Sunday, May 31, 2009

WHY CANT LIFE BE EASY???by the "Editor"

Life is always hard......

When Ur riding high and everything is going great... Things Happen!! Either bad things...or even better things.

This is one of those times when things get better!!

As far as goes Porn goes...Things cant go better.. Usually, during those times is when the Editor's personal life is fucked up!! But not this time..I'm learning how to be open and enjoy a courtship.. Yes dating.... The Editor has been dating and I must admit its Fun!!

Big "D" usually dreads the dating scene, Diesel doesn't date!! There are reasons why Diesel doesnt date!! Diesel is like a Walking Wrecking Machine!!! But Diesel does have his power of seducing..... Showing Off for attention, and turning People on is what he does Part time. It comes easy, its all about the Goods(Body, Dick, Attitude)!

The "Editor" on the other hand, is one giant mess! I tried dating several times and bad outcomes is the norm. I know its hard for some people to get past the Escorting, Porn and the Business Focus(I work hard). But the Hardest thing to overcome, is the fact that "The Editor" is kind of Dorky.....

There I said it....the Dark Secret of Diesel... His creator is a Big Dork!!

Its easy to create a character that everybody wants, U use only the strong points of Our personality. When Ur a Dork, its not so easy.... The Editor likes Dark Humor and talks like a ChatterBox(very long winded)I tend to Over analyze things and I'm Highly sensitive. Not a good combination!!

Lets exam this:

As Diesel, I can get laided very easy and get paided for it...Because I'm good at Performing. The way Diesel walks and talks makes U only thing about Sex... It's called my "Swagger" I then take what I learned about Human Sexuality.. Control is very important..being able to control the situation in the Bedroom is Golden. Nobody wants to be in bed, with a person that is awkward in the sex department. Diesel escorts and has learned alot like, How to read a body?, What makes them excited??? What foreplay is the best? How to push the limits. Diesel lives and breaths Sex!!

More Importantly, Diesel knows how to play the game. Being somewhat Unattainable is attractive..People always want something that they can't get. Diesel is the "Playa" everybody wants. Some People may disagree and say "I hate players" but at the same time they find it sexy(Its true!) Being a Playa, makes some People comfortable, its the No strings attached persona.... U don't have to walk into the situation with expectations of it leading to something more. It's all about the Sex!!

Lastly its all about the confidence!! Being confident is so sexy!!! That is a no brainer...Confidence makes anybody sexy! Diesel is both confident and cocky! U mix the two together equally and U have a potent combination....Sex God!!

Now the drawbacks of "The Editor":

He screams Dork!! The Comic Book thing.....Sci Fi thing..the vast knowledge of useless trivia. Out breaks of goofy behavior, being strange and weird.

I'm ranting now... the good part is coming!!

When U find someone that can look past the Escorting, Porn, Business sense and can get past the Dork part(actually be turned on by the Dork side rather then the Diesel Side)then U have a Winner!!! I finally found that!!!

I dated several people that were attracted to the Diesel character and found "The Editor" to be alittle boring. Ouch!! When People are attracted to U more when Ur Acting Diesel!! is hard to swallow...I mean U created the character that is the Sex God, U can't blame people for being attracted. But when Ur not "On" and those same People prefer Diesel instead of Yourself. Can be upsetting at times.

I will be honest, I have been to several events, when I'm there to meet Fans. Upon People meeting me for the first time, I see that some People are disappointed that I'm not Overly Aggressive or Mean in Person. Even upset that I'm not being Cocky or a Big Show Off. I hear it all the time "Ur Much Different from Ur On screen Persona" I say "I know because On screen I play a character, I'm being myself rite now!!"

Now scratch all that bullshit!!! I found that person that Loves the Geek/Dork in Me! Yummy!!

They get the sense of Humor, there is big flow of communication between Us!! They get it!!! Now will I make them apart of my blog..only time will tell!

I'm just happy rite now! I don't want to fuck it up!! I'm not rushing it! I'm taking my time and doing it rite!

This was a very long winded post.....all I wanted to say was I'm dating a Very Special person... I look forward to spending time with this person.

Oddly enough, they didn't know that I do Porn(which is a plus)Sex wise, it works well because they are not into Sex!! Meaning that Sex is way down the list of things that are Important. And I have admitted before that I was a cuddlier...Ding Ding!!!They rather cuddle then have Sex....How great is that???? Affection over Animal Sex!! I love it!!! Sex is easy(to me) !! Affection???that is something that I have missed for a long time.

So "The Editor" is dating someone special.... I'm Happy!! both Personally and Business wise

Where is my Baby!!!???

At home, reading My blog!! Don't Worry, Daddy is coming over soon!! Right after I finish this...

Bye bitches someone is waiting for me...

So funny to say that now LOL


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on meeting someone. I can't wait to learn more about the new person in your life. I'm glad you're happy and I hope it lasts a long time.

Wow, first Eric Rhodes and now you. There must be something going around. In this case, this is something I wouldn't mind catching. Again, congratulations.

EntelekianEd said...


Honest to goodness, man. I´ve recently seen your videos...and to be honest, the whole "I´M GONNA FUCK YOU IN HALF" is kinda good for the porn universe...


*crying dorky tears of joy*

I am soooo searchin you on facebook (although mine is in spanish :U)

Oh well.

Hope you lots of good times!

Oh, and greetings from mexico!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah ditto to The Editor...It just makes you an interesting bloke... Congrats on the new person in your life...but darn! Yes understand the trying and giving them the biff... hoping next months piss party here will mean meeting some one like minded etc....Regards Laurie

Anonymous said...

Yessss on the cuddling btw....just and good as the rough and tumble I think though..Laurie