Thursday, April 30, 2009


Well I received alot of emails from People wishing me well and that is a good thing. Alot of Hate emails as well.....

People I know this will not be easy..... I'm starting from the ground up!!!! I don't have sponsors, I don't have Sugar Daddies(Hate that Concept) I have myself!!! and some People that will help me with Ideas that I have.. And that is a good thing!!!

I have to make My own money(That is why I'm going on tour)and then get the things that I need!!! I have locations, models, a lawyer(I do), editing equipment, and I will be honest... I need cameras(which is not cheap) Yeah I know I can get a good camera HD type and film...But I want to know the Outs and Ends of Editing(hardest part), Directing the Scene(Easy for Me), Writing the Script(Already have Experience), Camera angles, and then most important the Need of a Back Up Camera(most important)U have to get the footage!!

That is Why the blog will be interesting this time around.... U came on the Journey of Becoming a Porn Star and I have been very successful.. Why not Watch the Rise Of My own site and soon studio...

The Recession Sucks!!! Money is Tight!!! But If U plan everything right... U might come out with a Gem of a Movie(basic level Scene)that shows Ur work and Potential of creating other work that will catch the Eye of an Audience. Then u bulid Ur Fan base.

I'm talking and talking and probably not making any sense...

I read over My own blog sometimes... And I do Forget, You the People are not inside of My head so U don't know exactly what Im talking about because Im expressing it wrong in My writings...I'm not an English Major. These are Rants and Venting!!!

I will still work for other Companies(Don't Get Worried)I'm a Free Agent so I can do anything I want to do. Why limit myself and not continue to work... At the same time I can work on my own projects and Self promote myself to the fullest.

To the Supports... U had My Back since Day 1, I have been writing this blog for about 4years Now(time flys)and I just think that I need to work more....

The best thing is to work for myself while still putting myself out there!!!

To the Haters... like Kameron Scott "Not everybody is cut out to Brand themselves" That is true!!!
But why not try and dip Ur feet into the Water...Sure It might be a Giant Ocean.. But I'm only Dipping in My Big Toe!!! Its not like I have My foot up some one's Ass, Oh I forgot I did that already LOL"

So Its Cool, U the fans will come on the Ride of starting this shit.... And I will be honest as possible through out!!!

I will have to wear alot of hats for this, But Some People don't know I ran a few events in NYC that were Porn related!!

I hosted a Bi weekly Sex party at a Secret Location in Manhattan(Over 100 members)before I became a Porn star.

I worked for several Escort agencies in Manhattan that I started and then passed on to friends.

I have alot of connections in Manhattan....

And all this time I was sitting on My Ass just wasting time working(Personal Trainer) and doing Security for a Club in NYC(Bouncer) and Escorting and Touring... Which is a pretty busy schedule.. I stopped my security work, which freed alot of time during weekends.

So Why Not do My own stuff....

It will take time!!! But I have alot of time to work with...

I'm not going anywhere!!!!

And U fucking Haters can go Die somewhere!!! Life is Hard enough but when U haters come after me!! It makes things much clearer for Me in the Long Run...And that Is to keep pissing off the Haters!!!

Peace Bitches!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm tired of sitting around until the Grabbys(Yes I'm Going)

So I need to get off My Ass and start business.... I have some space finally to do some things... I wanted to take some good pictures for once...its been awhile and I have some Free time(since not filming)and now I can Work on some Projects that I meant to work on for the longest time..

I have some Vids coming soon...

A photo shoot coming at ya!!!

Time to get a Head Start.... I need to do my own thing...and I'm working Hard at getting to that Goal.

Watch Out!!

As far as blog wars..... I'm tired of dealing with People who don't Know What is Going On!!! Flapping Gums!!!

Anyway!! I have alot of work tomorrow I'm working on a couple of sets for the Photo shoot, and I have to do the Styling, Set Design, Lighting, Pictures, anyway alot of work....

I will post later

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Okay...Its Nice having Ur Homey around..when U need someone to talk to.

That's It. I just wanted to make that statement.. Moving on

More Mud slinging from M.L.

This comes from the Village Voice:

The Naked Truth About Porn Prince M.L.
Wear a condom while reading this: My sit-down with the Russian-born gay-porn czar
By Michael Musto
Tuesday, April 21st 2009 at 2:32pm

MM: And now, you don't shut up. What's eating you? (As opposed to "Who's eating you?") ML: I put on my blog that there aren't enough black models in porn because of homophobia in the black community, and Diesel Washington [black porn star] said I didn't know what I was talking about. He's a moron. I lived in Harlem for a few months. I use more African-Americans in my movies than anyone. But those that come to porn are literally thugs that you see on the street. I need guys—black or white—who are in good shape and clean-cut. Why does everyone attack the Mormons, but they'll never go after African-Americans? Because it's not politically correct to do so.

MM: Let's switch topics, please. The Middle East? ML: I did a lecture at Stanford, and Muslims boycott bah bah bah.

Above was from an Interview in Village Voice.

Okay, I see that I have to once again put on my Armor.....sigh****

I'm a Moron?????

I merely stated my Opinion the first time around...... and U came back with, I was Antisemitic!!! M.L. I'm getting tired of this Showboating type P.R. U use. Its Wack!!!! In other words, its passé, U use old Reruns of Press Releases that dont have that punch anymore!!!(Remember the Fake Suicide for a Press Release by M.L.,I forgot the Movie, Wack self promotion!!)... Its So..... Old Hollywood Glamourish!! It doesnt move me. I self promote as well(and do a Damn Good Job)...Your starting to Lose Your Touch...Borrrring!!! You should spend more time Promoting Ur Exclusive Models then giving Me Press!!

And Finally....The Old Grand Dad Move of P.R.(I almost Fell out of My Rocking Chair reading this LOL)..More Nonsense coming out of the Mouth of M.L.

"I use more African-Americans in my movies than anyone.
"But those that come to porn are literally thugs that you see on the street."


Are You talking about Thug Porn with Tiger Tyson???Thug??? Whats is your definition of a Thug?? See on the Street??? I'm confused??? Isn't there is a "Specialty Class" In Gay Porn for Ethnic Films that are dominated by "Thug Type" models and those Movies have a Strong Fan base and seem to be selling well(Thug Porn, FlavaMan etc).... probably Out Selling Ur Company. But Who knows??? U Own a Company, I think U know. Don't Ya???(LOL) That is Why you use so many Black models because U see the market for it. I'm not a Thug, sorry I stated that Over and Over in past blogs.

