Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay I'm fucking tired now!!!! So I got alittle sleep after Hustlaball.....from Hustlaball I had to Help Max Scott....

I have alot of history with this Man(We did many Gigs)and when He needs Me I'm there....Alot of people don't know but....

I like to help People, sure I have the Rough outer appearance but I like to take care of People that were good to Me, This was one of those times.

I was spent, I mean I had no energy, but I put on my game face and turned out the crowd at WOOF!! I had some extra copies of UnZipped, so We raffled off some signed Copies of the Mag(I promote and promote)

I danced on their stage and got the crowd Hype!!(No footage of that)

So let's talk about the UnZipped Cover!!!! What Can I say???? It's fuckng hot!!!

On the Cover U have Grabby Performer of the Year(Hi Mark and Stacy!!)Diesel Washington and Grabby NewCummer of the Year Cameron Marshall!!! How hot is that??!!??? When Unzipped pitched the Idea to Me...I was all on board!!! The Story should touch alot of People. First Off it's a Black and White guy on the Cover!!! Curious eyes will be like Really??

Having Performer of the Year and Best NewCummer on the Cover is Crazy!!!

Having a chance to work with Cameron Marshall was a dream come true(I think I asked for that!!) Sweet Kid, (despite rumors I heard, LOL kidding...)This was a hard shoot for Me!!! I didn't want to be Sexy!!! They wanted Me to play a Vampire, so I went all out in the character!!! Looking at the Pics, its Sexy, Scary, and the images are very graphic... The contrast in skin tones, and the storyline will have People going "Its a Great Layout and the Pics are Hot!!"

I don't want to give anything away.....but it's Hot!!!

Okay more promoting.......

Diesel and Unzipped's own Rick Andreoli on Sirius' Frank DeCaro Show tomorrow (this morning?!), Wednesday the 14th, at 9:15am PST.

Yes that's right I will be on Frank DeCaro Show tommorrow on Sirius Radio!!!!

I have to keep promoting as hard as I can!!!! People still don't know Who I am!!!So sorry People, U will be hearing alot more of Diesel Washington this whole Month!!!!

To the Haters!!and People who counted Me out........On Ur Mark, Get Set, Hate!!!!

Now!!!!the only thing left to handle is the Studios and Companies.......

I think People are intimidated by Me!!!I don't charge High Scene rates(I like performing and making good Movies)I accomplished what I wanted as far as awards, Hot Scenes, Signature Moves. I busted My Ass in every role that I'm in..

So I'm ready to go back to work.....

Yes I'm outspoken on my blog, but I LOVE THIS INDUSTRY!!! I will be apart of this Industry for the Rest of My Life!!! So Why don't We work together??? I have alot of Ideas, Scripts, and I make sure every performance is ground breaking....

I sound Cocky Yes!!! But I'm a guy from Brooklyn raised on Staten Island and a True New Yorker!!!! I may not be ur all american type that U are used to.... But I'm Here and I'm not going Away anytime soon!!!

If I have to keep pushing the Press for People to understand that.....So be it!!!

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