Sunday, May 31, 2009

WHY CANT LIFE BE EASY???by the "Editor"

Life is always hard......

When Ur riding high and everything is going great... Things Happen!! Either bad things...or even better things.

This is one of those times when things get better!!

As far as goes Porn goes...Things cant go better.. Usually, during those times is when the Editor's personal life is fucked up!! But not this time..I'm learning how to be open and enjoy a courtship.. Yes dating.... The Editor has been dating and I must admit its Fun!!

Big "D" usually dreads the dating scene, Diesel doesn't date!! There are reasons why Diesel doesnt date!! Diesel is like a Walking Wrecking Machine!!! But Diesel does have his power of seducing..... Showing Off for attention, and turning People on is what he does Part time. It comes easy, its all about the Goods(Body, Dick, Attitude)!

The "Editor" on the other hand, is one giant mess! I tried dating several times and bad outcomes is the norm. I know its hard for some people to get past the Escorting, Porn and the Business Focus(I work hard). But the Hardest thing to overcome, is the fact that "The Editor" is kind of Dorky.....

There I said it....the Dark Secret of Diesel... His creator is a Big Dork!!

Its easy to create a character that everybody wants, U use only the strong points of Our personality. When Ur a Dork, its not so easy.... The Editor likes Dark Humor and talks like a ChatterBox(very long winded)I tend to Over analyze things and I'm Highly sensitive. Not a good combination!!

Lets exam this:

As Diesel, I can get laided very easy and get paided for it...Because I'm good at Performing. The way Diesel walks and talks makes U only thing about Sex... It's called my "Swagger" I then take what I learned about Human Sexuality.. Control is very important..being able to control the situation in the Bedroom is Golden. Nobody wants to be in bed, with a person that is awkward in the sex department. Diesel escorts and has learned alot like, How to read a body?, What makes them excited??? What foreplay is the best? How to push the limits. Diesel lives and breaths Sex!!

More Importantly, Diesel knows how to play the game. Being somewhat Unattainable is attractive..People always want something that they can't get. Diesel is the "Playa" everybody wants. Some People may disagree and say "I hate players" but at the same time they find it sexy(Its true!) Being a Playa, makes some People comfortable, its the No strings attached persona.... U don't have to walk into the situation with expectations of it leading to something more. It's all about the Sex!!

Lastly its all about the confidence!! Being confident is so sexy!!! That is a no brainer...Confidence makes anybody sexy! Diesel is both confident and cocky! U mix the two together equally and U have a potent combination....Sex God!!

Now the drawbacks of "The Editor":

He screams Dork!! The Comic Book thing.....Sci Fi thing..the vast knowledge of useless trivia. Out breaks of goofy behavior, being strange and weird.

I'm ranting now... the good part is coming!!

When U find someone that can look past the Escorting, Porn, Business sense and can get past the Dork part(actually be turned on by the Dork side rather then the Diesel Side)then U have a Winner!!! I finally found that!!!

I dated several people that were attracted to the Diesel character and found "The Editor" to be alittle boring. Ouch!! When People are attracted to U more when Ur Acting Diesel!! is hard to swallow...I mean U created the character that is the Sex God, U can't blame people for being attracted. But when Ur not "On" and those same People prefer Diesel instead of Yourself. Can be upsetting at times.

I will be honest, I have been to several events, when I'm there to meet Fans. Upon People meeting me for the first time, I see that some People are disappointed that I'm not Overly Aggressive or Mean in Person. Even upset that I'm not being Cocky or a Big Show Off. I hear it all the time "Ur Much Different from Ur On screen Persona" I say "I know because On screen I play a character, I'm being myself rite now!!"

Now scratch all that bullshit!!! I found that person that Loves the Geek/Dork in Me! Yummy!!

They get the sense of Humor, there is big flow of communication between Us!! They get it!!! Now will I make them apart of my blog..only time will tell!

I'm just happy rite now! I don't want to fuck it up!! I'm not rushing it! I'm taking my time and doing it rite!

This was a very long winded post.....all I wanted to say was I'm dating a Very Special person... I look forward to spending time with this person.

Oddly enough, they didn't know that I do Porn(which is a plus)Sex wise, it works well because they are not into Sex!! Meaning that Sex is way down the list of things that are Important. And I have admitted before that I was a cuddlier...Ding Ding!!!They rather cuddle then have Sex....How great is that???? Affection over Animal Sex!! I love it!!! Sex is easy(to me) !! Affection???that is something that I have missed for a long time.

So "The Editor" is dating someone special.... I'm Happy!! both Personally and Business wise

Where is my Baby!!!???

At home, reading My blog!! Don't Worry, Daddy is coming over soon!! Right after I finish this...

Bye bitches someone is waiting for me...

So funny to say that now LOL


There is alot going on on this page..

We first have up the Vid...Driving back to New Jersey from Chi Town. We left Chi Town at 8am in the morning, we didn't want to get stuck in Traffic(Memorial day Traffic)so we decided to leave bright and early(that is why I missed the Porn star Brunch)and it was a long drive home.. Im just sitting in the back of the car napping away. I have to admit I was stuck on Stupid for the entire time in the Car back home. I simply had the Time of My Life!! Check out the Vid.

I really Love this One!!Hooker Bunny and Bunny Raper made up this Vid for If U dont know whom I'm talking about...that would be Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho. Anyway Congrats on Ur Wedding!! Love ya Guys!!! And yeah I finally did it!!!

I love it!!!

Then the Pics above.. On stage with Spike(Congrats on the Hall of Fame thanks for Pic Cool Tom)..Talking with Wolf Hudson.... Pissing Into My Mouth( and Super Agent Howard from Diesel with the Vid Camera getting footage(still need to post some of the Crazy stuff that happened!)

Whew!!!! that's alot of stuff right there..

Okay What else?

I know what I wanted to talk about... Now I was really Low key at alot of the events..I dont know? At this point of my Career, I tend to stay away from doing Interviews.. And I'm getting alot more Nervous when I'm around crowds.... Its not that I'm scared of anything happening.. Its more that I feel that I have to be "On" and its getting funny now because I feel I have a target on my back now!!

I ran into Race Copper a rising Pornstar...We talked briefly..what was strange? I saw photos of him Online and he has been getting alot of Press lately. I'm happy for him!!! I encourage more Men of Color to step into the Ring(Industry) Not to sound Cocky!! But I really set the Bar high for other Performers in the Business(Wheter Black or White) But I see alot of Stars bringing their A game.. Matthew Rush working with Titan and doing Watersports with Sagat... Eric Rhodes and Sagat, and I heard they were doing some Fisting????...

Wow!!! Sagat is going to Come Hard this Year!!! I'm not Hating at all!!! Congrats!!!U HEARD IT HERE FIRST!! MARK MY WORDS!!!

He is coming Hard!!! I love watching Sagat!!

Okay the Song and Dance is Over!!

The biggest questions for me is "What to Do Next?" "My Next Goal?"
This should be easy to figure out..... But its not!! I still want to be recognized by the Gayvn......Moving on(LOL).. Working on my Own projects!! Working Big Time!!! Touring Dates still working on that...

I might go to the Rentboy Pool Party in Palm Springs..The guys were so Nice at the Resort last year, so it makes it worth while to go again.... Also Hustlaball NYC is coming in Oct.

Trip planned to Washington DC this week..... I'm announcing it alittle late but I will be in Washington Jun 1-3 leaving in the Afternoon on the 3rd. From there I will announce where I will be going next... Possible Florida? possible LA. I'm still figuring out the details.

I wanted to announce the the Blatinoawards by FlavaMen it is an Erotic Awards Show for Men Of Color. I think its a Great Idea!!! Now I'm not writing this to be nominated or anything (I'm not a douchbag like that LOL) I wanted to announce the Show because I believe strongly that Men of Color should have their own Award show.. U figure that Gayvn has an Ethnic themed award (Special Class) its still treated as a Niche in gayporn...Same as Twink porn.. another (Special Class). If the Twinks created their own award show, I would support that too... Equal representation!!!