So back to Your Broad Statement, African Americans in Gay Porn(including Myself, I'm African American duh!!)are Literally Thugs that U see on the Street???.....

Tsk Tsk Tsk....

Flat out People... M.L. is Mad because I don't want to Work with His Company, I Speak My Mind when People talk about Something they Know nothing about(Black Gay Community) and I live It!...He's Mad that I Wont let Him Suck My Dick Anymore!!..... I still remember the Casting Couch Special We had Years Ago. I let him Suck My Dick, and I fucked His Face!!

That was one of the Reasons, why I waited so long to become a Porn Star. Bad Times!! But I changed My Mind and the Rest is History..anyway...

M.L. U Still Want My Dick, Dont Ya????, U must want it again, U talk about Me all the time... For Gods Sake in the Interview, I get a whole Paragraph... To make Matters Worse, during the course of the Interview, U didn't talk about any of Ur Exclusives???????Not One of Them??? But Diesel Washington Got a Whole Paragraph?? I'm Flattered!!

But No M.L., I don't want to Work with Your Company, I'm Sorry!!!

And It Sucks because I FUCKING LOVE MR PAM!!! FUCK!!!!I WOULD KILL TO WORK WITH MR PAM!!She is Full of Energy and Has the Mind of a Dirty Freak(So Do I!)!! I FUCKING LOVE YA MR PAM!!

But I cant work for M.L., I can't! Come on!! He writes comments like this:

Porn is not recession-proof. Whoever says it is lying. But because of the recession, everyone wants to be a porn star now. To balance things, I pay them less and I pay less for renting locations. Everybody's making a deal now!!

by M.L.

Are You Kidding Me??? Work for Someone Who Talks like that????Ummmm No thanks!! Before that It was, He didn't want to Pay for Model Flights because they kept canceling on Him!! So the Model has to come out of pocket for his own Flight?????. That is some Funny Stuff!!! No wonder why Jason Crew left, Ryan Raz, Tony Di Marco, Chad Hunt,Bruce Beckham, Spencer Quest all gone!!

And when each one left, then came the The Best of DVD for each of them..... Trashing them at the same time. Bruce Beckham(He Sucks, He Fucks, He Farts!! something like that) then U started calling them Fat, Or warn them against Diseased ridden Cocks at their New Company!!! Nonsense!!!

Dude I don't have to Bad Mouth Ya!! Every time U open Ur mouth U do the Work for Me!!!

Anyway I was walking on 23rd Street and 6ave today I saw something that reminded Me of M.L.(minus the money bags LOL)see picture above.

U cant Bully me, I use the "Bully" as a signature Fuck Position my friend LOL.


Monday, April 27, 2009


Whoa!!! Everybody gives Me Hell for my Grammar!!! PEOPLE PEOPLE!!!Understand this blog is written On the Fly!, and some of the Ideas I come up with, get tangled with other Ideas. The End Result???? Sentence fragments, Run-On senteces, spelling and vocabuary mistakes..........(Yes I use Spell check!!and still mistakes!!)

Anyway........ I have been blessed to have good friends... Period the End!!! My close friend (12yrs we go back)Baby Jay is back in town and We have been hanging out Tuff this past weekend... To great weather.....the Other Misfits??!!! Baby Jay, Diesel, Angel, Jose, Rollerblade boy all just having Fun...

If U dont know????? U cant drink on the Streets of NYC anymore, so We filled up Vitamen Water bottles with Vodka, so We could Walk around the City Buzzed.

Anyway.....I have alot of friends....but the Way I write this Blog U would think I'm a Loner!! That is not the Case!!!!

Alot of My friends know I do Porn and they have no problem with that!!! But when I ask them to "Help Me out with a Youtube(Making Vids) its always the Same excuse!!! Nobody wants to show their face..for Fear of Something!!! Maybe People will think they are Gay???Or some kind of a drag queen. Who knows??? I find that strange... but I have to respect their wishes. I'm Out there in the Public...and they dont want the hassle of explaining their Sexuality when they are Heterosexuals. Then comes Baby Jay....

Baby Jay(in Straw Hat!!)..... I have known Jay for 12years, when I told him I do Porn, He didnt believe me... One day He came over, Had my Movie in his Hand and just kept saying" I cant Believe it!!!" He believed Now!!! But Jay is funny, He loves the attention!!!!! When He found out that I was going to Post the Pics of the Adventure!!! He became an Instant Camera Hog!!! Shot after Shot..

He is one of My close Friends!! We lost contact for a number of years, due to Him moving to Texas. But he is back now!! I had a good time, talking over Past times while lurking on the Streets!!!!

Summer is coming!!!

And the past weekend was blazing hot!!! It was Great to be outside for a change!!! I tend to Lock myself Inside(I dont know why?) So Im happy I have My Homey In town and We are hanging out tough......420 is being smoked... Booze big time!!! And Fun and Games for everybody!!LOL

Big Shout Out to Mike Dreyden Who I saw while strolling through the Hood..

Oh Dean Flynn wants People to know that someone is posing as him...Even tried to Start a website using the Dean Flynn name... so look out for that People!!!!

Hmmm What else??? The Blogger spell check is not If U see all the mistakes... Oh well... I told ya!!!

Bye Freaks!!

P.S. I have some Hot New Vids coming soon for youtube. Be ready for that!!!! Im doing Big things!!!!

Can U handle Me???

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Okay I didn't have to post anything in the last couple of days, so here goes....

I'm sitting home and bored....ANY QUESTIONS????

I thought I would take time off from my Part time Job of Escorting.... I don't know sometimes...It wears Ya out!!! Being Up Late all night sometimes makes ya Moody!!

So In My Off time I want to Help out other People... Take for Instance my Friend Jose..

He is pictured above.... Cool Kid just have to Help him out and get him back on his Feet again.... Well Put it this Way...I like to Help People Who like the Help Themselves.... So He will be embarking on a Whole New Path with Me Directing Him...

Anyway I wanted to do something Funny...... Jose always Walks around like He has the Best Ass in the World... So I said U need to put Ur Wallet where Ur mouth is!!! U think U have the Best Ass in the World... Okay then Pose Ur Ass with My Hottest Cock Award(Notice How I always bring it into play)

So I thought it would be Funny to See the Hottest Cock Award being Put to Use!!!!


Hey Its My award!!! I can Shove it into anybody Ass I want!!!!LOL

Anyway Moving on........ ITS STILL GYM TIME!!!

I'm still hitting up the Gym hard and trying to gain that Last alittle bit of weight before I start shredding up!!! I don't have any projects coming up...but I want to be ready for Beach Weather that is coming up...

