Friday, July 31, 2009


Wow seems that I left U guys behind.....

Give me a break, I'm still healing from the the spider bite.....

Update on the Spider bite..It's was the Brown Recluse Spider.. Some Nasty Shit!!!

So basically I have a hole in my back...and there will be a scar left behind..

I really don't care..Sorta

Who would think???? Out of all the Fights, Scraps, Throw downs!!I have been in my Life, It would be a spider bite that kicks my Ass!!

I have a hole in my back..

The only good thing about this is that I'm a top... Your going to be looking at the front all the time anyway.LOL

Depending on what the final scar looks like I already have the Tat picked out for covering the scar..

I guess U guys don't have to guess what the Tat will be..

That's right!!! A Spider!!!

Its the perfect Tat that makes sense of the whole thing..

But that is happening down the road...

So I'm bummed out about not going to Comic Con this year....

I looked some of the Footage...

Geek ALERT!!!:

Iron 2....... I heard it was Insane!!!

Tron 2...3D!!!!!!

To bad I couldn't make it...Damn!!Moving on....

GI Joe coming out.... I'm scared about this one... I heard from the grapevine it would be better to wait for it to come on DVD the effects are insane...

Moving on yet again.....

Mark Dalton touring the country........

I have nothing bad to say about Mark Dalton, I never met him....

But I will be honest and speak my feelings.... Zeb Atlas finally got sucked/sucked and fucked a guy... its Mark's Dalton turn!! I'm telling ya.. None of this, watching two guys fuck and he is in the Background jerking off.. FUCK THAT!!! Full on sex!!! Now this is just my honest opinion...I suck and fuck with the best of them..and I'm still the Man!!!I'm sick and tired of this Gay for Pay shit....... Let's update the term to Play for Pay!!! Anyway... He is a hot guy, and it's a recession.... So I doubt that any Major Company is going to shell out Big Bucks for a Solo Jerkoff!!(MAYBE I'M WRONG???)
Anyway...Big Shout out to Mark Dalton..U been through some shit now get back on Ur feet..

What else??

Gym is going well, the weights are getting up... need to get my muscle endurance back but strength has remained the same(which is good thing)Even with a Hole in my Back, I'm still picking up those weights and tearing down the house.. I start running this weekend and hitting the cardio hard, Diet is in place, so I will shed the fat quickly so everything is according to schedule.


I know U guys were waiting on that one... Finally!!!! The Dick is Looking handsome!!

What else???

Fuck!!! Mister Sagat is gunning down the Big Guys!!!!!!

Mister Sagat vs Eric Rhodes, Mister Sagat vs Matthew Rush!!(Each Contenders for Best Duo, Gayvn/Grabby)

That is So Big to Me!!!Congrats..... Hands down!!U Made the Biggest Power Move!!

Jealous!!!I'm Jealous!!

My friend U won Performer of the Year already..... I guess U want to Win it again!!

Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho, U guys think I forgot about ya?????? Ur scene in "Porn stars In Love" HOT HOT!!!(another contender for Best Duo) Love U guys!!

This post is just some random thoughts and rants put together........

I hope this thing makes sense to ya??


Monday, July 27, 2009


It's raining here in NYC, I'm glad I like when it rains in the summer. I tend to wear shorts and its to work and then back to resting up. No More!!

Gym Day, I'm going to do triceps today and abs and run, that is basically on the menu. Arms are done strict, with no help from the back area at all!, and stomach is fine so I can give that a good beating in the gym. Hit Legs tomorrow to give more time before chest back and shoulder.

As far as the nasty mess that came out of my back, the area is about the size of a quarter(so pick up a quarter in Ur hand)in plain English.....The spider bite is about the size of a quarter now. A meaty flesh wound that consists of puss and severed skin tissue.... its like.. reddish/whiteish meaty tissue exposed on my back that I have to keep covered with gauze!! Fucking Gross!!

It doesn't hurt anymore which is good and it drained out!! I can lay on my back now which is great!! Having all of these injuries!!and being slightly out of shape(Porn ready though)I have an uphill climb!! I worked very hard in this business and a FUCKING SPIDER BITE CUTS ME DOWN?? I don't think so!! But..... The not working out, eating fast food, staying out late crap has put a toll on me... added now the spider bite and ingrown hair and tooth scratch.... yikes!!! Yeah it hit an even lower point:

A good friend was saying the other day..."U Win Performer of the Year, then retire, and then started getting fat....What's up with that??" I was hurt.... Now I know my friend very well... and He knows me very well!!! So that was the sign to get off my ass because lets be honest here... I went from a good almost 8pac to solid 6 six pac...which is not good!!! For me at least!! By any standards it would still be a Porn body!! But not the Diesel Washington body!! Shoulders, Back, Arms Massive!! The look has changed and I have to get it back to its former glory...

Haven't the Readers noticed that I haven't taken any candid shots of my body in a very very long time.....??????????? I'm calling out myself for that!!!! I always stayed in shape but I haven't went back to that time when I was ripped as hell... I wanted more mass in the past....Now it's time for the cuts again!!


I will be back in shape, injury free!! And ready to kick some ass!!!

For the movies, it was almost 2hours a day in the gym, now that I retired, I'm hitting the gym for about an hour a day 3 times a week instead of 4 times a week, so yeah I have been slacking big time!! I can only blame myself.. I did what I wanted to do in the Industry(The Grabbys)... But then I realized...I was walking away from the business...... But in reality, I was merely stepping out of the camera for now...


I relaxed had some fun and just enjoyed the time off... No pressure of hitting the gym to stay ahead anymore!!No hardcore promotions!!! Trying to get more exposure!! Doing all that Entertaining.... AND U KNOW WHAT????

I fucking miss it!!! It was a purpose!!I see the next chapter now!! Stupid me!! I still have to be Diesel Washington ready!! In this next phase...

Start the countdown now!! 19days to Health, Mind, Body and Soul!!

I can do it!!!

Speaking as the Editor now.....

I always work better under pressure......I'm that Go to Guy!!

I'm a Machine when I push my body!!! I can Make it heal itself.. Grow!! and so far this is the toughest challenge to date!!!

I can't fail and I won't...

Since this is a very public blog, I have to speak directly to fans or people in the industry...

I have several projects...coming up!!! I WILL BE READY AND INJURY FREE!!!! AS PROMISED!!
I know Ur reading the blog going..."He has a spider bite will he be ready by Aug 14, yes I will be ready.....I SAID IT ON MY BLOG DIESEL WASHINGTON WILL BE READY FOR ANY ACTION ON AUG 14...I WILL BE READY!!

Trust me!! I don't like letting the Fans down, Supporters, and the People that care about me...

I'm not in a relationship right now...I was searching too hard for one...I do have a relationship of sorts...

With everybody that reads this blog..

U have been my shoulder to lean on...the one that I open up to when I get mad or upset...

In a way, U the readers have helped me to Vent, Climb ladder to Success, been my Hook Ups(its true)and just a mega source of networking..

Hmmmm.....I love my blog

How corny is that???LOL

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Now if U don't know... this is called the "Shot Glass" formerly the "The Chalice" this move and others are in the Falcon/Mustang movie called Redlight Diesel Washington and Steven Cruz came up with this move. It was featured in Butt Magazine(So honored), I like this Magazine it's an Overseas publication that has alot of impact here in the United States. I won't go all into detail..I'm figuring out the Mag myself..Some very interesting stuff!! Here is the article here: thanks for the head up Mike Stabile(Gaypornblog/TheSword)

So that is cool, also I may have some other projects coming up... I don't want to give details as things are always changing but its cool if it happens....

I'm getting more and more requests for interviews lately... and I'm retired!!! That is true!! but it doesn't mean that I have retired from Live shows, Personal Appearances, Endorsement deals, modeling, so keep all that coming people!!

I always love doing shows and Live shows are the best for me!! It allows me just to escape from the normal thing and just show that I can be creative as well...

I read around the Internet.... and I hear things!!

People say that I do all these moves that are pointless for a porn..sure I can pick a guy up in the air and fuck him...and???? I say to those people now.....CAN U DO IT???? probably not!! That is why I do the crazy things on film, its interesting and nobody does these wild kind of balancing act fucks!!! Those are the types of things that I want people to see. They can be watching a regular scene and I'm fucking some guy and then WHAAAAAM!! He's up in the air, like a little baby, getting fucked underneath like a beast. Or ur watching the scene and I'm putting each foot of mine in a different guy's ass(Telescope).. That is so Unheard of....