I'm getting off subject..I just wanted to give my support to the Blationawards!.

Another Topic.. How to Keep My blog from sucking???? I trying to think of New ways to keep the blog fresh... Its hard!! U win an award for writing a blog.. U now have to step up Ur game even more now. Take for example, Eric Rhodes blog...When he was single... it would be story after story of How he hates Porn and Performing...the Drugged out Nights and all of that stuff.. Soon as He gets a Bf the blog changed... he's not miserable anymore!! He found Love!!! Nothing to Rant about when Ur happy... Eric's post used to come from that Dark side of being Single and Lonely.. Not any more!!

I dont want my blog to suck, I won all these big awards so I'm happy for now! No more whining about Awards or getting recogition from the Industry!! But alot of that energy went into my writing because I had that drive to keep pushing for attention. Now I just have to maintain. People are happy that I won!! And some people are sad that I won(I will tell ya why)because some of My best blogging has been when I was upset or mad. Don't worry I'm sure I will find something to be Mad about(LOL)

I have alot Up my sleeve as far as content goes...Dont worry about it though, The blog will remain Fresh and Up to date!!!

Moving on yet again....... I told People before, I do not Text or Twitter.... I'm sick of that Twittering Shit!!!! I really dont want People knowing where I am every second of the day(U got to kidding!). If I do not text, What makes ya think I would Twitter????? I'm Ur basic Blogger, I was blogging when it was first called writing a Journal online.. So stop asking me...I do not have a Twitter account... I do not Text.... Stop blaming me for not getting Ur text messages or Twitter. I will experiment with Vlogging... Chi Chi, Wolf Hudson, Mr Summers are all Vloggers, I would try that.... Here is example of Vlogging

And Congrats to Mommy Washington for winning a Messy Award from Chi Chi LaRue Coolest Person in the Room award!!. LOL thanks Chi Chi!

More to write later

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Okay, U know I will keep going back to the Grabbys every now and then........and Now is one of those times.....

I forgot to thank Some People when I was on I'm taking the time to Thank those People Now!!!

I mentioned on stage thanks to Titan!!! and I left out Keith Webb(it was by accident)so I will make it up here!!! Big Thanks to Keith Webb.

Mr Summers...I got Ur email and Youtube and thanks Little man(Remember I interviewed him a month ago)Thanks for the Shout Out!!

Dean Tucker.... Ur such a sweetheart thanks.

Howard from Fabscout..... Dude we are Family.. Thanks

Kawai and James Sheridan(Titan's Editing Team) I'm so sorry I didn't mention U guys on stage...I was nervous, when U get on stage U have so many People to thank U lose track. But Big Shout Out to Titan's Editing team.....U Dudes made Me look hot!! Without U guys I would look like shit on screen.

Markus Ram....Dude, When I first met ya at Folsom I was like "Who is this Guy with his Fangs Out for Me??!!!" LOL Since then... U have had my back and even gave Me support when nobody else would have spoken Up!!! U always told Me!! U would come out of retirement to do a scene with Me... and U did just that!!! Our scene in Folsom Prison rocked!! It will be around forever and its one of the strongest scenes in Folsom Prison, it become an Infamous scene in the coming years. I was Happy to work with ya!!! And the finished project was amazing...that scene wouldn't have gone over big without ya!

Steven Ponce..... Our Scene in Telescope should have won Best Duo at Gayvn's...Anyway most People give me the credit for the scene... but a Strong Top needs an equally Strong Bottom to be paired with to make that scene shine like that.

Damien Crosse.... Dude U are my best friend..I hope U don't Hate Me for not making it to Ur Wedding... But I was in Chi Town winning some awards...Anyway.. I wished U the best on stage and I Owe ya a Wedding present!!! I'm coming to see ya soon Baby boy...give my Love to the Bunny Raper!!! Damien U were the one that listened to me Bitch and complain when times were rough.... U were my buddy!!! When alot of people turned their back on Me.. I love ya!!!

Slaveboy Bill(U know who U are!!) U gave Me the best advice when the chips were down...U remained at my service in more ways than one. Good Boy!

Jeff, Brandon Baker and Sean Van Sant (the Rentboy People) U make it Hip to be a Hooker.... U invited me to so many events and took care of Me. There is nothing else I can say but Thanks!!

Angel Benton....My little Peter Pan!! U were one of the first Bloggers that gave me any type of Press..For that Thanks.

Gayfleshbot.. I thanked all the bloggers I could remember on Stage and I left ya out...I'm sorry...U guys gave me Press after Press when nobody else would touch me.

Tony Di Marco.... the first director Post Titan that called Me Up wanting to work with me...Everybody else thought I was done!!! Everybody wrote Me off when I went Free Agent.... U were the first Director to Call Me Directly and ask me to work for Ya!!! Even got me on the Cover of Rear Deliveries

Steven Cruz... dude U put Me down on the Movie that U were working on.... Most Porn stars would say We should do a Scene together and Never really Mean it! U asked me and Bamm We were filming!!! I'm Over the Redlight issue...And Congrats on Ur Performer of the Year award.

Falcon for hiring me to do Asylum.... Again People put me on the Washed up list but Falcon took a shot and put me on the Asylum Cast......And that Movie was Huge!!

Chi Chi LaRue... There were alot of People that were talking in Our ears about the Black Balled project.... In Hind sight I'm sorry I didn't do the Movie because it came out Big.... But then again...U saved Me for Ur biggest budget movie this Year "TAKEN" and I know that movie will be an Instant Classic!! U rock Chi Chi...U gave My mother a hard time at the Grabbys...but I know U did it all in Fun!!! And my mother was laughing the whole way Home!!

Mark and Stacy(Grabbys) U guys set the tone this year... Ur awards show was Huge..It opened the door to more Men of Color performers trying to get into the Industry. The aftershock of the awards will be felt for years down the road. I'm sorry I didn't Thank U guys on Stage...but I will be forever indebted to U guys. U Started the trend in this business.... now Performers of every race and back ground can come into this Industry and get equal shine.

Just Us Boys Mag..... Ur issue on Diversity opened the curtain on the Industry....When most publications wouldn't touch the subject, U not only touched the subject but wrote honestly about Studios not using more Men Of color in its casts. That was Big!

Again I have to thank and U GUYS ARE FAMILY!!! I thanked U guys on stage! But I have to Thank U guys again.... The awards really belong to Ya!!! People had Me counted out...and u kept bringing me back to life through Ur stories and News reports!!!LOVE YA GUYS!!!



And thanks to the Haters!! Without Ur constant Hate!!! Shit talking, Finger pointing, Rude comments, Name Bashing I wouldn't have found the energy to keep going!!!

I went from a Guy that Jerks off to Porn....... to the Performer of the Year in this Industry!! Wow!!

Cinderella Move Over!!! There is a New Story in Town!!


Okay I have done a playlist before....this time I wanted to add some oldies that I still listen to after all these years..

Yeah most People think I only listen to Rap or R/B but I have influences from Heavy Metal, some folk, some Pop I have different tastes.

I dont know? I wanted to do something different on the blog. Its not easy coming up with Ideas to keep this blog Fresh!!

Anyway enjoy the Music!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Performer of the Year!!! Wow!!!

What does that mean to me????..... All the hard work I put in the business finally pays off!!! I can exhale and breath finally!!! All the bitching and whining all the sleepless nights finally will be over!!!

Performer of the Year means alot to me in many ways!!! There is no longer a glass ceiling in Porn!!! That invisible wall has been broken down!!! and smashed!!! To all the Men of Color that do Gay Porn, there are no boundaries in this business(as far as the Grabbys are concerned)Now get off Ur Ass and perform!!! No excuses!!!

I hear it all the time!!! Black Studios and Black porn models don't bother to come to the Gayvn's or the Grabbys...Why???? Because ethnic based companies wont win any awards because they are deemed a Niche or speciality class in Gay Porn!! While there is truth to this...... If U don't come and represent then it will always remain that way!!! I don't believe in the term Interracial scenes!!! I always thought a Hot model is a hot model and only that!!!