Oh before I forget I will have some Dates of the Tour that I am planning soon.... I'm not sure what City I will start first with...

Any Suggestions??????

Oh Some News ... Barrett Long and I have been talking about creating some Buzzz around the net. I still have "What Happens in Vegas" coming Out soon... And also Channel 1's releasing of "TAKE" that is an insane Movie coming out soon as well....

In this Down time I'm working with Jose and other projects not porn related... I will have some news about that as well...Work Not Porn related I'm excited!!!

What Else????

Plans for New Ink coming soon still working on the designs.... I will Post Pictures when I'm getting the New Tatt.

What Else???

Oh!! Big Shout Out to Jose!!! He is a New member of the Diesel Washington Team!!!

Embrace the Kid!!!

It doesn't hurt to embrace the Kid since He has a 9in Un Cut Cock!!! I thought I would put that In there for all the Folks at Home wondering.....LOL

Hmmm that's it!!!

I will post again tomorrow... I have some plans for the weekend it will be Nice here in NYC for a change and I thought I would go to the park and have some Fun so stay tuned for that!!!

Anything else??? Nope!!! Now U got Ur Fix of Diesel Washington.... Now go out and Go fuck yourself!!!

If Ur nice I might let Use My Award!!! LOL

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well It was a Long Week!!! I had Porn Star Dean Tucker hangout with Me in NYC... I think He is a great Guy... Alittle Strange but Fun!!

We walked around NYC and I showed Him the sites......We watched Movies all night Long I had a great time....


People think because I do Porn..I live an Exciting Life.... Not really... I get up for Work, Train People at the Gym, and then Go Home... Most of My Excitement comes from going to the Events.... I rarely Go out in the City...I go to certain spots(Like I would Tell ya)but that is it.

Since I had a Recent Birthday...I have noticed I have Slowed Down Quite a Bit!!!! I have never been a partier ever!!!(420 Friendly) I can count How On One Hand How Many times I have taken an E pill or something... Just not My thing!!! I'm a Hyper person without the Only Drug that Fits best with Me is Pot!!! Sounds Boring Yes!!! But that is the Way it Is!!!

I have friends that do all the Crazy Stuff(Damien Crosse) so I don't judge at all!! Party Our Ass off!!! I will be there to Pick Up the Pieces!!!

I went to so many Parties where everybody is partying so hard.... When the Clothes Come Off it seems that I'm the only Guy around that is Rock Hard.... I will take that!!! Since being the Only Guy Hard... all those Hungry bottoms, Who got Booty Bumps,, or tweaking and Hungry for Cock come my way!!! Call it being Cheap!!! I don't care!!!! Not my Fault, that Ur Ass is Hungry!!! And no Hard Cocks around to fill the void!!! LOL. I shouldn't joke about that but I will....

When I go out and See all the Guys/Girls all drunk or Fucked Up on E walking around like Dummies....I cant Help but Laugh!!! I went to One Club, where I saw this Hot Girl, standing at the Bar... We glanced at each other.... and she came over to Me and Said "I'm So Fucked Up on E, I don't know What I'm Doing, U want to Fuck in the Bathroom????" I was Like "Sure!! And Whats Ur Name Again???" We go into bathroom(UniSex) and hit the stall... I'm like ready to make out, and get it started...She was Fucked Up... Pulled out a Bag of Coke, Took like six bumps...Passed the Bag to Me, I was Like "No Thanks I'm Good" She had this embarrassed Look on Her Face.. I was Like" U can Do Whatever U want Its All Good!!" to ease the tension in the Air...

Anyway....I thought She was so Hot!!! Big Fucking Tits, little waist, and Fat Round Juicy Ass. She dropped the Bag of Coke on the Stall Floor.... and tried to Wipe Up what fell on the Floor...... At this Point, She started looking Nasty!!!! I mean Come On, the Coke fell on the Bathroom floor!!!. There She is.... trying to make a little pile on the Floor.... For what, I don't know!!!! I was like "Shorty Ur Fucked Up!!! I got to Go!!" That Bitch was Crazy.....

Funny Part of story...When she was in Stall picking Up Coke off the Floor...Some Guy walked into the stall with Her... and they both were on the Floor of a Bathroom Stall picking up Coke Crumbs..... Kinda of Nasty!!!!

Damn Where is this Blog going???? I'm stoned writing this....

Oh I remember.....I'm getting older.... I don't party like I used to. I tend to Go Out more when I'm visiting another City...I hate to Shit where I live. I live a modest Life.... I have two roommates(each Has their Own Bedroom) and I'm Happy with that!!!

I'm very Low Maintenance!!! I don't believe spending alot of Money on Material Stuff that is appealing.... Sure I have the Classic Pieces that every Man should have... A Nice Watch, some Rings all little stuff.

I live in New York, so I don't Need a Car, I don't need fancy clothes or shoes, I'm an Average guy just trying to get by....

And for the Record.....I get Feedback from People saying that I say Mean Stuff on My blog.... And that I talk about People.... Basically I'm an Asshole of sorts!!!

I talk about People Yes!!! But I'm not Fake and Phony about my intentions!! If I don't like ya...then I don't like ya!!! Maybe its a misunderstanding!!! I don't know??? I'm just real with my reactions and emotions.

So If People get offended by reading this blog....I'm Sorry this blog is just rants and venting about shit that happens to Me.

Backlash at things I said On the blog....I have had People come up to Me saying they Hated something I said about Them.... I'm Human, If I got the wrong impression of Ya, then My mistake!!! We all have Bad days!!!

I have been an Asshole to People before!!! I have a Bad day, sometimes I don't want to be around People.. I get recognized on the train all the time!!! When I go out!!! Hanging out with Friends. Its hard to put a Smile on Ur Face, every time U run into Someone that recognizes Ya!!! Rule of thumb... First Impressions are everything correct!!!

I don't want to be that Asshole....when a Fan comes up when I have a Bad Day and leaves Saying "That Diesel Washington was an Asshole" It happens!! What Can I say??? When People start following Ya!!, Calling from Blocked Numbers, the emails saying" I saw Ya, Walking On the Street One Day" U get alittle tense time to time....

One last thing..... I Perform to the Best of My Abilities, Always Adding that Energy to a Scene...... I'm Hearing Rumors.... that Some People won't Work with Me because Of My Blog.... THIS IS A BLOG OF RAMBLINGS, RANTS it has nothing to do with My performances.


A Porn Star with a Hurt Ego!!! Is not a Good thing!!! I went through it!!! Yes I Did!!

