Thursday, October 29, 2009


Okay I went to Marvelfest......and I had the best time there!!! It was so cool to be around other geeks and just enjoy dressing up and celebrating the Love of Comics!!

So I got to the event and so many people recogized Me as Lucas Bishop.......I felt like I was home. Here is Marvel's Vid of the Event:

Jean Grey:

Turn Coat Batman:

More People having Fun:

Luke Cage:


I couldn't wait for the Contest to begin:

Talking to the Winner of the Event Captain America.....He's outfit was flawless...from head to toe his outfit was amazing. I didn't win the Contest, Shit I didn't even place in the top 3 or 5. Captain America won and then Deadpool came in second and then Deadpool the pirate came in third. I still had a great time, I didn't want to go home, I just wanted to hangout all night...... :

Hanging out and Posing for the Camera:

I really loved this event, so many people came up looking to take Pics and Parents were bringing their kids to get Pics with Lucas Bishop.

It was great..I wasn't Diesel Washington for a change....I was Lucas Bishop!! Such a strange feeling....

I used to going to events and its "Hey Diesel" "Yo it's Diesel Washington" "Hey Diesel can I get a Pic" bah bah bah bah

This time around, it was such a good feeling to be seen as a Comic Book character, take pics with Comic book lovers, Little Kids knowing what Character I was!!! *Sigh it was sooooooo good!! I wasn't there to Swing the dick around, or try to turn on the crowd. I was with "Family" just people who wanted to dress up and have fun!!

I had a great time and can't wait for Halloween in NYC then it will even be better....

More Geek News....SCREAM 2009 did anybody else watch it?????

Alice in Wonderland...........looks so good!!!! Shutter Island whoa!! Avatar: The Last Airbender(loved the cartoon)

Alice in Wonderland:

Shutter Island:

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Ironman 2 is coming........waiting on that!! I might check out The New Moon(Twilight)who knows??

I'm still waiting on THUNDERCATS!!!! HEMAN!!!.... one can dream right????

Back to Scream 2009

Megan Fox...yeah yeah she's hot!! Yawn! Bitch!!

Johnny Depp......amazing and fucking sexy....Everything about that Man!!! His passion and what he brings to every single role that He is in.....There are no words.....I would love to be in an Orgy with Johnny Depp, Ed Norton, Christian Bale and Robert Downey Jr these guys are committed to every role their in, with that much passion floating around. I know the Sex will be amazing!!!

Im rambling now....and making no sense...

I had to post this first.......

Okay enough of Lucas Bishop, Marvelfest, Scream2009 and movies I want to see..........It's time for Diesel Washington to get back into business mode again...

Tiger Tyson hmmmm???


Ummmmm I'm still in shock over this!!!!!

Tiger Tyson just wrote a post about Me on his blog:

First let Me get over my shock at this!!!!! The Man is a Legend!!! A True Icon!!!GayVn Hall of Famer!!!

Whoa!!!!......Now let's jump right into business!!!!

This is what Tiger has to say about Me:







Tiger Tyson

Okay.....I have been in blog wars with Jeremy Feist, Kameron Scott, M.L., MOC, Tre Xavier.....I wouldn't call them "Wars" I guess... just an exchanging of ideas

This isn't a blog war....It's mutual respect being shown between "TOP" performers Diesel Washington and Tiger Tyson.


Tiger I know u got Ur series called TAKE EM DOWN......Most recent is your TAKEN EM DOWN 4

I see u get to fuck Marc Willams in this one.....good for ya!!

Dude Ur an Icon!!


Let Me tell U the real deal!!! U say the things I do, make you cringe????? There are things that I can do with my dick that will make that Thug booty of urs soaking wet!!!LOL

Come on Tiger!!!! I have a new Title for your collection....THE TAKE DOWN OF TIGER TYSON!!!

After all these years imagine, Tiger Tyson has that booty tapped by the Biggest Bad Boy in Town!!! Diesel Washington!!!

Dude it will be the biggest seller Pitbull productions has ever put out.....The scene of you bottoming for Me!!! Who else in this Industry could fuck the shit outta you AND U would still keep all your fans and gain even more fans. I'm taller, Bigger and I throw the meanest fuck in town.

Think about it Bro!!!!

If Ur worried about taking the dick...and not being able to handle the pounding.....

We could always Tag team a bottom

That way we can make a contest out of it:

We can see Who fucks the hardest?, Who fucks in better rhyme??

We can pull out Signature Fuck positions and try to out perform each other!!!!!!

BTW I love Ur booty shots!!! I would bury my face between those cheeks of yours!! Give that Ass a proper cleaning out with my tongue!! Just Sit on my Face!!! I will make sure I grow out my beard beforehand so I can have a "FLAVOR SAVER" because after the shoot I wouldn't wash my face for three days.....

That way I can still taste your booty for three more days, every time I lick my moustache on Day 1, I will taste you. Then I would pick out those tasty booty crumbs of Urs, that's stuck in my beard and that will last me the remaining two days ....Yummy!!!!LOL(Okay that was alittle too freaky even for to say LOL)

Just because Ur an Icon, doesn't mean that Ur safe from Diesel Washington my friend!!

All jokes aside....Ur a great performer.....I love your Work!!! and I have nothing but total respect for you!!!!

Ur fucking Hot!!! Smart, and all about business....

Yeah I don't know why I don't have my own company?????HMMM???Times are tough!!! And believe Me this recession is kicking every bodies ass these days!!


Wow Tiger Tyson calls Me out!!!This is so Cool!!!

This is what Porn is about!!!!! Mutual Respect and showing Love to the "REAL" Playas

What Do you the Fans think???? Love to hear your comments!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Maybe I'm too honest on my blog.....

My mother knows I do porn...Hell She came with Me to both Awards Shows(Gayvn, Grabbys)she sat through the Highs and Lows of my character Diesel Washington...My Mom is apart of Team Diesel(Pat, Roy Jones, Colbert) Through their support..I keep pushing harder and harder.....

The Fans, Industry and just people that like reading my blog, I don't say it enough but really THANK YOU!!

And then the.......HATERS!!!

I get comments from so called "Insiders" that write the most hateful comments and emails..really some Fucked Up Shit!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! THIS ONE WAS OVER THE TOP!! I put my responses to their bullshit rantings as well...... It begins!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "TIME FOR SOME ACTION!!!!":

Industry insider here...lemme answer your posts...

1. Hot House normally doesn't work with black men, and when they do, its usually someone who has that white appeal like Tyler Johnson, Aron Ridge, or jason Tiya (they are built more like the men they normally work with, the super nice tight abs,etc)and maybe steven doesn't want to work with you because he doesn't like you

Diesel: Ouch!!!U just said they don't normally work with black men....and yet you just named off 3 models but u forgot about, Marc Willams, Damien Holt(Reckless)...., I think that u got ur facts wrong.. I love the work Hot House does...And if I was given a chance.... I would turn out another Eye opening performance.....Oh, I got ur Abs joke...I'm working on that right now.... But thanks for the heads up LOL

2. spoke to mason last summer about the idea of him working with you. he said he has spoken to you about it, but hes honestly not that into you. he'll do it though. Erik Rhodes doesn't really like you, he told me himself. Francois would do it (dont know him) matthew rush will not work with you. he could've single handedly paved the way for more blacks to be in this industry but he didnt want to ever do any scenes with any black men. Roman Heart, highly doubt he would. Ricky Sinz...i think he would but im only thinking he would a little. Tiger you REALLY want to work with him or did you just put him on your list so no one could say your not into black men?! if you want to work with him do a scene with him for his company. you say you want to be like ron jeremy but honestly ron jeremy did IT ALL. and you have only fucked white men with the exception of markus ram, and that was a 3 way. Reese and Jesse won't do it. Diesel you have to remember your a big dark ass black man and you are not very attractive. you don't appeal to the masses. your not matthew rush. sure you can fuck to pieces but your physical features don't appeal to the majority of people who want to spend their money on high end gay porn. Even if you looked decent in the face you may get some big names wanting to do it but you don't. And as for you fucking an exclusive you maybe would've gotten the chance but Nelson Troy came into the C1R offices one day causing havoc about needing to be paid for a his live show NOW so we dropped

Diesel: Hmmm Mason not that into Me??Hmmm? in this post: This is where I met him at Gayvn's 2009 He writes:
I met Diesel Washington, who I swear to god is like 10 feet tall. And he confuses me. He looks like this hot, angry, muscled, dom-top that towers over everyone, which scares me and turns me on at the same time. Do I drop to my knees or run for my life? Probably drop to my knees...

