diesel likes twinks?? 3. Diesel wouldn't ya rip in half these boys?. and lastly the most important question of all. Can WE Watch????LOL
Im equal opportunity, doesn't matter the age, size or color, Ass is ass as long as its a bubble ass that's tight I can have fun.
The Producers of the event asked me to perform which was funny considering the night before they were alittle nervous about me on stage. Noah little guy in pic wanted me to perform with him and dance alittle, maybe eat his ass on stage. Just then Zack returns from cig break, we start talking and then it dawned on me, Zack is into water sports and since Damien was a no show and I wanted to perform. I asked Zack to perform with me, and he was more than game. Lets do it!!!
There u have it Diesel/Zack performing and what a Show it was!!!! Damien Crosse if ur reading this, Zack filled ur shoes that night!!! Dont fuck up again my piss boy cause u can be replaced!!!! LOL

Thursday, January 17, 2008


I'm going to be really honest with U the Fans...........

Its been tough on me the Last couple of months and I have been under the radar for some time now. Ya Ya Ya I do the events and take the pics and stuff....... but I'm coming to grips that the Porn Industry is not accepting Diesel Washington as another Super Star of Porn(Fuck that!!)(the Levels: People who do Porn, Porn stars, Super Stars of Porn). And I will be stuck as just a Porn star(which is fine with me.....Bullshit) people still ask me to this day, Why I do Porn? Cause I like it!! And I get to show off!!.....
Under this cool surface, I deal with my own problems of Survival, Racism, Education, just daily living. the constant pressure of being a Representative of the African American in movies, cause lets be real.... There are not many of Us in this business but yet:

I receive emails daily, saying I'm a sell out, Uncle Tom, that I'm one of these so called Actors who turned his back on his own community. I only date white men bah bah.... all rumors and bullshit!!!! Now this is coming from my "Own" community no less. From the White guys, its the usual Nigger remarks, Not good enough to fuck that or This guy in a scene. Black gorilla bah bah bah......etc etc More crap. Not to mention, it seems nobody wants a relationship with Porn Star(I cant blame them)for all types of reasons(getting personal in my blog I know but fuck it!!).
Not to mention, I'm basically the "Only" African American at these events, and standing at 6'6 245lbs I stand out everywhere I go......

But I'm ready for that, usually people leave saying "Ur so much different from what I expected..... and that's a good thing!!" I have always said Diesel is a character I play people!!! My legal name is not Diesel Washington, Nor do I always have to be rough in the bedroom. No I'm not gay for pay, I do private shows so that means I'm Pay for Play(theres a difference)I came into Industry just like I wanted to, Big, Mean, Scary, and Aggressive. I based my character Diesel, off so many influences growing up comic books, TV, and other Porn stars(gay and straight). I told ya what Porn Idols were mine growing up, so I took a piece of this performer and that one and that one and made it my own. I wanted my blog to reflect that character, but to be honest I didn't expect that People would take me so seriously...... I have said I live my life in dual roles of people, Porn star Diesel, My Friends use my Nickname, and my Mother uses my nickname, unless she is mad at me then its my Full name LOL. I still feel like a kid at heart, but wrapped in a Mans body.

At this point on my journey I feel I need to change the image of Diesel. Call it reinventing Diesel, I'm learning to smile more and just enjoy the attention rather than shut myself away from it. I have said that before, but I'm working much harder at it. I went in with a game plan starting off Diesel right and it worked.......... but it worked too well!!! I started to believe I was that character!!!! Caused alot of problems for me 2007. Being that Mean Aggressive Top works and I can make a good living from it. But to move to that next level, I have to win over people in the Industry, by getting good reviews, talk to other models(networking so they are not scared to work with me) do more photo shoots, more exposure etc etc. Case in Point:

On a Performers Level, I talk to other Models who have issues with doing scenes with African Americans(Ur Decision). Some say its a Diesel Washington issue.....??. They always say they would sleep with me, but it has to be off camera(Tons of Porn Tops big ole bottoms, but would never bottom onscreen) or even worse.......

