Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Okay, I always talk bad about other People......

But this time around I can talk bad about myself...........

There is always going to be Rumors and Gossip(nature of the business)and I can always call myself out if I know I'm being an Asshole......

Asshole time!!!

At this point of my career, I like to share the knowledge of the business with Up and Cummers.....like in other blogs I said that comes with a Price!!! but Lets go back in time!!

On filming my last scene with Titan.... I had Major control!!! I wrote the story, Provided the Costumes, Art Work, came up with the Model(even had time behind the camera). Being an UP and Cummer, he was going to do whatever it takes to reach the Top, In his own words"I don't care who I have to step on to reach the Top" Okay that is fine, then I will be that asshole that says "If U want to reach the Top, then u have to go through me first!!" U all know the Drama that went down between us:

In a nutshell...We had a Deal arranged before a big trip(U get Lights, Camera, Attention, all I ask for is Ass) I did my part, He did not fulfill his end of the business deal. Now I have been called an asshole and caught alot of Negative comments about doing such an arrangement at the time. Comments like:

Ewww!!! Diesel how can U prey on Young Up and Cummers like that???

Diesel how can u use Ur power to make Young and Upcummers give up their ass to ya in exchange for Ur help in the business??? That's wrong!!!

Diesel shame on ya!!! If the boy doesn't want to sleep with ya, then he doesn't want to sleep with ya!! NO is NO!!!

Diesel why are ya trying to abuse the Young and Innocent??? I pity U!!

Bah Bah Bah, I took so much crap for that....AND I WAS THE BAD GUY!!!!!?????I have always been honest and direct, about what I do and what I expect. I took this model from an Unknown porn model(Random) and:

I got him a shoot with a Major Studio

He got a Pay Day from Shoot

Got to work with a Major Star

Got great Photos to use from shoot

Had alot of attention pushed to his blog

I made him a Rising Star and helped boost his Career!!

Got to Perform at one the Hugest Circuit Parties of the Year

Got Free airfare to San Fran for his performance at Folsom

Got a Performance Fee for his work on the show

Got to attain the Folsom Fair

Dinner with the Titan Exclusives

the list goes on and on.........

But what people didn't know...... I never charged this model a fee for any of my help. Not a single dime!!

All I asked for was Ass in return!! That was the deal!!! Period!!! It was talked about before the San Fran trip. It wasn't an issue of Morals and ethnics, and was Basically like "Yo if I bring ya to San Fran, expect to get fucked, that is the deal" "Take it or Leave it" A week before the trip, "Again I want ya to know If Ur coming to San Fran, I will be fucking ya that is Our deal and arrangement" It was agreed to over and over....it was a Gentleman's agreement.

I can get ass when I want it.... I made the deal because....... I would be at Folsom Fair and sharing a room with this model... Folsom is all about sex and partying. I was not going to worry about another model's hangups. The trip was talked about in detail...... It was for promoting Us both, no I did not want Us to be a couple... I can see most people would think that way.. We never dated or even attempted to(Stop the madness now!!)so I want that rumor to stop.

I didn't try to control this model, he wasn't my slave. And there was no Master/Slave relationship.... I said I would Help his Career and all I wanted was some Ass(Shit I fucked him in the movie)at Folsom!!

He didn't keep his end of the Agreement

But I got statements like this in return from the model when the situation hit the fan:

So what is I didn't fuck him at Folsom...I did what I had to do to get what I wanted and I'd do it all again if need be. How else was I going to meet Bruce Cam and all the models on Titan's roster if I didn't play my cards right. This business is a game and Diesel is just mad that I beat him.

I did what any other rising star in this business would have done. It's step or be stepped on!!


In Hind sight, I won that War! But the reason why I went into that old story was because, many saw Me as the bad guy in that situation. When I was Honest about what I wanted.

So there will probably be more rumors of How Bad I am....... and that I'm corrupting Up and Cummers!!!!

U want my help, its going to cost ya. I don't care if its advice, tips or press!! Fuck that bullshit!!! I'm not a agent, I don't want Ur money. If Ur hot all I want is Ur Ass!! Now if that makes me a bad guy than the world is Crazy!!! Let me tell ya why?:

I'm a Personal Trainer, so u get workout tips to get the Porn star body, I plan Diets and Workouts to the Max, So U get that ideal body shape(Custom Job)That is Huge!!!

I write a popular blog, giving ya extra press(Duh!!)

I can help Up and Cummers, create a blog, give ideas for blogs(my blog is Award winning)most porn stars don't use their blogs correctly.