And U say He's really not into Me, but probably will do it.....Ummmm Okay???? If he's into or not...Who cares???...I want to see myself fucking him...Nobody can fuck him like Me!!!! Top Power against Power Bottom!! Instant Classic!! If he's not into it will only make the scene hotter....Each time he tries to run...I will pull him back and keep raping and raping him......Wasn't that one of his fantasies????? To be completely control and Put in his Bottom Slut Place????Duh!!!

Eric Rhodes not liking Me....I was a Dick to Eric!! I have said that on this blog, And I said I was sorry to him personally..That was long ago...but if U want to bring it up again...Sorry Eric that I was a Dick!! there u go "Insider"

Mattew Rush??? Bullshit!!!I talked to himself...and didn't he just Fuck Eddie Diaz?????Whorrey Potter there U go U got a Free Plug WWW.DOMINICFORD.COM so what the fuck are ya talking about???

Mister Sagat is a Pro....A true Performer!!

Roman Heart..He's fucking Hot!! who doesn't want to fuck him...

Ricky Sinz that's my Brother!! Ur stupid for even talking about him!!

Tiger Tyson?? Funny U mention him....He just called Me out on his Blog (More about that later....)

Resse and Jesse wouldn't do it???? U have no idea!!!Stupid Stupid!!

Now listen this a clue...........It gives Me a location where they are at!!! And that would be WEHO...LOL!!

but Nelson Troy came into the C1R offices one day causing havoc about needing to be paid for a his live show NOW so we dropped

Really???? I guess WEHO talks don't We??? I'm not going to read into this.... they are just talking out of their ass and making up stories(but are they??) And the I'm Ugly bah bah bah I'm this and that....I'm used to that... Attacking my dark skin??? That is the biggest factor for you???..... I love that about the Diesel Washington character(Proud of my Skin color!!!real life as well) The contrast in Skin tones wheter Dark, Tan, Pale, it all looks hot on the screen when its shot well.....

3. I honestly do not remember jet set EVER having one black man work with them since bobby blake, and that was maybe 10-15 years ago...they aren't even a good company. jet set is in the same boat as channel 1: crappy porn that is basically amateur and only gets attention because of the directos/studio owners

Diesel: Are you Nuts???? Jet Set and Channel 1...consistently puts out Hot Vids!!! Ur fucking crazy!!! U say Ur an Insider??? Yet U are not informed on anything!!! I had contact with Jet Set(recently)....there is Interest!! And as far as movies, On Fire!! Big Dick Society I II, CarJackers, Cock Tease and Jock Tease(Didn't Jock Tease have the Model Derrick Long in it???that's right He was a Black Model, dark skinned one as well)those and other movies had me busting loads..... Channel 1??????all the work they have done before are Classics and soon to be classics TAKEN and GRIDIRON GANG BANG(in stores now!!) Who are ya???? U have no clue about this business.....I study this business.....I stay updated more than the websites and other bloggers who get paid to write about this industry(I'm joking just trying to prove a point, U reporters are the ones that supported me through hard times)anyway U know nothing about this business

4. Colt's productions are very few and far in-between. and if the guys dont want to do work with you then the studio wont make it happen!

Diesel: Hmm???I perform my ass off!!I bring something to the table, and when I do it's different each time..I'm not Gay for Pay!!I have a Performers Heart enuff said....

5. damn why you so worried about other peoples careers! Tyler is one of my good friends and I support him. hes EXTREMEMYL professional and relateable and VERY handsome!!! He is awesome to work with and hes done more movies since he entered porn in 2006 than any star thats around getting consistant work these days!! the fans love him and he answers their E-mails and stuff!! you dont even have a big fan base, because if you did the studios would use you more

and the main reasons the studios dont use you is you said "why pay 2000 on an experienced model when you can pay 900 on an inexperienced model" well why pay 2000 dollars on diesel washington when you can pay Tyler Saint or someone else who already HAS a fan base, appeals more to the masses, and may not fuck as hard as you, but in the long run will push more numbers. so yeah theres your answer

Diesel: Okay let me finish this off....I knew the Tyler Saint thing would come back at Me......I met the man once and we said Hello.......the reason his name came up? We were to do a scene together...needless to say it didn't happen, I had to change the dates on my Vacation(to fit in the scene )weeks before....then I was led to believe that he didn't want to work with Me(There was an Issue)....the shoot dates changed and I had a new partner...and I had to change around my schedule yet again which was a pain... I'm sure He is a nice man, and from what people have told me... He is a nice guy..Congrats on Ur Grabby btw(Hottest Cock) Ashame there were "issues' why it didn't work. So I just wanted to take time to answer this Bullshitter "Industry Insider" person.

Publish this comment.

Reject this comment.

Moderate comments for this blog.

Posted by Anonymous to CRIMES AGAINST NATURE at 12:22 PM

Now I received this comment on my blog today.......the reason why I went into this whole rant about this "Insider"......this person is a fucking coward...Be a man and stop hiding....

This guy is a stalker who has some insider knowledge...... so much....that they knew my Birthday, Month, and Year!!.. before I disclosed my real age.... And they knew this information and commented about seeing my information when I was in LA, I was in the L.A. only twice......

And I got this comment way before I went to do a Photo shoot(Secret project) with Unzipped... This was even before the grabbys, ....this started happening March 09

I have people who use my photos, use my image, use my footage and the worst case:


I have dealt with people posing as me on rentboy(using my pics), posing as me in gay chat rooms, fake myspaces, facebooks, yahoo, aol....... There are a ton of sites using my image and copyrighted footage from movies and posting it on Tubes(as Hot interracial scenes, "judge this" kind of shit) I have dealt with people that follow me on the street, people who show up at my hotel room, asking to take pics(I kid U not)when they know I'm in town for events. I deal with these things everyday.......

It doesn't make me paranoid(even though bi polar)I'm not scared and I shouldn't pay attention to it.....

But He did know personal things about me.....which is slightly disturbing......

Whoever U are!!!!I'm not looking for lawyers.....I don't want to press charges....I don't want Cops involved.


I know this sounds crazy!!! but there is a reason for this....

In the comments section.....I get alot of comments from this "Industy Insider". Which I don't post... Besides them knowing my birthday, they knew what hotel I was in, my real name, and other info.... all gathered from that time I was in LA.

From there they made comments about seeing me at events and awards shows(trashing me)saying some nasty shit about what I was wearing, who I was talking to, I mean they were really watching Me.....

Since then.....

They go on to talk about my Mother.... and my deceased Grandmother, it's some fucked up shit!!!...... THAT IS A NO NO NO!!!

U can talk about Me all U want.....when u start talking about my Grandmother.....and My Mom!!!!!

It makes me want to do things to you.......

U know Information about Me...And talk about my mom........


I'm not that guy that will take you to court and do all that legal bullshit......

I'm that guy that will drag you Kicking and screaming, to a dark alley..........

Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm going to finish my blog list in another post.......

Lets have some Honest talk:

I unretired because there is a few things I wanted to do before ending my career.

1. I want to work for Hot House, I don't know if I made any enemies over there or what?? I have been a fan of Hot House for a long time....and I don't understand why I haven't worked for them yet.....?? I'm not saying I'm God's gift to porn....but every movie I have been in since going free agent have all been good. I'm not putting any pressure on Hot House.......they did use Damian Holt in a Scene with Vince Ferelli...but Damian Holt is no Diesel Washington(No offense DH, although I got Ur comments on my blog, not good ones)

2. There are certain models that I have wanted to work with for years:
Mason Wyler
Eric Rhodes
Mister Sagat(one on one scene)
Matthew Rush
Roman Heart
Ricky Sinz
Tiger Tyson
Zack Randall
Reese Rideout
Jesse Santana
It just hasn't happened............I gave my soul to this Industry. Yet I find it so annoying that I haven't been paired with a Super Star Performer.....or an Exclusive Model for a Company..... in the almost 4 years in this business.......The only exclusives I have been paired with have been Titan exclusives!!! I speak the truth!!! Call Me an Asshole or Mister Crazy guy if U want......but every time I step on the set of a Movie, I'm there to work!!! And when I leave that set the only thing left is Sweat, Piss and Cum!!! I give everything I have to give in my roles!!!!

