Thursday, December 31, 2009


I was going to do the Best of 2009 in Pics.....

That post would have taken Me days to do......

I have so many Pics from 2009, I really didn't know which Pics to choose?? I have still pictures from the all the Sets I have been on. I have my own personal pictures that I posted in the past. In a nutshell I have tons and tons of pictures, to be honest, I'm feeling alittle lazy today.

So I know I promised the Best of 2009 in Pictures, so I will just give you Links to the posts which has the most pictures.


Las Vegas

Raging Stallions Rear Deliveries

Redlight by Mustang

Playbook Titan

Asylum by Falcon

What Happens In Vegas

Human Spit Roast

Phillip Aubrey "Taken Co star"

Dean Flynn

Jack Simmions

Mason Wyler

Logan McCree and Vinnie D

Jason Ridge

Austin Wilde

Mike Dreyden

Dean Tucker

Damien Crosse


Ty Colt


Kirk Cummings

Reese Rideout


Wolf Hudson

These are just pics I have taken or been in:

UMMMM???? There are just too many pictures to do a complete post like this....

Just enjoy these pics...

I tried......

Its New Years Eve I have some hanging out to do



2010 Diesel and Cuddle Cub!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


So it started the year...

I had alot of promoting to do for some of the releases that were dropping early Feb/Mar 2009. So its Jan 2009 and I'm Las Vegas for the Dirty Secret Party and hit up the AVN's(I will post that on the best of 2009 pics)

So Move to Feb and then I decided to do a movie with a Heavy Weight in the Business. Barrett Long "What Happens in Vegas" here is that Vid:

Crazy Times in Las Vegas...another Vid:

And this is when I started playing around behind the camera(its a start)with Kirk Cummings

Then fast forward to the Black Party rocking it out!!!:

March was not a good month for me....moving on..

April Remaking Diesel Washington:

In Depth Interview with Mr Summers(its funny) Take care of yourself in retirement sweet boy, U will be the best Nurse out there. Ur clip:

Harsh words Now mind you, I never met Brent Corrigan as of yet....and then I do:

A strange Vid to do but its cool:

Road Trip to Chi Town for Grabbys:

Accepting the Award for Best Porn Star Blog at Grabbys:

I was so shocked!! I really wasn't ready for that.... at all!! Big shout out to Grabbys(Mark and Stacy) check out the Grab Mag as well Congrats on the Mag fellas!!

And then the Big Win!! Performer of the Year:

I hate to keep bragging about it!! Most even forget it happened Not Me!!! Thanks to the Fans that put up with my Mouth on this blog
More Vid from Grabbys:

Okay after the Big Win, I had a period where I just needed space after all the work I put in this industry and U can see the look of confusion on my face(the eyes don't lie)trying to explain....How Lost I was at that moment..I needed to find my direction and fast..

Now lets do some traveling...Washington:

Now I like characters and I consider myself as a "Pitch Man" so when Billy Mays passed on.... I was hurt so here my tribute Vid to Billy Mays there will be only one Billy Mays!!:

This is where I started to see Vids popping up showcasing Me, for all those who missed my performance in Double Standard, THIS VID FOR ALL THOSE WHO THINK I CAN'T DO A ROMANTIC SCENE!! Yeah its download off Youtube that I found but I think it's cool as shit:

Dexter DeLarge as Buffalo Bill(U guys hated this Vid, I thought it was creative)

In LA this Vid shot by Wolf Hudson:

In LA with Wolf Hudson, Mister Sagat:

Cameron Marshall and Cameron Adams

Lucky Daniels, Phillip Ashton, Rob Romoni

Ryan Raz

At LA Zombie post party:

Behind the Scenes of JOJO THE MOVIE:

The Crew:

This is my death the only way to Shut Up Diesel Washington is to cut his throat...So this Vid is for all the Haters wishing Me to finally be Quiet:

Splash Bar with Avi Dar and Matan Shalev(Hot Hot Hot Guys!!)

