Sunday, March 23, 2014


So I'm walking to the awards shows with Tommy Defendi/Roy Jones(bestfriend) and We are smoking a blunt on the way  to the  Hookies Awards. I ran into rising star Tyson Tyler.  I think he is a Hot guy, so here are a couple of pictures of us together "In the Moment" to popular stars in the moment....

So at the Hookies and I run into Mister  Zach.  As soon as We run into each other We have a quick "Tea" session, in that session We pick our next targets and Make interesting news. As guys who have been blogging for years, It's always good to run into each other and just have some fun and "Gossip".

Also got to say hello to Leo Forte,MrPam,JayBlack,CutlerX,BravoDelta,DuncanBlack and the list could go on and on...It's like running into old friends who u havent seen in a couple of years and stuff. Good times good times...

FYI I was alittle drunk at the event but I did manage to get some Videos of the event:

Tommy Defendi good good friend Congrats.. Duncan Black another good friend from back in the day

At some point I got so twisted that lucky Me since I had my Best friend with Me...Roy Jones I was able to make it back to the hotel safe and sound. Lost my phone and a microphone for a camera...


Party like a Rock Star and that happens....

Oh I didn't have a chance to post my newest Youtube video..

SO HERE IT IS....MY NEWEST YOUTUBE: I posted this on Vimeo as well but I forget to let people know I did a Youtube one as well

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Black&White from Diesel Washington on Vimeo.

TRYING this Lap Dance thing....

Okay I'm not the best at this, so I'm trying to be entertaining for the fans and my workouts are going well...

Anyway enjoy!!

I do these for you guys!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Motivation&Dedication from Diesel Washington on Vimeo.

I had some hard times in this Porn business, but I get back up and dust off myself and get ready for another day.  I just felt like doing another "Gym" Video with a twist..

So sit back and enjoy the Video, I do it for you the fans.


Thursday, March 13, 2014


It's not a secret that I am Bi polar, I kinda of wear it like a badge of Honor, while most guys come up with a Persona which has to be "On" at all times...

On my blog and on Twitter I tend to let the Tweets and posts fly without much editing...

In my years on blogging, I always thought having a blog was the ability to express our thoughts clearly and just have a little hole on the Internet that you share "Intimate Thoughts" with.  My blog has always clashed with that idea of what a Porn Star blog should look like.

In other blogs, I have talked about other bloggers just having a Glam blog which boasts pictures of themselves from various photo shoots...Times have changed...

Due to new social networking media, Blogs are almost a thing from the past.  Times are changing and it seems nobody has time to sit down and read anymore. Which leads to my next question?

Is the Blogger alive and well....

Porn blogs have changed for the better, In fact popular blogs today are really doing their homework and finding out as much information as they can about a model.  Some of that news is good and ALOT of it is bad.  But bloggers are the ones for giving the fans some background info on a new model, or just sharing pictures/promotions of their favorites models/companies/studios..


I'm rambling I wanted to stay up to date with fans..

I did a quick short Vid for you so enjoy!!