To be Honest... the Grabbys showed Diversity at its best!!! Finally an awards show that reflects Modern Day Society!!! All different races and faces all together to celebrate the best in Porn!!!

To show How Diverse the Wins were and how Men of Color were represented!!! Take a look at the Winners of the Grabbys 2009!!!

Best Box cover and Screen Play

Black Meat White Heat!! All worlds

Best Ethnic and Best Cum Scene and Best All Sex film

Black Balled 6

Now!!! To understand things clearer!!! Black Balled 6 beat out some of the Bigger productions that were All white casts in the Best all Sex film category(beat my Movie Telescope)so the times are changing!!! Also Black Meat and White Heat beat to The Last Man by Raging stallions in the Screen Play category!!! That was Huge!!!! Diversity was Big this year, I only wish there was a showing by Ethnic Companies at this year's awards show!!! Maybe there was???!!! It would have been Nice to See Some of the Cast of Black Balled 6 up on stage getting their due....

But I don't blame the cast for not showing..... after the Gayvn's and years and years of being put into a speciality class without any recognition. Its hard to think that this year would be any different....

MARK AND STACY really showed that this year was different and that the Grabbys are more progressive in terms of reflecting How Society is Nowadays!!! People of all Races being represented and accounted for!!!

THANK YOU MARK AND STACY for making the awards this year!!! Refreshing and Unpredictable!!!

Performer of the Year!! What it means to me Work Wise!!!

This Win will not change anything!!! All the studios knew that I'm a great performer!! But we are in a recession, until that changes I will not get anymore work!!! I live on the East Coast and the cost of Flying Me in and putting Me in a hotel and paying my scene rate is kinda of high. I think I'm worth it though....Look at my track record!!!! I have alot of hits under my belt!!!

Better yet!!! The Studios should look at it this way...... Ur getting the Performer of the Year!!!! So Ur getting a model that will give His all for a Scene!!! I also won Best Porn star U will get the best promotion for Ur movie at the same time!!! So a Smart business man gets alot from One model...a great performer and promotion on a Top Porn star's blog!!!

Can U say Duh!!!!???

I'm still starting my Own business.... but in the meantime I would like to work for some studios that I didn't have the chance to work with.......And work with some Performers that I didn't get a chance to work with.....

Speaking of which......Can Diesel work with an Exclusive Now!!!!!!

I won Performer of the Year!!! Since becoming a Free agent I haven't worked with any Studio Exclusives yet!!!!

Can this change before the year is out????

I'm calling the Studios out on this one!!!!

Give Diesel an Exclusive to handle!!! Geez!!!!


Okay I was in Chi Town, from Thursday to Sunday and the whole time I was down there..... I didn't get any action!!! I didn't fuck one person!!! It feels so strange to be surrounded by so many hot porn stars and not be able to touch One!!!

First off the Bat, I was sharing a Hotel room with My Mother and Step Father!!! So it wasn't like I was inviting anybody over for any fun!!! But there were alot of Hotties running around but I guess I was playing stupid!!!

I don't know????? There were only a few boys who I would stalk.........1. Ty Colt!!!!

I know I said it before..... Troy over at Falcon(Congrats to Troy for Hall of Fame), introduced Us at Hydrate...but I talked to Ty on the Set of Asylum...... While I couldn't get a fix on his personality(we talked briefly) I find Ty physically stunning!!!! His Face, Body and Ass simply Sexy as fuck!!! *Sigh I see that he is only Topping on film so Far, So chances are slim that we will get to do a scene together. Damn Damn Damn........ Well I will put out this Statement!!!!


The next boy

Cameron Marshall, now this is strange, I think this boy is a hottie!!! He was one of the Few Porn stars that actually spoke to me. I saw him at Hydrate, and he came to me directly and gave me a Huge Hug. I then saw him again at IML leather market where He came out of his way again and gave me another Hug....

He hugged me at Lucky Horseshoes(Raging Stallion party)
He hugged me at the Grabbys twice!!!

Now My Dick is saying "Talk to Him he is a hottie!!!" stopping Me is my brain saying "He has a BF which is the Cute as Hell Kyle King" I don't mess with boys who have boyfriends.....Only because I'm single!!! Hate to see People get their cake and eat it too....

Next Tommy Defendi........ I saw the boy a few times....and he is cute as shit!!! Well I have to be honest here.....I gave the kid a hard time....The only reason why I gave the kid a hard time was I thought he was cute.... We spoke a few times...and I gave him the Mean face only because he had a few admirers around him... I don't flirt with guys in those situations..... He's young and I'm a pro at this game!!! Being a Pro is learning that its not cool to be some one's groupie....esp with all the Gutterbunnies around watching!!!

Next Dante from Randy Blue fame..... I have seen his work on Randy Blue and Corbin Fisher..... it was kinda of cool seeing him at the Grabbys, I was leaving the Grabbys when he approached me saying "Hey Diesel Congrats on the Awards, we were featured in the same Magazine JUST US BOYS" I knew Who he was and said "I know Ur Dante" he looked shocked that I would know his name....Of course I know Ur name Man...I'm a fan of Porn so I know who are the stars are...MUCH MUCH CUTER IN PERSON!!!! We spoke briefly.....and then I left. I get nervous in crowds(being honest)and there was a crowd around Us.

Next Vince Ferelli...what a fucking body!!! Huge and Massive and can take dick like a Pro... I spoke with Vince online and at several events and I think he's fucking hot!!! Yet again another Porn Star who has a girl friend and I don't mess with guys who have Bfs or Gfs, with me U cant have ur Cake and eat it too its just not fair....

There are tons of other Porn stars who are hot and I wanted to bone! but all the rest are Performers(the above are Performers as well but my Lust victims)!! There is a difference..... the above I would fuck over and over and still get hard time after time!!! They are Porn stars who I can Lust for because I probably wont get the chance to work with them!!!!

The next list of Performers I would Fuck but only on screen....the reason why I would want to fuck these guys on screen only... is because of the energy we would have on screen!!! I wouldn't want to taint that energy of the scene by having sex with these guys off camera because the tension and energy of waiting to have sex on screen would be crazy!!! And the honest truth....these performers are my friends so I couldn't lust over them because they are friends of mine!!!!

Adam Killian
Scott Tanner
Ricky Sinz
Wolf Hudson
TJ Hawke
Logan McCree
RJ Danvers
Mason Wyler even though his Bf Marcus is an asshole!!!
Matthew Rush
Jason Ridge
Robert Van Damme
Blake Riley

These guys are Hardcore Performers and working with them would make any scene in any movie super hot!!!!

The Next list of Performers are New Cummers that I wouldn't mind doing a scene with.....Some one has to show these boys the ropes!!!

Bobby Clark
Kyle King
Aden Stone
Austin Wilde
MJ Taylor
Lucky Daniels Who I was teasing Heavy for that Shameless hole Dvd with M.L. he was a good sport and I will admit I was teasing him kinda of hard but he took it with all smiles!!!

Nick Cross such a cute boy!!!

and some others but this blog is getting longer and longer!!! More to write soon!!!

Just to cause some drama there are some Porn stars who U couldn't pay me money to work with!!!!Because of Personal reasons

Ben Andrews
Tyler Saint
Jacob Powell who I saw at Grabbys and ignored him.....dude I have no respect for ya!!
Josh Hart

Sounds Harsh but Hey I'm honest Deal with It!!


I was back stage for this.... Chi Chi was tearing my Mommy UP!!! But I love Chi Chi to death... so I hold no bad blood LOL.....How Can I??? My Mother is getting is her own show with Chi Chi hosting it...... No really!! I love Chi Chi and My Mother loves Attention as well..... Maybe too much!!!LOL But We were laughing all the way home......The Washington's can take a Joke!!! Oh if Damien Crosse is reading this...... Baby Boy, I gave ya a Huge Shout out on Stage about Ur Wedding so I was thinking about ya Damien!!! Love ya and Bunny Raper(D' Macho)

I'm loving the show at this point...I didn't know that My mother would get so much attention at the show...But she took it very well...moving on...