I have pee'd over trucks and people(its true!!)I have done it all.....

People seem to forget that I was doing Water sports(Shows, Films) in 2006 and back then.... people were like "Oh that is so Nasty and Gross" "U will never catch me doing something that nasty" bah bah bah......Fast forward to 2009 and these same models are now like "Water Sports" that's hot!!! Maybe that was a sign to retire, the newer models were Hip to performances and scenes in the past but now are more mature so they want to try different things now, which is fine. But I have to stay ahead of the game. Hi to Bobby Clark on that one LOL....

I was doing that a loooooong time ago.... To be Honest.. Diesel Washington, Damien Crosse, Zack Randall and others.. we became the young generation that made watersports Nasty but Hot at the same time.... Sure other guys paved the way for Us....But we stepped up that game even more!!(Probably Bold Words LOL)

Speaking for myself, I was doing Watersports gigs back at: Black Party 06,07,08,09..Hustlaball 2007, Erotic Expo 2007 Hustlaball Nyc2007 Magnitude 07,08 Folsom Fair 2007, Tim and Roma Show. Performances at the Cock with Damien. Performances in Pittsburgh I have done alot.

Speaking of which.... every time I turn around there is another Piss vid out left and right. It's interesting to see how people's taste change and at first it was kinda of Dirty....but after time people came to like it.

When I came into the Industry I was Mister Macho Fucker!! then it changed to King Of Piss!! I was the guy that liked to pee on people!! then it was the Guy that Picks People up in the air and fuck them Guy/The guy that shoves his foot in guys asses. Then it was the Guy that Bitches and Complains all the time(still does LOL)to the Guy with the so called "Signature moves"...

What do I hear the most????? People U know what I hear the most???

"Ur that Guy that writes that Blog!!!"

More than anything..People know me because of this blog and only that!! Never watched one porn that I have done!! They just enjoy reading this Train Wreck of a blog...

It's still amazing to me.....the fans that read this(THANK YOU)

I do have to say this?????DOES EVERYBODY HAVE A FUCKING BLOG NOW!!!!GEEZZ!!!

I love reading blogs.... I'm a blogger and enjoy reading what people have to say but come on.......???

Some of the models, have crappy blogs I'm sorry to say. I see some blogs that are not updated, Bunch of model shots, Everything is great and I'm so happy talk!, Tour schedules, or just the same ole pics of them hanging out followed with short banter on their blog, Stories with no real emotion or realness, it's just an endorsement blog..which is fine.....just Generic and plain.

It seems that the newer models entering the business have put the formula together. U just can't come into the business anymore and just do films, in order to survive, U have to do movies, Live shows(Sex or GoGo), Public appearances, Interviews, Blog/Youtube/Facebook, and now the next threshold Twitter.

But I have to tell you People directly, get off your ass and surprise me. Stop the boring posts, stop the gym working Vids(been there done that) All the ass kissing talk about the Companies u want to work with. The only time they put pics up is when they have the professional photo shoot stuff. It's time to get more personal.

I believe there is an art to writing a successful blog.... U have to take the reader on a ride with ya!! I see alot of blogs that are merely letters that porn stars write.

"Hi People I'm blogging from Bah Bah...."

It's merely a letter/note that was left for the fans and readers.. With my blog, not only do I take you on a ride, but I expose little things in the industry, about myself, my lifestyle, my view of the industry and the people inside of industry, with splashes of real life, Fiction, and just some crazy observations I have made over time. I try to keep it interesting and fresh!! Never holding back and basically when it's written it goes right up!

I didn't have the chance to write a really good blog lately because I was in pain and just trying to find a way to get comfortable when U can't lay on Ur back!

Hope U enjoyed this one!!


Okay I know its kinda gross to put these type of pictures up!! But I did it anyway!! Now I told ya last week that I had a spider bite, ingrown hair(pubes), friction burns and tooth scratch of my dick.......

Here's the update about everything, Lets go to the Ingrown hair, that shit is nasty. I had to go home and really inspect everything and really do a hard look at the damage that I had put my body through. The Ingrown hair was nasty(I will keep saying it), I kept picking at it, and then it became all puss filled. Man that shit hurt!!! Now I had to wait for the hair to come out(at least a longer piece) I pulled out the Kit(First Aid)and got to work, First thing first,I had to go inside of the puss filled bump, and yank out that ingrown hair. Soon as I pulled out the long ingrown hair, puss came flooding out of the bump(sorry for the mental picture but its interesting)I was like damn!!! It was alot of puss!! The yellow thick creamy kind that had lumps in it. Not a pretty sight!! After draining the bump, I cleaned the skin area and treated the wound.(Mother Washington is a Nurse so I learned alot from her and time In Army) After I treated the wound I had to cover it with a sterile gauze and some paper tape(doesn't pull the skin when changing bandage) So that was handled and it has been healing nicely without any skin marks in the Pubic Area! So that is a good thing!! Moving on.......

The Tooth scratch, I have had these before so treating this easy. No bandages, I just make sure I keep the area clean and apply some A &D ointment. The scratch has healed already!! I'm just waiting for the skin area to regain its color again!!! Right now its a light pink! So I figure about another week and the skin will be all healed with it's color back. I went to the doctor's to have it checked out and was told to just keep doing what I was doing and it should be completely healed in 7-10days. So the Dick will be fine and the surrounding area will be fine no problems and no scars or marks.

Now the Horror show the spider bite!! This thing has been the worst thing ever to happen to my back!!! I'm so upset!! All I could do was just sit around(I couldn't lay on my back)sleeping was a major problem, I couldn't work out. After the spider bite I delayed on going to the doctors for several days(had to work), the spider bite got infected!!! I was like OMG!! I can't see my back so I didn't notice what was going on!!! When I went to the doctor.....The Doctor looked at the swollen bump that was on my back, and she was like "Yeah it's Infected!!"!! She(Doctor)noticed alot of spider bites were happening recently(summer time)long story short, she put me on CEPHALEXIN(kill the infection)gave me extra Gauze and some rolls of paper tape(to apply dressings)I have another appointment for drainage(if needed)and just to keep an eye on the area.

The Friction burns was the first thing to heal that was gone in like two days so no problem there!!

The Pics above are of my bandage, and I thought it would be cool so show what the bandage looks like. So there is the huge Gauze bandage on my back, so THIS WAS REAL PEOPLE!!

The Second picture was just to gross out people!! That is one of Gauze bandages after the bump started draining itself!! IT WAS FUCKING NASTY INSIDE(All brown and yellow puss mixed with blood)

So I'm about to kill myself!!! I couldn't do any clients and I cant work out!! So I'm just eating and watching TV, and I hate it!!! I feel fucking useless!!!

Time that is all I need is Time!!!!

The body has to heal itself and then I will come back stronger and ready to hit the tour again hard!!

Its Sunday night, so I figure I will be in the gym for the next three weeks just getting back into shape!! There are always set backs!!

But a Warrior never dies and when he is knocked on his ass, He gets right back up ready for more!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Best Acting Bottom
Elmo Jackson
Mr. Saukei
Remy Mars

Best Acting Top
Breion Diamond
Ian Rock
Race Cooper

Best Acting Versatile
Carlito Rockafella
Shorty J.

Best Director
Keith Kannon of Flava Works
Marvin Jones of B.C. Productions/Chocolate Cream
Rock from Rockafellaz Entertainment

Best Black DVD
"Abuse the Rim" (Thug Overload)
"The Destruction of Shorty J." (Thug Overload)
"Freaks Come Out at Night" (Thug Overload)
"Raw Dickin' It" (Rockafellaz Entertainment)
"Raw Rods 2" (Rockafellaz Entertainment)

Best Latin DVD
"Alejandro the Conqueror" (Latino Fan Club)
"Santo Domingo Uncut 1" (Flava Works)
"Santo Domingo Uncut 2" (Flava Works)
"Teen Hustler 3" (Latino Fan Club)
"Thugz Paradise Rio" (Blatino Gold/Pitbull Productions)

Best Studio
B.C. Productions/Chocolate Cream
Flava Works
Pitbull Productions
Rockafellaz Entertainment

Most Notable Porn Star
Breion Diamond
Castro (a.k.a. Supreme)
Mr. Saukei

The web nominees are as follows:

Best Black Website

Best Blog
Black Boy Addictionz
Ray's Bleu Juice
Rockafellaz/Rock's Blog
Rod 2.0

Best Latin Website

Best New Website
Black Boy Addictionz
Ray's Bleu Juice

The nominees for clubs and club promoters are as follows:

Best Black Club
Atlanta 708, Atlanta
Bulldog Bar, Atlanta
Club Boi, Miami
Club Langston, New York
Traxx, Atlanta

Best Club Promoter
Bleu, HotBoyz NYC, New York
Ivan Daniels, Los Angeles
Urbano, Clubhouse Productions, Chicago
WassupNATL, Atlanta

Best Latin Club
Circus Disco/Arena West, Los Angeles
Discotekka, Miami
Escuelita, New York
Splash Bar, New York

· Official Site (

Congrats to all the Nominees, I mean that from the heart.......

