Tuesday, July 07, 2009


The Movies is ***Highly Highly Recommended***

Being a Prick, I only copy and pasted my part in the movie, I'm sure the whole movie is good. But I'm a selfish douchebag who only cares about himself!!!! The review of Taken :

Phillip gets into the swing of things next, Diesel Washington fucking him, and Lucas Knowles fucking Zack Jamison. Diesel emerges from the shadows and circles a cage-bound Phillip. Diesel leans down and kisses Phillip through the cage before ordering him to suck his huge cock. Zach is in the next room sucking on Lucas, and gets fucked briefly by Lucas, but before long ends up in the room with Diesel and Phillip. Diesel tongue-fucks Phillip, Lucas and Zack. Phillip then squats down on Diesel's dong and rides, a multi-position fuck, which also has Diesel sucking Lucas' uncut dick along the way. Phillip gives Diesel a piss facial, as Lucas gives one to Zack across the room (Diesel gurgling and spitting Phillip's urine up like a fountain). Diesel shoots his thick load on Phillip's armpit and licks it out before Lucas and Zack shoot their loads on Phillip.

Trailer is here, You See me circling the cage in this trailer:

Me Tongue fucking my scene partners here:

Phillip sitting on my Dong:

a multi-position fuck(which includes this position and the "Cannonball" not shown) Ask C1R.com to get a picture of the "Cannonball" I would like to see one, and I want the fans to see this..... someone get that picture for me, Please!! If someone could get me a Screen capture of the Fuck position i would be very happy!!

Anyway.... That was a brief review of Taken by mannet.com I'm sure there will be other reviews of the movie but looks like the first review of the Movie is great!!! Waiting for the all the reviews to be out!!

In stores now!!!

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