3. Working with Jet Set......another company which I don't know If I caused Bad blood or not?????? It just hasn't happened????? NO CLUE WHY????

4. Colt Studios another company that I wanted to work with.....It just hasn't happened NO CLUE WHY????

5. As far as Titan goes.............I have no clue???? I see Tyler Saint still working with Titan...!!! If Tyler Saint can work for Titan again.........Why not one of its Former Exclusive models????? This business is so complicated!!!!

Now U might be asking yourself......"I was wondering why these companies don't hire you as well????" I have no clue people........for awhile I thought I was Black Balled(Black Listed) in this business for being as outspoken as I am!!!! BTW which leads to number 6

6. Channel 1 releasing.......I hear that they have went into production with Black Balled 7........I was not asked to be in that production.......No clue???? I Love Chi Chi!!!! And thought the Job I did in Taken was an Instant Classic!!!! I hold no grudges or Ill feeling towards any Company or anybody.....since my past days of calling out People and making enemies....I have corrected my mistakes with Ben Andrews, Ricky Sinz and a few others....but I guess I still carry that dark cloud with Me....*sigh

Now I have a few Ideas why I seem to be coming on the short end of the stick:

Diesel Washington revealing that in fact he is 40years old(which is the Kiss of death in the Entertainment Business) I contacted one website, I thought was built for Me.....Naked Kombat!!! To my surprise......I was told that the matches were long and hard..... and that Me being 40.... I might not have the stamina to be able to keep up with the rest of the models...basically the Rep said I was Old and might not be able to keep up with the pace. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????????? When everybody thought I was 35(5years younger)I was wearing out bottoms that were 15 years my junior. Being a personal trainer I'm running longer and harder than guys that are 20years my junior.... I was deeply hurt by hearing this, I thought age was nothing but a Number.....but I forgot Gay Porn is about the Emphasis on Youth(more on that later)

Every Website, Studio, and Company is looking for the Next Big thing(Or at least a Fresh Face) A studio will use a model once or twice(maybe more)if they are not an Exclusive model. There are new performers coming into the game everyday, every month and each website, Studio, Company all try to get their hands on a Fresh face, so they can say they were the first ones to use that model. It's a harsh reality that "Older" "Seasoned" models face. The more scenes U do the more chance U will be overexposed....

Overexposed = a Quick retirement(not in all cases)

The Biggest Factor..........there is a recession!!! Older models remember scene rates that were once as high as $3,500 in 2006(depending How Popular the model is)and I'm guessing that the going rate is now about $900- $1,500 for lesser known models. I'm not Mad at anybody for using this recession to their benefit...... Why pay a well known model $2,000 when U can pay an Up and Cummer $900, U save money on Ur budget. The biggest draw back to that.......

Inexperienced Models, U will be spending more time Directing and Molding the model for their performance, U get models that go through the motions with Stiff fucking, bad acting, not into the role, the worst part of it, acting as If they want to be somewhere else instead of being in the moment with another hot guy, This Illusion that these guys can't wait to rip off each others clothes and fuck is not there and the fans can see that. So there is something to be said for Skilled Performers that put it down in every scene that their in.

I have been in films where I have no chemistry at all with my Co soon as that camera starts rolling....I suck dick and eat ass like I'm 100feet underwater and the only oxygen is coming out of his Dick and Ass.... I fuck with so much passion because 10years from now I want people to watch my performance and say "Damn!!!! He is fucking that boy with everything He got" I take pride in my work!!! Something the newer models know nothing about!!! It's only a check to them(not all but most)

I look at each role as becoming another character, each time I perform I want to outdo the last performance I did. I love the smell, energy and vibe every time I step on set. I missed that feeling when I was retired..

I guess I wrote this post because..........the phone is not exactly ringing off the Hook right now with work.

I went into Big time Press mode, with Mag covers, Vids, Hosting Gigs and everything I could think of to get my name back out there......

I'm here!!!! I just wish the phone would start ringing with Offers!!!

My latest is now running.... Check it out!!! If U forgot about my skills.

So most people think "Damn Diesel is everywhere nowadays" that might be the case.....but it's not getting Me tons of Jobs.....

It's still too early to tell but...........

Diesel Washington might pull a Jason Adonis(unretire to retire again shortly) if things don't get better and soon....

Sad but True post!


Okay I need to network more..........

So I decided to Facebook.....yeah I gave in.........Credit for getting Me to Facebook belongs to Wolf Hudson.

Wolf Hudson has been trying to get me to Twitter(I just can't)so I decided to Facebook..

There U have it, U can teach an OLD Dog new tricks.....

Diesel Washington on Facebook........things are going to be interesting.....

Oh and for the Record...... Terrance Ingraham is not my real name so stop asking.......

As U can tell I added facebook to my side bar........

Networkin is a motherfucker.....

Don't hit me up looking for Sex!!!!!
Don't hit me up to tell Me how many times U have jerked off to Me
Don't hit me up to hate on me
Don't hit me up looking for naked pics


Either I'm busy writing a blog, answering emails, editing Vid footage

Or I don't want to be bothered with Douchbags looking to cybersex with Me

HMMMM? What else?????

Thats it!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


So it's time to be an asshole....yup!!!

Everybody blogs now.....I talked about it before...but let's talk about it again.

I'm an Old School type of blogger, the elements I use in my blog are Honesty, Frankness, Observation, Experience, Madness(of course), Alot of Humor, some dark aspects, and most important REAL LIFE!!!

So I thought I would write a post about other Porn Star blogs(This is going to be tricky!!) Who would do something like that????? Diesel Washington...

I think I will coin the phrase Battle Blogger... I'm a Battle Blogger that has survived Wars!! Anyway.... THIS IS MY OPINION!!!!AND MY OPINION ONLY!!!

So in no order... lets start! by Jeremy Feist .......No Jeremy I'm not a retard(Ur so kind) and Ur Stick figure:

Kind of looks like My position called the Human Spit:

Only thing about the Human Spit Roast.....We not only hold Kirk Cummings in that position... but We spin him 360 with Our Cocks(11in, 10in) in his mouth and ass at same time(A true spitroast) But I like Ur Stick figure drawings.....LOL

Ricky Sinz His blog is on my must read list. He is all about business..but He also shares some deep intimate details of his life on his blog. I have much love for Ricky... I comment on his blog and he comments on my blog. He shows various elements of his life, the Girls, the Guys, the Cars, and everything in between. Yo Rick I hate Snitches too.... I have no clue about anything going on... I live in New York!!

Steven Cruz blog is probably the direction that I wanted to go with my blog. Alot of competition here... I highly respect Steven...I expected his blog to win Best Porn Star blog at the Grabbys...I really did!! We use alot of the same elements....but his blog and site has Blown mine out of the water(doesn't hurt that He has resources and a Hunk of a Man named Bruno Bond on his side)Many times I had to sit down and change my way of posting.. I would see his blog grow and expand, so I had to adapt and try to stick out my own way. His blog is on my must read list as well..

Mason Wyler now I was reading his blog when it first started on Myspace, He went on to create Wyler Nation and his own site. There is alot of Geek here(in a good way)When I read some one's blog I like to figure out if they are writing from the Porn Star character, the person behind the character, or all of the above. There is a cross between the both Mason the Porn star and his alter ego on his blog. I think the direction of his blog will change again due to the break up of his relationship. Its filled with Slutty humor and Geeky thinking... its a good read.

Wolf Hudson Hmmmm???? I'm kidding...I like Wolf's blog........although he needs to keep it updated(Bad Boy) Very Very Entertaining Hmmmmm check out his latest Vid.....I have to throw up now!!!!(Too much loving going on here!!)

Is it over yet??????Kidding......I'm very jealous Wolf!!!

Dillon Buck as far as the best travel blog, it hands down goes to Dillon Buck....This Man travels...Whoa!!! So many cities, so many people.... I envy his ability to just travel to distant places, fucking New Ass in every city that he goes to. AAh that is the life!! He also takes amazing pics, his blog is a photo hog dream place.