I wanted to talk about a few things on a serious note, Looking over the list of nominees, I wasn't surprised that I would not be nominated for anything..

I have always been on that borderline of being a Cross over Star or a Sell out!!! I have been criticized by people, of being not Black enough(Stupid) or being too Black(Stupid) When I first came into the Industry I was supposedly the token Black that Titan had hired(this view came from Angry viewers) then even though I was hired exclusive, I wouldn't break out because "Whites wouldn't accept me"(another jaded view from Haters) When I went free agent, the abuse came even stronger!!! I was getting hate email in the tons saying "How do ya feel being thrown out" "Nobody wants ya anymore, Ur washed up!!" It was harsh email left and right!!! I had to take a step back, rethink my career and make some hard choices.

So not only was I getting hate mail from members of the black community saying "They couldn't support me because I only did white guys on screen"???? I don't understand??? Do U guys think I told Titan only to partner me with White Guys???? U guys really think that??? First off in my first year of my contract, I just wanted to work!!! I wanted to get my name out there and hit the scene hard!!! I wanted to hit Main Companies that were popular, for greater exposure!! I didn't think I would be called a Sell out!!!White boy chaser!!! and whatever nasty thing I read in the emails I get from angry viewers. AND FOR THE LAST TIME!!!! MY PREFERENCE IS EVERYBODY!!! (Black, White, Latin, Asian etc etc, no that isn't in some type of preference order)I'M GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE, JUDGING ME AND TALKING ABOUT ME LIKE THEY KNOW ME!!! I live in NYC one of the most diverse cities in the world... There so many types of people to chose from in this great city of mine!! Why would I limit myself??

Not to be outdone by that type of email.... then comes the hate email about my Fetish work!! I'm some kind of nasty piss drinking, disgusting human being... Allowing myself to be portrayed as this Dominate Aggressive Mandingo type, and all I was doing was fueling that Stereotype that White America only accepts that Big Darkskinned Muscle Black Fucker, into its ranks of types of Performers it will allow(I don't make this up!!I get these type of emails all the time!!) It seems that I can't please anybody!!! I do have tons of supporters that enjoy my work, and get the way I approach business. I'm just venting...

I will speak openly here, I was approached by many "Black"(Just because it uses only Black models doesn't mean that its Black owned, remember that!!) studios, wanting to do a scene or work out a deal with me.... I told each company the type of demands that I wanted. I have been in the business for 3 years, I have promoted myself hard!! I built a fan base from my movies and this blog(which is still amazing to me). It might have came off as being Cocky or Hardball.... I wanted to Direct my scenes, Write the Script, pick the models, and just have greater control over the product that I was helping to create, and my Scene rate. I don't think that is much to ask for, I performed my ass off, to get a name in this Business!!

I will admit I was nervous throughout the time of being a free agent.....I was caught in a Catch 22, After two years of working with a Major studio would other Major companies want to work with me?? I was in a unknown place for the first time of my career. Also if I decided to work for "Black" companies would the fans accept me??? Off the bat, I know there would have been a huge backlash people would say "Now that Diesel is Free agent and the other companies don't want him, look who comes crawling back to the Community that He turned his Back On!!" I could hear all the critics casting stones at me saying "White Companies don't want Diesel anymore, so now he comes to the other side" Angry emails coming to the "Black" companies saying they shouldn't work with Diesel because he is a Sell out and only is working with Ur company for the money!! Or even worse, "Yeah Diesel is doing scenes with Black guys now, but he looks like he isn't into it and doing it only for the money" Either way, it would have been a hard transition for fans and viewers!! I'm not a Thug!! Nor do I want to play one! I made a career for just being that Hot Black Guy that turns in some of the most intense scenes in recent years!!

Maybe that was all in my head??? I'm not sure?? The past is the past!! I'm retired now!!! I quit the game when I hit the peak of my stardom!!

To close this post, am I upset about not being nominated? No...just alittle sad that when I tried to create a character that could cross over in mainstream porn. It made me somewhat of an Outcast to a community that I belong to...

All I wanted to do was Work with MAJOR studios and prove to people that beauty comes in all forms, Black, White, Asian, Latin...........

I broke that Glass ceiling that once was there.....

But I didn't think it would cost me the respect of my Own community!!!

Maybe I'm wrong!!! I just have been getting so many emails lately calling me a Sell out and White boy crazy!!! It gets to you sometimes...... I'm only human!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It is not easy coming up with ideas to write about... My sentence structure needs alot of work, and I have to learn to build on ideas, so the reader can be understand..

But since I don't have time for that bullshit! Lets get into talking about Porn things!!

Blake Riley retiring..... great guy, great energy, great body and ass. He will be missed!!

Mister Sagat just coming in with Hits!! His co starring role with Eric Rhodes....HOT!!!

And titan is soon to release Sagat with Matthew Rush!!! HOT!!!

Hands down u are a star!!! We worked on several projects and u came in with ur game face... I highly Respect Ya Mister Sagat!!

To fellow bloggers I have just been in the game for almost 4 years writing this blog called Crimes Against Nature!! It's a bunch of mixed up things, all put on one blog. Diesel floats around this blog, The Editor makes appearances, Dexter DeLarge may be dead??? It talks about the Gay Porn Industry! It's models and somewhat shows the human side of being a model in this business....Mess and all!!

But like everybody else....After I write this post, I turn off my computer and Live Real Life!!

This is just a mere Window of things that go on!!


These are old cock pics, I put them back up to prove a point...Follow with me!! I have a Big Dick that goes without saying. I think I have a nice looking dick!! My dick even won an grabby award for being Hottest Cut Cock for 2008 which leads me into this story.

I'm broke and beaten down.........

Now I know what Ur thinking....but it's not that!!

My body is so fucked up right now, Ouch!! Ouch!!Ouch!!! First off the bat I got a spider bite on my back.....And if anybody had a spider bite, they know its hurts!!! The fucked up part its right on the I'm sore all over my shoulder. Damn!!! It's annoying at night cause I can't roll over without being in pain.

Then the Bite!!! In the heat of passion, while receiving head from a playmate, my dick was bitten(really tooth scrape)NOOOOOONOOOOOO!!! So I'm handing that pain at the same time!!

Speaking of the dick, I have to deal with Friction burns!!! I always use lube... this time around I couldn't find EROS(its so good)so I had to deal with KY jelly. Going from Eros to Ky jelly is a no no!! What made matters worse, the client that I was "Working with" was jerking my dick like I was Uncut!!! The client is Uncut so I think they are used to a certain way of jerking off. Most of my clients are worked out muscle heads so their hand grip is alittle tighter than normal(Ouch)

Then to Top it off!!! I have an Ingrown hair in my pubic hair region!!!

So its a wrap!!! I'm laying low for a few days because the body needs to repair itself.....

The greater Pain in all of this, I can't escort with my dick beat up(bite mark,ingrown hair)WHICH SUCKS MAJOR!!! Since I can't be as "Active" as before I have introduced Massaging into the Mix(still toying with the idea)I have to keep my Hustle going regardless.

But the tour is on hold for some weeks!! I don't think I can take just giving "Massages" on the road.

I have to go to hospital and get checked out!! From the bite(just to make sure)and there is nothing I can do about the ingrown hair. Fuck!! I have to wait for that to heal, and then friction burns.

This week has been a pain in the ass for me.....Luckily I had a very very profitable week. So I can take some time off just to Lick my Wounds!!!

Spider bite, Bite Mark, Friction Burn, Ingrown hair......

I don't know why I even writing this??? It's so personal!!.....

I have always shared my experiences with the fans. Is this going too far??? Who knows??? Not many porn stars would share this with their fans. I have always tried to be real with the Fans and Supporters.... it's not all about Glam and Lights!!

So U think its easy to have a huge dick?????

This hasn't been the first time my dick has gotten scraped by teeth..... It's a given that someone will either graze, scrape, bite, or nick Ur dick. It can be as minor as the area being sensitive to full on cut. When Ur face fucking someone so hard and thrusting Ur body into it....Ur going to end up hitting a tooth along the way.....

