Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Okay keeping theme with the other photo shoots...I thought it was time for the "Editor" to have his own photo shoot...

Its not flashy with clothes off or props or any of that....Its very simple!!!

Another fact that People didn't know about me...I wear glasses!!!

Yes Diesel Washington wears glasses...

I usually don't wear them...Mostly need them for about all

I never wore my glasses for a movie but....I'm thinking I might wear them for One movie..

So there is another interesting fact for the Fans!!

Bet U didn't know that???



Anonymous said...

Another interesting set of photos. And yes, you're correct about the glasses.

Anonymous said...

I love the glasses! I think its sexy!

AGB said...

I think I knew about the glasses. I like the glasses, they give you a whole 'nother look.

Anonymous said...

Letter to the Editor..Dear Sir.. that's true about the glasses..they look good of course..Its interesting again how you can get so many different "looks"..and moods....the table in the background added a question in one shot though...think position....I liked the window ones...good moods and lighting ..background (which is different to me here..)...You should be putting a copyright mark on them I expect btw...also thinking about prints for sale etc...I was thinking the other day that some would make good life size artworks....Rgds...Laurie

Anonymous said...

yeah... the preppy look with the glasses is VERY SEXY cause it is soooo the opposite of your image as Diesel. i think its a very appealing look for you.

in fact i think u should def wear your glasses and that look more.

big thumbs up