Eric West's Muppet Show?????? Hmmmm????...... to be honest, GOD AWFUL!!! The Washington's didn't take it Personal or Racial at all!!! We just wished He was funny!!! The Voice was right!!! But the Jokes fell kinda of flat!! Anyway He tried!!! And No Diesel wasn't going to Lose it and Rush the Stage........Why???? I was in a Great Mood!!! I just won Best Porn Star Blog...and I was there to have Fun and enjoy myself!!! I did voice my Opinion......If u listen closely...I was the One that said "It was Painful to Watch!!" I felt bad for Eric West, the jokes were bad and I was embarrassed for him.....Nothing worse than being on Stage and trying to be funny and the jokes Fall flat....Ouch!!!

Oh Man!!! Diesel and Mommy Washington were getting chewed out Left and Right!!! And we were enjoying every minute of it!!!! So funny to see Wolf imitating the Diesel character on Stage!!! I noticed when he acted like Me..... Honey West was getting slightly turned on at the same time..... Funny funny stuff.....

Mark and Stacy from the Grabby awards, just messing with Diesel and his Mother again!!! I really didn't count on so much attention at the Awards!!! A few months ago I was crying like a little baby on my blog about not getting any attention and then
Grabby 2009 it was Shout Out after shout out for my Mother!! I was truly blessed that night at the Grabbys....Oh and Sorry Mark for not going to the After party BEACH!!! And since Mark reads my blog.... I will tell ya directly why I didn't go....

After I left the Grabbys, I went back to the Hard Rock hotel and was "Having Fun" with Scott Tanner, Adam Killian and "Ben" drinking and partying with TheSword boys.....sorry Mark LOL. But could ya blame me?????? These Men are smoking hot!!!LOL!!! Don't hate me for wanting to be around them.....

Hmmm? I have alot more to write so keep on reading....


This is Footage from Nick Young's friend Jimyvr, who I was sitting right next to!!! I also heard Nick saying... "I thought Diesel was a Hooker???"!!!! Yes I'm a Escort, Blogger, and Porn star, I wear alot of Hats in this Business. Its all about the Sex Industry.... I have seen the Industry from the Stand point of Escorting and making money... Performing on Screen to the best of my ability.... and then writing all about both worlds on my own blog.. Yes I have many talents!!! Anyway thanks to Jim for taking the footage and uploading it....It makes my job alot easier because I don't have to edit my own footage to put online.

Anyway, I was deeply honored I was presented the Performer of the Year award by Industry Heavy Weights such as Matthew Rush, Robert Van Damme, Jason Ridge all Legends themselves!!!! To be apart of that!!! Was truly amazing!!!! So above is the Footage of Diesel Accepting the Award of Performer of the Year!! Thanks to all the Fans!!

This is also footage from Jimyvr(Its great that he took all of this Footage) This was one of the Most Important awards of the evening for Me!!! To win a Grabby, for My Blog is simply Nuts!!!! It wasn't about my Sex on film, it was about my writing!!! This blog is my baby!!! I have been writing this blog since 2005, and I have been blasted by people left and right, Blog Wars!! and everything in between.. I was criticized for being too honest, writing too emotional and talking about subjects that most Porn stars wouldn't talk about!!! But that is what makes the blog interesting... It shows that Porn stars are Human!!! Bah Bah Bah....We all know this already!! I don't have to go into it again.... U know this!! I never charged money to read the blog, or safe guarded any of my Pics, it was made for the Fans!! And it will remain like that!!!!

Anyway...I wanted to share my reactions on stage with the fans so U could understand what I was going through at the Event.....There U have it!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Okay I have so much to write about the Chi town trip the most important things.........

Diesel Washington's Blog CRIMES AGAINST NATURE won Best Porn Star Blog Grabbys 2009

And the Most Important Award........Diesel Washington Won Performer of the Year!!!!!


I'm Performer of the Year for Grabbys 2009

I have so many stories....... So many pictures!!! Behind the Scenes Footage!!!

There are alot of things to Blog about........ But I have to get my head on Str8 first......

Everybody is waiting for the News on Mommy Washington!!!!

Coming soon will be the Interview with Mommy Washington...... And She will give her reactions to the Grabby Show and all the Hype that happened at the show and everything!!!


They ran the Biggest Awards show so far this Year!!! There were some shocking events that happened at the show!!!!

Gay Chicago Rocked!!!!

So let me finish the Ass kissing blog on Mark and Stacy, they took care of me very well....and showed Diesel and his Mother a Great time!!!

Most Shocking of all the action that went on...... Hearing the Voice of Stacy backstage announcing the Presenters on Stage!!! I never knew that Stacy Had the Voice of a Radio Jock Powerful and Manly!!! Everybody thought that Voice belonged to a big burly guy.. I was Shocked!!!

Mark was an amazing Host.... took care of all the Porn stars and ran a smooth show....with Huge Surprises and twists!!!


I really had a great time and was treated like a God!!!!

I guess that was enough Ass kicking for one day!!!!!


While on Stage!!! I wished the Hooker Bunny and the Bunny Raper a happy wedding!!!!

While I did want to attend their wedding...... I was in Chi Town attending the Grabby Awards with my Mom!!!

Oh and Congrats on Damien Crosse winning best Solo scene for his work on To the Last Man!!!! That award was long overdue!!!!!

I just got back home and I have alot of writing to do and Vids to edit!!!!

This was a quick Post to let People know How things went in Chi town at the Grabbys!!! More to come soon!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Francesco D'Macho and Damien Crosse are in love........ Baby boys if U are not in Chi Town I'm missing ya!!!! I want to say happy Wedding Bells for the both of ya!!! I miss ya Damien and I wanted to come to Ur Wedding!!! I'm stupid for not getting myself together for that trip!!!

Hmmmm? I'm out in Chi town and U and Francesco met out here for the Grabby Weekend last year....It has been a whole year now!!! And U guys are still together!!!! I want to Wish u guys well!!!!

I didn't forget about ya Damien!!!!!

Ur my Best Friend Bro!!!!

I only wish I was there with ya celebrating Ur Marriage to that Hunk of a Man..... Francesco, don't ever show me Ur Ass again!!!!! Ur tempting Me to do things.........And I can't play with My Best Friend's Man!!! Or maybe I can????

Anyway ......... Damien!!!! I miss ya!!! I LOVE YA VERY MUCH AND I WANTED TO WISH YA THE VERY BEST!!!!!


for the people who don't know......BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!!





Okay, after I checked into the hotel....No I'm not staying at the Hard Rock.....I took a shower, Ate some food and got ready for the party...

Now I was a dick at the Gayvn's so I made sure this time to have a good time!!! Got to the Party alittle High on Pot and ran into about 10 drinks while at the party!!!

I was Fucked Up!!!! I ran into the Sword guys and Ben and blazed up outside and was feeling good!!!!

Now I have learned to Open up around People......But I tend to be on the Geeky side.....When People first meet me they think I'm stuck up!!! Or have an attitude but I dont really have an attitude I'm just alittle shy around people..... I tend to talk alot!!! and make alot of jokes I guess I will call it that nervous energy I have!!!

I hope I dont let people down!!! When U first meet me!!! I'm not at all like My character...Who tends to be alittle Rough!!! I'm a Geeky Nerd who makes Wierd jokes and just likes to have fun!!!

Geez.... I will give the Run down on all the Porn Stars that were attending..... Chi Chi of course spinning the Hits!!!

Matthew Rush, Steven Cruz, Bobby Clark, Lucky Daniels, Roman Heart, Cameron Marshall, Jason Ridge, Bruno Bond, Blake Riley, Howard from Fabscout, Ryan Raz, Ben Leon, Scott Tanner, Andrew Justice, Wolf Hudson, Josh Weston, so many others!!!!