Almost Three Years in this Game!!! I hear the Up and Cummers saying "I used to Jerk Off to Ya!!" Wow!!! I'm No Spring Chicken!!! HAS BEEN!!!! NEVER!!!


Most People still want to know.... Will I retire at the End of the Year??? I don't know yet??? I'm struggling with the Idea everyday....

I feel that I have more to give... More Hot Action!!! More Moves!!!

I don't know????? Feeling like I'm in Limbo again!!!!

I don't See anything New Yet!!! I see the same Ideas... same type of Models...

I guess I have more Work to do........



Well here is another blog, I have noticed Im so behind in the times. I mean I do the whole blog thing, Myspace, Email...... But I don't do the Texting thing.....

I know I know... Big Shock!! I don't know what to tell ya people???? I can't force myself to text. Well I can Text from a computer to My friends that Text.. But Not On My Phone!!! And I will tell ya why... I get these long as fuck texts...Booty Calls, Clients, Fans drives me nuts.

I have a friend that Links all Of his accounts to his Phone..So every email from Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Gods knows what else?? Goes directly to his phone. When He is not texting, He is writing emails on His Phone. Now this Might be the norm, but I'm Old School.. A Simple Phone Call is direct Ear to Ear contact nothing better than that(In Person best)

With that Said, I just don't see How people communicate anymore... I have seen People break Up through Emails and Texts... On the Flip Side, I see People working More... because they are available right then and there. I guess it has its Use. I still have to decide, If Im going to give in and Become a Part of the Texting Age.

To Vent, I'm getting tired of Hearing People Say I texted ya the Other day..and I didn't Hear back so I thought U were Busy... I tell People Up Front I don't Text.. Please don't Text Me... Yet, I still get into contact with People Who Text Me.....Its Not My Fault that I don't get Texts... Its too Informal for Me...

Hard Choices like this bother Me....To Text or not to Text!!

I will figure it Out..... This was kinda of a boring blog.... Hmmm????

I just wanted to Put that Out there....Diesel Washington is not part of the Texting Age...

Maybe I will change that.... SO NOW!!! PEOPLE WILL STOP TRYING TO TEXT ME WITH IDEAS OR MEETINGS because I simply don't get texts....


I put this Out in the Public.. SO NOW U CANT SAY I DIDN'T TELL YA!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I wanted to do a post where I explained certain things to People..... First off the Bat. I live in NYC..

It seems that Most People think I live in San Fran... because that is where all the Porn is filmed... Well I live in NYC and was Born and raised here!!! LOVE YA NYC!!!

As far as Porn Companies here in NYC there are a few... M.L. company, Dark Alley, Dominic Ford, Dirty Boy Vid, Black Scoripion, Joe Gage and Ray Dragon have a company out here as well....and there are a Few websites around that produce some good work as well..

Since I live on the East Coast..... I'm not in any of the circles that some of the Porn Stars travel. Most of the Info I get is either from Internet...reading blogs, Company blogs, websites that sort of thing.... But I do stay Informed......

The Reason U dont see Diesel Washington In more Vids???? I live on the East Coast!!! Since Money is fucked up for everybody.... it makes sense that I wont be working much until the economy fixes itself....

People dont know How much money it takes to make a production.... I would have to be flown In... Put up in Hotel...Food and Gym..and that is Just to film the scene...

Makes Perfect sense to hire someone that is Local... that way Companies Cut Costs of Production..... No Flights needed... no Hotels needed!! and all they have to do is come out of pocket for Scene Rate...

The Problem with that....... Performers like myself have to wait on the sidelines for work!!! Or a Wise Performer would Move to San Fran, that is where all the work is!! But I have a Life here in NYC, If my Life was revolved around Porn then I would make the move over to San Fran.... But I have a Job in NYC and responsibilties that I need to take care of.... I thought about Moving to be closer to where the work is...but Im not ready for a jump like that, Esp with Money being the way it is now!!!

It sucks because I see more and more New Performers coming up and working and it seems like Im in Limbo because I live in NYC!! Im not complaining....well maybe I am. But In any case..... I know I put out good work, time after time. There is only One Diesel Washington..... there is no replacement for Me and nobody can copy Me!!

Another thing that some People dont know about me..... I was in the Military for 4years serving in the Army!!! It was a good experience for me.... I enjoyed my time but so glad Im finished with the bullshit.

As You all know Im an Aries..... Fire Sign and birth stone is Diamond.

U guys know that My Mother(Mommy Washington) supports Me in the Porn Industry... but maybe some of Ya didnt know that!!!!

Im Single, and I have no brothers or sisters I'm an Only Child....

I want to talk about My blog for a second...... As people know I write this blog for myself..... at first I was writing this blog like a diary of My life in Porn.... I didnt expect so many People to be reading this like its their Cup of Coffee in the morning though..... I didnt expect Models and Company Heads to read this thing..... I didnt expect Fans and Supports to know every story that I wrote on this thing...

I get emails all the time.... and most of the emails are from Fans who have never seen my Porn. I get emails saying "Hey I never had a Chance to See any Of Ur Movies, but I read Ur blog everyday" I guess Im entertaining and a Fun read..... That was the point of this blog... to be entertaining.

I come on My blog to Vent mostly or to report going to an Event or something like that..... I rarely talk about Politics or religion, this is isnt the blog for that. I have time to time.... talked about the Race Issue.....Which is Important to Me... But at the same time, when I talk about the Race issue it makes Me look Militant and Aggressive, when I suppose to be talking about all the Guys/Girls Im fucking. Thats What People Want to Read about the Most along with Pictures!!

At the GayVn's I had a break down!!! But it was also a Reality Check.... I was getting too comfortable with things and I wasnt finished yet I still had more to go!!!

Well Whats up Next???? The Grabbys in Chi Town.... I dont know about it..... I had a great time there last year taking home the Hottest Cock award.... And Im nominated for 4 more awards there..... Best Performer, Best Sex Scene Duo, Best Porn star Blog, Best Porn Star website.

God this is going to be Hard. So far I was nominated for 9 awards this year alone.... I was nominated for 2 rentboy awards, 3 GayVn awards, and 4 Grabby awards so far the count is 0/5(Yucks) So We will See what happens this year.... Oh yes Mommy Washington is joining Me this Year!!!

Well another quick Blog written just to keep the People informed.....

Dont worry Im working on another Blog(still editing)I think its funny and will Show more Personlaity of Diesel Washington.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So finally People Can see the Sneak Peek of "What Happens in Vegas" Its a good film all round... but the Scene that everybody wants to See the Scene with Barrett Long and Diesel Washington Spit roasting Kirk Cummings.... Its a Must See scene...