Simon Dexter I have to be honest, he's not really my Cup of Tea(as a blogger) When I first started reading his blog, it was nothing but model pics and a wish list..... granted his blog is new and ever changing. I did notice that he is investing more into his blog......and he gained my respect for this post:

Before this post I was not a fan, all the model talk, and high priced clothes(I really can't relate)I wasn't feeling the "Glam" blog....but anybody who takes pics of themselves, when not looking the hottest, esp when having a procedure done. Is cool in my book(But Who the Fuck Am I? LOL) he is a new blogger and hope to see his blog evolve even more.

RJ Danvers another blog on my must read list. Comics and Porn what is better than that???? He shares some of his experiences in life...Happy Belated Birthday my friend...I love Ur blog(and Ur Ass) He was another contender, I thought was a sure win for Best Porn Star blog. His blog is a good read, full of pictures, comic reviews, it's an all in one blog.

Krist Cummings UMMMM???? I like this Kid... I really do, his blog is alittle more deep than most.. Meaning it's Nuts!!!! His poems and thoughts tend to be dark in nature. His blog is written from the aspect of a tortured soul.... Filled with sadness...Risky behavior...Drug abuse. While I connect to the part of the writer that is tortured and conflicted with thoughts of anger and sadness... Looking at the blog itself....he writes when he needs to vent out the anger or between minute he is living in despair and only sees the darkness...the next update he is getting better and founding his place in life. But his updates are like once a month(sometimes longer) I'm afraid to read his blog and become "attached" to his blog character..... Sometimes his posts are so deep and alarming, that U don't know if the writer will be able to write another blog because he fell off the wagon(Drinking problem)or worse!! I like you Krist.....U need to stay together.......CHECK UR MYSPACE!!!

Jason Pitt he is the part of the New blogging generation. I like to see more posts showing alittle bit more of Ur character(Porn or real) alittle bit get it??? Moving on........ Jason recently broke up with MJ Taylor.... so I expect the blog to change focus and evolve into something different. He is young, so his blog is still maturing..... I love the post: it's a good read and he shows a glimpse into his life. I look forward to seeing more....

Eric Rhodes Okay....the guys pours out his heart in his posts....conflicted and depressed......I connect to the blog and feel the sadness...but at the same time....Eric U have a BF!!!! I don't have one and I'm depressed as well......AT LEAST U HAVE SOMEONE IN UR LIFE that accepts the problems and issues..... What I get from the blog???? the writer is moody and depressed with feelings of anger and sadness... It's not updated Ur often left with a Void between updates!!! Sometimes I don't know if its the Porn character writing.....or the man behind the character. A moody person that listens to Nine Inch Nails(Some dark moody music, I like) too much........(

There are more blogs to discuss............but that is alot of writing.......I will finish the post Tomorrow

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I want to post for the last two days but no........

I know People were getting tired of hearing about Me, I know it. So I had to sit back and just relax for a bit. Press is Press, but I think I was in the News so much that even my Mom was like "It's enough!!! Take a Break!!!" When Ur mother gets tired of hearing it, U know it's time to slow down....

So I'm back and posting again for the fans.....What should We talk about this time???


4:00 PM - 6:00 PMForbidden Planet*
Creator Signings
•Neal Adams
•Chris Claremont
•Dan Slott
6:00 PM - 6:30 PMMarvel Giveaways
Marvel Costume Contest Sign-Up6:30 PM - 7:15 PM
Marvel Costume Contest7:00 PM
Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic Book Premiere*Forbidden Planet is located at 840 Broadway on the corner of 13th and Broadway.
All other events are located at 14th and Union Square.


Call Me acting like a child but I'm going and entering the Costume contest.....I know everybody will come as Wolverine, and probably Cyclops.......

That is why I have a good shot at winning best Costume....I'm going as a X Men but as one from the future and I have the look down....

So that will be exciting.......Its on Wednesday but it will be cool to go and hangout with the rest of the Geeks(who knows maybe I will meet someone there) I'm expecting it to be a Kiddy contest, but I will show up anyway just to have some fun and probably get some good footage while I'm out there. BTW the winner gets to be in a Marvel comic....

That would be Highlight for any Geek to actually be in a Marvel Comic book...... Keep fingers crossed........

Well U had ur Geek taste for now...... What else is in the News to talk about?

The Last Post:

I want to say Thanks to everybody who read it........ The important thing about this blog is that I'm honest and very Blunt with my feelings.....I don't claim to be perfect and I known for being the Hot Mess that everybody likes reading about...Wheter that is good or bad(I have no clue). This blog helps Me in so many ways.....Venting is the main purpose of this blog...

It's not easy to Live in NYC and remain sane........This is the toughest City in the world, I have seen this City change people(For Better or Worse)some days I fucking hate this city and other days I love it.

NEW YORK NEW YORK: Empire State Of Mind Jayz and Alicia Keys

Love the song and being born in Brooklyn makes this song very deep for Me. If U can make it in this city U can make it anywhere and its so true!!!! The Porn Business is the biggest in LA and San Fran, but if I can handle living in New York all my life, everything after that is a walk in the Park(Central Park that is!!!) Well I wanted to post something its been enough days....

Again was it my choice not to post since Tuesday.....I think U guys heard enough about Me... and the last post WAS from the heart....... When U promote and promote, U have to inject alittle human side of urself.... I keep forgetting that I tell people bits and pieces of my life, but if I don't sum up some of my life experiences U would have no clue the things I have been through. I have lived quite a crazy life, and seen alot of things in my 40 years of life.....

Anyway there U have it a Geeky post.....and Thanks to everybody who can stand Me being Human from time to time....

I can be Crazy at times........Crazy but not Stupid(I can be that too, but not so much)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Okay I'm in a pissy mood.....

If U don't want to hear it....then go to another blog cause this is nothing but Diesel in a bad mood.

I hate this relationship game. I'm single and not liking it at all, Why can't I find someone that accepts Me and likes me for my personality not just the dick. It makes Me crazy(which is easy to do)that I can't find a single person that wants to be serious in a relationship Geez. From the game players, the Curious, Users, Co Dependents, and the Jealous types. I have admitted that I'm not the easiest person to get along with....

But God Damn!!!! I have worked hard to change my thinking and I accept everybody else with all the baggage they bring, bad habits, bah bah bah.....

But U fans have no clue what I have been through.......... Let's talk honest here:

I remember the first time I was in Love.....I was stationed over seas in Germany and came to dating this Polish and German girl. She was great, easy to talk to and just wanted to spend time with didn't matter what We did as long as We were doing it together.... When my time was done with the Military, I went State side to handle all the family business and tell people I was relocating to Germany. I spent two weeks in NYC and left her to handle business in Germany. I was receiving calls from Germany from My girlfriend saying everything was okay....At the same time I was getting calls from friends saying that My girl was hanging out at various Military bases flirting around.....Ignored it.

I go back to Germany to make a new life for myself.... The day I arrived, I kissed my girl and was happy to see Her. We spent some quality time together that night and then I had to leave to get things in order(at the time I was a drug dealer, this was 1993)I came to U.S. for supplies and needed to start selling(I needed as much money as possible)Now I guess alot of People are missing the story. When I came back to Germany I was going to Live with Girlfriend and her parents, I hated the idea that I had to live with Her parents, so I was out to make as much money as possible.

I come back to the house later that night, she was gone. I speak German so I asked her parents where did she go???? They had no clue where she went, instead of sitting and waiting for Her to return, I went back out to get more sales. I called the house every hour to find out where she went, they had no clue. That night I crash at my friends place....... to make a long story short I didn't hear from her in Two weeks time. I refused to go back to the house, her parents didn't know Me well enough and I felt that I didn't belong in that household. So I'm in Germany and Homeless....... It was hard!!! I didn't see her again until 2years later(more about that later)

So the first person I ever loved left me homeless in Germany and it was a horrible experience for Me.....I never trusted anybody after that!!!

Moving on...... I was dating a few girls at the time but nothing serious........ then I made a change.

I was curious about guys but never acted upon it, I was dating this Bi sexual girl at the time and she told Me I should experience everything life has to offer.

Okay.....I was introduced to a Brother(Lite skinned African American)and we started to experiment(Kiss, Pet bah bah). I mean I had no clue what to do, I didn't know If I was a Top or Bottom.....and he even asked Me "Are U more of a Passive person, or Aggressive???" I had no clue what He was talking about..... I thought for a second and seeing that I like to lead rather then follow I said "I'm Aggressive" he smiled and said "Thank God" from that moment on I knew my role. I knew nothing about the Lifestyle and at the time he taught Me everything!!! I didn't know how to kiss guys or hangout with guys, I didn't know anything at all..... I really clinged onto this guy and he was my Guide into this Lifestyle. And I was abused for it!!!!!!