Now this is funny..... I get alittle nervous when someone first gives me a blow job..... I see my dick going into their mouth, and I'm thinking to myself "Please don't have any sharp teeth, or an overbite, or long canine teeth, or braces, or cheap dentures, loose fillings, faulty bridge work bah bah. LOL Everybody wants to suck my dick!!LOL

Almost every gay man thinks he gives the best head!!! U hear it all the time "U never had a BJ like mine" "I never had complaints" "I'm told I give the Best Head" Or the classics "I'm A Cock Whore!!" "I give the Best Head!!" In any case, U hear all the hype and a BJ is a BJ. A blow job in the gay community is more like a Handshake nowadays!!! Nice sucking ya!! Right back at ya, dude!!

Bad Blow jobs......... We have all had them!!!

I hate when someone chews on my dick, its the most annoying feeling and doesn't do anything for me. Teeth come into play when People try to deep throat my dick, it's like they are forcing it into their throat but at the same time their jaw is drawing dangerously close to my shaft. So slowly I'm becoming NOT a fan of blow jobs(they are foreplay to me)

Now this is just a personal thing for me. When Ur business is Ur cock(besides body, looks oh and Mind LOL)and have to keep daily maintenance on Ur dick. Things happen!!! And this is just a minor setback!!

I remember a few times in the past I couldn't escort or film when receiving a Zipper accident..... Every male has went through that zipper accident!! U can't work!!

Just so the sequence of events makes sense to the fans:

I got the Spider bite first, it didn't hurt until days later, second came the bite mark. I still had clients to do (roughly 4)that I couldn't cancel on(Flew in)so I sucked up the pain and informed the clients of the accident. I wore a condom for oral(protection for me)and was able to get by without any Anal.

The Friction burns came from using a Non Lubricated condom, which was too small for me, and going from silicone lube to a water based one, then getting a hand job from someone who is jerking my dick like I'm uncut and has tons of foreskin to play with.

Then to wake up in the morning....with an ingrown hair(I get these because of my coarse pubic hair)so my dick and the surrounding area is broken, beat up, scarred, and damaged!!

Don't worry about me though!!! I made a nice stash(that I won't spend)to help out in case things get rough!!!

So yeah!!! It's not the glam stuff that most porn stars would talk about. In those guys eyes, U don't put anything on Ur blog that isn't flattering for yourself. I'm the opposite, I'm a Human train wreck!!! That Porn star is a God thing, I'm so not into... We are People like everybody else!!! I have issues like anybody. I have baggage like anybody!!! I'm slightly Crazy!! Bi polar some might say!!

But isn't it refreshing that someone speaks from the heart and a place that is honest rather then the Guy:

That will only put up the best pics of themselves

Never show any type of emotion on their blogs

Never ending Promotion(done in a way that is entertaining)

Can't make fun of themselves

Everything is so super professional its almost annoying

And everything in their Life is Perfect!!!

I give U the fans the Lows and Highs of this Diesel Washington Character!!

Anyway time to go....I have to put cream on the bite, lotion on the friction burns, wash the pubic hair(yet again to be clean) and then I have some drops for the spider bite that I apply 4 times daily!!

Don't worry the Dick will be back!!! I plan on fucking forever!!!

But this will be interesting for more relying on my dick. I don't have the urge or need for sex. So I have to fall back on this thing they call..............


Saturday, July 18, 2009


A deal is a deal.........

Now I wrote a post called "Things are Changing"

The post was about the Porn Industry moving away from Manly Men and moving in the direction of Youth appeal. I took alot of hits for that post... I was just pointing out that since I was a Fan of Porn before I got into it. I have seen the industry change in alot of ways...

I tried to make the blog funny and entertaining... but something interesting turned out from writing that blog. In the section of baby twinks, I have had contact(online/ in person) with two of the baby twinks. One of the baby twinks I took under my wing....JUSTIN TAYLOR

Now I have said before....I know the Porn Industry.....but I also know the Escorting Business!!! I worked both ends of the business with great success!!! I started out an Escort, and then moved up to working in the Adult Movie Industry. Business is business.

In this economy, the smart Porn star has to branch out in other areas of the Industry. Those who do Porn, and prefer not to escort, resort in Go Go dancing or stripping, personal appearances bah bah. On the high end, they either create their own business, Company, Studio, website, Talent agency, behind the camera etc etc. So there are other options for the Porn star.

Back to Justin, now we are very similar in nature...both Tops, Aggressive, alittle cocky, and even have the same taste in guys!!! When I say we are similar I MEAN WE ARE EXACTLY ALIKE!!! Which was one of the reasons we clicked at first. We both like to get the last word, and come from similar backgrounds. He is a Porn star that prefers to Escort. here is his Ad on Rentboy

Now I have said before, I don't give advice for Free and there is a price to pay. Moving on....

In first meeting Justin, he was quiet, shy and timid at first. But he soon broke out of his shell with me, and the business at hand was making money. His Ad on rentboy needed work, his wording was vague and most clients want him to bottom for them. Justin is clearly a top, there is no bottom vibe in this guy at all!!! With some tweaking of his profile, the message came out Loud and clear that he is a Top!! Justin stands about 5'5 and about 120lbs, so most people assume that he is a bottom, but the surprise is that he sports a 8.5in thick cock, and has some Impressive Topping skills. Here he is in Action!!

As far as Escorting...Those who like big dicks on little guys, he is Ur Man!!! He speaks well, highly intelligent and is very professional. He is the Ideal companion for Dinners, Shows and just being out on the town with. He is a rare breed of escort that works hard and cares about his clients. He is upfront, real and down to earth!! I highly recommend him to those who are looking for a Younger companion that has all the tools, He has more to offer than Ur average Twink Escort.

Now moving on to his Performances in Porn...On screen he is all Top and knows how to work a bottom very well. He got his start in the Twink genre of porn, He can be seen In:
Twinks finally 18 (PZP productions)
Gettin fucked (Citiboyz)
Teen Fuck Buddies (8teenboy/Helix)
Breaking the Rules (8teenboy/Helix)

Then He finally broke out the Twink mode and got work in Major Studios such as Falcon and Channel 1 releasing and Raging Stallions also Black Scorpion:

He can be seen in Falcon/Jock series "Road Trip Vol. 7: Napa Valley"

Channel 1 releasing "De-Briefed" "Seizure Ur Bottom" "BeachBallers"

Raging Stallions "Untitled"

Black Scorpion (Black Rat productions) Sex Sessions II

So the Kid came up the hard way and has made some good choices in roles and is quickly climbing the ladder of success.

Chronicles of Pornia really broke the story about this Performer seen here:

He had a good Interview with them. And from dealing with him first hand it was worth repeating about how good of a Performer he is. Justin Taylor is managed by Howard for Fabscout entertainment. here is link

Only Flaw I see in his game..... He can't take a big dick at all!!!

Now here is the funny part, I'm 6'6 and 240 and he is 5'5 120, he is so small!! When I put him on my dick, I slid the whole ten inches inside of him to the balls. Seeing my Huge dick going inside of that little body was jaw dropping!!! I could basically put him on my dick, stand up and walk around the room or walk to the refrigerator and grab a drink, that is how small he is.

I give him credit though, most guys can't handle my dick. But he was a trooper for taking my dick, he put aside him being Top only (Onscreen and Off)and rode my dick trying to take it all before he couldn't take anymore and bust his Load!!

A Deal is a Deal!!!

We ended on a bad note...We are too similar in nature, and both are Tops that like to be in control. It winded up too much of a power struggle between Us. I wish him well...

I have nothing bad to say about him...He is a professional when it comes to Escorting. He is a True Performer On Screen!!!

He deserves some serious attention!!!! Look out for this Rising Star!!!

Now Finally a Twink Performer that I can respect!!! I don't hate twinks People!!! So when I finally meet a Twink that is smart, driven and knows what he wants I have to give him Props.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Anger!!! If it's unchecked it can cause Ur life to go insane and crazy!! I have dealt with alot of anger in these past months.. Highs and Damn Hell pit lows.. But we are talking about ANGER here!!!

I wouldn't consider myself an angry person....but People can make me anger!!!

I'm not a pretty sight!!! Fumes coming out of my head and shit(not really)its very intense!!!

When I'm angry I lash out hard!! Through time I was able to control the anger and channel it into something...lets say working out!!(no wonder I'm so big)

I was going to deal with AN issue with anger but I'm not!!!

