Friday, December 04, 2009


Okay let me first start this blog by saying SORRY!!

This is Me being real........ I want to say sorry to my Fans that came out to see Me at Cocktail with the Stars....

I couldn't make it.... Filming the scene went overtime!!!!!

There was nothing that I could do..... I want to tell the Fans here in LA here SORRY!!!

I also want to say sorry to JETT BLACK!!! I missed a Lunch date with him!!! So I'm putting myself on blast!!!!

I don't like standing people up and that is not the type of person I am!!!

So I thought I would put myself on Blast, because I was the one that screwed up!!!

So again Sorry to My LA fans, and Jett Black

Moving on.......

While being out in LA my computer shut down!!!! All the files and Vids that I had are all gone!!!!

I had to run out and purchase another computer........ YEAH IT SUCKS!!!!! I have backups of all my files and Vids so it was not a total Mess!!!

Anyway..... Im editing some Vids so be on the look out for those!!!!

More to come!!!

Diesel Washington is in LA


filmfanatikk said...

Yes, we were all quite disappointed. Most of us even stayed til the very end in hope you may make it. Nope. But hey, I understand. Work is work. But can you do us a favor and promise to make it up to us and do the show some time soon??????

Anonymous said...

Diesel, re your poll on the scene with Tiger Tyson.

With well over 500 votes finally cast, the majority of fans have voted for you and Tiger to flip-flop, with the 2nd largest vote being for you to bottom for Tiger and in 3rd and last place are those that voted for you to top Tiger.

Be great for you to listen to the the votes of fans and contact Tiger to make it happen. LOL George