I remember calling him on the phone and planned to meet him in the city one day. He was driving at the time and I decided to meet him by the Staten Island ferry(Manhattan side, I lived on Staten Island at the time) I saw his car across the street from the Ferry, I went up to the Car, but He drove off(thinking He didn't see me)I went running behind the Car, yelling for him to stop but the music was playing and he had his friends in the Car as well. Two blocks later he finally stops, I go up to the window and was like "U didn't see Me man I was running after ya???" He said he didn't see Me and was only going around the block to look for parking. Needless to say since that day, he continued to treat Me badly, said I was clingy and a newbie and He didn't want to waste any more time with Me!! Ouch!!!

I ran into one of his friends that was in the Car that day......and He told Me the real story........ The day I went running behind my Ex's car, My Ex knew I was behind him.......He kept driving to see how many blocks I would run for Him(it was a bet with his friends)!!! And He told his friends he was just using Me for Sex and He understood that he was my first sexual experience with a Man....He just didn't want to be bothered with a relationship at the time and he didn't know How to break up with Me!!! Ouch!!! I was Crushed!!! My first experience with a Man and He dumped Me on the phone a week later. I dated him for about a month. From that experience I was forever jaded by Guys........ I became very Aggressive and turned into a Asshole...... I was played hard!!! So I became a Player!!!

Now that I became a Player.....I started using guys for sex.....I noticed that older guys were attracted to Me and started offering Me money. So I went from a Player to Hustler and started making money....... It was a dirty lifestyle...but I made alot of money in a short time, but I wasn't focused at the time and Hustling guys for money was kinda of sketchy....... So I upgraded from a Hustler to a Escort........

But this post is about relationships so back to the time I was escorting I still lived on Staten Island, I became obsessed with this Str8 boy(Latin)We were friends(Good friends)and I started to fall for him. I was so confused, I didn't want to lose the friendship so I kept my distance. One drunken night, I made a mistake and kissed him(His Gf broke up with him and he was crying)He kissed Me back to my surprise....but then We passed out and didn't talk about what happened for weeks. Nothing really changed between Us and We remained friends(he even started dating this other girl)we remained close and then I started to fall in love with Him!! It was the worst feeling ever!!!Falling for someone who didn't want ya!!!Hurts!!! My friend came upon hard times and lost his job and his parents asked him to leave their house........He asked to crashed at my place(and I was happy to help out)this is where the problems happened....... I was a good friend to him. He asked if his girlfriend could stay the night(I was so jealous of Her)I said I didn't mind(I did) I had a one bedroom apartment and the couch in the living room was a sofa bed. So to my disgust, there was the guy I liked in my house...Fucking some Chick on my sofa bed!!! I didn't like that at all...

We were such good friends and got along as roommates so I learned to deal with all the girls he brought over to the house. We had threesomes and orgies(no action between Us)and I shut down the Gay side of Me. Then one day it happened, I couldn't take the constant girls running around the apartment. I sat him down and talked to him directly I said " I like you, not the way U think, I think I'm in love with Ya" He sat there looked in space and said "I like You too, but I don't think I'm gay Man!!!" "But I will try to do it with Ya because Ur my best friend" I felt like Dog shit!!!! But I wanted Him so Bad!!! I started to blow him.......He couldn't get hard!! Ouch!!!! Here I was with my best friend at the time and I got what I wanted!!!!But it was dirty!!!! The only reason he played with Me was because We were Best friends!!! I felt like a douchebag, the guy I wanted to be with so bad......only let Me blow him because he didn't want to lose Me as a friend...and he trusted Me. He was not Gay or Bi sexual at all......... but he got naked with Me because I was his friend and he trusted Me..... I felt like a piece of trash. Two weeks later He got a job and got back on his feet, he moved out a month later. We are still friends to this day..... But that taught Me a lesson!!! I knew I wanted someone I could be friends with but at the same time I wanted a Lover!!! The guy I wanted was clearly Heterosexual(Even to this day)I was hurt big sucks because it caused distance in Our friendship to this day...

I soul searched alot after this.....I even went back to dating Women again. I had several relationships with women but nothing lasted....We either grew apart or it didn't work out between Us(cheating, money issues bah bah)I was a Mess, I was living the DL lifestyle and I hated it...

Then came Jose......... I really liked this kid. He was good for Me and we had great times. The only problem with Jose, he didn't work........I would work from 7am to 5pm doing construction and He would sleep all day and do nothing... He dropped out of school by 8th grade...and just was living off welfare and section 8....I wanted him to do more......He escorted here and there...but He didn't want to do anything with his life. I couldn't take it, I stayed with him for year and in that time he never had a job or wanted to get one. I then found out He was cheating on Me with his best friend(I thought was best friend)I came home early to find them in bed together...... Now its not as bad as U think...when I found them in bed together I merely walked into the room got undressed and fucked them both!!!! Needless to say the trust was not there and a week later I dumped him!!!

I started dating another Bi sexual chick, and it was short lived!!! She wanted to do threesomes with other girls....the only problem.....She didn't want Me to mess around with the other girl..... So basically I was getting Half a girl to play with while she got a dick and pussy to play with... Selfish Cunt!!!! She dumped Me for the girl I set her up with.......Fucking Cunt(more about that later)

Then there was John........I met John late night in the city, he was cute as fuck but at the time he was talking to a drag queen.... I grabbed the opportunity when the drag queen went into a store for smokes. I talked to him and he was interested in Me...when the drag queen came back... he excused himself and left with Me. We had the best relationship U could ever have.......he had a dark secret though...... He was a Dope head!!!!

About a month into the relationship, I noticed he started to change. We had a complex relationship(he had a girlfriend at same time)I was seeing him during the weekends and then I started seeing him less and less. He told Me he wanted space and thought his girlfriend might be pregnant.... the fucking drama!!! It turned out that she wasn't pregnant at all, then more problems.......He received a phone call which would change Our relationship for the worst. One of his best friends from Upstate NY committed suicide(drug overdose)when he went back home, he changed. I had my own problems at the time......I lost my place(long story) and was living out of my Jeep at the time. But it was Diesel and John against the world at this point, I got him into escorting and We were making about three thousand each weekend from it. We had hopes and dreams of getting a place together...and We were making the money(even though we were living in a Jeep at a rest stop off the West Side Highway)but then it happened......I noticed him Nodding off when talking to Me and then I knew He was high on Heroin again.....I confronted him about it and he denied it. It happened when he went home...the friend that killed himself was his drug buddie....he got together with the rest of his friends and toasted him(By using Dope)and he relapsed. It got messy when he started missing clients or falling asleep on clients. Then He went missing for three days........I couldn't find him and he wasn't answering his phone... He was trying to kill myself.......the suicide really shook him up. He took every drug out there Heroin, Crack, Coke, LSD, Weed, bah bah in the attempt to take his life.

To make the story even worse......I found out that he was on Parole for his drug offenses and was seeing a parole officer twice a month(He stopped going when We got into a relationship)at this point I loved this Kid......When his friend died he was out of control......he went missing for three days just drugging up and trying to kill himself. The money we saved for an apartment (almost five thousand dollars) was gone!!!! After the three days of drugging, he got into contact with Me and I ran over to get him. He was sitting on a street corner, nose bleeding, nodding off, and throwing up all over the place.... He looked like he was dead!! I jumped out of my car and ran over to him on the street and he opened his eyes and said "I'm sorry" I rushed him to New Jersey rented out a hotel room and took care of him for three days..... During those three days, I slept with him in bed when he started having Night sweats, pissing in the bed and throwing up!!! I sat him in a tub and washed his body when he was shaking and crying....waiting for the drugs to come out of his system. At night, he would shake all over and I would cuddle him and then he would wake up look up at Me and tell Me he loved Me and then he would fall back to asleep in my arms. When We needed money, I would go out and do some clients that way I could pay for the hotel(I had no place) and buy Us food...... I would feed him soup and sandwiches to get some food in his stomach.... I had to nurse him back to health because He was due to see his parole officer very soon(put it this way he drugged for three days, I had three days to nurse him back to health because He had to go to his parole officer that same week) So basically on Thursday he fell off the wagon, I found him on Sunday.....Sunday Thur Wednesday I nursed him back to health so He could see his parole officer that Wednesday afternoon.... From Sunday to Wednesday I didn't leave his side(only to do clients when We needed money)spoon fed him and massaged him(cramps and tightness from the drugs)and washed him(He couldn't walk). I drove him to his parole officer and he passed the inspection. I was tired and worn out from the situation, I drove him back home(2hours distance from Me to his Mothers house)and left him under his mothers care(his Mom had no clue about his drug abuse)....... Things got better and he even found a job, waiting tables.