Stand outs were Ty Colt!!! Im fucking in Love with this Boy!!!! Cameron Marshall fucking hottie!!! I remember U coming up several times to say Hello!!! was Def in the house as well....

I was outside of the club smoking Weed with the Usual suspects......

And some guy with a Broken foot was chatting me up......and he decided to do a Magic Trick for Us!!! (Of course He wanted money)

Anyway I thought it was funny to get a Magic show in the Middle of the street!!!

I dont make up these stories!!!! was present and saw it all go down!!!

I had a couple more drinks..... by this time I was drunk...and I wasnt leaving with anybody and getting into trouble!!! ONLY IF IT WAS TY COLT OR CAMERON MARSHALL!!!! then I would get into trouble!!!!


FALCON!!!!! The minute that boy bottoms, U guys better call me to train him!!!!

Geez this post is getting alittle crazy!!!!

I'm sitting in Chi town on a computer writing blogs about Last Night!!!! I must be nuts!!!!

I dont know if I will go to the Leather Market or not!!!! But I should!!!! I didnt bring any Leather but I guess just showing up is Good enough!!!!

Let me get off this computer!!!! I need to hangout and enjoy myself!!!


Okay It was a fast Edit to get that Vid up from Yesterday....

So the Washington's are in Chi town right now....Mommy Washington is going to see a Baseball game this evening and I will be traveling around Chi town making friends and seeing the IML market... and I will go to some sights around the city and just take it in!!!

It was a long trip getting here!!! We had to stop for gas several times...but we raced down here quick as possible!!!

The funny part about the Road trip...We get stopped along the way for speeding!! Yes U guessed it!! Speeding!!! I was sleeping in the back of the car...I then heard the sirens and saw the lights....

Since I was sitting in the back I was not wearing a Seat Belt.....Baby Boy Diesel!!! So My Mom received a ticket for speeding and I got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt...... U cant make this stuff up!!!

THE BAD PEOPLE OF PORN!!: Diesel Washington and Mommy Washington!!! LOL

Enjoy the Vid!!!

Yeah its alittle long........but the footage is priceless!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm reading the News around the Internet...... I'm floored!!!

Eric Rhodes and Sagat????? Whoa that sounds Hot!!! So the Two finally get to do a Scene.... Nice!!!

I was reading the Titan Blog......... Matthew Rush and Sagat in a Scene together as well???? And possible Water Sports??????

Whoa the Big Guns are Flexing this year Wow!!! I'm Jealous!!! I really am!!! Those sound like some Fucking Hot Scenes!!! Knowing these guys they pulled out all the Stops!!!

Damn Damn!!! I love the Competition!!! I see that the Pros are stepping Up their game!!!

Whoa........It gives me the Itch to Perform!!!

Come on Even Ben Andrews is Clocking a Hot Scene with Rafael Alencar.... the oral scene on the train(I just saw the clip is all) Fucking Hot!! And I don't even like Ben Andrews!! But the Pairing of Two Big Dick Guys on a train blowing each other!!! Fucking Hot!!!!

Man!!! I'm Hungry!!

I treat this like a game of poker.... I had out 3 movies in one month!!!! I'm good!!! I still have due out "Taken" and "What Happens in Vegas". I'm taking it slow......

I showed a Good Hand......I want the other players to Deal their Cards!!! I respect Performers!!! Porn Models come and go!! But True Performers only come Once in a Life Time!!! A True Performer wants to create something that cant be duplicated.. Put two Performers together.... the Scene is Electric!!!

Damn!!! So many Performers that I want to work with!!!! I know the Scenes would be Amazing!!! *sigh

Moving on.........

I'm writing Scripts again........ I just wrote a Movie that I'm excited about!!!

Now I have no formal training in script writing..... So I basically follow the rules of filming a Scene and write the elements of the story combined.... Meaning...

I have the idea first... What the Movie is About.....

I then work on the characters....

Number of Sex scenes

Camera angles......I write them into the script....So it basically gives Me a setup of what the Opening Sequence is for every scene....

Then I do a Story Board.......Up until the Sex scene!!!

Then I write the dialog(which always changes)Funny and/or Serious!!

Now after that is all done!!! I try to remember first hand... that in every Scene.. there is an Opening sequence..Close Ups, Cut aways, Group Shots, Transitions both in the Acting and the Actual Sex Scene.

Confusing...... to say the least. All the elements have to be in Place just to film one scene.....

Taking into account the Model's acting ability, Energy level, and Performance level. This Shit is fucking hard!!!

Just putting all of this together is a pain in the Ass.... having all this into Play is one step.... U need to come up with a Budget....

This is not going to be easy....

To the Fans reading this Ur probably saying..... BBBBBooooorriiing!!!!!

But since I have some free time I will write Script after script, I can use the Script for my own Goals or share the wealth.......

What Else????

I also wanted to talk about this Blog..........

It was started in 2005...Yes 2005!!!

Everybody has a blog now!!! I know.... but I come up with Story after Story!! And I try to write any interesting blog about My life in Porn.....

Sometimes I go overboard and write too Personal!!!

Sometimes I talk about subjects that other models wouldn't dare touch!!

But I have to remember that I am a part of this Industry!!! I take my shots at the Industry(from time to time)....but at the same time I love this Industry...... We make Fantasies!!!

I'm Lucky to be embraced in this business..... I feel that I contributed to the Industry in a Positive Way!!! I may have done the Kinker Side of things and the Hardcore stuff!! But It was Done Safely!!! I wear that Medal Proudly!!! I don't do bareback work and Never will!!!


Okay, I'm about to head on this Road trip to Chi Town....... When I said I was going on Tour I meant it!!!

So Yeah I will be on the Long Road Trip to Chi Town..... with Mommy Washington and Step Father....

That is Correct!!! Mommy Washington and My Step Father and Diesel on a Road Trip to Chi Town!!

I will Blog every step of the Way.... Making Vid at each City along the Way and just showing the "THE ROAD TRIP OF THE WASHINGTONS"

Sounds exciting!!!

Who knows???

But Its always good to have interesting content for My blog!!!

Anyway I'm headed to Mommy Washington's House We leave in the morning......

Peace bitches!!


Yeah that Scary Ego!!!

I'm not the best writer by any means, but I try to word things a certain way so that U will understand(Or Not?).. So leave Me alone with the Grammar errors and run on sentences U keep emailing me about bah bah bah bah bah....

Anyway Ego!! Geez!! I will be the first one to Admit I have an Ego!!! I down play it...Try and Let things not bug me!!!But I always "PUT MYSELF OUT THERE!!" So this will be an Honest post about My Ego...

Okay, If U do Porn U have an Ego!!! Hands down!! It doesnt matter, How Humble U are or How Down to Earth U are!! U have to have somewhat of an Ego to be in this Business....

I dont have the biggest Cock in this Business, I dont have the Hottest Body in this Business, Cutest Face, or even the Most Handsome Face....But I have enough of Each!!


I watch Porn Big Time!!!In My personal Life I was using "Certain Positions" that I didnt see on Screen!! So when I decided to do Porn, I wanted to show People that I can do it all!!.

I have done the Crazy Watersports!!! Pissing Over Trucks (Breakers, Titan), Pissing Over Sagat's Head (Fear, Titan).

Insane Fisting: Fist Rape(Folsom Filth, Titan) Double Fisting/Footing (Telescope, Titan)

Creative Fucks: Bully(Telescope. Titan) Motorcycle (Playbook, Titan)

HARDCORE POWER FUCKING: Folsom Filth, Fear, Folsom Prison (Titan)

Romantic Scene: Double Standard, Titan

Anyway Bah bah bah......I know Ur probably thinking.. "U did this and that, What U want??...a Cookie?" Not a Cookie....*sigh

I would say I'm different from Ur average Porn Star.........Its not about How I Look(to a point, got to stay in shape)!!!! It's about How I Perform!!! There is a difference there... I'm not walking around thinking I'm Hot because of My Face and eyes and the way My hair looks(Thats stupid!!) bah bah's all about the Performance!! I will explain:

In Life, We perform everyday for an audience... We perform Our Jobs... We perform Our Daily Chores... and We perform in the Bedroom.....

