Thursday, October 01, 2009


I might as well say it.....

I want to Fuck BRENT CORRIGAN......

Yeah Yeah I never said that before.........

In fact, I have been very Vocal on my site about Brent Corrigan....and not in a good way. To this day, I still have problems with the start of his career.... The Under age thing bothered me, because He was putting the Industry in danger(that is a long story)......

I have met him several times at events and I was always left with the feeling that He was trying too hard to be liked(He's young and under the Microscope)........

I turned over a New Leaf....... The past is the past!!! And I think its time to forgive the Kid!!! He has paid his Dues in this business.......and everybody deserves a chance to start over. He is a grown man now and I think He has learned his lesson.

I don't know him personally and I have seen him only in passing at events, We exchanged Hellos and kept it moving.....

I had some harsh words in the past, but I must admit Brent is a fucking Hottie!!! Bubble Ass, can take a dick(maybe??? the true test is getting fucked by Me!!)and he has only said good things about Me.

So I want to start over with this Boy......

Yeah I know, I had Mr Summers stating his opinion of Brent Corrigan on my blog, and I made fun of him a few times at the Grabbys(I'm honest about it), but It doesn't change the Fact that Brent is a bottom and I'm a top.

And it doesn't change the Fact that He's cute!!!With a Nice ass!!!

That alone turns Me on!!!!

Truth be told......alot of people don't like Me(because I speak my mind and I'm very direct)wheter its because I'm Black, Too Tall, too much muscle bah bah bah..... But they work with Me because they know it will be a hot scene...

So Brent if Ur reading this........... Or if Mr Grant is reading this.......

Lets put the Best Top with the Best Bottom(????)and make that scene happen....

I write Post after Post about working with models that would make the best scenes.

Diesel Washington VS Mason Wyler

Diesel Washington VS Ty Colt

Diesel Washington VS Resse Rideout

Diesel Washington VS Brent Corrigan

This was a comment by Brent On My rimming post by Unzipped "Michael Lucas because I just KNOW his breath will smell world's better after getting a good taste of a real man like D. Washington.

Diesel Washington VS Eric Rhodes

Diesel Washington VS Tag Adams

Diesel Washington VS Cody Kyler

Cody was asked if He would work with Diesel Washington by Unzipped his response:
UZ: Would you ever work with Diesel Washington?
CK: Oh, I’d love to. Definitely. That would be one hot scene

Diesel Washington VS Dean Flynn

The list is endless.......

Well lets make a poll and see what the people want to see shall We???

Oh and Unzipped I see that Michael Lucas is leading in Ur Poll of who should rim Me.

I will let Michael Lucas rim Me after:

I ate a fistful of laxatives

Tex Mex special, Tacos the whole nine yards

Bowl of prunes

After I drove down to Mexico and drank 2 gallons of water

After 10 cans of Corn

After Huge bowl of peanuts and almonds

10 gallons of milk and yogurt and goats head cheese

And that is after I haven't showered in months and allowed the Dingleberries to gather up like a bootleg sweater that has been put through the Washing Machine and a Shitty Dryer...

But the only Catch......Brent Corrigan has to be there to watch it!!!

Then he can shove his tongue as deep as He can in Me!!!!


Anonymous said...

that wouild be one funky ass to rim...let ML do to see his face when he takes the first lick

Anonymous said...

Make sure that when u n Brent get 2gether that you grind his face in yo ass. Be mean about it. Grind that bottoms face so deep that we can't even see any part of his face. Have that look on your face like you just don't give a fuck. Then lets see how vicious a Nigga you really are. Fuck dat ass in ways that would a Nigga's face drop in sheer shock n awe. LOL

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest a few names for your list?


-Rafael Carerras


-Jason Tiya

-Shorty J


-Mario Ortiz


-Dominic Pacifico

There are some very hot "men of color" that you might want consider.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is wanting to see Brick bottom. Tiger Tyson messed up in wanting to top Brick in TED4, it would be most fitting and very hot if you top Brick.

Anonymous said...

Uh, so no rimming by M.L. then? HAA!!

I would absolutely love to see you and Reese *getting pleasing visual*

James said...

Mmmmmm. You dog folk out, then say you want to have sex with them? I'm no smart man but what's that line about vinegar and honey? :-)

With that said, hope you get your wish. And that's a cool Unzipped cover by the way.