This was the most popluar Vid I have ever done and the numbers still grow everyday, simply titled FUCK LIKE DIESEL:

I wrote a post called, because I have a huge crush on the GAYCOMICGEEK...well he responded to my post with a Youtube Vid I was honored!!


Austin Wilde:

Austin Wilde Photo Shoot:

The Hottest shit ever On the Cover of Unzipped and Hanging on the Wall:

Ricky Sinz:

Stars of HustlaBall:

Tommy Defendi:

Ben Andrews:

More Barrett Long:

Logan McCree Vinnie D:

Tommy Defendi dancing:

Spencer Reed dancing:

Jake Steel:

Chi Chi LaRue:

Mike Dreyden:

Interviewed by Frank Decaro on his radio show:

Some Butt Action:

MarvelFest 2009:

Exclusive Footage of Levi Johnston by Me:

Steven Ponce my Co Star from Telescope, yes it's that Ginger Boy I'm talking about:

Wolf Hudson, Lucas Knowles, Eddie Diaz, Diesel Washington:

Jason Crew:

Then Tons of Vids from "Getting Levi's Johnson" the Movie:

Brent Corrigan:

I thought he was Nice.... I gave the Kid a hard time but He's so fuckable!!!

Mark Dalton:

Landon Mycles:

Zac Spears:

More Tommy Defendi:

Rusty Stevens:

Bel Ami Peters Twins:

Richie Sabatini:

More Landon Mycles:

More Peters Twins:

Casey Monroe from "Getting Levi's Johnson":

Dallas Reeves, Luke Marcum, Landon Mycles, Tommy G:

Tommy G:

I have alot more Vids, but I thought I would post the ones that were Porn based for now.....I still have alot more Vids to edit and put up but I will save that for Next Year!!!

That was your Best of 2009 in Vids for Diesel Washington, wow alot of Vids this year, and there will be tons more next year!!


THE BEST OF 2009!!!!

Okay I thought I would write a post of the Best 2009!!!

I will break it up into the Best of Pics 2009, Vids of 2009, and general news about the Movies and (TOP SECRET)project that will unfold next year....

Okay so there is alot of stuff going on...

Back at the gym and its feels so good!!!! I'm getting all that soreness I missed for the last two weeks. DeadLifts, Clean and Jerks, Squats, Leg presses, Shoulder presses, bah bah bah.

So the quest goes on and on!! Inspired by the Peter Twins(Who are fucking ripped!!)I'm basically working on the Size factor first, Hitting cardio about three times a week at 30min each(retaining some water but its winter, LOL)I was saved this holiday session by trying to eat lean(Struggling with the fast food fights,LOL)I fell off the radar a couple of times, but I'm here and putting in the good fight!!!

I'm excited in the gym again!!! I see all the new faces joining into the Industry and the Competition is on!!! Hmmmm??? I know what is important that I wanted to write about!!!!!


So the Best of 2009 posts will blow the roof off!!!! Get ready for it!!! Best of Vids, Best of Pics, And then I spit the business in the last one before the year ends!!!

Okay I have some writing to do so stayed tuned and then let the fireworks off!!!

Okay the emails and comments supporting my relationship and wishing Me well....

Thank you to everybody that supports my Union and I'm very happy right now!!! We are taking things slow, and getting comfortable just spending time with each other. I'm comfortable!!!

As for other news, I have been extreme busy, handling family business and my personal business. I made a mistake and did some partying..... I'm not ashamed of it, I haven't had my period of just letting loose and not worrying about the image, and the Glam and all that bullshit!! I wanted to embrace one night that I could just be a party animal!! I paid the price for that endeavor(Depression afterwards)....

But I'm back!!! In a relationship!! Projects coming out!! and a Top Secret project that will Surprise Everybody!!

Things are good!!!

Watch out for the Posts!!

Friday, December 25, 2009


I told you months ago about the movie "The Book of Eli"

And its soon to come out..