In my Experience, I perform with Clients(escorting) I perform on Screen, I perform at Work, perform at the Gym(Personal trainer). I'm always "Leading by Example" that is true in Porn as well.

If I know I brought that energy and intensity to a role... At the end of the Day I was Spent, Exhausted and drained, then I did the best performance I could. I could go through the motions and Just Fuck for the Check!! But these Movies will be around for the rest of my life and then some...So why not leave Your Inhibitions at the Door and Make a Fucking Movie!!! I respect models that Bust their Ass to make a Great Movie!!

So If U think I'm Cocky and Concieted....... its not because My Looks People!!! It's about my Performances!! The Way I pick up Guys in the Air and Fucked them!! How I shoved My Feet into Two Guy's Asses!! And pushed the limits of Fetish Play....and doing it all Safely........ WHICH IS THE BIGGEST KEY!!!

My Ego gets hurt!!!

When I see Guys go through the motions, and they are God's Gift to Porn!!Stiff, No energy!! And using Bad lines from Porn movies that were made 20 years ago ie "U like that Big Dick!! HUH??? U Like that Big Dick In Ur Ass!!" borrinnng!!!

My Ego gets hurt!!

When certain Performers.....will not work with Me because of Race, Height, Size and whatever Bug they Have Up their Ass..... I have heard many excuses and some have merit while some are flat out bullshit Lies!! My Ego would say..... Oh Well, Fuck Ya!! It would have been an Amazing Scene!!>>>>Matter of Fact I will film the scene with someone else, and when it's a smash scene!! It will be Ur Loss!!! But that is just my Ego talking!!

Maybe that isn't Ego??? Maybe its I have a High Regard for My Work???!!! The Making of Money, is a drive for me(being honest)....but the Icing on the Cake is the Performance.

I went from buying other people's porn and having a library of Porn of my Favorite Stars....To starting my Own Library of Work, to look back at when I get Old and Washed UP(LOL)!!

And probably the Last thing that Attacks My Ego is Hardest!!!


I wont go into depth.....

The reason its important....Sometimes it feels like I'm carrying the Weight of the Community(Men Of Color) upon Me!! At the past Gayvn I was talking with Jack Simmons and I was like "Bro U did alot for Black Performers in the Business" and he said to Me "Dude I may have Started it, but Look where U took It!!!" And I Was Stuck In thought for a sec.... I'm the next chapter of Black Porn Star that is opening the door????....I was watching the Jack Simmons, Bobby Blakes, Tiger Tysons, all make contributions to the Industry.. And Now its the Diesel Washingtons and I see alot of performers making their way through the ranks, Aaron Ridges, Race Coppers, Scott Alexanders, they are making their mark in this Industry...

So Yeah I have an Ego(a little one)


I'm that "I busted My Ass to do that scene, and I'm Happy the Way the Scene turned out!!" "It's a Fucking Hot Scene"

That is the best way to describe my Ego.... "I'm Proud of My Work because its My Baby!!"

Peace bitches!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Often I'm asked, If I had to do it over again, What would I have change this time around????Porn Wise!!!!

I made alot of mistakes in my short time in Porn(well 3 years isn't short)Hmmmm??? First Off the bat, I would have stepped into Porn alot sooner...... I think I wasted alot of time deciding what direction I wanted to take, getting into Porn.

Another thing I would have changed, was not to come out of the Box too soon!!! I see How the Newer Porn stars use bargaining chips for more pay.... ie Sucking cock, rimming, Water sports, group scenes bah bah bah.... When I came into the game, I was ready for anything they threw at me!!!! I wanted to stand out!!! And what other Porn stars wouldn't do, I would do to the best of my Ability!!!. Looking back I could have tipped the scales in my favor by not coming out as Mister Could Do Everything!!! But then again??? It was my decision and I will stick to my Guns!!!

Another thing I would have changed!!! Was to pay closer attention to my career!!! While other Performers moved on to Directing, Script writing, Starting their companies, and or websites... I was slow to move!!! I'm playing the catch up game now!!! I will admit I'm jealous of such people as Jake Deckard, Steven Cruz, Ricky Sinz, they all came up in the game, and made their own careers in this industry beyond just being a model in front of the camera.

It was my goal, to start off with Titan..... I always liked Titan movies over other companies just because it was Real and In Ur Face.... Water sports and Fisting and Man on Man sex!!!. The first part of the equation was there!!! I was signed and did some really great movies with Titan... The other Half of the equation was to then Do some directing for Titan and Script writing...... I was headed in the right direction with Titan, until the Telescope Situation...... I Wrote my Scene for Folsom Prison(was credited) I also wrote Double Standard and Playbook which are Titan stand outs as well...... Since then...I have parted ways with Titan......and I have had input with other roles, post Titan...Had major input with Redlight(Mustang), Aslym(Falcon), What Happens in Vegas(CockStar Films)also had input with Taken(Channel 1 releasing) But it seems that I'm back at the drawing board.... with developing Ideas and writing scripts again!!!! One of the Reasons, why I'm starting My own line(slow in the making)because if nobody wants to back Me!! I will back my own ideas....

Another mistake I made was not touring enough...... the Porn window is very small and U need to jump on every opportunity U can get!! I was lazy when it came to this....I wanted to just let the movies speak for themselves and I escorted here and there....Instead of Hitting that Pavement hard!!!!

Another Big Mistake I made, was acting like a spoiled Brat and letting feelings I had with Box Covers, Gayvn's bah bah, strain friendships I have with Steven Cruz and Ricky Sinz.... This business can Eat Ya Up!!!!

I thought this business couldn't change Me!!! But in the way came My Ego and other things..... I almost lost myself in this business.... I needed time to look back at all the Success I have had over the Years!! And having Friends that came back into my life to let me see what I have achieved was really amazing!!!

Alot of bad decisions............. Right now there would be a Dildoe with my name on it!! Website, T'shirts, other modeling gigs!! But when u first come into the game U don't know Who to trust sometimes!!! I'm still learning who to trust or not!!!

Other than that, everything else has been on course with what I wanted to happen so far....



Okay, I know I havent posted in some time......well Im back!!!!!

The reason why I haven't posted???? I have so many things going on at the same time nowadays I needed some time to get things in order!! One of the main reasons I havent posted was because I was Sick!!!

Before rumors get started it was the common cold.......Its been fucking Cold here in NYC, I mean its Late May and it was 38 body hurts and my nose is running.... I'm a Mess!!!

I feel much better today........No its not Swine Flu, or the Monster...... Common Cold!!! Just call me Sunkist right about now....I'm finishing carton after carton of Orange juice.....

Oh before I forget!!! I'm moving!!! Which I'm excited about...... I have been living way below my Means to save money.....a shitty small room to save money!!! Well Im tired of it!!!! At first I convinced myself that I didnt need much and could cut costs by living low maintenance... FUCK THAT!!!!

So the big move is coming soon!!! More room to stretch out and continue on with making my dreams come true!!!! Wish me luck on that People!!!

What else is new???? The tour has started!!!! Im sorry I havent kept people posted on my movements as of lately....I have been in Philly, Boston, Washington.... I have visited selected clients....... I'm not listed on Rentboy at the moment....... I just needed some breathing room to work on other things......

So this post is alittle boring today...I wanted to post to let people know what is going on...

I leave on Thursday and traveling to chicago for the Grabby awards where I will be presenting.. Hopefully take something home with me as well......


Monday, May 11, 2009


So Here U have it!!!! The Movie I did with Chi Chi.......It will be in stores Jun 2 I cant wait!!!!!

I'm not sure about the other scenes!!! But I know what I brought to the table....So many Stars in this Movie!!!! Only time will tell if I have the Stand out scene in this Movie....It seems to be a 2 disc movie....Well Well

To help the promoting of this movie......Did I mention..I bottom for Water sports in this Movie....