Help Performers achieve their full potential on screen, its simple things U need to practice in order to have the camera love ya.(Performer of the Year)

Teach Up and Cummers how to promote themselves on/off the Internet

Help models fine tune their Live Stage shows!! How to hold the crowds attention etc etc etc

I do have some "Contacts in the Industry" that could help propel ya, closer to Ur goals of becoming a Porn star.

More Important, I'm a hot guy with a big dick and I know how to use it!!

Now here is the funny part...... I'm the bad guy!!! Right??? I'm the bad guy???

But Companies hire ya for peanuts, and its usually Older, Larger(Fat) guys in their mid 50's that hire these young boys for like $100 - $300 for a scene(Even Bareback stuff). They sit around watching ya, telling ya Ur hot and sexy. They promise to make ya a star.... they can't pay ya big money for the scenes...but u can make up the difference by doing more scenes. For example the rate I would get for one scene, the Up and Cummers would have to do seven or eight scenes to get the same amount. The Up and Cummers are like "Yes more screen time for me" because of course, every young performer thinks they are the next Jenna Jameson.

Now they got ya to do more scenes for a cheap rate, not only will they push ya to do more stuff in the scenes(bottoming, toys, DP's, threeways bah bah). Now they have more content to use of ya. They have Ur Pics, Image, and performances at their disposal to do whatever they want.

U take Ur check, spend it up and feel like a Rock star, U are getting paid to have sex. U feel like Ur a superstar...yet the only thing U did was work for cheap, gave them more content to make more money off of. U made $100- $300 for that scene, the company will make $30,000 off Ur scene and pics to post on a website(In the Long Run). Since that Company has tons of content from ya, u are of no use to them at the moment because they have to edit and release the footage they have of ya already.

Now that U worked for such a Low rate, every other company that u will work for will pay ya the same amount. Back to doing Multiple scenes, and the cycle continues......

Now here is the funny part, U have done so many scenes...by the time the footage comes out, U are way way over exposed. Ur not that Fresh face performer any more, and Ur only 21 years old(or older making a point), some can move on to do more work maybe move up to Studio work. But U have to have that "IT" factor that can't be taught, U either have "IT" or U don't.

Unless U are an Exclusive, most companies won't help to Promote ya!! Def won't help ya with Ur Diet, Working out bah bah bah.

I know It sounds like I'm pitching my Services to the Up and Cummers!! But I'm not, I'm just giving Info for those who want to be a part of this Industry, its not easy!!!

All this boils down to!!! U want to get fucked, and enjoy it.?? With me U take the tools I taught ya(Gym, Blog Writing, Diets, Promotion, Performance enhancing tech)
and U go on to having a successful career in porn.


U want to get fucked over????? Used for 100-300 dollars and then throw away when they are done with ya. The Companies don't teach ya how to sustain Ur Career that U started, Ur the one responsible for that. After leaving Titan I had to reboot and go back to the drawing board. Nobody prepared me for that transition, I learned the Hard way. Luckily I made some smart Decisions(and dumb ones)which led me to Super Stardom. Up and Cummers dont want to hear advice nowadays... they want short cuts!! They burn hot when they first come out.....and then burn themselves out!! I was lucky to be in this business for Three years...I have seen alot of porn stars come and go.....its funny because some people in the Industry don't remember their names anymore!! I not only know what it takes to get into this Industry, I know how to get successful, I know how to sustain that success. But again this comes with a price!!!

Sure U will be walking funny for a couple days. but the knowledge U got in return is priceless!!!

So U might hear stories saying "Diesel offered to help me and get my name out there, but when I said He couldn't fuck me, He took his offer away" To that I say Ummmm Duh??? The wicked part, the models say "Can we still Stay in Touch though??? I have alot of questions to ask, It would be good to get Ur Advice" I'm like "Fuck No!!! Nobody taught me and I had to work for it, find it out Yourself" "Random Porn boy"

Mean yes!! But maybe this will give them drive to do better and be better, just to rub it in my face. Like "Remember when U said I was random" "Look at me now!!" I will take that.....because maybe it was the push u needed to break out.

The Newbies run to the Studios and Companies and their agents begging for work...some newbies become online mascots doing anything for Press. It's nuts today!!

I get to talk all this shit because....... I'm retired!!

And yes some People have no clue Who I am....

That's fine as long as the Industry knows Who I am....I'm happy with that!!!

I will take that any day.....


Anonymous said...

Wow, another interesting behind the scenes blog entry of life in the adult movie business. It was a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing.

Kameron Scott said...

Please inform me how our shoot "helped" my career when it didn't come out until February of 2009 and I had quit doing porn in December? I booked seven shoots in between our June shoot and December, one with Falcon and two with Channel 1. So I fail to see how you took me to the top when our work didn't surface till after I was done with porn. You give yourself WAY to much credit my friend.