I enjoyed working with Barrett Long alot....We get along and We are Friends.... There are other Projects coming out as well that should be Hot as Hell...

Anyway... I know I haven't posted in Some Time... It was the birthday and I wanted to hangout and let go alittle bit....

So enjoy the Sneak Peek at the End of the Movie U get to See Quickly the Spit Roasting of Kirk Cummings so check that one out!!!

I'm gone!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I dont know what more to say.....

David Hyde Pierce is an Emmy- and Tony Award-winning American actor, best known for his role as psychiatrist Dr. Niles Crane on the NBC sitcom Frasier. I went to See His New Show "Accent on Youth" It was Good!!! It wasnt like Spamalot!!! Anyway....

I love the Wit on the Show, and its a smart comedy!!! The Dialog is well written... and I love all the characters(Talking about Frasier)... Frasier and His brother Niles... Are Pretentious Snobs, Self Absorbed, only Caring about Worldly Goods,(Wine, Women, Suits, Chess,bah bah bah)I like the Fact that they Walk Around like their Shit doesn't Stink, but time after time they Wind Up in the Craziest Situations......

Geek Alert Geek Alert.....

Anyway I like watching Frasier......



Yuck!!!! I feel like shit today.... I had to work at the Gym(Job)and then comes My workout..Food shopping..Errands all over City!! and doing this....... HungOver!!!

Not the Hottest thing to do..... Alittle Cranky.. But I'm recovering..

Okay I know everybody is sitting in Front of the Computer..Reading this Saying Dish the Dirt...

Well.... I did the Whole Get Drunk and Dazed and Confused Shit!!!! Average... But what was Fun about My Birthday for the First Half..

I Enjoyed the Company of Giovanni Summers..

This UP and Cummer is not a New Face to the Game..but is a rising Star..coming up from the Twink Ranks... Here to Make a Big Splash!!! I was first Introduced to Giovanni Summers via the Internet... No I didn't watch any of his Porns before hand to know What he was about. It was His Bid to Become a Co Host for the Grabbys this year....where I first took notice of Him.

Giovanni is part of the New Wave of Porn Stars that blog/Vlog, Most Entertainers think U just show up on Set, they get the Footage, and Ur Job is Done.. Wrong!!! To be highly successful...U have to be entertaining On Screen and Off.. Using the Internet is to Ur Favor... This whole business runs off People with Character, Personality, Being Outspoken.....(Good/Bad). The Internet can make You A Star nowadays.. Well the Insiders Know that Crap already, moving on......

What is so Refreshing about this Performer, Is that He speaks His Mind... Its so hard to find other Models in the Industry.. That Can be Real... If U are asked Ur Opinion, then I think U should speak freely.... Even though I have My differences with M.L.(for Instance) I still respect a Man that speaks His Mind!!! I hate the PC shit and trying not to hurt People's Feelings when Ur Honest Opinion is Asked!!! Dish the Shit.... I always Say!! If U don't Like Someone, don't try to pretend that U like them!! That Is Fake!!!

Anyway I'm rambling let Giovanni Summers speak for Himself, Oh his Stats, 5'9, 130lbs 7.5in cut, Versatile.. Ital/Pr Insane Bubble Ass.....

LOL, I thought I would put up his Stats, I know I have been slacking on giving the Overall Picture of things. He's Shy at First, and then the Beast comes out of him.


Anyway back to the Interview.... Lets Get Right Into It Ur thoughts On the Haters!!!

Take that U Haters!!! So lets clear up all the Rumors(If there are any?)

My Fave Word GutterBunnies..... What are ya thoughts about the GutterBunnies???

Well its no Surprise that I don't like Ben Andrews(Featured on Cunt List) Who Do Ya not get along with????

His Thoughts on Brent Corrigan......

Wow!!!! A very Powerful Interview!!! I like this Kid alot..... When asked the hard questions He delivers right on time....

Okay Say what U want.... Its Caddy!! Bitchy!!! Whatever!!! His Views are His Own!!! I enjoy Company around Me that doesnt Bullshit...Or play the Fake West Hollywood bullshit and get caught Up in Fame, Glamour and all that Fake Pretentious Asshole Crap!!! He gets it!!! Its mostly a game of Who Can Stand Up the Most???? Meaning that someone Can respect your opinion or move on....U being honest, doesnt mean that Ur being hateful or jealous of someone... Ur just saying, Flat Out I dont like this Person because of Some Reason that maybe You and that Person only knows!! Shit I see it All the time....

Some People call me an Asshole because I see through the Bullshit.... I hate game players and people that are Users!!!! Im Old School, A Man's Word means alot to Me.... If Ur Word means nothing...then Its not worth the Air U breathe to even Speak....

Lies and Games..... I see it around Me all the time... and its annoying!!! Someone will Smile Right to Ur face and in the Next Breathe talk Shit about Ya to someone else!! Based on nothing but HearSay and Gossip!! I already have Tough Skin...I dont even Care anymore.. I Watch My Own Back(With Supporters)too many Haters!!! Cut Throats!! Underminers!! Bah Bah Bah!!

Well Im getting Off track.... I think this Performer Has what It takes to make it Big!!!! I told ya about Kirk Cummings a long time ago....... Look Now!! I told Ya about Wolf Hudson a long time ago!!! Look at Him Now!!!!

Anyway, If U noticed I give M.L. a Big Shout Out!!! I'm not an Asshole!!! M.L. got plenty of Plugs in My interview... If M.L. is smart(He Is!!), He would continue to Use Giovanni Summers because He is a Fine Young Performer that Comes to Work ready!!!!

And that Is Hard to Find In a 19year old Performer.... Good Luck Giovanni Summers!!! Continue to turn out the Hotness!!!

Giovanni Summers is a certified Power Bottom(Vers), If Giovanni Can Handle Diesel Wasington....Then He can take Anyone in this Business!!!

He Gets My Stamp of Approval!!! POWER BOTTOM INDEED!!!!

Plus Cute As Hell, With a Insane Bubble Butt, and Even Bigger Personality when U get to Know him.....

Total Package....... And as for Calling out Brent Corrigan..... I think Its Funny as Shit!!!

Geez He's an 19year old and already, He knows the Ins and Outs of this Business...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well I had to write this blog rather quickly.... BUT THANKS TO ALL THE FANS AND SUPPORTERS....

Thanks for all the birthday wishes...thanks for all the emails and everything....

I was surprised at all the email.... I know its my birthday and everything....

I'm feeling good... I might go out and have some Fun.. I have alot of work to do though..

