Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Hey guys,

Its Ur Favorite Porn star Diesel Washington, I hope everybody had a great weekend, I sure did!! I wanted to write a post today because I really like my fans and I write this blog for the Fans!! What is going on in my world, U may ask???

Well I went to the gym today, and had a great workout. I love working out its a good way to get rid of Stress... And who likes stress??? I sure don't. After the gym, I went to my friend's house just to unwind and be with friends. I have the best group of friends a guy can ask for. They are very supportive of me doing porn, and I need People like that around me, I'm so blessed to have friends like that.

I love NYC, so many different people to see and talk to. I noticed an interesting Fashion trend in the city, socks with Sandals and Flip Flops, it looks Ultra cool!!! I just wish I could be more trendy and edgy. I have alot of respect for those people that can be so trendy and Out there. I need to break out of my shell one of these days, Wish me Luck LOL

Oh I was Porn Struck today!! I saw M.L. that east coast producer who has his own studio. He looked so hot today, I saw him walking down the street and I just wanted to worship the ground he walks on. He's so smart, intelligent and very handsome. Did U know that M.L. is an Authority on African Americans??? He is so insightful, he watches TV, listens to the media and listens to Rap music. I'm glad that he took the time to understand how it is to be an African American doing Gay Porn. He is often misunderstood, this shy, timid man has become my Idol. I wish to follow in his Footsteps. M.L. also has this Exclusive model working at his Company named Ben Andrews, this guy is super cute with a Huge Penis. He is the definition of what a Man is!!! He's Tall, Strong, and super Masculine the way I like my models to be. I have a huge Porn star crush on Ben Andrews he is such a Hottie(Back off People he is mine LOL)

The Industry is so exciting now..... even though the Economy is not that great. Scene rates are at an all time High now!! I feel guilty about taking the money I'm not worth what the Companies and Studios pay nowadays. I should be happy just being able to work for such great companies. It's not about the work for me, I have to be honest, I work for the Large check they give me. I can't take all this money they give me. It's not right, I feel guilty for taking the money, I just go through the motions and don't enjoy the sex or the scene. Since I love my Fans so much, I will be honest with ya, I'm really a Gay for Pay model. I hate Gay Sex!! and Enjoy Women only.

I wanted to share with the Fans something exciting I'm about to do. I have quit reading Comic Books, finally!!! Alot of people said It was immature to read comic books so I stopped reading them as of today!!!! No grown adult needs to read Comic books anymore. I got rid of my T-shirts and hats and all my comic books, it was time to grow up!! I hope my Fans are proud of me, I feel so grown now!!!

Not to talk about the past, but I wanted to talk about the GayVn's again. I didn't deserve to win Best Top we all know that. My Sex positions are boring, overused and not at all creative. Good Job GayVn u made the best decision. Speaking of GayVn....Ur right African Americans didn't need to represented at GayVn, We African Americans are just happy to be placed in a Specialty class, and we should be happy that we got that!!!

Speaking of Award Shows, I'm alittle upset at the Grabbys this year, all this Diversity in Porn is a bad thing. I prefer to see only Blond and Blue eyed boys in my porn. I was so upset to win Performer of the Year, it should have went to a more deserving person. I didn't work hard at all, everything was given to me and I certainly didn't deserve an Award for being lazy on screen. And best Porn star blog?? Mine?? I didn't deserve that award either, I don't talk Open and Honest on my blog. I talk about Clothes I like, Cars I like, Work Out Tips and just use it for promotion and letting people know my travel schedule. They also made the same mistake last year and awarded me with the Hottest Cut Cock Award for 2008. I have the ugliest cock, its small, thin and average size it's not built for porn. God??? How Lucky I was for even being able to do porn. All these super hot White models around, the Industry doesn't need some "Tar baby" in it to destroy it. I shouldn't be working for any Major company anyway. I'm suppose to do Thug Porn, I'm Black right?? Duh??? Black Skin equals Thug porn.

Speaking of Black Skin, Why in Hell would any Major studio put me on the cover of a DVD??? Everybody knows If u put a Black Man on the cover of a DVD it would wind up in the Black Gay porn Section(aka Thug Porn). So only White guys deserve to be on the Cover of DVDs from major companies I firmly believe that.

I guess I took the job to work for Major companies, because I hate my race and the color of my skin... I have nothing but Self hatred in my Heart. I hate what I see in the Mirror and I always wanted to be White!! It doesn't matter that I film with Major Companies...I'm the Token Black. I know my role in the films. Men of Color need no representation in gay porn we have plenty of role models in Gay porn. Gay porn is full of African Americans, we need more Blond hair and Blue eyed models around.

And why am I Topping in my films??, Everybody knows I'm not good at it, I'm a Huge bottom. I love Cock in my Ass!!! Something about a good cock in Ur ass, it makes my toes curl. It feels so good!!! I just love dick!!! I have a nice round firm bubble butt that just loves to feel a big thick dick inside of it. I could get on Ben Andrews monster cock and just ride him and ride him.

Anyway that is my post today, if u excuse me I have to bring some Ice water to People in Hell now!!!

********This was a Fake Post***********This was a Fake Post**************************

I know alot of people don't like me.... it's a given!!

People say I'm too cocky, I have a Big Ego!!! and I'm a Loud Mouth, and U people get all this from reading a blog??? Reading a Blog????Really???? I told People from the start, Most of this blog is Written from the Perspective of the Diesel Character. What he brings to the movies is what I tried to bring to the blog.

Other bloggers take my post, copy the best parts and then put a spin on them. They go back to their blogs and online Mags create sensational headlines and use the best parts of my blog for entertaiment purposes. People this is all Entertainment!!! Any Press is Good Press....but lately People have confused me with My Movie persona and since the Posts reflect that same Character, I'm often considered an Asshole or Diva.

Diesel is cocky and verbal in his movie scenes, he is portrayed the same way in his posts on his blog.

I do have to admit lately I have gotten lost in my character and he has become a part of my real life, I'm fixing that......its causing alot of confusion for me.


Anonymous said...

An interesting blog entry. I'm not sure what you were going for, but it was an enjoyable read anyway. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

maybe its cuz you wont admit being a bottom- as someone who reads your blog- you had me at that industry for money and women thing, but the comics and the awards- BS, i dont know which one you love more

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Very funny!

Anonymous said...

Diesel, its the Anonymous "Hater" C1R employee who has written on your blog before...Diesel, don't you dare try to act like you care for the furtherazation of black men in porn...you did a scene with Markus Ram...the ONE star that all the black men who don't normally like black men will do a scene with (Such as Brock Webster) all the black porn stars your constantly referencing do alot of scenes with other black men and most of those like black men in their personal life. You need 2 more non-interracial scenes before were convinced your not suffering from self loathing...I hope your not enjoying the pity award you got too much...I know more about this industry than you ever WILL...and BTW, you when you were here shooting Taken, you weren't as talk as you claim to be....