Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Okay I want to say thanks for all the support from the fans and other models in the business. Really I want to say thanks for everything!!!. In the two years(almost)in doing this business I have met some really great people. Now in my last blog I wrote that I didnt want to say anything to start a chain of events....... But Im ready to talk now.......

We all know that I wasnt going to use this excuse that I was not nominated was due to me being Black. Not using that bullshit, because I knew from the door, Diesel was going to have a hard time in this business(Getting even Harder as we speak). To prove myself I would have to work twice as hard as other performers to get the same press or honors, Duh I knew that!!!!! I have to push myself harder and harder........ Im tired though!!! And things are getting alittle out of hand now!!! Case in Point Gayvn expo, Hustlaball, Afterparty for Hustlaball, Flight plans. As follows:

Gayvn expo I was really dissapppointed in the turn out and the Gay presence at this years Expo was very small(due to politics). There is always politics with everything in this business and my eyes are opening to the money game more and more. I still had a great time at Expo and meeting the fans that did turn out. What was even better I had the chance to meet Mr Marcus(favorite of mine pics soon)and the pleasure of meeting Lexington Steele again(We laughed about my blog, hes a a really nice guy pics soon). My appeal is gaining in popularity with women(not sure about industry though LOL)which is surprising. I was there to represent for the Gays and more and more women(married, single, female performers)were very happy at Diesel's presence at the Expo. It was very flattering for all the attention and I was happy for it. Even though the previous night there was a problem at Hustlaball......

Hustlaball. I was hyped for the event and did my interviews like usual. I danced abit during the course of the evening. Prior to the show, there were concerns about Diesel and Damiens and Dean Flynn's performance on stage. Representatives" of the events stated there would be NO WATERSPORTS ALLOWED ON STAGE AT ALL, SIMULATION ETC ETC.... I failed to remember the year before, Diesel, Alex, Tober performed and basically tour up the stage and caused panic. The producers of this year's show were so worried about the performance, it resulted in a heated debate, in which Titan was pulled from show, and Diesel was asked to leave. Bottomline Diesel was still paided for the event LOL, Moving on.........

Afterparty of Hustlaball. I was alittle nervous about going to after party after everything that happened. I was recieved warmly at the event, and actually had a great time. My Piss boy in Crime Damien Crosse was a no show at event(read his blog to find out why he was a no show at this event) And oddly enough I was asked to perform at this event. In doing damage control, I had to find a replacement(which wasnt hard LOL) His replacement Zack Randall(google him)more than lived up to expectations. Not only is Zack Randall a great performer but hes a cool kid and it was great hanging out with him. On the word to the wise, Damien if u miss another Event there is the form of a Zack Randall on ur heels as replacement LOL(Love ya Damien). The performance was insane and I saw jaws dropping during the show(I will have pics soon).

The day after... was spent shopping and touring the city and just enjoying my time. I spent the last day with Damien and Angelo(love u guys)we caught a couple of mins at the Falcon Party(pics soon)and then back to hotel. Then the bullshit starts my Flight was canceled due to weather so I had to stay an extra day in Las Vegas(not bad)I went to other parties, had a blast and back home. So in the next couple of days i will post the pics and I have to wait from other sources who were at the events to get the rest of the pics for ya guys/girls.

Special Thanks to
Bruce Cam
Keith Webb
Zack Randall
Angel Benton
Brandon Baker
"Representative" Howard Marr(Love ya LOL)
and to all the models that were cool as shit to me in Las Vegas(more on that in another blog)
Mister Fleshbot (u can lick my pits anytime)
Gio Photorgraphy
Jeffrey Davids
Photorgrapers at the events for takin my pics


ghani3an said...

im really waiting for the pics
i've been waiting for the updates for 2weeks :(

Papi Chulo said...

So sorry to hear you weren't nominated ...

When I posted the list on my website ... and I was going through the names ... I was shocked to see you weren't there ...

You totally deserve it dude!

~Papi Chulo~

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it, big guy. You the best. Period. You know it. We know it. That all that matters.

Markus Ram said...

I'm not surprised man. After working for two years at "the bird", I saw all too well the goings-on behind the scenes in this business. And bottom line, pardon the pun, is that it's tough if you aren't mainstream product (white/light ethnic guy) in this business.

Thank god for companies like Titan though. At least for them it's not a matter of being "marketably" black. It's nice to be a hot guy first, then black second. ;)
Hope to see you around in 2008!

Anonymous said...

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