Monday, October 19, 2009


Yeah I have more in my bag of tricks.......

The focus this week is working out and getting that "Body" back!!! I have changed my focus from cutting the body and going back to the basic. Mass!!! I think People have had their fill of the Jock Body!!!! The Bodybuilder body has disappeared...but I think that in 2010 its right back to Buff, Muscles and that show of Power!!! Times have changed, but Porn recycles itself....... Being Big Bad and Buff is where it's at!!(I hope)

So the road coming back to the Industry is Hard!!!I realize that I have had it easy. These models today are hungry!!! What's cool about the models today......they are getting better looking each couple of months...I mean the guys have always been hot!!! But the Newer classes are Way Way Hot!!!! And they all have this fire to standout and make a name for themselves!!

Finally Gay 4 Pay actors are learning the game and being more involved in their performances!!(Yes) The models purely doing this for the money.....The industry is wise to Ur games now!!! U have to perform to get that check now!!!

Networking......I have said before I do not Twitter........I still will not Twitter but I'm warming up to the Idea of using Facebook....Yes that's right Diesel Washington is coming to Facebook(It's time that I get with the times) When I get my page all in order, I will give you the Fans ......the Details!!

I look forward to seeing all my fans on my facebook page!!!!


I haven't had a real honest blog in a long time....Its been promotion after promotion.. Let's talk:

I had alot of the chapters in my life... Some friends I have lost contact with...Old lovers disappeared.....and I have trashed many many people!!!

Recently I have gotten in contact with Old friends such as Roy Jones(look him up on the blog)and its always good to reconnect with friends that knew you before U did porn. Now Old lovers.....this is always a funny one!!! I see alot of my Ex's running around with new love interests....yet they still contact Me via the Internet. I'm not playing Human dildo or the other guy U just have sex with.....while U get Ur emotions and cuddling from the other guy(I want that as well)U know who U are!!! Stay with Ur man and Keep getting that boring sex.....

Now I'm currently seeing a few people....that I'm interested in. One person, just wants a sexual relationship with Me!!!(No future in that) Another person wants to date....but doesn't want anything sexual at all(in fact they have a limited sex drive)and I'm interested in a Few porn stars out there(they know who they are)but their personal lives are a mess.....full of baggage....issues and I'm not ready to be in any Co Dependent relationship(Not another one)I have had my fill of those.

Oh and the touring schedule......I was suppose to tour heavy during the Summer and I was sidelined by the Spider Bite(finally healed, Tat time)I will be going on tour again(within a weeks time) I will have the travel schedule by the end of the week!!!

What else????

Oh that Balloon boy crap!!!! I was watching that shit!!!I have to admit it......I was like that Poor boy!!!! But that was for bullshit press(Good shit)but now U guys have to pay the price.....and America is fucking mad that We wasted an hour....following that balloon and the kid wasn't in it..... And then to see the family and there are Vids out with the Kids rapping in it!???!!! Really?????? America is going to have this families balls in their hands squeezing those nuts tight for bullshitting Us!!

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