Saturday, July 11, 2009


Now I dont know what's in Boston??

It's not a diss or anything...but its the summer and Im having some fun just seeing the sites and seeing whats up. Boston I'm coming to ya(with short notice)and I will be there for a few days......looking around

Now the hate is getting juicy.....'

For someone retired, I know I know I keep myself in the News!!

Just because I'm not on the scene performing, doesn't mean that everything stops!!!

I write this blog for entertainment and a good read and the hate keeps coming and coming at me(which I like) I'm starting to feel that same energy when I first started on this path.

UnZipped?? U guys are killling me....Yeah I talked about the same things that I wrote on my blog, But No Snooze??? If they ask about things I talked on my blog Of course I'm going to have to get into that same Hype!!!

Of Course I was going to do the M.L. thing that was a given!! He called me a Moron in Village Voice(I still remember that.

And Tag Adams!!

The Man is looking Yummy goood!!!! Damn he still has that ass..... And tastes good!!!!

We talked......

But I will save that another blog

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Anonymous said...

Went to Boston's Pride back in June. Nice Pride.Had a nice gathering outside Government Center.

The gay scene is very white. Blacks and latinos live in Roxbury and Dorchester,but it is almost as if they are not there.

The Roxy is the hot spot on Saturday nights.