Saturday, December 12, 2009


Okay since the last post opened the door to this barebacking double standard.....

Let's do another post talking about the double standard of once having barebacked on camera. I don't get it???? Some models that have barebacked(on film) have lost their careers in this business and some have moved on and some have made a successful cross over to condom only films without catching any negative feedback at all.
I have spoken about the bareback issue before, and again I will never do a bareback film(I wish some producers would stop asking Me to)at first I treated guys who did bareback films as demons!! I did not want to talk to them and did not want to be assoicated with them. That is kind of harsh, since then I have become open minded when it comes to the models.

You have some models who do it for the money(and I got to see some models first hand needing money for Families)some do it just to say I was in a Porn movie. Some are HIV+ and want to do porn but know they will be tested so they want to work with other models are HIV+ it makes sense to Me now!!!

I want to talk about the models that do it for money. I have talked to many models who didn't have homes(they were couch surfing)or needed money for bills to feed their family!! I kid you not!! I stayed with a few models who didn't know where they would be sleeping the next day. I think I was spoiled and since I sit in NYC I wasnt in touch with the people!!! At the same time I would say to myself, if I was broke and striaght and I needed money, I would get money in NYC by selling drugs, robbing people, or working at McDonalds!!! Not by jerking off, sucking, getting sucked, fucking or Esp getting fucked by some Gay Dude. I know I'm bisexual/gay and can admit, I enjoy sex with Men/twinks. I could have used the whole Gay4pay thing when I came into the industrty, But why???, BTW its now called Play4pay thing.

I came out the door willing to try anything(no bottoming)on camera because its a fanasty. Alot of the newer boys come into the business using the Gay4pay thing, just to command higher scene rates to do things on film(rimming, sucking, fucking, getting fucked)and that got old quick!!! Before people were turned on by the fact of using Str8boys(its a control thing)paying them to do things that they don't do normally. Finally people saw the light, and they are looking for not only face, body, dick and ass but now they are looking for guys that enjoy their work(or can act like it)and its good to hear!!

But on the other end of the coin, U have a model that needs money!! A bareback company wants to hire them and they have bills to pay. I will not blame them for their mistake(s) Esp when other people can go on to find work because they are better looking or whatever and others are done!!! Career over!!! Everybody is entitled to a second chance. Here is ur Second time RUSTY STEVENS!!! Don't let Me down young Man. Here is the Story of Rusty Stevens:

Rusty Stevens is also an Escort his Ad is here: Make him work for that money, that boy knows how to work that ass and dick(LOL) So again, I want everybody to work in this industry.....People make mistakes, I make mistakes and they call it Second Chances(I believe it that)

Give him a Second chance.......

Oh and not fuck it up this time!!!! I will bust your fucking ass if U fuck this shit up!!!



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