Then from there he fell off the wagon yet again......but I wasn't there for him this time(I wanted to be, I had to work) and he was caught with drugs on him!!! Which was a violation of his parole and He was sent to jail to finish his time. He was locked up for 7 months, and I was getting 5 letters from him(per week)in his letters, he was saying he loved Me and when He got out that We would be together again(I saved his letters and we burned them when He got out)... Upon his release........he surprised Me in the city, I didn't know when he was going to be released but I received a call from a mutual friend that said John was out and looking for Me. We connected again.......I was ready for his release and had two thousand dollars saved, to get him some clothes and a phone, so We can stay in contact. He started waiting tables again and got his life in order.........I loved him and wanted to see him more...but he was working so much....I thought he didn't want Me anymore......He surprised Me with a Diamond ring and a poem(Mushy shit I know).....My heart was his.......then one week later he was caught with drugs on him(again) and sent back to jail.....he was taken from me again.....I died when He left........ I couldn't take this Co Dependency anymore.........I shut the door on the past and tried to move on......but I still loved him(more about that later)

Now Im a jaded asshole........I was escorting and it was all about the money. No hookups just money....I didn't trust anybody and I didn't want to date anybody....If it wasn't about money I could care less.....

I then met Paz(ISRAELI)that's why I laugh at M.L., I dated an Israeli and even tried to learn Hebrew. Paz was an escort himself and worked on various websites(Show guys, Chelsea guys)and He was a porn star(Now Ur getting the Idea why I got into Porn)I loved him....He taught Me so much about the business.....I learned first hand, How to run an escort company.....How to Promote......the right way to escort.....and I learned first hand about the Porn Industry!!! Paz had control issues, and I was living in his house, Paz dumped Me because He thought I was going to leave Him for a younger guy(He was wrong)Paz was alot older than Me and he was insecure(more about that later)so I was crushed yet again!!!

Then probably the worst relationship ever!!!! David!!!! when I was dumped by Paz, David came into my life.......He was alot younger than Me, in school and he had goals and plans for the future. He was super smart, and we spent alot of time together......this relationship lasted for almost 4years....... I cheated on him.......I felt that I wasn't getting the attention that I needed and looked for replacements. It costed Me the best relationship I ever had!!!! I was selfish and destroyed the only relationship that was truly special.......David was and is my soul mate!!! Even when I get upset or have a bad episode(Bi polar)David has a way of finding Me...talking to Me and I feel so much better having someone that understands Me for a change.....

But David is older now........he has matured and moved on. He keeps in touch with Me but doesn't love Me anymore????.....We don't hangout(for fear of getting back together)and We only talk online.........I think he still loves Me but he knows it will never work out again.....and He has too many things going on in his life right now!!!!

So I'm cursed everyday to know that I found my Soul mate but I fucked it up by beening selfish....... I have to live with that for the rest of my life!!!! I meet people everyday and nobody gets Me!!!! David was the only one that understood Me, He knew what I was thinking and we didn't have to talk, He could read my mind and know what I was thinking.....

I messed that up BIG TIME!!!!

Now to finish up the blog..........

The German and Polish girl, tried to reconnect with Me two years after she left Me homeless in Germany......she came over to the United States looking for Me saying that I had a Son(Yet she had no pictures of the child so I don't believe that crap) When she came to visit Me here in the States, I left her in the house while I went out and had fun with friends as a payback to her(revenge is sweet)Dropped her at airport and drove off....

John the Dope head, I saw him recently in the city........He is clean and sober now!!! But He put on like forty pounds of fat and went back to girls.

Jose I talked to him online....he finally went to Job corp got a skill and trade......but he moved away to Florida and Our lives are just different now!!!

Paz moved back to ISRAEL and quit the porn biz for good!!!

The Latin guy from Staten Island.....fucked up his life.....he was charged with Having Sex with a Minor(He was 19 at the time and she was 16) and was brought up on charges....... He is working and We talk every now and then......Not as tight as We used to be though.

The Bi Sexual chick who dumped Me for the girl I set her up with.........She got dumped by the girl I set her up with.....The girl I set her up with...dumped her because she started to be clingy and wanted a relationship with Her. She is Bi sexual and wanted only fun.......My ex wanted a girl on girl relationship....So it feels good to see what comes around goes around!!!

Why did I write all of this??????? because Most People think I'm this monster with no feelings!!! I want to be loved like every body else!!! I have my own baggage but I learned to deal with it and showed that I have alot of love to give someone!!!!

I'm just lonely now!!!And I needed to vent.....I havent wrote a post that was revealing in a long time so there U have it........

Most People think I'm this Player and fuck em and leave them sort of guy. Most guys are turned on by the fact they think I'm a player......Less to deal with and no strings attached....

But I have always wanted more......and I have been walked on, abused, I have been in several Co dependent relationships and when most guys find out that I'm sensitive and looking for love......... they are turned off big time. Because Im not that Human Dildo that they wanted......or that Sex God that wants to fuck everything in sight......It's a good front though!!!! But that's not Me at all!!!

I used to be that shallow asshole that based everything on looks.......After the years being in porn I have learned that.... People have all these ideas about What Diesel is????? Diesel Washington is a character that I play!!!

The Editor is alittle different......alot more sensitive, Teddy Bear and a lonely bastard!!!


Me chubby??.........

I'm hitting the gym hard this week....I want more haters!!! I don't have enough haters this month. It's a long month and I just got started back into this promotion thing!!!

Eigth pac to six pac and right back again..... I need more people in my comments section, people have been quiet and I guess people are just watching it Unfold(hit me up People)!! Halloween is coming up and I'm deciding on wheter bringing Dexter DeLarge back or go with Lucas Bishop.

I'm leaning more to Lucas Bishop just because I think the Geeks would rather see Me as Lucas. Oh and looking at the feedback from Fans on Dexter.....

Alot of people don't like Dexter...but there are some People that want to see more of Dexter. So....I have been thinking alot about this decision. The people that like Dexter plus the People that want to see more of Dexter, out weigh the People that do not like Dexter.... But We will see what pans out!!! He is a character in development right now!!

So porn news, I looking forward to Focus/Refocus beening released....the buzz is good!! Roughing It by Falcon is also dropping with Nash Lawler bottoming.... The spoof of Harry Potter is coming out.Whorrey Potter I think I will put that on my List of movies I want to check out....LA Zombie has revamped its Website and the pics are gory and hot!!!

The Big News!!! Production has started on Black Balled 7, I'm curious as to what models have signed onto this project......So Far on the list is Race Copper... Should Diesel Washington add his name to this production???? At this point of my Career, the choices of roles are vast!! I read Race Copper's blog take on Black Balled 7 and joining the cast. I constantly go through the Pros and Cons of doing a Movie like this. I still haven't come up with a Decision yet....

All I can do is be honest on this blog........

Stay tuned for more Info about this...

Monday, October 19, 2009


Yeah I have more in my bag of tricks.......

The focus this week is working out and getting that "Body" back!!! I have changed my focus from cutting the body and going back to the basic. Mass!!! I think People have had their fill of the Jock Body!!!! The Bodybuilder body has disappeared...but I think that in 2010 its right back to Buff, Muscles and that show of Power!!! Times have changed, but Porn recycles itself....... Being Big Bad and Buff is where it's at!!(I hope)

So the road coming back to the Industry is Hard!!!I realize that I have had it easy. These models today are hungry!!! What's cool about the models today......they are getting better looking each couple of months...I mean the guys have always been hot!!! But the Newer classes are Way Way Hot!!!! And they all have this fire to standout and make a name for themselves!!

Finally Gay 4 Pay actors are learning the game and being more involved in their performances!!(Yes) The models purely doing this for the money.....The industry is wise to Ur games now!!! U have to perform to get that check now!!!

