Saturday, December 12, 2009


If you guys havent noticed I'm staying busy.......

I was asked to be a guest writer on WWW.WAYBIG.COMI mean Me a guest writer??????

It's not like I am an English major and use proper grammar or sentence structure in any of my posts...... but I guess people understand what I'm trying to say. I think this is huge!!! I have my own blog, which I write like a journal, and that is to vent my feelings so I don't go crazy!!!And now a guest writing spot on

With another writing opportunity online, I have the ability to express another side of Me!! I can upload pics, vids, and stories about anything that is worthy of being put up!!

I havent added any content yet because I'm deciding what to enter??? There are tons of opportunities I still haven't talked about yet!!! But I'm trying to keep things underwraps until next year!!!

I would like to speak about something.......

I was rewarded for my performances in porn by the Performer of the Year!!! I was noticed for my blog(Best Porn Star blog), I was noticed for my Cock (Hottest Cock 2008) and my Escorting skills(Best Fetish Escort, Best Escort Website) and I'm gaining respect for my Promoting skills. I want to be the Jack of All trades, promoting is easy to Me, U just have to keep selling and selling!!! It comes natural to Me, and I like promoting.

While working on "Getting Levi's Johnson" David Forest makes an entrance. Now say what u want about this Man. He is a genius at P.R. and he is from the old school style of promoting(which I respect). Mr Forest walks into the room and walks directly to Me, shakes Me hand and says "Diesel I'm a Fan of your Work, Blog and Ur great at promoting, I'm a huge fan" To Me that was huge!!!

To top that!!! I recieved an email from David Forest thanking Me for the good interviews I did with his boys, Mark Dalton and Brent Corrigan. How big is that?????

I know People are getting tired of hearing about Me, I'm trying to do more work behind the camera though. Instead of hearing stories about Me I'm working to get interviews and footage of other stars and events.

Its funny I'm getting offers for work that has Me behind the camera for a change. I was offered some directing positions(more about that) P.R. work for some studios, all sort of things. I'm still on vacation at the moment!! by next week I will be all over the place.

I'm excited about the opportunities and can't wait for people to see what I have in store for Next year!! 2009 was a huge year for Me, 2010 will push Me to the place where I want to be, A list status!!

So come on haters!!!! Where are you when I need you????


Anonymous said...

Bobby Blake continued doing porn till his late 40's, possibly 50's if he ever gave his correct age. But both he and his previous partner Flex Deon maintained a false screen image, as both were quite versatile of camera ( that I can certainly vouch for). But It's sad that particularly in the case of Black performers, that they are much more liable to carry unnecessary baggage as to " required on screen image" , which baggage greatly restricts their porn careers.

Cat said...

Sorry that I have to disappoint you, I'm no hater ;-)
In fact I'm a huge (female) fan of yours. BTW Are there any others out there???
Appreciate your work, but in particular your personality (at least what I saw and read so far).
I think you're a really funny guy, but mostly I like that you respect everybody. I'm so tired of all the bitching going on.
Looking forward to see you being sexy in Levi Johnson and to read much more of you here.
Hope my english wasn't that bad.
Lots of love from Germany