I'm at hustlaball right?? I'm dancing around having a Blast on the dance floor and this little blond haired boy taps me on shoulder and asks me "Are Ya Diesel" I said ya Whats up? the story I got from him was that Titan asked this model to do a scene with me and he turned down the scene, HM maybe because Diesel is 6'6 245lbs 10inch dick, fucks like a bull, and is mean as shit(on screen)and says in his blog that he loves to fuck!!! I have to admit it, I'm alot to handle and I give 110 percent when it comes to my scenes(that's why the Scene is intense)just the way I do it I guess. I always say u be the best bottom u can be cause I'm going to be the Best top I can be. But to Aaron James(porn model,Google him) Defense, he said he bottomed(Versatile) before but doubted he could handle me(only saw pics and footage of me) at the time.......but after having a chance to talk and hangout with me, Now says he could kick himself in the ass for passing up the opportunity to work together in the past. Too Bad for me from squeezing his ass(many times LOL)he got a Bubble butt to die for. Oh well ....Congrats on being named a Jet Set exclusive good for ya!!! Ur a cute one!!!
To me going to these events, is helping to take down these bullshit color concerns. I know I'm doing the right thing when I hear people say "I was never into Black guys before but u changed my thinking" Or even better, this one from
Riley Burke(porn model)" U know I was never into Negroes but I would let ya shove Ur dick in my ass"..... Now I could take the statement ugly......but hes 21(was drunk at the time) and I know what he means to say..... it was a compliment of sorts. Just little things like this help to change thinking patterns. Think about it, a 21yr kid who uses the word Negro(that is ole fashion term like Colored)where would he get it from? Somebody older than him, probably from all white community, and he is just repeating terms he heard growing up......ding ding. So instead of drama, I thanked him for compliment and corrected him to use a more updated PC version of the word such as African American or just say Black, kissed him and smacked him back on the ass sent him on his way.

Dealing with Lack of Press this year, Lack of Work(for reasons above)it was a tough year for me. Added that I busted my ass in performances on screen and lack of nominations drives me nuts. FEAR was a mega hit, yet it wasn't reviewed.....Let me tell ya!!

In FEAR(if u don't know)I do an amazing water sports scene in which I'm standing behind Francois Sagat(who is tied up) and piss over him, but the piss lands right onto top of his head(takes skills, u guys need to see the scene)Also I monster fuck Sagat and lick my own cum from his skull tat(a must see) yet wasn't nominated for anything. I then read the reviews of Breakers my scene was reviewed well, but very downplayed on my actions in the scene. To put it bluntly I piss over a Toyota Forerunner(yes that is correct)no mention of it at all in review. My body was perfection, no mention of it, a great fucking sequence with Victor Banda trimmed down to 3 lines about the scene. I was/am upset at that, so u can say I'm venting big time now.

What more can I do???? I'm already working twice as hard as everybody, so I'm just bummed out. And then it hit me............. Denzel Washington was in movie after
movie and never won an Oscar until he played a Bad guy on screen. Which means to me that I have to go against the character I created. Diesel is massive, take charge and bossy. No I wont be bottoming(like That is ever going to happen!!)but I need to go from the Bad guy to good guy.

Enter good news now:

Release date of my next movie is coming up Like I said I work hard on my movies and this is no different. My newest movie I have two scenes in one movie, my first scene was awesome and I really bring a new style of fucking to the table(a must see) my final scene I will say this DOUBLE FISTIN AND DOUBLE FOOTING while pissing at the same time(picture it). If this movie doesn't push me ahead of the pack, I wont say it...........

I start filming next month on my next film, and listen to this, My partners, one White guy and my other Partner is Black!!!!! So this should stop the rumors and hear say. And to my "Own" community u better support this film it will star Diesel Washington in his most shocking scene ever!!! Working on the screen treatment right now as we speak.

So to end this blog right 2008 is my year!!!! From the looks of this years Award show 2007 was the Year of Twink. I saw the trend happening, Porn is shifting its direction toward a younger crowd, even the consumers are younger nowadays, and its in fashion to be a Porn star, regardless of if u have skill or talent. Just like in Straight porn long gone are the days of Big Fake Tits on the female performers, people want natural tits and girl next door looks now. Just like gay porn,the shift went from Steroid hunks moving it, to Boy next Door with the Jock body looks, to even just little boys barely over 21 looking to make a name for themselves. Some granted are good performers............ the rest were working for another check and are cute. Flatout

More in Next post

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Okay I want to say thanks for all the support from the fans and other models in the business. Really I want to say thanks for everything!!!. In the two years(almost)in doing this business I have met some really great people. Now in my last blog I wrote that I didnt want to say anything to start a chain of events....... But Im ready to talk now.......