Networking......I have said before I do not Twitter........I still will not Twitter but I'm warming up to the Idea of using Facebook....Yes that's right Diesel Washington is coming to Facebook(It's time that I get with the times) When I get my page all in order, I will give you the Fans ......the Details!!

I look forward to seeing all my fans on my facebook page!!!!


I haven't had a real honest blog in a long time....Its been promotion after promotion.. Let's talk:

I had alot of the chapters in my life... Some friends I have lost contact with...Old lovers disappeared.....and I have trashed many many people!!!

Recently I have gotten in contact with Old friends such as Roy Jones(look him up on the blog)and its always good to reconnect with friends that knew you before U did porn. Now Old lovers.....this is always a funny one!!! I see alot of my Ex's running around with new love interests....yet they still contact Me via the Internet. I'm not playing Human dildo or the other guy U just have sex with.....while U get Ur emotions and cuddling from the other guy(I want that as well)U know who U are!!! Stay with Ur man and Keep getting that boring sex.....

Now I'm currently seeing a few people....that I'm interested in. One person, just wants a sexual relationship with Me!!!(No future in that) Another person wants to date....but doesn't want anything sexual at all(in fact they have a limited sex drive)and I'm interested in a Few porn stars out there(they know who they are)but their personal lives are a mess.....full of baggage....issues and I'm not ready to be in any Co Dependent relationship(Not another one)I have had my fill of those.

Oh and the touring schedule......I was suppose to tour heavy during the Summer and I was sidelined by the Spider Bite(finally healed, Tat time)I will be going on tour again(within a weeks time) I will have the travel schedule by the end of the week!!!

What else????

Oh that Balloon boy crap!!!! I was watching that shit!!!I have to admit it......I was like that Poor boy!!!! But that was for bullshit press(Good shit)but now U guys have to pay the price.....and America is fucking mad that We wasted an hour....following that balloon and the kid wasn't in it..... And then to see the family and there are Vids out with the Kids rapping in it!???!!! Really?????? America is going to have this families balls in their hands squeezing those nuts tight for bullshitting Us!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009



Remember when I told you I was in Florida shooting a scene......

Whoa!!!the scene is already out!!!! On

Now!!!I know what Ur thinking......Ur doing webwork???? I will tell you why....Studio work takes months to release..With Webwork not only is the turn around Instant(In this case LOL) My last movie, TAKEN was filmed in March 09, I haven't worked since..... I was rusty and wanted to do a scene to get Me back in the swing of things. I wanted to see if I still had the desire to Fuck on camera again....

I do have the passion!!! Plus I knew Hustlaball was coming...UnZipped Mag....Naked Ambition the timing of my First Sex scene coming out was Tricky I wanted everything to come out at the same time.

Oh yeah, I'm getting tired of the Bullshit in the comments section Bah Bah Bah!!

It seems that people are attacking my weight....I admit it, I went from having a 8pac to a 6pac FUCKING SUE ME!!!!! I'm 40 years old and I just came out of retirement GEEEZZZ!!!! But I will take the heat and just improve and hit the gym even harder..... I'm not 22yr or 25yr.............I'm 40 and fucking the hell outta guys 15yrs my Junior and doing it well.....

I'm just like any D List celebrity out there, We get out of shape and have to tighten up in the Gym!!! I don't like my body!!!!But with age Ur body changes!!!I was on a strict diet and controlled everything I ate, and tons of cardio, when I was filming. When I retired......Wendy's started to smell good(LOL)....I was visiting Mother Washington and she was cooking all my favorites!!!! So if U want to blame Someone for the Weight gain...Blame my Mother!!!(She cooks so well)


In the Car:

Outside the Studio:

Interview with Kain Warn:

After the scene:

Now here is the pictures from the Scene which is Up and Running on EXTRABIGDICKS.COM
CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!

As I told ya, I had more Positions and Moves to show you.....(I have many More!!this was a sample!!)

So here We go:

THIS IS CALLED THE SUPERMAN!!!(The boy looks like He's flying)

And this was one was funny..... I call this Move the "FLESHJACK" You know how U use a Fleshjack on ur dick??? You just pump it up and down on Ur Cock!! Same thing here I take the bottom and just pop him On and Off my dick like like a FleshjackLOL

The scene is Up and Running Now!!!!on EXTRABIGDICKS.COM!! Moving on.....

I was talking to Wolf Hudson today on the phone........

I forgot what He called Me???? Whore Monger???Attention Whore????I don't remember which one....

Anyway I had a good laugh with Wolf....Since I don't have many People to talk about the Porn business with, it was good talking to a friend and planning out the next move... Yes I ask for advice(Why Not???)......


Add those to the Library!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


FINALLY THE LAST POST FOR TWO DAYS!!!! I'm going to relax like this:

Superhero..........I got that down!!!!!!

Enjoy I'm a SuperHero now!!!!

Photos by Giophotography......Where dreams are Made!!


This is a quick post...

I just got finished with a Radio Interview with Frank Decaro promoting the UnZipped Mag...

The Interview was Funny and I had my camera with Me to see How it is done in a Radio Station....

Wow these last weeks have been amazing......

Enjoy the clips

This is starting the Show....Yes I was filming(Of Course) U can only hear through the headsights so when its quiet and there is no talking its because...... I'm listening to Rick in the Headset(So We are not being quiet on purpose but letting the other People on the microphone talk, I had to explain it or People would be why are we sitting there staring...

Anyway I'm ranting..

And this is for ZAC at

More of the Interview:

And of course I have to get myself in the Vid its Nuts!!!! Opps!!!I slipped in saying some curses Yikes!!

Ass kissing moment:

And the end of the Interview:

Whoa!!!! Another moment.........I'm working off my Ass!!!! Yes I had an Assistant that night at Hustlaball there is no way I was carrying all the outfits and stuff...

Extra Special thanks to Rentboy(Jeff, Brandon, Sean, cool punk rocker dude)U guys gave Me the Chance to Host One of the Biggest Parites here in NYC(my hometown) I'm an East Coast Guy but I do like to travel to the West and Chill as well....But I had to turnout Hustlaball.....

I have one more post and then U guys won't Hear from Me for at least two days(I need Rest) Yeah Yeah I know Press Press Press!!!But to be Honest!!!

I did alot of work(I have a regular job as well people!!) And at this point, I'm starting to think my Real name is Diesel.......because I'm hearing it so much.

Hmmmmm????.........To Swtich speeds

I'm having all this Success.........and nobody to share it with. The last date(a real date not food then fucking) I went on was with D(go way back to figure that out)that was like 7 months ago....So with Success there is a down side....

It's been a long time since I woke up with someone who I want to make Breakfast for in a long long time.......

My main Focus is my Mother(Mama's Boy)and Myself.....

I dont own a Company(The recession destroyed that idea)I'm not a Studio Exclusive, Nor do I own a website(Yet, despite poll results I think people would be happy with paysite), I don't run a model agency......

I'm a model that knows how to Perform(Live, Film), Promote, Write(LOL), make other models look amazing on Youtube(U guys are welcome!!)and I'm still learning everyday.....

I have some Major Scripts, Fuck Styles, Promotions, bah bah bah bah

Yeah I'm tired of hearing Myself talk now!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay I'm fucking tired now!!!! So I got alittle sleep after Hustlaball.....from Hustlaball I had to Help Max Scott....

I have alot of history with this Man(We did many Gigs)and when He needs Me I'm there....Alot of people don't know but....

I like to help People, sure I have the Rough outer appearance but I like to take care of People that were good to Me, This was one of those times.

I was spent, I mean I had no energy, but I put on my game face and turned out the crowd at WOOF!! I had some extra copies of UnZipped, so We raffled off some signed Copies of the Mag(I promote and promote)

I danced on their stage and got the crowd Hype!!(No footage of that)

So let's talk about the UnZipped Cover!!!! What Can I say???? It's fuckng hot!!!

On the Cover U have Grabby Performer of the Year(Hi Mark and Stacy!!)Diesel Washington and Grabby NewCummer of the Year Cameron Marshall!!! How hot is that??!!??? When Unzipped pitched the Idea to Me...I was all on board!!! The Story should touch alot of People. First Off it's a Black and White guy on the Cover!!! Curious eyes will be like Really??

Having Performer of the Year and Best NewCummer on the Cover is Crazy!!!