I feel bad and I'm going another route instead!!

I just wanted to share that with People!!

Im gone!!



I was suppose to do some traveling around the U.S. for this big tour......

Alas my Travel buddy has gone missing.....

I'm alittle worried!!! As this is the Sex industry things happen Good or Bad. I'm just hoping that either He lost his phone or replaced it. He isn't answering any phone calls or replying to texts....


Which I don't think it is.....I'm getting worried!!! Escorting is illegal..It is!!! Being a Escort is a constant a game of running from Cops and always having to double check things over and over.

So hoping that He didn't get arrested as well.....

So many unanswered questions.....


He isn't answering any calls.... At one point I thought he was screening his calls against me... That is not the case. I had several clients call his cell phone as well, no luck in that as well....



Tuesday, July 14, 2009


And simple stuff such as this is entertaining..

The price of a Large McDonald's McFlurry with Caramel on the Bottom... $2.69

• Having your date throw up that large McFlurry all over your cock and leg while deep throating you... PRICELESS!

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did this weekend.
Posted by Nick Moretti ..

I wanted to start this blog with a Catchy title....SAVING THE UNIVERSE...

I just grabbed some images from Online about certain Performers that are single handily saving the Industry because they love It!!! I fucking love this Industry!!! I keep telling ya!!!

This is just a sample!!!

I will still get emails from Friends saying why wasnt my picture up??? Trying to remember all the names and putting it together for a huge post would take forever.

Put it this way...

The Industry is crazy right now.. its the Recession and its hitting hard... Yes People its hitting hard!!

Now this post probably won't make sense to the Fans...

This Post is for the "High Profile Performers":

Lets keep this Industry running, as models we have to make Certain decisions regarding Pride, Finances, and Survival....

I heard a rumor that even Exclusive models will feel the pinch, and might be asked to take reduced scene rates.... I don't know if this is real or not???But..

I'm a Performer..and I know U have certain choices.. Leave free agent, Stay(lower rate), I can't answer that questioin for ya!!! U have to make that decision for Urself. Stay for the Security, Or leave Free agent and Hopefully U have made a big enough name for Urself. Only U will know what's best for ya.

Now to Free agents having to take Lower Scene rates...If u want to work, then u work!! If Ur working on a Project that u believe in strongly ..then do it!! Because of some of my posts, people think Im judging other Porn stars who simply want to work because they need the money....... I have changed my thinking when it comes to that...People have bills to pay and need to survive!!!

When I see families having to move into Motels and hotels and millions of people looking for work... People are working for every single penny they can get. But..

I know that some Producers who are offering lower rates are doing it not to save on the budget of the movie(which is understandable)but just offering lower rates simply because they know there is a recession and "Certain Models" would work for peanuts.

We can all be replaced as models.. and there will be "That model" that will gladly take ur spot for peanuts and have no shame or gulit in doing so.... People are hungry!!!

In a nutshell take what U feel is Fair for you.....

If I had to predict the future of Porn??

Things will be back in order, maybe a year from now???? People will get tired of seeing poorly produced footage on the "Tubes" and People will want quality again over Homemade that everybody seems to be putting up nowadays. Everybody thinks they are porn stars, everybody has a camera, everybody tries to Make it.

The Porn companies have been around for years, yes the techonogly has changed the industry(VOD sites, websites, tubes, Date sharing)....

But people will always come back to quality work though and loyal fans will always buy.

All this is in my Opinion...

Im just a retired performer that keeps up to date with the industry. I worked in the industry bled for it and I want to make sure it's around forever. And I want to make sure that models get what they think is Fair to them.

Nobody will be as honest as me, when it comes to looking at things from the Model's perspective...

Lastly....... I took a Pay cut for doing "What Happens In Vegas" I did it because I had a starring role, my friend was producing it(Barrett Long),and I believed in the Movie..

I took a Pay cut for "Taken to the Lowest Level" just to work for ChiChi.....because I know Chi Chi will make me look like a God on Camera!! And She Did!!!!!

So the Choice is Urs!

Diesel Washington



I have these online convos with random twinks.....

Twinks that talk shit and give me attitude because I speak so poorly about them.... And that would be Twink performers.... I will not name name because they deserve no press at all!!!

I talk down to people, who haven't experience anything in life or on a Porn set. Doing a website here and there doesn't make ya a porn star.

They come into this business, believing they know it like the back of their hand. And reality check!!! U don't know shit about this industry.

I know the rates are 100-300 dollars, and this Young performer is lieing and telling me he makes 600 per scene. BULLSHIT!!!

I just have a few things to say to this Performer:

Stop using my name to promote Yourself..... U didn't give me any Ass so get Ur fame Our own way!!!

Stop using my name on Twitter, I google myself online and I see Chat after chat of my name being used on Twitter and its annoying!!!

Ur a Brown Nose and Ass Kisser and I cant stand people like that!!!!

U have no real talent, and the only reason why u get work is because Ur Young!!

U have average looks, average cock and below average body.

I should name this performer but that only gets him press and I'm not about to let that happen!!


Nobody threatens me using transcripts from online convos with them!!!

I can expose myself, using my own words esp since I don't have anything to hide.

So U want to represent all the Twinks out there!! Fine but I have been through Blog wars with M.L. and a whole bunch of other people!!

So to my Fans out there.....I LIKE TWINKS

I just don't like Attention hungry, talentless, name dropping, begging twinks that don't deserve any Press at all.

One thing to get Press when Ur a great performer and light up the Screen....its another when Ur a Random Twink performer who looks like everybody else.

Its a sad day in hell when Twinks have to use Established Stars to get their name out there.


In other words UR A DICK RIDER(and not in a good way)

To Unzipped u can run ur story.....

I have differences with this Performer.....but a Performer that using private chats between each other for Press????


That is a person that can't be trusted!!!

I talk about People myself but everything I find out can be found by reading the News sites and gossip blogs.

Not using Private convos just to get some press.

But I have suffered through worse

Monday, July 13, 2009


Wow, I never got so much email about me attacking the Twinks, giving out scene rates, and spilling the beans on the business.

The Industry is hurting bad!! This recession has hit every portion of the porn Industry. Companies, Studios, Websites, the Models, the Agents bah bah bah!!

It's weird!! I know the Industry will survive.. The Rockettubes, Xtubes, and all the other sites that promote Homemade porn will survive!! Everybody can make money in this industry!! Give it one year and things will be in order again, it will just take some time. Many times I point out the flaws in this business(With Love), but at the same time I have so much Love for this Industry!! I make fun of the Porn business because we need to laugh at Ourselves sometimes:

We get all pumped up for our roles, We hit the gym hard(some take Steroids)do the crazy workouts to get that body!! Ripped, Hard and tight!! And its the Gayest looking thing when u see models posing in the Mirror!! Squeezing their Ass, sticking it Out!! So it looks Nice and round(Arching their Back)Slapping their ass for that Sound Effect!

Or in the Mirror practicing "Fuck Faces" Batting their eyes, trying to make love to themselves in the mirror. Licking their lips, fake moaning faces!! Or even worse, the Flamboyant Tops, that try to Practice their Butch face in the Mirror. I kid U not its funny!!!!

Some of Us, don't know if We want to be hairy or not. I hear some models complaining about the all Body Waxing, Trimming, and Shaving they do. Hair is hair to me, if it's soft I can't complain(Coarse Hair hurts my Balls), The models that have that "Little landing strip they call pubic hair between their legs, the V cuts, and the ones clean shaven. A dude with no pubic hair????Yup!!I have seen it!

The Tanning........It makes sense, that models would get a natural looking tan. But ORANGE?????? that is crazy!! It doesn't look manly and some models get carried away. I remember one time, I was in San Fran shooting, I saw one of the models that had just arrived, he had healthy looking skin(normal). We had two days before the shoot, and since most companies like to keep the models away from each other(To Keep that Energy on Set)I didn't see him until the Day of the shoot, he came walking on that set looking like an Giant Sunkist orange!! He Tanned, then got a Spray tan and then on top of that he had Bronzer on!!! Its Crazy!!

Eyebrows!!! If I see any more McDonalds(High Arch) shaped eyebrows on models I am going to go crazy. Its like they have the look of surprise on their face every time U see them. Now that shit is huge here in NYC and its mainly due to the New Jersey Guido's who come into NYC. It's not a good look people. And this is to all the gay boys out there....IT LOOKS RETARDED!!! so don't come on set looking like that!! That is not a good porn look.