I got some Hot Interviews coming Ur way from Some Hot UP and Cummers into the Business.. and they really open up with Me... and Really Talk the Talk!!!

I'm editing alot of I will have that Posted by Sunday..

Anyway I wanted to take some time out on My Birthday...Just to Say Thanks!!! To Everybody that supports Me, The Fans, Models I have worked with.. Thanks to Everybody for Ur Birthday Wishes!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Okay everybody knows about the copy, floating around the internet of Wolervine in Wolverines Orgins of the X-Men... And of Course the Geek in me had to get it..

Okay where to start without giving away the Movie.... I thought it was Great!!! Although there are some points of the Movie I didnt understand... Some things were quite different from the Comic Book...

Okay for the Geeks out there..Wolverine first showed himself in the Hulk Comic book(#181) that is where He had his yellow outfit, later he would appear in he didnt get popular Until John Byrne started as the Head Artist for Wolverine and started developing his character..Anyway...... Long Story short..

As a whole it gave some insight into the character of Wolverine... We all know How Much Wolverine been through his life and this Movie was just a small glimspe.

What I didnt like about the Movie.... I watched the Movie 10times some times double viewings....

Gambit..... Please What the Fuck Did U do to Gambit....In the Comic, he was sexy, funny and could fight his Ass off... They punked him in the Movie.

Wil I am????? U had to get ur Ass in this Movie didnt ya???? Ur mutant power was Wack!!

Best Parts:

DeadPool!!!! Fuck!!!Ryan Reynolds so fucking Hot!!! Damn and his scene is nuts in the Comic Book....Deadpool is alittle older but Ryan owned him...... He needs to be a superhero but I dont think there are that many DeadPool Fans!!! But it would be hot!!

Hugh Jackman.....he fucking stole this Movie!!!

I think the Movie will be Nuts at the Box Office...I just couldnt wait and Had to See it!!!

So whats the Score with Marvel?..... Hmmm Well they redeemed themselves with the Hulk 2 because the first Hulk was terrible!!! X-men and SpiderMan all on point.... The Punisher? there were three verisons of the Movie I liked the Third better. They need to do a Doctor Strange movie!!!.. Avengers will be Nuts... Just has me worried about the Thor Movie!! Ouch!! every Thor Movie I have seen was crap... Marvel has to stay away from making him look like a Fairy Boy!!LOL

Well that was the Geek post....

I rather see another Iron man Movie coming out the words first before Avengers but that is just my thing I guess...

Too Much Geek coming out...
Im out!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Well I'm back at the drawing board.... I'm surfing the Internet once again..... And from hearing Gossip...Yet again I haven't cracked the List on having a Nice Body!!! I don't know what it is???? In my own Head... I thought I would be high on the List for Cock, Body, Topping Skills..... I did make the List for Most Creative Top!!! But I don't know People......

It seems that I have to hit the Gym even harder now!!! I don't get it??? I'm above Average with My cock and body but still not reaching that Peak!!! Yeah I know Ur reading this and saying Diesel is whining again about not getting recognition... Hey Its a Dog Eat Dog world... The Models are getting younger...and time is running out!!!

When I look around the Internet, I see a few guys Who have the Body of a God... Ty Colt for Falcon has an Insane does MJ Taylor its all about the Stomach nowadays..... Vince F(Hot House Exclusive) Thick Stocky Bodybuilder body, Its Nuts!!! The Porn Star D.O. also has an Insane body!!! Eric Rhodes another Insane body... There are a Few others.... but I will have them all Beat!!! I see the trend is Ripped, Cut Up!!! and Jock ish.

Since starting Porn.... I have gotten Bigger Size wise.. I always thought the bigger U get, the Better it would be for Porn... Wrong!!!! Its all about the cuts, and ripped stomach..... Sigh I hate the ripped look!!! Its all a Science of getting rid of Body Fat, getting Big is easy!!! Getting Shredded is super Hard, Props to the Guys that can Diet and Shred hard!!! I hate that shit... I have always been skinny my whole Life so finally I get some Muscle on Me and the trends change!!! Damn!!

Oh well so I'm in my rebuilding Phase now!!!! Its all about getting lean and ripped its a hard job but someone has to do it!!! So I give myself another month and then I will be ready to shine with a new body and ripped as hell!

Enjoy the Vid!!! I had my partners at the Gym take the Footage..... Not easy to workout and have a Camera on ya......But its not easy doing Porn and U have a camera in Ur face all the time as well. I'm rambling!!

So this is Step 1. Remaking the Body

Step 2. Is changing the Face of Diesel for Porn.... I think A softer Diesel is needed.... I experimented with a Softer Side for the Movie Double Standard and the Audience loved it!!! So I need to steer away from the Power Fucker!!! And work more on Having Fun with the Models and connecting on screen rather then Come In and Fuck the Hell out of Everyone!! I have been working on that lately..... U will see the results in the Next movie

Step 3. The Energy of the Blog will change.... I will still bring stories, and events and all of that stuff... But I will Let More of My Geeky Side come out on the blog.... I will still experiment with Characters(Dexter Delarge, Big Boss) so that is coming soon...

Step 4. More Interviews with Porn Stars...

Step 5. Branch out with different roles not all Porn based roles try my hand with other Media...

Step 6. Travel alot more!!!

Step 7. I will now be Looking for Models to Groom for Porn Work!!! I think I have a great Eye for Talent... I have some connections in this Porn Business...So its time that I use this Opportunity to scout out for New Talent!

There are more steps but I'm slowly changing over..... so stay tuned to What New Stuff I bring to the Table for the Fans and Industry!!

Im out!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009


The Sneak Peak is hot!!!! It seems that Fetish is My thing!!! I have always enjoyed filming Fetish because its Easy for Me!!! I totally take Command, and its a natural Fit for Me!!! But this Movie is different....Not only do I create another Position for Fans and the Industry, But I bottom for Water sports in this Movie.... People have seen my stage performances.... I Top and Bottom for water sports....!!! In this Movie.... I get totally Nasty with Piss and its a Mess in this scene!!! At the same time I get to have three lined up bottoms for My Use!!! Yes that is in the Movie!!! That was a Personal fave of mine...I have three Asses in the Air to Eat, Suck, Fuck, and just have fun with... Def had a Blast on this set!!!

I cant wait for the Movie to drop... which will be in June 2009 right in time for the Summer!!! I'm still waiting for Word on the Movie that I filmed with Barrett Long!!!(Talk to Me Man!!!) I guess he is Still Partying after his Win at the GayVn's Congrats on the Best Cum shot!!!(That was a given) Anyway I have some other projects soon to drop.... and I will be traveling... I always want to See the USA but I always get stalled on the tour.... But I will work it out this time. When I have the Dates Set!! I will announce My Tour plans!!