That's right!!!! Diesel Washington bottoms for Water sports!!!

U saw me get pissed on In Folsom Prison(I was tied up) U saw me get pissed on again in Bound Gods(yet again tied up) This time around, I step up to the plate willingly and Be that Nasty Water Sports bottom in this one.....I told ya People I have tricks Up my Sleeve.... lets see if I can have a break out scene in this movie as well....

I'm dieing to see the movie.....

I'm a Free agent now!!!! I had break out performances in Playbook, Asylum, and Redlight.....

Hopefully I can standout in this stellar cast of performers!!!!!

Proof is in the pudding..... Wish Me luck!!!

Before I forget, I added another Sex Position for this Movie called the "Cannon Ball" U heard it here first!!!!!

So Far U have the "Bully"(Telescope) "Motorcycle"(Playbook) "Bully/Motorcycle" and the "Shot Glass" (Redlight) Human Spit Roast (What Happens in Vegas)

Im not done yet.........

Looking to do some Fisting Work........

I have set the trend for Fisting, it will be hard to Out Due the fisting in Telescope
(Double Fisting/Double Footing while pissing at same time) but I have alot of tricks up my sleeve.... Alot of variations still left to do...... Believe me there is alot left!!!


Okay I guess I have to announce my own travel plans....I was in Philly this past weekend(had work)as the first leg of the tour......I had to come back to NYC *tsk *tsk I was then to go off to Washington or Boston..... its seems that something always comes up when on the road and I cant leave NYC for long....

I will announce the other cities I will going to shortly.....

I wanted to give a Heads Up about Grabby weekend...... I will be in Chi Town on Friday and staying through to Sunday(that might change)

I plan to attend:

Friday May 22nd
6:00 -9:00 PM Nakedsword Presents Tim and Roma at Roscoe's 3356 N. Halsted. Over 30 pornstars talking with Sister Roma all money raised on raffles goes to TPAN.
* Please note this show will be filmed for the Tim and Roma Show on

Porn at the LuckyHorseShoe 3169 N. Halsted with The Men Of Raging Stallion Studios
9pm-till ? Last years winner of Movie of the Year are back to celebrate their win and all their nominations this year! No cover.
* all raffle money goes to TPAN

Saturday May 23rd
The 2009 Grabbys!
Park West Theatre 322 W Armitage. Red carpet / doors open at 6:00 PM. Show stars at 7:30 PM. Order tickets online from

The Grabby Official AfterParty BEACH
Charlie's 3726 N Broadway. Doors open at 10:00 PM. Tickets are $25.00 at the door or $20.00 at
$5.00 of every ticket purchased goes to Test Positive Aware Network - TPAN

There is a Post Grabby Brunch I don't know if I will be town enough to attend but Who knows?????

THIS TIME AROUND NO MATTER WHATS HAPPENS I'M THERE TO HAVE FUN......No acting like a Little kid whining about awards....

That reminds me.. I'm nominated for some awards:

Best Performer
Best Sex Scene Duo
Best Porn Star Blog
Best Porn Star Website

So far at Rentboy awards 0/2
Gayvn's 0/3

Will it be 0/4 at the Grabby's....Who knows????

Wish Me Luck!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Painting done by "Dan the Painter" Good Job(sorry Late on the Report) I think U did a great job!!!! This artist has been trying to send the Painting for Years.....Sorry about that!!! When I first started the business I didn't know how to respond to the Fans!!!(I'm still learning) Anyway Good Job Dan!!!

Drawing done by "Ray" It's still strange to me that people, invest time into these drawings and painting of me.... I have to admit I'm way out of touch lately..... In my battles with Blog wars/Promotion and talking about nonsense and HOW SOMETIMES I CAN BE A BIG CRY BABY!!!(I said it, Its true!!!LOL)I rarely step out on a limb and talk to the Fans!!!

Okay I'm guilty as charged!!! I don't answer Fan email.....There I said it!!!! I have said it many times....I really don't have time for all the emails sometimes!!! Between emails saying "FUCK ME", "HOOK UP WITH ME" Clients, and real fans that send supporting emails..... I can't give each email a personal touch!!! I DO READ EVERY EMAIL..... PAGES AND PAGES....

Alot of offers for work....modeling..Go Go dancing........ I will admit I can be clueless sometimes..... Yeah I have that Confident Attitude onscreen and it seems that I'm on top of my game...... True is..... I can be lost sometimes and lose track of what is important....That is what an assistant is for right???? I searched for another assistant..... Most People just want to meet me.... Talk and hangout(No real workers)so I put alot of responsible on my own head.... Oh well...

I have been in a Pissy mood lately and I cant explain it!!!! I have alot of things going on outside of Porn lately....but I still find time to fit things in..

Moving on......

Top 100 Gay Sales & Rentals
For The Month Of May 2009 by AVN

2. Playbook
7. Asylum
11. Redlight

I'm very happy with the results this month, Playbook is number two on the chart(I'm Front and Center on this DVD)Sometimes I run my mouth about more Black performers in the business but seeing that my presence is felt(and people are Feeling it)I will keep pushing and pushing.......I'm very proud of Playbook(The scene was written/Co directed by Me) Brian Mills and Paul, really Helped Me to see my Vision for My Last role as a Titan Exclusive.... Hopefully it will have the same impact as "Telescope". Also big shout out to the Editors(Upstairs) again...More people need to thank the editors....THEY MAKE YA LOOK GOOD PEOPLE!!

Asylum is ripping up the charts!!!! It was a dream to work for Falcon(didn't think I was Falcon material at first) When I was approached to do the project...I was like A Falcon Movie???? I don't know How Diesel Washington fits in with the Pretty boys(pretty I am not!!) When I saw the script......... The part was tailored made for me!!! I flexed the Acting Skills for this and its a Success!!!!! The responses for Asylum has all been great!!!! SO U GUYS DIDN'T THINK I COULD ACT HUH!!!

Redlight......... Okay..... I had my Issues with the Cover as u all know... Which turned out to be a good thing....People that saw Redlight were like..."U Should have been on the Cover!!!" I put on some good moves in that......Sure I was Mad that Leo got cover....I cant change what I felt at the time...... But knowing that I did good work helps...

So Fans that read this shit.....Diesel Washington is a bag of emotions and Contradictions..... At times a Cry Baby!!! Brutally Honest!!, Very Sensitive at times... the list continues...

BUT I'M HUMAN!!! we all go through struggles in Life.....I use this blog as a Venting tool!!! Sometimes I call people out!!!! But again...If U have a blog and disagree with me.....More power to ya!!! CALL ME OUT!!!!

I have survived battles with Kam, M.L., and a few others......I'm still here!!!

I bitched about Covers, Being Underrated, Gayvn, Cunts, Gutterbunnies and Douche Bags!!! And I know this all reflects on Me(Good/Bad) reflects that I'm a Performer who takes his work serious... Loves the Industry...Hard Worker...above all things I'M HUMAN...and I give ya a small glimpse into my life(very small one).

I know I know(I'm breaking into Tears writing this LOL)alot of shit to say when I'm just a Porn star that has Sex on Camera...

But this Porn Star has a Brain, Ego, Feelings and Emotions...... When someone insults my Intelligence, I lash out, When My Ego is Bruised!!!I can take it hard sometimes.... When my Feelings are hurt...I attack back!!! When Someone plays with My emotions......ummmm Lets not Go there!!!!(Kinda of Scary)......

Does that make me crazy or insane??????? NO!!!!I think it gives me character....

On the Flip side......

I love to Laugh... Love to Dance... and I enjoy Good Company!!!! I pay attention to details in Convos(which most hate)so If U tell me One thing and then change the story I will know it...... If u don't understand....In this business, People say one thing and mean another....U have to Fish Your Way around sometimes to get to the Top/bottom of things...

GRANTED I PISSED SOME PEOPLE OFF!!! U know who you are!!! I make mistakes and I can be the Bigger Man and admit I made alot of mistakes.....