Makeup, now this can go either way, sometimes u need make up, so the camera picks up the right skin tone. But Pancake Mix????? I have seen models with so much makeup on when they get under the lights, U could see their face melting away with time... If Ur suppose to have a hot sex scene...Ur licking everywhere on their body, Licking off Make UP????? That is not a good thing!!! Its like licking flour of Ur kitchen table top.. Not very Yummy!!

Body sprays and smelly Cologne on Ur body, I can't lick all over Ur body and have my tongue tasting like alcohol when I do it. Not tasty in Ur mouth, do Us a favor and take all that shit off!! I rather have body odor, and sweat...... then burning alcohol on my tongue.

Seeing a Manly bottom and a Cunt Top work together in a scene. It's strange watching the setup. I feel for each model, the manly bottom wants a Man to fuck the hell outta him, and the Cunt Top (off screen) wants Man to fuck the hell outta him.

Well I just wanted to post something Different this time!!!

That's it done!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


It was the longest road trip ever....

We checked into Hotel which is a great Hotel!!! I really like it, the rooms are big and high ceilings. The bed is Huge and Just the way I like it!!

I'm here with a partner in crime... And they asked that I not talk about them on my blog.....

Its funny, I get more and more friends that talk to me...And the first thing they say to me is "Don't put this on Ur Blog" but.....

Then go into detail about How some Company dicked them over....Or talk about some model that was an asshole to them...But I'm left with the line "Don't put this on Ur Blog"

To all my friends in the Industry......"Have I ever talked about someone in the Biz, Who was a Druggie???? Dirty Slut???" I never talk about models(using Real name or Stage Name)on my blog, that are serious Meth Heads, Coke heads and or Pill poppers? I respect People's privacy.... I'm not that big of an Asshole.

I talk about myself.... My Path and the People that I come across.

I ask most models If I can take a Picture of them. And then show them the Proof of the Pic. In most situations, when I pull out my camera, Models get ready to get their picture taken(because they know its going on the blog)

Some people do not like me in this Industry....I will take that. But there are alot of people that highly respect me and what I brought to this Industry.


I want all models to work....

I respect Models that are Performers and work Hard!!! I hate people who think they deserve special treatment when they don't push themselves on camera and have the worst scenes!!!

I hate People who get over on their looks as opposed to their talent..... So when I see just a Pretty face..that's all I see is a pretty face. But I go on to respect the "Pure Performer" those that bring that A game every time on set. No matter what they work hard on their scenes, to the point where they are exhausted!!

After alot of scenes, I go back to the Hotel, Bruised! Teeth loosened. Bloody noses, and marked up legs and chest.

I remember when I filmed Folsom Filth I was sore for 4 days after that shoot. I was punched in the chest over and over(had tolook right).... Which made the scene hotter!! My legs were bruised in the thigh area from banging against Alex Baresi's Ass in Folsom Filth.

For Folsom Prison, I was hung by my wrists and had to hold certain positions, while having to get pissed on, gut punched, and slapped in the face. At one point in the Scene, I asked one of my Co stars to spit in my face....Just to make the scene more real!!! At the start of the scene I was wrestled down to the ground(Concrete)slammed to the floor and kicked in the face and stomach. I wanted my scene to look real as possible!! And it did!!

I get alot of shit because I talk about models I don't like...Or Twinks that work for peanuts!!

So What!!!??!! I gave My Soul to this business...

I gave all the bloggers and Online Mags something to talk about when I write my posts. I feed this Industry in more ways than one. I gave them something to Argue about...Hate me for, or Question. They look out for Me, and I look out for Them.(Thanks,,, MOC, JackManly, COP, Queermenow, Kreuzer at Night, Gaypornnation, JustUsboys, Gayporntimes, GayFleshbot, bah bah bah)

This business is about entertainment.... I give ya the movies to jerk off to, I give ya the blog to read more about me. I give the People that report the Porn News to ya, material to use for Interesting and Shocking Stories!! In a nutshell...

As long as I spark a reaction out of People.....My job is done!!!

If someone took 5-10mins to read this post or watch a Vid.

Then I had Ur Attention for that time......

Some Performers(Music, Movies, Sport figures) get hundreds and thousands of dollars just to go on stage for 10mins.

I give ya a Free blog to laugh at or with(Depending)..

So that means I did my Job and I entertained Ya!!!

Now where is MY Check for that!!!!


Now I dont know what's in Boston??

It's not a diss or anything...but its the summer and Im having some fun just seeing the sites and seeing whats up. Boston I'm coming to ya(with short notice)and I will be there for a few days......looking around

Now the hate is getting juicy.....'

For someone retired, I know I know I keep myself in the News!!

Just because I'm not on the scene performing, doesn't mean that everything stops!!!

I write this blog for entertainment and a good read and the hate keeps coming and coming at me(which I like) I'm starting to feel that same energy when I first started on this path.

UnZipped?? U guys are killling me....Yeah I talked about the same things that I wrote on my blog, But No Snooze??? If they ask about things I talked on my blog Of course I'm going to have to get into that same Hype!!!

Of Course I was going to do the M.L. thing that was a given!! He called me a Moron in Village Voice(I still remember that.

And Tag Adams!!

The Man is looking Yummy goood!!!! Damn he still has that ass..... And tastes good!!!!

We talked......

But I will save that another blog

Friday, July 10, 2009


It's allitte late but I'm in Philly rite now!!!

I have to keep working.......


I have been getting alot of crap from People saying I'm picking on the twinks...

I'm not picking on the twinks, I just want them to get a fair price.....

If they are willing to take low ball($100-300)for a scene, its hurts everybody else in the industry model wise. We know these are trying times....but...

In the long run....other Models in the Industry will settle for an even cheaper rate just to stay in competition for work. And how low will rates be then???

There are no Porn Unions in this business..........

Just because we do Condom only movies, doesn't mean that we are invulnerable to other STD's and complications.

Since We are at risk every time we jump on a porn set, Shouldn't that Risk be worth something?????

So I will leave the Twinks alone now......

I won't pick on them any more

I will just fuck them instead!!! How about that???

Porn is Porn and Fair is Fair

They are Porn stars too!!


Yes I have been putting off all my trips to travel but...

This time around I'm heading to Philly for a 1 night thing and then heading over to Boston!!! I haven't really traveled the way I wanted to in the past. But Now!!!! Drum Roll Please!!!!

I finally have a travel buddy.... which is a good thing.

Any way quick shout out to U Fuckers out there!!!!!

Philly headed to ya First

Then Boston so get ready people

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I get that question alot.....

People always ask me "What turns you on?" "Ur always turning on other people" "What gets ya hot????"

Well.......I like my privacy and to find out what turns me on, U have to ask me in person. But I can tell ya what I find sexy......


Yes ears, I dont know what it is about big ears........I just find them sexy!!! Ears that stick out, Big Dumbo ears, Handle bar ears, Spock ears bah bah bah.

Strange??? Maybe

I dont know... I love to nibble on ears, play with them, suck on them. It's all about the Ear Lobes, Top of the Ear, Inside of the ear, the Back of the ear......


Porn Stars with Big Ears

Celebritites with Big Ears


Hmmm? I read the first review over at and it was a great review!! I haven't seen the entire movie yet, I watched my scene only. I will check out the movie as a whole over the weekend. Anyway here is another review of "Taken" and the reviewer this time around gives a glowing review of my scene.

No offense to, but the reviewer didn't go into detail, how Intense my scene was. I created signature moves for this movie, I worked my butt off in this scene. here is the review on :

As Aubrey orgasms, Killian seizes him and brings him to another place, puts him in a cage. Aubrey’s head will fit through the bars, and Diesel Washington’s cock is there ready to be sucked. Not far away, Lucas Knowles and Zack Jamison are sucking and fucking. Diesel lines everyone up on their knees and eats every ass, but he singles out Aubrey to fuck. In what has become one of his signature maneuvers, Diesel hoists Aubrey bodily in the air and bounces him on his cock. In what has become his other signature maneuver, Diesel swallows the cock and balls of his “victim” simultaneously. Aubrey is ballistic. A guy could go an entire lifetime and not have his hole subjected to such animalistic treatment.

by A review by Onan the Vulgarian

Thanks finally a great review of my scene, and finally Someone mentions my "Signature maneuvers" the position is called the "CannonBall" remember that and its called the "Cannonball"

So that brings the number to four, I have four New Sexual positions that I gave the Industry to enjoy!! So years from now, when someone looks back at my Career, they will know that I gave something back to this industry.