What else??? I think that is it!!! I wanted to share the Sneak Peak with about the Movie for a Few....

That's the End!!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Okay, it has been sometime since I posted so I will write something real fast.... I started this blog a long long time ago.....

It was started just to chart my Success, getting into Porn and all the travels and all that Shit!!! I have done alot of things, and I have gone alot of Places(I Still have places to go)and it feels like I'm right back where I started!!!

I know awards don't mean Shit, I got that Point.... But at this stage of my Adventure.... I'm stuck On what to do next????? Should I continue on my Road for Best Top or just give up on it??? I still have another Awards Show coming Up and its the Grabbys, I'm nominated for four awards there.... Best Performer, Best Sex Scene Duo, Best Porn Star Blog, Best Porn Star Website.... Its funny to be nominated for Best Porn Star Website.... its not really a website its more of just a blog where I come to vent about shit in my life or in Porn really...

But the Fans(the ones that have been reading this forever)I never charged people to view my site... U don't see Ads on my page and my blog link.... Is just close friends(which I need to update) I could put up those things.... I have thought about it.... and that Might come soon, but I will never charge people to read my Blog....

Call it what u want!!! I vent on this shit, and its mine!!! I can say what I want.... If U don't like it then read another blog!! Its very Simple!!! I don't get Paided to write this.... I mean I could get money for this thing...but I will let People know when that happens...I wont spring a pay site on Ya!!! And then expect People to pay to read this Bullshit!@

Now I'm rambling, the reason why I want to write.... Check out my last blog... I go on to talk about Ryan Raz, and Chad Manning.... and they both respond on my Comment section Wow!!! Is that big or what????????

As Diesel writes this... I as the "Editor" cringe every time his fingers hit the keys, Fear..... about What He is going to Say next!!

But I think that is a good thing..... I have conditioned my Mind(After Three Blunts)into thinking Why am I having a Hard Time to be Recognized???? And being Insane and slightly Nuts!!! Led Me to the conclusion that People want to See Me doing More!!! Sure U can Pick Up Guys in the Air and Fuck them All kinds of Ways, Sure U can Double Foot Fuck, Piss over Trucks, Slam Fuck harder than anybody in this business.....What Else Can U do????

That is the Mental of the Classic Gay Man...... They Cant Give Ya Props.. Until U do something that Is Really Really Really Big!!! Caddy Bitches!!!! U want more and more...... Sure Creative Fucks are Gimmicks!!! But what else Can U bring to the Table...? I have plenty More!!!! U Caddy Bitches have just seen the Start.....

I gave Ya the Bully(that was to Wet Ur Mouth)then I gave ya the Motorcycle(U were Like Damn I never seen that before) I gave ya the Shot Glass(and U were like another one???)

Coming at Ya!!! I have the HUMAN SPIT OF KIRK CUMMINGS the move is Insane..... And then in the Channel 1 release "Take" I show the World the Cannon Ball..... its Crazy!!!! So I have two New Moves that are Coming out Soon..... I will have the Link for the Trailer of "Take" in Next Blog....

So I have found Renewed Energy......I was down.... Yes I will admit that!!! But its Back in the Gym and work Harder and Harder and Harder!!!! So its the Gym and Hit it Hard and then what????? I have some Opportunities to Go Over Seas(I want to See Damien) but I still have to figure that One Out!!!!

I am Planning a Tour Soon through the Ole USA I will keep ya posted on that......

I have some Interviews coming out Soon!!!! Look for Me on Stag Homme I do an Interview with Damien.... Which was so hard to do!!! I know Damien so its strange that He is asking me Questions when he knows the answers to....

What Else?????

Oh Yeah!!!! Work Work Work..... I know the Business is slow right now... But I'm getting the Itch to work..... After Hearing Eric Rhodes and Sagat have a Scene coming out.... I'm like Damn!!!! I need to put another Hit under My sleeve.......

The Campaign is still out there to work with Mason Wyler...... Press People and Follow Bloggers U need to make that Happen!!!!

And this is An Open Letter to M.L. :

Hey M.L.

This is Diesel Washington, We have had Our problems in the Past... but we do Agree on Certain Issues, With that Said, I wanted extend My Business hand to You, I have an Idea for a Great Scene. I think you, M.L. should do a Scene with Me. I think the Industry and the Fans and every Blog in the World..... Would Love for M.L. to bottom for Diesel Washington in a Release... I think every Industry Head, Studio Head, every Fan. the Entire Industry!!!! Would Love to See that Happen.
I think this will be an excellent Opportunity for Ur Company, and DVD sales would go through the roof. The Press release would be Huge!! And I think It will be the highest grossing Gay Porn Movie Ever!!!! The Taming of M.L. and done by the Hands of Diesel Washington the Hardest Meanest Fuck In this Business!!!

Take Ur Time to think about it.... But I think It would be a great Idea!!!

Diesel Washington

Just think about that...... Diesel Washington slam fucking M.L., all that Mouth of His filled with Cock, and a Giant Man Skull Fucking Him.... And then having those Legs of his behind his Ears and Me Moving In for the Plow Session!!!! Will I go lightly????? Are ya Fucking Stupid??!!!!/ I will Slam Fuck M.L. over and over so U can See every expression of Pain on his Face... and then I will Pull out of Him slowly.... get him relaxed and then forcefully Slam My Cock to the Base back inside.... Just so the Fans Can see his Eyes Bug out of His Head!!!!

The Only Pleasure I will receive is Cashing the Check and watching the Footage Over and Over of How Hard I was Fucking and Fucking Ya!!!!! I think I'm getting hard writing this?????

What a Scene that would Be!!! Diesel Washington Slam Fucking M.L. till U could see Tears in his eyes!!! He wouldn't do it..... But on the Flip Side, he is a business man.... Why not Put Ur Ass on the Line.... it will only hurt for the duration that I'm Inside of Ya!! But the Pay Off would be great.... It would be the Best DVD of all Time!!! All the Blogs, all of the Industry would Watch!!!! And No romantic Scene... just Hardcore Sex, Plowing, Piss Play, Choking and Spit.... Just Use and Abuse of M.L. holes!!!!

If U Want to See this Happen..... Email M.L. he owns his Company..... As A businessman...... This could be the Biggest Movie of His Life!!!!

