Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Milo and Elijah Peters meet Diesel Washington!!!!

I have the first ever interview in the United States, with the Peters Twins!! they just landed and Who is the First person they want to see????? DIESEL WASHINGTON

That is why I came to Florida to meet the Peters Twins and handle some other business.

19-year-old identical twins, its a dream of mine to fuck both of them!!! I get to not only see them and play with them(not that way).............. OOOPPSSS!!! I said too much!!!

On a Beach at night with the moonlight out, I have the Peters Twins and Johan Paulik wanting to see my dick because they saw the films.............and I can't get hard!!! FML

Well that is on the beach in public Im sure I can get hard later..........LOL

The Video will be posted Later!!!!


Anonymous said...

I've just seen the Raging Stallion's trailer of Austin Wilde's first on screen bottoming scene. He cums like Niagra falls whilst being fucked.

By the way, have you spoken to Tiger Tyson yet about the result of your poll ? As everyone wants to see you and Tiger happen.

Anonymous said...

Brian Bodine got fucked by two Hungarian Twins, now if Diesel were to bottom for the Twinky Peter Twins that dvd would sell like crazy !!!!