That is one movie on my list of things to see with my Cubby Cub that is soon coming to NYC and hanging out with Me Happy Happy Joy Joy!!(Remember Ren and Stimpy)

Me and My Baby tearing Up NYC!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Oh Look its Krist Cummings:

What has Santa brought this Boy who has been NAUGHTY AND DIRTY this Year??????

Oh Look its Scott Alexander!!!!!


Oh its a Joke!! People!!



Someone has entered my life for the better...

They even met my mother(Via Skype)I'm learning this hitech shit!!But Twitter NO!

It's so New and Fresh...........

We both come from dark pasts and I accept everything about them..

I have my rough edges and issues(We all have them)but we are learning to work with each other.. And that is all I can ask for..

Someone that wants to make it work....

They deserve a good person, and I deserve a good person...

I think I got my Christmas present early......

To Cuddly Cub!!!!

That was Ur post......


Okay I can't say that.......

Im happy and I shouldn't end the post like that.

Let's go into it:

They do not work in this industry, they don't like the fact that I'm apart of this Industry!!

But they understand that I'm working hard to get behind the camera, in one form or another. But one promise I will keep for the sake of this Union, I will soon retire from escorting....

No more!! I have acquired some backing (TOP SECRET PROJECT)so I will be off the market....

If people haven't noticed....I have turned down several clients(U know who U are)I just found something that is special..

Don't worry I will still do the Personal appearances and the shows...I'm a Performer and its in my blood.

More Details later...





This subject keeps coming up over and over and over:

Here is another annoying letter:

You're absolutely disillusioned and these fans who follow you that think for a moment you're any type of role model are delusional as well.

Ummm Okay??? That is kind of harsh but let's read on.....

You in now way, shape or form have ever been a role model for the Black community. I'm sorry never. You don't work within the HIV/AIDS charitable community, you don't go to minority events that promote community growth or awareness of the effects of HIV or anything else that's socially effecting our community.

Wow this person knows nothing about what I do at all. I have done countless events for HIV/AIDS causes. I have walked parade routes, donated money and led my name to countless causes...I never talk about all the good things, because U shouldn't have to talk about something good that U done, because it came from the heart. I wasn't looking for anything in return or to brag about something I have done. I used to be a clerk for an AIDS floor on Staten Island and that job was hard for Me. So I have been there and done that.

If anything you've misaligned yourself from the Black community by stating on many of your online profiles "NO BLACKS." That's okay with me but you sir are no role model within my community.

I don't have any online profiles that say "NO Blacks"???? I have no clue what this person is talking about????? In the past, I have been a victim of people creating fake profiles using my pics on Adam4adam, Manhunt, Rentboy, Bareback planet bah bah bah. I have had people send me fake profiles before that use my pics and its a pain in the ass.

You've aligned yourself to be a caricature within the porn industry as the BIG DICKED BLACK DUDE. However your dick really isn't that big at all in comparison to your massive ego.

Hmmmm? I think I have a decent dick and I have a Massive Ego??? I admit to having a Ego but I wouldn't call it Massive!!! I like to be confident and I will admit that sometimes I can be cocky, but if I don't have confidence in myself who is going to have it for Me???

Just to inform you - you're known within the porn community as someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to please white men in the industry even if that means making a fool of yourself on film for all to see.

A Fool??? Or Performer of the Year???LOL

Mr. Washington sir, I must state that you are not a hot commodity in the Black community not because of the reasons you've stated on your blog, such as you're not the the thug type - blah, blah, blah. The reason you're not is because you're a self loathing man who looks in the mirror and doesn't like what he sees.

Ummm...I like what I see the mirror everyday..I work hard in the gym and I love the color of my skin. I often tell the photographers when they color correct my pics to keep my skin dark, I don't want any lightening done to my photos at all. I demand that!! But why do I have to explain myself yet again...