Having a chance to work with Cameron Marshall was a dream come true(I think I asked for that!!) Sweet Kid, (despite rumors I heard, LOL kidding...)This was a hard shoot for Me!!! I didn't want to be Sexy!!! They wanted Me to play a Vampire, so I went all out in the character!!! Looking at the Pics, its Sexy, Scary, and the images are very graphic... The contrast in skin tones, and the storyline will have People going "Its a Great Layout and the Pics are Hot!!"

I don't want to give anything away.....but it's Hot!!!

Okay more promoting.......

Diesel and Unzipped's own Rick Andreoli on Sirius' Frank DeCaro Show tomorrow (this morning?!), Wednesday the 14th, at 9:15am PST.

Yes that's right I will be on Frank DeCaro Show tommorrow on Sirius Radio!!!!

I have to keep promoting as hard as I can!!!! People still don't know Who I am!!!So sorry People, U will be hearing alot more of Diesel Washington this whole Month!!!!

To the Haters!!and People who counted Me out........On Ur Mark, Get Set, Hate!!!!

Now!!!!the only thing left to handle is the Studios and Companies.......

I think People are intimidated by Me!!!I don't charge High Scene rates(I like performing and making good Movies)I accomplished what I wanted as far as awards, Hot Scenes, Signature Moves. I busted My Ass in every role that I'm in..

So I'm ready to go back to work.....

Yes I'm outspoken on my blog, but I LOVE THIS INDUSTRY!!! I will be apart of this Industry for the Rest of My Life!!! So Why don't We work together??? I have alot of Ideas, Scripts, and I make sure every performance is ground breaking....

I sound Cocky Yes!!! But I'm a guy from Brooklyn raised on Staten Island and a True New Yorker!!!! I may not be ur all american type that U are used to.... But I'm Here and I'm not going Away anytime soon!!!

If I have to keep pushing the Press for People to understand that.....So be it!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009


Ur Hosts for this blog:
Diesel Washington and Lady Fag!!

Okay People...

I had a long night...........

So I got the pics up....I had no light and the club was dark.....I don't want to hear any bullshit from anybody!!!!I did the best I could, I was hosting Hustlaball...Performing, and Getting Footage and me the hardest working Porn Star ever!!!

I always do these events from the Fan here goes all the pics...

So I had alot to do......

So many stars at Hustlaball too many names too many pics I will fix this thing as soon as possible:

So lets start at the Start I did a Red Carpet interview with Angel Benton and Robin Byrd:

As soon as I got the club I went to the Vip room to check out Chi Chi LaRue spinning the Hits and she was rocking!!!

Jake Steel with a Fan having fun and Showing off for the Crowd

Walking around the Club I see Derek Hartley talking to Gus Maddox(Wow) I first met Gus almost 4years ago at "Who wants to be Porn Star??" a show at the StoneWall......It was a contest to see what Guys in the audience had what it takes to be a Porn Star(What a turn around)

Now I spot Nick Capra eyeing Gus Maddox so I go over and get a quick Interview with Nick.....Nick goes on to say that He wants to meet Gus Maddox... So I do a Diesel Love Connection between the Two. The club is dark People, and instead of using a camera light, I had to find the best lighting as possible....... Some of the Vids are get Porn Stars(my friends)comfortable with the camera around is to let them "Do their thing" without some bright light shining in their face. Sometimes I want to enjoy the party and just have some Fun without having to be Mister reporter. Now in the Vid with Nick Capra and Gus Maddox its dark......... But I will tell you People a secret they were Doing alot of grabbing in the dark, and alot of kissing and licking....LOL

Now I was checking out Spencer Reed big time....the Man was on Stage and dancing and showing off the goods....Yummy I had to go up there and dance with him.....U know I had to get my "Action" with some bump and grinding, and rubbing my Dick on the back of his Ass(I had to LOL)

So I'm walking around the Club and getting footage and I see Aden Stone and Shay, hmmmm...seems like these two like each other.....

I'm walking around yet again trying to get footage for ya....I bump into Bobby a new model at

I make sure I def get some footage of Tommy Defendi, he was looking hot on stage and shaking his money maker.

Of course I had to get Lady Fag tearing up the Club...I love my Co Host(Yes she is a real girl)

Now I run into Logan McCree and Vinnie D, they are Headlining the show, I really like these guys, We talked before hand. Vinnie loves the camera and Logan is Shy(No Joke) I like to capture models being natural..

So I gave them their space without the camera....At the same time I had to stress to Logan that I needed footage...We are friends, so I had to ask him to do Me a favor and be Logan McCree...... We both are Comicbook geeks and can talk about comic forever...Sometimes We get lost in Convo.. To be honest

It's hard to be a Porn Star sometimes...I don't go out much because of it...Sometimes U don't want to be On and just have fun like everybody else. But U can't eyes are on you all the time, anyway enough sob stories...

Now Finally.....My good friend Barret Long came to the Party.......U all know We are Very Good Friends so it was Great seeing Him and hanging out. So I got some Footage of him in the club hanging with Me. And then I have some footage of Him backstage getting ready.....He needed a Fluffer, so I had my Assistan on hand to help him out. Yes U can't see what is happening(Youtube safe)so my assistant is on his knees blowing Barrett before He has to go out.

Okay it's time for the show and I'm about to go out....I'm nervous as Hell!!! I worked out a skit with Lady Fag that We will bring some boys on stage. Have some fun and then She would ask for some Champagne....

When She asked for some Champagne, I would go backstage and get the glass and the bottle.....I would pour Her a glass of champagne but the bottle would be empty. I would be on stage..... To get Her some champagne, I would Piss into a her champagne glass and she would drink it on Stage(Yes Lady Fag drank My piss)

While I was pissing on stage, my good friend from GBU(Golden Boys University)would be up front...... I proceeded to Piss into the Audience and all over my good friend(People know I like my Shows Wet!!!)

Now What was annoying.........The other Microphone was not working......Are ya fucking kidding Me????? We worked with the Stage manager beforehand and I made a point to Tell him that We need Two microphones....Two!!! In the footage U see Me trying to use the microphone and it was not working..... Lady Fag and I worked on the show, hours before and We came up with Banter and playing off each other... That is hard to do when there is only one microphone(We both are very Verbal)so I sucked it up and played Off Lady Fag....

Above is Me pissing into champagne glass and then into the Audience and then handing Lady Fag a champagne glass full of my Piss. And she drinks about half a glass of it!!! So I got Guys/Girls drinking my Piss now!!! LOL

Then a great Show with Logan McCree and Vinnie D

Now it was time for my Performance, I was the Football coach and I was putting my boys through training...All I can say was there was alot of Cock Sucking going on stage. The boys..Justin Taylor(One of My boys)Aden Stone, Jake Steel and another Model, this time I had a microphone and was calling the plays I wanted the models to do on stage. Nasty nasty stuff!!!

Finally comes the Best Part of Hustlaball NYC 2009, I was walking around and I bump into Ben Andrews, Now We all know I don't like this Dude at all!!! Ben came up to Me and wanted to talk.....When We first met, it was not a pretty sight!!! Words were exchanged!!! And from that moment on.....Ben Andrews was on my Cunt list....I often trashed him in posts and on my blog. This time was Different.......

We talked, Flirted with each other, and had some action between us(I won't talk about that LOL)So like I said before....I wanted to correct mistakes I made before....Ben and Diesel are cool with each other(Very Coool)so the Diesel Washington and Ben Andrews feud is over(On record, He has Huge dick, Nice and Thick!!!Yummy) So can U believe that?????? I spent years trashing Him!!! To wind up, talking(Messing Around)and getting to know him better!!! Talk about a Turn around!!!

I had a great time, I was so tired from the show I just went home and slept.....

Now at first, I wanted to get Interviews with all the Stars. I had a show to host and performance to do while getting footage and then loading up for my water sports shows. I had alot to do......

I'm sure there will be other pics floating around on Hustlaball but for now!!!! U got to see Hustlaball from my eyes!!! I will keep ya updated with other pics when they come out.

I know alot of people will use my Pics from event..... just make sure U give me credit and a link back to my blog, Thanks

Next morning I wake up and Hear that Max Scott needs Me for his show at Woof.....I was working on this post at the same time and then had to head over to the View bar and dance and show support for Max Scott(Someone Canceled at last moment)

This has been a very long week for Me.....and Next week is even more work.

More to come.....