Would the blog be entertaining if I was PC with Everything not wanting to cause waves????? Probably not, this blog would just be for Promotions and giving tour dates and stuff!!! BOOORRRING!!!!! Might as well write a Company sponsored Blog!!! Lets be real!!!!


Now I need to get some tissues..... LOOK AT DIESEL WASHINGTON!!!! CRY BABY CRY BABY!!!

If I didnt Vent I would bottle up my emotions.....and when the smallest thing happens, I would Go POSTAL ON UR ASS......




I was checking email as I always do, and I signed onto my Aol account...... and Scotty B chats me up!!!!

I have always liked Scotty B and he has always shown me Love........

So here is the Drama..... I was talking to Scotty about Gayvn's and since he was a judge I was asking him questions....

To Cut to the Chase....Best Top award....

U know I had a hard time dealing with Gayvn's

It seems that To the Last Man from Raging Stallions was the Movie to beat in every way possible.....

Every category that had a Star from the Movie was rewarded for their part in the movie...

I loved the Movie!!! I did!!!

Scotty B is a friend, so I'm trying to explain to him that the Gayvn's was very hard for me.......

As history goes....Dred Scott was the only Man of color to win a performer award for Best Sex duo....

I hear all the time....."Diesel Washington has broken down alot of the barriers that African Americans have had in Gay porn" bah bah.....

But the Defining moment would have been winning an award at Gayvn....

I know I know.... I wont let this shit drop.........

Imagine sitting in the crowd at Gayvn's...I wasn't a presenter, I didnt win any awards as I watched the show.....

I would hear the crowd laughing at some of the categories for Best Ethnic or Best Latin.....


Was the name of one of the titles for Best had the audience laughing....

At the same time.... I was sitting there... seeing face after face of performers....Not one Person of color..

The Only Performer of Color that got on stage was Aaron Ridge....... and He went up to Support Doug Jeffries for the Movie Black Balled for winning Best Ethnic film...

Scotty B love ya to death, but seeing Jack Simmons be accepted into the Hall of Fame was Bitter and Sweet...

It only took him 12+ years in this business to be accepted into the Hall of Fame.....

There is a problem..... for Me at least!!!

And yes there goes Diesel Washington being militant again.........

Nobody wants to hear it.... and People think I'm being Jaded or Venting or whatever!!!

U wont read this post...or say I'm being uppity or something like that...

I'm sorry, I write this blog to entertain People......

At the same time, I feel its necessary to bless ya with some Knowledge at the same time...... Some thing have changed in this Industry and Some things have stayed the same!!!

I love ya Scotty B, I was alittle pissed off tonight, but I have to be real sometimes....Everybody loves Me when I play the game...

When I get ugly nobody wants to be around Me, Oh well I'm only Human!!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009


HMMMM..???? Stop watching me!!! Well if People didn't watch Me I wouldn't be working.... but don't Ya ever get tired of standing Out!!!!?????

Okay I know that sounds funny.... Most People want to stand out in a crowd... Myself??? It's getting kinda of Old and there is nothing I can do about it....

I mean, when I was sixteen years old I was Very Very Tall... and I was still trying to grow into My body!! Which is not easy when Ur Skinny and Lanky with Big Feet!! I stood out everywhere I went and I was not a Pretty sight at 16yr. I had Acne, a Bad Hair cut(didn't we all?) and I just felt strange in my body.

It probably still makes no sense to ya.... Picture coming out of the house...Dressed down Big Time!!(Like the Old clothes U paint in)and coming out of the house, just to run to the store, real fast.... Its like I'm a walking Bill board for the Bummy People!!! Since I'm 6'6(which some people seem to forget)Its hard, not to stand out in a Room or crowd anywhere....But I'm very Low maintenance anyway.... I have to make sure when I leave the House I have to have something put together(meaning outfit). I'm suppose to be this famous Porn Star...and I have to dress the part right???? Yuck!! sometimes I hate that shit!!! Ur always suppose to be all Hip and shit!!!

I wear, what feels comfortable!!! Although I do like my comic book t-shirts, it reminds me of a simpler time.... When I had no cares or worries and just sit on the floor reading comics...Sigh***

Anyway I'm getting off subject!!! Being Watched....Most People would think since U do porn U must be an Exhibitionist..... Not me!!!

Strange as it sounds, I don't like being watched when having sex.... It works when I do Porn, because the Sex isn't real.... Yeah Ur dick is going in them..But Ur worrying about, How Ur body looks??, Are ya Open to Camera?, Does the camera have room for the underneath shot??, Keeping Up the energy, Controllilng Ur Fuck Faces, alot of things are going on in ur head at the same time Ur pounding Ass.....

I like to just be relaxed and take my time and when having some fun..... Showing Off takes alot of energy!!! I have played in front of others(i.e Sex Club) People always want to touch ya, or grab Ur ass!! And Grabbing Diesel's Ass is a No No No.. But I know People, that want the whole spotlight, make noise, scream out.... I'm just not one of those guys...

Dont get me wrong...I have performed many shows....But I was being Paid for it!!! Put down some money!!! And I will throw a big show on for ya!!!!! I haven't done Full on Sex on stage yet.... I have done Water sport Shows, Oral, Ass eating, but no fucking!!! Oh well!!!! Who wants to See Me fucking a Bottom right in front of them????....Scratch that. I don't know why I typed that!!! U probably want to see that!!LOL LOL

Anyway... when the offers come for a Full on Sex show I will Tear Open Some Ass!!!

The other Part of being watched... is walking down the street and older white women would either walk to other side of street or Grasp their purse real tight when walking past me....But that has happened to many African Americans!!

I seem to be Big with Tiny children.... Little kids seem to always want to stare at me..All big eyed and I would be the Nice guy and wave to them.....

But I seem to have trouble with the Next classes of People:

I don't know If people are staring because I'm 6'6

I don't know If people are staring because of the Body(Summer time)

I don't know If people are staring because of the Porn thing..

I get confused sometimes, If people are staring at ya or trying to flirt with ya???? I have problems reading signals sometimes.... Woman tend to be more subdued when flirting.. Men are more direct in their approach..

The Couple Factor, I seem to attract couples now...Which is very confusing... Its easy when its Two men or Two women, but its kinda of weird with a Man and Woman.... I don't know if the Man wants to do a threesome... Watch his Girl get fucked by Me....Or all three of Us play?.. Or the woman wants to see Her Man get fucked??? Confusing...... I tend to get that alot when I travel on tour..

Anyway the Last thing I want to talk about is the Haters!!!! They are the ones that watch Ya the most!!! They don't just watch ya...They Study ya!!! They study your body movements, mannerisms, everything.... Looking for something they don't like in ya.... Something to use as a weapon against ya!!!

I watch out my window, Looking for the haters that are watching me......

I took the pictures above in My space.....

It was to show People that I'm guard against the Haters.....They are always looking through Ur window, trying to find anything they can use against ya.... Fucking Haters!!!


Thursday, May 07, 2009


Okay I thought would be funny for Baby Jay to have his own Photo shoot(this was his idea) Since he took most of the Pics of Me trying to be a model(which he was laughing at) I thought I would do a photo shoot with Baby Jay...

Baby Jay is a close friend of mine....and He hammed it up big time for these photos I said I would put it online for the Fans of the blog.... And he was like go ahead!!!

Now the funny thing about the pics is that He was really drinking the Gin and He started sweating for Real!!!

It was hard to take some of the pics because he was falling all over the place and trying to be sexy at the same time!!!

But here is the Str8 Drunk Boy photo shoot....

All pictures by Diesel Washington.......

Booze: Seagram's Dry Gin
Styling: Baby Jay

I dont know what it is sometimes.....Baby Jay knows I have a following online and He was excited doing this photo shoot.....

Baby Jay loves attention!!!! HE IS VERY GAY FRIENDLY!!!!

He's a good friend of mine that has a funny sense of humor...... Im glad He let Me put his pictures online....

Anyway enjoy the Drunk Str8 boy!!!