No matter Black, white, Asian or other no one is going to be attracted to a man who doesn't like themselves. Look at the video you did of the behind the scenes on your most recent shoot and how Brent Corrigan looks at you as if you're an idiot. It's because the industry sees you as "trophy n**er." They throw you in the films just to say they have one. Moving on and good day.

So now I'm a Trophy Nigger?????? I really don't get it??? Does Race Copper and Eddie Diaz get these kind of emails???? Does Scott Alexander get these type of emails??? If so I would love to read them!!! I'm one man in this business and it seems that people attack me on all fronts and its alot to deal with. And Brent Corrigan looking at Me like an Idiot????? Well off camera I was too busy hugging him and having a Convo with the guy. But I'm glad the haters are watching my Vids, lets Me know that I'm so well hated I love it!!

Posted by Anonymous to CRIMES AGAINST NATURE

And of course its signed anonymous!!! Nobody has anybody balls nowadays and I found it very annoying...

They take the time to write these emails to Me and have the time to study my career and read my blog but all they can say is nasty stuff to Me.

I just wanted to take the time and answer this email..

I was wondering where the haters were???? I mean...... I was coming out with Vid after Vid after Vid from all the hanging out I have done recently...

Thanks Haters!! U guys u want to keep my on my toes...U hungry for more????

Are you hungry for more okay I have some news for you.....

I'm in a Relationship!!!!

End Scene for the Haters!!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Okay I guess I should get the ball rolling now.........

I want to Host the Grabbys this year!!!!

Yeah I know I will not win to host the show but at least I was the first Porn star to throw my hat into the competition.

Why do I want to host???? I think I'm funny and I'm Def wild and crazy!!! U will never know what will happen on stage!!

I have alot of knowledge about the business and I think I will make the show edgy and different!!

Probably wishful thinking, but Hey it's worth a try!!

Alot of people don't like Me for whatever reason....but I will make you Love to hate Me!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I will never make anybody happy........

Sure I have the support of alot of Fans, and alot of People support Me.

But when did I become the Responsible Guy???? Throughout my career I was looked at as the responsible guy. When I worked at Titan, I was the guy that everybody could count on. Alot of scenes would have turned out completely different if I wasn't the responsible guy. I was the one that brought intensity to some of the scenes, when guys were just going through the motions. Gave up my body to make the scenes interesting and different....I didn't get paid more money for doing that!!

I took on the weight of the Black Community, by trying to represent a Man of Color that can work in this Industry and can become successful. Then at the same time, People in my own community called Me an Uncle Tom and Sell out!!

I'm the responsible Porn star and Escort that gets checked out once a month(not once every three months)I sit in the Department of Health and Mental, waiting for test results. I get checked for Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis, Herpes, bah bah. Every month I get stuck in the arm and my blood drawn for tests because that is being responsible. But at the same time, I hear other models scared to go get checked out and some don't get checked at all, they only go when their dick starts dripping or they have a discharge!!

I talk open and honest on my blog, so Fans can understand What Diesel is all about. I offer a glimpse into my life that is honest and real, and its all for free!!! But in return, I get bashed by emails saying I'm dirty and ugly, and people stalk Me. Other blogs and websites just rip Me apart for speaking my mind.

I worked hard in every scene that I was in, trying to bring something new to the table. I created new sexual positions, and just worked my ass off. But younger guys who just show up on set and go through the motions, get more work than Me and is used over and over while turning in lackluster scenes time after time

I created this persona of Diesel Washington being Large and in charge. Cocky confident the No holds barred kinda of Top!! Which became popular. Then times changed and people were put off by the Cocky nature which was only a character!! People identified with the character so strongly, that the model playing Diesel Washington was viewed as an Asshole and Loud mouth when in reality I'm Sweatheart with a Big Heart

I won Performer of the Year, Best Porn star blog, Hottest cut cock, Best Fetish escort and Best Escort website. Then Winning Hard Choice award for Most Passionate Sex scene. But at the same time never finding a relationship that works, and having people who wont date Me because I do porn

The New positions(Bully, Motorcycle, Cannonball)was just to do something different for porn and I thought it was being creative. I had long said that each bottom that I have worked with deserves more credit for the positions then I do because it takes two people to create that illusion. Reading the blogs, people thought I was humiliating the bottoms and trying to be make them look bad. Or show how Bossy I can be.