So Far People have seen the "Bully" which debuted in Telescope by Titan Media.

People saw the "Motorcycle" which debuted in Playbook by Titan Media

People saw the "Bully" and then the transition to the "Motorcycle" in Redlight by Falcon also the "ShotGlass" was created for this Movie as well.

Now People will see the "Cannonball" in the Movie "Taken" Sort of looks like this, still waiting on Screen Captures of the position.

And finally the "Human SpitRoast" which was filmed for the Movie "What Happens in Vegas"(which is still in the Can at the moment) U have to picture Barrett, Diesel and Kirk naked with our dicks going in Kirk's mouth and ass and twisting him 360 degrees all at the same time. Difficult Move Yes!!!

I did a post before about all these Moves I put to film....It's not easy!! Since then, I see all these performers trying to do new positions, I'm kinda of flattered that I raised the bar, It just makes Performers work harder.......and that is a good thing!!

There is a difference in my Signature moves that other performers don't realize...... there are no camera tricks, my bottoms (co stars) are off their feet and in the air getting fucked. They are not held up in the air by rope, not holding onto to counter tops, edges/ends of the bed none of that. I pick these boys up using nothing but brute Strength and skill. I'm such a Cocky Top(which probably takes away from the sheer genius of the movements)but there u have it.

Below are some other Pics showing my Skill and Creativity

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Hey guys,

Its Ur Favorite Porn star Diesel Washington, I hope everybody had a great weekend, I sure did!! I wanted to write a post today because I really like my fans and I write this blog for the Fans!! What is going on in my world, U may ask???

Well I went to the gym today, and had a great workout. I love working out its a good way to get rid of Stress... And who likes stress??? I sure don't. After the gym, I went to my friend's house just to unwind and be with friends. I have the best group of friends a guy can ask for. They are very supportive of me doing porn, and I need People like that around me, I'm so blessed to have friends like that.

I love NYC, so many different people to see and talk to. I noticed an interesting Fashion trend in the city, socks with Sandals and Flip Flops, it looks Ultra cool!!! I just wish I could be more trendy and edgy. I have alot of respect for those people that can be so trendy and Out there. I need to break out of my shell one of these days, Wish me Luck LOL

Oh I was Porn Struck today!! I saw M.L. that east coast producer who has his own studio. He looked so hot today, I saw him walking down the street and I just wanted to worship the ground he walks on. He's so smart, intelligent and very handsome. Did U know that M.L. is an Authority on African Americans??? He is so insightful, he watches TV, listens to the media and listens to Rap music. I'm glad that he took the time to understand how it is to be an African American doing Gay Porn. He is often misunderstood, this shy, timid man has become my Idol. I wish to follow in his Footsteps. M.L. also has this Exclusive model working at his Company named Ben Andrews, this guy is super cute with a Huge Penis. He is the definition of what a Man is!!! He's Tall, Strong, and super Masculine the way I like my models to be. I have a huge Porn star crush on Ben Andrews he is such a Hottie(Back off People he is mine LOL)

The Industry is so exciting now..... even though the Economy is not that great. Scene rates are at an all time High now!! I feel guilty about taking the money I'm not worth what the Companies and Studios pay nowadays. I should be happy just being able to work for such great companies. It's not about the work for me, I have to be honest, I work for the Large check they give me. I can't take all this money they give me. It's not right, I feel guilty for taking the money, I just go through the motions and don't enjoy the sex or the scene. Since I love my Fans so much, I will be honest with ya, I'm really a Gay for Pay model. I hate Gay Sex!! and Enjoy Women only.

I wanted to share with the Fans something exciting I'm about to do. I have quit reading Comic Books, finally!!! Alot of people said It was immature to read comic books so I stopped reading them as of today!!!! No grown adult needs to read Comic books anymore. I got rid of my T-shirts and hats and all my comic books, it was time to grow up!! I hope my Fans are proud of me, I feel so grown now!!!

Not to talk about the past, but I wanted to talk about the GayVn's again. I didn't deserve to win Best Top we all know that. My Sex positions are boring, overused and not at all creative. Good Job GayVn u made the best decision. Speaking of GayVn....Ur right African Americans didn't need to represented at GayVn, We African Americans are just happy to be placed in a Specialty class, and we should be happy that we got that!!!

Speaking of Award Shows, I'm alittle upset at the Grabbys this year, all this Diversity in Porn is a bad thing. I prefer to see only Blond and Blue eyed boys in my porn. I was so upset to win Performer of the Year, it should have went to a more deserving person. I didn't work hard at all, everything was given to me and I certainly didn't deserve an Award for being lazy on screen. And best Porn star blog?? Mine?? I didn't deserve that award either, I don't talk Open and Honest on my blog. I talk about Clothes I like, Cars I like, Work Out Tips and just use it for promotion and letting people know my travel schedule. They also made the same mistake last year and awarded me with the Hottest Cut Cock Award for 2008. I have the ugliest cock, its small, thin and average size it's not built for porn. God??? How Lucky I was for even being able to do porn. All these super hot White models around, the Industry doesn't need some "Tar baby" in it to destroy it. I shouldn't be working for any Major company anyway. I'm suppose to do Thug Porn, I'm Black right?? Duh??? Black Skin equals Thug porn.

Speaking of Black Skin, Why in Hell would any Major studio put me on the cover of a DVD??? Everybody knows If u put a Black Man on the cover of a DVD it would wind up in the Black Gay porn Section(aka Thug Porn). So only White guys deserve to be on the Cover of DVDs from major companies I firmly believe that.

I guess I took the job to work for Major companies, because I hate my race and the color of my skin... I have nothing but Self hatred in my Heart. I hate what I see in the Mirror and I always wanted to be White!! It doesn't matter that I film with Major Companies...I'm the Token Black. I know my role in the films. Men of Color need no representation in gay porn we have plenty of role models in Gay porn. Gay porn is full of African Americans, we need more Blond hair and Blue eyed models around.

And why am I Topping in my films??, Everybody knows I'm not good at it, I'm a Huge bottom. I love Cock in my Ass!!! Something about a good cock in Ur ass, it makes my toes curl. It feels so good!!! I just love dick!!! I have a nice round firm bubble butt that just loves to feel a big thick dick inside of it. I could get on Ben Andrews monster cock and just ride him and ride him.

Anyway that is my post today, if u excuse me I have to bring some Ice water to People in Hell now!!!

********This was a Fake Post***********This was a Fake Post**************************

I know alot of people don't like me.... it's a given!!

People say I'm too cocky, I have a Big Ego!!! and I'm a Loud Mouth, and U people get all this from reading a blog??? Reading a Blog????Really???? I told People from the start, Most of this blog is Written from the Perspective of the Diesel Character. What he brings to the movies is what I tried to bring to the blog.

Other bloggers take my post, copy the best parts and then put a spin on them. They go back to their blogs and online Mags create sensational headlines and use the best parts of my blog for entertaiment purposes. People this is all Entertainment!!! Any Press is Good Press....but lately People have confused me with My Movie persona and since the Posts reflect that same Character, I'm often considered an Asshole or Diva.

Diesel is cocky and verbal in his movie scenes, he is portrayed the same way in his posts on his blog.

I do have to admit lately I have gotten lost in my character and he has become a part of my real life, I'm fixing that......its causing alot of confusion for me.


Okay, I always talk bad about other People......

But this time around I can talk bad about myself...........

There is always going to be Rumors and Gossip(nature of the business)and I can always call myself out if I know I'm being an Asshole......

Asshole time!!!

At this point of my career, I like to share the knowledge of the business with Up and in other blogs I said that comes with a Price!!! but Lets go back in time!!

On filming my last scene with Titan.... I had Major control!!! I wrote the story, Provided the Costumes, Art Work, came up with the Model(even had time behind the camera). Being an UP and Cummer, he was going to do whatever it takes to reach the Top, In his own words"I don't care who I have to step on to reach the Top" Okay that is fine, then I will be that asshole that says "If U want to reach the Top, then u have to go through me first!!" U all know the Drama that went down between us:

In a nutshell...We had a Deal arranged before a big trip(U get Lights, Camera, Attention, all I ask for is Ass) I did my part, He did not fulfill his end of the business deal. Now I have been called an asshole and caught alot of Negative comments about doing such an arrangement at the time. Comments like:

Ewww!!! Diesel how can U prey on Young Up and Cummers like that???

Diesel how can u use Ur power to make Young and Upcummers give up their ass to ya in exchange for Ur help in the business??? That's wrong!!!