We all know that I wasnt going to use this excuse that I was not nominated was due to me being Black. Not using that bullshit, because I knew from the door, Diesel was going to have a hard time in this business(Getting even Harder as we speak). To prove myself I would have to work twice as hard as other performers to get the same press or honors, Duh I knew that!!!!! I have to push myself harder and harder........ Im tired though!!! And things are getting alittle out of hand now!!! Case in Point Gayvn expo, Hustlaball, Afterparty for Hustlaball, Flight plans. As follows:

Gayvn expo I was really dissapppointed in the turn out and the Gay presence at this years Expo was very small(due to politics). There is always politics with everything in this business and my eyes are opening to the money game more and more. I still had a great time at Expo and meeting the fans that did turn out. What was even better I had the chance to meet Mr Marcus(favorite of mine pics soon)and the pleasure of meeting Lexington Steele again(We laughed about my blog, hes a a really nice guy pics soon). My appeal is gaining in popularity with women(not sure about industry though LOL)which is surprising. I was there to represent for the Gays and more and more women(married, single, female performers)were very happy at Diesel's presence at the Expo. It was very flattering for all the attention and I was happy for it. Even though the previous night there was a problem at Hustlaball......

Hustlaball. I was hyped for the event and did my interviews like usual. I danced abit during the course of the evening. Prior to the show, there were concerns about Diesel and Damiens and Dean Flynn's performance on stage. Representatives" of the events stated there would be NO WATERSPORTS ALLOWED ON STAGE AT ALL, SIMULATION ETC ETC.... I failed to remember the year before, Diesel, Alex, Tober performed and basically tour up the stage and caused panic. The producers of this year's show were so worried about the performance, it resulted in a heated debate, in which Titan was pulled from show, and Diesel was asked to leave. Bottomline Diesel was still paided for the event LOL, Moving on.........

Afterparty of Hustlaball. I was alittle nervous about going to after party after everything that happened. I was recieved warmly at the event, and actually had a great time. My Piss boy in Crime Damien Crosse was a no show at event(read his blog to find out why he was a no show at this event) And oddly enough I was asked to perform at this event. In doing damage control, I had to find a replacement(which wasnt hard LOL) His replacement Zack Randall(google him)more than lived up to expectations. Not only is Zack Randall a great performer but hes a cool kid and it was great hanging out with him. On the word to the wise, Damien if u miss another Event there is the form of a Zack Randall on ur heels as replacement LOL(Love ya Damien). The performance was insane and I saw jaws dropping during the show(I will have pics soon).

The day after... was spent shopping and touring the city and just enjoying my time. I spent the last day with Damien and Angelo(love u guys)we caught a couple of mins at the Falcon Party(pics soon)and then back to hotel. Then the bullshit starts my Flight was canceled due to weather so I had to stay an extra day in Las Vegas(not bad)I went to other parties, had a blast and back home. So in the next couple of days i will post the pics and I have to wait from other sources who were at the events to get the rest of the pics for ya guys/girls.

Special Thanks to
Bruce Cam
Keith Webb
Zack Randall
Angel Benton
Brandon Baker
"Representative" Howard Marr(Love ya LOL)
and to all the models that were cool as shit to me in Las Vegas(more on that in another blog)
Mister Fleshbot (u can lick my pits anytime)
Gio Photorgraphy
Jeffrey Davids
Photorgrapers at the events for takin my pics

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I hope everybody had a happy New Year!!!! Now I'm gearing up for Expo in Las Vegas and I should have some fun when out there, just partying and seeing the Fans!!!! Moving on..............

I just heard word that the nominations for the Awards were announced today(GayVN). UMmmmmm......... just alittle taken back is all. Diesel Washington was not nominated in any field......
I don't have a reaction at this point..........alittle mad maybe...... alittle upset.......damn right!!!!!! But first, shot out to Damien Crosse who was nominated for Best Solo scene(I told ya!!!) Shot Out to the Movie FEAR was nominated for Best Specialty Release.

Ummmmmm.......not sure what to say at this point............I could go into detail about why I wasn't nominated for anything................. but it would start a chain of events that I would rather handle myself......... But......

I know I'm an Excellent Performer, and from reaction of Fans, Studio heads, Directors, Models, and Crew nobody has to tell me that I don't bring my A game every time I step on that set. Onstage I perform to Best of Ability and I have gained a huge following.

I will say one thing about this situation...... to be nominated for any award the Movies I could only be nominated for were.......... Crossing the Line: Cop Shack2 (Feb 07 release) BOILER(Mar 07 release) FEAR(Nov 07 release). To expand on this..... Cop Shack 2 and Boiler were filmed(mid Sept 2006) FEAR(was filmed Jul 07)
Notice any gaps in time?????

End of post............. I have to throw up now!!!!