I'm often misunderstood and People will think what they want of Me. I can't change that.

I don't know all the answers, never claimed to know everything but I know enough. I'm tired of other performers getting a "Pass" because of their age, experience, and knowledge of the business. They are allowed to make mistakes because they are a Newbies and have limited experience. Veterans as myself when We make mistakes, instead of getting a "Pass" we are told "You should have known better!!" Not Fair not fair!!

I didn't ask to be a role model, but all of the sudden, models were asking Me questions about the business. They wanted advice and direction and this business is hard.

When I started to go in another direction, filming behind the scenes and interviews I thought it would be a change of pace for Me. I always wanted to be behind the camera for a change, at first it was cool to interview people. But people started putting two and two together and I was getting emails from models asking when their interviews are going up. And then they wanted Me to start linking their blogs and rentboy profiles to the Vids and at first I was happy to do. I'm getting more requests from Models wanting to be interviewed by Me. Ummm Guys I'm not getting paid for this so ur going to have to wait until I finish editing other Vids.

Where was I going with this blog????

I needed time for myself, I didn't want to be a role model.....

Finally I got a chance to let loose and be that Party guy that can have Fun!!!!

But again it's time to go back to business.

I had to respond to all the people that were emailing Me saying that I need to be responsible. I need to be a role model for other models coming into the game

FUCK THAT!!! so last week was my time to let loose and be a fucking mess instead of the Guy that always has to be pushing and pushing to climb that ladder!!!


I did and I'm back




WEED!!! FYI!!! John Mayer likes girl on girl porn, ;) Wonder how I know all of this????!!!LOL!!

Since I have been home............

I have been drinking and drugging, which is not in my nature at all. I spent so much time trying to help other people(Getting Hurt in process), I gave up on myself. I used to be a fun 420 head and have a drink or two. Recently it has been massive amounts of Booze and 420 and E(not good)and Old school LSD. Coke and Tina was never my thing, I don't need drugs that hype Me up!! I need things that slow Me down or allows Me to live outside of my head. Crack and Heroin are just dirty drugs, and in my early days before becoming Diesel Washington I used to sell Crack and Dope so I know the dangers of those drugs(Former Ex was a dope head, and I had to take care of him, not going that route).

Special "K" and "G" are just some nasty nasty drugs. I worked as a Bouncer in a club and I saw first hand the effects of those drugs. People in "K" or "G" "Holds" passing out and throwing up, almost in a Coma like states. Not my thing at all!!!

Pill poppers, Uppers and Downers, Muscle relaxers not my thing either!!!

I should be on Meds for my Bi polar disorder, but they are Mood enhancers and Im not ready for that type of medication yet.

So from Tuesday(when I returned back)to Sunday, I have been a fucking Mess!!! I was trying to write posts while I fucked up and nothing came out right and most of those posts made no sense(Never published them).

I haven't been to the gym in almost 2 weeks, I'm not living right, eating right or even sleeping right!!

Today is Tuesday???? Well I just want to let people know, I'm back in control and going to gym today. I reclaimed my Life and its back to the drawing board.

Drugs/Booze are a motherfucker...........

Funny thing, when I was rolling(E) or spaced out on LSD, people loved Me. I cant really remember much...but I was in VIP at each club that I went to. Now this is NYC, I went up to the clubs not knowing anybody and just talked my way in for free. Talked to this person and that person and then BAM!!! I was in the club, I had free bottle service, sitting in VIP meeting some Big Stars!! I can't remember names and all the faces are blurry!! And being a stupid asshole, I didnt bring my camera to capture the action.