I'm Serious.....I'm a Performer.. and I have plenty of Chemistry with M.L. and I will channel all that energy into His Ass as I plow Him over and over!!! Let Mr Pam direct It... that way she can get every angle of His Face and capture every drop of Pain of M.L. taking this Big Cock Inside of Him!!!!

As Biggie Smalls(deceased Hip Hop Artist) would Rap:

Dreams of Fucking a Gay Porn Star Bitch, I'm Just Playin but Im sayin..............

This is All jokes......

But this is a Blog... wasn't that entertaining....LOL

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Hmmmm, well everybody knows about My Breakdown...but there is alot of stuff going on in Porn News..

I'm reading stories and stories and its bugged out!!!

Okay first lets talk about the M.L. vs Corrigan thing....I said my words about this... and even though I don't agree with alot of what M.L. says I do see his point regarding this situation. At the same time...Wow hearing news that long time model of M.L., Ryan Raz(Who I worked with in Asylum)is being signed by Raging Stallions.. That's Big!!! So M.L. lost Jason Crew... and now Ryan Raz.. that got to hurt. I guess We will all see the Best of Ryan Raz DVD by M.L. coming out soon LOL!!

Chad Manning.....WOW!!! I don't know what to say??? I like Chad and I like Brian Mills. Chad Manning is complaining about the Cover Pic for his latest Movie..Slow Heat, Hmmmm Chad, I have been there and done that my friend. U were a Titan Exclusive for 1year.. I was a Titan Exclusive for two years!! I feel Ur pain...but Move on Brother!! I did. U need to recover and hit the pavement now!!! Ur amazing looking with a great body!!! U will land on Ur Feet very quickly. And put it this way, Sagat is shooting Movies with Falcon(Eric Rhodes and Sagat scene), Damien Crosse(Raging Stallions) has his Own site, Diesel Washington has shot with Falcon, Raging Stallion, Channel 1, Bound Gods etc etc, Dillon Buck has shot with Mustang, Overseas Companies, Tober Brandt, has moved on to Raging Stallions, several studios and just Won Best Fetish Model. Titan is feeling the sting, it Lost some High Profile Signature Models, they are in a state of rebuilding..Also sites like and others are dipping into the Fetish Market, alot of competition going around. I wish Titan all the Best(that's being Honest) I am a Fan of Porn!! I watched when Titan was Huge with Dred Scott, and then He left..and Titan had to rebuild, it took some time... But I believe Titan Hit Huge Success with its Signature Line Up of Sagat, Crosse, Washington, Baresi, Flynn, Tony Buff. Times have changed now...I saw the change in Power Happen at the Grabbys 2008, Titan Won Best Picture, Best Leather, Best Extreme, Best Camerawork, Best Director, and One of its Model's singled out for Hottest Cock!!! U cant get any better than that!!! Titan was On Top!! That was my Cue to go!! U have to leave when Ur on Top!!

Now this Blog wasn't meant to be Rude!!! Or Point fingers its based on my Opinion. I feel I have the right to talk about these things...because I lived it!! I'm not bashing anybody... I do Porn..Fan of Porn and I Internet surf, reading all the News I can!!

And No Offense to Titan!!! Ur rebuilding just Like I'm rebuilding!!! I'm Hitting the Gym harder so I can be ready for War!!! U lost some Battles, I lost some Battles!! But the War on Porn is hardly finished!!! I have alot in store for the Fans.....and I know Titan has some Breakout Scenes coming soon!!! So stay tuned for that!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I wanted to share an email that I got from Ricky Sinz..I hope he doesn't kick my Ass for this.. But this Man, Is My Brother!!! I love ya!!

hey diesel
i know you were upset and i didnt take it personal after i thought about it.
at first i was hurt.
but diesel i remember coming up to you at iml 3 years ago when i first started off.
in my eyes you are the best top always have been and always will be.
your a powerful performer. you have the body of a god, the mind of a genious and the heart of a true champion.
dont let it get you down because this industry will recognize you and does recognize you for the amazing man and performer that you are.
nothing will ever break our friendship.
and i will always have the utmost respect for you.
i have always looked up to you.
and you have been and continue to be an idol of mine.
and a force to be reckoned with in the industry.
you are a living legend and a man amongst men.
now that you are a free agent you have alot of opportunities to show the world what diesel washington is about.
i love you brother and i always will.
your friend and fan ricky sinz.
btw it really was a dream come true performing with you in florida, i cherish the videos from the hotel room.

First Off the Bat he is talking about this Vid:

Secondly, I remember first meeting ya Ricky, U came directly at Me...Told Me that U liked my Work..We Flirted back and forth......In my Mind I was saying"Who is this Hot Straight Guy I'm Hitting On!!!" We then Met again at the Grabby Awards backstage...And we Flirted some more!!! I remember that well... I was Alittle Head Strong.. and I was like "Who is this Sexy Fucker???" U were just starting off on Ur amazing ride....


Sending this email to Me helped me alot..... U didn't have to send Me an Email...But U sent me an email because U are My Friend and Brother..... Dude U worked so hard for everything U got and U deserve everything..... I feel Sick as a Dog, Acting the Way I did and being Jealous!!! Yes I can Admit it!!! I was Jealous...But U worked hard in this Business...U probably worked Harder than Me!! We have similar backgrounds... We both heard the reasons why We wouldn't be Stars!! The Non believers, the Nay sayers.....

Ur email just reminds Me of How Big of a Star U really are!!! U have Class coming out of Ur skin.... Forget about Ricky Sinz the Porn Star.... Ur Ricky Sinz My Friend!! And dude I respect not only for What U bring to the Game but I respect Ya as My Friend!! U could tell I was hurting and U reached out to Me as a Friend.... Sometimes I get wrapped Up in My Own Ego....

I also remember performing with ya at the Parliament House!!! Yeah Man We were hanging out Tough..... I remember not being able to leave Our Hotel Rooms because of all the Fans and stuff... So since We couldn't leave the Hotel room...We ordered T bone steaks and Drinks and Watched a Movie!!!LOL

Dude U are the King Now!!! Live that Shit UP!!! Enjoy Bro, U worked hard, been through some Shit.... and It never slowed ya down, U came back and Rammed it back down People's throat!!! I'm a Fan Of Ur Work as Well..... and U rocked To the Last Man!!It's Like Art!!

Don't Worry My Friend... I have been working Hard. I will Join Ya soon!!! Its not my Time to Shine Yet!!! But when the Time is Right!!! I will be Right Up there with Ya!! Taking Over this Business as Well!!!!

In the Mean time...... How about Hooking a Brother UP with some of that Pimp Juice???? LOL Ur covered in Pimp Juice!!!

Love Ya Ricky!!!