Diesel shame on ya!!! If the boy doesn't want to sleep with ya, then he doesn't want to sleep with ya!! NO is NO!!!

Diesel why are ya trying to abuse the Young and Innocent??? I pity U!!

Bah Bah Bah, I took so much crap for that....AND I WAS THE BAD GUY!!!!!?????I have always been honest and direct, about what I do and what I expect. I took this model from an Unknown porn model(Random) and:

I got him a shoot with a Major Studio

He got a Pay Day from Shoot

Got to work with a Major Star

Got great Photos to use from shoot

Had alot of attention pushed to his blog

I made him a Rising Star and helped boost his Career!!

Got to Perform at one the Hugest Circuit Parties of the Year

Got Free airfare to San Fran for his performance at Folsom

Got a Performance Fee for his work on the show

Got to attain the Folsom Fair

Dinner with the Titan Exclusives

the list goes on and on.........

But what people didn't know...... I never charged this model a fee for any of my help. Not a single dime!!

All I asked for was Ass in return!! That was the deal!!! Period!!! It was talked about before the San Fran trip. It wasn't an issue of Morals and ethnics, and was Basically like "Yo if I bring ya to San Fran, expect to get fucked, that is the deal" "Take it or Leave it" A week before the trip, "Again I want ya to know If Ur coming to San Fran, I will be fucking ya that is Our deal and arrangement" It was agreed to over and was a Gentleman's agreement.

I can get ass when I want it.... I made the deal because....... I would be at Folsom Fair and sharing a room with this model... Folsom is all about sex and partying. I was not going to worry about another model's hangups. The trip was talked about in detail...... It was for promoting Us both, no I did not want Us to be a couple... I can see most people would think that way.. We never dated or even attempted to(Stop the madness now!!)so I want that rumor to stop.

I didn't try to control this model, he wasn't my slave. And there was no Master/Slave relationship.... I said I would Help his Career and all I wanted was some Ass(Shit I fucked him in the movie)at Folsom!!

He didn't keep his end of the Agreement

But I got statements like this in return from the model when the situation hit the fan:

So what is I didn't fuck him at Folsom...I did what I had to do to get what I wanted and I'd do it all again if need be. How else was I going to meet Bruce Cam and all the models on Titan's roster if I didn't play my cards right. This business is a game and Diesel is just mad that I beat him.

I did what any other rising star in this business would have done. It's step or be stepped on!!


In Hind sight, I won that War! But the reason why I went into that old story was because, many saw Me as the bad guy in that situation. When I was Honest about what I wanted.

So there will probably be more rumors of How Bad I am....... and that I'm corrupting Up and Cummers!!!!

U want my help, its going to cost ya. I don't care if its advice, tips or press!! Fuck that bullshit!!! I'm not a agent, I don't want Ur money. If Ur hot all I want is Ur Ass!! Now if that makes me a bad guy than the world is Crazy!!! Let me tell ya why?:

I'm a Personal Trainer, so u get workout tips to get the Porn star body, I plan Diets and Workouts to the Max, So U get that ideal body shape(Custom Job)That is Huge!!!

I write a popular blog, giving ya extra press(Duh!!)

I can help Up and Cummers, create a blog, give ideas for blogs(my blog is Award winning)most porn stars don't use their blogs correctly.

Help Performers achieve their full potential on screen, its simple things U need to practice in order to have the camera love ya.(Performer of the Year)

Teach Up and Cummers how to promote themselves on/off the Internet

Help models fine tune their Live Stage shows!! How to hold the crowds attention etc etc etc

I do have some "Contacts in the Industry" that could help propel ya, closer to Ur goals of becoming a Porn star.

More Important, I'm a hot guy with a big dick and I know how to use it!!

Now here is the funny part...... I'm the bad guy!!! Right??? I'm the bad guy???

But Companies hire ya for peanuts, and its usually Older, Larger(Fat) guys in their mid 50's that hire these young boys for like $100 - $300 for a scene(Even Bareback stuff). They sit around watching ya, telling ya Ur hot and sexy. They promise to make ya a star.... they can't pay ya big money for the scenes...but u can make up the difference by doing more scenes. For example the rate I would get for one scene, the Up and Cummers would have to do seven or eight scenes to get the same amount. The Up and Cummers are like "Yes more screen time for me" because of course, every young performer thinks they are the next Jenna Jameson.

Now they got ya to do more scenes for a cheap rate, not only will they push ya to do more stuff in the scenes(bottoming, toys, DP's, threeways bah bah). Now they have more content to use of ya. They have Ur Pics, Image, and performances at their disposal to do whatever they want.

U take Ur check, spend it up and feel like a Rock star, U are getting paid to have sex. U feel like Ur a superstar...yet the only thing U did was work for cheap, gave them more content to make more money off of. U made $100- $300 for that scene, the company will make $30,000 off Ur scene and pics to post on a website(In the Long Run). Since that Company has tons of content from ya, u are of no use to them at the moment because they have to edit and release the footage they have of ya already.

Now that U worked for such a Low rate, every other company that u will work for will pay ya the same amount. Back to doing Multiple scenes, and the cycle continues......

Now here is the funny part, U have done so many the time the footage comes out, U are way way over exposed. Ur not that Fresh face performer any more, and Ur only 21 years old(or older making a point), some can move on to do more work maybe move up to Studio work. But U have to have that "IT" factor that can't be taught, U either have "IT" or U don't.

Unless U are an Exclusive, most companies won't help to Promote ya!! Def won't help ya with Ur Diet, Working out bah bah bah.

I know It sounds like I'm pitching my Services to the Up and Cummers!! But I'm not, I'm just giving Info for those who want to be a part of this Industry, its not easy!!!

All this boils down to!!! U want to get fucked, and enjoy it.?? With me U take the tools I taught ya(Gym, Blog Writing, Diets, Promotion, Performance enhancing tech)
and U go on to having a successful career in porn.


U want to get fucked over????? Used for 100-300 dollars and then throw away when they are done with ya. The Companies don't teach ya how to sustain Ur Career that U started, Ur the one responsible for that. After leaving Titan I had to reboot and go back to the drawing board. Nobody prepared me for that transition, I learned the Hard way. Luckily I made some smart Decisions(and dumb ones)which led me to Super Stardom. Up and Cummers dont want to hear advice nowadays... they want short cuts!! They burn hot when they first come out.....and then burn themselves out!! I was lucky to be in this business for Three years...I have seen alot of porn stars come and go.....its funny because some people in the Industry don't remember their names anymore!! I not only know what it takes to get into this Industry, I know how to get successful, I know how to sustain that success. But again this comes with a price!!!

Sure U will be walking funny for a couple days. but the knowledge U got in return is priceless!!!

So U might hear stories saying "Diesel offered to help me and get my name out there, but when I said He couldn't fuck me, He took his offer away" To that I say Ummmm Duh??? The wicked part, the models say "Can we still Stay in Touch though??? I have alot of questions to ask, It would be good to get Ur Advice" I'm like "Fuck No!!! Nobody taught me and I had to work for it, find it out Yourself" "Random Porn boy"

Mean yes!! But maybe this will give them drive to do better and be better, just to rub it in my face. Like "Remember when U said I was random" "Look at me now!!" I will take that.....because maybe it was the push u needed to break out.

The Newbies run to the Studios and Companies and their agents begging for work...some newbies become online mascots doing anything for Press. It's nuts today!!

I get to talk all this shit because....... I'm retired!!

And yes some People have no clue Who I am....

That's fine as long as the Industry knows Who I am....I'm happy with that!!!

I will take that any day.....


We all heard the stories of goodbye to Mister Jackson.........

Every entertainer in the business of entertaining people will miss Mister Jackson.


Every Performer in the World wanted what Mike had.......

Sports, Music, Film, bah bah bah bah

Mister Jackson was black!!! And he crossed over color lines, cultures, religions

He was the King of Pop, King of Entertainment, King of Media.......

Its funny most of the Kids growing up today, they know who Mister Jackson is. But they didn't see the impact of his passing until they saw Their Favorite Stars crying or mourning the death of Mister Jackson.

All U Britney Spears fans, Lady GAGA, Justin Timberlake, Usher Fans U saw ur Idols crying over his passing....then it made sense to ya!!!

I grow up with the Jackson 5, and grew to love Mister Jackson....I wanted to dance like him.....

I had the Jacket(fake one) the high water pants and the socks!!! I had the hair style like Mike.

Its raining outside my window........

Even when I'm writing this blog, I'm crying..........

This is real emotions...not just some blog to write for the sense of writing something.....