I went from club to club and bar to bar, I started the night alone and soon I had ten people in tow with Me. I was a People person, normally I sit in the house and keep to myself. But on these drugged up nights, I was out in full force and peoople couldn't get enough of Me. The nights kinda of reminded of the Movie, "The HangOver" just madness and crazy happenings.

Now the downside, I broke alot of rules that I said I would not break. I was making out with random people, I was having sex with Fans, and bathroom pimping. Bathroom pimping????

Bathroom pimping is when U cruise the bathroom looking for tricks, I found myself pissing and getting pissed on by tricks in the stalls. Now these are Unisex bathrooms so I was peeing on girls and boys, and I was getting pissed on by girls and boys as well. Some Wild shit!!!

Waking up in the morning was the worst, Head pounding and body hurting. Waking up in a strange bed with strange people(three in a bed)and having to find out what State, City, Town I was in at the time.

Anyway........ Im better and getting back on track!!!

What a Crazy Week!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I went from hanging out in Fort Lauderdale with the Peters Twins(Bel Ami) and Cuddly Cub.........

To the shitty weather of New York, I know Christmas is coming.......

BUT FUCK THAT BULLSHIT!!!! I hate the Holidays anyway!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Okay this will be a long post.........

Lets get started the Movie GETTING LEVI'S JOHNSON the planets aligned and some major players came into this movie, I know it will be a huge success!!!

Levi Johnston was even on TV talking about the Movie itself:

Starring Casey Monroe, Levi's look alike:

Mark Dalton:

Brent Corrigan:

Diesel Washington:

Landon Mycles:

Luke Marcum:

Dallas Reeves:

Introducing Tommy G:

Basic Story of "Getting Levi's Johnson":
Getting Levi’s Johnson stars relative newcomer Casey Monroe, who bears a striking resemblance to Johnston. The movie also stars Diesel Washington, Jesse Santana, and Jet Set Exclusive Landon Mycles, along with the inimitable Brent Corrigan and Mark Dalton. To top it off, ‘Getting Levi’ includes a very special (though non-sexual) appearance by porn actress Lisa Ann, who starred in Hustler’s Whose Nailin’ Paylin?

“This movie is a ripped-from-the headlines parody that brings gay porn lovers’ fantasies about Levi Johnston to life,” says Jet Set Chief and AVN Hall of Fame Director Chris Steele. But, according to Steele, “Telling the story of what could have happened required recreating some events that DID happen, but with a hot sexual twist. So in the movie, our Levi does a photo shoot on the ledge of a Manhattan building. and then other events of his life are altered and given a taste of sex appeal.

The sex scenes:

Casey and Mark Dalton

Luke Marcum and Dallas Reeves Landon Mycles and Tommy G:

Casey and Brent Corrigan:

Diesel Washington, Jesse Santana, Casey

There is a twist in the scene that I think people will enjoy highly, there is a relationship between Tank and Levi and that is captured on film.

More elements of the Movie and its funny I was there for some of the moments:

Casey being Levi off the Bldg:

They really worked on this movie Folks!!! The Sets were great and everybody got along smoothly. I got tons of footage behind the scenes and everybody was great and I had alot of fun on this set.

I missed Cocktail with the Stars filming this movie, and I want to say sorry to the Fans again....But I had to finish filming this movie, everything had to be perfect. Working out the last scene of the movie had to be done carefully.... I think alot of people will like the surprise in the movie(I won't give it away).

How did Levi Johnston become so famous???? Gay Icon?? This man inspired a whole porn movie about his Life. And I was apart of that history:

Yes that was the footage I captured at the Fleshbot awards, to think I was talking to the real Levi Johnston before He got on stage, and then fast forward to I'm starring in a movie with Casey his Look alike and possibly fucking Levi Johnston. I was working on some new moves for this film and I had to try them out on Casey:

Does Diesel Washington fuck Levi Johnson???? U have to see the movie in order to find out.....

Wow!!! I had to leave you hanging this time around....