Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Often I'm asked, If I had to do it over again, What would I have change this time around????Porn Wise!!!!

I made alot of mistakes in my short time in Porn(well 3 years isn't short)Hmmmm??? First Off the bat, I would have stepped into Porn alot sooner...... I think I wasted alot of time deciding what direction I wanted to take, getting into Porn.

Another thing I would have changed, was not to come out of the Box too soon!!! I see How the Newer Porn stars use bargaining chips for more pay.... ie Sucking cock, rimming, Water sports, group scenes bah bah bah.... When I came into the game, I was ready for anything they threw at me!!!! I wanted to stand out!!! And what other Porn stars wouldn't do, I would do to the best of my Ability!!!. Looking back I could have tipped the scales in my favor by not coming out as Mister Could Do Everything!!! But then again??? It was my decision and I will stick to my Guns!!!

Another thing I would have changed!!! Was to pay closer attention to my career!!! While other Performers moved on to Directing, Script writing, Starting their companies, and or websites... I was slow to move!!! I'm playing the catch up game now!!! I will admit I'm jealous of such people as Jake Deckard, Steven Cruz, Ricky Sinz, they all came up in the game, and made their own careers in this industry beyond just being a model in front of the camera.

It was my goal, to start off with Titan..... I always liked Titan movies over other companies just because it was Real and In Ur Face.... Water sports and Fisting and Man on Man sex!!!. The first part of the equation was there!!! I was signed and did some really great movies with Titan... The other Half of the equation was to then Do some directing for Titan and Script writing...... I was headed in the right direction with Titan, until the Telescope Situation...... I Wrote my Scene for Folsom Prison(was credited) I also wrote Double Standard and Playbook which are Titan stand outs as well...... Since then...I have parted ways with Titan......and I have had input with other roles, post Titan...Had major input with Redlight(Mustang), Aslym(Falcon), What Happens in Vegas(CockStar Films)also had input with Taken(Channel 1 releasing) But it seems that I'm back at the drawing board.... with developing Ideas and writing scripts again!!!! One of the Reasons, why I'm starting My own line(slow in the making)because if nobody wants to back Me!! I will back my own ideas....

Another mistake I made was not touring enough...... the Porn window is very small and U need to jump on every opportunity U can get!! I was lazy when it came to this....I wanted to just let the movies speak for themselves and I escorted here and there....Instead of Hitting that Pavement hard!!!!

Another Big Mistake I made, was acting like a spoiled Brat and letting feelings I had with Box Covers, Gayvn's bah bah, strain friendships I have with Steven Cruz and Ricky Sinz.... This business can Eat Ya Up!!!!

I thought this business couldn't change Me!!! But in the way came My Ego and other things..... I almost lost myself in this business.... I needed time to look back at all the Success I have had over the Years!! And having Friends that came back into my life to let me see what I have achieved was really amazing!!!

Alot of bad decisions............. Right now there would be a Dildoe with my name on it!! Website, T'shirts, other modeling gigs!! But when u first come into the game U don't know Who to trust sometimes!!! I'm still learning who to trust or not!!!

Other than that, everything else has been on course with what I wanted to happen so far....



Anonymous said...

I think your analysis is accurate,so far as it goes. The persona you chose for Diesel Washington includes some serious shit, fetish material that isn't everyone's cup of piss... eerrr, tea! You do that shit as well or far better than the competition, but it's still a niche market. Simon Coxx may be the best fisting bottom who ever lived, but he is a celebrity only to those who know his work; he doesn't escort, or dance or pose for magazine layouts. Your exclusive with Titan gave them complete control of your image. That was probably your BIG mistake. You are making up for lost time, now. Escorting? Why not,if you like it and have the time. Club dates? Please! But the real test for you will be the quality of the vids you produce for yourself. Will we finally get to see the "real" DW?

gavin said...

I would stick to your guns, too!

If I ever get anywhere near them!

Steve Cruz XXX said...

I disagree about giving us more from the start. From the beginning youve commanded an audience... Made a huge name to live up to! I respect that.. Anyway mistakes are only really mistakes when you keep making the same ones over and over and you don't learn. The rest is just called growing pains. I have a few regrets in life too but smart guys apply the hard lessons to the next chapter! You're one of the smart ones... I expect big things. Glad to call you a friend. Xoxo